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Craziest Comeback EVER 😵

  • Published on Oct 20, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +3953

    After this miraculous runner-runner, Olivier Busquet managed to outlast all other final tablists to become the winner of the 2014 EPT Barcelona €50,000 Super High Roller. He walked away with a whopping €896,434. Sven Reichardt came in 6th place for €225,500.

    • ♍ElFloppaXD2013♍
      ♍ElFloppaXD2013♍ 5 months ago

      He got almost OOFED

    • Hard Harry
      Hard Harry 6 months ago

      The most rigged card shuffler ever bro seriously I would’ve puked 🤮 at the table literally

    • Rob G
      Rob G 7 months ago

      "So you're saying there's a chance!"

    • Kelvin Lim
      Kelvin Lim 8 months ago

      One word… “fate” 😅

    • Eric Grimes
      Eric Grimes 10 months ago

      Clearly the poker gods were fucking around.

  • Pabst Blue Lizard
    Pabst Blue Lizard Year ago +6969

    This wasn’t a comeback or outplaying anyone. This was an incredible amount of luck that resulted in a player making a poor decision taking out a player who played well.

    • Senior
      Senior 4 days ago

      Lmao poker is mostly luck

    • Lồn Khôi
      Lồn Khôi Month ago

      id like to play poor and win everything, played well and lose ? yeah still loser,

    • IGEUS_YT
      IGEUS_YT 2 months ago

      This is me every tournament I've ever been in with pocket kings LOL

    • Evan Avery
      Evan Avery 2 months ago

      the 6.8k likes on this comment are badkids lolololol

    • III
      III 2 months ago

      In a tournament you have to play aggressive or you’ll bleed out. A2S is a good hand to swing for the fences with if you running low which he was.

  • youknowles thisman
    youknowles thisman Year ago +2624

    Anyone who plays poker for money feels that last ace hit physically in their chest

    • Ali Mctaven
      Ali Mctaven 2 months ago

      Yup I for sure would have been spazzing out in the car after leaving.

    • John Warship
      John Warship 3 months ago

      The worst feeling ever

    • Septic Womb
      Septic Womb 4 months ago

      It’s not even enjoyable to watch. Just increases one’s fury with the game.

    • youknowles thisman
      youknowles thisman 5 months ago

      @Damon Young yeah of course online when you can go through 1000s of hands your bound to see everything but live is a whole different animal.

    • Damon Young
      Damon Young 5 months ago

      I've played in person tournaments and online garbage. Many online players know that this isn't an uncommon thing in online poker but to have this happen in person is so rare. I'd probably cry

  • faisal jabalyahya
    faisal jabalyahya Year ago +1527

    Damn that was epic from 1% chance of winning turn to 100% in an instant draw
    Like certain guy said 1% chance is low but not zero

    • Paul L
      Paul L 7 months ago

      Does it matter whether it's conditional for them to be back to back (ignoring the burn card)?

    • Mortgage Approvals
      Mortgage Approvals 8 months ago +1

      Who cares
      Poker is game of luck
      Yes there is a great amount of skill
      But it is a still a game of chance
      People seem to forget that

    • Spencer Ingermanson
      Spencer Ingermanson 8 months ago

      @JediNxf7 technically it does matter. Aces are more likely to be played, esp in tournaments.. so you can partly assume that the aces are still in the deck

    • Upcomingenius
      Upcomingenius 8 months ago

      Like certain guy said?

    • rob gorney
      rob gorney 10 months ago

      its waaayyyyy less than 1 percent

  • Houtaro Oreki
    Houtaro Oreki Year ago +374

    I don't know why but the look on his face when the ace hit the table was just priceless 😂😂😂

    • J Standards
      J Standards 7 months ago

      @Brodyca 189 it's tournament chips

    • J Standards
      J Standards 7 months ago

      Both of em 😅

    • Brodyca 189
      Brodyca 189 Year ago

      If I just lost 1.5 mill from that I would throw up

    • GenericAnalyst
      GenericAnalyst Year ago +2

      I woulda thrown up😂

    • Farmer Rick Ross
      Farmer Rick Ross Year ago +2

      He knows he just sucked out and he played it classy. He knows not to say a word, especially after runner runner 😂

  • Silver Linings
    Silver Linings Year ago +61

    I once needed a "6" to get a straight for a huge tournament win. The dealer, a volunteer, forgot to burn (discard) a card before giving us the last card. It was a 6. My opponent complained and the dealer corrected their mistake. And then the correct card was...a 6. Craziest ending I've ever had.

    • Silver Linings
      Silver Linings Year ago

      @dr shafayat LOL I never knew how to pronounce his last name but if your name is Forest and your last name starts with a "D" (I think) then maybe it was you! You'd have beat me in a middle school ping pong tournament in PE though so let's call it even:p

    • dr shafayat
      dr shafayat Year ago

      And I was the looser🤔

    • Silver Linings
      Silver Linings Year ago +10

      @Mehmet Fatih Yilmaz Um...yeah...are you unaware how charity events work? I didn't say I was on the world poker tour. Calm down and stay in your lane

    • Mehmet Fatih Yilmaz
      Mehmet Fatih Yilmaz Year ago +1

      huge tournament and the guy dealing the final hand is a volunteer... yeah sure why not... and I was the referee at the last super bowl :)

  • Chris Garrett
    Chris Garrett Year ago

    Very similar thing happened to me in a tournament few weeks back. aa in the cutoff, utg J4o and JJ calls. Push, 2 callers J42 rainbow, running aces, knocked them both out. First big runner runner I ever hit.

  • michael anderson
    michael anderson Year ago

    being a fellow hold em player. I've hit someone with a bad beat like that before. and when it happens. it takes your breath away. in my experience the anxiety of just winning the hand like that almost made me sick

  • Meth0z
    Meth0z Year ago +62

    I'm shocked how unaltered they all were with that second ace... Lmao wtf I would've jumped my sit and scream lol

    • Daniel Yuan
      Daniel Yuan Year ago

      @Meth0z And they also have lots of experience playing and may have seen runner-runner outs quite a few times already.

    • Hùng Lê
      Hùng Lê Year ago

      Luck is a part of gambling, but this crazy luck is nothing but disgusting

    • Meth0z
      Meth0z Year ago +1

      @4Dempsey yeah true.. They have freaking nerves of steel!! LMAO

  • Medic
    Medic Year ago +6903

    I love how Olivier Busquet doesn't even seem happy. He's probably disgusted with that amount of luck, even if it's his luck.

    • tumatauenga
      tumatauenga 2 months ago

      That is sickening

    • uncletigger McLaren
      uncletigger McLaren 3 months ago

      He is actually a Stoic. It is a valuable life philosophy though admittedly not a popular one for the modern day.

    • The Ven that IQ tho
      The Ven that IQ tho 7 months ago

      @Joel a little worse than 2:1, wtf are you talking about. He needed a runner runner.

    • J Standards
      J Standards 7 months ago

      @혜밍웨이 ㅋ

    • Jason Wall
      Jason Wall 10 months ago

      If I was hi I'd feel a little bad tbh. That kind of luck is like a kick in the nuts to the loser. 🤯

  • Almost Easy
    Almost Easy 8 months ago

    Dude..I physically jumped up after that second ace

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago

    This actually happened to me in a cash game. I was the one with pocket 7... almost hit him dead.. he literally hits the only two cards runner runner.. I flipped out and left.. I couldn't handle it.. it was like a 3k pot too.. wow..

  • onlyme114 D.
    onlyme114 D. 4 months ago

    Busquet is my hero 😁 I never get tired of watching him put an arrogant little jerk in his place and winning the WPT championship.♥️♥️♥️ Biggest comeback ever in WPT .

    SEMILLA FREE Year ago

    Es muy raro que siempre haya esas "jugadas" de suerte. Muy difícil que pase en la vida real

  • Lucio Toscano
    Lucio Toscano 9 months ago

    Muita habilidade

  • MisterReZ
    MisterReZ Year ago

    Reichardt took it like a champ. Didn't celebrate after the flop, didn't flinch after the turn and smiled after the river. What a guy.

  • John
    John 7 months ago

    Always a good lesson that, no matter how well you play, luck can always beat it, so don’t get over-confident

  • ramesh chavan
    ramesh chavan Year ago

    Truly insane...only genuine poker players will understand 😃👏👏👍

  • Scott O'Shea
    Scott O'Shea Year ago +473

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly how you're supposed to act when sucking out as a huge underdog. Class and professionalism as always, thank you Olivier Busquet

    • Dax Bruce
      Dax Bruce Year ago

      @Shaquille OatMeal you're right. I'd have to fight to keep from vomiting at the table.

    • Dax Bruce
      Dax Bruce Year ago


    • gamblingbuddha
      gamblingbuddha Year ago

      @Scott O'Shea I did some excel work for him & he gave me a couple days of coaching in return.Still talk to him every once in awhile, he's such a great sport & really an all-around insanely smart individual & good person

    • Andrew MacIntosh
      Andrew MacIntosh Year ago

      I had an 85 yr old man talk shit to me at the table after he sucked out like that twice i a row qq vs jj two hands later jj vs 1010 he turn rivered me twice. Both times gettin all his money in before being sucked out. Then talked shit and try to provoke me lol.

    • Scott O'Shea
      Scott O'Shea Year ago

      @gamblingbuddha wow, that's awesome. Was he your coach or did you just know the right questions to ask?

  • Dane Henderson
    Dane Henderson 4 months ago

    That is EXACTLY how you celebrate winning like that, hats off to you sir!

  • Earl Wheeler
    Earl Wheeler Year ago

    That was absolutely insane!

  • AzNightmare
    AzNightmare 2 months ago

    *Based on his celebration, I can confirm this guy is really fun at parties.*

  • Tim T
    Tim T Month ago

    The lack of reaction is why I love this.

  • JCR
    JCR Year ago +1698

    Flopping a full house then watching it fall apart brick by brick is one of the most depressing things I swear..

    • Troy McAllister
      Troy McAllister 7 months ago

      @Black Game how would there be a river card of opponent folded on the flop?

    • Troy McAllister
      Troy McAllister 7 months ago

      @Rob G how would there be a river card if opponent folded on the turn?

    • Rob G
      Rob G 7 months ago

      @Black Game he folded after the turn cuz he thought the opponent had a 4

    • Kristian Mopsticc
      Kristian Mopsticc 9 months ago

      @Teacher Blake I had 10/9 lastnight and on the flop was a 9 and the river and turn 10 / 9 I only had 100$ tho to go all in

    • Shem Kigen
      Shem Kigen Year ago

      My worst bad beat i had aa opponent 88 cards were akj88

  • Mario Morales
    Mario Morales Year ago +10

    Bringing "How the cards have changed" into a whole new perspective.

  • Surfcasting Los Primos
    Surfcasting Los Primos 4 months ago

    Esto demuestra que hasta con 1%a tu favor nunca te rindas por qué ese 99% nunca quiere decir que tengas las cosas ganadas 🙏🙏

  • Brandon Trunnell
    Brandon Trunnell Year ago

    Literally almost impossible wow! That was crazy

  • Raymond Duran
    Raymond Duran Year ago

    That literally happened to me my 21st birthday 1st time at a poker table...and I had the KK ...I was so damn mad

  • Kamal Shukla
    Kamal Shukla 10 months ago +1

    His facial expressions are telling that even he can't believe the river. 😂

  • Bruyneel Jonas
    Bruyneel Jonas Year ago +6

    This is how a true pro should react when getting lucky.

  • Sam Trap
    Sam Trap Year ago

    He looked up at the end to say thank you to the poker gods.

  • David Miles
    David Miles Year ago

    How anyone thought they had a chance after watching that is crazy to me lol

  • UnderMyClaws 81
    UnderMyClaws 81 Year ago

    Something same happend to me. I had AA and went allin. Opponent called with AJ.
    Flop 2, 5, 8 of spades. I m holding A of spades he has J of hearts. 3 Jacks in deck but he has only 2 outs. Turn Jack of Diamants river Jack of Clubs.
    Absolut tilter !

  • Mark Ricketts
    Mark Ricketts 5 months ago

    His reaction to that miracle that just happened though … savage .. Barely cracked a fuckin smile

  • Bonus Pater Familias

    This is literally me (the guy with the kings) everytime someone calls my all in. 😭

  • Serge De‘merge
    Serge De‘merge 3 months ago

    I like his humble behavior 😊👍🏼

  • Poker Bankroll Challenge -  RiverKingDan

    This is a tilter right there. Man I would feel sorry for my opponent really.
    Oliver couldn't even help but being disgusted by that hand.

  • Tj Prettyman
    Tj Prettyman 8 months ago

    I woulda flipped that whole table over 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Otoniel Aburto Bermejo
    Otoniel Aburto Bermejo 5 months ago

    He believed in the heart of the cards 🤣

  • Zaphod
    Zaphod Year ago

    I don't know how anything that requires this much luck can be called a "comeback".
    The Red Sox coming back from 0-3 down to win the final 4 games against the Yankees is a comeback.
    Brady leading the Patriots from 4 TD's down to beat the Falcons is a comeback.
    This hand of poker was nothing but pure luck. No skill involved. This is not a comeback.

  • Mohsen
    Mohsen 7 months ago

    The odds of that are almost exactly 1/1000.
    But to still have enough luck to win the tournament afterwards is pretty sick.

  • Nachiketa Verma
    Nachiketa Verma Year ago

    This is what we call skills 😅

    A DIVIDED USA Year ago

    When you got the Cowboys and you're in a position like that and the guy cross the tables flops those Aces on the turn and the river it's an absolute nightmare worst case scenario LOL for the guy who's got the Kings

  • Bella Samantha
    Bella Samantha Year ago

    I actually did this a week ago whilst playing poker with five friends n even I couldn't believe I pulled it off.
    But alas we were only using plastic chips n not real money. LOL! 😁😆

  • Hisoka Morow
    Hisoka Morow Year ago

    I like how Busquet all in like he already saw the future damn what game

  • Nick Wuebker
    Nick Wuebker Year ago +277

    I can only imagine if this happened to Phil Hellmuth.

    • Mathieu Morgan
      Mathieu Morgan Year ago +1

      That would be the most funny thing on internet ever 🤣

    • babi di
      babi di Year ago

      "he move all in with A2 suited honey"

    • TheTurtle
      TheTurtle Year ago


    • Arthas
      Arthas Year ago

      @Justin Sims I know, honey.

    • Doesn't Matter
      Doesn't Matter Year ago

      I think he’d be going to jail for whatever he did!

  • mrbigg151
    mrbigg151 Year ago

    I woulda been sick to my stomach with that lucky river. Crazy hand tho💰

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B Year ago

    That's gotta be the wildest hand I've ever seen. Imagine flopping a full house and not winning... I'd be tight ngl

  • Adrian Mora
    Adrian Mora Year ago

    the way he looked up at the end like "thanks big man"

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer 6 months ago +1

    Class acts how they handled it, both of them.

  • greenmachine 241
    greenmachine 241 Year ago

    OMG the comback of the century

  • Lou Skuntz
    Lou Skuntz 2 months ago

    Gut wrenching for the other guy That’s devastating

  • J T
    J T Year ago

    I don't call that a comeback. I call that a lucky draw on a risky hand

  • Matt B
    Matt B Year ago

    That would be my luck for the whole year. I would cash out after that hand.

  • Moze jaguar
    Moze jaguar 11 months ago +2

    Men the amount of luck that hit him on the chest he couldn't even manage a smile🔥🙆

  • Blake Wheeler
    Blake Wheeler 7 months ago

    Dude is an old soul.. very humble win

  • verb
    verb 10 months ago

    There wasn’t a

  • Douglas Blowe
    Douglas Blowe Year ago

    I have never seen a draw this lucky on the last two cards

  • _bnages_ tiktok
    _bnages_ tiktok Year ago +102

    He feels bad for that pull he knew he shouldn't have won and is probably sick to his own stomach with the luck

    • Virsa TV
      Virsa TV Year ago

      "Great television" and the disgust on his face seem to be saying "it is fixed"

  • Mcwidd Jenkins
    Mcwidd Jenkins Year ago

    I would’ve knocked all that shit ova 😂😂😂

  • Joachim Vatle
    Joachim Vatle Year ago

    I respect him sooo mcuh for not jumping out of his own skin with that cooler!🙌

  • Dvl Xaxa
    Dvl Xaxa Year ago

    looks like he used all the luck in his lifetime in this round

  • dFlank
    dFlank Year ago

    Busquet looked like he was going to be sick after that last Ace came out

  • Hotsauce is Lethal
    Hotsauce is Lethal Year ago +20

    This is literally the sickest hand Ive ever seen happen in a tournament now fml

  • Ben Bautista
    Ben Bautista Year ago

    It doesn’t matter how good your opponents plays, so as long as you believe in the heart of the Cards...you will win pol

  • DonkeLovers69
    DonkeLovers69 Year ago

    This happens to me. I got Jack, and 3 all clubs. Idk what my friend card are, and he goes all in. I mean I got Jack so why the hell not... Everybody is folding. We show our card. He got two kings lol. I was like okay, I still got a chance. The flop open and it's another kings, a jack, and 10. He was laughing all over the place, and the other is like "oooh" And shit. The only chances I win is, I needed to get flush, full house or a quad. The kings are a clubs, so I got that chance to get flush. Next card open and it's jack of spades. So... No flush, but I got three of a kind, still gonna lose. Next card open and you can guess it... I guess not. It's a 10 he get full house, I got full house... But I lost lol. Crazy thing is. The card that got closed is all 3 lmao... Fuck my life🤣

  • Damorin
    Damorin Year ago

    That's escalated from 0 to 100 real quick

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Year ago

    Curse on that dealer. The fact that he HAD to turn and river aces is beyond disgusting.

  • A Poetic Gent
    A Poetic Gent Year ago

    Even if your not good at all in this game but you know the better cards you can feel this real hard

  • Jay Viviano
    Jay Viviano Year ago

    This is my poker life story!! Since 2003

  • Blue Jay23
    Blue Jay23 Year ago

    his soul left his body when that last ace showed up..🤣...

  • Phantom
    Phantom Year ago

    I have no clue what happened but it looked like an insane amount of luck

  • Failo A
    Failo A 5 months ago

    Dude looked to the heavens at the end. Somebody helped out.

  • Life’s Greatest Metaphor

    This is why poker is life’s greatest metaphor

  • Fabian Vilers
    Fabian Vilers Year ago

    Props to Busquet for staying quiet.

  • Patrick Roland
    Patrick Roland Year ago

    The face he kept was the best part. How do they do that

  • x.Mr.FuLL.E BakEd.x
    x.Mr.FuLL.E BakEd.x Year ago +416

    If anyone's looking for a possible soul being sold for a poker career or a win I believe here's the proof!!!🤣😂😂

    • 17.2 Miles
      17.2 Miles Year ago

      They've all been to the crossroads.

    • Jerry Shunk
      Jerry Shunk Year ago +1

      It does look like a " Crossroads ," moment !

  • huG
    huG 7 months ago

    That shove bluff was the worst one I’ve ever seen, no wonder he called it.

  • AKS fishing
    AKS fishing Year ago

    So sick I've been on both sides of these type of hands either way it feels gross

  • Jordan Nicolas
    Jordan Nicolas Year ago +1

    Everyone: Epic comeback!!
    Me: has no idea what going on

  • Iced Lemon Tea
    Iced Lemon Tea Year ago

    That's what happened when you trust the heart of the card

  • flyawaytodie
    flyawaytodie Year ago +44

    Look at Reichadt's reaction though. "What can you do but have a wry smile?"

  • TODEEP17
    TODEEP17 6 months ago

    Damn, that was sick! Runner A2!

  • Kelly Slingerland

    They handled it well

    GOODIES Year ago

    In the first 2- sec I thought it's Ryan Reynolds. But he also looking serious. I thought he might be really into the game. Then again seeing his face I realised it's someone else 😂😂

  • David Ginchereau

    Unreal. I have only seen this one other time when I play live

  • nepiris
    nepiris Year ago +35

    Would have been even funnier if the 2 8s came!

    • Rabie Diab
      Rabie Diab Year ago +7

      That happened to me once… I had 99 and flopped J9J, my opponent goes all in and I snap. He showed K9. Turn and river we’re J J … terrible way to lose

    • Jiwwy jimmy
      Jiwwy jimmy Year ago +1

      Unless someone folded an ace, that'd be even harder! WOW

  • What's Hype?
    What's Hype? Year ago

    Absolutely insane

  • Sumo MooMoo
    Sumo MooMoo 9 months ago

    This is actually crazy😂😂😂

  • law35penn
    law35penn Year ago +1

    I don't even play poker, even this is amazing

  • Joey M.
    Joey M. Year ago

    Wow 😆 heartbreaker
    Busquet with the Stockton slap 🖐

  • Mark Sprinkle
    Mark Sprinkle Year ago +82

    I used to see something like this on PokerStars every day.

    • Nick Purdy
      Nick Purdy 8 months ago

      @Nathan the faster people get knocked out of tournaments the faster they buy into another one and they get another fee. Not too hard to get to that conclusion lol

    • Nick Purdy
      Nick Purdy 8 months ago

      Every 3 hands lmao

    • Ganbat Batmunkh
      Ganbat Batmunkh Year ago +2

      @Nathan people tilted and play more tournaments or play bigger buy-in tournaments. so this means pokerstars make more money.

    • MAT T
      MAT T Year ago +2

      @Nathan The same random card generater that’s used in tournaments is also used in the cash games. It’s rigged for action meaning higher house rakes.

    • Ky TH
      Ky TH Year ago +7

      Agree, that’s why I quit online poker, bad beat all day 🙃

  • P R
    P R Year ago

    I just keep re watching thinking every possible reaction he must be having in his head Cx

  • Ancci90 Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost

    He knew he's a time traveler

  • Ivan A. Trollyouski
    Ivan A. Trollyouski 5 months ago

    Lol that flop made him so sick he couldn’t be happy at the end when he won.

  • Elio Elio
    Elio Elio 6 months ago

    Well he had a 32% equity to win the hand and he got it, the run out made it more exciting indeed, and i guess he went to win the whole thing if im not mistaken

  • x.Mr.FuLL.E BakEd.x
    x.Mr.FuLL.E BakEd.x Year ago +21

    When that guy says "so your saying there's a chance?" Made me think of dumb and dumber when Jim Carrey says the same things after the girl tells him the chance of them being together is one in a million!!!!😂😂😂😂

    • Paul Carter
      Paul Carter Year ago +7

      Yes that’s where the saying comes from

  • Eddie d
    Eddie d Month ago

    I would have flipped the table lol

  • Emmanuel Novela
    Emmanuel Novela Year ago

    He used all the luck of his life for this.

  • lemy aibon
    lemy aibon 2 months ago

    Bro just take a whole life luck on that Double Ace