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  • Published on Feb 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We broke 100 of the most insane Guinness World Records.. Subscribe and make this the MOST SUBSCRIBED video on Clip-Share!
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  • Stokes Twins
    Stokes Twins  Month ago +2934

    Subscribe and help us break the world record by making this the most Subscribed video on Clip-Share!

  • moon~chan
    moon~chan Month ago +287

    Thanks for working hard on these videos Stokes and making some of our days better!

    • alisawright2001
      alisawright2001 Month ago +1

      Wait does Alan have the heart tattoo that kat put on

    • Rebecca Dominick
      Rebecca Dominick Month ago +1

      You guys are nice ❤

    • MegaAL23
      MegaAL23 Month ago +1

      Where is amp😢

    • White Rabbit
      White Rabbit Month ago +1

      The only good and omnipotent God created an infinite world.
      Here in this world is where you learn suffering as an initiation.
      In these next worlds you will live pain free.

    • Devilzzx
      Devilzzx Month ago +1

      @Amanda Reaves bro how

  • sophia isabelle
    sophia isabelle Month ago +192

    The Stokes are certainly the best at breaking records. Their drive, will and determination have gotten them to considerable heights, and we are more certain they will continue to achieve more great opportunities in their lives.

    • Jumana IbisAmiZro
      Jumana IbisAmiZro 12 days ago

      Alex trying to lose a lot of weight but good luck❤

    • P_Cells
      P_Cells 16 days ago

      Shawn be Like:

    • Elizabeth Grauer
      Elizabeth Grauer 19 days ago

      @Mike bro trolling so hard

    • Reshmi Vipin
      Reshmi Vipin 24 days ago

      @somegoofyrandombro Yeah there is possibilities but maybe they have not got a world record but still managed to break it

    • somegoofyrandombro
      somegoofyrandombro 24 days ago

      @Reshmi Vipin but they ain’t lying though, pretty sure the world record dude is just one of their fans Jeff

  • DianaDubnytska
    DianaDubnytska 16 days ago +10

    I can just imagine them going to the supermarket to buy all these watermelons and the cashier just thinking that they came out of a math problem 😂

  • Tanner, Tyler, Trevor mapping gaming and more

    Nice job for all the world records you broke!

  • T B
    T B Month ago +202

    I love the fact that you include the rest of your crew in your videos. It was incredible to watch this video, you guys, and the other people in your videos are incredible to watch, love it.

  • Happy crab V2
    Happy crab V2 17 days ago +2

    Shawn is just popping those Bloons 😂

  • 💐•WillowXio•🍄
    💐•WillowXio•🍄 Month ago +426

    Who else just watched one video of Stokes twins and now watches them daily? 😆

  • Jessalyn BearCub
    Jessalyn BearCub Month ago +44

    you guys really know how to make us laugh even if it means hurting your selfs

  • Addison Lundy
    Addison Lundy 13 days ago +4

    This video was so good people should really stop calling you guys fat and keep making good videos even though you always do make good videos

  • katt
    katt Month ago +30

    They always find a way to make us smile

  • Sokchamroeun and chisong
    Sokchamroeun and chisong 27 days ago +69

    The fact that this video shows on how smart tanner actually is if he tried

    • Theo_bro
      Theo_bro 12 days ago +2

      @Anjuschka89 now say good bye….

    • Theo_bro
      Theo_bro 12 days ago +3

      @Troll never turn around and dessert u

    • Theo_bro
      Theo_bro 12 days ago +3

      @Anjuschka89 never gonna let u down

  • bloody vampire5
    bloody vampire5 Month ago +382

    Good to see them back with sofie after a long time
    Edit- thanks for so many likes.

  • MyHairiscoolYT
    MyHairiscoolYT Month ago +18

    The amount of efforts they put to their videos is awesome i love you guys Peace

    • Justice Fox
      Justice Fox 12 days ago +1

      "Done! 🎉🎉🎉 😅 Love Your "Vids"!... 😊

  • Jayme Schlackman
    Jayme Schlackman Month ago +47

    Zac saying “I WILL!!” Never gets old

  • Noel Newton
    Noel Newton 22 days ago +2

    That blindfolded basketball shot was insane

  • Salah Alattar
    Salah Alattar 6 days ago +1

    Keep up the good work ❤

  • Englishẞõñám
    Englishẞõñám Month ago +7

    This stoke twins are literally born to make history

  • *ARMY Ha Min*
    *ARMY Ha Min*  Month ago +17

    it was amazing stokes , it was a big hard work, sincerty and patience that u guys have given to the video
    and ur videos are wonderful 👏👏

  • anchal anand
    anchal anand Month ago +9

    I just love these twins after so much happend to them still they did stayed strong and continued making videos and help us enjoy ❤

  • MaisieandSadie H
    MaisieandSadie H Month ago +2

    Oh my god I’m so grateful that you guys keep making videos you make me happier and happier each day thank you Stokes twins I love you guys and plus Sean is my favourite and Alan❤😊

  • Eline Bronckaerts
    Eline Bronckaerts 27 days ago +9

    these are so stupid but that's what I love.
    Hope you make more amazing content like this.

  • Zach
    Zach 26 days ago +3

    I’ve been here since when they had 9.5M it’s so cool and how fast they grow, just wow

  • Alannah Walsh
    Alannah Walsh Month ago +55

    I love how they always put so much effort into their videos for us!!!

  • xiaoling chen
    xiaoling chen Month ago +12

    thank you stokes twins for making our days better! you never disapopoint us!!

  • Aarush Verma
    Aarush Verma Month ago +30

    man the hard work yall must have put in ❤

  • aylee cat
    aylee cat 5 days ago +1

    everytime i watch your videos, i cannot stop laughing!! 😂😂

  • Angel Martin
    Angel Martin Month ago +3

    I always wanted to break a world record😂😂

    • t.e.l.e.g.r.a.m.m.e.👉@mr75carprice
      t.e.l.e.g.r.a.m.m.e.👉@mr75carprice Month ago

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      Dm to claim your prize 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉☝️👆☝️...

  • 🦋izzywizzyletsgetbusy🦋

    Can we appreciate how they always put effort in too there videos

  • Savannah
    Savannah Month ago +90

    I get so excited every time the stokes twins post knew content you always turn my bad days into good ones!❤

  • Nickhala Douglas
    Nickhala Douglas Month ago +18

    Thanks for always making me laugh guys.

  • Brent Rivera Clips
    Brent Rivera Clips Month ago +25

    This is awesome guys, love your content ❤️

  • Sxmply Amy
    Sxmply Amy  13 days ago +5

    Can we appreciate how much effort they put in their videos!?

  • [Bubbles]
    [Bubbles] Month ago +30

    You guys always make me laugh and smile ❤ I love you guys so much! Keep up the amazing work!💕🕊

  • garima telang
    garima telang Month ago +7

    They probably got a new world record for most world records broken in 24 hours

  • Hae-suu ツ Min
    Hae-suu ツ Min Month ago +11

    Estos chicos son geniales,con cada uno de sus videos sonrió

  • Michelle Cruz
    Michelle Cruz Month ago +3

    hi stokes twins you are the most talented and you always put a smile on my face when you do something funny,love your videos:)

  • OHH
    OHH Month ago +20

    wait, how is caleb standing in the bathtub full of pickles if he was in a wheel chair in the fastest 100 ft/mt thing?

    • Hxgh_shadowYT
      Hxgh_shadowYT Month ago

      Bro he can stand but sometimes he sits in his wheel chair

    • Ife
      Ife Month ago

      thank you someone noticed

    • PeterFootball
      PeterFootball Month ago +2

      He just hurt his legs he can stand

  • Reyna Escobar
    Reyna Escobar 20 days ago +1

    On God it never gets old 🤣

  • Nasa Lesley
    Nasa Lesley Month ago +9

    “LEMME ADD ANOTHER PICKLE! “ got me rolling on the floor 😂

  • carol elderton
    carol elderton 2 days ago +1

    Surprising how the pool was suspiciously half way his record 🧐

  • Ilovesam🫶
    Ilovesam🫶 Month ago +13

    You guys made my day! 😊

  • Melanie Castro
    Melanie Castro Month ago +22

    My most fav video ever 😍🥹🫶🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️‍🔥 so freaking proud of you you guys are officially legends 🫡😮‍💨❤️‍🔥💥🔥🔥 you guys should also get the record for getting a lot of records in a certain time that’s so beyond unbelievably amazing people that bullied you are watching your success 😎🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️‍🔥🔥🔥

  • videos@random
    videos@random Month ago +3

    let's have a round of applause for the ref ❤

  • Avian
    Avian Month ago +1

    Alan and Alex just have the best basketball skills

  • Nathan
    Nathan 14 days ago +2

    I bet they searched on google easiest world records to beat😂

  • iRsemi
    iRsemi Month ago +7

    Congrats on 19M!!

  • Emergency food
    Emergency food Month ago +1

    I am so happy that Shawn was there he is my fav ❤

  • Jean
    Jean Month ago +15

    good job on doing all those world Records! keep up your hard work!!!

  • Besterblast
    Besterblast 26 days ago +1

    2:40 got me laughing on the floor by my dirty mind 😂

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +8

    damn i never knew you guys were that good at basketball 🔥

  • Elizabeth Grauer
    Elizabeth Grauer 19 days ago +1

    twins:this has never been done before
    half their channel:breaking 100 world records

  • Disney Girl
    Disney Girl Month ago +36

    Kinda glad to see them and a member-ish of amp world reunited 😊

  • Bila Datang
    Bila Datang Month ago +21

    Alan is the basketball master!!!! Incredible.👏👏👏👏

  • Glowing cee gaming
    Glowing cee gaming Month ago

    We are really happy for you guys and we hope your life is worth it❤️❤️❤️😇

  • BLUE Bird
    BLUE Bird 27 days ago +8

    Let's get them to 21m

  • Alfie Taylor
    Alfie Taylor Month ago +4

    Calling your dad cat just made me burst out laughing😂

  • Emmanuel Lazatin
    Emmanuel Lazatin Month ago +2

    i love how they break records like nothinthg

  • CoolBoyAlexander7
    CoolBoyAlexander7 Month ago +9

    This is why Alan and Alex are some of the GOATs

  • Wwll_leader
    Wwll_leader Month ago +3

    Congrats on 19M 🎉🎉🎉

  • Yussrina Khalef
    Yussrina Khalef Month ago +2

    You guys have a perfect aim 😍

  • Britney Quint
    Britney Quint 20 days ago

    Keep working hard your so good I'm surprised

  • BLT
    BLT Month ago +9

    Great job stoke twins, your videos will never disappoint us.

  • Commandful
    Commandful Month ago +62

    Can we take a second to realise how hard working the stokes twins are to make videos for us!

    • Idontreadrepliesfromgoobers
      Idontreadrepliesfromgoobers Month ago

      They are thief’s buddy sorry to break it to ya lmao

    • Haileysh1220
      Haileysh1220 Month ago


    • kidusa bro
      kidusa bro Month ago

      this dude an npc

    • Purple	💜
      Purple 💜 Month ago

      @Commandful ok i get what they are saying so basically they kept on reading the comment for like an hour so they said that they have been waiting an hour and why are you still asking to wait 1 second? Sorry if it’s confusing

  • Caleb B
    Caleb B Month ago

    Congrats on 8 mill I'm with yall on the journey to 20 mill

  • Sumaiyah Mohd sarip (Bartleyss)

    woah tanner has a good talent that stands out .congrats bro:)

    ELIANA MELLE DAVIN Month ago +5

    I love how Tanner is being so supportive

  • thandar soe
    thandar soe 25 days ago

    Never give up stokes twins 🎉

  • LeviPlayzzz
    LeviPlayzzz Month ago +23

    Congrats to everyone To beat all of those world records

  • Petite Nails
    Petite Nails Month ago +21

    When Tanner said, hardheaded, the boy who’s gonna give you the reward he also laughed😂

  • Roblox player
    Roblox player Month ago +24

    They should have the world record of the most world records in a day

  • Brooks B
    Brooks B Month ago

    Zach has been known for bellyflopping😂

  • Lanette Ivory
    Lanette Ivory Month ago +6

    Congratulations Alex you're officially amazing

  • SPACE GAMER / shorts
    SPACE GAMER / shorts 20 days ago

    I thought Alan was only good @ basketball, but he is also good at soccer/football

  • Not_maddy
    Not_maddy Month ago +25

    It’s crazy how they risk their lives to make up happy❤
    I have been watching y’all since Alex had to go to the hospital… I started watching y’all because y’all made me smile during hard times❤
    Keep doing what you do.

    • Not_maddy
      Not_maddy Month ago +1

      Nancy Malkova a birthday party decor video?

  • Alexandra Harhalaki
    Alexandra Harhalaki Month ago +5

    Hello Stokes twins, I love your videos and I have supported you for a very long time, I remember when you got 10 million subscribers and now you have reached 19 million subscribers, I'm really proud of you guys, keep going the good work ❤

  • Panapa Tuiafiso
    Panapa Tuiafiso Month ago +1

    Its So Good To See U With Sophie Again!

  • Reiter's Replay
    Reiter's Replay 7 days ago

    This is straight up impressive

  • Elisa phillips
    Elisa phillips Month ago +4

    You guys are amazing, I love you vidoes😁 They never fail to entertain me

  • black screenie
    black screenie Month ago +1

    You grew so much ive been watching you since 7m

  • Carlito Maregele
    Carlito Maregele Month ago +28

    The stokes twins make the most interesting videos out of the whole Amp squad

  • Family Li-Hao
    Family Li-Hao Month ago

    Congratulations Stokes Twins! You won some Guinness World Records! We’re so proud of you! Thank you for making our day!

  • Enrico
    Enrico Month ago +1

    I love your videos it's very entertaining and enjoyable 🙂🙂

  • Aurora Orozco
    Aurora Orozco 18 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos keep up the good work,!!

  • Commandful
    Commandful Month ago +47

    The stokes twins never fail to entertain us!

  • Ebuka Justice
    Ebuka Justice 22 days ago

    U guys always make me laugh

  • Pls help me to my dream of 100k subscribers

    Stokes twins never fails to entertain us

  • yesmine ferjani
    yesmine ferjani Month ago

    their joy when they break a record reminds of footballer's joy when they score

  • Kevin's Skin
    Kevin's Skin Month ago

    Hi Alan and Alex! I loved this video and good luck surviving kat's jokes!

  • john mavrikos
    john mavrikos Month ago

    guys u deserve an oscar and this video is BANGER!!!!!!!!!👌✌

  • KillerKing_Senpai
    KillerKing_Senpai Month ago +1

    you guys sure really working hard

  • Ej Darren Bañares
    Ej Darren Bañares 26 days ago +14

    Congrats bro you almost hit 20M?!🎉 And im watching this for 1 year;)

  • Jayde Parker
    Jayde Parker Month ago +7

    Love when the ref had cockroaches on him and said "Get them of meaaaaaaa" it really made me die out my head and brain lol

  • sirruso
    sirruso Month ago

    Congrats on 19m subs so close to 20m you will prove those haters wrong

  • CTprogamer13
    CTprogamer13 Month ago +7

    Man I really miss the stokes twins being apart of amp world

    PRIYAN D Month ago +3

    Alex and Alan are back to the form these guys are back into the action All the best and reach many peaks and i am always behind u guys supporting u
    Guys Don't Forget to break the subscribe button let's break this record

  • datwildmf007
    datwildmf007 Month ago

    "Come on Alex you weigh more than the firetruck" im dead😂😂😂

    CHEETAH QUEEN Month ago +63

    These guys never disappoint us

  • Just vibes
    Just vibes Month ago +14

    stokes never fail us to smile 😊 thankyou

  • Moriah_xxWloxy_Ways

    Good to see them back with sofie after a long time