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Best Worst Gift Ideas | Fails Of The Week


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  • FailArmy
    FailArmy  Month ago +10

    BEST FAILS OF THE YEAR 2022! clip-share.net/video/w6urQm7Prs4/video.html

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago +51


  • Rasho Live
    Rasho Live Month ago +98

    4:00 - The WORST camera placement I've ever seen! 🤣🤣

    • EvenWinter
      EvenWinter Month ago +1

      Yeah, all we needed was a Balls-POV camera 🤮 I fucking hate bikers- least manly men...

    • Tom 54
      Tom 54 Month ago +2


    • J K
      J K Month ago +1

      New pron idea (not new in japan)

    • mattp1821
      mattp1821 Month ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Ian
      Ian Month ago +5

      was gonna say that, he kinda deserve that fall for deciding to put his camera there hahah

  • Ted Backus
    Ted Backus Month ago +356

    7:30 thats a learned behavior. raccoons usually eat from residential trash barrels, and what hes doing is actually impressive. if he were in a normal barrel, his rhythmic pushing & jumping would rock the barrel & cause it to fall over. hes likely done it many times, because it works. sadly now he's in a dumpster which despite smelling the same, isnt a barrel.

    • Matt Michaelis
      Matt Michaelis 14 days ago

      Raccoons are great climbers, but unlike cats and dogs they cannot jump.

    • Instant Regret Epic
    • Mallory G
      Mallory G Month ago

      @Steverino How nice of you!

    • Kevin Burnett
      Kevin Burnett Month ago +10

      The guy's laughing about it is what I didn't like about that clip. It wasn't funny at all.

    • kirdot2011
      kirdot2011 Month ago +1

      @Mallory G based on his laughter i would assume he didnt, but if they did they probably got bitten

  • Boogie Boogs
    Boogie Boogs Month ago +130

    I'm happy to see all the caring comments about that raccoon. I also hope the person filming helped the little guy once they got the laughs out of their system.
    The raccoon was funny in a cute way...

    • theiran
      theiran Month ago +1

      Just give it some chocolate. It'll settle down.

  • Peter789
    Peter789 Month ago +52

    I always get a little tingling in my lower spine when someone falls on the concrete ground.

    • demon13doc
      demon13doc Month ago

      We call that the pucker factor

    • Alex Mousley
      Alex Mousley Month ago +1

      I get a tingling somewhere inside, that is quite weird, but apparently is a thing!

    • David Murrell
      David Murrell Month ago +6

      Yeah, I have a bad back, and falls like that would leave in agony for at least a month. I always wince when I see those.

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B Month ago +14

    These are all fantastic gift ideas

  • M Lo-fi
    M Lo-fi Month ago +35

    00:16 ,Even after getting sandwitched by the bike with that speed , he just stood up and walked away , what a badass !!😲😲

  • Th3MindF33d3r
    Th3MindF33d3r  Month ago +11

    4:00, so trippy camera angle on that Mountainbike..

  • The Batman
    The Batman Month ago +1

    Is it me or did that biker at 2:08 have more than enough time to avoid the other biker?

  • Ken C
    Ken C Month ago

    @2:12 That jerk on the dirt bike was going much too fast in an OBVIOUSLY congested area (did he think he needed that long, high-speed run to make it up that small dune?).

  • InstigatedEye
    InstigatedEye Month ago +14

    Laughed too hard at the dude with the pizza lmao
    That's why you make the pizza on whatever surface you plan to bake it on, save the pizza peel for removing it after baking

  • Maxolotl
    Maxolotl Month ago +3

    5:21 Why are they surprised? Their boat was capsizing even before she started filming. What I wanna know is how did that even happen in the first place, it looks like a standard boat

  • JSU's n Bhdjnfj
    JSU's n Bhdjnfj Month ago +6

    1:08 that kid’s reaction!

  • jeff smith
    jeff smith Month ago +2

    I fell on a golf course in the rain just like that guy. Except I landed squarely on a big ass frog. 😢

    • sniperisdemoman
      sniperisdemoman Month ago

      Yeah I slipped on a toad once while playing tag at night... poor thing

  • Eros4tw
    Eros4tw Month ago +2

    3:59 Might be the first time ive seen a person attach a GoPro to their crotch. Not really sure what the benefits of this view point are...

  • Wayne
    Wayne Month ago +1

    Video Title - "Nerf Gun Attack"
    (1 possible Nerf gun in the whole video)
    Could have just called it, "Random Fails"

  • Brianna Lilley
    Brianna Lilley Month ago +4

    @5:33 is my son 😂 we’re so shocked he made it on here 🤣

    • frank ieraci
      frank ieraci 23 days ago

      I'm glad to hear that 6:57 is not your son...... Sure you are too.

  • Mr. Squid
    Mr. Squid Month ago +10

    I gotta say, I am really getting sick of seeing kids make a mess every ten seconds.

    • Mr. Squid
      Mr. Squid Month ago +3

      @Peter Bretherton Same. I always skip them because they are fucking disgusting...they used to be seldom but there's like five or six in every video now.

    • Peter Bretherton
      Peter Bretherton Month ago +1

      I hate gross kids eating vids.

  • Randy Kumpf
    Randy Kumpf Month ago +7

    7:33 - LOL, literally. The way he tries to jump!

  • Jacob West
    Jacob West Month ago +8

    3:00, you cant even catch your dog without falling over, like thats gotta be a sign🤦‍♂️😂

  • hard luck club
    hard luck club Month ago +5

    so Hitler WAS into pole dancing and high heel boots! knewnit😂

    • SkY TraiLs
      SkY TraiLs Month ago

      Looks like the Dean to the private school that was just on project veritas

    • Michael Aguirre
      Michael Aguirre Month ago +3

      Don't mess with Kanye's butt buddy.

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer Month ago +6

    5:59, he's just repeating what he hears his mom's friend say, when his dad's isn't home.

    • abc
      abc Month ago +2

      Dad literally made him do that 😂😂

  • Thatguy Overthere
    Thatguy Overthere Month ago

    2:25 I would have to find a different hobby than holding that stick.

  • Srikar Topella
    Srikar Topella Month ago +5

    1:41 that moment when the camera man performed better than the performer.

    • Srikar Topella
      Srikar Topella Month ago

      @Peregrin Took I'm talking about the skateboarding on mountains.

    • Worsie ST
      Worsie ST Month ago

      Being in a car helps a lot.

    • Peregrin Took
      Peregrin Took Month ago +3

      For those types of things, the camera is attached to the grill of a vehicle, a car normally, since it is lower to the ground.

  • 🗿LE ROCK
    🗿LE ROCK Month ago +2

    @Mary Irving keep in mind that if they touched the raccoon that it would get very mad and it would be dangerous.

  • Marion Cobretti
    Marion Cobretti Month ago +13

    Luigi pole Dancing. Now I know the poor fate of the less popular brother

  • MakotoFan92
    MakotoFan92 Month ago +3

    The raccoon at the end: "Uh little help here please"

  • jhheadley
    jhheadley Month ago +8

    00:28 shirtless magat fail…priceless 😂


    That golfer hit his head hard chasing his hat. He'll let it go next time. That had to hurt. Was fun to watch. Great video

  • strong_voice_of_truth
    strong_voice_of_truth Month ago +54

    Almost everyone in this video was harmed... and it was all so fun to watch.

  • TorqueBiker
    TorqueBiker Month ago +2

    0:44 oh god, that could break her neck

  • Tawni Schultz
    Tawni Schultz Month ago +12

    Pro tip, put a slinky on the bird feeder pole 😁

    • Gisele Araujo Diniz
      Gisele Araujo Diniz 24 days ago


    • Lucius
      Lucius Month ago

      Yes, give the squirrel a ladder.

    • Show Pavel Raevsky
      Show Pavel Raevsky Month ago

      Бог дал нам две ноги, чтобы ходить, две руки, чтобы держать, два глаза, чтобы видеть, два уха, чтобы слышать, но почему только одно сердце? Второе сердце отдал другому для того, чтобы мы его нашли❗

  • Common Scents
    Common Scents Month ago

    Yeah, they need a little ladder in those dumpsters so the animals who go in there can get out.

  • G.Fox
    G.Fox Month ago

    Still the best channel for stupid fun videos.

  • O L
    O L Month ago +7

    5:33 this kid was auditioning for a durex commercial

  • I'm Always Right
    I'm Always Right Month ago +3

    4:37 funny and traumatising at the same time. Have a kid they say 😩😩😩😩

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    2:09 "Get out of my way you fing idiot!" I was playing with my little bike here first and it is really serious when I do it but not when you do it!!

  • David
    David Month ago +7

    gift ideas? health insurance? lol


    Yeah, Unicycle at the skate park seems like a no brainer

  • Daniel Hubley
    Daniel Hubley Month ago +5

    The raccoon 😭😭😭

  • M Hods
    M Hods Month ago +4

    Dogs really do look like their owners.

  • Color of Grey
    Color of Grey Month ago +1

    6:54 We've all been there, bruh. 💯

  • Pet universal
    Pet universal Month ago

    Love your videos

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    1:22 There has got to be a lot cheaper and less time consuming options to show you're a beta male than committing to golf.

  • mark rowe
    mark rowe Month ago +378

    I like how the raccoon looks at the guy as if to say "stop f**king filming and get a ladder" 🤔🤔

    • Southerncharmed 411
      Southerncharmed 411 Month ago

      @Alex Bolvakh yea that guy filming totally sounded Russian!

    • GorGob
      GorGob Month ago

      the guy is so annoying snot nose

    • Nick Edmonds
      Nick Edmonds Month ago

      How are most of these gift ideas?

    • Alex Bolvakh
      Alex Bolvakh Month ago

      By the way , this happened in Russia , in Saint Petersburg

    • Scooter McAwesomeness
      Scooter McAwesomeness Month ago +7

      @Dave B Smartest thing I've seen posted on the tube in a long while. #2 was buddies comment about NOT sticking ones hand in the bin to help the raccoon.

  • Sdather
    Sdather Month ago +9

    2:47 "Remove your hand."
    "I can't, I'm stuck!"
    "Sorry about that but..."
    (Proceeds to put her on the floor in order to help her)
    Fir those whi don't speak french. 😉

  • who can make your hole weak?

    how cute is nerf girl❤❤

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Month ago +5

    3:12 need you a helmet bruh

  • Zachary Frierson
    Zachary Frierson Month ago +163

    Loved how the dog just ran into the door and was like "Where'd this invisible forcefield come from?"

  • Troll Sec
    Troll Sec Month ago

    A coon trapped ... I laugh and say you can't get out too when I pass the prison

  • Grimm Factory
    Grimm Factory Month ago +3

    02:27 When your hair is more important instead of wearing helmet correctly.

  • Owiko7
    Owiko7 Month ago +1

    7:20 Spiffo really let himself go.

    • Show Pavel Raevsky
      Show Pavel Raevsky Month ago

      Бог дал нам две ноги, чтобы ходить, две руки, чтобы держать, два глаза, чтобы видеть, два уха, чтобы слышать, но почему только одно сердце? Второе сердце отдал другому для того, чтобы мы его нашли❗

  • ItsmeW
    ItsmeW Month ago +4

    Child- Mom, how did u and dad met?
    Mom- 7:16

  • alopeks in TX
    alopeks in TX Month ago +1

    4:00 Mountain Bike Crotch Cam is the POV 2022 didn't know it needed.

  • Akainu Sakazuki
    Akainu Sakazuki Month ago +1

    "Everybody was harmed"

  • J K
    J K Month ago

    2:28 unicycle got me

  • The85F0X
    The85F0X Month ago +7

    That raccoon was what did it for me. I could watch the whole video of just that raccoon.

  • RedFox
    RedFox Month ago

    0:22 careful you can shoot your eye out with those😄😄😄

  • Dharzjinion
    Dharzjinion Month ago +1

    7:48 Idiots... hope at least they helped him out!

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades Month ago +2

    NOne of these things had anything to do with gifts.

  • Wog 2968
    Wog 2968 Month ago +9

    2:57 shit man, if I saw Godzilla coming at me, I'd run too!

  • myself
    myself Month ago

    yeah, teach a baby to make a mess with food is big fun...

  • Who Soever
    Who Soever Month ago

    Perhaps the lamest fails ever.

  • Tazante Flight
    Tazante Flight Month ago +2

    @6:34 it sounds like a giant space alien...

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Month ago +2

    3:00 poor dog

  • Winston Battle
    Winston Battle Month ago +1

    the unicycle face plant was very satisfying .. ty

  • Ross Hurst
    Ross Hurst Month ago

    4:00 do we need that PoV?

  • JSU's n Bhdjnfj
    JSU's n Bhdjnfj Month ago +1

    2:58 time to start exercising?

  • Soultouched
    Soultouched Month ago

    Cool video, but what did it have to do with gift ideas??

  • partial.
    partial. Month ago +4

    That raccoons tiny legs does it for me😂❤

  • omar cortes
    omar cortes Month ago +5

    Which were the best worst gift ideas?

    • Weezlenut
      Weezlenut Month ago

      I think they're just using random word generators for their titles now because clearly they don't match the content.

  • T. travelerjg1
    T. travelerjg1 Month ago

    Gotta love those trash pandas!

  • SwissCheeze
    SwissCheeze Month ago +46

    I felt really uncomfortable with that camera angle 3:59

    • mk
      mk Month ago +1


    • Nigel James
      Nigel James Month ago +4

      I thought it was really inventive. Never stopped to think what a bike “saw” during one of these events.

    • abc
      abc Month ago +6

      Damm i thought I'm the only one 😂

    • Nick Salvatico
      Nick Salvatico Month ago +2


    • Eros4tw
      Eros4tw Month ago +3

      The Crotch Viewer 3000 -- Now in 4k!

  • Darkheart Rjdyosn
    Darkheart Rjdyosn Month ago

    4:10 "so...since ur always drunk... I got u a huge trashcan for x-mas...it will never overflow...oh great ur using it already!"

    • Ma TT
      Ma TT Month ago

      What does the guy say?

  • Khan Akbar John
    Khan Akbar John Month ago

    Love from Pakistan brother 🥰

  • somuchfortalent
    somuchfortalent Month ago +19

    2:13 lol dude too busy yelling and reving to use his brakes 🤣

    • Todd Burgess
      Todd Burgess Month ago

      No doubt, sounds like a spoiled entitled little jerk

  • Tuka
    Tuka Month ago +2

    And thats why Rocket Raccoon has a jet pack.

  • DiscoVolante
    DiscoVolante Month ago

    5:49 the swearing is the point of this clip but its been beeped out making the clip pointless

  • Southerncharmed 411

    Funny video but what does any of this have to do with gifts??

  • TM Fails - Animal Fails

    Loved how the dog just ran into the door and was like "Where'd this invisible forcefield come from?"

  • Patricio Harms
    Patricio Harms Month ago

    7:08 why the mother is laughing at that? So cruel...

  • Tünde Eszlári
    Tünde Eszlári Month ago +3

    Great content.

  • Mr Bushi
    Mr Bushi Month ago

    Weird no one was harmed was missing for these

  • Rifat Al Mahmud Shanto
    Rifat Al Mahmud Shanto Month ago +129

    -Sees each other from like a mile away
    -Gently proceeds to collide

    • JSU's n Bhdjnfj
      JSU's n Bhdjnfj Month ago +3

      He couldn’t determine the fools intentions. He likely expected him to get out of the way. After all, the idiot did block the track for no reason.

    • MagicalBread
      MagicalBread Month ago +3

      @PilatusTurbo He was referring to dirt bikers.

    • DoctorBohr
      DoctorBohr Month ago +2

      The stopping distance for the cammer wasn't much for a bike on dirt, to be fair. But idk why the other biker stopped. Worst thing he could have done.

    • PilatusTurbo
      PilatusTurbo Month ago +2

      @Alpha 06 Never rode dirtbikes, but I did ride street bikes for 6 years. We ain't as dumby as you might think. :)

    • Pelagia
      Pelagia Month ago +21

      Yep guy recording is a turd. It was avoidable and you dont need to curse the guy out, shit happens.

  • RobotSpider
    RobotSpider Month ago +4

    2:10 Uh, the other guy seemed to be on an established road/path/trail. And anyway, when you're riding in the desert, everyone has to watch out for everyone else. If you hit someone, it doesn't necessarily make THEM the idiot.

    • couchsloucher7
      couchsloucher7 Month ago

      He had plenty of time to stop, camerman is definitely the idiot in this situation

  • Sylvia Jumeau
    Sylvia Jumeau Month ago

    Ce n'est pas grâce à eux qu'on gagner la coupe de monde.😁😁😁😁😁

  • Roger Morrison
    Roger Morrison Month ago

    @6:52 fail before it started.

  • USSR☭
    USSR☭ Month ago

    7:21 / 8:00 bro is dancing

  • MatuschkaRossija
    MatuschkaRossija Month ago

    5:55 child looks like Dennis from the Movie Dennis from 1993!

  • Lyle Waller
    Lyle Waller Month ago +7

    6:51 - Now, THAT was disgusting!

    • abc
      abc Month ago +1

      Literally i need holy water after this 🤦

  • Stephanie Lynn
    Stephanie Lynn Month ago

    Always girls like that at the rink during family skate, making it impossible for little ones to skate near the boards.

  • Tom 54
    Tom 54 Month ago

    What the hell is that contraption @ 2:19 anyway??

  • shallowlord
    shallowlord Month ago +1

    The raccoon wasn't funny at all... I felt sad for the poor creature...

  • Keonne Williams
    Keonne Williams Month ago +11

    The little boy egg reaction Priceless 🤣

  • Wagner Wei
    Wagner Wei Month ago


  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer Month ago +2

    What does he do wrong at 1:30?

    • LH
      LH Month ago +3

      I think it is a gender reveal party for that couple expecting a baby. The people on the side were given those hand cannons to fire when told to do so, and the surprise colour of blue/pink means boy/girl. I think the husband popping the balloon made that one dude mistakenly think it was already cannon-firing time, so he fired it too early and spoiled the surprise for everyone else. Just my guess though, I don't speak the language involved.

  • Jean Max Montagner
    Jean Max Montagner Month ago

    Ending 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🇨🇵

  • SuperRashead
    SuperRashead Month ago

    The girl at 2:45 is so funny and cute. I don't know whe is from and what language she is speeks. But her voice is... I can't esplain it.

  • PetrolHead Brasil
    PetrolHead Brasil Month ago +14

    07:08 - I felt bad for the kid...
    07:40 - I felt bad for the racoon...