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Joe Rogan On Yoel Romero's FREAK Physique😳

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • JRE Podcast Host, UFC Commentator & Stand Up Comic Joe Rogan Talks To UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal About Fighter Yoel Romero's INSANE Freakish Physique & How He Achieved That Body😳
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  • i z
    i z 2 months ago +483

    Imagine walking through the park,you look over to your left…and you see a stray Yoel running at you like that 😳

    • Teddy
      Teddy Month ago +4

      "Stray" got to be Amerikkkan.

    • Browner
      Browner Month ago +1


    • frank
      frank Month ago +1

      @Teddy are you ok?

    • Teddy
      Teddy Month ago

      @frank Hit dogs holler...

  • C Pat
    C Pat 2 months ago +13246

    Yoel is literally a 1 in a million

    • OP Gaming
      OP Gaming 2 months ago +838

      I’d argue 1 in a billion

    • Liam M
      Liam M 2 months ago +316

      @OP Gaming I’d argue more there’s 7 billion people on earth name me 6 others like him…

    • OP Gaming
      OP Gaming 2 months ago +112

      @Liam M I couldn’t my dude that man is rare af I don’t see others like him in the gyms

    • C Pat
      C Pat 2 months ago +39

      @OP Gaming Paula Costa and yoel have amazing physiques and im sure there more out there that don't even work out at all and could look like them natty but they def are rare

    • Liam M
      Liam M 2 months ago +62

      @C Pat yeah there’s a million people out there with great physiques but none of them are like Yoel he’s a different breed did u not see jre when he spoke to the doctor and he said he’s never seen anyone like Yoel.

  • SideA
    SideA 2 months ago +80

    My favorite story about Yoel is when the UFC had to send him to the hospital after a fight and a doctor ended up calling someone at the ufc and asked “where did you find this guy?”

  • Nick Musser
    Nick Musser 2 months ago +7184

    When Yoel is flexing, his traps have traps 🤣 man is a freak of nature

    • Double AA
      Double AA 2 months ago +68

      Then roids

    • Daniel Campos
      Daniel Campos 2 months ago +48

      Juicer obviously.

    • Realog
      Realog 2 months ago +72

      @Daniel Campos lol if he had done roids it would have already came out lol if Jon jones was able to get caught lol Yoel is the last person to be able to hide that. Lol he is just one of the few people who was gifted beyond normal genetics he has always looked like this.

    • urbanobstacles
      urbanobstacles 2 months ago +20

      ​@Realog lol bro all professional athletes are geared up

  • Jens Feige
    Jens Feige 2 months ago +570

    I saw him wrestling in Germany against state champions and it was like a child birthday for him. Was standing next to him and at the time I was around 105kg at 1.95m. I felt like a baby after seeing him in his wrestling outfit. It’s unbelievable how different he looks in real life and what kind of muscle mass and quality he already has 15-20 years ago. This guy looked so jacked and brutal, it was awesome. I can clearly remember the silence in the entire hall after he took his jacket of to start the wrestling match. Everyone was like “what the fuck”. Great guy.

    • DenizXHunter
      DenizXHunter Month ago +21

      195cm 105kg?? You a freak too dawg 😭😭

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +4

      @DenizXHunter But he doesn’t have black genetics like Yoel Romero

    • TomFredMoe
      TomFredMoe Month ago +1

      6’5 and 231 lbs?
      Brother you were a lank lol
      I’m 6’2 (188 cm) and 205-210 (93kg), and I’m small in my measures compared to guys shorter than me . 😅
      Yoel is 5’9 , well over half a foot shorter than you

    • Raympnd landareasta Pkp
      Raympnd landareasta Pkp Month ago +2

      ​@TomFredMoebro any tips to be taller? I am 18 and 5,7

    • chris
      chris Month ago +8

      @Raympnd landareasta Pkp any tips to be taller??? wtf are u smoking bruh LOL

  • xThe_noJx
    xThe_noJx 16 days ago +3

    Yoel looks like the end result of a successful Super Soldier program. Dude's the living embodiment of hitting the Genetic Jackpot.

  • Maximillian
    Maximillian 2 months ago +2758

    "You have two hands, just like me. Go." - Yoel Romero

    • Morris Simanjuntak
      Morris Simanjuntak 2 months ago +52

      I lo yu

    • Rocky Diner
      Rocky Diner 2 months ago +1

      ​@Morris Simanjuntak lol. Yes!! 🙏🏾

    • K channel
      K channel 2 months ago +11

      🎶La candela!!🎶 🕺🕯

    • Alex Blejdea
      Alex Blejdea Month ago +10

      ~Man who looks like a professional bodybuilder without even lifting

    • hrishi s
      hrishi s Month ago +3

      ​@Morris Simanjuntak No 4gay Jesus

  • MyStories.
    MyStories. Month ago +33

    Apparently, rumors has it that Yoel can heal himself like a Wolverine. 😂

    • CoyPandora07
      CoyPandora07 Month ago +3

      He actually healed faster than a normal human

    • MyStories.
      MyStories. Month ago

      @CoyPandora07 that’s crazy

    • denots42
      denots42 4 days ago

      @MyStories. I believe it was his orbital bone that got broken in a fight and the UFC sent him to the doctor immediately after the fight and the doctor said his eye was already healing itself and was fusing back together by the time they x-rayed it and asked the UFC where they found him at because he’s never seen someone be able to do that people can shout steroids all they want but he has some freak level of genetics even if he’s on everything under the sun no one can heal that quickly unless it’s a genetic factor at play I’ve studied anabolics and peptides and everything performance based for over 14 years and I’ve never heard of anything close to what he has done the guys who fight him said it feels like punching and kicking someone made of steel

  • Rizing Pho3nix
    Rizing Pho3nix 27 days ago +7

    Yoel got godlike genetics

  • tony Alvarado
    tony Alvarado 2 months ago +1313

    The literal 9th wonder of the world, Yoel’s genetics

    • TruthOverLies
      TruthOverLies 2 months ago +40

      And his dealer.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 2 months ago +37

      And the gear he injects

    • Justin Johnson
      Justin Johnson 2 months ago +8

      @Frank Castledoubt it. Look at him at age 12. He’s a freak of nature.

    • Dan Don
      Dan Don 2 months ago +20

      No way he doesn't lift weight. You can't get that physique by just doing pull ups and push up. People need to stop lying

    • partingalano
      partingalano 2 months ago +11

      @TruthOverLies nah his genetic are top tier... once after a fight he got an orbital fracture he went to scan and the doctor was in awe, doctor said he is the only human being he has seen that regenerate at that rate.

  • Fifty5 GrainFmj
    Fifty5 GrainFmj 2 months ago +1

    “Everybody is on steroids, everybody” -Nate Diaz

  • Petru Alexandru Zaharia

    Yoel Romero will be remembered for generations!

  • B Cee
    B Cee 2 months ago +4349

    Yoel running like a spazz gets me everytime 😂

    • Maredjain
      Maredjain 2 months ago +27

      He is a Spazz watch a fight

    • Foreign Wolf
      Foreign Wolf 2 months ago +16

      Makes me burst out laughing everytime I see that clip 😂

    • PSU Wrestling
      PSU Wrestling 2 months ago +31

      Lol that’s from decades of wrestling, his knee are jello.

    • Ty Burns
      Ty Burns 2 months ago +19

      @PSU Wrestlingand his spine is fused

    • Joe Misseri
      Joe Misseri 2 months ago +5

      That exercise is called 'Running to Heaven'

  • Julienne Garcia
    Julienne Garcia 2 months ago

    Man sucks we didn’t get a younger Yoel when he entered the octagon

  • B-Conn66
    B-Conn66 2 months ago

    Dude's a straight up DBZ character. "I do lots of push ups and sits up. Oh and I drink plenty of juice."

  • Eamon Shields
    Eamon Shields 2 months ago +2243

    Soldier Of God 🫡

    • Mahmod Abd Algafer
      Mahmod Abd Algafer 2 months ago +23

      nah, having insane physique and being tough doesn't earn u that title

    • The Truth
      The Truth 2 months ago +14

      @Mahmod Abd Algafer tell em ahk

    • Bojangles Obrien
      Bojangles Obrien 2 months ago +14

      Shoulders of god*

    • coco
      coco 2 months ago +54

      ​@Mahmod Abd Algafer he's a Christian brother

  • FLBoyCanScrap
    FLBoyCanScrap 2 months ago

    I love at the Izzy Yoel pre fight Press conference they start dancing after the staredown and Yoel casually does a back handspring to split

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 months ago +12

    Yoel has god-tier genetics

  • Mahmoud Hakem
    Mahmoud Hakem 2 months ago +867

    Keep in mind he started mma at 35, imagine what he would have done if he started at a relatively normal age.

    • West Veegina
      West Veegina 2 months ago +33

      God almighty 😂

    • mpforeverunlimited  🏳️‍🌈⃠
      mpforeverunlimited  🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago +9

      His wrestling would be worse

    • Mahmoud Hakem
      Mahmoud Hakem 2 months ago +7

      @mpforeverunlimited 🏳️‍🌈⃠ no not at all, hey would still have been a very well established and a very decorated wrestler

    • MrBeets
      MrBeets 2 months ago +63

      He did not start MMA at 35 he was 32 in his first pro fight and started training before that obviously. Not to mention a lifetime of wrestling

    • H.K
      H.K 2 months ago +3

      Doesn’t really matter considering he takes steroids which help him maintain his prime.

  • No Mud No Lotus
    No Mud No Lotus 2 months ago

    And he’s so frigging flexible and agile at that size is the scary thing

  • Richie Jones
    Richie Jones 14 days ago

    Still my favourite story of yoel is when the ozzy doctor looked at his eye for the orbital bone injury and called him a freak of nature, ever his eyes are hench

  • Gilberto Rodriguez
    Gilberto Rodriguez 2 months ago +2455

    Francis ngannou and yoel romero, two natures strenght and scarys guys in all of mma

    • Rylan Fr
      Rylan Fr 2 months ago +97

      Francis maybe but it’s impossible to look like Yoel and not do roids with that routine aswell.

    • Maverick33 guy
      Maverick33 guy 2 months ago +139

      ​@Rylan Fr if yoel is juicing then so is Francis lol come on

    • Big Clen💉
      Big Clen💉 2 months ago +178

      Both are juiced af yall fan boys delusional 😅😂

    • Jay bandz
      Jay bandz 2 months ago +40

      ​@Big Clen💉and they get tested so ur just a casual hater

  • Fighting_fate
    Fighting_fate 2 months ago

    He can thank his ancestors for that one.

  • DadPyro
    DadPyro Month ago

    Some would call him a Super freak...R.I.P Rick James

  • Joefandom
    Joefandom 2 months ago +327

    Yoel literally has the power of God flowing through him 😌

    • andkontos
      andkontos 2 months ago +11

      And alot of TREN

    • Catholic Meme Theory
      Catholic Meme Theory 2 months ago +11

      @andkontos He’s been tested consistently and has always been clean in the Olympics & in the UFC. He got cracked my USADA once in the UFC and he claimed it was a tainted supplement from a protein supplement, which he sued the company & won the lawsuit (like over a million dollars).
      He’s clean.

    • Josemaria Laguinge
      Josemaria Laguinge 2 months ago +5

      @Catholic Meme Theory That doesn't mean his clean. There are a lot of stories of him running from USADA.

    • Catholic Meme Theory
      Catholic Meme Theory 2 months ago +3

      @Josemaria Laguinge innocent until proven guilty.

  • Cal R
    Cal R 2 months ago +1

    Joe: "how is it even possible??" *instantly smirks in steroid*

  • Symbol
    Symbol 2 months ago

    Yoel doesn't lift weights, he lifts humans

  • A.R.B.
    A.R.B. 2 months ago +9

    Genetics, man. Genetics 💉

  • Temetrius
    Temetrius Month ago

    I’m surprised Joe didn’t tell the story about Romero’s eye tendons being 4 times larger than a normal humans for the millionth time

  • Black Raven
    Black Raven 10 days ago +1

    Can't forget his one match in UFC taking headshots, leg kicks like that immovable boulder.

    ZIPPO_MuK 2 months ago +111

    *He has good muscle insertions.* The points where your muscle connect make a huge difference to how big you look.

    • omega gamer
      omega gamer Month ago

      Is there a way to naturally alter them so I can get bigger?

    • ZIPPO_MuK
      ZIPPO_MuK Month ago +4

      @omega gamer Nope. To look bigger. You want to be leaner. Small dudes look bigger on Instagram etc because they’re lean and manipulate angles with photography. To actually be big, you just have to train.

    • An Aussie
      An Aussie Month ago

      Insertions, size, the lot.

  • Carlos Abonce
    Carlos Abonce 2 months ago

    Yoel run like the cop off cloudy with a chance of meatballs 😭

  • Carlos Galan
    Carlos Galan 2 months ago

    I remember when Yoel did a back flip in front of Dana White !! 😂😂😂

  • Jozsef Esze
    Jozsef Esze 2 months ago +764

    Bro is juiced to the bone but he is definitely genetically one of the most gifted people in history

    • bruttosporcoecattivo
      bruttosporcoecattivo 2 months ago +38

      Right. Both juiced and genetically gifted. Deadly combo.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 months ago +123

      Nah, there’s quite a lot of research been done on him that begs to differ

    • Roadrashxj
      Roadrashxj 2 months ago +153

      Have you heard the comment from the Doctor that claims that the ligaments attached to his eyeballs are 3 times thicker than an average human being ??

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 months ago +91

      @Roadrashxj Yes I’ve heard that…there’s no question that he’s not an average human lol. And no, steroids won’t make your eyeball tendons grow haha

  • Santtu
    Santtu 24 days ago

    Yo Jamie, pull up that video of Yoel wrestling a grizzly in Alaska.

  • Doughboy_021
    Doughboy_021 2 months ago

    Fighters that hit him said they actually hurt themselves..one fighter said it felt like he was kicking steel

  • JP
    JP 2 months ago +758

    He looked the same his whole career since he was 18 years old. Insane genetics and work ethic. I believe could have been natty.

    • John Johnson
      John Johnson 2 months ago +192

      Nah none of them are natural. That being said, that guy was made in a lab 😂

    • JP
      JP 2 months ago +72

      @John Johnson even if he took PEDs that physique is achievable natty.

    • Kian King
      Kian King 2 months ago +63

      @JPit’s not so much the physique, athletes use peds for quicker recovery time mainly

    • Roman Hashon
      Roman Hashon 2 months ago +51

      No natties in pro-anything bro. Zero

    • Roman Hashon
      Roman Hashon 2 months ago +14

      ​@JPsure dude

  • James Burton
    James Burton 2 months ago

    Yoel “I shit my pants” Romero

  • frank chiemela
    frank chiemela 2 months ago

    Yoel and Francis. No weights just natural.

  • Amber Turd
    Amber Turd 2 months ago +66

    "Yoel, How do you have such amazing physique?"
    "You Don't Wanna Know"

    • Jesus is lord
      Jesus is lord 2 months ago +1

      Lol 🔥 underrated 🤣
      That was scary 😨

  • Victoria Bellamy
    Victoria Bellamy 2 months ago

    using his own body as a machine in itself naturally to build goes to show how amazing and crazy the human body really is

  • Ms Ann Thrope
    Ms Ann Thrope 23 days ago

    Yoel is perfection

  • Muhamad Syahmi
    Muhamad Syahmi 2 months ago +289

    When genetics done right, even normal workout gives huge results.

    • Big dank
      Big dank 2 months ago +11

      My friend only did body workouts and was shredded it’s just discipline

    • jack thompson
      jack thompson 2 months ago +6

      @Big dank Erm nah it’s genetics combined with discipline

    • jack thompson
      jack thompson 2 months ago +2

      Mainly genetics

    • Kazzy Kaioken
      Kazzy Kaioken 2 months ago +11

      ​@jack thompson Alot of dudes with bettee genetics than yoel will never look or perform half as good because the key is HARD WORK AND TRAINING

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 months ago +4

      Saying that it’s genetics is just a way to cop out. Everybody can look like Romero if they train hard enough. Don’t even need PED’s

  • 🌴Sea la vie🌴
    🌴Sea la vie🌴 Month ago

    Joe Rogan: Yoel Romero is the finest specimen

  • Lucila Navarrete
    Lucila Navarrete Month ago

    Wow. What an amazing physical body.

  • Jñananinja
    Jñananinja 2 months ago +63

    Had a college soccer teammate from Sierra Leone, dude looked like a bodybuilder. Pure genetics.

    • Emmanuel Anwanaodung
      Emmanuel Anwanaodung 2 months ago +16

      A lot of people don’t understand the genetics of West and Central Africa. I know jacked dudes who have never had a gym membership. All bodyweight and genetics, along with a heavy carb-and-protein diet.

    • ricky drip
      ricky drip 2 months ago +5

      @Emmanuel Anwanaodung I forget which African tribe it was but have you ever seen those African tribes people that jump as a form of dancing? Bro they literally don’t even bend their knees and they can jump at least 40 inches. They got springs in their feet bro it’s kinda crazy

    • Henny Spiderman
      Henny Spiderman 2 months ago +7

      @Emmanuel AnwanaodungAfrica has the most diverse genetic pool in the world. Like literally depending on which country you fall to you might find even the shortest men on earth, tallest men on earth, most jacked men on earth or some of the skinnier men on earth.

    • Emmanuel Anwanaodung
      Emmanuel Anwanaodung 2 months ago +4

      @Henny Spiderman That’s why I specified West and Central. Some East Africans have a tendency to be really strong yet wiry. It varies from place to place. The historical lifestyle and diet matters too.

  • Allain Angcao
    Allain Angcao 2 months ago

    Yoel is the type of guy to have veins on his veins

  • Plutarco De Quinoa
    Plutarco De Quinoa 2 months ago +26

    Even at 46 he has TKOed his two last oponents

  • Ryan Larose
    Ryan Larose Month ago +1

    The funny thing is that most people could be like that if they just got off the couch and started exercising

  • DON EL1T3
    DON EL1T3 Month ago

    Good genetics mixed with determination.

  • SuhSah
    SuhSah 2 months ago +30

    If I’m not mistaken he broke his neck but his trap and neck muscles were so tight that he didnt get paralyzed or face any real damage

    • CapnPrice06
      CapnPrice06 Month ago +3

      so his body built it's own neck brace?.. fuckin' wild

  • Darius Hosein
    Darius Hosein 11 days ago

    Yoel looks legit like a hairless werewolf. Look at that man's structure.

  • adnan shah
    adnan shah 2 months ago

    Such physique without lifting weights! That's incredible.

  • Michael Capps
    Michael Capps 2 months ago +1

    Yoel is a soldier of God! 🙏🏽💪🏽

  • Eversley
    Eversley 2 months ago

    When you're blessed you don't need weights

  • Drakkonemus
    Drakkonemus 2 months ago +8

    It's a good thing they tossed subtitles on here cause Jorge went into mumble whisper mode instantly

  • Geo Leo
    Geo Leo Month ago

    Lmfao i started dying when he said he is the freakiest of the freaks lmfao 🤣

  • Itz_Elev8t
    Itz_Elev8t 2 months ago +3

    Joe’s sitting there thinking about him with his mind blown already then jorge says “ oh and he doesn’t work out too”, the quickness of the “ he doesn’t work out?!!” by joe had me rolling in laughter😂😂

    • brown guy
      brown guy 2 months ago +1

      he definitely works out, what he said was "he doesnt lift weights"

    • Itz_Elev8t
      Itz_Elev8t 2 months ago

      @brown guy I know lmao it was just the context of how he said it it had me laughing for at least 5 min

  • Kris K Hinson
    Kris K Hinson 19 days ago

    Miracles do happen. Joe, not a single swear word ❤

  • The other Mike
    The other Mike 6 days ago

    Yoel got that Batman neck 😂

  • Family@007
    Family@007 2 months ago +13

    The doctors even said that his eyes tendons were 4 times thicker than an average human being.

  • Jack Khiangte
    Jack Khiangte 2 months ago

    Back when Jorge was a Miami backyard fighter. 😅

  • Strange MARVEL Theories

    Yoel has good genetics very defined muscles that fill out as he does body exercizes

  • CacheMyMemory
    CacheMyMemory 2 months ago +4

    That shot of him running his neck looks insanely jacked 💪insane

  • Chief khizA
    Chief khizA 2 months ago

    The way his head is fuzed to his neck is insane when he runs lol

  • Prox CQ
    Prox CQ 2 months ago

    Legend says that Yoel swam to the US from Cuba.

  • Emmanuel Reza
    Emmanuel Reza 2 months ago

    Don’t forget he is over 40 yo so he is a real beast

  • Hector Garza
    Hector Garza 2 months ago

    Can’t believe Joe had him on his show and didn’t ask him more questions

  • R Jenkins
    R Jenkins 9 days ago

    Imagine if Romero never caught that neck injury 😢

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 2 months ago +1

    Yep gear can make you a freak people need to give there head a shake

  • no one
    no one 2 months ago +4

    Yoel is the soldier of God,no doubt he is created differently.

  • Elegant Monstrous
    Elegant Monstrous 2 months ago

    Yoel is on the secret Juice and Costa stole the formula lmao.

  • Boomers Jv
    Boomers Jv 2 months ago

    i could tell he know the right form an how to contract the muscles that y he looks like that an runs like that🔥

  • Apex
    Apex 2 months ago +4

    Yoel convinced me he really is a soldier of god

  • Keyz SuperEffective!
    Keyz SuperEffective! 2 months ago

    "He's the freakish of the freaks"

  • Earl Johnson
    Earl Johnson Month ago +2

    That man has great genetics and I hope he has kids to pass that gift on

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall 2 months ago +101

    When you're juiced to the gills calisthenics can do that

    • E Cruz
      E Cruz 2 months ago +18

      Pfft, then sign me up 💉

    • Unexpectednoone
      Unexpectednoone 2 months ago +24

      Also black genetics.

    • Imagix Studio
      Imagix Studio 2 months ago +12

      Tested by IUSADA For years....he was born different

  • yinzr412
    yinzr412 2 months ago

    Yoel is a real life ninja turtle

  • Sleipnir888
    Sleipnir888 2 months ago

    Yoel’s neck is so dense and compact he runs funny af. That shits crazy

  • EvanTheLoco
    EvanTheLoco Month ago +3

    “Did you know a chicken has more feathers then a bird” - joe rogan

  • SamoanSojah
    SamoanSojah 2 months ago +1

    Yoel is still a beast at 45!

  • Dylon Mullins
    Dylon Mullins 2 months ago

    I love Yoel Romero stories.

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 2 months ago +22

    Like Jorge said "Yoel's traps look like fkn buildings"

  • Darrel Jenkins
    Darrel Jenkins 2 months ago +1

    This whole podcast Masvidal spoke with the chillest, coolest tone I’ve ever heard for 3 whole hours. Mans didn’t raise his voice not one time 😂

  • gek 1
    gek 1 2 months ago

    He 's got excellent genetics.
    It happens

  • Lee Robbins
    Lee Robbins 2 months ago

    Yoel had a massive doctor bill to look like that or god given genetics

  • MemphisMadeJWLR
    MemphisMadeJWLR 2 months ago

    There is no way he doesn’t lift ANY weights

  • skeglar
    skeglar 2 months ago +3

    I've only know 3 guys that dont have to lift weights and look like a body builder. Jevon Kearse, Rennie Curan, Bobby Iwuchukwu. These types of men are rare.

  • DarklordIra
    DarklordIra Month ago

    There's no way he isn't lifting weights with that physique.

  • Patrick Stogsdill
    Patrick Stogsdill Month ago

    "Freakiiest of the freaks." lol😂

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera 2 months ago +6

    "Everybody's on steroids"
    - Nate Diaz-

  • V
    V 2 months ago +1

    Crazy genetics, insane hard work and just a *little* gear will get you there.

  • ButterMilkJesus
    ButterMilkJesus 2 months ago

    He has those Caribbean genetics, man.

  • mical2great
    mical2great 2 months ago +15

    And dude was 38 with that body. I honestly belive if mma was popular when he was 28 he would be on the mount rushmore of fighters

  • ahmidouch khalid
    ahmidouch khalid 2 months ago

    Yoel Romero Is The Original Avenger 💯💯💯

  • Jonathan Hella
    Jonathan Hella 2 months ago

    He is what ancient man looked like before processed food and modern society

  • Peter slanger
    Peter slanger 2 months ago +6

    I like these convos where they seemingly forget all about peds.

  • J
    J 3 days ago

    He’s got that old Soviet gear stored in the Cuban freezers at Fidel’s house 😂

  • Sai kiran
    Sai kiran 2 months ago

    Soldier of God 🔥

  • TheRealOGnick
    TheRealOGnick 2 months ago +8

    If Yoel did bodybuilding instead of MMA he’d be one of the all time greats EASY