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Apple is not what it used to be.

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • From the original iPhone to the iPhone 12 now,, Apple has changed. The Apple you know is probably not what Apple is now...Limited Time Offer: Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 years ago +8223

    You know what's funny, I'm never first 😭
    V curious what you think to this one, and if you agree on the shift I've seen in Apple!

  • mei-day
    mei-day 2 years ago +8432

    This man speaks so clear that the closed captions can understand him

  • Heathrow Aviator
    Heathrow Aviator 2 years ago +1920

    He presents this so well I can’t tell whether he does or doesn’t like it.

    • Douglas Brittain
      Douglas Brittain 2 years ago +124

      Agreed. He definitely is a moderator who doesn't show partiality. That's why he is my favorite Clip-Share reviewer.

    • eastlondonhustler
      eastlondonhustler 2 years ago +9

      Because Apple reward him for his efforts.
      Just another one of the many Apple shill channels.

    • Heathrow Aviator
      Heathrow Aviator 2 years ago +39

      @eastlondonhustler sure he is.

    • eastlondonhustler
      eastlondonhustler 2 years ago +6

      @Heathrow Aviator 10:12
      Of course he isn't
      And of course no iSheep is going admit it, they're going to conveniently ignore it.

    • Yuma
      Yuma 2 years ago +73

      @eastlondonhustler bruh man's literally praises and buys both android and ios till a couple of months ago he was a decade long android user

  • bondanoz
    bondanoz 2 years ago +304

    Technology was moving so fast it was worth upgrading regularly. I think we're at the point of deminishing returns and so it makes sense that we're upgrading less often.

    • MR. Darknight
      MR. Darknight Year ago +9

      Excalty, not to mention and phones font get a redesign after like 2 or 3 years now, and even if they do, its not much different. So u pay 800-1000$ for a very small improvement.

    • Venator
      Venator Year ago +5

      @MR. Darknight That's especially true for iPhones

    • L. A.
      L. A. Year ago +2

      ikr, I'm still on iPhone Xr and the only thing I feel like doing is getting a new battery 😴

    • Hype Williams
      Hype Williams 9 months ago

      @MR. Darknight well, just don’t! dammit you tech nerds complain way too much

    • MR. Darknight
      MR. Darknight 9 months ago +4

      @Hype Williams u dont have to be a nerd to understand that paying 1k every year for almost nothing is a waste of money

  • Kuya Eb
    Kuya Eb 2 years ago +2129

    We need arun's voice for google assistance.

    • Muhamed Gaming
      Muhamed Gaming 2 years ago +10


    • «John»
      «John» 2 years ago +8

      Zara Louise Peyton try the british male or south african male voice

    • josh guincho
      josh guincho 2 years ago +8

      And siri

    • «John»
      «John» 2 years ago +1

      @josh guincho refer to my other reply

    • Svoss
      Svoss 2 years ago +1

      I totally agree

  • Mika Gaphelo Chiusiwa
    Mika Gaphelo Chiusiwa 2 years ago +1484

    For anyone curious, his shirt says 上司は誰ですか/Joushi wa dare desu ka' which means 'Who's the boss?'
    EDIT: I just realised the name of this channel

    • LowEffortGaming
      LowEffortGaming 2 years ago +121

      That's Mr. 上司は誰ですか to you.

    • Sun
      Sun Year ago +4


    • Sun
      Sun Year ago +3

      @LowEffortGaming yes

    • The Wolverine
      The Wolverine Year ago +3

      @Sun yes

    • Sun
      Sun Year ago +2

      @The Wolverine 👍

  • Applenuggets
    Applenuggets 2 years ago +693

    “Apple is getting cheaper”
    Well isn’t that a good thing?

    • Nick
      Nick 2 years ago +6


    • ترياق
      ترياق 2 years ago +45

      in value? yes
      in quality? no
      i think what he meant is quality not value

    • The Butt Goblin
      The Butt Goblin 2 years ago +92

      @ترياق I don’t think the quality is going down at all even if the phones get cheaper. You could sell an amazing phone for $800 that blows $1400 flagship models out of the water without sacrificing the quality of the product. As long as more people are buying from you than your competitors you’ll be sitting nicely

    • ChoZin
      ChoZin 2 years ago +9

      In the future 2030 iPhone might become 100 dollars lol

    • Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago
      Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago 2 years ago +23

      @ChoZin lmao no. Inflation will stop that, 100 dollars then is like 60-70 dollars now. No chance they will ever be that cheap.

  • DerpEye
    DerpEye 2 years ago +2253

    "Apple products are getting cheaper" - depends on the country.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth 2 years ago +20

      how? it's got cheaper in all countries

    • PS na Wana
      PS na Wana 2 years ago +73

      tell that to indians LOL

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth 2 years ago +21

      @Your FBI agent that's bullshit, as far as I have learned economics, 3rd world countries have a much lower cost of living compared to developed countries

    • VikiN Norway
      VikiN Norway 2 years ago +106

      @Dishant Seth here in Norway iphone mini starts at 1000$ and the 12 pro starts at 1450$

  • Chotay Ustaad
    Chotay Ustaad 2 years ago +9

    You show you're the boss in every video. Great content, immense amount of *interesting* detail. Can only imagine how much work would go in it. Power to you man!

  • Mike C
    Mike C 2 years ago +9

    I was surprised to see the M1 Macbooks priced the same as the old ones despite being much better. I think Apple knows they have lost a lot of goodwill they have build over the years due to user hostile elitist actions. Even the Apple fans I know saw the iPhone 12 and said meh. Removing chargers from the box didn't help them there either.

  • Kasim Younis
    Kasim Younis 2 years ago +67

    He is probably the only Clip-Sharer who speaks so clear even the auto generated subtitles can understand him

  • 𝛿
    𝛿 2 years ago +12

    Extremely insightful! You’ve captured the parameters available publicly well - and continued to form a well written and presented narrative around it. Reaffirms my decision to stay subscribed for your future content. Bravo!

  • Igor 23
    Igor 23 Year ago +1

    I wrote my extended essay on Apple Inc. and you are totally right. I would just add that the pressure of having a new iPhone between peers is really more than some people think. I know that you probably talk about consumers that have monthly income, but in my school out of 1k people there is no one having android which is pretty teryffing and I see my friends having new updated iPhones day by day

  • Samiur Rahman
    Samiur Rahman 2 years ago +3463

    "Apple products are getting cheaper"
    Me: laughs in Asia

    • Bob XJsix
      Bob XJsix 2 years ago +126

      i dont mind to buy a new unit china brand android $300 phone every 3years coz i know i'll get a latest Android version + update & higher spec hardware for price + many choices, compare to any other expensive low hardware spec for price to the so called ecosystem 😆

    • Vemma
      Vemma 2 years ago +65

      I think less expensive, not cheaper

    • Keith Chai
      Keith Chai 2 years ago +49

      I would say android are getting more expensive. So iphone would look a little cheaper in comparison. The latest Note20 Ultra is only 30$ less expensive than the latest iphone12 pro max

    • Vemma
      Vemma 2 years ago +11

      @Keith Chai im not a fan of samsung either

    • Masliza&Azahari
      Masliza&Azahari 2 years ago +44

      Still damn expensive in Malaysia

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne 2 years ago +217

    Yeah, doing that they've also removed the charger brick along with earbuds. 😂 Hence the $100 difference which you can't buy them. So in fact, they're increased the price.

    • Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago
      Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago 2 years ago +1

      Shreevatsan Sakthi I bought my Galaxy s21+ for $869 U.S. dollars including tax.

      NEKO GAMING Year ago +1

      @Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago but not the ultra

    • aragorn4242
      aragorn4242 Year ago +3

      a lot now don't have charger included.

    • the stupid
      the stupid Year ago

      Shreevatsan Sakthi i didnt get a smartphone because i have -15 dollars

    • Anonymous Pokémon
      Anonymous Pokémon Year ago

      Shreevatsan Sakthi Stop using Samsung as comparison. We know Samsung is falling and it's falling really hard.

  • Adrian Clarke
    Adrian Clarke 2 years ago +5

    I've been Apple loyal since the first iPhone, totally in the eco system, iPhone, watch, MacBook, TV etc etc. But the fallout with xcloud and stadia made me look elsewhere. As a result of watching a lot of review videos (yours included) I decided to brave it and switch to OnePlus 8 pro. And honestly, I'm so glad I did the switch, I am much happier now than I was with apple. By the way Nottingham loyal.

  • Myst Cloud
    Myst Cloud Year ago +6

    This is an excellent and insightful video. No bias and good research. I never thought of Apple changing, but you have opened my mind. Keep up the good work!

  • Alexey Boltax
    Alexey Boltax 2 years ago +12

    I like your videos!
    In the times when youtube is over saturated with reviews, you actually bring something new to the table 🙂

  • R. Anouke van der Wart

    Watching your videos in comparing with others, there is a signifant difference. And I mean this in a positive way. Others take the phone and day what they like or dislike. But you tell the story around it and that makes it interesting. It's like going to university again. Not just the product but the history, background and much more and with humor too... without execeration you're all alone at the top of what you're doing. (Sorry for my grammar, but English is not my native language).

    KRISZTIAN 2 years ago +2299

    "Apple is getting cheaper" *Cries in every country but the US*

    • Vaidotas Krulikas
      Vaidotas Krulikas 2 years ago +126

      I don't understant why in the blue hell are they so expensive in europe? Usa prices is peanuts.

    • prod. john
      prod. john 2 years ago +101

      ​@Vaidotas Krulikas Well, USA Prices don't include taxes. Even with taxes it's a little more cheaper, but that's also due to European taxes being a good bit high.

    • Mohammed Shurrab
      Mohammed Shurrab 2 years ago +44

      In Turkey we pay double for all Apple products

    • hellknight101
      hellknight101 2 years ago +19

      VAT and import taxes basically. Also in the UK the pound is now basically equal to the Euro.

      KRISZTIAN 2 years ago +25

      @prod. john But apple stands out. Like samsung and Oneplus are fairly pricy but their prices are closer to the US price. Apple's just so inconsistent

  • Sahil 1
    Sahil 1 2 years ago +6

    bro you put so much effort to provide us quality content. thanks for that and you are one of the finest tech content provider😊

  • hehe motorsikle
    hehe motorsikle 2 years ago +550

    "Apple is getting cheaper"
    Everyone outside first world countries: am i a joke to you?
    Though I think they are changing target audience and I like that strat

  • Michael O
    Michael O Year ago +2

    The M1 CPU is interesting and innovative, particularly in the mobile space. That said, Apple's numbers comparing it to x86 solutions from AMD and Intel are highly subjective on situation, software, and code used. This is particularly true in the desktop/workstation/server spaces.

  • DieselDrax
    DieselDrax 2 years ago

    I definitely agree with the sentiment regarding the walled garden making it hard for people to leave, I made the switch away from an iPhone recently and the actual device switch itself went great, the problem was with Apple's services. It was basically impossible to download original copies of my photos from iCloud Photos, I had to go through the "request a copy of your data" steps to get all of them which also has a built-in 5-day delay to ensure the request was genuine. So now I've decoupled from Apple's services and are using platform-agnostic services so I don't have to go through this pain again should I decide to switch in the future.

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan 2 years ago +194

    I'm watching a bunch of videos about modern smartphones with my budget phone from 2016 next to me lol
    I can call, I can text, I can play music and watch videos, great, I don't need more. I also can't care less about cameras because I barely use it. I'm not saying phones getting better is bad, or I'm against it, I just can't really get behind the trend of getting a new phone every year or two. Feels a bit like a waste...

    • Uisjj Jskosa
      Uisjj Jskosa Year ago +1


    • Loser
      Loser Year ago +4

      i just get a new phone when the other one dies

    • Venator
      Venator Year ago

      @Loser So you don't care about the hype and leaks Clip-Sharers like TechTalk TV, TechDroider, XEETECHCARE and many more make about the next generation iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone?

    • Duy Phạm
      Duy Phạm Year ago +3

      Personally, I just put the newest and cheapest one (iPhone SE 2016 -> iPhone XR -> iPhone 12 Mini) I guess the best way to go with Apple is choosing their cheapest product on a series, for me, the most suitable things.

    • Loser
      Loser Year ago +2

      @Venator do i look like i care about the newest stuff? i honestly just stay with the thing i have untill it dies then buy something good and cheap that suits me dont care about the newest or better things tbh

  • Dnyanesh Deshpande
    Dnyanesh Deshpande 2 years ago +1348

    Apple actually started feeling the heat of competition.

    • absolutem3
      absolutem3 2 years ago +2

      DeMarcus lopez Ay

    • Abu Hisham
      Abu Hisham 2 years ago +2

      @absolutem3 Ay

    • swiftk1ng'
      swiftk1ng' 2 years ago +1

      @Abu Hisham ay

    • jesonkuttan
      jesonkuttan 2 years ago +68

      Yep, Samsung's giving them the run...the 'fold 2' is an engineering marvel (with a polished software experience)...a wake up call for apple.

    • Wolfeboro
      Wolfeboro 2 years ago +1

      @swiftk1ng' ay

  • Cylfini Official
    Cylfini Official 2 years ago

    I think Apple has been experimenting with social media for a while now and it has been relatively helpful to them. For example, they put big prices on small products which causes people to talk and spread

  • Darryl Learie
    Darryl Learie 2 years ago +3

    One point everyone seems to miss is that I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the Apple App Store so even if I wanted to switch to an Android I would be going without all the apps I already invested in - and to make things worse I would have to pay for those same apps in the Google Play Store!
    That is why I keep buying iPhones.

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden Year ago +12

    Though it’s true about needing an Apple product to enjoy all of their services, you keep forgetting one little caveat. First things first, I am an Android user and I won’t change that fact until iOS goes through some major changes. As such I will always have an Android phone in my pocket. That being said, I am also an iPad user, though for one reason only, the incredible apps that can be found for the iPad, especially those pertaining to music creation, even despite my feelings on iOS. There are many of us who play both sides and have been doing so for a very long time, so don’t assume you need an iPhone when it’s very clear, you really don’t.

  • Coy 989
    Coy 989 2 years ago +79

    I’ve been considering moving back to android. I’m tired of how expensive they’ve gotten. I’m sure I’d be happy in mid-range market. But with Apple I don’t want a phone that looks 5 years old if I go to mid-price. Slowly breaking out of the eco-system, canceling my services, also tired of too many monthly fees. Just me though

    • Nidstang
      Nidstang 2 years ago +16

      Personally, the first true smart phone I ever had was an IPhone 5. It felt too restrictive. I hated that it was so small. The camera was alright but the glass protecting the camera scratched easily. I liked some aspects of the UI, mostly the patented ones, but everything else seemed like a hassle. After that one, I got one of the Samsung water proof smart phones from back in the day. Sadly, I got mugged and lost it two weeks after getting it. My next phone was a Sony Xperia z3. Having my own launcher, a plethora of apps, free or paid, having the ability to install apks, actually useful widgets, since I could rearrange my background in whichever way I liked... That's what really killed Apple for me. I don't care much for the brand nor what people think of me for not having a "hot product". I want something fast, that allows me to be productive and that I can make "my own". With apple, I have the plastic sensation of conformity and tons of forced updates that somehow make my phone slower. With Android I have deep customization and services that don't require me to buy an over priced, aluminum slab of a laptop to use.

    • Paradoxical
      Paradoxical 2 years ago +13

      The experience is vastly different
      Android lacks that super smooth experience

    • midget 420
      midget 420 2 years ago +19

      @Paradoxical not anymore, 120 hz is way smoother than iphone with 60

    • Triumph Anazia
      Triumph Anazia Year ago +10

      @Paradoxical The thing is, y'all say Android like it's one phone... Lol, I use a midrange xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro, with 120hz refresh rate, ratio that. Be specific with your android specs, because the experience on my android is buttery smooth

  • wowJhil
    wowJhil 2 years ago +11

    I never jumped to Apple/iPhone for that single reason, the lock-in strategy. Even though I think my Samsung or PC is lagging and I hear that Apple's alternatives are more stable (although less flexible and open to 3rd party software) I never swayed from my strong belief that lock-in just a losing game. It's morally wrong. I hope thet eventually get forced to change this.

    • Shereen Hussian
      Shereen Hussian 8 months ago

      Windows PCs are better heat management and better performance then Macs.

  • Sadie Angelina
    Sadie Angelina 2 years ago +688

    "Apple is very expensive"
    Apple: "1% off. Take it or leave it"

    • Phantom
      Phantom 2 years ago +39

      Leave it.

    • joe bloggs
      joe bloggs 2 years ago +3

      1% off is good for Apple! LOL

    • Unknown
      Unknown 2 years ago +3


    • Unknown
      Unknown 2 years ago +2

      Take it or leave it.

  • gabrielleconti
    gabrielleconti 2 years ago +1

    I agree with you in every word. I used to get so excited when  was about to announce a new product 😍 now I don't get that feeling anymore. They don't surprise me 🤷🏻‍♂️ Are they running out of creativity? 😀 Have a great day!

  • Lars Ingemann
    Lars Ingemann 2 years ago +2

    I am one of those who’s now transitioning to the Apple Ecosystem.
    I got my new iPhone 12 Pro, got my AirPods, next I’ll get the 16 inch M1 based (when it’s announced) and after that I will go for the Apple Watch Series 6.
    Gotta say, Apple really impressed me this year.

  • klass 180
    klass 180 2 years ago

    I agree on everything, I bought an iPhone 7 4 years ago and I’ve been stuck with it since then, and apple ended up sort of “forcing me” to buy an Apple Music subscription, iCloud, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch… just having an iPhone sort of makes you be interested in other products and once you’re in, it’s hard for most people to get out

  • Alex Craig
    Alex Craig 2 years ago +5

    The walled garden is one of the biggest reasons why I never got into the Apple ecosystem. It seems like once you step foot in it you've committed yourself. I suppose at this point with Android there's a similar effect, but it doesn't seem as arm twisting. I do think Apple's hardware is pretty damn amazing, and I've been tempted in the past to take the plunge, but after careful consideration I've always thought twice. Though the new MacBooks with the M chips are bloody amazing. 🤔

    • mr. boo
      mr. boo 9 months ago +1

      well if you think the hardware is amazing, why don't you get it? the walled garden can prevent you from easily switching back but if you like it there's absolutely nothing wrong with it

    • Tony Miguel
      Tony Miguel 2 months ago

      You must be single 😂

  • Juri
    Juri 2 years ago +1

    I like how I am also one of these new customers, but Apple did not make it easy for me as the first iPhone I bought arrived already somehow broken as it randomly turned off when not charging etc. and had to be replaced, they somehow were expecting me to already have an iPhone when I set up my new one, their transfer from Android app seems to not work properly, you have to get used to a completely different way of setting up wi-fi connections, passwords, sim cards etc.! Lol

  • Sandra Oledan Rodriguez
    Sandra Oledan Rodriguez 2 years ago +138

    I love that this channel has videos on marketing strategies, not just reviews. I find it so fascinating. Thanks for the great content :)

    • wert no last name
      wert no last name 2 years ago +1

      Look up tech altar too

    • Juliet
      Juliet 2 years ago

      Yh Sandra u so right. I have learned one or two things that benefited me from his videos detailing marketing strategies.

  • Jusdat
    Jusdat 2 years ago

    I think they are slowly transiting to be more service focused. That's why they lower their hardware price so more people could have access to their services ecosystem. If you look closely, the revenue portion of all their services is growing year by year.

  • BlueCloverLeaf
    BlueCloverLeaf 2 years ago

    Your opinions are well thought, interesting and full of claims based on concrete stuff! That’s why I love your channel over other techtubers’ ones!

  • Nick G
    Nick G Year ago

    I just switched to a Iphone13 Pro Max after getting a MacBook Pro and I am completely satisfied with them both, the way Apple makes their products integrate so seamlessly is just great.

  • peaceandpeace
    peaceandpeace 2 years ago +6

    I've always wanted an iPhone but I never knew that they were so delayed in having features that Android has had for years

  • bigglyguy
    bigglyguy 2 years ago +10

    Regardless of all the other changes, the 2 big ones are the drop in quality and the removal of basic things with dongles. I'll never buy their products.

  • Tamayo Ferviel
    Tamayo Ferviel 2 years ago +1846

    "Apple is getting cheaper"
    Philippines: Sells kidney

    • - Cette -
      - Cette - 2 years ago +34

      Ikr, I cried when I broke my iphone

    • Leirea
      Leirea 2 years ago +5

      Thats sad😦

    • Xirfall
      Xirfall 2 years ago +8

      still using iphone 7+

    • Gelo Mendoza
      Gelo Mendoza 2 years ago +29

      Price in Philippines is insane :(

    • Nadine1955
      Nadine1955 2 years ago +1


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 2 years ago +1

    Completely agree with the majority of what you said here, however apple’s CFO himself did come out during an investor call to say that iPhone launches this year would be delayed because of the impact of the COVID pandemic on manufacturing, that’s why the 6.1” devices (the most popular ones) were released first, and the lesser popular models followed a few weeks later

  • Fury God
    Fury God 2 years ago +1

    Hey sir love ur vids you bring to this platform . This is not just knowledge making as well as entertainment

  • Archana Chandra
    Archana Chandra 2 years ago

    One thing that I've started to catch on the fact that the little things he does and says simply up shoots the transparency levels...... I genuinely feel when he says I refused to collaborate with a brand and include them in a video, I feel like someone sitting by his side and saying I said no to them.
    Good job Arun Maini

  • sicboi
    sicboi 2 years ago

    Pretty astute observations, and completely agreed that the change inn tact is not just to satisfy long time iPhone users butt more critically to get new customers from the Android side. After seeing the latest proper speed test comparisons, I'm convinced that many Android fans will be curious enough to make the switch with that Bionic A14 chip showing crazy results. Today, see the news that Apple has been active with a Tik Tok account of its own, so have to dig deeper and see if they've recently engaged a marketing company or recruited a new head of marketing in the social media space. Nice video well done.

  • Kalle
    Kalle 9 months ago

    I think apples biggest advantage is that they have taken the time to almost perfect everything in their phones, so they don’t have to go back and improve as much, my next phone will probably be an IPhone (I’ve has Samsung S series my entire life) since by then features like crazy zoom and super high MP counts will probably also exist on iPhone, and everything will be just that little bit smoother

  • Hadar Groner
    Hadar Groner 2 years ago +3230

    Arun: "A sub to the channel would be..."
    Me: *staring at the screen wondering what he's going to say this time*

  • Nagy Levy
    Nagy Levy 2 years ago +1

    For a long time they were alone. Then they had competition but it could barely catch up, let alone overtake them. Now, they have a quickly developing opponent that is already superior in some ways and is outselling them. Of course they are changing. I just hope that it isn't too little too late.

  • josh woodward
    josh woodward 2 years ago +1

    Great video Arun. I truly think that the future of mobile is faster and faster becoming AR&VR. Especially since the Oculus Quest 2's recent unbelievable sales success. There is a recent video released by Mark Zuckerberg really outlining this, and I think it makes total sense. Could you do a clip relating to this, and give us your input please? Cheers 👊

  • Steven Hocking
    Steven Hocking 10 months ago +1

    Interesting. I find myself upgrading more frequently now compared to the past where I upgraded less frequently

  • Treninite
    Treninite 2 years ago +1

    I like how apple is becoming more budget friendly it’s better than just making like a few ultra expensive phones

  • HelaS
    HelaS Year ago

    I love your videos bro. They are interesting, very well presented and always entertaining! Keep up the good work!

  • lakshmi kiranmayi
    lakshmi kiranmayi 2 years ago +1172

    I love how he doesn’t welcome, *he just starts*

    • ı
      ı 2 years ago +15


    • 3amriato
      3amriato 2 years ago +13

      He just Summarize, I love that 😍

    • a person
      a person 2 years ago +3

      IKR lol

    • Aviraj
      Aviraj 2 years ago +5


    • Efti Mohammed
      Efti Mohammed 2 years ago +3

      That’s his thing

  • Clint Golub
    Clint Golub 2 years ago

    Bro, even with all these changes, I still cannot get over how those new M1 Macs are BLOWING MY FREAKING MIND. More than iPhone, iPad Pro, watch, AirPods, and services put together

  • ashe agbi
    ashe agbi 2 years ago +4

    This is a quality and well put together content, I here for this 💪🏾

  • Craig Taylor
    Craig Taylor 2 years ago

    Good channel and nice content, I am busy cutting myself out of Apple as I have noticed how they “trap” you and I don’t want to feel like I am trapped so stopped buying Apple rat traps and now moving away. VERY difficult.

  • Amerse
    Amerse 2 years ago

    I love how your videos actually fill my iPhone 11 screen, not as many subs I follow do this. I know it’s due to format but Clip-Share should optimize it for your screen size. Thank you!!

  • E B
    E B Year ago

    So true. Also for me the products lost their allure too. Yes it still looks nice, but many brands now looks as nice. Also companies like Xiaomi and Oppo is now giving us different opportunities like fast charge (which is a feature i now cannot live without). I switched from Apple, it was so difficult to do because i was too dependant. I still pay for iCloud and Apple Music and use them. As soon as i find services to replace them fully i will stop using Apple.

  • tRaSh mEmEr
    tRaSh mEmEr 2 years ago +2023

    mrwhosetheboss: doesnt start the video while sitting on his chair
    me: visible confusion

  • Blazin Peach
    Blazin Peach 2 years ago +1

    I got an iphone and was shocked there wasn't a split screen option, I think theres one now, but there was a work around where you have to open a new web page, search for youtube, search for the video you want, open it in desktop view, then you'd see the option to split the screen 😬
    Plus, they wouldn't refund for an app I had purchased and thought it was going to do something else (it was a split screen app,but wouldn't work on Clip-Share, which was the main app I wanted to use).
    There were a few other things I can't quite remember, but it also just feels like the same phone in different forms lol

  • radwl
    radwl 2 years ago +1

    Imagine Apple missed a few things and you just gave them great business ideas 💀

  • Crystal
    Crystal 2 years ago +11

    I got into Apple with the 6th gen iPad. I loved it so much that a few months later I got the 11 iPad Pro from 2020. Now, I have an iPhone. Because they sold me with the ecosystem and I run a business and having access to my photos, files, and air dropping has been a game changer. I was hardcore Android and anti-iphone. Now, I'm typing this on an iPhone. Haha And I doubt I'll ever go back. I guess I'm stuck the ecosystem, but it's okay I don't need help. I like it here. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

    • Kiyoncé Kartier
      Kiyoncé Kartier Year ago +2

      I love the apple ecosystem. The more apple products you have, the better it is. I have an iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and an Apple Watch. I love how seamless it is. I pay for 2TB of iCloud storage because I literally outgrew the lower storage options. That’s how I deep I am into the ecosystem 😂

    • Crystal
      Crystal Year ago +2

      @Kiyoncé Kartier Yes, I now have the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple Watch, MacBook Air, and AirPod Pros. I just keep digging myself in further, it appears 😅🤣 But, I’m happy with how they all work so well together 😌

  • Muharrem Yasin Gunes (Alumni)

    Their business model has changed a lot. Selling new hardware became harder for the last few years. They are becoming a hardware+software+entertainment company. Probably they aim to spread their products as much as possible to increase their income from the entertainment side of their business which is really profitable.

  • Daryna Ivaskevych
    Daryna Ivaskevych 2 years ago +46

    The phrase “Apple is competing” is so fun because it sounds like the revelation of the shameful truth. Thanks for your videos)

  • ChibiDoggos ÒwÓ #BLM
    ChibiDoggos ÒwÓ #BLM 2 years ago +1102

    “Apple is getting cheaper”
    Me: *laughs in $1099 iPhone that doesn’t even come with a charger*

    • Ice Phoenix
      Ice Phoenix 2 years ago +16

      It was a reference to the SE lul

    • Mr_Tensai
      Mr_Tensai 2 years ago +20

      @Ice Phoenix The smallest phone ever a 2015 in 2020-2021 🤣🤣 what you see on that screen even candy crush you can't play because of the litle screen..

    • Blitz_Studios
      Blitz_Studios 2 years ago +39

      @Mr_Tensai I’m so confused on what people want nowadays

    • EBGamez1
      EBGamez1 2 years ago +23

      @Mr_Tensai I have an iPhone 5S and Candy Crush works perfectly on it lol🤣

  • Jay Prabhav
    Jay Prabhav 2 years ago +1

    Apple should launch their phone once in 2 years...this would make them get better optimization and experimental with their hard ware and they will be the brand they used to be🔥

  • Jaesha
    Jaesha 2 years ago

    By releasing more models, they expended the user base, made more money which allowed them to reduce pricing overall. They’re evolving. It’s about time.

  • Nazareth Tajrian
    Nazareth Tajrian 2 years ago +3

    Great video! The question is, if we try to use vpn for anonymous, how do we know in that case the vpn app is not doing the same thing behind the scenes and sell personal data to marketers?

  • soham srivastav
    soham srivastav 2 years ago

    I am a first time macbook user and that too purchased one with m1 chipset. Getting still used to it but can already tell that there is a huge difference btw others. I am just thinking how much output can I get when I become completely accustomed to it.

  • matale66
    matale66 2 years ago +939

    First world problems: "My phone doesn't make me feel special anymore" LMAO

    • Chungwei Wang
      Chungwei Wang 2 years ago +34

      "Apple is getting cheaper"
      Philippines: Sells kidney

    • RadioActive
      RadioActive 2 years ago +32

      third world problem: my phone make me feel special but i don't have money to buy a expensive one to feel special

    • RadioActive
      RadioActive 2 years ago +10

      so 1st world people should live in a 3rd world and vise versa

    • Gmb12 Philly
      Gmb12 Philly 2 years ago +5

      matale66 you are so right. It's the disgusting truth

  • hplaR
    hplaR 2 years ago

    6:15 Like I said, the reason why they are doing it was because of travel bans to China because of the iPhone, and felt for the other products to follow suit not to arouse suspicion

  • Ge Tax Fraud
    Ge Tax Fraud Year ago

    My depression does not exist when I’m watching your videos. Thank you ❤️

  • nat barmore
    nat barmore Year ago +1

    This feels like a very recent-focused video. This doesn't feel like a change for Apple; to me this feels like a continuation. In 1981 Steve Jobs said that he wanted Apple to revolutionize the world by making computers easier to use /and more affordable/. In the mid-'80s, Macs were advertised as "the computer for the rest of us". In the mid- to late '80s, early-mid '90s, early to mid-'00s, late '00s, and early '10s, Apple was very much focused on their competition-sometimes leading to good results, sometimes to bad.
    Apple explicitly comparing its products to its competitors' products is nothing new. Apple has always intended to be the computer for everyone, not just the wealthy or the elites. They just have usually gone about it by trying to bring [their vision of] the best products to the masses, instead of making lower quality products for the masses.

  • Nazirudin Shah
    Nazirudin Shah 2 years ago +13

    This video teaching me marketing strategies more than my lecturers for 2 years

  • Kristian Williams

    using Apple is like being in a bad relationship. comforts you with honeyed words but is rotten at their core. you always just stock with them because its "what you know" but its so liberating finally kicking it to the curb

  • Bikash Pandey
    Bikash Pandey 2 years ago +581

    Everyone: Apple is no longer innovating
    Apple: Innovating new ways to increase profit

    • herman stokbrood
      herman stokbrood 2 years ago +32

      They are just admitting the competition is better in making phones which may affect profits in the long run.

    • BERT
      BERT 2 years ago +23

      Apple never changes anything in their phones every year.

    • Groza
      Groza 2 years ago +34

      @BERT They do. But they do it at a slow pace

    • ruata chhangte
      ruata chhangte 2 years ago +3

      Johanan S.A yea, still use se(1 gen) to watch and reply 👍🏾

    • Sam W.
      Sam W. 2 years ago +8

      Johanan S.A Um nope you're wrong right now the nicest phone on the market is the samsung note 20 ultra and I'm sure that phone will last longer than any iphone RN.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry 2 years ago

    Really great observation of the on going tech movement in apple. So refreshing . Thanks

  • G B
    G B 2 years ago +15

    Well there's no charger, earphones or 3rd party service, a myriad of other options at every price point and no real Wow factor. It better be cheaper!

  • Wesselized
    Wesselized 2 years ago

    Have to admit I'm switching as well, after 10 years of Android I'm fed up with the constant changes, having to learn your phone again with every update. Samsung finally had a good thing going with oneUI and they managed to undo most of it again. If I spend almost 1K on a phone it would be nice that it would work the same way a year onwards. Goodbye Android, hello iOS. (god help me!)

  • Tha Clynch
    Tha Clynch 2 years ago

    This video was so well written and explained it finally convinced me to subscribe. Well done 😁

  • Jess H
    Jess H 2 years ago

    I am planning on switching from samsung to iphone. your videos are very helpful. I have been using android since the original motorola android phone. The change is going to be.. interesting.

  • Maxx
    Maxx 2 years ago +4412

    He’s really wearing a shirt that says “Who’s the boss” in Japanese 👁👄👁

  • Jay Eccleston
    Jay Eccleston 2 years ago

    All makes sense. Really great breakdown. I don’t own a MacBook or home speakers yet. But I’ve been looking into them. I was on Samsung previously have have the google home speakers. But they were very finicky and had to troubleshoot frequently. Same for my gear watch’s my galaxy pods. I switched to iPhone, series 5 and the AirPod pros and I’ve had seen less use and zero issues. Only complaint at all that I have had would be the wifi on the 11 pro max. Aside from that. Doubt I’ll ever go back to Android. My only previous experience with Apple was the 5s. Loved it. But switched right back to Samsung with the s6. Lol not this time around.

    TESTIRAM SVE 2 years ago

    i am new here....i watch all the time unboxing....i love apple...and when I see all the products that apple produces...my heart jumps .... and I immediately rush to your channel because I know that you are the first to show everything properly in your video ... and even though I don't have the money to buy all these apple products ... I just look at the screen and enjoy in the video .... and what I wanted to say ... congratulations on the reviews .... the channel and everything..I don't have as many views on my channel ,not will I ever be soo successful as you .... but here from the bottom of my heart I will tell you all the best in your work and just keep it up ... you are as great as any of your videos :)

  • Hg0428 (personal account)

    Apple needs to start demoting online transactions and promoting in-store. People need to interact more. Everyone needs to go outside with others more.

  • Piotr D.
    Piotr D. 2 years ago

    Beautifully presented, but I think there's bit more to this: Apple knows that once certain threshold is achieved, it will be harder and harder to convince users that something genuinely NEW is arriving. There's no point - really - to go beyond QHD / Retina in laptop in terms of resolution. Once you process 8k video reliably and fast enough - progress boils down to hard-to-sell numbers. Basically, iPhone as product ... is finished, as in completed. It will be hard to do anything perceived as groundbreaking upgrade (unless Apple goes for their version of Battery Day and suddenly will offer twice the capacity few years before competiton). Once 12 mini and its successor are established and next SE comes out - there's.... nothing to go, really.

  • mariofan LIVE
    mariofan LIVE Year ago

    Something almost no commercial or anyone considers for any device that I think people should is the operating system. Actually that’s the first thing I consider when buying a device. I got an iPad for iPadOS, i want to switch to android because of the android operating system, etc.

  • Tharun Selvam K
    Tharun Selvam K 2 years ago +607

    Apple: Why the hell haven't we hired him yet?!

    • Triamb Talwar
      Triamb Talwar 2 years ago +23

      Because he doesn't want to be hired

    • Michelle stephney
      Michelle stephney 2 years ago +27

      @Triamb Talwar lmao take a joke jeez

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park 2 years ago +5

      @Michelle stephney nah he's too good for Apple

    • Kubuś Xxx
      Kubuś Xxx 2 years ago +3

      How can you tell who's hired by apple? Maybe he is

  • K K
    K K 2 years ago +4

    Apple is doing what the competition does. Catering for different markets.

  • happysmileyz
    happysmileyz 2 years ago +1

    Your channel has convinced me that Android phones are way cooler and diverse but for some reason I will never switch from Apple. Can’t really explain it but I’m just enslaved to it.

  • Jia Wei Chew
    Jia Wei Chew Year ago

    I mainly bought apple iPhones for its privacy and simplicity, I used to have a Samsung tablet that kinda put me off buying an android phone, I normally change every 5 years or so but I really just like it when it’s simple and not custom built unless it’s a Laptop or pc.

  • Shabbar Vejlani
    Shabbar Vejlani 2 years ago

    Good research and analysis. Simple and to the point. Thanks

  • BluntinoCruz
    BluntinoCruz 2 years ago +136

    "We can do those things 2" shows widgets are you kidding me it took apple 10 years to add wigets to home screen

    • Damien Croft
      Damien Croft 2 years ago +1

      Itunes, 'nuff said.

    • Victimesty
      Victimesty 2 years ago +22

      @Damien Croft No, not 'nuff said. What about iTunes? Buying music one song at a time was inferior in about a year. And the sotware was clunky and transfering your own music impossible. Not to mention ripping CDs.
      At the time the only other music distributor is to do it yourself. In retrospect it was actually more convenient.

    • Damien Croft
      Damien Croft 2 years ago +6

      @Victimesty Sorry, I thought itunes was considered universally awful. Is now confirmed by you :)

    • GuyWithNoSkill
      GuyWithNoSkill 2 years ago +1

      Yep so that's why I changed to vivo y50

    • Unicornul Sarvy
      Unicornul Sarvy Year ago +4

      In 2021 a 2017 android phone is better then the iphone 12 lmao.
      I will switch from s8 to s21 ultra,apple doesent fool me

  • Samiur Rahman
    Samiur Rahman 2 years ago +388

    People: We want fast charger in the box
    Apple: We won't be including charger and earphones in the box

  • Rob
    Rob 2 years ago +1

    Well said, the reason I switched to apple ultimately was the cost, but the ladder is a nice addition.

  • Daryl Gasper
    Daryl Gasper 2 years ago

    I've used every single iPhone since the original... bought many macbooks ...
    At the start of the lock lockdown, I bought a thinkpad since my NEW Mac failed me and was disturbed by how good it was given that the thinkpad was a fraction of the price of the macbook Pro.
    Just this month, I purchased a Galaxy Note 20Ultra, and I had hell for the first week of ownership... but now, I'm kinda enjoying my experience on this great device.
    Moral of the story is, the grass sometimes is greener on the other side.
    I do miss Facetime and imessage but the way I look at it, I'm out of the trap set up by Apple to keep me from only buying apple products.
    I can dare say both platforms are great and yes, you have more freedom and customisation on Android..

  • alphaBEE
    alphaBEE 2 months ago

    i think they main reason they are getting into fist fight is like you said they wanna expand their market, apple earlier had no problems with that being an innovative company. But now i think they don't have any wildcards in their pockets so they just wanna grab as much as market share before they start feeling the heat from competitors which they are already. Newer models of iphones are nothing but just a way for apple enthusiasts to upgrade further but not enough for someone to dip their toes into the ecosystem.