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What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

  • Published on Feb 17, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 years ago +5026

    Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉
    To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: clip-share.net/video/WVPM6D-3aZo/video.html

  • shrihari nagesh
    shrihari nagesh 2 years ago +7811

    Fun fact: xiaomi tweeted this video and said a thank you for the feedback and that they will improve themselves

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores Month ago

      This reply section is a trainwreck

    • Aa
      Aa Month ago

      Uh i a dore xiaomi.

    • Tangled and Happiness
      Tangled and Happiness Month ago

      Ayronical I'm a man with my own hypothesis.

    • Tangled and Happiness
      Tangled and Happiness Month ago

      @iHunt just because you can't believe it doesn't mean it is shocking. To you, perhaps. But then again you might get shocked to know the earth is round.

  • Rux Vacaru
    Rux Vacaru Year ago +1691

    I bought my first Xiaomi product, a phone, in December last year, to replace my old Motorola which had broken down. My boyfriend was sceptical at first about the quality of the phone (a Redmi Note 9 Pro), but he bought one for himself almost immediately after testing mine. Now we have a robot vacuum, two humidifiers, an air filter, a smart scale and Amazfit smart watches. We love all the products so far. ☺️

    • GRUNT8
      GRUNT8 3 months ago +1

      @person xiaomi is chinese company manufactured in taiwan, iphone is made in china usa company, if phone is made in china china forces it to have an open back door for chinese government(iphones never have good security both china apple and others like facebook spy you and hackers have acces to your data) and huawei used to be good till they started to make their phones become jokes and i heard apple started owning huawei after it got worse and kept getting worse,xiaomi is mostly the best phone brand along samsung which is korean and nokia which is also made in taiwan like xiaomi which means its good,nokia androids have high quality even if newest started to be mostly low end the nokia 5 lineup used to be the best for the money till last gen because it got harder to make it strongest when xiaomi sells phones cheap near manufacturing price, xiaomi has 5-20% profit per phone over manufacturing, iphones have 400-500% profit over manufacturing and are made to not last long but all phones all brands except no name phones that cost 30$ last more than 4 years depending on how you use and take care of them

    • GRUNT8
      GRUNT8 3 months ago

      @anna wright redmi 9 is a very good choice i have one and it survived hard drops and it has good specs

    • GRUNT8
      GRUNT8 3 months ago +1

      @person you get spied by china if you buy iphone and huawei , xiaomi has samsung sony parts fron korea and its manufactured in taiwan where the quality products are made

  • Pavook
    Pavook Year ago +223

    As a user of Xiaomi currently, my thought process for choosing that phone was straightforward. It was the best value for the money limit I had at the time, it was that simple decision. When all of the competitors in the relatively cheap, budget category had worse specs or cost more, was it really surprising? Still running fine after 3 years, so I think I have chosen well. I can't afford to buy Apple phones every year as some well-off people and I also don't have a need to flex it around, despite it swallowing a month of salary or more and not feel like it's wasted money.

    • woah
      woah 3 months ago

      Literally me

    • 兎PeachesBunny兔
      兎PeachesBunny兔 3 months ago +2

      Same here. I'm a university student and to me, Apple and Samsung don't have as good of specs if you buy it cheap while Xiaomi does. Really helps when I'm trying to save my allowances

    • Marchiano
      Marchiano 9 months ago +1

      Do you buy the newest model or an older model?

    • Murdvre
      Murdvre Year ago +12

      Same exact situation here. Isn't that interesting? Seems most of us in the west (in this comment section at least) heard about Xiaomi around the same time though independently about three to two years ago.
      In my case I think my first exposure to the brand at all was with the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. I don't know the exact source of moment but it was sometime around November, 2019. The whole first 108 megapixel camera thing on top of it being about $500 really intrigued me. Then I saw the spec sheet and never understood until recently how the specs could be so high end, yet the phone itself so less expensive than competitors. I actually ended up buying the Redmi 7 for about 150, then the Redmi Note 8 for about 200 (which had a quad camera setup that made people think it cost much more than it did) then finally about 3 months after buying the Redmi 7, I got the Mi Note 10 (the international version of the CC9 Pro). I happen to be using it now 2 years later and it will works marvelously.

  • Stevie-Ray
    Stevie-Ray 11 months ago +254

    Love the fact that Xiaomi include a great silicone phone-cover in the box, & also prioritise the most useful features for all their phones, not just the flagship-models!

  • Медуза любит статистику

    I am from russia, and the big popularity of Xiaomi is the mix of quality and price. It's good and cheap. Apple and Samsung are pricy for our market

    • Медуза любит статистику
      Медуза любит статистику 3 months ago

      @Steve Halt man i get your anger at my country at my goverment and at russian people but it still does not make me support action of my country. You, your people and your country didnt deserve anything happening right now. This war should end with Ukraine winning, with Russia paying reparations. And you have your right to be angry.

    • Steve Halt
      Steve Halt 3 months ago

      @Медуза любит статистику тобто це той едінорогоподібьний хорошій руський, ага. Папе зателефонуйте, здайте його у воєнкомат, може грошей отрімаете трохи.

    • Steve Halt
      Steve Halt 3 months ago

      Чому не у воєнкоматі

  • al201103
    al201103 3 months ago +102

    I live in China and have a preposterous amount of Xiaomi stuff in my home. LED strips (as lights), downlighter spots, Robovac (and mop), smart plugs, washing machine, toilet (yes, really), bathroom light/heater, kitchen light/cooler, front door (webcam viewer, screen on the inside, fingerprint lock), humidifier, air fresheners, toothbrushes, kettle, webcam. Really really love this company. Have yet to regret a purchase from them and really like having everything on one ecosystem. I also like the dependability of the products and the sense that the company will be around for a good while so I can get support for years to come.

    • Macintosh Computer
      Macintosh Computer Month ago

      Wait how did you comment Clip-Share is banned in china

    • 7FE5 Z
      7FE5 Z 3 months ago

      if you need help tell me i will let you escape china

    • Mridul Bhutani
      Mridul Bhutani 3 months ago +2

      @Steve Halt oh so you’re saying even the comments promoting their products are more of a planned thing by them? Interesting

    • Mridul Bhutani
      Mridul Bhutani 3 months ago +3

      @Steve Halt calls for an interesting view point for someone who is accessing Clip-Share 🤷🏻‍♂️
      I know nothing he says would change anything that’s happening

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh 2 years ago +13065

    Here's another fun fact : In 2015, Xiaomi set a new Guinness World Record for selling the most smartphones on a single platform in 24 hours.

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi 2 years ago +98

    I want to thank Xiaomi for creating a ultra competitive precedence in the Mobile market without compromising in quality. I still own a Redmi note 5 Pro and it’s working like a charm even now. I don’t ever want to switch as it does everything i want and more in some cases. It’s metal back and weight is perfect for me and updates keeps coming.

    • Basanta Rai
      Basanta Rai Month ago +1

      update keeps coming ,,,hell yeah 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

    • arju scarlet
      arju scarlet Year ago +3

      Sameeeeeee I love my Redimi note 5 Pro. Its been through a looot physically and it's works perfectly.❤️

  • pipsqueek89
    pipsqueek89 2 years ago +962

    didnt know xiaomi had such a cult following, bought one of their smartphones simply because it had great specs for the price

    • Just Living
      Just Living 4 months ago

      Poco f3 and f4 gt owner here 🙋‍♂️... I upgraded to the F4 gt thinking I could use my f3 as a backup for gaming... As soon as I got my f4... My wife was waiting for me to swap phones so she could ditch her Samsung Galaxy for my old Poco f3. 🤔💭💭💭

    • Robert Macrowan
      Robert Macrowan 6 months ago

      Yes it's a cult I have joined, in addition their phones I have their kettle, air fryer, lights, shaver , vacuum cleaner and luggage to name but a few. I just wish more of their products were available here rather than having to get them direct from China

    • burlhorse
      burlhorse 11 months ago

      @Atreya Saha why?

    • Reyna0406
      Reyna0406 Year ago

      China menangis melihat ini

    • Faker
      Faker Year ago

      @Jahanvi Maheshwari go throw out your money hahaha

  • Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ
    Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ 8 months ago +9

    The first Xiaomi I bought was the Redmi Note 4 back in 2016 and it died 2 years later and had lots of heating issues and screen yellowing.
    The second Xiaomi was the Poco F3 which I like a lot especially how super snappy it is and storage/ram, I hope it will be more durable than the other one.

  • Riya Swami
    Riya Swami Year ago +698

    I don't want to brag but as a Xiaomi user, the phones can be pretty strong. It's fallen hundreds of times but never really affects anything interior or exterior.

    • Nitro.
      Nitro. 7 months ago

      @ChrisP samz

    • lraul
      lraul 7 months ago

      This is so true💯

    • Snivy o.o
      Snivy o.o 10 months ago

      Xiaomi user here. It's cheaper than other phone, but in exchange, you get a phone full of bloatware and ads that will slow down your phone and force you to get ads notifications from your system apps. They also manage to mess up your system app like gallery which can drain your battery very fast, unable to detect videos, take too long to detect images, etc.
      Notepad acting really funky when you use other format.
      Mi videos app only allow you to turn off ads for 30 days then they will turn it back on again.
      Some apps and games won't work with earphone jack output, like wtf
      MI cloud is very bs. What's the point of having a cloud if what you deleted on your phone also get deleted on your cloud?
      Don't get me wrong, I like some features the phone has but the MIUI is so buggy that it makes me want to switch phone brand

    • Wild Siempre
      Wild Siempre Year ago

      Right!!!!!!!! I had the redmi7 it is strong!!!!

    • J AY
      J AY Year ago

      @Am Rozh How are you able to use it that long? I had the Mi Max 2 and had to replace it as Android 7 wasn't supported by many apps

  • Kitty with a gun
    Kitty with a gun 8 months ago +7

    I've had two different Xiaomi phones over the last 5 years and I've never been happier with any mobile device. Love the customization options, MiUi software, everything.

  • Sizwe
    Sizwe 2 years ago +1950

    “Xiaomi is terrible at naming products”
    Sony: “hold my Experia one 2 III”

    • shrek's long lost stepfather
      shrek's long lost stepfather Year ago

      @IAmNotAProfessional Xbox is a fitting name for a console though. Wdym?

    • shrek's long lost stepfather
      shrek's long lost stepfather Year ago

      I personally think Xperia is a cool name though but yeah

    • SFS Probe
      SFS Probe Year ago


    • Øystein
      Øystein Year ago

      @Bracoeth No, that is not the officia modell name.. That is the product id number or whatever you call it.

    • Bracoeth
      Bracoeth Year ago

      or if you want some wireless audio, the XM-195E966269663

  • Their Temple
    Their Temple Year ago +2171

    I remember learning that McDonald's would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars finding the best corner to put their stores...and Burger King would just put their stores opposite a McDonald's. Heh.

    • chaewinter
      chaewinter 4 months ago

      burger king >>>>> mcdonalds

    • makkie
      makkie 8 months ago

      Thats actually true

    • silverstone
      silverstone 11 months ago

      That's why you should work smarter not harder

    • Allen Johnson
      Allen Johnson Year ago

      ALDI and LIDL in the UK do exactly the same, One finds a great spot and the other just builds its supermarket over the road!

    • Dima El-Boghdady
      Dima El-Boghdady Year ago

      True more than 3 years ago there was a Mcdonalds right in front burger king but then burger King shut down and Mcdonald is under construction

  • Jerry RE
    Jerry RE Year ago +17

    It is indeed a very popular brand in Spain, it's pretty crazy how it rose in popularity just a few years ago. And I love Xiaomi, my friends recommended me to buy one of their phones when my old Samsung stopped working and my Mi6 is still alive and kicking after 3 years as if it was the very first time I've used it, which shouldn't be surprising, but you know, planned obsolescence. Also, MIUI looks great, much better than the normal Android UI. At my home we also have Mi Bands, which do what they have to do; a Mi TV, which is incredible for its price IF you don't plan to play games on it (really, don't, the input lag is unbearable for fast paced games); and one of their robot vacuum cleaners. It's an amazing brand with lots of amazing products, but here's the bad thing, it seems like their latest phones have been lacking quality in some of the most important features. For example, they've replaced the old proximity sensors with virtual sensors. At first it sounds good, that means you've got more screen, but it's not that great: they didn't work well. This is not just my experience with a Mi9, this is a general experience people have had, you could not have a normal phone convesation, or listen to voice notes properly, since the phone didn't know when it was close to your face and when it wasn't. It's a shame that such a great company overlooked something like this in a phone. Personally I will keep buying Xiaomi products in the future, I love them, but for the love of god I hope they either have smaller screens or correctly calibrated sensors.

  • Tha Monk
    Tha Monk Year ago +3

    Thumbs up Xiaomi. I've been using their products for over 6yrs already. Started with Mi4c back then as a competitor for LG G4 spec-wise while costing much less. Later moved to Mi6 a month after it it's global release and still my daily driver, custom rom with android 12, battery still lasts and works perfect (the longest i have ever kept a smartphone, since am a tinkerer both hardware & software-wise ). For an upgrade, am awaiting the global release of Mi-12 in Europe so I can buy it locally and probably throw in their curved gaming monitor on my list. Good job, producing quality and value for money products ;)

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 2 years ago +18

    one point you missed about xiaomi is their mi home (might only be in china) is where they partner with appliances like fridge, AC, air purifiers, lights...etc which can also be linked to the mi home app and made into smart appliances and furnitures and they're all really value driven. pretty incredible stuff

  • Ulfhednar
    Ulfhednar 3 months ago +34

    Tbh i was actually a bit skeptical when i bought my Xiaomi but i was quickly very pleasantly surprised by it. Their biggest strength, i think, comes from the very well balanced quality/price.

    • Patrick Cornelis Martines Van der horst
      Patrick Cornelis Martines Van der horst 2 months ago

      I bhot a Xiaomi T9 in22/12/22 i love it and many the the next the11 Xianomi because have you s 🤪😎Seen so mindblowing and'samsung

    • Gottes God
      Gottes God 2 months ago

      @Xgaming Officialꔪ One plus doesn't have lack problem, but the battery is draining quicker than the speed of light.

    • Xgaming Officialꔪ
      Xgaming Officialꔪ 2 months ago

      It has problems my phone hangs everyday it has some spaces then also it lags even in 91% it always lagggss they are useless Samsung is better

    • Gottes God
      Gottes God 3 months ago

      Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and One plus are some of the best phone.

    • mcmandin
      mcmandin 3 months ago +5

      It's software for me. Dual apps, video toolbox and floating windows. Also double pressing the power button for the torch is really helpful at night when you need it very quickly

  • Aman Kumar Dubey
    Aman Kumar Dubey 2 years ago +1168

    “Xiaomi is terrible at naming products”
    *Sony: “hold my Experia one 2 III”*

    • silverstone
      silverstone 11 months ago

      @Monke Soup he copied the other person's comment obviously

    • Monke Soup
      Monke Soup Year ago

      @Ali ibrahim why do i see 2 same comments
      Sus momet 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • Grateful
      Grateful Year ago

      So experia one 1 I exists? Lol

    • Nehco Oahnait
      Nehco Oahnait Year ago

      @Ali ibrahim probably why barely anybody buys Sony phones

    • Marwin
      Marwin Year ago

      Poco f3 isnt a bad name lol

  • Cartercus
    Cartercus Year ago +62

    I remember buying a few things from them because they’re cheap and pretty good quality. I was surprised to hear how quickly they’ve grown.

  • senex
    senex Year ago +43

    Since you briefly mentioned the Redmi 3 series, it’s worth mentioning that while the 3S was a “lite” version of the Redmi 3, the Redmi 3S Prime (also called 3X in some markets) was the equivalent “pro” model, with better specs snd the only of the three with a fingerprint scanner.

  • Antonio Obrvan
    Antonio Obrvan 3 months ago +12

    The only phone in my entire life I didn't have to change after two years is Xiaomi. After that started buying everything from Xiaomi, best decision ever!

    • JVinsnes
      JVinsnes 2 months ago

      I too did have a mi 5 at the time it was launched and I actually used it up until about 2-3 years ago when I switched to an iPhone 7 plus, only to back and use it for just about a year until I now got my iPhone 12 from work

  • joe tan
    joe tan Year ago +11

    MI3 was my first Xiaomi mobile. Love it so much. then followed by Mi Max, Mi Max2 and currently still using the Mi Mix 2S, which i love to bits. All the subtle updates on MIUI are just amazing. I'm a fan . Looking forward to Mi Mix 4.

    • Crab Rangoon
      Crab Rangoon Year ago +3

      Now it's the Mi mix fold. And the alpha. I wouldn't buy a foldable they break.easy

  • 1anfinity
    1anfinity Year ago

    The thing I love Xiaomi is they really listen to their consumers, I don't own a Xiaomi device but I have a lot of friends do and every release they just get what they we're asking for from the previous releases. Not to mention they're more affordable compared to other more known and established brands out there

  • Muhammad Amin
    Muhammad Amin 2 years ago +636

    Arun's ability to seamlessly have the content flow just leaves me amazed everytime. He plans everything to the tiniest of details. Good one mate..

    • OUR Memes
      OUR Memes 2 years ago +8

      He legit says it in every video

    • Andy.
      Andy. 2 years ago +4

      Wow Cant believe I didn’t know his name til now..

  • Kronii's Chair
    Kronii's Chair Year ago +17

    I am a huuuuge Sony fan, whether it comes to consoles or phones, but I have noticed their smartphones wasn't keeping up with other big brands like Samsung and Xiaomi, so I upgraded from a Xperia XZ3 to a 11T Pro and so far I am extremely happy with it! Same goes for the camera, door and window sensors and hub. Great products for a very affordable price!

    JUSTIN CASE 2 years ago +7

    Been a xiaomi fan for about 5 years now. Had a few of their phones and love them. Yes, alot of the products do like like other branded stuff but, xiaomi makes sure their stuff software wise is good quality. They just need to up their home automation stuff to work natively with UK. Loved the video

  • Hoggdoc 1946
    Hoggdoc 1946 11 months ago +10

    I've had one of their small sports cameras for years. It's always worked well and cost a fraction of what a comparable GoPro cost.
    This video was very informative and I appreciated all the information about the company background and their company culture.

  • Yuna R
    Yuna R Year ago +23

    Redmi Note Pro fan here since 2018. I used to buy Samsung phones, then Motorola then Huawei but now I've settled for Xiaomi. I really like their Redmi serie and I'd love to upgrade to the Mi serie once I can afford it. I also bought a Mi Watch which is great for casual watch owners like me. I hope to get more Mi products in the future.

  • JimBo GaminG
    JimBo GaminG 4 months ago

    I was using custom MIUI firmware on my old htc and Samsung phone back in 2011. Crazy to see that they're still around

  • Mash Z
    Mash Z 2 years ago +1371

    Xiaomi has a cult like fan following much like Apple. But the difference is, Xiaomi actually acknowledges it and treats their fans accordingly

    • ChaoticAlex25
      ChaoticAlex25 6 months ago

      I really dont know the reason why I read all the replies. And weirdly enough, I kinda have fun reading them

    • 1 Abo plz
      1 Abo plz 11 months ago

      @0 0 i can also recommend Realme. I think it's also owned by the company that owns OnePlus

    • house in hunza
      house in hunza 11 months ago

      @srsly4020 it's obvious you are stuck to apple like a mouse in a trap.

  • Aneesh Ramaswami
    Aneesh Ramaswami 2 years ago +27

    I remember the good old days on XDA developers back in 2011 when a MIUI rom was one of the best looking ROMs out there. The amount of customizations available were part of what drew me to the Android space. Sadly they were thrown out of XDA for copying from Cyanogen at the time. But a memorable start to the behemoth it is today.

  • Dimas Januar
    Dimas Januar Year ago +17

    i remember when Xiaomi introduced Redmi Note for the 1st time. They elaborated phone's dimension, weight, screen size, in a way that looked similar to what Apple did with their iPhones on their website.

  • poopingpigeon
    poopingpigeon Year ago +7

    Found this brand when I was looking for cheaper alternative for GoPro, and their action camera did so well for the money. Second product was Xiaomi Mi Mix 256GB smartphone, terrible camera but boy that phone was so gorgeous and every time Itook it in my hands that feeling broth me a smile.

  • MGArt DZN
    MGArt DZN Year ago +187

    I am from Brazil and here Xiaomi got so famous that it became a meme (yes, in Brazil, if something turns into a meme, it's a good sign) that everywhere you would go and talk about eletronics, someone would say "but do you know that xiaomi has the best cost benefit" and people would say that in mid of the conversation just to cut out people when they where saying about expensive phones lol

    • Star Man
      Star Man Year ago +1

      Girl did a video call to her bf using xiaomi phone, next day her mms was on top on phub 🤣🤣🤣

    • Karla Castillo
      Karla Castillo Year ago +3

      Same in my country, and in other countries of latin america from what i've seen.

    • MGArt DZN
      MGArt DZN Year ago +7

      @MoonCatGoddess Lol, it's kind of that, randomly talking about xiaomi. Welcome to Brazil :)

    • Full Power
      Full Power Year ago +11

      @MoonCatGoddess but did you know that xiaomi has the best cost benefit?

    • MoonCatGoddess
      MoonCatGoddess Year ago +19

      i’m just imagining people talking about something semi serious, and someone just goes ‘but did you know that xiaomi has the best cost benefit.’
      ‘oh my cat is at a vet’
      ‘really? oh no! what are they in for’
      ‘oh, they were coughing a lot.’
      ‘but did you know that xiaomi has the best cost benefit.’
      that would be hilarious

  • LightOn Stillwaters
    LightOn Stillwaters Year ago +6

    The host is compelling and gives off a frank honest vibe that is completely credible. The information and compliments about XiaoMi are so impressive it makes me seriously consider XiaoMi when I buy my next phone.
    Seriously effective marketing in this presumably non-affiliated video, so I guess will just ask to clarify:
    Are there any business or financial ties between XiaoMi and YOURSELF?
    Regardless, an enjoyable watch.

    • Drake Silmore
      Drake Silmore 3 months ago

      I have had my Poco phone for over 5 years, it already was an older model. Still works. Still good battery. Still competative for my needs. Only downside I'd say is the ads. In Europe you can turn them all off, except the one when you just downloaded a new app. Downside doesn't weigh up to the fact that they sell great value phones and it still holds up after many years. Best phone I've had.

    • Drake Silmore
      Drake Silmore 3 months ago

      @TheFamousMockingbird That would be illegal.

    • TheFamousMockingbird
      TheFamousMockingbird 4 months ago

      @Linas you are not the content creator. there is def an affiliation going on here

    • LightOn Stillwaters
      LightOn Stillwaters Year ago +1

      @Linas ty 4 feedbk

    • Linas
      Linas Year ago +2

      Nope, but I heavily recommend Xiaomi

  • paca the whacker
    paca the whacker 2 years ago +674

    Who else loves how Arun doesn’t go on tangents and just gets straight to the point

    • Random Person
      Random Person 2 years ago

      @CEHDA Costa, it's when he doesn't talk about what he said he would talk about. It's a saying, going off on a tangent.

    • riddlerecsful
      riddlerecsful 2 years ago +2

      @Jonathan Teo also his voice is sexy

    • Random Person
      Random Person 2 years ago +1

      @Legit Officer, exactly

    • xXPerfect PurpleXx YT
      xXPerfect PurpleXx YT 2 years ago

      @Edmund Wong lol 😂

    • Edmund Wong
      Edmund Wong 2 years ago +2

      Unless he gets straight into tangents 😂

  • MechaMobius
    MechaMobius Year ago +10

    My last two phones have been Xiaomi, the price to quality ratio is simply the best on the market. I don't see myself being a different brand for a long time.

  • I Sip My Tea Loudly And Yes It's A Big Deal

    I got a Xiaomi phone not long ago. It's a great phone for the price really, but it does have it's issues such as not updating anymore and crashing at 60% and the alarm clock could be more advanced. Overal Xiaomi is 4/5 I actually prefer it to Samsung.

  • Jez
    Jez 7 months ago

    I never thought much about Xiaomi before I bought one of their phones purely because it had a headphone jack, decent ram and storage, and wasn't too expensive. Mostly I've been happy with it although I've been having some "ghost touch" screen issues lately which is annoying.

  • slickjimmy
    slickjimmy 2 years ago +10

    I bought a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 2 years ago on Amazon. Simply put it has been the best phone for the price I have ever used. 4000 mah battery is bigger than anything in its size. I have it as 2nd phone now but the only reason is that despite what Amazon said it is not 4G LTE capable

  • Paolo Jacinto Romero
    Paolo Jacinto Romero 9 months ago +6

    When I first got in to android, I have always been an asus zenfone fan but when the zenfone spark died out, I switched to xiaomi. I bought a lenovo duel 2 recently to upgrade from my mi 10t, ended up selling it to get the mi 11tt pro. Eventhough i have now switched to apple, I was hyped by the release of the xiaomi 12, so I bought it as a secondary phone. Xiaomi really has a special place in my heart.

    • Bjorn Rasmussen
      Bjorn Rasmussen 6 months ago +1

      Did the zenfone spark die out? I think the new zenfone 9 looks great

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street 2 years ago +3993

    Xiaomi is crazy big, I was shocked how many products they make, a finger in every pie.

    • 王谷歌
      王谷歌 Year ago


    • Hareesh Krishnaa
      Hareesh Krishnaa Year ago

      He used this in his latest xiaomi vs Samsung video

    • oyundimondesi
      oyundimondesi Year ago

      Samsung: hold my pie

    • Enrico
      Enrico Year ago

      They even own a Rubik's cube company. They make smart cubes, connected to your phone for things like smart timers and replays.

    • Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης
      Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης Year ago

      @Meh, shut up air purifiers lights

  • Ken Neth
    Ken Neth Year ago +3

    I was given a Xiaomi phone, and quite honestly I'm stunned at the quality of the camera (especially HDR shooting). Also shot a short film with Filmic Pro recently. Great tools, and you can make calls too :)

  • Clay Bergen
    Clay Bergen Year ago +30

    I can testify to Eastern European Xiaomi dominance. I travel to Ukraine and Mi stores are EVERYWHERE. They are great products as far as value goes and I just "upgraded" from an LG Velvet (RIP) to a Poco X3 Pro.

    • Nitro.
      Nitro. 7 months ago

      i dont think you're still travelling to ukraine aren't you

    • Nitro.
      Nitro. 7 months ago

      i dont think you're still travelling to ukraine aren't you

    • Nitro.
      Nitro. 7 months ago

      i dont think you're still travelling to ukraine aren't you

  • Siobhan Henry
    Siobhan Henry 6 months ago +2

    I'm a Xiaomi Stan since I got my Xiaomi mi 10t pro. The customisation is awesome as honestly I love the camera filters that soften my acne scars and can reshape your face gently and still look a realistic photo.

  • Jerry Tsie
    Jerry Tsie Year ago +1

    I am currently using Xaomi redmi 4A but what I can say is, this brand is getting famous, yes though here in South Africa they haven't paid much of a attention but we gradually getting there with this brand as we have note 10 and xaomi 9A. I am truly loving this phone. I must say I am impressed with this brand

  • Mario Silva
    Mario Silva 9 months ago

    I have their smart light bulbs and I love them! Very cheap, they work great, never had any issues with connectivity and the light they emit is just perfect for setting the mood/ambience of the space. I also have their smartpen which is pretty much identical to Apple Pen but so much cheaper.

  • Piotr Hermaszewski
    Piotr Hermaszewski 2 years ago +1094

    "Xiaomi is terrible at naming products"
    Sony: Hold my beer

    • Havoc
      Havoc Year ago

      Xperia One Two

    • Philip Penkov
      Philip Penkov 2 years ago

      Xperia 1, Xperia 1 II
      Xperia 1 2, Xperea 12!

    • linkthehero1234
      linkthehero1234 2 years ago +1

      @Darkwolf eMotion Pictures except gpu names make some sense

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem 2 years ago

      fat people, beer, lol!
      check the blood levels on iPhone?

    • Lone Observer
      Lone Observer 2 years ago

      @Piotr Hermaszewski Xbox probably has the worst names. People were accidentally purchasing Xbox One X thinking it's the Xbox Series X. Heck even the packaging was similar.
      On the other hand, at least Nintendo names their consoles differently, and people seem to know what they are. Except for that one time they called their console Wii U and everyone confused it for just another version of Wii (which they probably already had).

  • Ercan Yeşiltaş
    Ercan Yeşiltaş Year ago +3

    My former phone was mi 5s plus. And now i am watching this from poco x3 pro. Needless to say, i love this brand. Poco s motto is "everything you need, nothing you dont" and that sells it for md

  • KimikoSAMA JD
    KimikoSAMA JD Year ago +19

    I've had Xiaomi phones for the last 5 years or more. The price is a fraction of the big label phones that cost of fortune like iPhone and Samsung (lets face it your paying for the brand name) but the quality is amazing. Yet only a handful of people I show my phone and mi band to have ever heard of them. They definitely need to expand to the west more

  • CraftyWitch1990
    CraftyWitch1990 Year ago

    It's nuts how big a company they are. Until i started watching your videos 2 days ago, I'd never even heard of them but apparently I've been living under a rock for the last 32 years 😂

  • jess kaneki
    jess kaneki 2 years ago +5

    Been using Xiaomi phones since 2017 and I must say I was quite happy with their devices, I switched to Apple ecosystem this year and not much of adjustments needed because MIUI was heavily influenced by IOS..🤣

  • A slice of bread
    A slice of bread 3 months ago +37

    Fun fact: I caused my friends to start using Xiomi products too lol
    Our lecturer asked which smartphone you have so far, that you never complain anything about it. No one responded and their face tells me that they have none. So i responded and said Xiaomi, bcs it never have any problems, the price is student friendly, always have something interesting i can look up on like in Mi Community, they're responding to the buyers, it's sturdy; screen still survive even after falling a lot haha and of course, gaming phone at affordable prices? who would say no?
    Sadly a week after that my phone (Redmi Note 5Pro) broke, it sometimes turn off but thankfully it didn't happen often. And a month after that while i and my friends was doing a charity work, painting mural free of charge at a school, an ungrateful girl stole my phone, went to nearby university and reset it. Sigh, i just hope that girl repent on her doing.
    Anyway, im a loyal customer of Xiaomi and still using their phones XD

    • Lilia Samvelian
      Lilia Samvelian Month ago +2

      I've had my Redmi Note 4x for six years now, and besides battery life it's still great. I still like it a lot more than my newer redmi Note 9 Pro, which recently had to be repaired cause it decided to just die and never turn on again... I'm feeling like their old phones were of a higher quality than the ones they're making now though

    • Adham Hazwan
      Adham Hazwan Month ago +2

      @sun it's not bad, they claim that's one way how they make profits for such a cheap phone.

    • sun
      sun 2 months ago +2

      xiaomi alone is a good phone, cheap and powerful but the downside of it is having bloatwares such as ADS runs into your media player

    • CDG Studio's
      CDG Studio's 2 months ago +4

      That turning off thing happens to my phone and i had a lot of unused storage 120GB on the phone. It still works but with a scratch and water overlay. Its from huawei P smart 2020. Scared that i wont get as much storage as on this phone. Well Hmm long comment..... Well bye!!!!

  • Frankie Tech
    Frankie Tech 2 years ago +1916

    Great video Arun! It's amazing to see how far Xiaomi has grown from the early days to now. Mi-raculous stuff 🤣

  • Tommi Saarinen
    Tommi Saarinen Year ago +6

    I gotta say I'm fully on the Xiaomi hype train. My first Xiaomi phone was a Mi A2 that I got a few years back, I got it because I wanted to try my luck with a low-budget phone rather than dropping a bunch of money on a flagship model. I did have to compromise in some aspects such as audio quality in videos and image quality was pretty bad when taken on anything else than the first-party camera app, but other than that it served me well and lasted a lot longer than any of my previous phones. It still works though the battery life isn't as good anymore. Now I've got a Mi 10t Lite and this thing is incredible for the price. Great battery life, feels snappy, quality in videos and photos is great, the speaker setup really surprised me too and the stereo image sounds wide, the fingerprint sensor is placed so conveniently on the locking button that it actually got me to use one for the first time ever, and it has a headphone jack too! Has plenty of power for playing games too if I ever feel like doing that and well enough storage space for me, it has 5G support, plus the wide-angle lens is a really cool feature too... I can't think of anything negative I could say about it, other than maybe the fact that it's a little bit bulky, but it's definitely not too much either. Paid a little less than $300 for it brand new off a carrier and I can't even imagine myself needing to buy a different phone substantially more expensive than this.

    • Am Rozh
      Am Rozh Year ago

      Can be awesome if it's a 10T Pro !

  • Ikannuna Plays
    Ikannuna Plays 2 years ago +6

    I ran their OS on my HTC and Samsung devices for many years and it was the fastest, smallest, most customizable OS. With built in Firewalling and App permissions years before any other Android OS. They have been the one to follow after.

  • Adv.Shravan Vijayakumar

    I am a Xiaomi user and love its hardware but on software side there are lot of concerns. Xiaomi should focus on privacy of its customers as well.

    • skullduggerry
      skullduggerry Year ago +4

      @Ceju Online even apple, they make amazing hardware but really dumb software and privacy/repairing rules.

    • Ceju Online
      Ceju Online Year ago +4

      wouldn't be easy to make both hardware and software top notch without keeping the price competitive

  • Melvyn Carrot
    Melvyn Carrot Year ago +1

    My first Xiaomi phone was way back in 2013 when they officially announced the gobal version of the MI 3 which cost only $300 with a flagship Snapdragon chipset and ever since I got my dad and mum a Xiaomi phone too,my dad has a redmi 7 that I bought for him back in 2019 and my mum a redmi note 9 and they are still running good.

  • soumalya chakraborty
    soumalya chakraborty 2 years ago +717

    Salute to a company who is stil trying to make their customers happy!

    • Spam Spasm
      Spam Spasm 8 months ago

      @Let's Doodle Something HOME lmao no i work in tech. My comment was a reply to a deleted comment so it doesn’t make sense anymore.

    • Let's Doodle Something HOME
      Let's Doodle Something HOME 8 months ago

      @Spam Spasm and? What u wanna go hippie and ‘be one with nature’ lol

    • Ayanokoji
      Ayanokoji 9 months ago

      @Spam Spasm can you suggest me how and where to get a second hand good iphone pls ? Like I can't really trust people when it comes to second hand smartphones

    • 1 Abo plz
      1 Abo plz 11 months ago

      @White Goodman well, as a European I'd give my data to the CIA and FBI if I owned an Apple (etc.) instead of a Realme (info: chinese, not very popular, like Xiaomi more price/quality at lower-mid range focused). But as long as I do nothing against the us government the CIA would visit me for on my phone It's not really a problem. Yeah, we're allied with you guys from the US but what would china do to me I should care about?

    • mark shumaker
      mark shumaker Year ago

      i aint been happy since 2019 with this company ..... so much bs now

  • Andy Stape
    Andy Stape Year ago +1

    Absolutely brilliant video, I've had a Redmi Note 9 for about 3 months now and it's awesome. First phone I bought outright because O2 got me stuck in contract paying for an unusable Nokia 8 and refused to help. Really enjoyed learning about Xiaomi and their approach to business, I'd definitely have another.
    And wow, never realised you'd spelt your name wrong until you pointed it out here.
    Awesome channel, keep up the good work!

  • Aiman Khan
    Aiman Khan Year ago +23

    I bought my first xiaomi phone few months ago, after using iphone for 4 years (and now I hate apple products) I really love this phone, the only problem I am facing is the front camera, cause I don't look "natural" in it 😅

    • fasha77
      fasha77 Year ago +2

      Haha, at least finally you know why apple is hated.

  • Darren
    Darren 7 months ago

    My first Xiaomi device was the Mi3 and it still works fine now and gets used as an emergency phone whenever my kids phones (non xiaomi) have a problem, course it can't use many apps now but it's fine for a message or phone call. My first Mi Pad still works too and runs VLC and gets used on holidays as a media player. Currently refusing to replace my Mi9 Lite as it's working fine still.

  • Andres Vialpando
    Andres Vialpando Year ago +69

    I'm in the US and I grabbed a Poco F3 mainly thanks to your glowing recommendation. It's a great phone so far the value is truly remarkable.

    • JN2002
      JN2002 Year ago

      I imported a Poco X3 Pro from the UK, and I loved it, but I was having issues, so I got a OnePlus 8, which also had issues, so I then got a Pixel 6.

    • Denis Krasniqi
      Denis Krasniqi Year ago

      @Shark Ice T how much does your battery last?

    • Shark Ice T
      Shark Ice T Year ago

      @Denis Krasniqi I got the Poco f3. It's really good for gaming like codm. My main problem is the fact that the apps are different than iOS, but that doesn't matter.

    • The Flying Squid
      The Flying Squid Year ago +3

      @Denis Krasniqi Ooh. A while, but age has definitely affected it


    what i really lived about Xiaomi is they have variety of mobile phones and models to choose with; from cheaper, mid range and high range with bigger specs; they all have that.. aside from mobile phones, they have other products and gadgets you can use at home and work... the reason why many people had switched to xiaomi ...because they all have what you are lookin for... they have good marketing strategy which meets the the consumers' needs and interest...

  • Jsengfoo
    Jsengfoo 2 years ago +58

    The fact that he can compile points and make it into a smooth video whilst having a counter at the top corner blows my mind.
    He made it look so sleek and well thought out

    • Ibr Vybhav
      Ibr Vybhav 2 years ago

      Idk ,i kinda kept paying attention to the timer and noticed how the speed is not constant ,and my OCD for symmetry(pattern, frequency) was awakened

    • Jsengfoo
      Jsengfoo 2 years ago

      @Ibr Vybhav how come? It was so inconspicuous

    • Ibr Vybhav
      Ibr Vybhav 2 years ago

      The timer was distracting .

    • Jsengfoo
      Jsengfoo 2 years ago

      @AnimzR yeaaa ahahaha

    • AnimzR
      AnimzR 2 years ago +1

      @Jsengfoo Congratulations and celebration 🔥❤️

  • jacek grabowski
    jacek grabowski Year ago

    I'm guessing the transparent televisions could be used for malls and other public spaces where they could be viewed on both sides. You could also cast wirelessly so you do not need cables.

  • Stephen Davies
    Stephen Davies 2 years ago +1

    Xiaomi is really good brand. Everything I have bought from them thus far, an Android TV streaming box, a stick vacuum cleaner and most recently an ultrawide 2K monitor, has been high quality, stylish, pleasing to use and great value. It would not surprise me if they eventually become a gigantic brand. Big enough to rival the likes of Apple and Samsung.

  • Akula
    Akula Year ago

    I've seen one of those tech homes in an electronic shop in Finland. Really cool idea for inspiration if you want a techy apartment. It wasn't dedicated to just one brand though, instead used all sorts of technology and brands.

  • The Immortal Sun-kun

    I loved my Mi Note 10 Pro.
    At the time, it was the only phone available with a 108 MP camera.
    Xiaomi makes great phones.

  • Spectre
    Spectre 3 months ago

    I remember my 1st Xiaomi device (mi 9) I was skeptical because it was not that big of a brand. I bought it mainly because it was the cheapest flagship with a SD855, never looked back ever since and I currently have the 12T Pro.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 2 years ago +806

    Petition for Arun's voice to be used for Google Assistant - so soothing and clear

    • K Hervé
      K Hervé Year ago


    • TASER
      TASER Year ago +1

      How r u so accurate? This is too correct

    • Alexandra
      Alexandra 2 years ago +1

      @Instant Gratification it takes one to know one

    • Alex Anders
      Alex Anders 2 years ago

      @Alexandra I did it alrealdy, w8ing to confirm now

  • Bob Adkins
    Bob Adkins Year ago +62

    Bought a phone because of the features for the buck. I was so impressed by the quality I bought a robot vacuum, and it impressed me more than ever.

  • LBAFS1
    LBAFS1 Year ago

    I was fed up with Samsung but I felt that iphone 9 was still too expensive but I really wanted a good camera. The then Xiaomo MI 9 T kept appearing positively in reviews as a good price for value model with an exceptional camera. Ever since I bought it I constantly receive favourable comments about the beauty and content of some my photographs whenever I post them on social media.
    Another very strong ccntributing factor for me was the standard 128 gb internal storage, It seemed to be one of the best priced phoner on that score alone as well. Very very pleased with my purchase.

  • Lithium ?
    Lithium ? 4 months ago +1

    0:30 As a Chinese, the only way to get the translation of Litte rice is when you take Xiao and Mi apart and translate them separately and then put them together. In fact Xiaomi stands for another grain called foxtail millet or millet. a widely circulated story is that on the day Xiaomi was founded, Lei Jun and several of the founders drank a bowl of millet porridge together

  • Evil Killer
    Evil Killer Year ago +9

    I have used a phone of xiaomi ,It is redmi note 7 pro 🔥🔥 and trust me it's 48mp camera with sony imx586 sensor is literally outstanding 🔥🔥 and it is my favourite phone till date from xiaomi

  • ShadowDrakken
    ShadowDrakken Year ago

    They definitely know how to connect with people... through the hardware level backdoors in most of their devices.

  • Tom Kuiper
    Tom Kuiper 2 years ago +427

    I bought the mi9 at launch, my friends laughed at me and thought I was crazy. Little did they know..

    • mcgonagallerys
      mcgonagallerys Year ago

      I still have my Mi 9, it works great :) I just hope they will release the Android 11 upgrade at some point because they are being vague about whether or not they are going to. I mean it was their flagship at the time and it came with Android 9, as a flagship it should get at least two major updates 😔 This is the only reason why for my next phone I'm considering getting a mid-range Samsung or an used Sony on Ebay instead, at least the I and V lines are guaranteed two (or maybe even three!) major updates

    • jaguoc
      jaguoc 2 years ago

      @Jackson Kovar jajajaj same

    • アブドゥルナファイ
      アブドゥルナファイ 2 years ago +1

      Mi 6 user here

    • Bleank Dallas
      Bleank Dallas 2 years ago

      I'm using my mi 9 still and it's still great.

    • 么'尺の丂丂'٭
      么'尺の丂丂'٭ 2 years ago +1

      Miui is so trash tho

  • Nathan Gray
    Nathan Gray Year ago +15

    Been using my poco x3 pro for ages now and got it for a really good price on amazon in the uk for around £250 for the 256gb version
    couldnt be more happy with it to be honest

    • RetrosepticZ5
      RetrosepticZ5 Year ago

      @J AY what do u think of it, is it worth it and should i buy it

    • jaquez carter
      jaquez carter Year ago +1

      @J AY yea it was a whitelist made by ATT/Cricket in the USA to essentially force people to buy their carrier branded by Android phones in order to use the service. Yet I used the same phone on a different carrier no issues. Also hd voice is also known as volte. Regular mi phones may work as other Clip-Sharers don't have problems so I'm not sure what the real issue was.

    • J AY
      J AY Year ago

      @jaquez carter Strange alright.

    • jaquez carter
      jaquez carter Year ago +1

      I had one and loved it but sold it because my carrier claimed it wasn't "hd voice compatible" but it really was 😞

    • J AY
      J AY Year ago +4

      Have the same phone, my wife was so impressed I got her the 128Gb version (doesn't need the same storage) for €200.
      [Edit] Just ordered another one for my son: X3 Pro 8Gb/256Gb. He wants this instead of his current iPhone SE 2020

  • Emerald Zhu
    Emerald Zhu Year ago +14

    Surprising how one man's video really amazed me and inspired me and brought me so many ideas...
    Also surprising how watching one video turns out to me watching more and more videos for hours on end
    As always, great work, masterpieces, in fact 😎
    Love your videos, man 😁 keep making more great content for me to binge on 👊🏽

  • Kaito Darkness
    Kaito Darkness 5 months ago

    From what I'm seeing right now Xiaomi seems to be that new kid who learns from his seniors and try to improve with the people in mind, so instead of focusing on showing up themselves and others they focus on making something, just better(for the users)

  • A person
    A person 2 years ago +165

    I’m not a tech kinda guy but I love this channel, I know nothing about half of this shit yet I can’t stop watching

  • Rodzki Almonte
    Rodzki Almonte Year ago +1

    Xiaomi has a heart among others for they sell their products way affordable and the quality is same as those pricey brands. They touch peoples lives not our pockets. Kudos to Xiaomi. Mi 11 user here and i am so loving it.

  • Filip
    Filip 2 years ago +236

    Xiaomi: Gives mind boggling names to their phones.
    Sony: Let us introduce ourselves.

    • Jatin Vashisht
      Jatin Vashisht 2 years ago +1

      Sony be like: we rule the area you stand in !

    • Hans.
      Hans. 2 years ago +3

      Sony Mark II sound pretty badass.

    • Hamster_Explorer
      Hamster_Explorer 2 years ago +1

      (when you say it in chinese.)

    • Hamster_Explorer
      Hamster_Explorer 2 years ago +1

      Hexon 105 not when you're Chinese.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth 2 years ago +21

      Google: Pixel 5
      Apple: iPhone 12
      Samsung: S21
      Huawei: P40
      Meanwhile Xiaomi: Meet our new Xiaomi Poco Mi Note 15STX Plus Pro Ultra Max tRIpLe fOLd

  • Adam Lee
    Adam Lee 2 years ago +8

    The custom rom I used on my HTC One was MIUI years ago, all because of the themes, even signed up to make a few myself.

    • Muqi Khan
      Muqi Khan Year ago +1

      @Lineageholder xiaomi makes legendary phones 🌚 they are so worth it

    • Lineageholder
      Lineageholder 2 years ago +1

      Me too! I loved the MIUI roms on the HTC One. That was my introduction to Xiaomi.

  • Yinduo ZHU
    Yinduo ZHU Year ago +1

    Xiaomi actually gave the money back to the first round buyers of Mi 1 on their 10th anniversary by giving a threshold-free coupon that worths the same money as that Mi 1... impressive way of holding up fandom

  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    Xiaomi already have a big ecosystem of product's, so I wanna see these products work better together. They already doing it with mi share, xiaomi cloud, MIUI plus (China only)

  • Michelle Gomes
    Michelle Gomes 2 months ago

    I’ve recently bought a xiaomi air fryer and I’m loving it so much, plus the minimalist design of it, is amazing!

  • Thomas Pedersen
    Thomas Pedersen Year ago

    I had MIUI installed on my android phone in 2010 and it was a really good rom 😄

  • Tonie
    Tonie 2 years ago +107

    The way this guy gets to the point with no intro just convinced me to subscribe in just like 3 Seconds.

  • Vijay Rupnath
    Vijay Rupnath Year ago +11

    That's so much info! I wonder how many hours it took to make this video (Including collecting the data, scripting shooting and editing)
    Thanks a ton #Mrwhosetheboss you are a #REALBOSS! ❤

  • B. Mitchell
    B. Mitchell 2 years ago +1

    I truly wish these were more of a thing in the United States because the pictures that I see with Google cam ports are breathtaking!

  • QJ-OldCaT
    QJ-OldCaT Year ago +2

    My family is literally a Xiaomi fan love their stuff I have a 8t, 8pro, 9 and 10, and all work with out any issues and I have a 5year old s2 4/64, which works flawlessly( only battery change) so my conclusion is there stuff are pretty much reliable.

  • Timothy Mambo
    Timothy Mambo Year ago +10

    I recently bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S, a fantastic budget phone!! The large battery, massive screen and great storage.

  • SolaraProject
    SolaraProject 3 months ago +3

    The thing about Xiao Mi copying Apple stores is just them seeing that they don't need to buy any decorations nor furniture to save money and focus on products. so they went with it.

  • namcicle
    namcicle 2 years ago +24

    I dont know *how* you keep turning around and giving us all of these amazing videos. Amazing.

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao Year ago +10

    i live in Malaysia and i remember back in 2016/2017 no one really knows about Xiaomi and now a lot of people have started using them, including me. Their growth is just insane

  • Saltytroopa
    Saltytroopa Year ago

    I am intrigued by their smaller product design branches that produce shavers, cameras, drillers etc

  • Dimarzio
    Dimarzio Year ago

    for 7 years of using this brand it has never let me down