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This Was Ahead of its Time!


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  • ChippyGaming
    ChippyGaming 7 months ago +16303

    You know time is flying when Google Glass was 10 years ago… wow.

  • XBR4Da
    XBR4Da Month ago +36

    Really could make this a series, giving full in-depth documentaries about products ahead of their time and their influence

    • Cayde Six
      Cayde Six 13 days ago

      P-GA era Majority these Days.... *(**03:38**).*
      sounds like That kind of example, somewhere.

    • Reece
      Reece Month ago

      If you like the idea you should do it yourself

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowan Month ago +11

    I used Google Glass to record myself taking measurements. Normally, I have to hold a camera. or have another person hold the camera while I walk around throughout a building with a laser tape measure. With Glass, I had both hands free to just walk around and measure. One tap to pause, two to stop recording. The only issue I had was it would quickly overheat. No one ever gave me flak. Most people wanted to try it on.

    • beedell.rokejulianlockhart
      beedell.rokejulianlockhart Month ago +2

      There are impressive replacements on Amazon. I can't link one, but you should search for head-mounted cameras.

  • Steve Melo
    Steve Melo Month ago +7

    Great idea for a video. Me personally I would have definitely included the Xperia Play. Way ahead of it's time but Sony had it doomed to fail from the start for many reasons. I'm honestly shocked we have never gotten an Xperia Play 2 today with far better specs since Sony basically holds the patent for the slideout physical gamepad.

    • Xamufam
      Xamufam Month ago

      Ps vita was also ahead of its time but sonys memory card doomed it

  • Sufy
    Sufy Month ago +8

    I was an engineer for an app for google glass enterprise edition 2 last year, I quit though because I didn't approve of military robots. EE2 was terrible with the operating system it had throttling issues until they released an os patch that seemed to fix it. Enterprise Edition 2 wasn't good when I worked on it and there were no app stores etc. I was working on it to be able to have zoom meetings, and to give commands to Boston dynamics robots.

  • Dustin Blanton
    Dustin Blanton 7 months ago +5519

    Don’t know how nobody has mentioned the PSP being ahead of its time. It came out in 2005 with a built in browser, camera and had really good games. That thing is legendary.

    • Jay Paint
      Jay Paint 15 days ago

      @GeoTheDeity ps vita!!

    • Oluwatoni Odetayo
      Oluwatoni Odetayo 19 days ago

      @Daniel Massa but the PS Vita failed and it was really ahead. Imagine a PS Vita today. With cloud connectivity and modern chips plus the PlayStation platform as a background. They would kill off the Nintendo switch.

    • Scutu-RC
      Scutu-RC Month ago

      Haha.. I still have mine with over 100gb of games. It's a 2001 model, and it works pretty well. I've spent hours and hours on it - more than on my flip phone at that time. I was thinking to sell .. but its valued too less to let it go. So I'll keep it as a quick gateway back in time when I was a teen... Maybe my kids will enjoy it as well ...

    • Nick Solis
      Nick Solis Month ago

      Hackable too

    • James Brincefield
      James Brincefield Month ago

      I’m so glad UMD’s didn’t catch on 🤢

  • James Runco
    James Runco Month ago +3

    Yeah I am with you. This list is great! One point I think you touched on is that google glass live streamed a LONG video. For some reason all the recordings on the current generation of smart glasses have really short limit times (like a max length per video of 10 minutes). That or you have to get some shady looking "spy camera" with bad video quality (8MP really?) and/or poor design. It feels like we have actually taken a step BACKWARDS. I remember the camcorder that my dad had. The weight sat on your shoulder. Someone had one of these at every family event and people would record for hours. The ones now are much smaller but that means you either have to wear them awkwardly like attaching a go pro to your body OR to hold your arm up the entire time (which gets old fast and can wear out your arm in like 10-15 minutes). I just want a google glass type product that I can wear to record the holidays or just to watch my kid do adorable things. Those are memories that I want to hold on to forever!
    Here is what I'm looking for:
    -At LEAST 12 MP camera with the ability to record 1080P video at 120fps. Autofocus as an option (can turn on or off).
    -USB C on the back of one of the stems so I can plug into an external battery pack for longer life without looking completely crazy.
    -The ability to record videos/audio that are as long as I'd like (assuming there is enough memory and power).
    -SDHC Micro capability up to 1TB, and 16 GB of internal memory.
    -A little bit of digital zoom (preferably via a forward/back button on the top of the right stem).
    -Digital image stabilization. Ideally with some facial focus stabilization option.
    -Bluetooth and Wifi that you can turn on or off. Bluetooth that can be connected to wireless earbuds so you can get real time feedback on what the mic is picking up. Bluetooth also good to connect to a smartphone to access more advanced options and to use the phone screen as a preview window or ideally to allow livestreaming. Wifi for cloud uploads, and ideally livestreaming.
    -Clear or polarized lens options.
    -Be less than $400
    -Be not ugly.
    Is that really so much to ask for?

    • beedell.rokejulianlockhart
      beedell.rokejulianlockhart Month ago +1

      Yes. Obviously. I don't even know how you expect to plug it into an external battery via USB-C and not appear ridiculous. Although my desires are entirely identical to yours, I see no way that any of that except the SD card could be feasibly implemented.

  • spikesagal
    spikesagal Month ago

    I've had the fortune of experiencing Google Glass first-hand, and I can confidently say that it was terrible in all ways. Things crashed, swipes didn't work, voice recognition worked about half the time. On top of that, the display was absolutely terrible and hard to read, all while I was very uncomfortably aware that there's a giant, sharp, plastic brick in front of my eyeball.

    • MetaTech
      MetaTech Month ago

      Definitely not the experience I had with mine.

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture 7 months ago +746

    You should def do more "off the beaten path/unusual/cool Tech devices" like this videos. It's fun to see what could have been and might still be influencing behind the doors current tech trends

    • Thanoz
      Thanoz 4 months ago

      Also online gaming . which was almost unknown on handhelds

    • Nathaniel Alcala
      Nathaniel Alcala 7 months ago

      @Telegram👉RealMarquesBrownlee shut up

  • Khaki Cap
    Khaki Cap Month ago +7

    Google Glasses is the only thing I still remember to this day that they were a thing.
    Kinda wish I was older to buy them back then.

    • jameswalker199
      jameswalker199 Month ago +1

      I actually got one recently on eBay to play with and have as some sort of personal museum piece (yeah, it's just an expensive toy, but I save up to get them occasionally. Its like funko pops for people that aren't sad.) Even now with the "final" update installed they make for a fantastic user experience.

  • C Will
    C Will 2 months ago +13

    People didn’t like it that you could film them without their consent in 2013. Nowadays we have street photographers and everybody making TikTok videos. So I guess in this time people are more open to it. It’s all about timing.

    • noah
      noah Month ago +3

      it really is. honestly ideas from today that failed will come back at a later time and it's gonna be nuts

  • sprCircuit
    sprCircuit Month ago +2

    Google Glass was so cool, imagine you are walking down the street or commuting and you just have MKBHD video running that you can just quickly glance at, if its under $500 most people would consider buying it

  • Pedro Rafael
    Pedro Rafael 7 months ago +282

    This has the potential to become a series, like once a month, one of this! Really cool

  • Pekador516
    Pekador516 Month ago

    What about the htc phone with a 3D camera…. That was pretty ahead of its time….

  • Jason Hermann
    Jason Hermann 7 months ago +477

    Great job Marques and thank you for the mention ;) Awesome video! I was very tempted to review that Samsung when it came out, because I also thought it was a game changing gadget as well, but as you said it was just ahead of it's time.... That Zeiss camera is also crazy awesome, but just not practical unfortunately. The Sony QX10 was another game changing camera lens system I thought, but Sony stopped supporting it before I got a chance to review it and like you said it was not the most reliable... Thanks again and all the best, Jay

  • Akash Raj
    Akash Raj Month ago

    bro you just refreshed many of the gadgets that i longed to use or was excited about

  • Daniel McCully
    Daniel McCully Month ago

    There are conspiracy theories that the EV1 was designed to fail because the automakers didn't want to make Internal Combustion Engine cars obsolete.

  • TeddyTuned
    TeddyTuned 4 months ago +4

    Had to pause during the intro to say that I appreciate you bringing up the EV-1. To be honest, it made my stomach turn. It’s a primary example of a company making a product that’s good for the masses but bad for the bottom line. I invite anyone reading this to watch “Who killed the electric car”. I am also glad to see these tech enthusiasts embrace the past that lead us to this point. So often we forget all of the blood sweat and tears that goes into the world around us. People dedicated their lives over many moons just for us to have the ability to turn on light with the flip of a finger. Stay saucy my friends

  • T S
    T S 5 months ago +19

    Psion 5mx was way ahead of it's time. Around 1998, I was typing papers, playing games, and with the modem attachment and my Motorola Startac cell phone, was sending emails from anywhere and could also surf the web. While it was large for a handheld, it was tiny as handheld laptop. Truly awesome setup many years before smartphones and long before ultraportable laptops.

  • RC
    RC 7 months ago +1292

    More context on the GM EV1.
    The car was actually really well received and people loved it, but GM created it to show how crap electric cars are. So when customers had a completely different reaction to what they expected, they bought all the cars back and destroyed them in fear that it would create a market shift towards EVs.
    Basically they didnt want to self sabotage their ice vehicles

    • ph_hacker_d
      ph_hacker_d 4 months ago

      @Andy Lord still bad strategy on their part though

    • ph_hacker_d
      ph_hacker_d 4 months ago

      @Andy Lord oil and gas companies. ICE cars are apart of an industry. Not that trivial to supplant it. Also 55 miles of range is not enough anyway. Now that EVs have much more range, it’s more practical.

    • Monolith
      Monolith 7 months ago

      classic GM.

    • Cloud Of Time
      Cloud Of Time 7 months ago +1

      They didn't actually sell them; all the EV1s were leased.

    • Fabi Voltair
      Fabi Voltair 7 months ago +1

      @darkman1301 thanks for the documentary recommendation

  • raremage
    raremage 4 months ago

    I had, used and loved the Atrix. Used it exclusively for my system for that whole summer, wanted so bad for it to work (my small business relied on Google Apps) but it just wasn’t practical enough at the time. Great idea way ahead of its time.

  • Bumblewyn
    Bumblewyn 6 months ago +15

    I barely remember details, but I definitely had a girl in my theater group around 2008-2009 who had a smart watch that she could use to read texts and answer calls, before smart watches were a thing. It was mindblowing to all of us.

    • jameswalker199
      jameswalker199 Month ago

      Pebble were early players in that area. If it was a monochrome screen with silvery black pixels, it was probably a Pebble

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  • Jonathan Ziebarth
    Jonathan Ziebarth 2 days ago

    The Sony Clie NX73v was an iPhone in 2002, it just lacked the cellular radio. Still one of the most beautifully designed pieces of consumer tech, and yet another example of Sony throwing an interception at the 2-yard line…

  • Connor Dougherty
    Connor Dougherty 6 months ago +10

    It never made it to market, but I was really excited about the Pebble Core. It was supposed to be a small, light clip on, standalone device that had a 3G modem, GPS, Spotify, and Alexa for voice commands. Basically, it would've been great for going for a run where you can listen to music on Spotify over Bluetooth and tracking your run with a GPS. I guess smartwatches can kind of do this now, but a lot of smartwatches are still meant to be paired with a phone. Anyways, Pebble was bough by Fitbit (which was then bought by Google) and the Core was never released.

  • Quinten Verniers
    Quinten Verniers 2 months ago +2

    There is one thing to say about camera software:
    I have never had to reboot my camera because it was acting up...
    I do have to do that with phones sometimes...
    I think I rather have a slightly worse UI on my camera than having to reboot it.
    I don't really spent that much time in my camera UI, it's a lot set and forget stuff. But that's just me!

  • MissAllaHayes
    MissAllaHayes 4 months ago +5

    While watching this video I was sitting here thinking ‘gosh it would be cool if Marques mentioned the Atrix - and then there it was!
    The multiple docks were very cool, and the idea that you would have the dock for your car, dock for your desk, and laptop dock was visionary. Something like this for CarPlay would be amazing

  • peter alafe
    peter alafe 2 months ago +1

    I remember the ev 1, GM took the owners to court, and when that failed, they passed legislation saying the cars were unsafe. So the owners just kept it, and some were forced to sell it back to the manufacturer.

  • Hugo Wong
    Hugo Wong 3 months ago +1

    You probably wanna look at the Olympus Air 01, which was also wayyyyy ahead of its time... The fact that you can just use the lens (which is physically superior, no doubt), with your cellphone was amazing! The only problem is with the wonky BT + Wifi connection, which was a real shame... as it shows so much potential...

  • Daniel de Lira
    Daniel de Lira 6 months ago +2

    I'd love a callback series for old/weird/cancelled tech that never got too far. I remember Microsoft made these really cool phones before the smartphone era really took over, called Microsoft Kin. They were always connected to mobile data and *had* to be connected to some kind of social media account to run. It wasn't quite a smartphone, but it wasn't a basic phone either. Remember when phones having the ability to play mp3 files was a huge deal??

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross 5 months ago +1

    I had the Moto Droid Bionic back in the day, and had the lapdock for it. I didn't use it for too much, but I did really enjoy it. I thought it that time that was totally the future. IIRC, my biggest issue with it was the touchpad on the lapdock couldn't do multi-touch to scroll; that bugged the heck out of me :P I know my laptop wasn't $500, I think I might have scored it off of eBay or something like that? Probably $150-200 at the time. I think I ended up tossing it when I moved a few months ago. No idea what the bionic went, so it was just a paperweight.

  • Wint3r
    Wint3r Month ago

    BTW, the GM EV1 was sold to show how electric vehicles were a bad idea, when people started buying them because they a good car, GM stopped production, recalled all EV1's and then destroyed them all, fuck general motors

  • Darkfoxa
    Darkfoxa 4 months ago +10

    I remember thinking Goolge Glass was super cool as a kid. I think maybe if it had more of a development time and in current day and age, it coulda been a popular product.

  • Joel Conolly
    Joel Conolly 7 months ago +1736

    Marques Brownlee was ahead of its time.
    One man that reviews gadgets on a video format and became the single person to drive an industry tech creators unlike anybody on the platform has ever seen. Definitely worth a mention.

    • flaggerify
      flaggerify 3 months ago

      David Pogue was doing it at least ten years earlier.

    • Joseph Harding
      Joseph Harding 7 months ago


    • Abhishek Kumar
      Abhishek Kumar 7 months ago


    • forceforgood77
      forceforgood77 7 months ago


    • #
      # 7 months ago +2

      LMAO no... There were and still are tons of tech reviewers, he was one more back then and still is just one more reviewer

  • Aphotic Kingdom
    Aphotic Kingdom 4 months ago

    I love the idea of a laptop the size and rough form-factor of a phone. Imagine if you will, a laptop with an OS hybrid of something like Pop!OS and Android/GrapheneOS with full desktop app support but also cell connectivity and a full phone experience, being able to run phone apps as well, in a way that feels natural. A 16:9 aspect ratio and a full folding keyboard and a nub pointing device. Would be a dream.

  • finnegan williams
    finnegan williams 3 months ago

    I remember the EV1 and the adds for it and how phenomenal it was. Conspiracy theoriests tend to believe there was someone behind the recall and destruction of the vehicles.

  • Saifur Rahman Mohsin
    Saifur Rahman Mohsin 5 months ago +1

    I loved the last one @Marques Brownlee. I think Apple (and other companies) could still offer their Macs/laptops to get additional processing power simply by connecting the phone via thunderbolt/USB-C to work as a co-processor.

  • Arjun K S
    Arjun K S 7 months ago +1

    This was an amazing and very informative video. I really enjoyed it.

  • NateIsLame
    NateIsLame 7 months ago +233

    Man just imagine how far AR tech could have come by now if Glass didn’t crash and burn. Maybe even just ditch the camera??? Such an easy fix. Such a wasted opportunity.

    • Poncowow
      Poncowow 7 months ago

      People always ready for apple

    • NopWORKS
      NopWORKS 7 months ago +2

      I've had so many moments in my life that I thought "it' dbe so much better if I'm using something like a Google Glass for this" while holding my phone recording a video, for example.

    • audrius po
      audrius po 7 months ago

      Not a wasted opportunity since they learned from it and will make something that is more practical and useful to the masses.

    • Amit Yadav
      Amit Yadav 7 months ago +5

      @Dexter AG cause it will show their true colours 😂

    • J C
      J C 7 months ago +7

      It didn't crash and burn, it was just used on a professional level.

  • spaced city skater
    spaced city skater 2 months ago

    i work for apple and the "whats a computer" thing is my favorite thing to ever come from this company and the bit you did with the moto phone laptop thing was pure gold

  • buggedbeat
    buggedbeat 4 months ago +4

    I haven't really heard anything new coming out like it, but I remember being blown away with the Motorola Moto Z. Back when modular was at it's peak. You could put a speaker, projector and some other things right on the back using magnets. Really wanted that phone

    • hanhantap
      hanhantap 2 months ago

      As someone who had this phone, the only worthy attachment was the battery pack because the battery life on the phone was awful. I had 4 different Moto Zs between 2017-2019 because of hardware issues and a very fragile screen. I ended up not getting another Motorola phone after that after only ever having them and loving the brand for years. I bought out of my contract early just to stop using that godforsaken phone lol

  • Evan & Jenel Nesbitt
    Evan & Jenel Nesbitt 2 months ago +1

    The bit about photo-to-post work flow is so real. It'd be amazing if there was some wireless protocol where photos you snap on a DSLR automatically popular on your phone, maybe in an app (maybe bumming signal from your phone and pushing to the cloud as soon as you take them). Y'know how you can take a screenshot on your Mac and if your phone's awake, it just shows up? Maybe like that. Snap, mirror, edit, save/post.
    I'd be happy about it. Great segment btw. 🥂

  • Bonsai Boi
    Bonsai Boi 6 months ago

    The Atrix was one of my first smartphones. I went from the original Motorola Droid, to an IPhone, then to the Atrix. I loves it back then but couldn't afford the accessories that were supposed to make it great.

  • Josh S
    Josh S Month ago +2

    Interesting video. Google glass still being around surprised me, but for the applications- businesses
    , it makes sense

  • Mshary Alrefaei
    Mshary Alrefaei Month ago

    Vine wasn’t just a head of time it also just at the right time

  • Jason Levine
    Jason Levine 4 months ago +1

    Oh man, I would 100% buy AR glasses (assuming they look like normal glasses). I wonder if all the processing could be offloaded to a phone and the glasses just receive and display all the information.

  • mkwsoxfan
    mkwsoxfan 6 months ago

    I wanted the attrix SOOO bad back in the day the idea of a live feed of your smartphone on your pc/laptop would be amazing without having to pickup your phone, and the idea of just plug your phone into the shell of a laptop was also a good idea if it could be used for multiple years and multiple compatible phones

  • Sarita Loves Living
    Sarita Loves Living 2 months ago

    I still have my Google Glass. I was so excited when I was selected to try them. I was so ready for it but the public at the time wasn’t unfortunately. There was a lot of drama too back then. I was called a Glass-hole by people who couldn’t get them lol smh 😂

  • Kat DeClue
    Kat DeClue 6 months ago

    I owned every single one of these devices. So much lost potential. That Galaxy Camera was SO cool. I was always hoping for a custom ROM for it, but there was never enough interest.

  • Nonov Urbizniz
    Nonov Urbizniz 3 months ago

    I still have my Atrix, laptop dock, car dock, and media dock. That phone was the greatest thing ever. If you had Citrix you could remote into any computer or server. It had a car mode before Android Auto. It auto switched to the right mode depending on the dock.
    Atrix was sooooo amazing.

  • rangerstx
    rangerstx 6 months ago +1

    I had an atrix with the dock. I still have the dock somewhere. I remember when phones started getting fingerprint sensor and I remembered my old atrix from years ago. Fingerprint scanner didn’t work too well. And the dock was super laggy with a crappy battery.

  • Andrey Petrov
    Andrey Petrov 7 months ago +470

    If they made a newer version of glasses, with current generation of camera, display and battery technologies, I would buy it instantly without even thinking.

    • jalene150
      jalene150 7 months ago

      It’s absolutely coming. I just hope in a different form than the weird thing they first showed off

    • Vignesh Jr
      Vignesh Jr 7 months ago +1

      @Chicken Nuggets yep that makes sense coz i don't know what tf pervasive consumerism means and also i don't know who tf you are

    • AtomicSymphonic
      AtomicSymphonic 7 months ago +1

      And then a bunch of paranoid people around you are gonna tell you to take the thing off because people don’t like having cameras in their faces for some reason… even though they’re in public. *sigh*
      The term used at the time was “glassholes”.

    • MonkeySpecs301
      MonkeySpecs301 7 months ago +1

      Wow you are so cool!!!

    • Adam N
      Adam N 7 months ago +1

      @ZeroRelevance Yeah it'll be only $9999

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard 2 months ago

    The concept of telos (timing of opportunity) is very interesting to look at when it comes to tech.

  • Andreas Hölldorfer
    Andreas Hölldorfer 4 months ago

    Thank you for remembering me an the Atrix LapDock. I bought one after Motorola cancel the program cheap and modded it for HDMI input. I used it a few month for raspberry Pi installation it was really useful to have a mobile screen with keyboard touchpad and battery to power a PI. Then I dropped something on it and the screen broke. Since it was sitting in a box in the shelf and I totally forgot it. Now I took it apart and ordered an replacement screen. If I get lucky this time it will be really useful again. (Probably I have to replace the batteries too...)

  • Mladen Mijatov
    Mladen Mijatov 6 months ago +1

    Missed Springboard somehow. That device was a definition of "before its time". They are the original inventors of smart phone as we know it today. Even Jobs went to see it, said "naah" and then 10 years later made iPhone, which is a shit move on his side. I wholeheartedly recommend watching a documentary about Springboard here on YT.

  • Jonathan Valdez
    Jonathan Valdez 7 months ago +1

    I had the Atrix and I LOVED IT!!! I remember being so in awe of the finger print scanner and how little it lagged compared to my HTC phone before it. Wow lol.

  • Michael McAnally
    Michael McAnally 7 months ago +1

    For me Google Glass, was a definite yes! But for Samsung, I would have to say the Gear VR headset/phone combo paired with the Gear 360 camera for taking 360 degree photos and viewing them in VR with A-frame. Although not exactly a consumer product I'd also like to make a shout out to the Raspberry Pi (any version) and Arduino micro controllers for the hobbist and programers out there. Along with affordable 3D printers. Not exactly the first ahead of its time items, but certainly things that made a real difference to me and maybe others.

  • John Reid
    John Reid 7 months ago

    Imagine you hook that to those new cars so you can see your speed limit and the rear camera. Amazing. Why did they not make this sooner?
    My uncle had a Maserati that had a hologram. So cool.

  • Segundo Teran
    Segundo Teran Month ago +1

    Hey Marques I think you're forgetting a 2011 tech that to this day would astonish all modern day techies!! It was Apple's X WAVE!! Where you could perform tasks by just thinking it. The headset would read a person's brave waves!! You should check it out cause I think they might be merging that tech with there future VR and AR wearables hence the reason for the extended delay in the release of their devices!!! Well, have fun imagining the one of kind interface (as always) that we could have from the future of Apple!!!!

  • Kindell Armstrong
    Kindell Armstrong 3 months ago +1

    Google glass and the sidekick 2 were one of my favorite devices of all time! Just so futuristic and fun to use.

  • Tanjim The Tech Guy
    Tanjim The Tech Guy 7 months ago +213

    Wow! 10 years passed in a blink of an eye. 😕

    • Vimal V
      Vimal V 7 months ago

      thanks to Covid, Three of those years is a blip

    • Renaissance 🪷
      Renaissance 🪷 7 months ago

      Pretty unbelievable..

    • forceforgood77
      forceforgood77 7 months ago +3

      @A Sparrow my thoughts exactly. I think time speeds up as you get older

    • A Sparrow
      A Sparrow 7 months ago +8

      Do we have scientists studying the passing of time? Cause I wouldnt be surprised if time dilation on Earth somehow started passing faster in recent years.... this is going way too fast.

    • Vincent Yu
      Vincent Yu 7 months ago +7

      Which, ironically, is an eternity in tech years!

  • Malumbo Mukonde
    Malumbo Mukonde 4 months ago +6

    I have watched a lot of Marques content over the years but this is one of his best tech reviews videos. He articulates everything so well. Great content!

  • Jovani
    Jovani 3 months ago +1

    I wish he would've mentioned Focals by North in the google glass section. They did the whole google glass thing really well, were acquired by google, and then vanished. A really interesting story he should look into / explain.

  • scientia potentia est
    scientia potentia est 3 months ago

    Imagine how far along Google Glasses would've come after 10 years of development. We would've had an AR tech revolution.

  • Mustafa Pathan
    Mustafa Pathan 2 months ago +3

    We need more videos like this! So cool to look back on the past and see what could be making a come back 😎😎😎

  • Twintastic
    Twintastic 6 months ago +1

    Really interesting commentary. I remember Razer did something similar to the Motorola by utilising the razer phone 2 as a touchpad in a laptop base station. I think it was called Project Linda.

  • Lewys Cousins
    Lewys Cousins 6 months ago +2

    8:46 - This is one of the biggest missed opportunities when it comes to phone cameras I think. Why couldn't they just have a Micro USB / USB C connection? This idea has insane potential! They could make their own app so it works on multiple different models of phone. And if you're one of those people who wants to upgrade their phone for a better camera, why bother when you have this.

  • pharez knights
    pharez knights 2 months ago

    Thought people forgot the atrix 4g, it was really good at that time, we need more diversity like the old days where companies explore and not look alike

  • Thisisjayx
    Thisisjayx 7 months ago +1

    This video is so well put together. Love it!

  • Gorazd
    Gorazd 6 months ago

    There was also Asus Padfone X, which got even into Lew's video. For me, it didn't have good enough specs to make sense. Instead, I went with Zenfone 2, which had an Intel Atom chipset. I was pretty happy until new games and apps stopped supporting it. It felt like nobody cared about a few people having an Intel processor. I also hoped that since it had an Intel, something like DEX now would happen soon.

  • Graeme Gunn
    Graeme Gunn Month ago

    We have nothing to thank Tesla for, lol.
    I'm exaggerating, but come still.

  • Falgun Batra
    Falgun Batra 2 months ago

    @MKBHD Razor has also created a similar concept where their phone slots into a laptop shell delivering processing power and act like a mouse pad at the same time.

  • Anderson Anderson
    Anderson Anderson 6 months ago +1

    Google Glass dying in the consumer marketplace was probably one of the only times I've facepalmed other consumers. A lot of this was on Google for allowing the anti-privacy folks control the narrative, but it was up to the actual people who buy this stuff to say "Shut up and let me decide for myself!"

  • AnJai
    AnJai 7 months ago +484

    I still remember when you posted the original review for the google glass years ago (back in 2014?). Really cool to see how you’ve come since then

    • Ellivation™️
      Ellivation™️ 7 months ago +1

      @AnJai I hate having to tell people that my account is new but I’m not new to Clip-Share.

    • Ellivation™️
      Ellivation™️ 7 months ago


    • Harry Xyz
      Harry Xyz 7 months ago

      @Mishan 🅥 we’re no strangers to love
      You know the rules and so do I
      A full commitments what I’m thinking of
      You wouldn’t get this from any other guy
      I just want to tell you what I’m thinking
      Trying to make you understand
      Never gonna give you up
      Never gonna let you down
      Never gonna run around
      And desert you
      Never gonna make you cry
      Never gonna say goodbye
      Never gonna tell a lie
      And hurt you.

    • AnJai
      AnJai 7 months ago +3

      @Adi this is my new account though

    • Adi
      Adi 7 months ago +2

      You joined a year ago 😂❤️

  • Jordan Ensinger
    Jordan Ensinger 7 months ago +1

    Wish more tech experts were like you who just gives their viewpoint on the product and not criticize them or have something negative. And that is what I really appreciate about you. You are very insightful and no a lot about the products but you don't ever say anything so negative.

  • Richard Hall
    Richard Hall Month ago

    I thought the Ubuntu Edge was a cool concept. I'd like an Apple or Android version of one of those.
    I'd never heard of the Atrix before 🤯

  • darthryking
    darthryking 4 months ago

    Honestly the fingerprint sensor alone was enough to sell me on the Atrix back in the day. I didn't even know there was the laptop form factor option. 😅

  • Kareem Jeiroudi
    Kareem Jeiroudi 6 months ago +4

    07:45 I love how you talked about this friction in the workflow between collecting the data that you want to post online, and the editing process. And I feel like that's the problem that we're having in our modern world, that we kinda got so lazy to perform any demanding tasks. We got so used to having everything work automatically without human input. It's the lifestyle that's being suggested to us by so many tech companies. It's the dream that they want us to live, despite it being a little counter-productive. For me, I attribute the failure of all these products to the fact that sociiologically we weren't ready to that lazy lifestyle yet. And not everyone liked that gimmicky effortless tech that exists nowadays. There's a probably a solution to every single problem that you haven't had yet and you wouldn't now. That's how crazy technology is getting.
    I think the norm culture shifted from "this is a cool thing to have" to "this is a must in today's world".

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 7 months ago +387

    I remember watching a presentation where Microsoft showed off a dock for their windows phones that could run a full desktop experience. I was so sure that would become a thing by now...

    • Jo Merci
      Jo Merci 7 months ago

      @YASHWANTH I do have a windows pc. however I didn’t like the tile look Microsoft was trying back then, either. And many other people felt the same way, which is why it’s largely gone. I’m sure it had many great features, but there’s no denying that their mobile OS did not appeal to many people. They just didn’t know what most users wanted. That’s why it was considered a flop almost instantly.

      YASHWANTH 7 months ago +2

      @MagniB notable point. Apple and Google stole some features of windows phone. From the sliding keyboard to the edge title bar in the bottom (copied by ios). And to look through live tiles helped us from without touching the notification panel. Wp users haven't stretched their fingers to the top of the screen just to see the notifications. It linked fluent style from windows 8 and 10.

      YASHWANTH 7 months ago

      @Jo Merci if u had a windows pc and used lumia side by side you would know it's capabilities. The fact that u hate them cus u were new to that ui and ur mind was unable to adopt to the new ecosystem or environment. Even now those flagship lumias can run full windows 10 and 11 arm.

      YASHWANTH 7 months ago +1

      @Angelo Figueira exactly. I would like marques to see this comment.

    • Jo Merci
      Jo Merci 7 months ago

      @DharmsP What I really really disliked was the UI. It just looked so bad and felt really cluttered for me, due to the tile optics. But perhaps that’s just me. And of course the lack of apps was a huge issue.

  • Wolf's Heap
    Wolf's Heap Month ago

    8:00 Yongnuo’s YN450M needs to be improved and released in the west with Play Store and unlocked rootable bootloader. It has a SIM card slot and a microfourthirds sensor and mount; but, aside from being sold only in mainland China, it’s bogged down by not giving raw access and low level controls to anything but their own app. Sure, other apps can see the backing camera, but… yeah, the stock camera app isn’t that great. And no low level access means no computational photography apps being able to leverage this. Also, SD card slot is officially limited to, I think, 32GB.

  • Christiaan Venter
    Christiaan Venter 7 months ago

    Would like to see something that I can plug my phone into and use the screen as a track pad, we already have Chromebooks which is android based so making a larger 16:9 monitor with keyboard and battery and some extra goodies...
    the hard part is making it future proofed with resizable phone holder space and an OS that can handle swapping from mobile to laptop mode.

    • Barrett DeCutler
      Barrett DeCutler 6 months ago

      Chromebook are not based on Android. They run Chrome OS, which is based on a separate Linux kernel. They run Android apps though emulation.

  • ADEG
    ADEG 3 months ago

    I always liked the idea of the Light L16 as a "smart camera". A camera with multiple lenses that you can use in any circumstance possible

  • Algen Albritten
    Algen Albritten 4 months ago

    I would wear the google glasses in stores and restaurants and the reaction from the employees was priceless. I always suspected they thought I was a secret shopper or something.

  • Shaquille Dimacali
    Shaquille Dimacali 7 months ago +326

    I know that Clip-Share Originals shut down. But this theme is a great concept for a new season of Retro Tech. In-depth review of a failed old tech that is way ahead of its time per episode. It's a dope concept and it just goes to show how tech improves over time to accommodate crazier ideas.

    • Shaquille Dimacali
      Shaquille Dimacali 7 months ago

      @Literary Landslide True, I just went Clip-Share premium because it has Music.

    • Literary Landslide
      Literary Landslide 7 months ago +1

      @Leo Sanchez ya, funny enough now that Clip-Share music is taking off along with Clip-Share premium and Netflix is dying it seems silly to remove potential added value to a Clip-Share sub, but I guess they have other ways of supporting channels now.

    • Dan L
      Dan L 7 months ago

      I agree! Make this a series!

    • Ricardo Duarte
      Ricardo Duarte 7 months ago +1

      @Leo Sanchez totally

    • Leo Sanchez
      Leo Sanchez 7 months ago +55

      That's because Clip-Share Originals was ahead of its time.

  • Reony
    Reony 7 months ago

    Appreciate you educating folks about the early EVs. Thank you!

  • ultraali453
    ultraali453 7 months ago

    Very interesting. I really liked google glass, it reminds me of scouters from dragonball

  • Nour Art
    Nour Art 2 months ago +1

    LG is like the Nikola Tesla of smartphones, it comes up with the craziest ideas, doesn't benefit from them, but allows other companies to benefit from them.

  • Fauzan Sobri
    Fauzan Sobri 7 months ago

    love how you explained why it's ahead of its time and end them with "the world wasn't ready for them yet"

  • David Min
    David Min 7 months ago +186

    My candidate for the "Ahead of its time" award is the Dell Streak. The first smartphone on the market with a 5" screen. I remember buying and using this phone and it was so ridiculously large compared to other phones that I was mocked mercilessly. Now look where we are! 5" is a small screen in today's world.

    • 1mezion
      1mezion 7 months ago

      Goes to show how many small minded and stupid people there are all there anything that is different or innovative is to be mocked

    • Sam
      Sam 7 months ago +1

      Samsung mega

    • oren ben altabe
      oren ben altabe 7 months ago +20

      To be fair, the screen may be not that big, but the device itself was pretty huge. Looked it up and it was bigger in every dimension than the iPhone 13 pro max so the mocking is justified lol

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 7 months ago +6

      htc hd2 for me ,especially when u unlocked the bootloader and installed android froyo

  • Vagolyk
    Vagolyk 2 months ago

    For us in east (central?) Europe Google Glass is something that was hyped to hell and back and then went radio silent.
    I think "ahead of its time" projects are recolutionary ideas crushed by the corporate dystopia we live in. They miraculously catch on when the royalty gets behind them. Think how Google is pushing the webapp concept after strangling Firefox OS back in the day.

  • Zak R
    Zak R 6 months ago

    I always thought the OUYA could have been more successful if they had waited for more powerful hardware

  • CyberVirtual
    CyberVirtual 2 months ago

    I find that a lot of technology is based on a poorly marketed but well thought out idea from 5-10 years ago. The one person who successfully markets a product in that category is considered the inventor rather than a successor to a previously owned concept.
    Take Nintendo's Power Glove vs The Valve Index. The literal on reason why it took us so long to perfect that technology was less about limitations but more about building a game where individual finger movements was actually a practical gameplay mechanic.

  • Fredrik Park
    Fredrik Park 4 months ago

    I had the Asus Padphone with the tablet dock and that really nice. I have no desire to go out and get a tablet and not have support for full sync of my phone to it, just having a dock that you put the phone into (it was also loaded with extra batteries so the phone was charging as well) was awesome for my train commutes allowing me to read on a bigger screen and so on. Sadly the tablet is broken now and the phone is outdated but there could be a market for a third party general solution that could connect to a phone and transfer the screen from the usb port. Could have custom dock that where tailored to different phones to make the docking experience really neat.

  • Adam A
    Adam A 7 months ago +597

    For me the Sega Dreamcast was 'ahead of its time' for a console . Playing online Quake via a 56k modem with chat capability was incredible. It also had an internet Browser and the ability to attach a keyboard. And not to forget some of the peripherals they came out with was way ahead of its time.

    • Michael Hogan
      Michael Hogan 6 months ago

      NES introduced a bunch of stuff too… a modem, keyboard, programming language, microphones, 3D glasses, motion control, wearables, power pad, and a robot. Early consoles were pretty cool!

    • Chris Nicolini
      Chris Nicolini 6 months ago +1

      @double T oh yes, that version of Road Rash on 3DO was the best version of the series ever. It also had the best soundtrack, and iirc used real, full-length alt-rock-group songs during the racing portions of the game.

    • double T
      double T 6 months ago +2

      @Chris Nicolini it was! I also liked Road Rash.

    • Chris Nicolini
      Chris Nicolini 6 months ago +1

      @double T Need for Speed was epic on 3DO

    • samwong4others
      samwong4others 7 months ago

      Indeed, Sega was very much ahead of its time when it comes to consoles such as GameGear (color screen), Sega CD, Saturn (global online service, analogue stick NiGHTS controller). Its a shame they stopped making hardware…

  • Roeland
    Roeland 29 days ago

    The story behind the EV1 is incredibly interesting.. Check out Clip-Share channel Coldfusion episode on it. Beforehand i can tell you it wasn't necessarily lack of interest that caused it to be discontinued

  • Armando
    Armando 7 months ago

    My memory is that Google Glass over promised and underdelivered. I watched that sky diving event with excitement. And all of the notification and navigation features were concept videos that never actually became reality. So it was mostly just a camera on your glasses. Or did I miss something? Did they actually deliver what was promised in that concept video? And if not, then it wasn’t ahead of its time - it was a disappointment.

  • Mike Goyette
    Mike Goyette 2 months ago

    The Samsung camera reminded me of the Motorola play phones with their magnetic devices, such as a camera, projector, Alexa, speaker, extra batteries, etc... I loved that system and still miss it. May as well add Microsoft Duo and Duo2... I am using a Duo2 and do not understand why it has been savagely attacked.

  • Devonte Bateman
    Devonte Bateman 3 months ago

    I want a camera with a sim card. That way I won't need a phone to make calls, I could just connect wireless earphones. For me it's less to carry but also like Marques said, you could edit and upload images straight from your camera. And it not being able to fit in my pocket isn't an issue to me, a neck strap solves that.

  • Yawni
    Yawni 7 months ago +219

    this was such a great throw back to all the tech that came out. I remember all of those that came out and even going into phone stores just to play with them.

    • Jay Brown
      Jay Brown 7 months ago +2

      Best Buy was always, use to be, a great experience for that, when you bought CDs or games but checked out the other tech. You could spend hrs. End there.

  • uclan
    uclan 7 months ago +2

    That 21x zoom was real people!! I remember my classmate in Beijing had one of these. I just remember the zoom and nothing else. Didn’t even realise it was a bad camera! Shoutout to anyone from 北交大

    TOKYO METAL CLUB 4 months ago

    Really enjoyed this one. Keep up the good job!