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5 Most EMOTIONAL America's Got Talent 2022 AuditIons That Left The Judges In TEARS!


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  • dre2kule
    dre2kule Month ago +821

    "You've been bullied your entire life, but I want you to tell every bully, you have a big brother named Terry Crews." This moment was probably the most beautiful and human moment I've seen on this show. I've been bullied and called names in school just like Avery. The emotion on his face after Terry told him that was too real. The golden buzzer hit, Avery's emotional reaction, paired with that awesome rendition of "Lean On Me" had me in tears. This was a moment of triumph, and at the same time we hear the lyrics, "sometimes in our lives, we all have pain..." How perfect is that demonstration of all the deep emotions felt? This moment...is my FAVORITE moment in the history of AGT.

  • azeb mengstu
    azeb mengstu  2 months ago +841

    20:20 That random stranger saying"You are good enough" is just something that melts my heart. We all need that encouragement in this world full of criticism.

    • CHS Celebrity
      CHS Celebrity 3 days ago

      20:12 is a much better time frame

    • Bruno Van Zuky
      Bruno Van Zuky 6 days ago +1

      @mad4tarmac I've worked with stage perfomances and all that and i can simply tell you one simple thing to make you understand its not fake, they filmed the lady and her friend randomly, after that the cameras stop and all production focus on stage and on whats happening meaning all the other cameras stay still, so it was probably a coincidence she spoke why the camera was set there, of course they edited to make it match.

    • izzy white
      izzy white 8 days ago +1

      @Jess Rose Fawkes thank you so much

    • Jess Rose Fawkes
      Jess Rose Fawkes 9 days ago +4

      @izzy white I’m sorry to hear that Izzy. Looking at your comment I no u wrote it a month ago. I no a month is not a long time wen it comes to grief but I hope your feeling some what better. Sorry if that sounds a bit inconsiderate. I hope your better anyways 😊

    • Jess Rose Fawkes
      Jess Rose Fawkes 9 days ago +1

      @arty jester I’m so sorry 😞

  • Abraham Crispin
    Abraham Crispin 2 months ago +370

    When Terry said “sometimes you have to let the people that believe in you, do there thing” wow that hit hard!

  • Terry On Demand
    Terry On Demand Month ago +426

    The young lady with the speech impediment has me in tears. What a beautiful and pure voice

      A_SHADOW_FOREVER 4 days ago

      Astonishing voice she has 🥹❤❤❤

    • Bam
      Bam 6 days ago +1

      Me too, girl 🥹

    • nolan elie
      nolan elie Month ago +10

      It breaks my heart because I stutter and know wot its like to stand and talk infront of thousands of people

    • Lila K
      Lila K Month ago +9


  • Mentology Health Awareness

    As a 38 year Old Autistic man who suffers from depression and PTSD from the trauma of the bullies I dealt with in my own past. I bawled my eyes out for Avery Dixon. Because nothing makes me happier to see someone that knows my pain succeed beyond their wildest dreams! I wish that man the best life possible! Damn that hit me so hard! 👏Huge congrats. And that's not to down play any other auditions. They where all great!

  • viral viruz
    viral viruz 2 months ago +258

    Wyn Starks was the best ever original live performance, this is a real superstar talent. Like imagine how good his concerts would be if he gets millions of followers supporting him too!

  • Nana C
    Nana C Month ago +290

    The guy who lost his twin brother... wooowww! His voice gave me chills... he is amazing!

  • will tacda
    will tacda 2 months ago +144

    Goodness Avery! That was some great playing! Anyway, i didn't realize Terry Crews can push the golden buzzer as well. I was pleasantly surprised...☺️😌👍

    • mabel lazaro
      mabel lazaro 20 days ago +2

      Yup, I never did! But am so glad he did it for Avery👏👏👏

    • Lisa
      Lisa 2 months ago +3

      That says it

  • Kely Ferrera
    Kely Ferrera Month ago +165

    The first guy... wow, do you know how hard it is to breathe when you ARE BORN a premature baby? he has won in every breath!!! From mom with a premature baby too, hugs to him and his mom, they are champions!!!

  • Jiggi James
    Jiggi James 2 months ago +174

    18:07 imagine being a father hearing this words from your daughter sung like that. you can litterally see the pain in his eyes and at the same time the proudness to have such a strong daughter ! Amazing and Touching moment !!!!!

  • JamFilledJars
    JamFilledJars 2 months ago +119

    Wynn has some serious, and I mean _serious_ power behind those pipes of his. I had this playing idly while I was writing about a character of mine, and his singing voice just floored me that I felt like I entered some semblance of zen. Felt like he was shrugging off the metaphorical shackles of melancholy if not for the briefest of moments, and all the while honouring his twin brother's memory in the most heartfelt way *he* could.

    • Mackenzie Scott
      Mackenzie Scott 27 days ago +2

      AMEN!!!!! Just found him randomly tonight through this video and I am floored, touched, and feeling so blessed myself to, through him, shrug off some metaphorical shackles of melancholy. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through this year on my worst enemy. To find him and his voice gives me such a moment of rare bliss. So grateful. So in awe. God is good.

    • Deyond White
      Deyond White 2 months ago +1

      Beautiful comment

  • Billy B
    Billy B Month ago +82

    honestly, this is what the show is all about win or lose, we get to see so much talent that was hidden away in the corners of the world.

    • Rene
      Rene 5 days ago

      Very True.

  • Tammy Mazza
    Tammy Mazza Month ago +89

    Whoever called the cops on this young man should be ashamed of themselves. Would they rather him be out in the street being destructive
    I think this young man is going to be a huge success and he deserves it. Just an awesome job well done 👍

  • The Person Who Said
    The Person Who Said Month ago +88

    Sofia has such an authenticity that you can't help but love her. She isn't the point of the video but she stood out for me.

  • Ashley St.Angelo
    Ashley St.Angelo Month ago +85

    Thank you God and Terry for giving Avery Dixon what he truly deserves ❤️
    I've been a victim of severe school bullying and know how it feels but when you can show you can overcome and succeed that tells the bullies they have NO POWER at all
    Congratulations Avery 💗 you absolutely deserve it 🥳

    • Nathan Mowry
      Nathan Mowry Month ago

      Sending you love ❤️ ❤❤... Are you single ?

  • Dev 111100
    Dev 111100 Month ago +43

    I love the second singer,
    even he is a vocal coach, he sings with deep emotion, instead of technic, each word of the song mean so deep..

  • KapetaN
    KapetaN Month ago +62

    Wyn’s original song was touching af!!! Man has so much damn soul!!! Kicked me in my feels 🥺🥺🥺

  • Tabatha Johnson
    Tabatha Johnson Month ago +22

    This is freaking amazing!! AVERY Dixon set the bar high! Woohoo! The other performers were great too, but Avery's audition made me cry! Just WOW!❤❤❤

    • Kingsley Ekechukwu
      Kingsley Ekechukwu Month ago +1

      Don’t know what sax sounds like but sounds like random sounds

  • Shilo Thorp
    Shilo Thorp 2 months ago +55

    Imagine watching the baby you didn't think was going to even survive become THIS. He fought to be on this planet. For this.

  • Maniki Jenkins
    Maniki Jenkins 2 months ago +70

    25:38 is one of the best belts of musical beauty ive ever heard! Loved that song

  • Sabrina 1979
    Sabrina 1979 Month ago +34

    Simon said it best avry you are great. You not only touched 4000 hearts but you touched over 4 million. Amanda when I heard you I instantly thought of Mel tillis. He had a speech problem as well. He stuttered bad but when he sang you wouldn't ever notice it. He is a great comedian as well. Go look up foot foot. Hilarious. Win my father was a identical twin. An like you he was a twin his twin was murdered I don't know what you are going thru but I've seen what you will go through and how it will change you but remember he is a part of you and is always with you even if you can't see or feel him. You will be with him before you know it just remember to enjoy what you have until it is your calling. No doubt he isn't watching over you and proud of you.

  • Raman Kamboj
    Raman Kamboj Month ago +25

    Best thing about Simon is that he always hope for good before every performance ❣️

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez Month ago +42

    Following ALL - Avery Dixon, Amanda Mammana, Ben Waites, Lily Meola, and Wyn Starks - on Spotify! I am bawling tears of joy. Always 🧡

    • Mix varieties
      Mix varieties Day ago +1


    • John Jerry Jackson
      John Jerry Jackson 15 days ago +3

      Thanks for your comment the fact that you took the time to name all the contestants speaks volumes of your character

  • Kristina Lenehan
    Kristina Lenehan Month ago +21

    he really deserved
    that golden buzzer

  • Michele Ouellette
    Michele Ouellette 3 months ago +4085

    He didn’t play that sax… he made it sing. That was incredible!

    • Nisha Jones
      Nisha Jones 9 days ago

      Omg you said that ❤

    • Melanie Young
      Melanie Young 15 days ago

      So gifted!!!

    • Kingsley Ekechukwu
      Kingsley Ekechukwu Month ago

      Me thinking he was making random anoying noise😅😅😂

    • Jamie Boyd
      Jamie Boyd Month ago

      @Josh HB. Me, my brother and sister all played instruments. I played clarinet, my brother played trumpet and my sister played saxophone. My brother and I started playing in 5th grade and I believe my sister started in 6th grade. So we were all in band class, just my sister was younger than us.
      That's pretty cool that your son plays the saxophone. I wished I played that in school instead of the clarinet lol

  • Margo Langley
    Margo Langley Month ago +47

    How could anybody want that to stop?!?! I'd go knock on their door and pay him NOT to stop! What a gift!

    • Jackie Kelly
      Jackie Kelly 17 hours ago

      I would totally pay him to keep playing!!

    • S
      S 17 days ago

      Eh, it's nice when you know it's coming, not when you at settling down and trying to sleep

    • Nathan Mowry
      Nathan Mowry Month ago

      Sending you love ❤❤❤... Are you single ?

  • Bobbi Hernandez
    Bobbi Hernandez Month ago +24

    Avery you are destined to be famous for your saxophone 🎷 playing and your sweetness and humility. You are blessed 💗

  • MrRamz1
    MrRamz1 Month ago +14

    From now on every time i see a sax ill always remember this kid.incredible. Amazing just no words to describe

  • Rebecca_ Lucy
    Rebecca_ Lucy Month ago +25

    The first audition made me cry and already broke my heart❤❤❤, then I thought " how are there five???😭😭😭, my heart's already broken what's there left for you to break???"

  • Tarantula mum
    Tarantula mum Month ago +18

    Avery is such a lovely young man, any mum would be proud to be his mum xx

  • Gail Weatherall
    Gail Weatherall Month ago +9

    So talented...great player - I want to hear more.

  • Syke409
    Syke409 Month ago +24

    Avery Dixon ! Remember that name everyone he is goin so far !!!!! 💕💕💕

  • Steven Mendoza
    Steven Mendoza Month ago +12

    Avery Dixson is the real deal!

  • Murilo Balducci
    Murilo Balducci Month ago +22

    omg Lily Meola and Wyn Starks they are amazing

  • mirrbot
    mirrbot 2 months ago +142

    My heart goes out to Avery, the chills I got as soon as he hit that first note, unreal!!!!

    • TMRM
      TMRM 2 months ago +1

      Facts ❤️

  • Sunniiiee
    Sunniiiee Month ago +18

    The one who sang Who I Am should of gotten the golden buzzer ✋ just sayin✋😭

  • Putuma Magolorana Duku
    Putuma Magolorana Duku Month ago +14

    Oh my God am sobbing 😭😭😭very touching am so emotional by their stories 💔they have so much talent am loving it ❤️❤️

  • Janet Venable
    Janet Venable Month ago +12

    I am sitting here with my mouth wide open. I am graced by God's gift to us that have and have not. Beautiful people with beautiful talents to share with us that have and feel left out of talent and grace enough to even try. These people are true of heart. The feeling you get when you meet a baby that just came from God to share their smiles and sparkling eyes to lift the hearts of us who have lost those true feelings God has given us to share with others. God Bless.

  • Ladonna Powell
    Ladonna Powell Month ago +14

    This young man got the saxophone singing with out Words

  • Boris Soret
    Boris Soret Month ago +21

    Amanda is a warrior

  • Gellert Grindelwald
    Gellert Grindelwald 3 months ago +149

    Avery Dixon is a true master of his instrument! Those runs were CLEAN! Keep on going, Mr. Dixon! Rock the world with your magic!

  • Bitterella's electric groove
    Bitterella's electric groove 3 months ago +1906

    I have to say, Sofia has real humanity. I feel she connects with these contestants, more than the other judges do. She's authentic, gracious, sensitive, empathetic and I just adore her.

    • chris
      chris Month ago +1

      heart of a latina ❤

    • Sophie
      Sophie Month ago +2

      Absolutely, the rest are fakers

    • Lisa Fillers
      Lisa Fillers 2 months ago +2

      I feel the same as you do about Sophia. It's so disappointing Sophia won't be in new season and I wonder why.

    • Sharon L Holmes
      Sharon L Holmes 2 months ago +3

      Me too. She is a special person!

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 months ago +5

      She's latina, heart on the sleeve. And she was poor once, unlike the others i guess.

  • Eating with Maleeka
    Eating with Maleeka Month ago +12

    I have a younger sister who is twenty eight years old and she is just like her and she been singing since she was two .. Only when she speaks then she have a problem but she needs to believe more in her self. That young lady will be okay.

  • Dean Killen
    Dean Killen Month ago +15

    Amanda is amazing!

    • rk22cc
      rk22cc Month ago +1

      Very brave

  • Quite Contrary
    Quite Contrary Month ago +5


  • Lauren Michelle
    Lauren Michelle Month ago +6

    Avery Dixon is AMAZING. Screw all of the bullies cause God will strike them down for they treated him. He has an OUTSTANDING gift. I pray for many blessings and good opportunities to come. 🙏🏽
    HE IS TALENT!!!!!!! 💯🔥❤

  • cheapskatepanic
    cheapskatepanic 2 months ago +7

    Ya know, Satchmo didn't have a conventional voice. Lots of singers get noticed for having a different sound.

  • Steve Ugwuzor
    Steve Ugwuzor Month ago +7

    Avery became a god as he performed

  • Ashley Gonzalez
    Ashley Gonzalez Month ago +4

    Wow!! What a talent!!

  • MissJelly_
    MissJelly_ 20 days ago +10

    Amanda really touched my heart! I stutter myself and it’s hard to go up on a stage or even present to a class without stuttering. Props to her! She’s amazing and her singing! ❤

  • Natalie Angus
    Natalie Angus 3 months ago +1374

    Avery’s performance brought tears to my eyes. You don’t see many fantastic saxophonists like this too often❣️

    • Miss B
      Miss B 2 months ago +3

      Even with the couple of mistakes he made it was still so incredible. Natural performer. Incredible talent and emotion.

    • stephanie wilson
      stephanie wilson 3 months ago +3

      Avery turned me into a smiling, dancing idiot. It gave me chills to hear him. He showed what that sax is for. What a wonderful young man. Keep the faith Avery. You own your space in this world and any other you may visit, you will be just fine.

    • Kenneth Duby
      Kenneth Duby 3 months ago +3

      @Lynn Smith He has a wonderful gift

    • Mimosa Sapp
      Mimosa Sapp 3 months ago +1

      Me too😢😢😢

    • {.aspen.}
      {.aspen.} 3 months ago +1

      @Darius Moore sameeeeeee
      edit: now i get why i loved sax's as a kid :D

  • NickandCash 💙💛
    NickandCash 💙💛 2 months ago +112

    So soon as I heard Terry say “There’s no need to vote” I knew what he was going to do. That man definitely deserve the golden buzzer!!

  • Diva Dawn
    Diva Dawn Month ago +3

    They were all great but I would have to say Avery was my favorite. Followed closely by Winn

  • ⭒Ꮋana Ꭼugene⁷
    ⭒Ꮋana Ꭼugene⁷ Month ago +11

    Terry is amazing, like wow

    • ⭒Ꮋana Ꭼugene⁷
      ⭒Ꮋana Ꭼugene⁷ 14 days ago +1

      @S he definitely is. You're right

    • S
      S 17 days ago +1

      Isn't he? He's so affectionate and kind. I love him. He'll be missed when he's gone.

  • Lloyd Tolentino
    Lloyd Tolentino 2 months ago +5

    Wow I love them all😍

  • isLeng Nogales
    isLeng Nogales 3 months ago +1119

    20:20 That random stranger saying"You are good enough" is just something that melts my heart. We all need that encouragement in this world full of criticism.

    • Joyce Wikoff
      Joyce Wikoff 2 months ago

      @Cindy Wodinsky i’m sorry for your loss as well. She died during Covid so we were only allowed 15 people at her funeral my daughter touch so many more people than that when I step out of the funeral home to leave basically being carried because I couldn’t believe I had to leave her there and I swear there’s hundreds of people standing outside just waiting to hug me and tell me I’m sorry they were and how much they loved her. She has a Clip-Share channel with a few silly videos but 2 videos of her singing if you would like to check it out, I’ll grab the link. I love the way you think that they came down to achieve perfection I like that.

    • Joyce Wikoff
      Joyce Wikoff 2 months ago

      @kcluckystars that actually sounds exactly like something she would say

    • Joyce Wikoff
      Joyce Wikoff 2 months ago

      @kcluckystarsthank you

    • kcluckystars
      kcluckystars 2 months ago +1

      @Joyce Wikoff You had nothing to apologize for. You spoke your truth and shared your unimaginable pain in letting us know the world lost a kind soul. We need more people like your daughter. There's no explanation why we lose so many like her yet keep gaining those who are her polar opposites. I hope we can flip the world back to a kinder place to live.

    • Cindy Wodinsky
      Cindy Wodinsky 2 months ago +1

      ​@Joyce Wikoff you don't need to apologize for anything. Your daughter sounds like she was a very special person. I'm with your mom on what she said, only I personally believe these angels are sent down not for them to learn something but to teach the rest of us a thing or two. To enlighten us in this world. I too lost a little boy when he was very young. At his funeral the rabbi said these souls come to earth to perfect themselves, and once they achieve that perfection, God takes them back to be with Him. My son was a pure, extraordinary soul, much like Nightshade and, I'm sure, like your daughter. Their influence continues to resonate with those whose lives they touched. I hope that story gives you some comfort. Hugs and blessings to you.

  • Spreet
    Spreet 18 days ago +7

    Everyone was incredible but man Wyn Starks voice is something else. What an incredible song. Added to the playlist for sure!

  • Floofy_COW
    Floofy_COW Month ago +5

    Why did I start to cry and I don’t cry often Avery Dixons sax performance was amazing so touching and o can’t even find the words

  • Inez Schmaltz
    Inez Schmaltz Month ago +5

    Made me cry...Love you, you are so talented #1 man!!!!!

    • Kenneth Lawrence
      Kenneth Lawrence  26 days ago

      Still having tears right now watching this video Amanda really made me cry a lot ,she is just so humble ,where are you from?

  • Lexy Manco
    Lexy Manco Month ago +1

    Was not planning on crying today but here I am 🥹🥹🥹🥹😭❤️

  • Eyeck Underground
    Eyeck Underground Month ago +3

    emotional damage broke my heart❤😊

  • Mr. Editz
    Mr. Editz Month ago +5

    I was shocked when the second dude started singing.

  • Michael W.
    Michael W. 2 months ago +63

    You know what a love about this show? It's not the amazing talent of the contestants, not the comical banter between the judges, it's the humanity, so beautiful that sometimes seems so rare to see these days. Sophia, the thing that makes you so beautiful is your enormous heart. Thank you for the happiness that you bring into this world!

  • Maggie Durham
    Maggie Durham 2 months ago +3

    He was awesome 👏

  • YouOnMeOnYou
    YouOnMeOnYou Month ago +3

    Idk about y’all but I love black women..! This is like the 3rd video I’ve seen with those women in the crowd and she’s so supportive YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.!

  • RG
    RG Month ago +6

    That Win guy is a Win.

  • Nothwesternforcefield
    Nothwesternforcefield 2 months ago +58

    I cried when that woman screamed, “you are good enough.” It was so beautiful to see on her face the way it touched her having that lady say that. 🎉 that’s why we aren’t alone on earth- and it’s so true.

  • Talented HV
    Talented HV 2 months ago +43

    All of these auditions made me shed a tear or two. Especially Amanda’s audition. She might struggle sometimes with her speech, but her singing makes her voice more special, powerful and amazing. I really hope she goes super far in her career. Avery‘s audition was just pure talent. I played the clarinet back in band. And also the saxophone one year as well. I have never heard anyone play the saxophone as magnificent as him. Everyone did super well here. Keep on chasing after your dreams and being your best you. :-)

  • TheGamecock366
    TheGamecock366 2 months ago +3

    Country legend Mel Tililis had the same problem as Amanda, and like her, didn't stutter when he sang

  • Sino Sino
    Sino Sino Month ago +2

    Terry is the best!!!

  • Joseph O'Btien
    Joseph O'Btien Month ago +1


  • Christina Tyler
    Christina Tyler Month ago +2

    I admit for the first one my eyes leaked a little.

  • Ironboss49
    Ironboss49 Month ago +15

    God damnit why did I decide to watch this😭

  • queena hill
    queena hill Month ago +3

    🥰When he looks to his mom🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿👑
    When she said, "please be good." 🤔🤔👀 Ugh!... She ended up having the biggest grin ever though, huh?!? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Felipe Garcia
    Felipe Garcia Month ago +1

    A fine man with Talent!!..Good luck Sr..

  • Master Mason Joe Willis

    This guy si a superstar!!

  • Brianna Walter
    Brianna Walter 3 months ago +1151

    That speech Terry gave to Avery made me cry and I couldn't be more proud this young man got the golden buzzer🎉.

    • amber estrada
      amber estrada 2 months ago

      You all too are wonderful too. I pray you all have beautiful lives.

    • Lawrence Flowers
      Lawrence Flowers 3 months ago +1

      Yeah! Me too! ❤

    • Pius Godspower
      Pius Godspower 3 months ago +1

      Same here

    • Yan S
      Yan S 3 months ago +1

      Same, totally...

    • Viviana Folz
      Viviana Folz 3 months ago +3

      Same here! That got right under my skin, gave me chills 😢❤

  • The Legend 27
    The Legend 27 19 days ago +6

    When Terry suddenly went outside and said "There's no need for vote" that's when the tears I've been suppressing came rushing down.

  • Marcia Priske
    Marcia Priske 2 months ago +3

    All I can say is "Wow!!!!

  • Dianne McNair
    Dianne McNair 2 months ago +27

    I cannot stop watching Avery Dixon since seeing this for the first time a week ago! Every DAY I take time to watch. Must have seen this about 45-50 times in the past week - not exaggerating. His story touched my heart. His musical genius and talent hit me at soul level.

    • Derick Oslar
      Derick Oslar 2 months ago

      Really take time to watch and touched my heart, where are you from?

  • raegen armer
    raegen armer 2 months ago +40

    Avery was WOW. saxophones are beautiful and it’s so rare to find people with this pure raw talent these days!

  • мαχιηє
    мαχιηє 2 months ago +19

    I'm so glad we have an amazing person like Terry in this world. Be like Terry, everyone!

  • Lincoln là Wellington
    Lincoln là Wellington 2 months ago +19

    That saxophone kid was stupendous every note was spot on and he really made that audition a spectacular showcase of his talent.

  • Etai Vaknin
    Etai Vaknin 2 months ago +9

    the second Avery Dixon picked up that Sax you see all the nerves leave his body and the pure passion of mental escape absolutely flowing through his entire body while absolutely killing it. most touching audition i’ve seen!

  • sdavis2877
    sdavis2877 Month ago +10

    How can Nightbird not be in this list. To me that was the most emotional audition of all time. To watch a girl dying of cancer come on stage and sing and original song called I'm ok. Even though she got the golden buzzer she never went any farther because she was to sick. And had past away not to long after.

    • Tara Colwart
      Tara Colwart Month ago +1

      This list is about the 2022 season and she was on an earlier season. I do agree that her audition was the best.

    • NovejSpeed3
      NovejSpeed3 Month ago

      Nightbird wasn't this season...nor this year.

    • CatGlory 1
      CatGlory 1 Month ago +1

      I’m not familiar with this person, but was her audition in 2022? Because this is only auditions from 2022!

  • Taylor 17
    Taylor 17 Month ago +11

    My son has been bullied every single day almost since he started Elementary School & we’ve been dealing with it again at the new school only because he’s different.
    😢.He’s cried all the time & the damn schools & especially the teachers keep saying they’re going to handle it but they never don’t.

    • Mix varieties
      Mix varieties Day ago

      I'm sorry for him is he OK now 😔

    • HaleyHopes
      HaleyHopes 15 days ago

      As a former teacher in the public school system- I’m so sorry! I know in my district, my hands were tied by my administration. There had to be so many reports filed and a certain number of instances happen before she would ever consider taking action. I would suggest going higher than the school level. If the central office gets involved then things would normally happen much quicker! I hope something changes very soon for you and your child.

    • Mo1WoS Oz
      Mo1WoS Oz Month ago +2

      What helped my son with being bullied (apart from finally punching one out who was choking him) was find something he loved and pursue it. We found by this my son is a gifted swimmer, we got him into advanced swimming lessons and eventually he got so good he was invited to do Jr. Competition swim, where he won so many times. That self confidence made him stand up to bullies and he realized at the end of the day he had so much talent and worth in this world. Good luck

    • Mark a
      Mark a Month ago +1

      Ask the parents to stop it if they don't set their house on fire

    • Channah Ranck
      Channah Ranck Month ago +1

      That is crazy. Thank God he has you. Show him what Avery said. Maybe it will encourage him.

  • Miss B
    Miss B 2 months ago +13

    Amanda is a beautiful song writer. Those lyrics really hit. And the way her Dad nodded when Terry said "oh my god" like..yeah I know.

  • Sorchia Ireland
    Sorchia Ireland 2 months ago +40

    I’m sobbing! I. DON’T. CRY. Avery, Win, Amanda and Lily touched my heart and soul. I have a few of Ben’s songs on my playlist already. I’ve added all the others now. Our oldest daughter had a terrible stutter. I racked my brain day and night to think of ways to make her life easier. We had her in speech pathology at 5 but by 10 she was getting made fun of, yes this mama bear showed up to every bully’s home! Then I recalled that singing helped and she loved singing. We all sang all the time at home, in the car, on vacations and our precious baby girl found her voice! She was in choir in middle and high school, her choir teacher was blown away. She only stutters when she’s very tired or stressed now. She’ll either go to bed or sing her way through the day. Lily’s song will be played very often and I’ll be singing that song until I believe it! I lost my big brother, aunt and mum within 18 months. I am surviving, that’s it. I’m not living. Lily makes me want to LIVE. Win makes me want to find myself again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this together and for having it pop up on my Clip-Share recommendations! I never listen to these but something made me push on TWO!

    • Sorchia Ireland
      Sorchia Ireland 11 days ago

      @Channah Ranck She’s 26, almost 27, now. No stutter! And she loves to sing, good thing because that’s what you do at the pub! 🤣 Thank you for your kind words.

    • Sorchia Ireland
      Sorchia Ireland 11 days ago +1

      @NowIAmAwake Thank you! I’m doing so much better now. Hubby took me on a much needed holiday as a 25th Anniversary gift! It was fabulous.

    • Sorchia Ireland
      Sorchia Ireland 11 days ago

      @Derick Oslar Belfast, Ireland. Thank you for the compliment.

    • Channah Ranck
      Channah Ranck Month ago +1

      I hope singing helps turn your daughter's life around! Much love!

    • NowIAmAwake
      NowIAmAwake 2 months ago +1

      I am so sorry for your loss and at the same time I'm happy you have the desire to live again. Remember you have the right to shed your tears, and you also deserve to enjoy life again! My thoughts are with you ❤️

  • Alan Layton
    Alan Layton 3 days ago

    Well that was the best thing I have ever heard... let me go to iTunes and see if Avery Dixon has an album I can buy. Unbelievable playing. ❤

  • Mojo 365
    Mojo 365 3 months ago +3275

    Avery Dixon is the goat, this audition was one of if not the most touching and emotional also inspiring auditions I have ever seen! I really hope this young man goes far and lives the life he deserves! Love you man 👏

    • Edward Wenman
      Edward Wenman 19 days ago +1

      Amazing this lad deserves everything and I hope the bullying stops as he's one amazing guy what a talent cmon dude I I'm going to say your the winner not the bullies 😀

    • arty jester
      arty jester 28 days ago +1

      Mojo l totally agree with you, Nothing after watching this audition nothing is going to stop Avery Dixon for achieving his dreams in life, congratulations to a talented performer

    • Marija Hristovski
      Marija Hristovski 28 days ago

    • JustSomeDude
      JustSomeDude 28 days ago

      I don't often get up, and move... baby, I was grooving, I'm listening a few time to that. Playlist... add. Vibe, heart in that? Jamming... absolutely jamming.

    • ravage
      ravage Month ago +1

      I teared up

  • Margaret Heaven
    Margaret Heaven 2 months ago +24

    Avery Dixon makes the Saxophone vocalise the song. So talented. 💞

  • Crimson Gamer
    Crimson Gamer 3 months ago +20

    I can relate to Avery on a personal level, throughout my secondary school years I was constantly bullied non stop. These bullies used to trip me up, name call, kick the back of my chair in class or throw things at me. It was a miserable experience for me overall, to a point where I pretend to be sick just so my parents didn't make me go to school. And when I was at school, I would skip lessons or just not go. Teachers at school didn't seen to help either, as the school itself was one of the worst in my city at the time. Like Avery being bullied left me in a dark vulnerable place, where I was to afraid to tell anyone, as I became scared and anxious the bullies would find out. It was only after the 3rd/4 year, when I was in year 9 to 10 that the bullying stopped as things in the school started to improve.

    • Justin
      Justin 22 days ago

      I went through a similar thing. All through middle school (grades 6-8) I was bullied relentlessly, not physically but verbally and mentally. It stopped around grade 9 but it still effects me. Every interaction, are they judging me? Do they like me? Are they bored with me? It’s hard but you have to constantly remind yourself that you aren’t that hurt child anymore and you have to let it stay in the past. You can’t change the past but you can control who you are and what you give your energy to in the present and future.

    • Channah Ranck
      Channah Ranck Month ago

      Sorry you went through that. Bullying is such a horrible reality for too many children (and sometimes adults). I wish the best for you!

    • Ben
      Ben 2 months ago

      I told my kids- don’t bully others and be friendly but if someone bullies you, kick whoever that is and I ll deal with the others. I told his class teacher and Principal the same thing. Don’t come and tell me that my son kick someone because they bullied him.

  • emma gibson
    emma gibson Month ago +1

    man he made that sax sing. i was kind of hoping for shreksaphone but this is a close second ☺️

  • Stephan Grove
    Stephan Grove 2 months ago +11

    These contestants, were some of the best if not the best I have seen on Got Talent. Avery's mastery of the Saxophone, was clear to everyone. He's someone who will keep the Sax in style for his entire career. The original songs were so well done that I want to be able to buy them.

  • Temitope Olasunkanmi

    Very emotional

  • Ken B
    Ken B 2 months ago +19

    Avery touched my heart so much that this 53 year old man started crying. You see I was bullied starting in 4th grade. I too was different because I had big lips and straight black hair. On top of that I was teased for “acting White” for getting good grades, being respectful and speaking clearly. Because of the love of my mother and Gods grace I got through it all. It also helped like Avery I found something I was good at. In my case Track and Field. For the first time in my life I was able to make real friends and gain the strength to deal with bullies. Now that I’m married with kids I teach them what my mom taught me. To never ever give up. I’m sure that Avery’s mom told him the same thing.😊👍🏾

  • Jacob Spannbauer
    Jacob Spannbauer 2 months ago +1

    I can 4relate I was bullied in school and what he did makes me feel good,. just get it Avery dioxin.

  • Speak True
    Speak True 2 months ago +10

    Beautiful song, voice, and soul. Glad she found her gift of singing

  • ME
    ME 3 months ago +904

    I absolutely love the lady in the audience that shouted "you are good enough" - that was so called for. much respect and admiration to you whoever you are 💜

    • Neal Thomson
      Neal Thomson 2 months ago +1

      T'was an angel ;)

    • Amber Johnson
      Amber Johnson 2 months ago +4

      Me too! She touched my soul for sure with just that one comment.

    • S.O.S. Allday
      S.O.S. Allday 2 months ago +8

      She had done that w other contestants as well definitely a great woman

    • destiny schmidt
      destiny schmidt 2 months ago +5

      I came to comment the same thing. You can tell that woman is a great person.

    • Joel Blowers
      Joel Blowers 3 months ago +2

      Her sting her sting

  • TMRM
    TMRM 2 months ago +7

    That's amazing she stutters in talking but when she sings that all goes away. I love it! She's AMAZING 🤩