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Early 1900s Electric Door Bell - Restoration

  • Published on Apr 12, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • my mechanics
    my mechanics  9 months ago +762

    Check out the video on my second channel "my mechanics insights" to see how I made the wooden cover for this door bell.
    Here's the link:
    Thanks for watching 🙂

    • Beba 3k
      Beba 3k 4 months ago


    • Beba 3k
      Beba 3k 4 months ago


    • Goatcha
      Goatcha 5 months ago +1

      I was wondering about the exposed workings. I'll check it out.
      Your videos are so relaxing to watch, not so relaxing to make I am sure.
      Please keep up the good work.

    • Mr.K
      Mr.K 5 months ago

      I thought the coils were on wooden spools.

    • Rajdeep Rajput
      Rajdeep Rajput 5 months ago

      Seen that too, I watch all your videos and wait till the next one is out. You are a Genius.

  • Random Hands
    Random Hands 9 months ago +228

    No Doubt, I am impressed of your work.
    Stay safe
    Random Hands

    • You Tube
      You Tube 9 months ago +1

      Randaom hands..
      I am also your subscriber
      From India

    • AxxL
      AxxL 9 months ago +1

      GAGAGAGAGAGA! I will now count to 3 and then I am still the unprettiest Clip-Sharer of all time. 1...2...3. GAGAGAGAGAGA!!! Thank you for your attention, dear ran

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  9 months ago +41

      Thank you very much my friend, I'm a fan.

  • Chad Jordahl
    Chad Jordahl Month ago +18

    When the pieces are clamped in the nickel plating bath, is the nickel able to adhere underneath where the objects are clamped? Or do you need to reposition the clamps to finish the plating?
    Your work is extremely impressive, you're obviously very skilled and I assume you love to do it. Thanks for sharing.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +12

      No, I change the position of the clamps a few times

  • M 3
    M 3 Month ago +29

    I am fascinated by your restorations. We own a house built in 1913. One of the first things we did was replace the mid-century electric chime doorbell with a buzzer bell (modern repro). My husband installed a governer to slow the electric pulse and deepen the ring of the bell.
    Old houses need old doorbells. Obviously, I really loved this restoration of yours.

  • French River Woodworks
    French River Woodworks 4 months ago +5

    Lots of people say I’m a perfectionist. Your on a whole new level. Congratulations. I will watch all your videos. I clean my small screws using a 3 pound lorton rock tumbler with steel shots and about a tablespoon of dish soap. I usually let it run for 48 hours. It even cleans the threads.

  • SilentSooYun
    SilentSooYun 6 months ago +143

    I think my favourite bit was preserving the old newspaper clippings, then adding your own note to your grandson between the new windings. That was so sweet! I also loved how you re-created the makers mark... that was over and above

    • promontorium
      promontorium 2 months ago +1

      Yeah old grandpa "My Mechanics".

    • Искандер Сайфуллин
      Искандер Сайфуллин 4 months ago +6

      @my mechanics yeah, I liked that part too. Small note - If you make such "time capsules" in the future I'd recommend you to use an ordinary pencil, because pencil graphite doesn't fade, unlike pen ink, that in some cases completely disappear in 30 years.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  5 months ago +8

      Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :-)

  • Gökalp Çiçek
    Gökalp Çiçek Month ago +4

    Generally, while watching your videos, I try to play either a newly learned chord or previously learned chords without looking at the guitar. I think you might want to consider restoring a broken, very old electric or acoustic guitar 😄

  • Законопослушный Гражданин

    Очень нравится, смотреть как из ничего делаешь что-то ☝️✊🤝👍👍👍

  • Jos van Ommeren
    Jos van Ommeren 7 months ago +61

    I just have to say it. I find it really good that you let your mistake with the paint in the video. I think a lot of people would have edited it out. You have done a really good job. Well done!!

  • Simon Potter
    Simon Potter 2 months ago +3

    Glorious work as always!

  • Nathan Arievlis
    Nathan Arievlis 9 months ago +1581

    The growth of this channel over the passed few years has been extraordinary and very deserved. Couldn't be happier for your success!

    • Nathan Arievlis
      Nathan Arievlis Month ago

      @C B I know why you deleted that last reply lol . Anyways on to something that actually matters. . . Good luck with the ''first part'' of your reply. Be stubborn, apply yourself , and set some short term goals CB ,you can do this. 😉

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      @Nathan Arievlis Kind of you to offer but I'm on a diet for New Year. How about you grow up a little and act like the 6 year old you clearly are?

    • Nathan Arievlis
      Nathan Arievlis Month ago

      @C B how bout a waah burger and some french cries . Happy New Year , ya fuckin baby 😃

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      @Nathan Arievlis No need for coarse language.🙄

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      Don't be so silly Benjamin.🙄

  • Lin Grimm
    Lin Grimm 6 months ago +83

    I've been following you for a while at this point, and after watching a couple of other restoration channel videos I now realize how much you've spoiled me. I love how thorough you are, and how you share with us each problem and solution. Also, the way you lay out all the pieces before and after they are cleaned up makes for a very cohesive narrative. I never wince while watching you work, and no other restoration channel makes me literally drool, so 🌟

    • Eric Swenson
      Eric Swenson 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, no comparison. He never takes something that is destroyed and just sands it til it’s 0.125 the thickness and then just skips steps. Just good, unique, quality through and through.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  6 months ago +12

      Wow, thank you

  • Andrew Henry
    Andrew Henry 6 months ago +82

    As a machinist from Canada, I absolutely love your work! It goes to show how important it is to make products out of high quality materials that can stand the test of time and that are able to be beautifully restored by skilled, intelligent individuals like yourself.
    Not like a lot of garbage that's produced today. You wont see any 2020 doorbells being restored in over 100 years. I hope manufacturers get back to their roots and get away from cheap, mass produced, plastic, unserviceable junk.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  5 months ago +5

      Nice to hear that and thanks for your support 🙏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

  • Marcos Canedo
    Marcos Canedo Month ago

    Really awesome. You are the best!

  • PioneerPauly
    PioneerPauly 13 days ago +1

    "This one of a kind very confusing metal piece that I've never seen before is broken. No worries, I make new one"

  • YouTube
    YouTube 9 months ago +2458

    truly talented, what an amazing restoration! 🤯

    • SkillTissue
      SkillTissue 6 hours ago

      @Matt P Me?

    • Matt P
      Matt P 6 hours ago

      You should learn a thing or two about quality.

    • Fatal Shot Gaming
      Fatal Shot Gaming Day ago

      Oh please. Some 17 year old intern posted this comment on his lunch break.

    • SkillTissue
      SkillTissue 11 days ago

      Whooooa what the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell

    • Серега Брагин
      Серега Брагин Month ago

      Нифига себе, впервые такое вижу))

  • Matthew Tunstall
    Matthew Tunstall Month ago

    i have seen this in action bec my mum has one for her doorbell when i was little, man thats 40 years ago! feeling old yet?

  • KAFIR23
    KAFIR23 Month ago +1

    I'm so glad you got a new button for the sandblaster

  • gyan kumar
    gyan kumar Month ago

    Loved this 👍👍

  • lego train
    lego train 2 months ago +2

    you're the man!

  • Matthew Sykes
    Matthew Sykes 6 months ago +13

    Yeah coil winding is an art in and of itself. I used to make transformers, the step up and down variety. I was just an employee, the boss did all the design work and we've fabricate them up. I was always pleased when I got a nice smooth and flat winding. Most had 220v primary with an over wind for 240v on top, sometimes a dozen outputs on the secondaries, very time consuming. Heaven help you if you had a bad wind underneath all the good ones...
    I know it's just me so apologies but I'd have soldered the link wire then added a heatshrink sleeve, once done they would have gotten a ptfe varnish dip to protect them from corrosion. But that's me. Still a beautiful thing

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz 6 months ago +10

    Man, what an amazing video, I'm impressed with all the details of the restoration. All done with great care and professionalism. This is pure art at its core. I got goosebumps when you put the old newspaper in a frame, there are a lot of details. Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Scott Reska
    Scott Reska 5 months ago +7

    Way more detailed and craftsmanship than what I was expecting. Most restoration channels lack your attention to detail. Kudos. Also live the fact that you're not talking incessantly over the video. The work speaks for itself.

  • Alexandru Donea
    Alexandru Donea 6 months ago +9

    To be honest, this restoration is masterpiece. Amazing work.

  • Неразгаданные тайны

    Обожаю смотреть на работу этого мастера!

    • Oxford Electronics
      Oxford Electronics 9 months ago

      ваще огонь

    • MIRONOFF _
      MIRONOFF _ 9 months ago +1

      @Андрей Petrov сам сказал, сам ответил🙂

    • Андрей Petrov
      Андрей Petrov 9 months ago

      @Юрий Гаркавцев могу предположить, что через несколько дней вы снимете его и уберете куда подальше. Слишком уж пронзительный звук он издаёт.

    • Юрий Гаркавцев
      Юрий Гаркавцев 9 months ago

      @Андрей Petrov мне кажется такой звонок будет очень круто повесить мома и сейчас

    • Андрей Petrov
      Андрей Petrov 9 months ago

      У меня вопрос. Зачем восстанавливать старые электроприборы? Ими никто не будет пользоваться. Если только для музея.

  • Виктор Пигунов

    24:46 the life is made of small things

  • Steven H.
    Steven H. 6 months ago +3

    I love watching these videos. It's very relaxing. I would love to see an online tour of your shop. You must have every tool and machine known to man.

  • Mychaell Villar Moreira
    Mychaell Villar Moreira 5 months ago +8

    Que restauração maravilhosa! ............ O restaurador é incrível. É um mestre e pai dos restauradores neste canal! Eu adoro suas restaurações com minuciosidade e criatividade de resolver certos problemas na falta de peças e maneiras corretas de se fazer corretamente os procedimentos e colocar isso nos vídeos.... Meus parabéns!

  • Bay Area Motorcycle Commuting

    Beautiful, as always. I appreciate that you went back and fixed the error instead of just editing the video to make it appear that it worked the first time 👏 bravo!

  • Thomas Giovinozzo
    Thomas Giovinozzo 9 months ago +213

    This one had it ALL. Countersink, , chamfering, smoothed edges, “I make a new one,” sandblasting, woodwork, electric repair, sanding, buffing, polishing, electroplating, et al. Been watching and admiring for years, and would put this project among your very best. Thank you for continuing to post these beautiful videos.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  8 months ago

      Haha, thanks a lot :-)

    • Kristofer Stredde
      Kristofer Stredde 9 months ago +10

      And don't forget the best part: when he gets to use tools he's previously restored himself in these videos, like the Arbor Press!

    • Sp4c3ship115
      Sp4c3ship115 9 months ago +1

      wow. you must know a lot about repairs

  • Mighty
    Mighty 6 months ago +10

    The attention to detail is off the charts. Not to mention the excellent video editing that people miss when they are entranced by your handy work. 1000% fine art

  • Arction
    Arction 6 months ago +7

    Fantastic stuff, I hope to one day be able to do this type of restoration!

  • supercharger
    supercharger 6 months ago +7

    Love this video. Look simple but I, amazed at the number of techniques you used in this restoration not to mentioned so many special tools and jigs you made just for this restoration! Love it!

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  5 months ago

      Glad it was helpful!

    • zolof911
      zolof911 6 months ago +1

      The shop techniques were, for me, were the best part of the video!

  • TriangleEmulate
    TriangleEmulate 6 months ago +5

    This guy can restore literally anything! Except my heart, it's too far gone. Great video btw. 👍

  • Larry Daniels
    Larry Daniels 4 months ago +1

    I've been a subscriber for many years and I continue to be amazed with each new restoration! I'm pretty sure that I could do these sorts of restorations if I only had the German tools My Mechanics has! No really!

  • António Simões
    António Simões 12 days ago

    Vídeo muito satisfatório de se ver. Consegui ver do início ao fim. Parabéns por seu excelente trabalho!

  • PiggieMafia
    PiggieMafia 6 months ago +4

    I think the fixing & repairing of all the little hardware is my favorite part! You make things look so…artistically sound, I guess I’d call it.

  • Austin
    Austin 4 months ago +1

    I'd love to know what you did with this bell after restoring it. It seems you keep most of the useful items you restore for yourself, which I love. Did you replace your doorbell with this one? With it being as beautiful as you made it, I definitely would!

  • Red Dead Restoration
    Red Dead Restoration 9 months ago +41

    Awesome as usual 🤩 The idea with the note under the coil was nice 💯

    • Chicago Typewriter
      Chicago Typewriter 9 months ago

      Oh Wow, even Red Dead showed up! To each of you, what's been your favourite thing you've restored? (Or specific watch, in terms of RedDead)

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  9 months ago +1

      Nice to hear that, thank you very much :-)

  • ftfdec
    ftfdec 5 months ago +3

    This took my breath away. The precision and the range of techniques were truly awe-inspiring. If I could have my time again I would definitely train to become an engineer.

  • Mack B
    Mack B 4 months ago +3

    Respekt, Du machst richtig tolle Jobs 👍👍
    Es ist auf keinen Fall langweilig Dir zuzusehen

  • Carlos Deangelo
    Carlos Deangelo 5 months ago +1

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, você é muito detalhista seu trabalho é incrível na verdade o melhor restaurador que eu vi até hoje. Obrigado por compartilhar com todos nós esse trabalho lindo que você faz com tanto talento e dedicação.

  • Luis Ribeiro Dos Santos
    Luis Ribeiro Dos Santos 5 months ago +1

    Nós mecânicos, metalúrgicos, etc. Sabemos que é uma arte. Parabéns pelo canal!

  • Shamus Shafer
    Shamus Shafer 4 months ago +2

    I was actually yelling at the computer for you to ring the bell at the end, I thought you were going to leave us hanging lol! Great job, beautiful restoration! Simple and elegant. That brass bell and walnut are amazing. Thank you!!

  • MrBacon
    MrBacon 5 months ago +1

    Esse é uma dos meus vídeos favoritos de restauração, e além do mais, parabéns pela restauração!

  • Hamidreza Kheirkhah
    Hamidreza Kheirkhah 5 months ago +1

    The best restoration I have ever seen, super professional.

  • Abbey Ruiz
    Abbey Ruiz 3 days ago

    love watching these videos when i just need to relax and focus on something nice. i grew up in an old town and was often surrounded by antiques. it makes me feel like i’m reliving my childhood seeing these restorations.

  • Cool Again Restoration
    Cool Again Restoration 9 months ago +1062

    I never thought a doorbell could be so beautiful to restore. All the precision with which you worked in detail is amazing! Congrats mate 👌 also, the walnut was a nice touch 😉 cheers 🍻

    • Austeration
      Austeration 7 months ago

      They are always very nice

    • Mini project
      Mini project  7 months ago

      very nice

    • LarixusSnydes
      LarixusSnydes 7 months ago

      Yes, though many parts needed to be replaced with new ones. If you go through this trouble restoring this, you could maybe sneak in a capacitor on the back side to eliminate the arcing and keep the spring contacts looking fresh for longer.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  7 months ago +10

      So nice to hear that, thank you

    • Marty in Canuckistan
      Marty in Canuckistan 9 months ago

      @daniel howard beauty 😂

  • Mindy Scheffrahn
    Mindy Scheffrahn 4 months ago +2

    Stunning restoration! Your work is so beautiful. Respecting of the original pieces. Absolutely love watching you work!

  • I Barker
    I Barker 6 months ago +2

    Something I love about these videos is how they showed how beautiful these things were back in their time. Like a lot of stuff from this time period is kind of crusty and rusty looking, like the brass bell was. After a while I kind of assumed everything just looked like that from poorer craftsmanship and less refined materials, aged or not.
    But after you polished and shined that bell up it makes you realize this would have been as stately and beautiful a piece as anything you'd buy from the Home Depot, etc. today. In a way your videos really help people reconnect with a bygone era with each restoration you do.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  6 months ago +2

      Nice to hear that, thank you very much :-)🙌🏻

  • Yason DinAlt
    Yason DinAlt 6 months ago +2

    It's amazing, so beautiful from accuracy of work to how looks your tools, workplace, all esthetic in general.

  • RoorkeeRocker
    RoorkeeRocker  Month ago +1

    I wish there must be a mymechanics university to teach all such stuff

    • Molten Cheese Bear
      Molten Cheese Bear Month ago +1

      It's called Metallarbeiterschule Winterthur (MSW). I visited there when I was very young, more than 3 decades ago, and my mechanic's content often reminds me of that place.

  • xempt. one
    xempt. one 9 months ago +279

    This is just one of those channels where no matter how long it takes for the next upload even half a year at a time and youll still watch it straight away and be hungry for more content as soon as you've finished. The definition of craftsmanship in the dictionary should be a link to your channel

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  8 months ago +3

      So glad to hear that, thank you 😁

    • Meno  Lite
      Meno Lite 9 months ago +1

      @Vickie Bligh مرحبا

    • Vickie Bligh
      Vickie Bligh 9 months ago +1

      I agree. It's why I joined his Patreon (no this isn't an ad for it, really) because I kept wanting more content from him.

    • jonathan Clayton
      jonathan Clayton 9 months ago

      Bald & bankrupt is also like that with me (travel vlog, not restoration)

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 9 months ago +1

      I agree!!

  • Gus Salazar
    Gus Salazar 6 months ago +1

    Beautiful work, sounds like a bell! Good for another 120 years 👍

  • Nathan D
    Nathan D Month ago +2

    Very impresssive ! I'd never know a doorbell restoration would be so interesting.

  • Ethan Qix
    Ethan Qix 7 months ago +1

    I've discovered your channel recently and I really love it. It's very soothing to watch ^^
    I was wondering, what happens to all the metal scrap produced from machining ? Is it smelted into new steel bars ?

  • Никола Томић
    Никола Томић 5 months ago +3

    Your attention to details is unprecedented and amazing, I pay attention to details myself, but you are on another level, there is no a single thing I could point out that you have not already covered, it is extremely entertaining, educational and satisfying to watch your videos. Congrats, and best wishes from Serbia.

  • Thomas M.
    Thomas M. 9 months ago +170

    I’ve got to say. You were the first restoration channel that I ever subscribed to because it was clear that you were knowledgeable, you cared about the pieces you worked on, and you were VERY good at what you did. It was clear that “certain other” restoration channels saw this too and began to change their content to closely match yours after your initial success. Some of those channels after changing their format even ended up getting more subscribers to you and I thought that that was a shame. But you kept on released absolutely top notch content, improving your set up, and even expanded to have a second channel and now you have grown so much. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m really glad you have the success you have today and as a long time subscriber I look forward to every upload.

    • Roddy Dykes
      Roddy Dykes 9 months ago +3

      Yeah, almost every other restoration channel has upped their game thanks to this one. And like all imitations, they feel like copies at best.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  9 months ago +29

      Thank you very much for your kind words and your longterm support. So glad I have such great subscribers like you! Means a lot to me ;-)

  • Blondie SL
    Blondie SL 5 months ago +2

    I've never seen anything like this in my life. What talent, knowledge and patience he has to restore and create new parts.

  • Random musings
    Random musings 5 months ago

    I love this video so much. The restoration was perfect! If we had your skills, there would be less things thrown away.

  • Pawméng
    Pawméng 6 months ago +1

    This is awesome! Reminds me of the antique doorbell at my great grandparents house.

  • PhotoJunky
    PhotoJunky 5 months ago +1

    The "snap" of the rusty screws breaking free is pure therapy

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 27 days ago

    I've only recently discovered your channel, but I love your attention to detail and the quality of work you do! It's nice to see someone put this much dedication into restoration!

  • Olga Abella
    Olga Abella 6 months ago +1

    Me encanta lo prolijo que eres !!! Excelente trabajo! !! Abrazos desde Uruguay

  • Christian Sotomayor
    Christian Sotomayor 5 months ago

    I love watching all of the equipment you have as much as your restorations. You have it all!Great video!

  • jorge pasten
    jorge pasten 6 months ago +2

    From Chile my sincere congratulations for the great work of art you have done. Spectacular

  • RoninOtter
    RoninOtter 9 months ago +132

    This was such a terrific restoration! The meticulous detail you put into each part is remarkable. Our entire household looks forward to each new video of yours. Well-done!

    TOY CAR 8 months ago +2

    Watched this video start to finish with absolute amazement! The level of skill and craftsmanship this dude possesses is off the friggin scale!

  • Brian P Mason
    Brian P Mason 6 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for your fantastic video. Beautifully restored bell and careful attention to detail. Bravo. 👏👏👏

  • Lars Frandsen
    Lars Frandsen 7 months ago +5

    Truly outstanding work. I have watched this video several times, and each time I am frankly dumbfounded at the level of precision and professionalism at every step of the way. Craftsmanship like this is extinct now. It is a great reminder of what is possible. Thank you!

  • Twister051
    Twister051 4 months ago +1

    My gosh!, you did it again! Absolutely masterful! Well done, Sir, well done!

  • Youniversal Discovery
    Youniversal Discovery 9 months ago +74

    I love how every piece is treated like it's the most important piece. The detail in your restorations are unparalleled. Please continue the amazing work

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  8 months ago +1

      Glad to hear that, thank you very much 😁

    • Hmfirestormz
      Hmfirestormz 9 months ago +4

      This is what sets this dude apart from all the other restoration you tube Channels out there. No one comes close imo

  • The Pagan
    The Pagan 6 months ago +2

    I've been watching your back catalogue and I have to commend you for being so thorough on your restorations. I don't think I have seen any other restorer going to the same level of finesse as you. Looking forward to more great postings, thank you.

  • ricardo alvarez
    ricardo alvarez 7 months ago +2

    Excelente trabajo, quedó precioso, muchas felicitaciones.

  • Twister051
    Twister051 4 months ago +5

    Honest question: Is there any tool or machine you don’t currently own but you wish you did? I’m always blown away how many unique and specific tools you have.
    Keep up the AMAZING work!

    • Pán Galan
      Pán Galan 2 months ago

      i think some tools are made just for purpose.

  • kiwijase1
    kiwijase1 8 months ago +1

    This is an absolute stunner of a restoration thanks for sharing 👍🏼🛎

  • KillSwitchNY
    KillSwitchNY 8 months ago +4

    I have watched every restoration My Mechanics has posted and for some reason this one is the most impressive to me. He really showed a vast amount of knowledge in so many different areas for just 1 little doorbell. Great video from start to finish.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  8 months ago +1

      Nice to hear that, thank you very much :-)

  • Wiley CoyoteSr
    Wiley CoyoteSr 4 months ago +4

    The Postman Rings Twice. You have abilities which the average person is unaware of. For those of us who can follow your work (jigs included) we are in awe of a true Master. Outstanding video!

  • Никита Дёмочкин

    10:50 I always hated the smell of enamel burn, but was still doing so as this is the easiest and safest way to clean up wires. But these times are gone as modern wires can be stripped with a hot iron, you led up the insulated wire with the iron and during the process melted lead burns the enamel.

  • Rajdeep Rajput
    Rajdeep Rajput 5 months ago

    Your detailed work of restoration is pure perfection.

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 9 months ago +132

    This may sound funny, but this actually has to be my favorite restoration you've done so far. I know it's just a doorbell, but everything that went into it was just absolutely fascinating. Well done!

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  8 months ago +1

      Thank you guys so much for this 😁😁

    • Jordan Garrido
      Jordan Garrido 9 months ago +2

      He's a genius!

    • Peter
      Peter 9 months ago +5

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Such a beautiful restoration, and so much care was given to each part.

  • MrKingsniper22
    MrKingsniper22 5 months ago +1

    I’m happy you get to do what you love and get paid for it. You are of incredible talent. I enjoyed watching this very much

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago

    Awesome video as usual!
    I have some questions :
    - Do you have more info on the tumbler (the build and also, what are those white beads ???)
    - Do you sometimes happen to re-use on a project the custom jigs you've designed for another one? If yes how do your sort all these jigs (date? type? size?...)?

  • MG
    MG 6 months ago +1

    So impressed. Very thought out and so many different skills involved. Great job man!

  • DRN Lucid
    DRN Lucid 5 months ago +1

    Have been subbed on multiple accounts for a while and it's absolutely amazing to see the growth and new equipment over the years. Love the content, you are also an exceptionally skilled individual! Even the worst days can be made better by watching your videos

  • Wesley Townsend
    Wesley Townsend 8 months ago +301

    It really should be an object of pride to realize that the majority of restoration channels use your amazing format as a guide to great restorations. I am an old man and it is so amazing to see items from my generation (and older) restored and preserved instead of destroyed. Thank you for everything you stand for and all you have done in this revolution to preserve relics of the past. I wish you good health, happiness and all the very best wishes to you and your families!

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