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Rowan Atkinson on free speech

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Christian Institute spearheaded the Reform Section 5 campaign to get the word ‘insulting’ removed from Section 5 of the Public Order Act, as part of the Crime and Courts Bill.
    After a lengthy campaign, which included support from celebrities including Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry, the then Home Secretary Theresa May eventually agreed. The change is now incorporated in Section 57 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which came into force on 1 February 2014.
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  • Based
    Based 3 months ago +7832

    You know it’s a crazy world when Mr. Bean makes more sense than most modern-day politicians.

    • DeeJay Guppy
      DeeJay Guppy 3 months ago +64

      (swallows goldfish won at fair) BINGO!

    • MK
      MK 3 months ago +183

      Politicians never made sense btw

    • Operius
      Operius 3 months ago +88

      Problem is that many politicians are also obstructed by the limitation of what the public allows them to say. Say one word that the public doesn't like and all the empty cans start to rattle and his or her effort to conduct a certain policy is over without any real debate.

  • Jimmy Slick 172
    Jimmy Slick 172 2 months ago +941

    What a hero. A truly intelligent, well spoken and wise man. My respect for him has grown even deeper.

    • Yuyi Leal
      Yuyi Leal 2 months ago +6


    • That Guy
      That Guy 2 months ago +3

      It's not that deep bro, he's just saying I'm okay and I can say whatever because the law say so.

    • Captainpep
      Captainpep 2 months ago +12

      @That Guyif that’s all you got from this you need to watch it again

    • unbroken1010
      unbroken1010 Month ago +1

      He had like 5 other shows where he spoke all the time. Ffs😂

  • Elisabeth St. Claire
    Elisabeth St. Claire 23 days ago +368

    Mr. Atkinson's speech is, unfortunately, in the world we live in, heroic. 'Save me from the "good" people.'

  • Liquid
    Liquid 17 days ago +122

    Can we elect this man? Mr.Atkinson has my vote

    • Milos
      Milos 13 days ago +7

      He is too smart to get involved.

    • Puro
      Puro 12 days ago +4

      SIR Rowan Atkinson is a highly intelligent man and as all intelligent men know, politics is not worth it, it's too dumb.

    • Liquid
      Liquid 12 days ago

      @Puro Rowan has not been knighted so unfortunately he isn’t a sir, he was awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire)

    • Martin Waterhouse
      Martin Waterhouse Day ago +1

      Methinks the only way Mr. Atkinson would end up in a political position was if the UK reintroduced National Service targeting competent and capable individuals to be placed into a position of leadership within the government for a few years at a time. Clearly, few level-headed, intelligent, successful, capable and trustworthy individuals ever enter politics thus this may be the only method to actually create a viable long-term system of governance for this country!

  • James Schmidt
    James Schmidt 3 months ago +353

    I always found this man's diction to be legendary. MR.Bean spitting facts better than elected officials..

    • It's Me
      It's Me 2 months ago +4

      Mr. Bean himself, I wondered why that name seemed familiar.

    • thecockfather82
      thecockfather82 2 months ago +5

      Maybe Lord Blackadder, please...

    • Rob Vespa
      Rob Vespa 2 months ago +2

      To be fair, that bar is resting on the ground and half-buried. Still... yes.

    • Sid Pheasant
      Sid Pheasant 21 day ago

      Not bad for a guy who used comedy acting as a way to cure an overwhelming stammer...

  • Hampton Networks
    Hampton Networks 2 months ago +197

    Outstanding. This is the first time I have ever heard Mr. Bean speak and he is so eloquent. Thank you for addressing such an important subject. God Bless You Rowan Atkinson.

    • Brendan Parsons
      Brendan Parsons 2 months ago +3

      Are you able to recognise Rowan beyond Mr Bean? His career spans so much beyond that one character he played.

    • Baffled An'Deranged
      Baffled An'Deranged 2 months ago +6

      @Brendan Parsons Don't be so hard on this person,I'm sure they know that there's more characters that Mr. Atkinson has played. Mr. Bean is probably the most memorable for this person. Have a good day 😊

    • Wyn Brown
      Wyn Brown Month ago +1

      I have listened to Rowan Atkinson speak on other occasions and he is amazing.

  • Via_Negativa
    Via_Negativa 4 months ago +9727

    Smart people understand how important free speech is and Rowan is a prime example.

    • marwood1969
      marwood1969 4 months ago +237

      Yes, smart people both good and evil. Alas, evil people are trying to kill it precisely because it's so important.

    • Holly B
      Holly B 4 months ago +12

      how can anyone take Mr Bean seriously

    • GUNRIR
      GUNRIR 4 months ago +10

      jup he's also funny AF

    • macpen
      macpen 4 months ago +29

      The freedom to trade with cash comes first. When they take away that; freedom of speech is secondary

    • jay Kay
      jay Kay 4 months ago +13

      He'd get banned today for his NON-Speech.

  • Chef Paul
    Chef Paul 3 months ago +292

    This was an amazing speech. So well written and delivered.

  • Macyle
    Macyle 3 months ago +117

    Even when he's dead serious and talking about a rather serious subject,He STILL manages to make everyone laugh while at the same time make them all understand thanks to his light hearted stand up comedian style delivery...The man still got it.
    Kinda insane how rare people like Rowan really are
    cus there are politicians who takes things far too seriously and there are those who doesn't take it seriously at all and joke 24/7

  • angela kelly
    angela kelly Month ago +47

    Deep respect for Mr Atkinson, so much common sense and an antidote to the crazy society that is being created.

  • neolord50pro
    neolord50pro 2 months ago +97

    Mr Bean rarely gives speeches but if he does it means we came to a dangerous point when he can't help but warn us. Topical and strikingly concise talk to the point.👏

  • So Fly
    So Fly 16 days ago +37

    This is the best lesson ever on Free Speech

    • ikdb99
      ikdb99 6 days ago +1

      Well there is another one in The Netherlands, Hans Teeuwen after the murder of Theo van Gogh

  • Matt Wagner
    Matt Wagner 3 months ago +3787

    My appreciation for Rowan Atkinson has just been amplified. He is another powerful man who has used his position to defend and uphold the right to free speech.

    • Fluffy Owl
      Fluffy Owl 3 months ago +39

      You hit the nail on the head ( no offence to nails intended! )

    • d m
      d m 3 months ago +20

      Yes, so true. Unfortunately, we are government by the least among us, not people like Rowan.

    • Fluffy Owl
      Fluffy Owl 3 months ago +13

      They certainly are a poor lot. The upcoming Covid review is reminding me how low they sunk during the pandemic.

    • Ryan Woods
      Ryan Woods 3 months ago +22

      Rowan is like the definition of a philosopher king. The very reason we want him to be in politics is the exact reason he never would be.

    • Kristen Hamilton
      Kristen Hamilton 3 months ago +13

      Same here... I'm proud to see the man of no words (Mr. Bean) speak out about the issue. God bless you Rowan

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 3 months ago +46

    Absolutely brilliant speech by Sir Rowan Atkinson. I've been saying for a very long time that when society bases fundamental freedoms on what are essentially feelings, liberty suffers, and quickly. Notice how fast one goes from saying "hate speech isn't allowed" to "hate speech is anything I don't want hear." Increasingly, shockingly rude and hateful speech gets dumbed down to the point where it really is entirely in the eye of the beholder. There is NO fixed standard of what is truly unacceptable in terms of speech. Thus, the freedom to speak is ultimately in the hands of those who wield political power, nothing more. If they don't like it, you can't say it. This reminds me of Orwell and Lewis Carroll all rolled into one.

  • jonas duell
    jonas duell 3 months ago +118

    Huuuuge respect for Mr. Atkinson. Highly intelligent, modest and genuine human being. Very well spoken, grounded, reflected and he has a MSc in electrical engineering on top of being a brilliant actor.

    • Василий Василий
      Василий Василий 3 months ago +1

      Да имеет смысл высшее образование получать по гениальным изобретениям тоесть учиться на электриков и так далее

  • Cameroon 5
    Cameroon 5 18 days ago +29

    I love how he has remained reasonable and logical amongst other celebrities losing their minds due to pressure.

  • Jerry Bailey
    Jerry Bailey 2 months ago +85

    It is important that we have freedom of speach and freedom of expression otherwise we become less human . 100% Agree with Rowan Atkinson !

    • Strobo Strobo
      Strobo Strobo 13 days ago

      That is the point, to become less human.

  • Pasta Senpai
    Pasta Senpai 2 months ago +81

    This man knows how to give a proper speech 👏

  • E R
    E R 3 months ago +2577

    People forget how utterly intelligent Rowan Atlinson really is.
    Love his true and honest speech.

    • Vangror
      Vangror 3 months ago +73

      The fact that he can play witty and moronic characters equally well says much about his intelligence and versatility

    • luistrim
      luistrim 3 months ago +6

      ​@Vangror yeah I wonder if he make to make a fun of them, very intelligent people have very high egos and I'm sure Rowan has it, he look down on people that act moronic
      He even said himself, how he hates mrbean(character)as a person
      For me is like, he thinks: this is the most moron person on earth, we should look down on him and make fun of him because I absolutely despise people like him
      Which is not bad because I love the character, but I wonder what goes inside Rowan Atkinson mind
      Adam Sandler make silly character but he does not act with high ego like Rowan

    • PeaceMatters
      PeaceMatters 3 months ago +7

      @luistrim When Atkinson says that he puts freedom of speech above shelter, you know he's a person of privilege by wealth. Homeless people want shelter more than freedom of speech to preserve whatever dignity and self respect they have left. Atkinson has never been in their shoes and can't understand them. I am therefore not surprised that he would despise Mr Bean as the moronic character he portrays from his position of privilege. Perhaps that why he is so good in making others laugh at him too.
      In the same measure, he is unable to see the perspective of victims of offensive speech. He advocates freedom of speech to give more of the offensiveness to get victims to become more tolerant of it! In another word, fight abuse by giving more abuse, a dangerous suggestion. He is talking from the white privilege of the majority not on the receiving end of offensive language. I wonder why he's called wise.

    • luistrim
      luistrim 3 months ago

      @PeaceMatters idk man I didn't watch the video ngl just watched the comment lol

    • luistrim
      luistrim 3 months ago

      @PeaceMatters I don't care about Rowan Atkinson on free speah

  • Bonzo's Sticks
    Bonzo's Sticks 2 months ago +36

    That was so refreshing to hear. What a legend Mr Atkinson is.

  • Damian Byrne
    Damian Byrne 2 months ago +28

    One of the best speeches on free speech you'll hear...

  • mustang19ms
    mustang19ms 18 days ago +5

    I wouldn't have thought that Mr. Bean was so well spoken

  • Greg Werner
    Greg Werner 17 days ago +9

    Brilliant, just brilliant. He needs to represent not just the UK, but to travel around the world some.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 12 days ago +4

    From a man, who made a career only with gestures and faces, this is incredible

  • Captain close-call
    Captain close-call 3 months ago +4699

    MR.Bean spitting facts better than elected officials.

    • The Guy
      The Guy 3 months ago +72


    • Waltch
      Waltch 3 months ago +37

      If only he was the king

    • menorak
      menorak 3 months ago +49

      Mr. Atkinson*
      Had it BEEN Mr. Bean, he'd say at most 5 words, and the listeners around could NOT stop laughing!

    • MrBeans
      MrBeans 3 months ago +4

      Thank you sir. We try.

    • SlaterGator
      SlaterGator 3 months ago +11

      I fuckin vote for him!

  • Emil
    Emil 3 months ago +17

    Heads up to mr.Bean, he was my favorite guy to watch when I was a kid, and after all those years he still never disappoints 😁

    JOHNS WOOD GADGETS 17 days ago +19

    A wise and articulate man who dedicated his life to making the whole world laugh. What a rare and wonderful thing! I am not laughing this time. That is ok. He found something in that world that is not funny at all. This time I am just listening and taking his wisdom to heart.

  • OnestringPuppet
    OnestringPuppet 2 months ago +7

    Well said 👏 Amazing to see a childhood hero who brought happiness to my whole family, standing up for common sense and freedom

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red 2 months ago +12

    I've always loved this guy as an actor, and his story when I researched him further for a school project some 10 years ago.
    But after this my respect has grown even more, I never thought Mr. Bean would be this based

  • Piggy Sister
    Piggy Sister 3 days ago +3

    Hear hear, Rowan! When a nation has lost the right of free speech, it's on its way to the sort of mind control history has seen in various of the obnoxious regimes we so decry.

  • Evan Mayer
    Evan Mayer 3 months ago +2551

    What's truly horrifying is that I haven't heard a single politician give a more polished and reasoned speech in all my life.

    • Rama Lama
      Rama Lama 3 months ago +35

      I have. Enoch Powell.

    • Jan Elan Testaverde
      Jan Elan Testaverde 3 months ago +20

      I think you should listen to a lot more of them, and also include those of people outside of the spotlight, plus include those from other nations

    • Heroes of November 1923
      Heroes of November 1923 3 months ago +2

      Its not perfectly accurate but relatively good.

    • Heroes of November 1923
      Heroes of November 1923 3 months ago +1

      He has been influenced by the Mar ists talking points that are not the reality.

    • Cathal Griffin
      Cathal Griffin 3 months ago +28

      That's because Atkinson is simply portraying pure truth. He's not trying to hide anything and tying himself up in knots. The exact same way the priests were when covering up the sex abuse charges. But of course he's a highly refined, educated, gentleman and that helps but mainly the first reason.

  • Crazy Like A Fox
    Crazy Like A Fox 2 months ago +44

    Rowan needs to run as PM. He would be the best we ever had (not difficult really) because he's clearly more than just a comedian, as we can witness here during this brilliant speech. Legend in every way. 👏😊

    • Danny Pembroke
      Danny Pembroke 2 months ago +5

      Well said, sir. It’s not the most outrageous suggestion you make. Zelensky did it, and love him or loathe him, THATS a leader.

    • Heisenbach OFFICIAL
      Heisenbach OFFICIAL 2 months ago +1

      He's a great speaker and makes a great activist, but politicians should ideally do more than just talk. There is more to the job.

  • S M
    S M 18 days ago +4

    I remember Constable Savage on NTNN really well. I thought it hilariously funny at the time but nowadays I am shocked and concerned that the absurd has now become reality. Thank you Rowan for speaking out on our behalf.

  • Eric
    Eric 18 days ago +36

    Sad to see how far we've sunk even since this speech. Things have only gotten worse.

  • Penny Tarrant
    Penny Tarrant 25 days ago +8

    What I learned, from Mr. Bean, is that actions speak louder than words. Mr. Bean always did what others rarely had the courage to do. That's what made him so funny. What isn't funny is why this comedian has to speak common sense to power. When common sense dissappears, it's a scary, unsafe, place to exist.

  • Armin Xvs
    Armin Xvs 4 days ago +2

    When what was considered "common sense" becomes "a refreshing voice of reason" then you know how deep we have already fallen as a society. Frightening.

  • 95Style
    95Style 4 months ago +3468

    In the middle of the madness, I dare say Mr Bean can run the country better than the current establishment

    • Soviet citizen
      Soviet citizen 4 months ago +132

      Current establishment follows some kind of "guidelines" which means they are a part of some kind of ongoing plot (conspiracy). What needs to be done is: all the politicians who follow such "guidelines" need to be arrested as suspects for commiting "treason" then you go all the way up from people who gives such "guidelines" to people who organised all this mess.

    • Albert Grant
      Albert Grant 4 months ago +23

      Absolutely !

    • Stu McCabe
      Stu McCabe 4 months ago +14

      No doubt about that.

    • Henrik Bork Christensen
      Henrik Bork Christensen 4 months ago +99

      Well! I'm sure you're right about Atkinson probably could run any country better than most politicians simply because he's a decent, honest and thoughtful person....unlike most politicians

    • Hantavirus Rat
      Hantavirus Rat 4 months ago +37

      Mr. Bean for President! Yes!

  • Drsusredfish
    Drsusredfish 2 months ago +53

    Man famous for being silent expresses views on free speech. Thank you Mr.Bean.

  • John B.
    John B. 2 months ago +17

    This dissertation speaks for itself. Bravo, sir.

  • Jack Da Money
    Jack Da Money 24 days ago +33

    Great speaker and brave for speaking out when he didn't have to. Unlike so many other celebs.

  • Don Evans
    Don Evans 2 months ago +5

    What a speech it was brilliant , everything he said made sense , we live in an age where everyone is looking to be offended , what happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me , mr Atkinson all i can do is applaud everything you said and say thank you for highlighting the worlds failings ,so so well done .

  • Mrcheekymonkey1996
    Mrcheekymonkey1996 8 days ago +3

    always looked up to this guy when i was a kid, this dude is spot on

  • Angela
    Angela 4 months ago +1361

    Mr Atkinson, you have earned my respect. Well done on educating and reminding us of Freedom of Speech.

    • scott Anderson
      scott Anderson 4 months ago +1

      Gained my respect just for playing The Sheriff of Nottingham in Maid Marian and her merry men (she was op and a favourite for sure 😉) way back when.
      I have grown up a lot since them days and only ever gained more respect for the man-hopefully he don’t mess that up somehow ✌️

    • David White
      David White 4 months ago +9

      Had he not earned your respect by being a great comic actor, then?

    • lunar locust
      lunar locust 4 months ago +1

      ​@David White treat actors the way the Romans did

    • David White
      David White 4 months ago +1

      @lunar locust Then we shouldn't listen to a word Mr Atkinson has to say anyway.

    • The Squozed
      The Squozed 4 months ago +12

      We don’t have freedom of speech in the U.K.

  • Christine 1985
    Christine 1985 3 months ago +34

    Rowan’s got such a beautifully well spoken voice!❤

    • jack's sparrow
      jack's sparrow 2 months ago

      Hello how are you doing today can we be friends if you don't mind..?

  • nniikkooll
    nniikkooll 17 days ago +2

    Always been a big fan but this is my favorite of Rowans work. Much respect❤ thank you.

  • Debra Cisneros, HHP
    Debra Cisneros, HHP 2 months ago +10

    AWESOME SPEECH! I especially appreciate how he addressed how 'prickly' (and quick to anger) society has become in recent past. 😱
    Love, Light, and Blessings of Peace. 🙏😇✨💫🌱🌿🌻🐝🌳🌎💖😺

  • zharkoo
    zharkoo 2 months ago +9

    Over the years my respect for Rowan grew immensly, his speach here perfectly shows why

  • Arf arf
    Arf arf 2 months ago +5

    So much respect for this guy!! ❤

  • MrM
    MrM 3 months ago +1573

    we live in a world where comedians make more sense then political leaders now .

    • Alex Kuhn
      Alex Kuhn 3 months ago +74

      Hey, Volodymyr Zelenskyy used to be a comedian too!

    • Bosey
      Bosey 3 months ago +16

      @Alex Kuhn Canadian PM Justin Trudeau used to be a drama teacher...

    • Alex Kuhn
      Alex Kuhn 3 months ago +5

      @Bosey that's a lil different but the concept is close enough

    • sharn1982
      sharn1982 3 months ago +1

      ​@Bosey oh he was removed due too relashions with a 15 year old girl I heard ? Wouldn't put it past the dirty gubberment being's. Much love stay sane from the uk 🇬🇧

    • sharn1982
      sharn1982 3 months ago

      ​@Alex Kuhn and a singer 😂🤮thanks thought I'd wiped that image from my mind till I read your comment 😂

  • An Sionnach Beag Ríoga
    An Sionnach Beag Ríoga 2 months ago +2

    Love him. Even though he's speaking in a UK context, this could not be more relevant to us in Ireland at the moment, with our government trying to push through a vague hate speech bill despite vast public discontent and international criticism.

  • Spiritual Materialist
    Spiritual Materialist 15 days ago +9

    A wise man’s way to speak out about ugly truths 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you Sir!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • E lke
    E lke 2 months ago +4

    Talking common sense in a world of unconsciuos individuals, that feel offended not because of an actual "insult" but because they "feel uncomfortable" with a different point of view. Well spoken, Mr Atkinson. Thank you for the clarity! Thank you for being outspoken!

  • Elizabeth Miles
    Elizabeth Miles 3 months ago +49

    A brilliant, succinct and formidable speech. I couldn’t agree more with Rowan. I do hope many more with this platform and intelligence speak up to protect our society. We like to think democracy equates to freedom , however we are currently in a dangerous situation, where lunacy is shouting louder. The core of democracy for me always has been an ability to form our own judgments and FREE speech.

    • Albert Lin
      Albert Lin 2 months ago

      there's no such thing as absolute free speech. he's talking about freedom of expression, not freedom of speech

  • Theresa Morrison
    Theresa Morrison 2 months ago +9

    What an excellent speech. Founded in rational thinking and basic common sense. We need people like Rowan heading up the public sector, civil service and woke institutions who’re cancelling anyone whose opinion they dislike.

  • Jade Nail
    Jade Nail 3 months ago +1298

    What an era we are living in where Mr.Bean himself delivering how important free speech is. Mad respect for my childhood favorite actor

    • Judit Seregélyes
      Judit Seregélyes 3 months ago +14

      Childhood favorite MUTE actor. :-)

    • Task Casburn
      Task Casburn 3 months ago +23

      He's almost like the Charlie Chaplin of our time, but uniquely himself.

    • Bostonite1985
      Bostonite1985 3 months ago +1

      Baldrick : Blackadder never gave me the freedom of expression to criticize him though I am smarter than him.
      British Politicians: American politicians are like Blackadder. They never gave us the freedom to criticize America though the British are smarter then the Americans.

    • aryzo
      aryzo 3 months ago


    • My Name Is Earl
      My Name Is Earl 3 months ago +4

      If more people knew how smart Mr. Bean is, I think he has a graduate degree in an engineering field as I recall, they would give his words more weight!

  • Olle Lindskog
    Olle Lindskog 3 months ago +12

    A true hero in our time. Thank you 🙏

  • Peter Cunningham
    Peter Cunningham 2 months ago +2

    As an Australian I couldn't agree more Say what you've gotta say , argue or debate but don't hurt each other 😊

  • Kevin Fernandez
    Kevin Fernandez 2 months ago +4

    My respect for this guy is always going up

  • Ramen Naidoo
    Ramen Naidoo 2 months ago +6

    One can hardly imagine such words coming from Atkinson which in reality is factual.
    The reality is that most politicians would love to suppress free speech more especially when it comes from a common man.
    Well said Mr Atkinson

  • 1967davethewave
    1967davethewave 2 months ago +7

    We need more heroes like Rowan. And we are starting to see more pushback against the censors. But we all must push back or we will lose what our forefathers fought so hard, and died for, to bring us. Free speech is the most important thing when discussing governance that there is. Without it we will lose every right that falls after it.

  • MrJayrock620
    MrJayrock620 3 months ago +1206

    It’s amazing that a man who made a career of not speaking can speak with such clarity and grace. It just proves that it’s not how much you say, but what you say when you choose to speak. Sir Atkinson, my hat’s off to you.

    • Sparky the Secret Squirrel
      Sparky the Secret Squirrel 3 months ago +51

      Is Mr. Bean the only thing you've seen him do? He is brilliant.

    • MrJayrock620
      MrJayrock620 3 months ago +24

      @Sparky the Secret Squirrel I actually have seen him in speaking roles as well, and yes I realize he’s a very intelligent person. But at least here in North America he’s best known for Mr Bean

    • Lyle Abraham
      Lyle Abraham 3 months ago +19

      You need to check out his standup routines. He's one of the smartest comedians ever.

    • Arkhaan
      Arkhaan 3 months ago +12

      It takes incredible eloquence to speak clearly through silence.

    • Lennart Krantz
      Lennart Krantz 3 months ago +6

      remember that President Zelenskyj is a former comedian ?

  • Luca Vidotti
    Luca Vidotti 2 months ago +27

    "The freedom to be inoffensive, is no freedom at all". Thank you

  • Andrew24
    Andrew24 4 days ago +2

    We must be guarded against our law enforcement becoming a state police who would have anyone arrested for petty and ridiculous offences. As Kennedy said 'The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.'

  • Bobalicious
    Bobalicious 2 months ago +7

    Thank you Rowan Atkinson. I appreciate what you have said to be the truth, and I'm glad that you spoke on the subject.

  • Jerry Michael Crowe
    Jerry Michael Crowe 2 months ago +15

    I could not agree more with Mr. Atkinson. Rowen's words are right on target with what is wrong with society. Free speech is required for freedom to exist for all.

  • Jason R
    Jason R 16 days ago +1

    Truly inspiring words so elegantly put fourth from a man of the people

  • Douglas Voon
    Douglas Voon 16 days ago +11

    Beautifully articulated! The marketplace of ideas and opinions is a fundamental cornerstone of all civil societies.

  • Tongue Petals
    Tongue Petals 23 days ago +2

    An exceptionally brilliant actor and speaker. He must be protected at all costs.

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich 18 days ago +3

    Who knew Mr.Bean would be not only a cherished individual in my childhood but now as an adult

  • samwitch 1340
    samwitch 1340 23 days ago +2

    Brilliant well said ... plus we need to have irony and humour back...just feels like we've lost it completely these days

  • HaHaHaYouFool
    HaHaHaYouFool 23 days ago +3

    When MR. Bean has to be the voice of reason, you know something went wrong. If this isn’t an eye opener then your blinders are on to tight.

  • Call me legend Aw'ight
    Call me legend Aw'ight 4 months ago +981

    Mr. Atkinson's comedic brilliance is nothing compared to his common sense and logical intellectual ability.

    • Iga 27
      Iga 27 3 months ago +5

      As offensive as it may sound I agree.

    • User
      User 3 months ago

      for all we know he might have been given a script for this speech and also for the Mr Bean series... if someone writes something brilliant and asks me to read it out loud, does that instantly make me a smart guy?
      that being said, I think he is very talented, he has the skills of course, and I laughed a lot watching his Mr Bean character.

    • Kaiman Yu
      Kaiman Yu 3 months ago +4

      Yes, but only if this is the first time you've listened to him..
      This guy never says anything dumb, it's always worth it to listen to what he has to say..

    • atomictraveller
      atomictraveller 3 months ago +1

      6:00 this worked in the 90s, the "n" word was bombed until little kids around the world were calling their friends "n", it's hard to be hurt when you've heard it a thousand times a day from little white kids.
      it makes you miss the older generations a bunch.

  • manuel lubian
    manuel lubian 2 months ago +2

    Very well written speech. Wish I would have had him as, my professor when I was back in college.

  • foofoo3344
    foofoo3344 2 months ago +6

    "Who would have thought that we would end up with a law that would allow life to imitate art so exactly" - That's Rowan's way of saying "your laws are a joke".

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +8

    You know it's getting bad when mr bean starts speaking like this 😂

  • Mohammed Al shaibani
    Mohammed Al shaibani 26 days ago +2

    The man of the century without a doubt!!! 🫡

  • Maria Heredia
    Maria Heredia 26 days ago +2

    What an amazing Human being 🙏

  • Captain Spock
    Captain Spock 4 months ago +685

    I love the irony of Mr. Bean - the ultimate "No speech" icon understanding free speech better than most people.

    • Greg Mark
      Greg Mark 4 months ago +21

      True that! Also love the irony of his career in general, in that one of the wittiest and most intellectual actors I've ever seen is most famous for a character that can barely mumble.

    • Hairless Ape
      Hairless Ape 4 months ago +21

      He was Edmund Blackadder before Mr. Bean. Prince Blackadder (the first incarnation) was rather dumb, but the other incarnations were very witty. Blackadder is brilliant comedy, in some episodes both Fry and Laurie are present, Hugh Laurie being in most of them.

    • Angela B
      Angela B 4 months ago +4

      A genius of our time

    • Lroy Johnston
      Lroy Johnston 4 months ago +5

      Never thought of it like that hahah

    • Lukas Bagan
      Lukas Bagan 4 months ago

      How to add up to the campaign ?

  • Heather Hearn
    Heather Hearn 2 months ago +1

    I love this man, he talks so much sense.

  • OverlandTT
    OverlandTT 2 months ago +1

    Very well delivered. ❤

  • Greg Blackley
    Greg Blackley 23 days ago +1

    Well said, succinct, informed and brilliant as always...

  • M Lambree
    M Lambree 3 months ago +4

    Good speech! And yes, one should take responsibility for what one says. In nowadays reality this has to be a point taken, but can only go as far as people want to or are able to. Although I believe responsibility and accountability to be examples of a healthy and selfconsious society, I also observe many people are still far from this, creating an evironment where free speech is abused for acting out their deepest fear and darkness. So we have to take into account and be aware of the impact of free speech on ourselves and our society.

  • Groglor
    Groglor 2 months ago +14

    completely agrre Mr. Atkinson. We need to keep free speech for us and for our childrens children.

  • Marie H
    Marie H 3 months ago +1622

    A smart man knows how to satirize. A wise man knows how to satirize well and educates others at the same time. Mr Atkinson is a wise man.

    • Pineapple On Pizza
      Pineapple On Pizza 3 months ago +15

      Always reject totalitarianism, and embrace individual liberty. This should be the main motto for all humans as long as humans exist in this planet.

    • Elena Drachyovs
      Elena Drachyovs 3 months ago +6

      Free Assange!

    • CyraTheJedi
      CyraTheJedi 3 months ago +1

      @Pineapple On Pizza **Big brother is watching.**

    • jong lopez
      jong lopez 3 months ago

      ​@Pineapple On Pizza It is just sad that there was a person who fully embraced his individual liberty and expressed totalitarianism that led a certain ethnicity to almost extinction.

  • Derek Halford
    Derek Halford 2 months ago +6

    A clear and unambigious speech. expressing the need for common sense when applying criminal law to people's right to express opinion and differing points of view.

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P 2 months ago +1

    What a wonderful speech. Hard to believe thisis Mr Bean. Shows what a wonderful actor he is. Lovely voice, calm, intelligent, fantastic .❤

  • William Burkholder
    William Burkholder 2 months ago +2

    From across the pond: You are not alone. This was brilliant and accurately reflects the state of communications in democracies world-wide.

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    Sharon Cox 2 months ago +4

    God bless you Sir! When, Mr. Bean speaks it is a beautiful thing! ❤

  • Sandra Garaudet
    Sandra Garaudet 17 days ago +4

    Thank you sir, for your concern for us, ordinary people, who are surrounded by the strange and unpredictable censorship of self appointed "well thinkers". Come help us in France !

  • Jackie Lewis
    Jackie Lewis 4 months ago +399

    Well said!
    An articulate expose of the insanity that has gripped people

  • Rubim Ellmelech
    Rubim Ellmelech 25 days ago +2

    “Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.” ― Winston Churchill.

  • edit lipo
    edit lipo 2 months ago

    He is so clever and sensible. Like and respect him❤

  • Garden Joy
    Garden Joy 3 months ago +3

    "We need to build our immunity to taking offense". Wise words indeed.
    Sorry things are this idiotic, as his examples showed. I live in Germany now and it's worse here! You get a lawsuit for writing honest truth, that can be checked. And since the lawyers are in it for their own paycheck and it seems the judges too, they don't check, but just make you pay for speaking obvious truth. What a horrid world this 'free' world has become.

  • Mark A
    Mark A 2 months ago

    At last the voice of reason. Respect Sir. This should be required reading for every police employee.

  • pauleywogg59
    pauleywogg59 4 months ago +301

    Awesome! Thank Mr Atkinson for speaking out and using your well deserved popularity to make an impact. We need more prominent people with courage to speak up.

    • HelenaMikas
      HelenaMikas 4 months ago +10

      @paulywogg59 We also need more "people with courage to speak up." Apathy shrivels the masses and they become helpless and indifferent ...

    • Elena Drachyovs
      Elena Drachyovs 3 months ago

      Free Assange!!

    BALDORF BREAKDOWNS 2 months ago

    Rowan Atkinson is an absolute legend! Glad he understands this stuff, so sad how many people in his circles have dropped off and become raging hypocrits.

  • Exploring With Wes
    Exploring With Wes 12 days ago

    I like how he can tackle a serious subject very seriously as well putting some humor in there , humor is the way forward as well as trying to stop their stupid plot

  • Andreas
    Andreas 2 months ago

    I admire he's speech ❤

  • Vek D
    Vek D 6 days ago +1

    I thought this would be a mocking parody but he is correct and absolutely a man standing up for free speech. Almost sounds like hes a secret Christian. (I don’t know if he is one I don’t follow famous peoples lives) but I love him even more, you were amazing in Johnny English.

  • Patricia Reilly
    Patricia Reilly 4 months ago +158

    Thanks Rowan for taking the time to highlight the importance of Free Speech, fundamental to democracy💚