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997.2 GT3 RS - Dundon Full Exhaust | PURE SOUND PERFECTION

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 0

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson 3 months ago +11

    Can't imagine how many times better it sounds in person!

  • Bob Gees
    Bob Gees 3 months ago +1

    I love that sound. Ever since you experimented with exhaust combos on the 991 GT3 I’ve loved the Dundon system. It’s great you promote and showcase products like this. I imagine in person that sounds even more insane. Now I’m 4 weeks into 991.2 GT3 ownership, am UK based and I want a Dundon OG spec exhaust.

  • DCPEvo
    DCPEvo 3 months ago +24

    Old school exhaust drive by’s. Just like the old days….

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams 3 months ago

    Sounds great. If you really want the full flat 6 blast, look up the 2018/2019 RSR GTE 911. I shot them trackside at IMSA races, just an ungodly wail from that thing.

  • Luna Says
    Luna Says 3 months ago +10

    That is the sound of gods making love! Not many cars out there can touch the exhaust note of a N/A Porsche engine.

  • Tim Tursonoff
    Tim Tursonoff 3 months ago +2

    Sounds truly amazing! But, and I am biased. Of course, I think my full Akrapović set up on the exact same car sounds a little better. I may be wrong. We really are splitting hairs here.

  • Tako
    Tako 3 months ago

    Sounds amazing! Hope I can win!

  • Tony Tapia
    Tony Tapia 3 months ago +3

    We need more vids like this

  • Edbug 007
    Edbug 007 3 months ago

    If anyone deserves to rip that it’s definitely Mike!

  • Zachary Maywood
    Zachary Maywood 2 months ago

    The stuff that dreams are made of

  • Jonathan Golbraikh
    Jonathan Golbraikh 2 months ago

    @obsessedgarage - hi from Toronto 🇨🇦, sounds amazing. I am ready for you to change me life! Hope I win your amazing restoration, cannot wait to meet you!

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 3 months ago

    Sounds glorious

  • Jean Cavalie
    Jean Cavalie 3 months ago

    Miss this exhaust videos from back in the day

  • Maree and Trent
    Maree and Trent 3 months ago

    Thanks for the eargasm. Awesome.

  • Gemmel Salido
    Gemmel Salido 3 months ago +1

    Just got my duffel for the gym smaller than I thought but would fit in my future frunk I’m sure

  • Keith Greer
    Keith Greer 3 months ago

    sounds so good

  • Emeri Reese
    Emeri Reese 3 months ago +3

    Sweet sounding!! When is the raffle date?

    • Tim kinley
      Tim kinley 3 months ago

      Click the link and scroll down to the rules. Particularly #1 & #3.

  • Phil 996
    Phil 996 3 months ago

    My neighbors are really going to hate me 😂

  • Vikas Giri
    Vikas Giri 3 months ago

    Matt. Potential untapped market? This company should design exhausts for the second-best car company BMW. Imagine a Dundon exhaust on your e92.

  • Patrick farrell
    Patrick farrell 3 months ago +1

    perfection indeed! wish Canadians could enter giveaway

    • Dave
      Dave 3 months ago +1

      We can, excluding Quebec

    • Patrick farrell
      Patrick farrell 3 months ago

      @Dave thats good news but I’m in Quebec. sux

  • Arthur N
    Arthur N 3 months ago +1

    Amazing ❤

  • Ricardo speedtype r
    Ricardo speedtype r 3 months ago +1

    Perfect ❤❤

  • Callum Francis
    Callum Francis 18 days ago

    This is how you do an exhaust clip video

  • Aidan Hayes
    Aidan Hayes 3 months ago

    What sounds better in the cabin? The e92 m3 or this?

  • taylorj959a
    taylorj959a 3 months ago +1

    hope I win it, and I don't even wanna think about the state and federal tax ;-(

  • cheferman65
    cheferman65 3 months ago

    like bacon in a cast iron pan cooking, Deliscious. Well done (exhaust choice that is). Send her my way, I'll be happy to love her and provide for her.

  • Robert Good Rob Smith
    Robert Good Rob Smith 3 months ago

    Yes, please!! I'll take two😊

  • Tim Stehle
    Tim Stehle 3 months ago

    My corvette sounds just as good, not a chance😂

  • mike m
    mike m 3 months ago

    I will be winning this car

  • ben bustama
    ben bustama 3 months ago


  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    Car belongs on the track

  • James Rabon
    James Rabon 3 months ago

    POV You just came from TJ Hunt doing the same setup

  • Texas Akzin
    Texas Akzin 3 months ago


  • Brian Himmelman
    Brian Himmelman Month ago

    Matt, intake plenum as well? tks

  • Arne Asada
    Arne Asada 3 months ago

    What’s the mpg of this car? Is it premium only? I may not want it if she thirsty and only top shelf liquids.

  • Riverguide33
    Riverguide33 3 months ago


    RICARDO 3 months ago +1


  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 3 months ago

    Is this Freddy driving?

  • Murad Omar
    Murad Omar 3 months ago

    MURAD form Toronto 🇨🇦🇨🇦👋👌🤘🏻🤩🥷

  • czerwiec04
    czerwiec04 3 months ago

    Who is driving?