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How Angus Young & Bon Scott Created the Blue Print for AC DC's Future | Professor of Rock

  • Published on Jun 29, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • One night brothers Angus Young and Malcolm Young were jamming in the studio after hours… when suddenly Angus had an idea for a riff that he immediately played. The Riff would change everything for AC/DC: Highway to Hell produced by Mutt Lange and sung by Bon Scott broke the band in America for good. the story is next.
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    IN the grand scheme of things bands come and go. One day they're on top another day their being dropped by their label but when the dust settles and 40 or 50 years pass by, we see who the real titans of music are, who has and will stand the test of time beyond the flavor of the week or even a few big album. With that in mind, there is no question that AC/DC has endured as much as any band in rock history. Metallica, U2, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Journey, Fleetwood Mac even the Rolling Stones all stand behind AC/DC in terms of record sales in the US.
    AC/DC is essentially tied with Pink Floyd and only the Beatles Led Zeppelin and the Eagles are ahead in terms of rock groups. Worldwide AC/DC is in the top 20 when you consider all artists. When you take into account the biggest selling album of all time AC/DC Back in Black is the third best selling album ever on this planet, Just behind Michael Jackson thriller and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. I always say that If an alien from another world wanted to know what Rock and Roll is I'd just play him AC/DC or Van Halen. Which takes me to the subject of today's video. If you had to define AC/DC by one song… Dial it down to one riff that captures their essence what would it be? TO me the song and the riff that led to Back in Black, the epitomizes their sound to the masses and that influenced so many who came after, you'd be hard pressed to find something better than Highway to Hell. This riff is seismic. It's absolutely galactic.
    When the band started working on the sessions for Highway to Hell, their last album with the legendary front man Bon Scott they had released five album globally, with really no support from radio in America they had designs on making it in the states. They were coming off the live album If You Want Blood and their last studio album was Powerage from 1977 which built upon their hard rock bluesy sound. they were ready for their closeup. Up to that point their album had been produced by brother George Young and Harry Vanda, who were name checked in Dire Straits' song Sultans of Swing. George and Harry had produced everything form High Voltage on up… Well the band's label Atlantic Records who had rejected their 1976 album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were of the belief that ACDC was ready to blow up in America but felt that the band needed a different producer at the helm. The band members were against this. Out of loyalty to their brother and friend.
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Comments • 3 969

  • Professor of Rock
    Professor of Rock  Year ago +237

    Poll: What are the top 3 songs from both AC/DC eras (Bon Scott & Brian Johnson)?

    • fortymillioncoins
      fortymillioncoins 8 days ago

      "It's a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll", "Jailbreak" and "Thunderstruck".

    • anOna mÜss
      anOna mÜss 6 months ago

      You shook me all night long
      If you want blood
      Hells Bells

    • Dorothy Johnson
      Dorothy Johnson 9 months ago

      Jailbreak, touch to much, let there be rock

    • D33Lux
      D33Lux 9 months ago

      Its a long way to the top if you....
      Who made who

    • Mary Hansen
      Mary Hansen 9 months ago

      Impossible for me to just pick 3 songs. LOVE all their music, some songs more than others but still...it's AC DC !! Enough said !

  • Flavellinator
    Flavellinator Year ago +1196

    The Bon Scott to Brian Johnson transition is the smoothest in rock history... both just awesome singers with an instantly recognizable tone... Pure, organic rock and roll!

    • Orrphan
      Orrphan 11 days ago

      I agree. I was in high school and I remember how huge back in black was and became a fan of them at that time.

    • Matthew Bergey
      Matthew Bergey 16 days ago

      @RHEC. Mason yep. Brian Jones to Mick Taylor in the Stones.

    • bellabana
      bellabana Month ago

      Nope, Bon Scott for me was the best, he had it all, amazing vocally, incredible stage presence and such charisma .
      Whereas I’ve always felt that vocally Brian Johnson screams rather than sings making it hard to understand the lyrics compared to Bon, plus Johnson couldn’t match his stage presence either.
      It was beyond sad that Bon died so young as I’ve always believed he had the talent to become a legendary lead singer along the lines of Mick Jagger etc.

    • Viteri Events - Nightlife Events
      Viteri Events - Nightlife Events Month ago

      Agree 💯 %!!

    • Ben Nicks
      Ben Nicks 2 months ago

      I would also suggest Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins as a close second.

  • George Rickards
    George Rickards 9 months ago +269

    One of my fondest memories of this song is that my father had the intro guitar as his ringtone on his phone before he passed away. He had asked me to make that song his ringtone but with old flip phones we could only find the intro sequence, but he loved it. Every time someone called him, he would say "My son made that my ringtone. Awesome, right?" Biggest smile... I miss it. Every time I hear this song, I think of him. Rocking out in heaven.

    • Bill t
      Bill t 14 days ago

      @Eryk Latawiec I had ice cube; girl tried to kill me! From the album prophetically named,..." Freedom of speech, But watch what you say!"

    • Patricio Torres
      Patricio Torres 19 days ago

      What a great story. Thank you for sharing.

    • No One Of Consequence
      No One Of Consequence Month ago +1

      @Eryk Latawiec Yeah, but it's not engineered as well as George's Dad's was.

    • No One Of Consequence
      No One Of Consequence Month ago +2

      You're a good son. God love you, brother.

    • Dan Solo Chicago
      Dan Solo Chicago Month ago

      🤘. Hell Yeah 🤘. Rock in peace 🙏 ✌️

  • Virginia viola
    Virginia viola 8 months ago +157

    I still miss Bon Scott. He was such a character. AC/DC was one of the great things about being a teenager, in Australia, in the 1970’s.

    • Millie Wilkie
      Millie Wilkie Day ago +1

      I loved Bon Scott but Brian did an incredible job too

    • Heather McD
      Heather McD Day ago

      I was 12 & living in Melbourne when they started being on Countdown & they were doing concerts in town halls. Going from that to seeing them play in massive arenas has been awesome. Except for the horrible axle pose era that I refuse to watch or listen to.

    • redfiveroe
      redfiveroe 26 days ago +1

      From the videos I've seen of Bon Scott, he always had a mad twinkle in his eye. You couldn't tell if he was gonna fight ya or f*uck ya.

    • Richard Ferrara
      Richard Ferrara 26 days ago

      Then you are the luckiest person in the world I would have loved to seen them and meant them

    • The End
      The End 26 days ago +1

      I remember when my brothers band was recording at EMI studios in Sydney , and I was watching , next door ACDC had been recording , I sneaked inside and Played Angus's SG, another night I went up on the lift with his brother from the easybeats haha

  • voodoochild1975az
    voodoochild1975az 2 months ago +87

    One of my favourite Angus quotes, paraphrased from memory...
    'A lot of people accuse us of making the same album a dozen times. That really hurts my feelings, we made the same album 15 times!'

    • gar y
      gar y 17 days ago

      @voodoochild1975az - boring, zzzzzzz

    • voodoochild1975az
      voodoochild1975az Month ago +6

      @Johnny Novax exactly. Sure, they kept in a certain .... Sound.... But what a fucking sound it was. To me they are like the menu at In N Out... Short, simple, not a lot of diversity.... But everything on it is really fucking good.

    • Johnny Novax
      Johnny Novax Month ago +6

      And all still getting play 30 years later

    • 2polohunnie DuMontier
      2polohunnie DuMontier Month ago +2

      It's true, y'know. Their songs all sound more or less the same. But then again, so did Chuck Berry's.

    • John Mason
      John Mason Month ago +5

      Metallica records all sound the same to me . I prefer early AC/DC

  • Miguelito Aniceto
    Miguelito Aniceto Month ago +17

    I know Highway To Hell’s riff is probably their most famous but I think Thunderstruck is up there too. ❤

  • Pop-ll Fixit
    Pop-ll Fixit 8 months ago +70

    It still amazes me that, in the space of 6 years, Bon Scott went from a virtual nobody to rock sensation &, now, 40 years later, a rock legend; the man may die but, a legend live forever...

    • Russe
      Russe 6 months ago +6

      He had a career in Australia with other bands,even won a countrywide competition of bands,but it fell apart and he thought it was over

  • TowManDave00
    TowManDave00 Year ago +477

    It is a damn shame Bon never got to see how big AC/DC has become!

    • Heather McD
      Heather McD Day ago

      I love Bon Scott but AC/DC wouldn't be anywhere near as good without Brian Johnson. AC/DC became worldwide megastars as soon as 'Back in black' was released.

    • ZD D22 Fixes
      ZD D22 Fixes 8 months ago

      He'd be pissed !

    • splenderella9
      splenderella9 8 months ago

      @James Sveinsson Uh - I guess you mean "LIVE"??

    • Where's the governance
      Where's the governance 10 months ago

      @Michael Seymour ?...

  • peter smith
    peter smith 8 months ago +69

    I heard a story about Angus in his early days. Someone was in the studio as Angus was recording a guitar solo. He was ripping it up in the studio and bouncing around around inside the booth. He actually jumped up on an amp and performed as he would on stage. All alone in a room and still performing.
    What a legend.

    • Heather McD
      Heather McD Day ago +1

      I remember me & my mates wagging school & getting the train into Melbourne. We were walking down the street when we started hearing bagpipes loud music & it was AC/DC on the back of a truck singing "It's a long way to the top".
      Me & my mates were so excited but we couldn't tell anyone what we'd seen cos we were supposed to be at school.

    • Salah Ad-Din
      Salah Ad-Din 4 days ago

      So sorry, was going to like the comment but it was at 69, couldn't bring myself to change it. I'd heard it said that Angus had to have a pacemaker fitted.
      If that's true and he is still jumping around the stages world wide that in itself deserves absolute respect.
      I'm not surprised he hadn't put on that dad bid like the rest of us 😁

    • ultimobile
      ultimobile Month ago +2

      a doco of their first days described coming to the Young's (ex-Easybeats - another famous Australian band) family house to discuss with the older brothers, and 16yo Angus jumping up and down with his guitar saying 'how about this' to his riffs.

  • Dean Cory
    Dean Cory 10 months ago +39

    Mutt Lang truly belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. So many bands have had his magic touch. Including Eileen Twain

    • Teryarty
      Teryarty 3 months ago

      @Dawn Liphard That's life for you. You get what you want and what you don't want in the same package.

    • Dawn Liphard
      Dawn Liphard 3 months ago +7

      If you mean his ex-wife Shania? Too bad he wasn’t as good a husband as he was a music producer

    • Gerry Vandepol
      Gerry Vandepol 7 months ago +2

      Eileen Edwards from Windsor

  • Richard Ross
    Richard Ross 26 days ago +5

    I was 11 years old. My whole family were country music fans. We moved to a new neighborhood and an older neighbor introduced me to "Baxk In Black'. This album opened my eyes to a new style of music, new genre, new outlook.
    Sidenote: who would have thought a band like AC/DC could lose an iconic voice like Bon Scott and find a replacement like Brian Johnson? Simply Amazing!

  • image30p
    image30p 10 months ago +45

    One of the best riffs ever written. The way that all the instruments fit together including the vocals. And the chorus of all choruses of course

  • Idaho Panhandler
    Idaho Panhandler 9 months ago +53

    As much as I like the Brian Johnson era, I love the six albums with Bon even more. The blues sound was more prominent from both Angus and Malcolm and nobody in rock could match the naturally powerful vocals of Bon.

    • Loskam
      Loskam 15 days ago

      @Sylvia Young Ride On is probably the song I've listened to the most in my life

    • dognott
      dognott 18 days ago

      @Sylvia Young Lookin' for a truck!

    • Sylvia Young
      Sylvia Young 3 months ago +4

      Amen and Ride On!

  • Anthony Whelan
    Anthony Whelan Year ago +217

    When I was 17 in the early seventies in a country Australian city, I attended a free concert in the local park. It was a two week old Rock and Roll band from Sydney, known as AC/DC. They were amazing. Angus was in his school uniform. At the end they smashed guitars. A drunk local yokel jumped on the stage to fight Bon. The local DJ, who was the MC, punched the fool off the stage. I knew after seeing them that the world as I knew it had changed.

    • Jurgen Treue
      Jurgen Treue 17 days ago

      ​@Hoops Hooper ,,, yes.

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B 2 months ago

      The birth of it all! Awesome!

    • wldcrd26
      wldcrd26 10 months ago +3

      @blue M&M bon was from WA the youngs grew up in Sydney

    • blue M&M
      blue M&M 10 months ago +5

      They are from Fremantle (Perth) Western Australia, not Sydney! They used to play the Raffles Hotel near where I used to live. Bon Scott is buried ten miles down the road in Fremantle.

    • Michael Gallagher
      Michael Gallagher 11 months ago +2

      Have an older buddy who saw Skynyrd in a bar with 50 or so people there before they hit the big time.

  • Smootman1
    Smootman1 7 months ago +8

    Love Bon's lyrics. Almost every song had a phrase or delivery that grabs me to this day. What a rascal...😎😎

  • Nick Hayes
    Nick Hayes 3 months ago +31

    AC/DC are my band, they've helped me through some extremely difficult times, the early stuff with Bon obviously being some of the best. ❤

    • Geoffrey Currie
      Geoffrey Currie 2 months ago +1

      ride on❤

    • Keith Wilson
      Keith Wilson 3 months ago +3

      Music is the first place I go when I need to properly process emotions. Better than drugs!

  • Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose 3 months ago +7

    Nothing like seeing them live they just rock!! Miss Bon what a voice!!

  • Melissa Wilcox
    Melissa Wilcox 9 days ago

    The very first album I ever got! For me, Bon Scott is irreplaceable and the band just isn’t the same without him. Ride On, The Jack, A Whole Lot of Rosie, Dirty Deeds; just a few of my favorites ☺️

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 10 months ago +7

    Riff Raff is by far one of the best riffs ever written.

  • Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter Year ago +51

    Another great video Adam....I'm almost 57 yrs old, and Bon Scott-era AC/DC still gets me feeling all jacked up like a teenager again...it is timeless music, and resonates deeply

  • w shaw
    w shaw 6 months ago +5

    1st song I heard was The Jack. I was a fan from the start! I'm 61 and if you drive my house, it's likely you will hear Bon Scott wailing and the band feeding off him. Props to Brian for keeping the fires stoked and the energy crackling at maximum potential!!

  • 3D Printing P.M.
    3D Printing P.M. 5 months ago +11

    So weird when I was younger I never got into AC/DC but when I got older, well their once of the greatest bands I've ever heard!!!

  • tcs007
    tcs007 10 months ago +12

    One of my favorite stories from ACDC was from a Rolling Stone interview from a number of years ago. The brothers were saying that people who complained about them always said, "They have 11 albums that all sound the same!". They're response was, "We have 12 albums, mate." That's why I love Acca/Dacca. You know what you're going to get in every album - pure Rock.

    • Not Expat Joe
      Not Expat Joe 2 months ago

      "We've been accused of making the same album over and over 12 times. The truth is, we've made the same album over and over 15 times." - Angus Young in Guitar World Interview

  • Listen
    Listen 10 months ago +8

    AC/DC is the absolute greatest hard rock band of all time. Simple, Powerful, In your face, Adrenalyzing, Rock and Roll. They shaped me as a young teen finding my way and gave me confidence to stand up in a crowded room. Even at 52, if I need a boost within, jamming their music loudly gets me a lift to push on through. 🤟🤘🤜💥

  • Michael Hull
    Michael Hull 7 months ago +1

    The riff in Highway to Hell is timeless

  • fifthof
    fifthof Year ago +163

    Powerage is the definitive AC/DC album for purists. There is not a single filler on it. It is the essence of the band.

    • RockyTopTom
      RockyTopTom 18 days ago +1

      Powerage is absolutely my favorite ACDC album. First record I ever bought

    • ralph digiovine
      ralph digiovine Month ago +1

      Powerage and Let There Be Rock. Pure unadulterated sucker punch to the solar plexus rawk

    • Namath 802
      Namath 802 Month ago

      @Brian Strutter yeah came to point this out. Granted, it was the time for me, young teen when it hit, but yeah, if I was picking am album to hear in its entirety at a show It'd be Back in Black

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B 2 months ago +2

      I should give it a listen!

    • Tim Holtzclaw
      Tim Holtzclaw 2 months ago

      You are correct 💯
      They just went in and jammed!

  • Eddie Fife
    Eddie Fife 2 months ago

    That entire highway to hell album is excellent. Literally Not a single bad song on it.

  • Randall Wilson
    Randall Wilson 3 months ago +11

    My first introduction to Ac/Dc was Whole lotta Rosie. Still my favorite song of theirs. I love the riff for Highway to Hell, but love the Back in Black riff more. I’m glad the band has been uncompromising in their sound all these years, and they’ll continue to be my all time favorite

    • Sarah Ferguson
      Sarah Ferguson 15 days ago +2

      Me too! Whole Lotta Rosie was the very first song from them i ever heard. My best friends's brother was playing it in his room and i literally stopped her and said "what the hell is Casey listening to"?? And i stood by his door until the song ended 🙂 and it's still one of my favorites.

    • Not Expat Joe
      Not Expat Joe 2 months ago +1

      In case you're interested. Whole Lotta Rosemaree Garcia died in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran on March 2, 1979, aged 22. Rosie had a very sad life, She was a big girl: tall, heavy, and ugly by any standard. Bon dated her for about six months in 1976. She lived at 26 Crimea St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia. The house is still there. I wonder if Bon's spirit stops by for a visit once in awhile.

  • Hubba Bubba
    Hubba Bubba Year ago +7

    This band just blew my socks off when I was in Jr. High. They remain one of my faves, almost impossible to overrate. I saw them live and loved the show.

  • Douglas Stoker
    Douglas Stoker 16 days ago

    They have so many good songs, but for me - it's Thunderstruck. It's an amazing song that vibrates through me. ❤

  • Bob Young
    Bob Young 5 months ago +2

    I was living in the Detroit suburbs when I first heard this song. Within days, every rock station in the metro area was playing the hell out of it. It was like the summer anthem. It was my introduction to the band and I now own the bulk of their recorded work. And, yes, I play it often and I play it LOUD.😊🎸😆

  • Scott Leach
    Scott Leach Year ago +137

    Love Highway to Hell, but to me the entire live album "If You Want Blood, You Got It" epitomizes the AC/DC vibe. The best way to listen to it is as loud as possible. Many of those songs, especially at high volume, make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Riff Raff, Whole Lotta Rosie, Bad Boy Boogie, The Jack, Problem Child, Let There Be Rock... absolute classics.

    • Paddy Gora
      Paddy Gora 8 months ago

      Long after humanity is gone aliens will be talking about and rockin to all there stuff.

    • John Rocket
      John Rocket Year ago

      @Andrew Hall It is indeed.

    • David Jones
      David Jones Year ago

      It's even better when it invokes memories of AC/DC concerts in regional Australian towns

    • Jennifer Schmitzer
      Jennifer Schmitzer Year ago

      @Chris Perrien well I wouldn’t either.. ffs .. those grooves in the pressed vinyl are precious man.
      Clean hands that don’t touch the recording, just the rim, tidy stylus, good working order turntable, decent speakers with a nice throaty base.. yep

    • Chris Perrien
      Chris Perrien Year ago

      @Matt Gilbert HMM< I still have mine, you had to be nice to them even during the party hurricanes. I rarely letanyone toucch my albums

  • Mike Point
    Mike Point Month ago

    My favourite song from AC/DC is Jailbreak , the moment Bon is going through the song and Angus is shredding the guitar after Bon’s lyrics. Classic

  • MrOmareffendy
    MrOmareffendy 3 months ago +3

    The riff to me is T.N.T ,so simple but effective at the same time

    THE GUITAR CRANNY 9 months ago +1

    It’s the soul of AC/DC that makes them so great to me. You just can’t help but FEEL their songs.

  • Chloee W
    Chloee W 8 months ago +1

    Long way to the top, hands down . Made them famous in Australia, then they took on the world.

  • TheOneEyedManisKing
    TheOneEyedManisKing 11 months ago +8

    Great video! I’m a huge AC/DC fan and fortunately saw them live 3 times. My son is 28 and my daughter is 16 and they’re both big fans which quite honestly is a proud parenting moment for me. Rock on!

    KHANAGE Year ago +130

    As an Aussie, It's a Long Way to the Top holds a special place in my heart.
    And is practically a National Treasure to the Australian music scene.

    • ultimobile
      ultimobile Month ago +1

      @Mark Wilesmith yes - I can hardly see a sausage roll without thinking "it's a long way to the shop ..."

    • Captain Crunch
      Captain Crunch 2 months ago

      Thanks !! 😊

    • Mark Wilesmith
      Mark Wilesmith  2 months ago +3

      Long way to the top is almost an anthem here in Oz. "It's a long way the shop if you want a sausage roll." is satirical saying in Australia.

    • Pagapor Vista
      Pagapor Vista 5 months ago +1

      @Chad Kimmel agreed! my favorite song!

    • Jesse Jordache
      Jesse Jordache 6 months ago +3

      It's a long way to the top also has the phenom that people getting into AC/DC know well... "Hmm. Don't know about this riff. Going to have to give it another 20 seconds." Their early days they held their cards close to the vest when building up to a song.

  • John van den Heuvel
    John van den Heuvel 2 months ago

    I love this song and crank it up especially when I've had a rough day. Wow!! What a great riff and song!! Bon Scott was awesome.

  • Rene' Powell Bradley

    The opening of highway to hell is classic. Whole lot of Rosie is too. You have to give credit to Thunderstruck for being the song that rules up any crowd anywhere.

    RENO PEREIRA Year ago +1

    #bonscott and #brianjohnson have been legendary over the years, LEGENDS of ROCK #acdc ⚡

  • James Sullivan
    James Sullivan 8 months ago +1

    Caught their act at the World Series of Rock in Cleveland, Summer of '79 and they stole the show! This was the very riff that caught my attention and afterwards, Back in Black hooked me for life!

  • Tari Blevins
    Tari Blevins 10 months ago +2

    Amazing music, one of a kind group. So sad we're losing talent to time. Regret missing their last tour.

  • Julie Hudson
    Julie Hudson Year ago +87

    I saw AC/DC with Bon Scott 3 times...I have seen many other of the classics...Bon was the greatest frontman of all time...His lyric writing is among the greatest...Down Payment Blues...Highway To Hell is the epitome of rock and roll

    • David King
      David King 9 months ago

      You lucky bustard
      Respect mate

    • Muppetpaster
      Muppetpaster 9 months ago

      Bon litterally ROCKED....died in my backyard virtually....

    • dan carter
      dan carter 9 months ago

      Live Wire is THE ULTIMATE example of them at their peak - greatest performance of the purest real-deal rock n roll. Bon walked it like he yelled it. It all died with him.
      Mutt Lang took the dream and canned it!

    • Everyday With A&J
      Everyday With A&J 9 months ago

      I'm very jealous, I would have loved to have seen Bonn but I was only 6 when he died. Whenever someone asks who I think is the best frontman, I tell them Bonn Scott without hesitation.

    • Ben MacDhui
      Ben MacDhui 10 months ago

      @Serge Khripun Absolutely!

  • Lisa Scarrott
    Lisa Scarrott Month ago

    Thank you to bon scott and mal young for their music never forget them and they will always be with us

  • James Brown
    James Brown Month ago

    Thank you Sir , I never heard most of this story. The first time I heard them I was blown away and i loved them from the first beat to the first Oi, And definitely Highway To Hell. They were my favorite band for a dozen years or more.

  • Mark Banasiak
    Mark Banasiak 7 months ago +2

    When released, I was 14 in summer of ‘79. My friend played If You Want Blood for us before I heard Highway. Still one of my favorite albums. First real guitar teacher had us bring what we listened to and wanted to play vs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Walk All Over You was the first AC⚡️DC song I learned.

  • Stuart Saunders
    Stuart Saunders 2 months ago

    Powerage is the best of the best. An underrated effort that really showcases bon, Malcolm and Angus, and their stunning ability to ROCK!!

  • Paul T
    Paul T 2 months ago

    I have been a fan of AC/DC since I was a kid and I still love their music.

  • ChipmunkRapidsMadMan
    ChipmunkRapidsMadMan Year ago +375

    Fixing broken cassettes.
    The download generation will never know the struggle.

    • wesley cardinal
      wesley cardinal 9 days ago +1

      @Vader's Rage Haven't seen any for a while, but yeah it was fun to hold the cassette out the window and watch it unravel at 60mph!

    • Rascal77s
      Rascal77s Year ago +1

      @ChipmunkRapidsMadMan I tried once. I was committed to a mental institution for 6 weeks afterward. I still have nightmares about it.

    • ChipmunkRapidsMadMan
      ChipmunkRapidsMadMan Year ago

      @Rascal77s nope

    • Rascal77s
      Rascal77s Year ago

      Ever try fixing an 8 track? 😱

    • sundayze
      sundayze Year ago

      @ghost mall Filter end of a cigarette made it easier than my pinkie, lol.

  • Philosophers Legacy
    Philosophers Legacy 9 months ago +1

    Amazing band. One of a kind. Always be a part of my soul. Bless you all for gracing us with your talents.

  • Greg Keeling
    Greg Keeling 3 months ago +1

    I first heard this song Highway to Hell on KOME radio in 1979 in San Francisco when it was released and was hooked instantly. I went to the record store and bought the album. I have been a dedicated fan ever since. They are one of the best live acts in my lifetime. I hope to see them again if they make it to the United States.

  • Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson 3 months ago +1

    It’s a great riff, but my favourite ACDC song hands down has to be Thunderstruck with that gorgeous hypnotising arpeggio intro that just builds and builds until the chorus. You just have to turn the volume up to 11 every time!

  • jack Outback
    jack Outback 16 days ago

    One of the greatest Aussie Rock bands of all time.

  • Lesevesel
    Lesevesel 5 months ago

    Mutt Lange also produced LPs for Def Leppard and Shania Twain. His sound is instantly recognizable.

  • John Williams
    John Williams Year ago +113

    One riff that captures their essence. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The most kick ass intro ever!

    • splenderella9
      splenderella9 8 months ago

      @dielaughing73 How can you not be a fan??

    • Draconian
      Draconian 10 months ago +4

      @NoTraceOfSense Morally Questionable Actions at a penny to the dollar

    • NoTraceOfSense
      NoTraceOfSense Year ago +8

      Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price

    • 🏁Prolific🏁
      🏁Prolific🏁 Year ago +1

      Yo fr though that song and that solo is too underrated imo

  • williamfswann
    williamfswann 3 months ago

    I get goosebumps every time I hear this song.

  • Saxon Dark
    Saxon Dark 8 months ago +1

    Highway To Hell was the very first album I bought by AC/DC and from the first moment I heard the opening riff I was hooked and have been a huge AC/DC fan ever since. Their album Let There Be Rock is also a classic with the immortal classic song Whole Lotta Rosie on it among others. Top 3 songs from the Bon Scott era for me are Highway To Hell, Whole Lotta Rosie & Let There Be Rock. My top 3 from the Brian Johnson era are Back In Black, For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) & Hell's Bells.

  • Coriel
    Coriel Month ago +1

    Bon Scott's writing ability is what made AC/DC rise.

  • Gunslinger1875
    Gunslinger1875 9 months ago +3

    I was fourteen when that album came out. I never looked back, everytime I get into my car the first thing I hear is that riff. Thanks Angus ♥️♥️

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine Year ago +1

    ACDC defined by one song, easy rock and roll damnation it's pure rock and roll perfection

  • lepompier132
    lepompier132 Year ago +39

    Bon Scott showed the world you can include Bagpipes into rock, that song is amazing

    • shegocrazy
      shegocrazy 9 months ago

      Bon couldn't actually play the pipes but it was a good idea.

    • carl strickland
      carl strickland Year ago +1

      Animals….Sky Pilot …had pipes in 68

  • Gary Overstreet
    Gary Overstreet 3 months ago

    I've always thought "Jailbreak" is one of their most underrated songs. Love the riff on that one too.

  • Zak Ember
    Zak Ember 2 months ago

    Great video! I love how your videos usually include stories about guys like Mutt Lang and what they contributed. I love those kinds of stories, because we're so used to praising the band that we don't always know who else contributed or pushed the band to improve. Good stuff!

  • Hayden DeGrow
    Hayden DeGrow 2 months ago

    AD/DC has been my favourite band for my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I have air-guitared this riff and sung along to Bon Scott. Highway to Hell is one of my favourite travel tunes, and is a rocking anthem to listen to while driving down the highway. RIP Bon Scott! RIP Malcolm Young! You guys will always be in our hearts!

  • Mantis Driftwood
    Mantis Driftwood Month ago

    This album introduced me to AC ⚡DC during the summer of 1979. I was hooked & started buying all their albums.
    Back then & still today "Powerage" is my favorite AC ⚡DC album.
    I wouldn't see the band live until the Back in Black tour & it always bothered me that I found them too late to see Bon

  • Doogz66
    Doogz66 9 months ago +2

    I was 14yo when Bon Scott passed. If you liked to rock out, when no-one else was looking, it was acceptable to have a tennis racket and a tiny record player to emulate your heroes. I'm a guitar fan but Bon was such a power house, tongue in cheek frontman, his groove was cool and intense and vital. Bon and Brian knew each other and it's only fitting that Brian took that on board as he moved forward with the band. Back in black is the perfect sound they wanted and Mutt was there. Cometh the hour ...

  • Hemant Ishwaran
    Hemant Ishwaran Year ago +102

    Bon Scott was my favorite. His voice was just so distinctive. TNT is amazing. I believe he even plays the bag pipes on long way to the top on the same album (High Voltage)

    • rob taylor
      rob taylor 8 months ago


    • rob taylor
      rob taylor 8 months ago

      @Mark Barker punctuationnotreallyyourstrongpointisitnotreallyaproblemnowdaysaseveryoneisthesamesocarryondontmindmebutillbetyourewrongaboutthebagpipesunlesitwasafairlightsynth

    • Daniel Crawford
      Daniel Crawford 9 months ago

      A Mellotron is not an electric piano. It plays an individual length of recording tape for each individual key and the note would only sustain for as long as each tape was. They were rarely used live as they were so finicky. There weren't too many made and they went out of use in the early 70s... Listen to the beginning of "Strawberry Fields Forever" for the sound of a Mellotron....

    • A nony mous
      A nony mous 10 months ago +1

      I like Brian lots but I f**king love Bon. R.I.P.

  • Adam Ritchie
    Adam Ritchie 10 months ago +4

    AC/DC Was my first concert, 1996 Ballbreaker tour. Blew my mind, immediately started finding my next concert, nothing beats live music with a crowd.

  • Angie Dues
    Angie Dues 2 months ago

    We saw them in San Jose Ca in 2019. The energy was outrageous! Best concert ever.

  • Phuck Turdeau
    Phuck Turdeau 3 months ago

    I started to listen to AC/DC since Highway to Hell. I was ten or 11 years old and I heard that rift for the first time. I have been a hardcore AC/DC fan since. I am now 53 and I still get chill when hearing it.

  • Brett Kervin
    Brett Kervin 4 months ago +3

    Bon lived and breath rockstar his charismatic ways was insane mix that with his voice and the rest of the bands talent it's why they are still a juggernaut house hold name in everyone's life all around the globe and for many more years to come .

  • Dark Highwayman
    Dark Highwayman 7 months ago

    I don't think my teen years in the mid to late 80s could have worked without AC/DC. I always thank my buddy for introducing them to me.

  • David Seymour
    David Seymour Year ago +54

    Sin City, TnT, What's Next to the Moon, Jail Break, the list goes on and on, for Bon. He was not only an incredible singer with a unique style, but imbued every song with his immutable personality, and an attitude that was immediately identifiable to anybody who listened. Bon was an absolute beast, a monster of a singer and persona, one of the greatest rock leads of all time.

    • TheIronLukeVE55
      TheIronLukeVE55 Year ago +3

      Down Payment Blues!

    • Chrispy S
      Chrispy S Year ago +4

      @Treebeard Moon too true and all tracks mentioned are killer. One of the best ftontmen ever. Period. under rated in dome instances.

    • Empirism
      Empirism Year ago +3

      agreed, I would pick Sin City easily. in TNT bass make big role on the feel. But if talking to essence of AcDc riffs... Sin City have it, that style is in countless of their songs.

    • Brian Y
      Brian Y Year ago +6

      Well said. I got into ACDC after Bon's demise but despite Back in Black being such a good album, the band just wasn't the same without Bon. It was missing his spirit. It was a great tragedy that they finally started seeing success just as Bon Scott died.

  • Shane Flanegan
    Shane Flanegan Month ago

    Thank you, great video. Loved Highway to Hell, had their first record, much to my Dads disgust. Wish I’d met Bon, always admired him and his singing ability. I learned a lot of other stuff through this post. Thanks again…

  • Karl *
    Karl * 5 months ago

    This album is the foundation of the rock soundtrack of my life. Back in Black then was layered on top of it. Chills and energy, every time I hear it.

  • Daniel Parsons
    Daniel Parsons 9 months ago +1

    The essence of what Rock & Roll was back in the day. Pub bands and rawness. I knew someone who saw ACDC play at a High School concert when they were first starting out. Bands used to even play schools back in the early seventies in Australia. They payed their dues.

  • Montbrehain
    Montbrehain 9 months ago

    I have been an on and off viewer of POR ... but this episode really hit the spot ! You passion for the subject knows no bounds... and it shows ... excellent ! I can't belive you haven't been offered a TV deal or similar ? But the.. it would be us your Clip-Share fans who would miss out... until then.. keep it up !

  • Chris Wagner
    Chris Wagner 8 months ago

    Hey another great video and great job presenting it so informative and love the backgrounds information. Really gives a new perspective on a song that I've enjoyed for decades keep up the great work man

  • Burnout
    Burnout Year ago +36

    Such a great classic rock album! "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)" is still played daily on my playlist!

  • Salah Ad-Din
    Salah Ad-Din 4 days ago

    Heard a certain track about big balls as a kid and found it hilarious, played it over and over with friends giggling like kids as we were 😁
    Loved them ever since.
    Angus is definitely my favourite guitarist, what a performer

  • RoguishOwl
    RoguishOwl 9 months ago +24

    As an Aussie, and being from Perth WA Acca Dacca will always hold a special place in my heart. The I first songs I heard where T.N.T and it’s a long way to the top, after I heard that I was hooked. And I haven’t stopped listening to them since. 🤘🏻

    • Keith Wilson
      Keith Wilson 3 months ago +3

      I love that you wrote out Acca Dacca rather than type AC/DC. Even if it took longer to type!!! Legendary band from your island sir!!!!

    • Voxguitarsrock
      Voxguitarsrock 3 months ago +1

      Leave it 2 Bon Scott to use the pipes in a rock song!

    • Paul Kiley
      Paul Kiley 4 months ago +2

      @Roy Macdonald Born in Scotland and moved to Australia at a young age

    • Roy Macdonald
      Roy Macdonald 4 months ago

      Why?they're Scottish

  • Aleta Flores
    Aleta Flores Month ago

    I remember where I was, what I was doing, who I was with when I first heard AC/DC album. I turned up the volume, blew the speakers and cruised. I got to see them in San Francisco. The best concert I've ever been to. Angus's guitar solo was, words can't describe how great it was.

  • helipilotuh1
    helipilotuh1 4 months ago

    I wish I could live my life over just so I could experience hearing this song for the first time again.

  • ed collier
    ed collier Month ago

    Love AC CD love playing Highway to Hell I was 18 when the album came we must have played it over a thousand times man 43 years later it's still one of the top 5 Rock an Roll songs ever

  • Joseph Clara
    Joseph Clara Year ago +3

    The Highway to Hell and Back in Black guitar riffs are the two most recognizable riffs in music history. Even non-musicians and non metal aficionados know these two iconic riffs. Thanks for this Adam!!

  • Ann Marie Knapp
    Ann Marie Knapp 7 months ago

    I'm so sorry to hear that Bon Scott passed away so early. Grateful his legacy is still a part of ACDC!!! I consider that metal riff ..of the song really just made a statement and it was fresh. I feel the same way about first few cords of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I remember hearing Nirvana's iconic classic for first time in 1991 and I asked my college bestie...back at that time, "Who the hell is this band?" She said, matter-of-factly, that's Nirvana and I felt the world had shifted on its axis. It was a new sound and sparked my favorite generation of innovative talent with grunge sound. The first Riff off of Highway the Hell seems just as significant for it's moment in time.

  • Sp1der44
    Sp1der44 Month ago

    This Album and Back in Black were staples of my youth and those records were a part of the foundation in my love of music, sound, and guitar. AC/DC exemplifies that; it doesn't have to be complex to rock, and a good part of rock and roll resides in the realm of not what you're playing but how you are playing it. Agree that this would be the record to play if Aliens showed up and wanted to know about Rock music. Great Show.

  • v3rlon
    v3rlon 9 months ago

    Back in Black is a tour de force flat out legend. No bad tracks on that album.

  • W Shrimpton
    W Shrimpton 3 months ago

    Even though Highway to Hell was their real anthem and their break out album, which i absolutley love , it was always going to be Problem Child that made the heat and energy of their live shows , hit home on vinyl

  • Hal Weilbrenner
    Hal Weilbrenner 9 months ago

    One of the greatest REAL rock bands!

  • Tom Whatley
    Tom Whatley Year ago +16

    Highway to Hell was the 1st hard rock album I ever bought in the 7th grade, and it spawned my lifelong love of metal. I owe many, many thanks to AC/DC for this. They are truly one of the greatest bands to have ever existed!

  • The Woomelang Hotel
    The Woomelang Hotel 10 months ago

    I am a Life Long fan. Seen em live 17 times in Australia. Bought my first album (TNT and I still have it) at 8 or 9 years old with my pocket money - that was in in Fremantle Western Australia. They played across the road from my housing commission flat at the Local Pub. I heard them then and have been hooked ever since. They always make me smile. Best Riff is Highway to Hell as a purist then Black in Black and almost everything else they ever wrote is third IMHO.

  • Brother Jo1
    Brother Jo1 2 months ago +1

    The one on your shirt will be forever my favorite AC/DC song. The chord-progression sticks with you due to it's simplicity, the lyrics are unmatched.
    After Bon died AC/DC, in my and many others opinion, was never the same, alltough Back in Black was their American breaktrough I really missed Bon his influence on many of the tracks. Yes, I'm one of those who loves AC/DC prior to Brian Johnson. I still think their cool, but in the 70's they were the coolest.
    I'm from Europe, Belgium, were AC/DC was already big prior to Back in Black and Highway to Hell

    • Russell Bianca
      Russell Bianca 18 days ago +1

      Agree 100% about the Dirty Deeds riff and about the Bon Scott era!

  • Floyd Mills
    Floyd Mills Year ago +1

    I listened to "Back In Black" for almost a year straight every morning before school back in the 90's!!! It got me pumped up just to go to school and do what we did as high school kids, just try to get through another day of school! It was a magical time for sure. Peace and love y'all 🤟

  • Rainwater Joseph
    Rainwater Joseph 24 days ago +1

    We would play acdc at high school parties and all the girls hated it. Then "shook me all night long" was released and suddenly the girls loved acdc.

  • Jason howe
    Jason howe 4 months ago +1

    the reason why bon was loved so much because everything he had a hand into was poetic to a point hitting the vibe of the era..

  • Michael Rochester
    Michael Rochester Year ago +443

    It’s a long way to the top is an amazing song for me because who else would put a bag pipe on top of a heavy rock song? Genius idea

    • Richard Jones
      Richard Jones Year ago

      Try and make a pilgrimage to Kirriemuir in Scotland to see the wonderful statue of Bon complete with pipes. There is also a big Peter Pan theme in the town for the same reason, another great front man (boy).

    • Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson Year ago

      Sky pilot, Animals.

    • David Jones
      David Jones Year ago

      Part one to H2H if you listen to the lyrics

  • drew t
    drew t 2 months ago

    The "Essence" of AC/DC is best embodied in the outro to "Problem Child"... NO DOUBT!!! The drum make you think it's over and the right back to the " kick you in the face" guitar. I can almost picture Bon Scott swaggering off the stage at the end of that song.

  • William Good
    William Good 3 months ago

    Sooooo many great songs (from both vocalists) I favor Bon, but Shook me all night+Those about to rock & of course B in B are epic. To sum up Let There Be Rock!