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$242 vs $13 Fried Rice: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

  • Published on Dec 7, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Pro chef Esther Choi, owner of Mŏkbar in New York and home cook Gabrielle are swapping ingredients and hitting the kitchen to make each other’s crab fried rice recipes. We set Gabrielle up with all of the supplies she’d need to make Chef Esther’s decadent $242 creation while sending a modest $13 worth of ingredients back the other way. While Esther was using her expertise to elevate Gabrielle’s recipe, food scientist Rose dialed in to assist our home cook with a few questions he had along the way. Which one looks best to you?
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    $242 vs $13 Fried Rice: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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  • LilHamHam
    LilHamHam  +32

    I would watch a series of Esther just teaching us how to utilize most of the ingredients we have at home

  • Bilqees Siddiqui

    Esther is explaining everything step by step so professionally like we’re actually gonna understand anything she’s saying 😭

  • safreen khan

    Love how the Esther is so serious and Gabby is jus living in the moment 😂

  • Sai Pavan
    Sai Pavan 4 hours ago +200

    A professional chef is not someone who makes all fancy dishes. Its the one who uses her ingredients efficiently

  • BCT Alicorn

    "I can indeed confirm they have spots on them, so... we're gonna rip their heads off"

  • Trippy SZN

    I love Gabi so muchhhh, she is always having a great time smile on her face and never complains 👏👏 She just gives off great energy and btw Esther is awesome too!!

  • Piqued
    Piqued  +13

    I love that Esther uses EVERYTHING. It's so creative how she repurposes things most people would discard.

  • sam bill
    sam bill  +243

    Watching Chef Esther cook was like attending a high end culinary school...this was a learning experience like no other....if she can do that with such humble ingredients in such a short amount of time...i can not even begin to imagine her creative prowess... am a FAN!

  • Fat Bomb
    Fat Bomb  +530

    Gabi is great, she got a really hard task, I wouldn't know how to deal with that crab. Esther is awesome, appreciate the knowledge she dropped. Nice video.

  • Arjun Mehta
    Arjun Mehta 21 hour ago +226

    Holy moly just tried this recipe today following the $13 ingredients (lol!).. except I added bok choy, pineapple, and carrots as well. And the store didn’t have head-on shrimp, so after boiling the shrimp shells for the stock, I took those same shells and fried them in oil and used them instead of shrimp heads for the shrimp paste… this was the most incredible fried rice I’ve had at home and it truly felt restaurant quality… maximizing flavor and using every part of every ingredient made such a huge difference…. Thank you!!! Mind blown, life changed!

  • Andira Rahman

    This is such a Feel Good video. Gabi looks like she's having such a wonderful time cooking and her smile is energy is contagious. Esther's cooking is so informational and efficient while her charisma really shine through. And the part where they just have a great time tasting and complementing each other's dish at the end is a fitting end to this video. Such a wonderful experience this was.

  • Paula Wojciechowska

    I love how Esther is organized and clean when working. I love how she doesn't waste a thing and makes the most of everything.

  • Fallenreaper

    I love when the pro chefs use the home cook's ingredients, cause it shows me what i can do on a budget to get the most out of what is available to me.

  • Via Kurari

    Please bring Chef Ester again! The way she uses 'products waste' are amazing and creative. While zero waste is trendy again, most tips I find is making stock or save it for later. I need more tips in using 'product waste'!

  • 3x _Cam
    3x _Cam  +47

    Ester needs her own series I would watch her do this all the time 😭👏

  • Sarah Flanagan
    Sarah Flanagan 22 hours ago +4

    I love that Esther was impressed by how cheap the ingredients were and on the other end we’ve got Gabby freaking out, not wanting to waste the expensive food

  • Greg Brunner

    Auntie Esther just taught me some valuable tricks to utilize every thing to its full potential. Thank you so much. Can't wait to incorporate those great cooking skills into my dish's for full on flavor. Gabi made the whole dish look delicious, but the end product was a true work of art. Both looks delicious

  • Kinga
    Kinga  +61

    I love how this video is made. It shows us that you can have basic ingredients and accessories, but if you have some skills and knowledge, you can still make awesome food.

  • Eldibs
    Eldibs  +6

    I love how the pro chef is so confident and clearly knows what she's doing, and still backs away from the hot oil. Makes me feel like less of a coward for doing it myself.

  • Kathy
    Kathy  +230

    Oh my God, seeing Esther and Gabrielle together at the end made me cry. Just the reactions to each other's dishes... it was beautiful. I don't know why this is making me so emotional. Two amazingly talented women<3