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Running A Tightrope: DOOM's Most Precarious Speedrun

  • Published on May 28, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    In this video we will take a long at one of Doom's most difficult and respected speedruns.. The Chasm. It was awesome to be able to go back and dig up the rich history on this level. I suggest you give this level a go, it's incredibly difficult. These speedruns make it look a lot easier than it really is.
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Comments • 3 302

  • PoisonedAl
    PoisonedAl 4 years ago +10151

    No... Don't make a Clip-Share comment correcting him for calling them "floating skulls." Don't be "that guy" ...

    • Big Buck Dusty
      Big Buck Dusty 4 years ago +1187

      I'm 7 minutes in and he's called them Lost Souls 4 times and floating skulls once. The fuck is your point my man?

    • Karl Jobst
      Karl Jobst  4 years ago +2116

      Its just a bit of fun

    • PanterD2S
      PanterD2S 4 years ago +307

      @Karl Jobst We were discussing if thats an east german accent maybe? "Duum" :D However, "floating skulls" is totally ok as an explanation/description - everybody will know what is meant.

    • Karl Jobst
      Karl Jobst  4 years ago +691

      If i have a bit of german/austrian accent thats plausible as my dad is austrian and my grandparents are german.

    • VGamingJunkie
      VGamingJunkie 4 years ago +317

      I propose a compromise, Lost Skulls.

  • MDOI
    MDOI 4 years ago +5526

    10:07 “I hate ledges.”
    13:06 “I love ledges.”
    What a great character arc.

    • Chip
      Chip 3 years ago +341

      23 years later, he's legally married to them.

    • TofuDaTurtle
      TofuDaTurtle 3 years ago +103

      Top ten anime character arcs

    • 587180
      587180 3 years ago +29

      Top ten anime plot twist 😂

    • Huiza
      Huiza 3 years ago +53

      Tsunderes in a nutshell

  • Acid
    Acid 3 years ago +1776

    Early runs: meticulous ledge walking
    Late runs: Tony hawk's pro skater ledge manouvers

    • Allison VP
      Allison VP 2 years ago +5

      Hahahaha boa, ri demais!

    • Gary 108
      Gary 108 2 years ago +60

      Satan: Don’t worry, kickflipping doomguy isn’t real. He can’t hurt you.
      Kickflipping Doomguy:

    • Михаил Агарков
    • Dylan Reed
      Dylan Reed 11 months ago +6

      They went from Dark Souls 1 to Devil May Cry 5.

  • Sean [Is stuck in the basement]

    I noticed something on Looper’s run, when he went through the toxic waste, he only took 5 ticks if damage instead of the other runner’s 6 ticks. That has convinced me that Looper had near perfect movement while running through the the toxic waste.

    • Dark Riot
      Dark Riot Year ago +51

      Well, it's possible to get 5 ticks of damage even with SR40, but it requires luck, as toxic waste damages every 0.9s, no matter where doomguy is.
      I know that it's been lots of time, but whatever, just wanted to say the thing :)

    • umbaupause
      umbaupause Year ago +11

      @Dark Riot Yeah, but the cycle would always start on the same tic, no? So he must be just that tiny bit faster still.

    • Krass Estranged
      Krass Estranged Year ago +24

      Having run the level a lot i think it has to with navigating the corners smoothly in sync with the view bob. I can definitely tell which runs i should have 75% and which runs I should have 70% by my own movement.

    • onikoneko
      onikoneko 21 day ago +1

      Keep in mind damage tics aren't determined by when you fall in the toxic waste, but when the level starts, so he could have had more perfected movement *somewhere* in the level that could have offset the time so he could fall in between tics and only get five instead of six.

  • TheFallorn
    TheFallorn 2 years ago +1247

    Me looking at those walkways:
    “Hello you absolute ledges.”

  • Adam Dagg
    Adam Dagg 2 years ago +240

    The developing romance between demonlord and the ledges was a welcome twist in his character arc

  • Doozy518
    Doozy518 Year ago +92

    "Doom is a very fast paced game"
    Me, slowly wandering around maps, looking for health pickups while praying there isn't some demon around a corner: "Yeah right"

    • Antleredpawn
      Antleredpawn 2 months ago +5

      Yeah fast paced if you don't care about getting all secrets and kills. Some people don't but I love getting 100% everything

  • F TP
    F TP 3 years ago +5320

    i just love how this narrator makes these people sound like the pantheon of immortals

    • Xerosvaldo Aldair
      Xerosvaldo Aldair 3 years ago +472

      absolute legends, u mean

    • Moxie the Game Bunny
      Moxie the Game Bunny 3 years ago +310

      That's because they are. Mortal men need not apply.

    • hemansx
      hemansx 3 years ago +139

      This sounds like blasphemy, let's get him boys

    • Outdater
      Outdater 3 years ago +18

      They are so he doesn't need the try

  • dslyecxi
    dslyecxi 3 years ago +1903

    Your presentation is fantastic. I've watched a few of your Quake and Doom videos now and each one has been really entertaining from start to finish.

  • dotcom137
    dotcom137 3 years ago +656

    _"This was however, before I started to love all ledges, all of them... and they me."_
    Yep. The guy just went mad crazy.

    • DL -
      DL - 3 years ago +127

      I actually thought it was pretty funny when I wrote it. Made peace with 'em with this recording, and left it at that..

    • Levi •
      Levi • 2 years ago +31

      @DL - are you joking?
      thats actually how im going to approach life from now on
      gotta glide trough life's ledges lol
      you're a legend man :')

    • Narnian Ninja
      Narnian Ninja 2 years ago +11

      @Levi • I don't think it's the real one. His account was made a year after this video.

    • Rizaadon
      Rizaadon 2 years ago +3

      I actually think it's him

    • Beautiful Affliction
      Beautiful Affliction 2 years ago +2

      Rizaadxn no

  • Vextrove
    Vextrove Year ago +81

    I love how Sedlo stuck with his vision and kept running the ledges

    • Hans Tang
      Hans Tang 4 months ago +9

      The balls on that guy lol
      "new strat? Hold that thought, need to get WR with the old strat first"
      And then immediately gets 0:34 with the new strat once business is settled

  • JB
    JB 2 years ago +481

    "Come on Looper we're about to cut the cake."
    "Just give me 32 seconds!"

    • Michael Enz
      Michael Enz 2 years ago +8


    • Jennifer Barangan
      Jennifer Barangan Year ago +18

      "But we don't have time!"
      "I'm speedrunning the Chasm!"
      "Okay! Okay! We'll wait for you."

  • MagenCrisis
    MagenCrisis 2 years ago +178

    "Kai's record would only last four days"
    The eternal speedrunner curse.

    • Borkerman
      Borkerman 4 months ago +1

      The record did a speesrun of it's own

  • BruceNJeffAreMyFlies
    BruceNJeffAreMyFlies 3 years ago +1945

    'Love the ledges, and they love me'
    He genuinely started to sound insane at that point.. I guess speedrunning chasm for a year will do that to a man..

    • Gerrard Weatherlight
      Gerrard Weatherlight 3 years ago +139

      I know that this video has been uploaded for a while, but I was just looking for someone who had posted precisely this. When I heard that in the video it crept me out. It's crazy how much some people put at risk their health (in this case their mental health) to beat a record of any kind.

    • DL -
      DL - 3 years ago +76

      Haha! It sure does! You should try it...

    • Asim Siddiqui
      Asim Siddiqui 2 years ago +4

      @Gerrard Weatherlight how can these things badly affect mental health?

    • Brutpenta
      Brutpenta 2 years ago +100

      @Asim Siddiqui "The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result."

    • Josh S
      Josh S 2 years ago +31

      I heard that in the essence of...
      This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will ...

  • Dafi
    Dafi 3 years ago +1264

    Demonlord walked so they can run :')

    • Levi •
      Levi • 2 years ago +79

      true legend

    • Mar Mis
      Mar Mis 2 years ago +46

      And then he full on sprinted when they started running

    • SH HS
      SH HS 2 years ago +22

      I mean he took everything he learned from their runs and did better basically every time

    • Priscila C.O.
      Priscila C.O. 2 years ago +3

      So cute

    • Natalie Woolf
      Natalie Woolf 2 years ago +1

      Super underrated comment

  • Cupcake The Saber Tooth
    Cupcake The Saber Tooth 3 years ago +225

    Doom guy: *running across ledges at high speed and riding walls*
    Demons: *W-what?* **visual confusion**

    • heimdall1973
      heimdall1973 2 years ago +11

      Hey, he just squeezed past me to grab the red key!

    • Ashura D_Fox
      Ashura D_Fox 2 years ago +12

      N-nani?! Strafe Run Dorifto!!!

    • Michael Enz
      Michael Enz 2 years ago +13

      demons: wait doom guy can wallrun?
      Doom guy: always could have.

  • Poppers 73
    Poppers 73 3 years ago +211

    "maybe I don't take the time to get the rad suit and just lose some hp"
    like a caveman who just discovered fire in comparison to the later runs

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It's really mind blowing to see how much time and effort that went into improving this particular speedrun

    • Gnoah Frank
      Gnoah Frank Year ago +4

      Dude you are everywhere, how do you do that? Do you just comment on every video you see

    • Антон Симановский
      Антон Симановский Year ago

      Still want green beard?

    • Kenji
      Kenji Year ago

      See what I mean, eveywhere.

    • William Dávila
      William Dávila Year ago

      min bloguin*

    • Dragon Claw
      Dragon Claw Month ago

      I went to his channel. His channel description is just some guy who comments for fun. He has one video with 4.1 million views. That's why he's verified.

  • Devon Lewis
    Devon Lewis 2 years ago +53

    This video was beyond fascinating. Watching the complete history of a speed run for a particular map really showed how intricate these things are. As an outsider with only passing knowledge of the community this really opened my eyes to how much passion is given to it. Kudos to this video.

  • Kortex
    Kortex 3 years ago +3258

    Damn hearing that Demonlord never held the record for Chasm ever again made me a little sad inside...

    • Mortem
      Mortem 3 years ago +524

      I was rooting for him the whole time...

    • Kaleb Carr
      Kaleb Carr 3 years ago +79

      Mortem same

    • Bowser from Sonic
      Bowser from Sonic 3 years ago +50


    • L. de Wijse
      L. de Wijse 3 years ago +331

      He still had to do lots of discoveries, so despite not holding the record, still worth the fame

    • Bleng Diabloed
      Bleng Diabloed 3 years ago +152

      Demonlord is a beast

  • Kapin
    Kapin 2 years ago +53

    Perhaps The Chasm could be a useful training tool for speedrunners looking to optimise their movement. It forces you to run a path with confidence and precision, which is a skill that could apply well to more barren levels.

  • Guillermo Hernandez
    Guillermo Hernandez 2 years ago +54

    The real record was the absolute legends we met along the way.

  • Alex Or Whatever
    Alex Or Whatever Year ago +10

    I love the sportsmanship between these players. As an outsider to the community, they feel like a group of friends encouraging each other instead of fighting against each other.

  • Arus
    Arus 2 years ago +66

    Other speedrunners: (in-depth 5 paragraph analysis of their run, saying every blemish they made and that they could have optimized.
    Pilger: “I really hate those ledges.”

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 3 years ago +81

    Watching this like "why isn't he bunny-hopping?" Then I remember old-school Doom didn't have jumping. I'm so used to modern games having jumping and seeing every gamer bunny-hopping everywhere (either for speed advantage or just screwing around) that seeing Doom w/o bunny-hopping struck me as odd.. then I remembered it never had it.

    • ikagura
      ikagura 3 years ago +14

      bhopping has vanished from most of the modern fps

    • StarGirl
      StarGirl 3 years ago +11

      @ikagura yeah, many seem to mimic real life and more jumping = you get slow af. Like Battlefield 5.

    • SuperSnivy
      SuperSnivy 3 years ago +3

      While watching the first of Demonlord's runs I was like "Why isn't he jumping? ... oh, wait, he can't here"

    • Chris Mckee
      Chris Mckee 2 years ago

      @ikagura including DOOM Eternal it seems

    • ikagura
      ikagura 2 years ago

      @Chris Mckee Quake Champions as well?

  • duncan ecclestone
    duncan ecclestone 4 years ago +1486

    this is the most granular explanation of a subject I have zero interest in but somehow I can't stop watching.

    • Systems Realty Team
      Systems Realty Team 3 years ago +36

      it's some serious shit

    • Kos 291
      Kos 291 3 years ago +109

      What make this topic so alluring for people who don't even speedrun is that how with time and dedication someone can reach what deemed impossible and also competitive nature of it.

    • Clashman The Third
      Clashman The Third 3 years ago +14

      What do you mean you have 0 interest in Doom

    • Dvoid
      Dvoid 3 years ago +16

      @Kos 291 That and these vids have great editing/narration

    • El Homo
      El Homo 3 years ago +9

      @Kos 291 or some say kosm

  • Kelvin Nueve  (Anime Guitar)

    You know your content is great when someone like me who has no interest and never played doom and no really into speed running watched the whole video through

    • Lisa Henry
      Lisa Henry Year ago +2

      Same. Except I've watched this video multiple times, I keep coming back to it. It's possibly one of my favourite videos.

  • Ryan Norman
    Ryan Norman Month ago +2

    I absolutely love your videos. Whenever I’m having anxiety or get depressed these videos help me so much. Thanks 😊

  • Kasaix
    Kasaix 3 months ago +1

    I love the runner notes. They're like the journal entries written by soldiers in the battlefield. A historical document to be preserved.

  • Destro
    Destro 3 years ago +187

    "The only one to complete a UV pacifist run of underhalls was ZeroMaster"
    decino: **laughs in mastermind**

  • Davi Gurgel
    Davi Gurgel 3 years ago +17

    I never played a doom game in my life, and i don't speedrun, yet youtube recommended it to me. And i loved it lol. Some people just have a way of telling stories that makes any topic interesting to anyone

  • Drgzy
    Drgzy 4 years ago +2602

    The ledges drove him so mad he began loving them

      AIKISBEST 4 years ago +86

      I wonder if that's how Sheogorath got started with cheese.

    • а3мsту
      а3мsту 4 years ago +7

      @handsomebrick oh man I was going to comment that :(

    • Stormwatcheagle
      Stormwatcheagle 4 years ago +69

      Dr. Doomlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ledges

  • Smitty
    Smitty Year ago +4

    Apart from everything else, I find it a bit amazing that such decent gameplay recordings were able to be done in 1996
    Edit: And when I watched just one more of Karl's vids, he explained how the demos can still be downloaded which explains the recording. I love this channel!

  • Roryos011
    Roryos011 8 months ago +3

    Need to appreciate the fact DOOM used demo files for recordings so even 2 and a half decades later we can see exactly what those players did down to the exact input. It's like a nostalgic time capsule.

  • Max Comstock
    Max Comstock 2 years ago +58

    It’s so surreal to me that i wasn’t even alive when the earliest records were set

  • nate duda
    nate duda 2 years ago +6

    I'd love to see a 3rd person view of the catwalk sections to see how close they are to falling lol

  • MilkMonster
    MilkMonster Month ago +1

    I'm curious about whether the speed-runners saw this video and the pride they must have felt. You did good guys, you did good.

  • flow
    flow 4 years ago +5020

    "Not by just 1 or 2 seconds, but by 3 seconds"

    • valera456
      valera456 4 years ago +323

      Super Mario Bros. speedruns be like

    • purdy
      purdy 4 years ago +223

      @valera456 a record is a record

    • hudde814
      hudde814 4 years ago +92

      @purdy you can't say it's only 0.1 seconds

    • EveryTimeV2
      EveryTimeV2 4 years ago +181

      It mirrors real sport times. You'd think 1 Second isn't a lot, but this is really the part of the game where even getting a few frames extra is an olympic feat.

    • Artrysa
      Artrysa 4 years ago +33

      For a speed run that's quite a big difference. Depending on what run and on how many times the record has already been improved of course.

  • Wosh
    Wosh 2 years ago +5

    Those later runs almost look like TAS runs, very impressive

  • Polygon Donut
    Polygon Donut 2 years ago +3

    These videos are such adventures to watch, very well put together and truly gives me an appreciation for ever single technique these incredibly high level runs use and how those techniques developed overtime.

  • r-pupz
    r-pupz Year ago +2

    I don't even really play games but I LOVE speedrunning. Just goes to show you don't have to play the games to enjoy the sport, much like you don't need to play football to enjoy watching it!
    I used to play Doom a ton as a kid, but I enjoy watching speedrunners in all kind of games I've never played (no time at this point in my life, I'm a junior doctor.)
    Thank you so much for the amazing content! The technical skill of speedrunning and the community around it is inspiring and fascinating, thank you for bringing it to a new audience :D

  • Pink Man
    Pink Man 8 months ago +2

    These speedrunners are so clean with their movements that they make it look like you CAN'T fall off the wall. Amazing.

  • DB Turbonub25
    DB Turbonub25 Year ago +2

    I was only 12-13 years old in 96 but I used to get so scared because I get deeply emotionally attached to most games I play, I used to try and blaze through them. If only I knew about these speed runs back then! Watching this really brings back some memories! Great video as always!!!

    • TetraKael
      TetraKael Year ago +1

      You can't be too old to speedrun. Give it a chance sometimes. The community is very helpful in terms of tips and tricks..

  • LuLzMrTom
    LuLzMrTom 4 years ago +1430

    It's great that there is so much saved footage and documentation for these records that you can make such an in depth video of events that happened over 20 years ago

    • GotDubsteq
      GotDubsteq 4 years ago +82

      It really is amazing. I ran into watching this Speedrun History stuff after it appeared in my Recommendations 7-8 months ago. Learning about all these Absolute Legends and being able to see footage from 20+ years ago is remarkable! So glad I found this community it's so cool to watch!

    • ThatHomestar
      ThatHomestar 4 years ago +143

      Demo files were a genius way of being able to watch someone's replay while keeping filesizes to a minimum. I wish more games still had this kind of feature.

    • Tim Williams
      Tim Williams 4 years ago +82

      That's the best part, it's not even footage, just demos. Lightweight, easily shared, and usually accurate. (Downside: rarely, glitches cause desyncs, or different ports suffer from incompatibility.) Absolutely the case that Doom created speedrunning as we know it!

    • Rudski
      Rudski 4 years ago +55

      For a lot of games that is true, but for doom it's even better as others have said the runs were saved as txt files of the exact button presses(saved by the ga,e) that anyone could send and receive easily even on dial up that now you plug them into doom and can watch in 2019 quality

    • Weetu
      Weetu 4 years ago +4

      @Myself There is already such a category: tool-assisted speedrunning.

  • Tenchua
    Tenchua 2 years ago

    Speedrun isn't just a form of entertainment, it's art

  • TshaSSB
    TshaSSB 3 years ago +21

    8:31 that gameplay went from 0 to 100 in a millisecond

  • s3ns3i
    s3ns3i 3 years ago +1

    I've watched it maybe six times now? I go back to it every other day, because it's so interesting to listen to. Not only because those people are training and breaking Doom's records for 27 years, but because your material is so well organized, so well written and edited. This is so relaxing to watch. Thank you, sir.

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller 11 months ago +1

    Love how Demon Lord was open to new methods discovered by others but mastered them

  • World weary wombat 摆烂

    Karl is the only guy that can get me to watch a 30 minute video about the history of speedrunning a game that I don't play and have never even seen played fast. Great video

  • Egg Of Wah
    Egg Of Wah 3 years ago +620

    i was rooting for demonlord the whole time.
    i'm glad he had a happy ending

    • chchedda
      chchedda 2 years ago +15

      Did he go to a Thai brothel?

    • Kay Kay
      Kay Kay 2 years ago +83

      ''He is now living a happy life with ledges''

    • Levi •
      Levi • 2 years ago +13

      @chchedda more like Thai Ledgethel

    • Artician
      Artician 2 years ago

      @Levi • lmao

    • Kourumi aka Fubuki and loli slayer
      Kourumi aka Fubuki and loli slayer 2 years ago +25

      He’s like late 40s now. Heck, most of the doom speed runners back then are like old, on their late 30s to 40s.

  • El Caballo
    El Caballo Year ago

    I truly admire people that put all eggs on the pan to make history big shout out to karl and all the doom warriors that worked so hard to make doom history

  • Aeternaliter
    Aeternaliter 2 years ago +6

    Imagine being a demon and seeing Doomguy running towards you at 60 miles per hour.

  • PermianExtinction
    PermianExtinction 3 years ago +234

    Doom speedrunners playing this level and getting to the walkway section:

  • a guy
    a guy 2 years ago +5

    I remember this video. It's great. I really like these speedrun progression stories because only insiders have all this info and it's really great to somewhat tap into the drama we missed out on. So very detailed and informative, I love it

  • TheMikeyb86
    TheMikeyb86 Year ago +1

    As an 8 year old, I remember watching my much older brother and his friend speedrun Chasm and being in awe. I asked how did he get so good and no joke, I still remember to this day his answer: "I love Chasm because it's so hard."
    Basically, his experience confirms what Demonlord said, to love the ledges.

  • sillypenta
    sillypenta 4 years ago +1561

    "You just need to know where to run, and be very fast."
    Words to live by

    • Carbon Roller Caco
      Carbon Roller Caco 4 years ago +37

      It really is ironic that FPSes and not Sonic The Hedgehog games are the biggest _speedrunning_ games.

    • Optimus6128
      Optimus6128 4 years ago +19

      "You just need to look down and haul your ass."

    • Sheila olfieWay
      Sheila olfieWay 4 years ago

      exactly if you know the map you can run all the way through the map and I know it well enough to do that.

    • Carbon Roller Caco
      Carbon Roller Caco 4 years ago +3

      @Voxel In-game doesn't always match in-lore. And _whoosh_

      KRUPP CORP 4 years ago

      @Carbon Roller Caco woooosh*

  • Lambda-M
    Lambda-M Year ago +1

    I love how entertaining this can get even for a non-speedrunner

  • Everything is F'd
    Everything is F'd 5 months ago

    This was incredibly entertaining, I respect both the dedication that went in to make the video and also think of all the hours over the years that went into this record. It's kind of mind blowing. Pretty dope.

  • Jan Bok
    Jan Bok Year ago

    Oh the memories.... This is the video that got me subscribed to Karl and he is the guy who made me understand and admire speedrunning. Something I would otherwise never do.

  • Master Luxu
    Master Luxu Year ago

    Can we just a minute to appreciate that demonlord set the time at 1:58. Then through the fire of competition was able to push it down to less than a minute.
    That had to be a good day for him 😃

  • TransgenderMess
    TransgenderMess Year ago

    its so cool to have this speedrunning history preserved.

  • SullySadface
    SullySadface 4 years ago +1350

    Never stop these. You're very good at explaining and cataloging speedrunning history and breaking down tricks.

    • Mr London Go
      Mr London Go 4 years ago +31

      Yes and nice touches like not showing the final time until the end of Loopers WR run, excellent content as always.

    • Charlie Digital
      Charlie Digital 4 years ago +12

      I love this. As a person who just BARELY got into DOOM Classic in 2018 I've been absolutely obsessed with it. I've been playing it almost exclusively Project Brutality, but the game is incredible no matter how you play it. Watching these makes me love it even more.

    • VictoryfortheFreeman
      VictoryfortheFreeman 4 years ago +5

      Are you loss?

    • Bucketdozer
      Bucketdozer 4 years ago +1

      @VictoryfortheFreeman I think he is.

    • Quarren Everett
      Quarren Everett 4 years ago +3

      @Charlie Digital brutal doom and map pack also doom 2 facination

  • Joe _
    Joe _ 2 years ago

    I dont even play video games but I love this channel and particularly this video. The progression is amazing. I must have watched it a dozen times and just cant get enough.

  • C M
    C M 3 years ago +5

    This guy really makes these videos interesting with the amount of details and explanations. Well done. Suddenly I wanna be a video game speed runner.

    • pyro
      pyro Year ago

      After watching Karl's Hangar video I decided to try and speed run the level for fun. My God do these speed runners have some skill and mental fortitude.

  • PalleLemus
    PalleLemus Year ago +1

    Would be so fun to see you interview people like Seldo and the other legendary speedrunners!

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf 2 years ago

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    "Two days later the record was taken down by 15 seconds."

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    • gozinta82
      gozinta82 3 years ago +3

      @Kos 291 That's one of the many reasons I tend to watch it after the stream. ;)

    • Kos 291
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    • Vez
      Vez 3 years ago +26

      @Chromatest J. Pantsmaker
      Karl explained this in another video. Doom and quake use "demos" which are basically really small files that capture the movement perfectly. That's why these runs are such good quality.

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    2: Sedlo is amazing. I could not get anywhere close to his runs even with years of practice.
    3: Looper is a god at this game. let the numbers speak for themselves.
    4: it's kinda amazing that even after all these years, doom is still one of the spookiest first-person shooters out there.
    I hope you all have a good day, and Especially you, Looper, if you're reading this.

    • lyca0n
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      "The secret is to really love those ledges.. And I do."
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    • ThomasMink
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      @Stefan M. Probably played more Chasm than all of us normies combined to get that 45.. and with that other guy throwing the slight jab out there saying that Demonlord could only maybe beat the 48 by a second or two.. dude probably held back submitting some 46 and 47 runs just out of spite.

    • DL -
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