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Deku VS Asta (My Hero Academia VS Black Clover) | DEATH BATTLE!


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  • short.connor23
    short.connor23 Month ago +2571

    Fun Fact: 15:33 when Asta said “Man, this guy can even give Luck a run for his money” was a reference that both Luck and Deku were voiced by the same English voice actor

    • SOUP41OO
      SOUP41OO 6 days ago

      It's kinda stupid, because Luck would murder Deku

    • YoHomie John
      YoHomie John 10 days ago

      Wrong, his theory's not only correct but also part of DEATH BATTLE wikis easter eggs

    • SmashFan27
      SmashFan27 16 days ago

      Yah why didn’t the get Justine Bryner back as Deku.
      He voiced PIT in his episode.

    • Syed Aetimaad Ahmed
      Syed Aetimaad Ahmed 16 days ago

      And same Japanese voice actor

    • DelSupra
      DelSupra 18 days ago

      Ehhh... Deku's slow by a huge margin compared to Luck. That line is stupid!!!!! Deku's MHS+ speed has nothing on FTL characters like Luck!!!!!

  • Nathan Labrador
    Nathan Labrador Month ago +1989

    Asta hit Deku so hard, he ended up in Fortnite.

    • Chillinpeper
      Chillinpeper 10 days ago

      @Sir Smiteful not that bad tbh idk why yall actin as if we stuck in the bad old days of season x xd

    • Kaja X Lesly
      Kaja X Lesly 11 days ago

      @Hai Nguyen Super Fr!

    • johnny cake
      johnny cake 11 days ago +1

      @Slick-Drip-Vic he is in fornite

    • Marcus Bowman
      Marcus Bowman 14 days ago


    • Slick-Drip-Vic
      Slick-Drip-Vic 17 days ago +1

      @Kaja X Lesly First Naruto, then dragon ball, and now my hero academia. Who's next, one piece, or maybe even bleach?

  • CuteLittleFoxMakomo
    CuteLittleFoxMakomo Month ago +788

    It's very nice to see Deku being as smart and tactical as he can in the beginning, meanwhile Asta was very simplistic with his strategy "I just have to hit him really hard." Then towards the end Deku succumbs to that same simplistic by saying the exact same line.

    • Zz Reed
      Zz Reed 26 days ago +1

      @Maximiliano Garcia there was more than that deku does use a lot of strategies when he fights his first and 2nd battle with bakugo all deku did was stratagize, his training with gran torino, his battle against mirio, shigaraki, nagant, class A, etc I understand that many of deku's fights ends with him defeating a villain with just sheer strength but it's not like deku doesn't stratagize at all he consistently thinks and fights with quick thinking he studies his opponents movements and predicts oncoming attacks and with the multitude of quirks he has he needs to think even faster

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 28 days ago +1

      @Maximiliano Garcia okay

    • Maximiliano Garcia
      Maximiliano Garcia 28 days ago +1

      @Amuro Ray asta has done it but it’s not his go to all the time like midoriya. And I did recognize he fought gentle with strategy… but that’s it… he fought with strategy. He beat him with pure strength once he went pink glows
      I’ll give you nagant… I’ll give you that. But even gentle was BEAT with pure strength… not strategy. And everyone other than nagat was fought and beat with pure strength… he had help from Eri for horikoshi to develop a flashier fight rather than smarter fight cause plot armor eri allowed it. The rest midoriya is just powerhousing everything. Except gentle’s fight until the last moment when he resorted to brute force.

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 28 days ago +1

      @Maximiliano Garcia wrong. he used Gentle’s own air bubbles against him to shoot air bullets. That’s 100% strategy. His last attack against Gentlr was a shoot style kick to the face. Beating someone in hand to hand combat is a power struggle? Asta has done the same when he goes beyond his limits.
      He only used faux 100% against Lady Nagant because Chisaki was about to get killed and he needed to reach him in time . Otherwise he used smokescreens and diversions against Nagant.
      You said he didn’t use strategy and he did.
      Who did he overpower to beat? Muscular and Overhaul. He needs help in most of his fights

    • Maximiliano Garcia
      Maximiliano Garcia 28 days ago +2

      @Amuro Ray bs he fought gentle with strategy and ended up beating him with a strength struggle once he powered up with la brava’s quirk. Lady nagant? I honestly don’t know but I do remember him using fa jin faux 100% to beat a lady that has no super strength… that doesn’t sound like strategy to me… had he used just strategy he wouldn’t really need that much raw physical power…. Also… 2 villains that have a shaky argument of him using strategy out of how many?

  • SkyBolt
    SkyBolt Month ago +215

    “Take that Detroit” has gotta be one of the best lines I’ve heard in death battle

    • JugoIsDead
      JugoIsDead 4 days ago +1

      @k askew same bruh 😭😭

    • k askew
      k askew Month ago +7

      I’m from the D. And I thought I was tripping when I heard him say that

    • YoHomie John
      YoHomie John Month ago +6

      He didn't even know the definition of Detroit

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago +575

    Deku being dead before Asta’s swords hit him is honestly so sad, seeing his eyes lose their light after his final punch as he says “I did it…” like damn. One of my new favorite endings to a battle

    • RooByrne
      RooByrne 3 days ago +1

      @ChaosVector His eyes literally go white mid air

    • Ryan Sr. Dog
      Ryan Sr. Dog 29 days ago +2

      huh? did Deku die in the air from his own limit or from Asta's blow when the two collided?

    • ZFEX!
      ZFEX! Month ago +2

      @ren branwen why not?

    • Mason Walsh
      Mason Walsh Month ago +2

      @Elaina Vigil how is he not dead when his swords hit him

    • Ex_Kanto Champ.
      Ex_Kanto Champ. Month ago +2

      @Guamish source?

  • Tindall4CO b
    Tindall4CO b Month ago +217

    I really love how this fight seem to cause Asta to have a hatred for Detroit just from being yo-yo’d with Detroit Smash

  • Nez
    Nez Month ago +115

    Honestly they really missed out on having a fight between Deku and Rock Lee since All Might fought Guy. It could have been a cool callback.
    I think it would have been a much closer battle without a huge stomp.

    • Based Barack Obama
      Based Barack Obama 5 days ago +1

      Rock Lees was an unfortunate stomp too, its like death battle doesnt even care to make the fights even.

    • huggiesdsc
      huggiesdsc 8 days ago +1

      Rock Lee and Deku both scale to their senseis' feats. It's almost pointless to rehash the battle

    • YoHomie John
      YoHomie John 10 days ago +1

      Well, Rock Lee's already been in DEATH BATTLE, and both him and Deku have the same record

    • DeShawn Davis
      DeShawn Davis 12 days ago +5

      It would probably end the same, Lee could've won with just his gates

    • comicking428
      comicking428 13 days ago +3

      At the same time, it's kind of redundant.

  • Greed
    Greed Month ago +192

    I knew Asta was going to win, but damn that still hurt to see my boy go down like that

    • conner olson
      conner olson 7 days ago

      @Coolstarytasta and Luffy? That’s a completely weird one what’s their connection? Asta vs Meliodas makes more sense.

    • Kraal
      Kraal 15 days ago

      @B0ng Water yes i know but they left so many of asta abilties to and played it of as "his anti magic only has an effect on magic" which isnt even true it works and real objects aswell it just doesnt absorb them, meaning that he could oneshot deku with something like his equinox or zetten, which were already revealed in the manga when they made this

    • Space Windu
      Space Windu 15 days ago


    • ً
      ً 15 days ago

      @B0ng Water bro thinks we're listening 💀

    • B0ng Water
      B0ng Water 15 days ago

      They left out so many of dekus quirks.....

  • Biollante
    Biollante Month ago +66

    Lmao deku just broke his arms enough times to build resistance to breaking his arms

    • magortom
      magortom Month ago +7

      I feel like people always forget that the condition for being able to use one for all at 100% is just having a stronger physical body through working out which Deku has been doing for a year and 10 months, any damage he does to his arms now is way less than at the beginning of the series through season 3

  • Brian Kao
    Brian Kao Month ago +2209

    Love how they acknowledge that Deku is practically the Spider-Man of the My Hero universe due how the mangaka is a huge fan of the latter

    • code :066 Funkin Bird
      code :066 Funkin Bird 11 days ago

      @robertjr kind of

      NAICYOCO 18 days ago

      @José Gabriel Domingos no since mrs marvel is luffy but not but not bitched like her Izuku is a hybrid of Spider-man and lowballed hulk

    • Gimme Skooma
      Gimme Skooma Month ago

      @Dragon Cat You don't read comics huh? It's fine if you don't it just seems like it. Again I said "to me" which means what I said was an opinion I'm not arguing with you and I'm not trying to change your mind I'm saying that's how I view it.

    • Dragon Cat
      Dragon Cat Month ago

      @Gimme Skooma
      That's the last thing I want to hear.
      Shazam is still childish very much to me.
      He dosent feels the responsibility of saving people.
      He was just playing around and making some videos to get views.
      He doesn't deserve to be a hero.
      He has just pure heart,but he dosent has responsibility.
      Izuku has and feels strongly the responsibility of saving people even before he had powers.
      Izuku is actually very much burdened with the responsibility
      He worked himself tirelessly, for 2-3 days to find villain.
      Izuku is more worthy, deserving, hardworking and actually feels the responsibility of saving people and not some kid with hero complex,who thinks himself very much special or greater or cooler than others just because he has powers
      How can you find izuku similar to Shazam?
      My point is though both Shazam and izuku are chosen one,izuku worked tirelessly and did hardwork like Batman for the powers he got with the responsibility like Spiderman

    • Gimme Skooma
      Gimme Skooma Month ago

      @Dragon Cat to me he's similar to Kamala and Shazam in personality but that's just me and for that last part all heroes feel that responsibility to save people because of their abilities that's why they're heroes

  • Space Windu
    Space Windu Month ago +43

    I'm a fan of MHA but Asta has fought full fledged devils. No contest, nuff said...

    • Lord Zanas
      Lord Zanas 10 days ago

      @B0ng Water yeeeeah... no. No, it was not. Asta takes this, easy. The power scaling differences between shows is nuts.

    • Shasha23
      Shasha23 12 days ago

      @B0ng Water they nerfed Asta so that Deku can even compete, with just casualty break Asta could just render Deku useless again by taking away his power, Asta can block attacks that can 1 shot countries without even trying, even EOS Deku will never stand a chance against pre-time skip Asta

    • ً
      ً 15 days ago

      @B0ng Water bro thinks his opinion matters 💀

    • B0ng Water
      B0ng Water 15 days ago +1

      They put in like 2 out of his 10 Quirks. Its just a Black clover bias, AAsta is OP in a world of MAGIC not quirks. He is powerful but nobody can take as many smashes as he did and live, not eve asta.

    • MetalMario1231
      MetalMario1231 28 days ago +3

      Dont know if that gives you an auto win but sure.....guess in this case it did

  • Wahaj Haider
    Wahaj Haider Month ago +59

    fun fact if you pay close attention to Asta's devil union form it, its the old version before he unlocked true devil union and it only lasted 1 minute in this battle instead of 5

    • Lord Zanas
      Lord Zanas 11 days ago +3

      I attributed that to Deku hitting him. *Really hard*

    • Kraal
      Kraal 19 days ago +1

      @Jan Patrick MADRONERO 5 mins? bro asta blitzes deku in less than 10 seconds so it doesnt matter

    • Jan Patrick MADRONERO
      Jan Patrick MADRONERO 25 days ago +1

      You do realise all his devil union forms (except partial DU) lasts 5 minutes right?

  • Cloaked :/
    Cloaked :/ Month ago +93

    honestly after reading few about half the comments here there was really 3 sides to this death battle...
    the MHA Fans who were mad deku lost despite him having no actual way of winning (they haven't read black clover)
    the Black Clover Fans who were mad at the SEVERE downscale of asta (they only put him at around low country when its possible to argue he's around small moon level ish)
    and then the people who actually enjoyed the fight for what it was and joked about the mister satan ending

    • Arunas Lukosevicius
      Arunas Lukosevicius 8 days ago

      I am all 3 😂 but on clover side, because black clover is 10/10

      NAICYOCO 16 days ago +1

      they lowballed Asta really much and Deku tho but we all know that Asta easy

      NAICYOCO 16 days ago +1

      honestly i still didn’t see any MHA fan except me but i have watched black clover though

    • Joshua Hughes
      Joshua Hughes 21 day ago +1

      @Turbo Animation I agree with you on that.

    • Joshua Hughes
      Joshua Hughes 21 day ago +1

      And that They said Asta scaled to that 488.5 Teraton feat, which as actually Large Country level, not Small or Low, but/just Large.

  • Maximiliano Garcia
    Maximiliano Garcia Month ago +40

    “While you may not have the abilities of your peers, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams” while asta may be a good example of that. Midoriya isn’t.

    • Beastking22
      Beastking22 7 days ago

      Not true, midoriya has proven that even without a quirk, he has the potential to be come a hero (him trying to save bakugo from the sludge villain was proof enough) and besides at their lowest both asta and deku were about to give up until yuno and All might gave them the inspiration they needed to overcome their despair and gain the abilities they needed to reach for their goals.
      However I doubt that asta can become the wizard king with his anti magic and demon swords, but he could be a killer demon king

    • code :066 Funkin Bird
      code :066 Funkin Bird 11 days ago

      @ultimasuper exactly

    • ultimasuper
      ultimasuper 18 days ago +3

      I mean... Both of them got "Gifted Powers" in the end (OFA and Anti-Magic), the biggest difference is that Asta's efforts BEFORE he got his Powers played a huge role as to why he could even use them properly at all, while Deku didnt really bother until he actually got OFA

    • MetalMario1231
      MetalMario1231 28 days ago +4

      .....idk i think midoriya is fine as an example....it may have been better if he was never given a quirk and still went to ua but asta still got some form of ability as well so it balances out

  • Frog Guy
    Frog Guy Month ago +1656

    "I don't know what Detroit is, but I've had enough of it" is my favorite line in any Death Battle

  • Nicky Richtofen
    Nicky Richtofen Month ago +14

    What i think isnt talked about but asta is actually really smart once he puts his mind to it. As he has solved many issues when he actually tbinks abouts about it especially in combat. As he was able to pick up ki insanely fast. And became second nature.

  • The-Big-AA
    The-Big-AA Month ago +5

    The real victory of this Death Battle is that they managed to make Asta sound much less annoying XD

  • Joshua Conklin
    Joshua Conklin Month ago +10

    Quick note, real Greatswords are not dull bludgeons, this is a common misconception but a well kept blade will be just as sharp as any other, no reason to deliberately make a weapon less effective.

  • Sel
    Sel Month ago +9

    I dont know if I'm remembering right ((SPOILERS)).
    But Deku was the only one to be able to use all the quirks? And had the best "connection" with one for all. Allowing him to constantly speak to the "imprints" of the former holders. All Might said that he had never been to be able to connect to them like that, but could feel Deku being able to if he had physical contact with Deku during it.
    Also, it wasn't just that Deku moved automatically to save his friend. But, the actual or "the ideal holders" needed to be quirkless. Or else one for all would burn away their life force.

    • Beastking22
      Beastking22 7 days ago

      Your half right, cause before deku possessed OFA, his body moved on its own to save kacchan from the sludge villain. And even though OFA burns the life force of quirk users more than quirkless people, it would only be accepted by those who are worthy of weilding OFA, even if it can be transfer by force or if the weilder give OFA to the next successor, they would have to find those with the noble heart to be it's worthy of having it

  • Discount
    Discount 2 months ago +2420

    did you know? deku’s black whip has the properties of both rubber and gum

    • Dragelands
      Dragelands 16 days ago

      @Gontha it is a hunter x hunter reference

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago

      @Itamar Keren I see

    • Itamar Keren
      Itamar Keren Month ago

      @Amuro Ray no, and I don't think he'll be the first HxH character to make it. With the return of HxH, it's likely they will do a matchup, but they will probably go for people like Killua, Meruem or Kurapika as the first HxH representatives

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago

      @Tejas Gokhale the amount of people guessing the reference wrong has me sweating bullets 😂😂

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago

      Has Hisoka EVER been in a Death Battle?

  • Crimson Bolt
    Crimson Bolt Month ago +26

    While I’m not happy they defied their own logic with Izuku’s death, I will admit that I’m happy that “Survived a nut shot from Kota” was included in Izuku’s feats list.

    • Beastking22
      Beastking22 7 days ago

      Honestly deku performed more amazing and better feats than that, but hey

    • Quinten Hamon
      Quinten Hamon 14 days ago +3

      Glad some people know physics based on the replies

    • Quinten Hamon
      Quinten Hamon 14 days ago +3

      @uacrimsonbolt my science teacher taught us how high up you would have to drop a Blunt Iron Rod from to Impale a cat on the ground(don't ask) Point is even A blumt object can stab with enough force. They are still pointed, And Very very heavy, With the height and force Of all 3 coming down on his back will Pierce. Especially since Deku is Unconscious basically and can't activate His Quirk. Seriously people be forgetting basic physics.

    • MetalMario1231
      MetalMario1231 28 days ago +4

      It was a stab not a cut crimson bolt.....kinda different there

    • Shen
      Shen Month ago +14

      @Crimson Bolt Stabbing and cutting are two different things, buddy. If you're cutting, you need something sharp, but if you're stabbing, you need something pointy; the edges of Asta's swords are dull, but their tips are pointy.
      Death Battle didn't defy anything.

  • Joshua Frazier
    Joshua Frazier Month ago +2

    I mean at least Asta won cause from what I know there should be no world in which he loses. Like sure Izuku is strong but he should be weaker than Asta. The easiest way of seeing this is by how Yuno is almost mountain level in early black clover while Deku is at max mountain level currently while Yuno has grown much stronger since then and Asta scales to him.
    Maybe if this was a hypothetical adult Izuku he could win because then he could using something close to like 200-300 OFA in short bursts via a mix of OFA, Fa Jin, and Gear Shift but like this nah he never stood a chance.

  • Michael Ham
    Michael Ham Month ago +8

    In this case asta is indeed faster but overdrive should have giving a means to catch up and also allow deku to just slap him around in the battle field I just feel like this was down to quickly and could have waited till both series was over also asta new ability would just pretty much erase everything around him physically and magic alike but that was never introduced as well

    • the crab knight
      the crab knight 28 days ago +1

      mainly because it wouldn't be a death battle video at all if he could just erase deku just like that

  • Zino Typhoon
    Zino Typhoon Month ago +200

    They lowballed asta so bad didn’t include most of his feats and Deku still lost😭

    • Brandon Hann
      Brandon Hann 2 days ago

      He won any are you bitching

    • Andy_T
      Andy_T Month ago

      @Carlosatm17 yet he will still lose

    • Carlosatm17
      Carlosatm17 Month ago

      Deku got the same treatement

    • FunXGlobe
      FunXGlobe Month ago

      @some_shitposting_idiot still asta way stronger then deku physically and mentally he can take beating from people who outscale city/continental attacks and villiams who can put you in 1000 tons of gravity just like casual.

    • Olu Smoke
      Olu Smoke Month ago +1

      @Yeah had being past tense, but they're still swords 💀 and anti magic still amplifies Asta's physical capabilities even if he couldn't cut Deku in half at based it'd still cut through skin 💀
      Remember Deku doesn't outscale his own ability defensively and he's mid island level

  • Rinzor
    Rinzor Month ago +2430

    Deku: I'll form a plan of attack!
    Asta: I have a plan; Attack!

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago

      @goofy he beat Lady Nagant with strategy. So that’s wrong

    • Darius Watley
      Darius Watley Month ago


    • Lord Doomer
      Lord Doomer Month ago

      I was so scared that Deku won near the end, I would have been so pissed...

    • josheeyz gaming
      josheeyz gaming Month ago


    • Suro_Hirano
      Suro_Hirano Month ago

      @Deathmare Really? I don't remember any significant feats from Harry Potter. Especially their speed.

  • Hydromous
    Hydromous Month ago +7

    "Huge frightening pectorals on a tiny screaming goblin child" bro didn't have to do him like that😭🤣🤣💀💀

  • Nêmo
    Nêmo Month ago +10

    WTF why asta is so nerfed in this video? First he is not this stupid, second his is much more faster than ligh, Deku even stand a chance. Third, he don't use three swords. like zoro...

    • joy
      joy Month ago

      @Gabriell Reno Lmaoo

    • Gabriell Reno
      Gabriell Reno Month ago

      Cause in reality Asta might not be as dominating against deku as you think he is cause oh god I have some crazy crazy proof that could take my heroes anime to a whole different stratusfere

    • Gabriell Reno
      Gabriell Reno Month ago

      My dude they're both nerfed deku is unknowingly nerfed because his feats were grossly glossed over and low-key somehow if you see this reply so I can prove it to you just like I've single handedly proved it to everyone else that's said that to me I have footage I have facts from real world and anime logic test and ill tell you just how broken these ppl truly are

    • L N
      L N Month ago

      he does use a sword with his mouth that one time he got both of his arms broken though. Not 3 at once, but still.
      Otherwise, all true.

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi Month ago +3

    Asta having the same stragety as TSF Goku. Hit him harder lol.

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga Month ago

    This season finale is going to be a strange one. It may be because he beat Broly and Janemba, but Gogeta's my favorite of the fusions. No offense, but anyone else notice how Vegito wasn't the one who beat his opponents?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    The people who’ve been reading both the manga knew who was going to win this. Nonetheless, I appreciate Death Battle for making the fight look closer than it actually would’ve been.

    • Shadow426
      Shadow426 Month ago

      @game universe Unless the magic congures a physical thing with actual weight and not just an explosion shaped like something, the average well built dude could deflect the majority of magic attacks because things that make those sized explosions, aren't nearly as heavy as you think they are.

    • thedarksøulofdemons
      thedarksøulofdemons Month ago

      @Thanos like jokes aside fr

    • Jens Kessen
      Jens Kessen Month ago

      @Jr and Asta took out the king of hell that crumbled an entire kingdom by just being there as he used gravity magic,
      A demon the size of at least a skyscraper that was about to evaporate the entire clover kingdom in one attack
      And a devil that could manipulate reality with word soul magic, a devil fusion that made a sun consisting of fire and ice the size of an entire kingdom and hit it back with pure force (as anti magic isnt like pong where it it touched it, it just instantly repels it, he has to be able to put the right amount of force behind it to hit it back)
      And a guy in ep60 that absorbed the elemental spirit of fire said to be able to evaporate the ocean and Asta tanked an attack from him in base
      So I think we're square

    • Thanos
      Thanos Month ago

      This guy is everywhere

    • thedarksøulofdemons
      thedarksøulofdemons 2 months ago

      @sharebear421 indeed....but I think they are starting to step up their game now

  • Isaiah Rivera
    Isaiah Rivera Month ago +22

    In all honesty, this was a good match up, but as someone who loves to read the manga for both BNHA and Black Clover, I would have to say that considering they're both on their final arcs, I feel like death battle should've waited for both series to finally end so that we can what they're both TRULY capable of, because Asta right now could destroy at least like a whole country while Midoriya is fighting someone who could potentially destroy the country and both haven't even reached the height of their powers yet especially Midoriya who hasn't even awakened the rest of his predecessor's quirks, but even if Midoriya won, I feel like it was too early for this match up, I at least wanted to see them at full power for real 😔

  • srdjan455
    srdjan455 Month ago +5

    I feel there was one calculation missing in this fight and that's the fact that Asta never had to tank the spells that could destroy kingdom's, granted his physical abilities are absurd with this 10 000 push-up a minute but I think that's more to the fact that he can't count. Even in his own series he gets physical overpowered by the lion lady and Yami.

    • coldskin1
      coldskin1 Hour ago

      they also highballed the f out deku making him over hundred thosand times stronger than tzar bomb in one punch

    • Vortigan 656
      Vortigan 656 Month ago

      @srdjan455 Yami would overpowere anyone in MHA verse in strength even all might, and mereoleona uses reinforcement magic to enchance her physical strength

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago +5

      Yeh, cause he needs relative physical strength to repel the magic(such as when he and Yuno could not stop Licht’s magic beam). He also tanks the magic power of the magic head on.
      Stuff that support this is:
      •He could defend against Zagred’s word magic. Which were threats to being, again, above Pitoli when he did the feat, like Spirit Drive Yuno, Licht, the first Wizard King, and Dark Elf Pitoli. And this is important because Zagred’s word magic was purely physical and not magical(ergo, was immune to Anti-Magic).
      •He could tank Dante’s gravity amped punches. Dante is noted to be superior to Zagred as well, making Asta surviving these punches WAY more impressive. And it should be noted that, even in Black form which has Anti-Magic coursing through his entire body, he cannot erase the mana that mages use to physically amp themselves. This is shown in full effect against Mereleona and Elf Luck. Meaning he took the full force of these magically enhanced punches head on himself. And since they’re amped with magic, they should logically scale to their own magic output.

    • srdjan455
      srdjan455 Month ago +1

      @ICTON animations I guess in physical strength?

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago +5

      He later fought Dark Elf Pitoli, who was directly stated to be vastly stronger than when he did this feat.
      He also fights beings way stronger than him afterwards. Like Zagred and Dante

  • Hanako Is best girl

    Honestly feel like a more fitting matchup would have been meliodas vs Asta. Deku and Asta have being an underdog that was thought to be powerless? Meliodas and Asta both both fight with swords, demonic connections with a black demonic transformation, both have anti-magic with Asta's swords and Meliodas full counter. Asta loves a nun and Meliodas loves a goddess so there's another connectionHonestly feel like a more fitting matchup would have been meliodas vs Asta. Deku and Asta have being an underdog that was thought to be powerless? Meliodas and Asta both both fight with swords, demonic connections with a black demonic transformation, both have anti-magic with Asta's swords and Meliodas full counter. Asta loves a nun and Meliodas loves a goddess so there's another connection

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago +1

      I heard that the reason they didn’t want to have Asta vs Meliodas was that nearly all the crew of DeathBattle just genuinely didn’t like him. Which is says a *_whole lot_* when they have even made their favorite characters(like Goku and Sonic) die in their show and made characters they didn’t like win. Somehow Meliodas was one of the characters they just genuinely didn’t want to cover

  • Anna Avertho
    Anna Avertho Month ago +16

    I think putting out that video is kind of risky. It always is when a story is not yet finished.
    Also, I think the misunderstood gearshift a bit… it can increase the speed of any ability and let’s you use it with another.
    For the second user that meant he basically was really fast, cause he had no other quirk, but for Deku that means he can combine his quirks.
    So he could potentially make a floating smoke screen fa jin and let people implode if used correctly.
    We simply haven’t seen the full extent yet.

    • TheAmericanKaiser
      TheAmericanKaiser Month ago +2

      I think they did this mainly because they already had an idea that Asta was going to win anyway at this point in his ark and thought it be fun to make and show off My Hero and Black Clover to people who don't know either show. Which is the point of this series, not to only prove winners but to show cool content to people who don't know anything about these characters

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James Month ago +4

    Even though asta won y’all forgot zetten his new ki ability and y’all also forgot his new union form and abilities from the time skip

  • Vergil Sparda
    Vergil Sparda Month ago +9

    I’m glad death battle did the classic death battle analysis (a lot of things either interpreted wrong or just…wrong) or else asta would’ve blitzed him in a second.

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 28 days ago

      @Vergil Sparda Asta won. So it doesn’t matter

    • Vergil Sparda
      Vergil Sparda Month ago

      @TrueBlue42 well when you brandish yourselves as “accurate” you shouldn’t have the leeway to get that many things wrong.

    • Vergil Sparda
      Vergil Sparda Month ago

      @Erik Pepper then you obviously haven’t done your research.

    • TrueBlue42
      TrueBlue42 Month ago

      The fight is for entertainment purposes do you know how boring it would be if Asta just one shotted Deku?

    • Erik Pepper
      Erik Pepper Month ago +1

      No, Deku should have won.

  • James Wesker
    James Wesker Month ago +1

    "Deku would lose"
    -also conveniently ignores half of his abilities-
    Good job. You can do fake math based off a non canon movie but can't be bothered to do research actual source lol

    • It's Rottweiler!
      It's Rottweiler! Month ago +2

      U realize they didn't have Asta do more than half of his abilities as well right?

  • daruphir
    daruphir Month ago +3

    Just an idea for a battle though I doubt it would occur it would make for some killer action
    Pride from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Lucy of Elfen Lied, with their similar power set and attitude it would be a really good fight.

    • Dragon Lord
      Dragon Lord Month ago

      Similar powerset? Yes. But judging from the feats lucy had in her fight with carnage and what we've seen of pride, he's gonna get smoked.
      Lucy's vectors can reach the upper atmosphere in minutes at most
      Pride's shadows can be blocked by Ed who's greatest speed feat is dodging a bullet
      Lucy's vectors can rip people and metal apart like butter.
      Pride's shadows have been blocked by the teenaged Ed.
      Lucy's vectors can create explosions which can potentially erase pride's shadows.
      Lucy's shadows are invisible while pride's shadows can be seen.
      The only thing pride has going for him is durability (since he took a beating from a lion chimera for minutes on end), alchemy (which weakens his shell body even after one transmutation, which is why he doesn't do it often), and intelligence/experience
      TL;DR pride's gonna see the light.

  • Liam Maguire
    Liam Maguire Month ago

    Anybody else feel like the feats they used are pretty biased, astas "light speed" wasn't a reaction, it was just blind luck, and deku's strength feet was from before he could use ofa at 100% without injury (which they forgot to mention) meaning without any other quirks he can pull that off the whole fight and gear shifts increased speed means 100% becomes 120% plus fa-jin doubling that, and deku moved so fast that someone with multiple sensory abilities couldn't keep track of him

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago +2

      The point was that Asta's sneeze pushed him SO fast that it made him dodge a light beam that was mid-fire. Doing that would actively require his body to move out of the way that fast. It wasn't meant to be a feat of reactions
      The moment there was mainly to make it funnier(they did the same for Hulk vs Broly, where there was indeed greater multipliers to pull from, but it largely didn't matter and the Umar _bow chika bowow_ feat was funnier), Asta immediately after that deflects multiple of the same laser with his sword point blank, has multiple more feats of blocking lasers and light, and scales to multiple characters who also have such FTL feats. All of which, was before the timeskip and their powerups where they get even more powerful.
      Yes, but Asta's feat also upscales just as much(he later fights characters like Dark Elf Pitoli, Zagred, and Dante, who's power were directly noted as being literal leagues above Pitoli when he did the feat. And he fought em before the timeskip and before he got his Devil Union form), and scaling to the Salamander would bring him FAR too above for this to matter anyway. So noting it would mean jack for the verdict.
      No, cause the FTL feats against Shigaraki is also fairly late series and required multiple quirks for Deku to really match. Asta's FTL feats were VERY early in the series, in base, and upscales very much cause Black Clover be like that.

  • HolyGiraffe
    HolyGiraffe Month ago +8

    I'm sad Boomstick didn't say Asta Deku-rated the floor with blood.

  • ShinobuKoKo20
    ShinobuKoKo20 Month ago +3

    Best Lines:
    "I just gotta hit him really hard"
    "I don't know what Detroit is, but I've had enough of it"
    "YOU WANTED MY BEST?!?! HERE IT IS!!!" (All might vs Might Guy reference)
    "Take that... Detroit..."

  • MagnuMagnus
    MagnuMagnus Month ago +1

    Asta feels exactly the same way about Detroit as I do.

  • cuba 419
    cuba 419 Month ago +831

    That ending with Mr. Satan though. That was priceless

  • Gray Snake
    Gray Snake Month ago +1

    Nah he'll be fine, after all, the rules are not to kill, so he just suffered a very severe injury

  • Dylan A. Kilgore
    Dylan A. Kilgore Month ago

    I feel like Terra from FF6 vs. Viola from Bayonetta 3 would be a good match-up.

  • xander rob
    xander rob Month ago +1

    "Take that detroit" I feel that

  • Chris the nerdy derg
    Chris the nerdy derg Month ago +2

    That fight was honestly kinda fun to watch. I didn't care that much about either character, but at least the match was even in some ways.

    • Chris the nerdy derg
      Chris the nerdy derg 16 days ago

      @Prince that's cool

    • Prince
      Prince 16 days ago

      idk about mha i've watched it it's good but def watch black clover it's so good especially after a while dont give up on it no matter what it is such a good anime

  • Ssj_Bounty
    Ssj_Bounty Month ago +522

    So with Astas swords the principle is actually consistent. As in manga and other fights with Vetto his swords can all cut or not cut. Even before the katana was introduced Asta has been seen cutting Vetto and Ladros. Asta had cut Ladros with his blade with black meteorite and peirced Vetto with his sword. So his swords can always cut. They are only blunt because Asta normally doesn't want to kill people. You can also add the word soul demon fight where him and Yuno cut its heart in half.
    Edit: Asta has also been seen cutting a whole fortress in half with a swing of his sword that practically touched the sky

    • Catatonic Rs
      Catatonic Rs Month ago

      @Chugs4Life asta countered an attack in the manga that actually would've decimated the country they did scale it wrong

    • Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp
      Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp Month ago

      @RJ_sensess That's more an observation than actually concrete. It wouldn't be the first time death battle got an observation wrong. Plus, there are contradictions to the swords just being blunt on things that are not magic.

    • RJ_sensess
      RJ_sensess Month ago

      They did say it the enemy doesn’t have magic it’s a blunt weapon

    • DeathSerpent
      DeathSerpent Month ago

      ​@Murloc Masterthen a better match up would be the demon lord or Kumoko herself from So What Im a Spider. Just need to figure out whether they're skills are magical or not cause otherwise Kumoko stomps Asta with hax.

    • Boo Mer
      Boo Mer Month ago +1

      @whooper He's talking about the other swords. Death Battle said his other swords beside his katana can't really cut and is meant for blunt damage. The guy is trying to say it was shown that they can be used for more than just clubbing an enemy.

  • Meowtastic___meowtastic___

    Ya know, I had to swallow my positive bias towards mha and reconsider my stance on this. Someone described deku’s and all might’s strongest attacks as city level threats. Astra (now mind you I know nothing about him) looks like his attacks can threaten a nation.

    • Meowtastic___meowtastic___
      Meowtastic___meowtastic___ Month ago

      @Trousrz Your are right. Sorry, again, I don’t watch the show. Thank you for the clarification!

    • Trousrz
      Trousrz Month ago +4

      His attacks are actually continental to small planet

  • MinzenK
    MinzenK Month ago +5

    Something not mentioned at all is that Deku has two way communication with all of the Vestiges inside him amd the fact Deku can combine his multiple quirks for added affects. Gear Shift alone is only a 20% boost, sure, but Gear Shift + Fa Jin + One For All is much more than just a speed boost. Gear Shift adjusts speed while ignoring intertia, and it also can affect whatever Deku touches, not just himself. I think yall did a disservice to only look at raw power feats but I guess thats okay cause it keeps it consistent with how you do this series. There were a million different ways Deku could have have won that objectively.

    • cooper ae
      cooper ae Month ago

      He would lose in every possible outcome

    • 100nisti
      100nisti Month ago +4

      Just watch brokus video on this deku doesn't scale close to asta.

  • Lord Zamasu
    Lord Zamasu Month ago +4

    Death battle clearly doesn't know how to power scale anime characters they should stick to their comic bias

  • kyle jacobs
    kyle jacobs Month ago +2

    Man, the Mr. Satan part at the end cracked me up omgg

  • CrimsonCrow626
    CrimsonCrow626 Month ago +632

    I like how Asta went into Zoro mode 😂

  • Harold Balczac
    Harold Balczac Month ago

    Can you do a death battle video between Asta and Meliodas next?

  • Shiv Bhandari
    Shiv Bhandari Month ago

    Can we have thragg vs thanos- I feel like that would be interesting

  • Official Degenerate
    Official Degenerate Month ago +5

    I love deku but he legit didn't have a chance. Asta scales far higher in every regard, his verse is just way stronger than deku's. Even Manga deku with all his quirks realistically would be fodder to current anime Asta

  • menacescouterkelley

    How is it similar if you guys say shigaraki dodged the lasers clearly trying to avoid them and asta just flat out dodged it in his sleep is that not different asta clearly showed little to no effort where as the other had to try and avoid it

  • PJCC
    PJCC Month ago +303

    "are swords supposed to be sharp?"
    If so it would already ended in less than 2 minutes.

    • Omkar Shirgaonkar
      Omkar Shirgaonkar 27 days ago +6

      he said "Aren't swords suppose to be sharp?"

      KYNNETIC Month ago +14

      For real ahaahaha. If swords were sharp Zeke bah' ha would have been dead in the beginning 🤣😂🤣

    • The Chimichanga
      The Chimichanga Month ago +16

      Hell, half that!

  • Aiyana Reed
    Aiyana Reed Month ago

    I just had a interesting Death Battle match up. I hope more people agree so we can see it. Who has the better defense, The Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero or Maple the Walking Fortress from Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt so I'll Max out my Defense? I think it'll be an interesting fight considering how creative they are.

  • MaractusFan
    MaractusFan Month ago

    Haven't fully caught up in Black Clover so I'm not sure, but that might have been a reference to Zoro's 3 sword style when Asta put a 3rd sword in his mouth

    • Nord Man
      Nord Man 27 days ago

      Yeah it's a reference, because asta never did that style in the manga

  • RagKratos
    RagKratos Month ago

    I just thought of something remember the battle between ultron and sigma they should do one between ultron and brainiac. Both are highly intelligent planet destroying AI

  • Steve Samuals
    Steve Samuals Month ago

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the theme of this fight is a remix of the fight music used for the all might vs might guy battle

  • Vista Noive
    Vista Noive 2 months ago +5381

    "I dont know what detroit is, but I've had enough of it" and "Take that detroit" Truer words have never been spoken, thank you asta

  • RageToon Mation
    RageToon Mation Month ago +2

    My matchups for the death battle series part 2
    1:Blade Wolf Vs Serial Designation N (Metal Gear Vs Murder Drones)
    2:Carnage Vs Serial Designation V (Marvel Vs Murder Drones)
    3:General Grievous Vs Dr Nefarious (Star Wars Vs Ratchet & Clank)
    4:Min Min Vs Cinderace (ARMS Vs Pokemon)
    5:Albedo Vs Scourge (Ben 10 Vs Archie Sonic)
    6:Chaos Vs Kyogre (Sonic Vs Pokemon)
    7:Rayman Vs Klonoa (Ubisoft Vs Bandai Namco)
    8:Bendy Vs Cuphead (Joey Drew Studios Vs Studio HDMR)
    9:Ty Vs Kao (Kromes Studios Vs Tate Multimedia)
    10:Eddie Riggs Vs Wolfgang (Brutal Legends Vs Skylanders)

  • MidgetMaster101
    MidgetMaster101 Month ago

    Well the attack they used to show asta being stronger wasn’t actually stopped by asta it was stopped by Julius novachrono and also the attack wouldn’t have destroyed the whole nation it was meant to kill all the humans in the nation so it didn’t even have as much strength as they said it did

    • ReaperBifrost goofy
      ReaperBifrost goofy Month ago

      yeah it wasn't a good comparison they should've used him cutting a kingdom in half without even trying

  • Dnarius Harris
    Dnarius Harris Month ago

    Thanks death battle for doing one of the battles I requested

  • Mega
    Mega Month ago

    "Gimme the goddamn book!" I would bet everything I own that this is the first time Boomstick has ever said this.

  • Shachar Lem
    Shachar Lem Month ago +387

    I'm surprised no one mentioned izuku's crying. I mean, at one point, he cried so hard he didn't only made himself a fountain, but also stuck his legs to the ground.

    • Yandere Neko
      Yandere Neko 14 days ago +1


    • Beastking22
      Beastking22 17 days ago +1

      I'm more surprised no one mentioned that midoriya snapped out of shinso hypnosis with OFA; can talked to the previous users of OFA; also defeated shinso, gentle, lady nagate, wolfram, nine, flect turn; dodged nine laser fingers, flect turn security lasers, and Beros target seeking arrows at 5-8%; has slight incredible pain resistance; and more

    • Fresh Spoons
      Fresh Spoons Month ago +1

      It's literally his quirk

    • Christian Zhivago
      Christian Zhivago Month ago +12

      Or the fact that Asta’s screams is so loud in the Original Japanese at the beginning of the anime. It makes the audience’s (us) ears bleed.

    • Shachar Lem
      Shachar Lem Month ago +2

      Yes @雲Nepheles.

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy Month ago

    I LOVE ASTA! ❤️ That was an awesome fight! I love Deku as well, but you guys broke it down to the T! Thank you for this fight!

  • Gabriell Reno
    Gabriell Reno Month ago

    @solo8123 and that's still low balling it I said deny would be at least 4 times faster than light or higher because weakened all might was able to go light speed so in his prime if we going by his power differences in both stages of his life he was 40 to 60xs weaker than before so that means if we multiply that he would be what 60xs faster than light but I'm tryna make it fair for you asta stans

  • KxRaxe
    KxRaxe Month ago

    That just dont make sense 😂 Deku's gear shift 5 mins wouldve killed Asta

  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes Month ago +1

    How heavy are the spoilers on both of asta and deku’s powers, Im an anime only watcher and would hate to get ruined on their endgame powers 😭😭

  • King Henry III
    King Henry III 2 months ago +7239

    I loved how they reacted to each others different powers.
    "Aren't swords supposed to be sharp?"
    "How are you not using magic?!!!!!"
    Also this fight was basically the nerdy jock vs the dumbass jock

    • Shadow426
      Shadow426 Month ago

      @JJ W "He is a battle genius and can adapt on his enemy."
      They mention how deku does this, ignore how Asta does this, then proceed to ignore how Deku does this so Asta can get a win. Deku always fought at massive disadvantages and had friends cover for him, same with Asta. The difference is that Deku has on more than one occasion done the war of attrition strategy which is something Asta can't do when he unions with his adopted devil brother, and Deku has the speed, felixibility, AND QUIRKS to avoid Devil forms onslaught of attacks. But of course they can't have Asta lose in devil form, people wouldn't understand that because I don't think the manga ever showed an enemy smart enough to wait the timer during a 1v1.
      This isn't a turnbased fight where you stand there and take hits, but that's literally what this ended up being.

    • SamuraiJay
      SamuraiJay Month ago

      @Joel why spread false information so people can remember something? pretty much 70 percent of anime heros don’t look like they can do anything, the whole vid was a mess

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      @SamuraiJay yeah they were only doing that so some fans could say look I remember when he did that and once again asta can be smart all he wants asta only said I have to hit him really hard cause look at deku would you think he could blow up a island he looks like a kid playing dress up who couldn't afford a Superman cape

    • SamuraiJay
      SamuraiJay Month ago

      @Joel I mean if somebody is saying that your character and your characters goal was copied off somebody else’s, they made him seem dumb, like all I gotta do is hit him hard, asta is smarter than that, and as for asta having a sword in his mouth, he only did that because he couldn’t use his hands, HE has never used his swords like that except that,

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      @SamuraiJay I see where you're coming from but counterpoint #1: why does even anyone even care that he had the sword in his mouth it's just a little bit of a thing for the fans to look at and go oh look I remember when he did that there were trying to make it look like he's a rip off of One piece they weren't trying to disrespect him in any way the one piece being the wizard king and the pirate king was just a joke. it was a joke they weren't actually trying to say he was a ripoff the fans and you apparently who isn't a fan took that way too deep. And he did once use a sword in his mouth correct me if I'm wrong people who actually read the Manga but I'm pretty sure you put a sword in his mouth last time when it hit two hands were broken I don't know I don't really like the anime I have only seen the first episode and stopped watching. Counterpoint #2 yes they lowball him a lot mostly because like I said before they're trying to show the ma Chase stands that even if this character was at his weakest he would still lose they said this before in the behind the scenes I don't know if you have premium. Even if you you don't they've done this a lot almost every other death battle when the lowball the loser and highball the winner to show that even with the benefit of the doubts this loser would still lose. I don't know why people keep feeling like they're disrespecting their character just cuz they made a lot of jokes about this okay they made jokes about deku 2 it's not like they favored one over the other these are 40 and 50 year old men I promise you they don't care who wins they probably just care about being paid and getting the winner right. And the sounding dumb parts you need to look at this through the characters eyes if you saw deku a little boy with green hair with a yellow cape would you take him seriously he didn't take him seriously and I wouldn't either not to mention he's not as smart as you think he is he doesn't first walk in and come up with a strategy and every single phase and then halfway through the fight he starts thinking that's not as clever as you think it is that's like a Ben 10 level clever thinking halfway through the fight they're right deck is way more tactically smarter.

  • Moises Daniel Alvarado

    This is what I would like to see for a death battle Kazuya Mishima from Tekken vs Rugal Bernstein from King Of Fighters

    DYLAN MONTGOMERY Month ago +1

    16:39 is that a stun lock

  • Zeromations
    Zeromations Month ago +21

    I didn't really care who won since I liked both characters, but you can tell that Asta was completely favored in this because they covered more info on him and kept using his "feat" of "dodging" a laser in his sleep, even though it was a joke moment that they took far too seriously. They didn't properly even go through Deku's full feats, like when he helped All Might break that giant metal cube from the first movie, or when he ran so fast that literally became a living lightning bolt, and punched so fast that his fists ignited when he fought Flect Turn. But oh well, that's Death Battle for you, getting info wrong

  • Jon Turcotte
    Jon Turcotte Month ago

    I wanna watch this one but I havnt finished Black Clover and guarantee they will be power set spoilers for Asta. Which is fine obviously, it's death battle thats to be expected. Just sad I gotta skip this one for now 😪

  • Ishtarru
    Ishtarru 2 months ago +6707

    I love how Deku's thinking all this strategy before the fight and Asta's like "I just got to hit him REALLY hard."

    • Arkana De Mon
      Arkana De Mon Month ago

      Asta’s “hit ‘em really hard” BS tactic is shonen protagonists in a nutshell!

    • Asta
      Asta Month ago

      Hey if it works it works

    • Lenatunji
      Lenatunji Month ago

      Asta is faster than light and continental can be scaled to planetary.

    • Canaan_Crystal wing
      Canaan_Crystal wing Month ago

      Mostly always asta plan of attack simple but good

    • Caelus
      Caelus Month ago

      @Alejandro Rodriguez Espinosa my dog

  • Scrapsy
    Scrapsy Month ago

    This is my first time watching a death battle so I don't know, but is that considered a brutal ending or a less brutal ending?

    • Jack Tenny
      Jack Tenny 6 hours ago

      This aibt that brutal compared to other deaths

      SONIC BATTLE PLAYER! Month ago

      Compared to Omni-Man VS Homelander this death was pretty chill.

  • Carlos Vogt
    Carlos Vogt Month ago

    I already know who will win before even seeing the fight

  • Rapid Vapid
    Rapid Vapid Month ago +3

    This fight ain’t even fair 💀💀
    Deku is like country level I believe
    I think Asta is like Planetary level

    • Kermemes_dungeon
      Kermemes_dungeon Month ago +3

      Really Asta is planetary lvl i thought he was country lvl

  • shandon reitzell
    shandon reitzell Month ago +3

    Ngl this fight would never be this close…Asta one shots

  • YungBamboo-Sprout
    YungBamboo-Sprout Month ago +2

    they nerfed asta so bad lmaooooo

  • Eli Da silva
    Eli Da silva Month ago +1

    Man, I thought Deku was gonna win that one

    • Rman Nayr
      Rman Nayr Month ago +1


    • Damiwn
      Damiwn Month ago +1

      Nah not really the two in reality cannot be compared

  • Phantom666
    Phantom666 Month ago

    Finally we shall see who is the better fusion

  • PG3D gaming
    PG3D gaming Month ago +1

    Wasn't this the 6th anime battle that both characters was in jump force? Because all i remember was
    1. Jotoro vs Kenshiro
    2. Sasuke vs Hiei
    3. Madara vs Aizen
    4. Naruto vs Ichigo
    5. Deku vs Asta
    6. Doesn't because its DBX but (Law vs Kenshin)

  • Arma Leyvaten
    Arma Leyvaten Month ago

    My wife and I would both love to see Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) vs Arya Stark (Game of Thrones). I brought it up casually once, and now she won't stop arguing with me over it lol

  • Jonathan Wilsonmedina
    Jonathan Wilsonmedina Month ago +270

    I feel like this episode could've waited a bit. Both mangas are near their ending arcs and they both seem to have more potential to grow.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 20 days ago

      @Everest You’re definitely underaged. Contradicted yourself entirely in that poor attempt at “who’s the bigger weeb, me or the MHA fandom”.

    • Everest
      Everest 23 days ago

      @The one ☝️ Delusional MHA fans.
      Many characters in Black Clover would defeat Deku with no problem.
      It's not even a competition, Asta alone would solo all of MHA verse. The only one who would give him a fight is All Might himself. Everyone else wouldn't even come close to touching him.

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 28 days ago

      @some_shitposting_idiot cope and seethe harder. Black Clover fans seething over their trash irrelevant series. No wonder why it’s manga sales are failing.

    • some_shitposting_idiot
      some_shitposting_idiot 28 days ago

      @Amuro Ray nah deku is building level and slow af
      My hero is a trash franchise where everything is pathetic

    • 神tiba神
      神tiba神 Month ago

      @Amuro Ray "survived actual nukes" hmmm yeah of course, anyway don't let this distract you from the fact that bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum

  • captainkirk265
    captainkirk265 Month ago +1

    I really want to know how Boomstick has still been doing that voice for so long and hasn't completely f*cked his vocal chords.

    PARTYGAWD Month ago

    I'd like to see Bowser face off against the kung fu Panda 🐼
    All voiced by jack black 😂

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly Month ago +203

    I like the small detail of how Asta's VA used the fan translations from the black clover manga which originally used "magic emperor" before the official translations changed it to "Wizard king."

  • Xion Toshiro
    Xion Toshiro Month ago

    Anti Squirrel Lawn Laser System... sounds like something to look into...

  • Red_Cat_Drawing
    Red_Cat_Drawing Month ago +1

    what about ash vs red, I have long wanted to know which of them is more powerful

  • Zucchina soup
    Zucchina soup Month ago

    This fight was how I for seen it, there was no way Deku would win.
    Regardless of how you look at it one for all is a broken quark,
    And Deku is a glass Cannon no change no improvement, and in my mind mentally disabled and borderline psychotic and impulsive liar.
    Wait wait wait???!!! This is a Hero? He more a Joker/ Deadpool baby that want to be all might clone...
    Make Toga look like a normal girl in comparison

  • Kaoru
    Kaoru Month ago +2

    Its about the two who were born as Losers and the Lowest in the society with nothing special about them, Unlike Goku is a Legendary Saiyan God, Naruto who is the child of prophecy, Luffy who had the power of a God since his childhood, or even Katsuki and Yuno being their rival Prodigies. Asta and deku were losers born with a mutation and without A quirk in a world dominated by Quirks in their everyday lives and having no magic in a world where magic is everything. these two are just legendary.

  • scattydthe1
    scattydthe1 Month ago

    So they both don’t have weaknesses?🤣

  • Jennifer young
    Jennifer young Month ago

    The next death battle is going to be HELL for everyone and we know it

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +1

    hold up didn't deku said "ain't swords suppose to be sharp"? so that means deku could have died there but was saved because the sword wasn't sharp 😱 but in the end he died because I think his body cannot hold much more power anymore because of that punch.

  • Ronald Edge
    Ronald Edge Month ago

    The fight is crazy but song is hard.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shirokodaki
    Shirokodaki 2 months ago +859

    "I don't know what Detroit is, but I've had enough of it!"
    Me too, Asta. Me too.

    • The Chimichanga
      The Chimichanga Month ago

      At least it ain't Ohio.
      Edited: DAMMIT, people already used the Ohio jokes!

    • Asta
      Asta Month ago +1

      That Detroit thing was so annoying

    • monkey
      monkey Month ago

      Austin Emms said first

    • monkey
      monkey Month ago

      Copy comment

    • y.v.n.g
      y.v.n.g Month ago

      @The Warrior Returns lol they did'nt use current asta either.