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Medvedev absolutely EXPLODES at chair umpire | Australian Open 2022

  • Published on Jan 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • seeni gzty

    "WHAT TIME? " broke me Meddy's tantrums are the funniest out there

  • sinr0909

    Honestly, this was a ridiculous match. The judge completely failed his job to address Medvedev’s complaints. Stefanos cannot get coaching and this will not be the last time it will happen.

  • troy ashley

    You gotta love somebody going off in English when it's not their native tongue!! I think this would have sounded much more cooler in Russian. Props for standing up for yourself and sticking it to the umpire who ignored the repeated coaching from the father/coach. Fair is Fair.

  • answeringmachine

    It’s time this was addressed. Medvedev is the guy. We’re all with you.

  • Stephane McKeown

    I fully understand Medvedev. Cheaters don't have a place in tennis. He's usually a fair player and haven't seen any unfairness in Medvedev.

  • madison imogen

    Amazing standing for the game; standing up for his nation; standing up for the game; showing class and showing consiesnes and self awarness and what is right is right. Danii go strong.

  • awesomemike -

    As a Greek, Medvedev is ABSOLUTELY right here. Well done Med, hope you win the open you deserve it!

  • Rosie DR
    Rosie DR  +751

    he's totally right, i've seen stefanos play twice, and each time i was astounded by how loud his father was. not only cheering him on, but sometimes coaching him. as a spectator in the crowd it really started to annoy me so i cant imagine how agrivating it must be as the other player, in this case daniil. i hope they sort this out, im not sure why they haven't yet to be honest.

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang  +105

    What people should appreciate, that Medvedev vents regularly and from time to time oversteps the line. But he is

  • DerafsheKavian

    "Daniil Lost It", No, Daniil was treated unfairly, he just reacted to it.

  • Cecilia Chiu

    If you are surprised at how Medvedev's seemingly insane behaviour didn't get him a code, that was because he didn't deserve one. Tonight, the umpire thoroughly failed his job, small cat or not. The umpire allowed a grand slam semifinal to be a circus and did nothing when the crowd shout out rude comments at Medvedev right before Medvedev went into the service motion. Even the commentators couldn't believe the umpire's lack of action. There was so much hostile distraction everywhere against Medvedev, and the umpire let it be - Medvedev's outburst was ugly but not unnecessary. He shouldn't need to play his best tennis in a circus show.

  • V3g3t41987

    gotta say, i loved his honesty and his intensity while doing so. righteous anger if ive ever seen it. an appropriate reaction by medv given the circumstances. australia showed its true colors this year

  • Jay Lal
    Jay Lal  +3

    "LOOK AT ME, I AM TALKING TO YOU" - medvedev made my day

  • nicolas torres

    Medvedev cracks me up , we needed a personality like that in tennis for a while

  • Abdo Jabboulieh

    I love Medvedev for this , he's a real one , a competitor , he unlike most of the Next gen guys is not fearful of the big three ، he wanna beat those guys , not be like them and that's why I think he has a chance vs Rafa next Sunday

  • Left side M

    Medvedev is right but his reaction over the years have made him a marked man. He really needs to calm down in such moments.

  • randomcon123

    Well done, Danii for calling him out. Obviously it wasn’t the first time as he was accused before.

  • l_anima_ malinconica

    When he said: "Look at me, I'm taking to you!", he has achieved the utmost respect.

  • Light Soda

    I like it when people have the guts to speak up. If more of us had that intiative, the world would be more fair.

  • dg
    dg  +532

    "It’s so frustrating as a player, you feel like you’re not just playing against the player, you’re playing against the umpire, you’re playing against so much more" Denis Shapovalov.