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Battlefield 2042 : 10 minutes of Pure EMKV90-TOR Railgun Main Battle Tank Gameplay

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Mr.DayZ107
    Mr.DayZ107 2 months ago +7

    Went 29-0 with this tank I can absolutely say this thing is amazing

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      Just 29? try 71 - 2 that was my record making run on Spearhead. my two deaths were only because some karen whiner rammed me into a spot i could not get out of twice.

    • Kartoffelglauber
      Kartoffelglauber Month ago

      Amazingly broken and overpowered, yes

    • Anthony Platero
      Anthony Platero 2 months ago

      Just 29? Wtf?

  • peanutjam
    peanutjam 2 months ago +20

    They try to make this game better and fair by adding the most ridiculous tank that can destroy a f'cking jet within a second, well played DICE.

    • tony kelly
      tony kelly Hour ago

      @yos angle the jets do not outrun wild cat missiles

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      @Kartoffelglauber cry more,
      at least we have something now that can handle the nightbirds and stealth helos, any decent pilot can get where the TOR cant defend above it.
      and you just answered your own question. It is specifically a long range vehicle sniper. it is not meant for CQC in any capacity.

    • Kartoffelglauber
      Kartoffelglauber 4 days ago

      @CapStar362 What do you mean it's a very specific type of armor. The tank is broken OP against every vehicle as long as it's camping in it's spawn/on some hill top far away from any infantry. The moment it starts trying to do what a tank is supposed to do it gets totally annihilated because it's utter garbage against infantry/on close range in general. The tank is a mess and should have never been in the game. As if this massive damage from the railgun wouldnt be enough, it also has APS, Thermal smoke (tbf the tank would be even more trash in CQC if it wouldnt have those) and for whatever god damn reason it also has an EMP grenade. So that even the worst player to ever exist has no trouble at all fighting any vehicle other than the railgun tank.
      Like i said the tank is a vehicle ban machine. And sniping everything out of the air like this is fucking ridiculous and even tops its ridiculous advantage against other tanks

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      @Colonel Ace think I've killed you quite a few times also. i recognize your name.

  • Hellhound
    Hellhound Month ago +2

    The fact that this tank is in the personal section of vehicles blows my mind

  • m.
    m. Month ago

    I miss this map. Ever since the nordvik event, its never in map rotation. Lately all im getting is discarded, Canadian mountain one, and orbital (AOW). Its starting to annoy me.

  • roxie
    roxie 2 months ago +3

    4:47 guy on top of the tank almost got obliterated

  • Umimugo
    Umimugo Month ago

    shoutout to your squad, keeping you protected and repaired, that's 70% why you were a menace to the enemy team

  • Jeremiah Cooper
    Jeremiah Cooper 3 months ago +4

    A one true terminator tank 😎😎😎😎😎

  • McNight
    McNight 3 months ago +5

    Bruh, Don't bring a Jet to a Rail gun fight

  • Valdo
    Valdo Day ago

    Funny how the anti armor vehicle is better at clearing out air than the anti air one, the wildcat is almost a joke a this point

  • New wy
    New wy 3 months ago +12

    who tf thought it'd be a good idea to put railguns on a tank lmao

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      @Nyxzo cry more,

    • Nyxzo
      Nyxzo 15 days ago

      @skyez blue Atleast the "flies" take skill...

    • skyez blue
      skyez blue 3 months ago +2

      I meant it's fun tho, shooting those flies outta sky.

  • Parano Virus
    Parano Virus 2 months ago +1

    Background music a the beginning is from ground control 2 operation exodus ( 2004 ), an old RTS game , the most i ever enjoy : no farm, only war, and what a war !

    • Colonel Ace
      Colonel Ace  2 months ago

      Glad someone remembers that game, I was a really young kid when i played it. Them Ravager tanks were really fun to see shoot.

  • Thomas Lawrie
    Thomas Lawrie 3 months ago +4

    Fucking excellent choice of music

  • Tutan Ghosh
    Tutan Ghosh 2 months ago

    Epic tank

  • AnAnomalousSmell
    AnAnomalousSmell Month ago

    What is the blue box that keeps moving around the white reticle?

    • Colonel Ace
      Colonel Ace  Month ago

      Just like war thunder, its where the cannon is actually aiming

  • TheCapitalOne
    TheCapitalOne Month ago

    I completed the requirements to unlock the new cannon but it's still locked what else needs to be done?

  • Todd Bender
    Todd Bender 2 months ago +2

    This is broken. I'm the worst tank operator imaginable. Hopped in one and went ham. Dice's new strategy is just seeing how many game-breaking things they can add to a single game

    • Todd Bender
      Todd Bender Month ago

      @Muhammad Ali pretty sure aim assist only applies to infantry. Not tanks

    • Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali Month ago

      He is playing on play station, he gets free aim assist.

  • BF Flyer
    BF Flyer 3 months ago +2

    Nerf the velocity and make the mobility mode alot more ptfo focused, then we might have a fun vehicle.

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      @Kyle Springer exactly, night bird and huron/hannibal pilots going 80+ kills with 1-2 deaths consistently needed something to put them in check. either AA needs a dedicated slot like BF3/4 or we got the TOR.

    • Kyle Springer
      Kyle Springer 4 days ago

      @CapStar362 players like him are the reason why I play Dedicated Anti-Air set ups. I love watching flyers get pissy when they can’t fly LOL

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago +1

      @BF Flyer all flybois who cant handle being shot down are scrubs. cope even harder

    • BF Flyer
      BF Flyer 4 days ago

      @CapStar362 TOR users are all srubs, cope harder.

    • CapStar362
      CapStar362 4 days ago

      @BF Flyer zero content channel spotted

  • 🥶Kirawar97🥶
    🥶Kirawar97🥶 2 months ago

    Pro tank counter drone and C5 😏😏😏

    • Colonel Ace
      Colonel Ace  2 months ago

      Pro tip, before you do that take out the APS first. If the tank has activated APS or a Gadget APS is nearby it'll knock out the C5 of your drone. Which is why APS is a very strong gadget as it hard kills almost any kind of explosives.

  • Damon Harper
    Damon Harper 2 months ago

    People really think COD better than the Field lol never 😂 not even bf2042

  • Eidolon Teralyst
    Eidolon Teralyst 2 months ago +1

    1:26 ayo wat da drone doin

  • gmbh alex
    gmbh alex Month ago

    interesting but I don't understand. when I shoot, it does nothing on the enemy I want to eliminate! Why ?

    • gmbh alex
      gmbh alex Month ago

      @Colonel Ace OK, but I shot ground vehicles and air vehicles and no damage. It's as if I had thrown a pebble!

    • Colonel Ace
      Colonel Ace  Month ago +2

      The shells have no explosive payload, its essentially a sabot round. (A large needle) its only excellent when versing enemy vehicles and air vehicles if you can get the shot.

  • Buhhhzerker
    Buhhhzerker 3 months ago

    Its all about APS support.

    • Buhhhzerker
      Buhhhzerker 3 months ago

      @Colonel Ace true, hate to see very less people playing in proper squads.

    • Colonel Ace
      Colonel Ace  3 months ago

      Yeah, absolutely crazy when you have a proper squad running the tank, engineers,APS,Extra Recoilless M5's incase you dont have enough mauler rounds for multiple close range vehicles. Crazy stuff

  • Morally Gray
    Morally Gray Month ago

    Ground control 2

  • Peter Zvoncek ml.
    Peter Zvoncek ml. 2 months ago +4

    Railtank is ERROR of Battlefield . Fatal error of DICE.

    • Nasty Cupid
      Nasty Cupid 2 months ago

      @Peter Zvoncek ml. I am such a railgun tank camper of which you speak, and I can honestly say this tank is so stupid, I feel like playing a mobile game while sniping down jets, heli's, camping tanks, camping AA, .... And on top of that mostly from spawn (depends on the map though). For example on Arica harbor, you can literally snipe down anything within the enemy spawn.
      Anyway, don't judge me, I'm enjoying a broken game mechanic while it lasts 🙃

    • Damon Harper
      Damon Harper 2 months ago

      @Peter Zvoncek ml. I under exactly what your saying. But I’m not sure if you didn’t notice but BF5 gave birth to tank campers. Sure there’s always been camping in a vehicle but BF5 took tank camping to a whole new level . But your right and I agree 🤝

    • Peter Zvoncek ml.
      Peter Zvoncek ml. 2 months ago +1

      @Damon Harper Railtank - There is a big issue: Velocity of shot, combined with the super range and super strength of the shot (please don't defend Railtank by saying "after all, it's a Railtank, that's what a Reiltank should be) This ERRORTANK (MISTAKETANK) leads to camping people in the Redzone where no infantry can go and destroy this tank. I play mostly as a helicopter pilot, I'm used to being hit by a tank shot, i know there are skilled tank players but if I spawn on a base and after three seconds of flight (still on our base) my helicopter is shot down from the enemy base Railtank (Hourglass - one of the biggest maps in BF2042) and from the killcam I see 2 Railtanks standing side by side, and right next to them is a Wildcat, then something is wrong with this tank - its not skill.

    • Damon Harper
      Damon Harper 2 months ago

      Tanks are easy to take out on alll battlefield games . It just take teamwork. 2 rocket launchers disables a tank and it’s 32 to 64 soldiers per team

    • Damon Harper
      Damon Harper 2 months ago

      Tanks are easy to take out on alll battlefield games . It just take teamwork. 2 rocket launchers disables a tank and it’s 32 to 64 soldiers per team

  • Supwisebs
    Supwisebs Month ago

    Don’t feel good about this. Zero travel time and projectile drop.