Money Plate Challenge!!💵

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Money Plate Challenge!!
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Comments • 70

  • nika1670 nika1670
    nika1670 nika1670 6 days ago +979

    Day 3 of saying pin this because why not.

  • Cali Starz
    Cali Starz Minute ago

    My question is: Why are these on my recommended bcs I never watch them

  • Lila Yahiaoui
    Lila Yahiaoui 32 minutes ago

    Vous arrivez mdrrrrrrrrrr 🤣🤣😹😂😂🤣😁❤❤❤❤

    SPORTS ARE HERE 45 minutes ago

    Lauren is the classic rich kid . Poor kids got the point

  • Chaos KidsYT
    Chaos KidsYT 59 minutes ago

    Lauren is usually lucky

  • оксана воронов


  • I.L.J London
    I.L.J London Hour ago

    What's the point if these games is anyone winning the money 💵💵, u mean if I win I just win there's no prize at the end.

  • Elnare Hasanova
    Elnare Hasanova Hour ago


  • Sun
    Sun Hour ago

    I swear i feel like they are forced to do this ngl 😕

  • Extremities GD
    Extremities GD Hour ago

    I swear it's different kids everytime

  • Extremities GD
    Extremities GD Hour ago

    I come to this comment section knowing full well what to expect 😂

  • loli_ cvnt
    loli_ cvnt 2 hours ago

    My man really got disappointed about getting 40 bucks

  • Jancsi Dobordan
    Jancsi Dobordan 2 hours ago


  • Alex Ghebenei
    Alex Ghebenei 2 hours ago

    Them talking to the tiktokers: are you getting real money?

    SATWIK TELANG 2 hours ago +1

    Lauren fan ❤️

  • hamu
    hamu 2 hours ago


    JOKER GAMERZ 2.0 2 hours ago

    Rip lauren every time

  • Noel Centeno
    Noel Centeno 2 hours ago

    They don't look happy no more. I dunno if its just me. But the more videos i watch the lesser genuine the smiles i see.

  • Martina Kadlecová
    Martina Kadlecová 3 hours ago

    Biloto dobrý

  • Bibhuti bhusan Behera
    Bibhuti bhusan Behera 4 hours ago +1

    When i see this type of video I always see two persons whose name are Lauren and ethan

  • Jerry n0t 4you
    Jerry n0t 4you 4 hours ago


  • Sharlene Silan
    Sharlene Silan 5 hours ago

    Stop it with the basement comments 😂

  • Jasmeet Kang
    Jasmeet Kang 5 hours ago

    Eat 5 star do nothing 😂😂

  • Soham Khatri
    Soham Khatri 5 hours ago

    Brian is my favorite

  • Giovani Espinosa
    Giovani Espinosa 5 hours ago

    Estamos de acuerdo que 40 dolares en mexico es un buen premio tomando en cuenta el juego que se lo gana

  • b e e s
    b e e s 5 hours ago

    I don't know who in the hell any of these people are or what is going on

  • Alex D
    Alex D 6 hours ago

    I don’t think Lauren can add

  • Ethanplayz
    Ethanplayz 6 hours ago

    Even better my name is Ethan

  • herman siswanto
    herman siswanto 6 hours ago

    Jackson and Ethan ♥️😂

  • Car Inah
    Car Inah 6 hours ago


  • Denise Steward
    Denise Steward 6 hours ago

    Quarantine vibes!

  • xDefalt
    xDefalt 6 hours ago

    Jesus dude, how many times can you redo the same fucking video

  • Modi ki Vines
    Modi ki Vines 6 hours ago

    They are not getting the money guys but indirectly views

  • is Rank
    is Rank 6 hours ago

    The first time that Lauren didn't win

    ANDREI CĂRĂUŞU 7 hours ago

    bravo Ethan

  • mayzen carlos
    mayzen carlos 7 hours ago

    why ethan lookin like backpack kid

  • Exodus fivesixfivesix
    Exodus fivesixfivesix 7 hours ago

    Dad has some pong experience

  • Hr Siam
    Hr Siam 7 hours ago

    where this morons come from

  • Jacorian travis
    Jacorian travis 7 hours ago

    I'm disappointed in Jackson

  • ybn_Cxrtified -
    ybn_Cxrtified - 8 hours ago

    Is it really that hard? 😭😂

  • Haliff Danish
    Haliff Danish 8 hours ago

    Ethan can i see your connection

  • Anthony Rojas
    Anthony Rojas 8 hours ago

    Lauren looks like a baddie

  • Elisha Hocking
    Elisha Hocking 8 hours ago

    When the video has no money involved

  • a1b2c3d4
    a1b2c3d4 8 hours ago

    walmart mr beast

  • Gabriela Charbel Bittencourt

    K for how long these basement jokes will keep going

  • Matthias Gomez
    Matthias Gomez 8 hours ago

    Them: being upset cause they only got 40 dollars
    Five year old me when mom gives me 5 dollars at target:

  • cadent
    cadent 9 hours ago

    i fucking hate this family

  • T_heDoomSlayer
    T_heDoomSlayer 9 hours ago

    Ethan is cracked at fortnite my guy

  • Enter Game
    Enter Game 9 hours ago

    All the "alright kids back to the basement jokes". I just want to be in this family. I'd make some money with my useless carnival game skills

  • Alien Man
    Alien Man 9 hours ago

    I’ve never seen a kid so depressed to get 40 dollars

  • Paola Estevez
    Paola Estevez 10 hours ago

    Estuvo vien pero el chico saco 200

  • john c
    john c 10 hours ago

    Oh look! The family who only makes TikToks that involve cash is back! Yawn

  • Jessica Fermin
    Jessica Fermin 10 hours ago


  • Gollumnova
    Gollumnova 10 hours ago

    Wher'es Mattie? 😡

  • Max Wilder
    Max Wilder 10 hours ago

    I like brians shirt

  • ندى عبدالله
    ندى عبدالله 10 hours ago +1

    Wow that is so amazing and I love it it’s making Joandra +200 they making a 14 and they are very up restaurant in every day so I love it so much if you can make the beaches like this there will be a very a 15 year like in 100 likes so you have to make it 4 times and 50 times

  • Maria Marua
    Maria Marua 11 hours ago


  • Owen Fouts
    Owen Fouts 11 hours ago

    Ayy go Pacers

  • Iyas - Chan
    Iyas - Chan 11 hours ago

    At least they have 40 dollar to buy bobux while I'm crying in the corner have no money-only 5 dollar

  • Liam Gaming And Pets
    Liam Gaming And Pets 11 hours ago


  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker 11 hours ago

    I gotta tell you chief, this is some of the cringiest shit I've ever seen.

  • MJGaming57
    MJGaming57 11 hours ago

    We all know they aren’t getting the money

  • سليمان السعدي

    مبروك على المصاري

  • PanditaBS2020
    PanditaBS2020 11 hours ago +1

    Con eso te armabas una pc

  • Summa Smith
    Summa Smith 11 hours ago

    I think when they try to aim for 100 they miss

  • Rosiane Araujo
    Rosiane Araujo 11 hours ago


  • lapis wxlf
    lapis wxlf 12 hours ago

    The thing about these things is no one gets money

  • Laura Baltazar
    Laura Baltazar 12 hours ago

    Que lindo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ooooooooooop Que uno

  • •.Aesthetic Berry.•

    Soon as they hit that $100 they 🤪🤪 and forgets about the $20

  • Adix _556
    Adix _556 12 hours ago

    Ok now back to the basement