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The Report - Teaser Trailer

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Report is a riveting thriller based on actual events. Idealistic staffer Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver) is tasked by his boss Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) to lead an investigation of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program, which was created in the aftermath of 9/11. Jones’ relentless pursuit of the truth leads to explosive findings that uncover the lengths to which the nation’s top intelligence agency went to destroy evidence, subvert the law, and hide a brutal secret from the American public. The Report is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns and features outstanding performances by a powerful cast led by Adam Driver, Annette Bening, and Jon Hamm. Sarah Goldberg, Michael C. Hall, Douglas Hodge, Fajer Kaisi, Ted Levine, Jennifer Morrison, Tim Blake Nelson, Linda Powell, Matthew Rhys, T. Ryder Smith, Corey Stoll, and Maura Tierney complete the powerful ensemble that brings this essential story to life.
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    The Report - Teaser Trailer
    Prime Video
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Comments • 467

  • Prime Video
    Prime Video  2 years ago +5

    Watch The Report now exclusively with your Prime Membership: bit.ly/TheReportPrimeVideo

  • Alessandro Esposito
    Alessandro Esposito 2 years ago +830

    Adam Driver is a HUGE talent.

    • Jim Neelands
      Jim Neelands 9 months ago

      Otter love

    • XII MIPA 3 34 Yovina Raisa Nabila
      XII MIPA 3 34 Yovina Raisa Nabila 2 years ago

      @Dogs Del you're just jealous lol

    • Drake Dragon
      Drake Dragon 2 years ago

      And at 9 11 they didnt attacked civil houses they attacked the world trading center that was manipulatind the world money and making people die of poverty

    • Reel James
      Reel James 2 years ago

      Driver is so good in this one. Saw it last night, and he brings the heat.

    • musicmatter
      musicmatter 2 years ago +1

      @Miguel Garcia Yeah but his character is actually getting better--the only character that's actually interesting.

  • Adam Driver Latinoamérica
    Adam Driver Latinoamérica 2 years ago +481

    This trailer alone deserves an oscar. I hope Adam finally gets his academy award, it's long overdue

    • ikea boy
      ikea boy 2 years ago

      "long overdue", please I love Adam Driver but he still got time to get his Academy Award. Just enjoy his movies and don't think about it

    • Kevin Connor
      Kevin Connor 2 years ago

      @Sarah Siddiqui This seems a little harsh. He's just one guy saying an actor he likes deserves an Oscar. (For the record, I think "long overdue" is a gross overstatement in Adam Driver's case.)
      There are lots of things worth getting snarky about in the world today. I really don't think some guy liking Adam Driver too much is one of them.

    • AK
      AK 2 years ago

      Joaquin Phoenix is better, sorry

    • Marqan
      Marqan 2 years ago +1

      Is this a meme?
      Demanding oscars for doing nothing?

    • Sarah Siddiqui
      Sarah Siddiqui 2 years ago +1

      Above average white guy instantly doesn't get ALL the acholades.
      *It's injustice*

  • selina wayne
    selina wayne 2 years ago +387

    can adam driver be nominated for another oscar please?

    • AK
      AK 2 years ago

      Sorry but he can’t compete with joaquin Phoenix

    • selina wayne
      selina wayne 2 years ago +1

      jbvader721 true

    • jbvader721
      jbvader721 2 years ago +19

      Judging by either this movie or with Netflix's "Marriage Story", it's not IF he'll get another Oscar nomination this year, it's WHEN he'll another Oscar nomination.

  • MartialBob
    MartialBob 2 years ago +611

    It's moments like this that I am reminded of how Spike Lee commented on how wide a range Adam Driver has.

    • Elesian Subs
      Elesian Subs 2 years ago

      He only has one role... ... ... ... ... attractive tall guy
      No im sorry
      *Very* attractive tall guy

    • 2ndRatePetronius
      2ndRatePetronius 2 years ago +8

      @Carly Crays He's filming a musical as we speak!

    • Carly Crays
      Carly Crays 2 years ago +14

      He can do comedy, action, drama, and probably every other genre.

    • LifeisA Dream
      LifeisA Dream 2 years ago +8

      Yeah truth matters! Like the truth that 9/11 was an inside job!

  • Andressa BDS
    Andressa BDS 2 years ago +1

    Adam, um dos melhores atores da nossa geração! Olha o talento desse homem, que orgulho! 👏💘 Esse filme parece ser mara, louca pra ver!

  • Тень навсегда
    Тень навсегда 2 years ago +27

    Wow I am pleasantly surprised at the projects Driver is getting and he's excelling at them all; action, comedy, thriller, horror-comedy, straight out serious drama.

  • nostrebornod
    nostrebornod 2 years ago +8

    Before The Force Awakens I've never heard of Adam Driver. Now I would watch him in anything he does. Incredible talent.

  • Koji Kaze
    Koji Kaze 2 years ago +75

    Adam Driver is KILLING IT! I knew he would be big when I started watching ‘GIRLS’. He really stood out!

  • 2ndRatePetronius
    2ndRatePetronius 2 years ago +44

    Adam Driver can do no wrong, and I hope the Academy gives him his due for his three films coming out this fall.

  • Aegon the Conqueror
    Aegon the Conqueror 2 years ago +296

    This is Adam Driver's year. Between The Report, Marriage Story and Star Wars IX he will have such a banner year.

    • Sol
      Sol 2 years ago

      @W J I actually just saw it too and I thought it was great.

    • Chance Edwards
      Chance Edwards 2 years ago

      @Miguel Garcia what the hell is wrong with you?

    • just me
      just me 2 years ago +1

      W J not really. His portrayal as Ben Solo in that movie alone was philosophically layered and motivationally twisted

  • Joachim Winckler
    Joachim Winckler 2 years ago +43

    Its sweet how everyone's writing about the actor and close to no one about the story. Hot topic, anyone?

    • Mayank Jairaj
      Mayank Jairaj 2 years ago +3

      This needs to be stickied or something.

    • wolf
      wolf 2 years ago +10

      People don't care about real life events and human atrocities until it's turned into a consumable form of media, unfortunately.

  • Lu
    Lu 2 years ago +175

    Mad Men, Barry, E.R. (The Affair), The Bridge, House of Cards, Dexter, The Americans, what a cast 👌🏻

    • Mayank Jairaj
      Mayank Jairaj 2 years ago

      I was very happy seeing Matthew Rhys, it was a very short appearance but loved it

    • Captain Alternate
      Captain Alternate 2 years ago +1

      Thats what i said! Pure amazing actors not hollywood budget eaters.

    • EO's
      EO's 2 years ago

      The office.

    • strika52
      strika52 2 years ago +4

      Lou Not everyone’s cup of tea, but Driver was great in it. Is the reason he’s been getting all these roles.

    • Lu
      Lu 2 years ago

      strika52 didn’t watch it, sorry.

  • Loch Ness Exploration

    Adam Driver deserves far more recognition, he’s a fantastic actor!

  • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
    TheAwesomeDarkNinja 2 years ago +41

    I'll always be grateful to Disney Star Wars for introducing the world to the awesomeness of Adam Driver.

  • roycesutphin94
    roycesutphin94 2 years ago +2

    Marriage Story, The Report AND Star Wars trailers in the span of a week? Adam Driver is fuckin' killing it!!!

  • Hannah HBIC
    Hannah HBIC 2 years ago +4

    Sure, Adam Driver is great but I just want Annette Bening to finally win an Oscar.

  • Professor Eobard Khan

    Just finished watching this film - great performance by Adam, loved the call outs to Snowden.

  • Japper
    Japper 2 years ago +151

    Netflix and Amazon simultaneously releasing teasers/trailer for originals involving Adam Driver.

  • XChristineX
    XChristineX 2 years ago +148

    Adam is gonna slay award season

  • Not A Doctor
    Not A Doctor 2 years ago

    Unlike Netflix, Amazon actually gives their films the theatrical release they deserve.

  • Bri Michelle
    Bri Michelle 2 years ago +10

    Now all Adam has to do is star in a Tarantino film and voice a character in a Pixar movie, and he will have ascended to legend status.

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Phenomenal performances from these terrific actors and actresses, I guess this would be Oscar 2020 worthy no doubt!!

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 2 years ago +3

    I feel Annette Benning will be nominated for an Oscar.

  • Guse Falito
    Guse Falito 2 years ago

    That cast is scary good. Driver alone was a pull for me but this is definitely a must-see

  • DaftSwank
    DaftSwank 2 years ago

    The intensity of this made me literally goose-pimpley. Can’t wait to see this!?!

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 2 years ago +24

    I'm glad Adam Driver is an Oscar-worthy actor now.

    • Adolfo Pena
      Adolfo Pena 2 years ago

      @Diego Pisfil I did, too. I also liked him in Silence and Star Wars.

  • Andressa BDS
    Andressa BDS 2 years ago +20

    Adam 💘, so talented 👏... this movie looks amazing, I can't wait to watch it!

  • Moe G
    Moe G Year ago

    Just finished watching it absolutely Brilliant 👏

  • Beautiful Abigail
    Beautiful Abigail 2 years ago +1

    OMG!! Seeing Dexter in that scene all of a sudden and hearing the line from Captain Price from Call Of Duty "History is written by the victors" sends a chill down my spine!

  • Binyam Mehari
    Binyam Mehari 2 years ago +6

    Daniel J. Jones(Driver's character) is a true patriot

  • Rey Skywaka
    Rey Skywaka 2 years ago +5

    adam driver is killing it this year.

  • StatutoryApe66
    StatutoryApe66 2 years ago +1

    amazon prime has been killing it recently with the originals

  • J Sanders
    J Sanders 2 years ago +1

    Wow! Looks incredible - what a cast

  • CliffJumpingProd
    CliffJumpingProd 2 years ago +1

    Very important movie, and very good! At the end I felt like there was actually good people in Washington, that was nice!

  • Marina
    Marina 2 years ago +99

    Adam Driver is probably the best actor working right now. I can't wait to see this important movie.

    • Jessica Agriani
      Jessica Agriani Year ago

      @SESHtv I prefer Driver’s acting better tbh. He’s more subtle yet the range is there. While Pattinson tends to be more ‘’made up’ and at times too much. My observation only.

    • Ronald Chapman
      Ronald Chapman 2 years ago


    • Testrun strike
      Testrun strike 2 years ago

      @SESHtv I referred to the top comment.

    • SESHtv
      SESHtv 2 years ago

      @Testrun strike I never said Adam is the best, I just said he's better than Pattinson

    • SESHtv
      SESHtv 2 years ago

      @Testrun strike I bet you didn't even see his movies. And not like he got nominated for an Oscar last year

  • HamletTwin
    HamletTwin 2 years ago +138

    Matt the Radar Technician finally got a promotion

    • M Huh
      M Huh 2 years ago +9

      Leslie got her muffin.

  • jaburuians
    jaburuians 2 years ago

    Can someone give Annette her well deserved Oscar pls?

  • Soumyo Mukherjee
    Soumyo Mukherjee 2 years ago

    Just saw this today.... Amazing performances and production..

  • A Seth
    A Seth 2 years ago +1

    In a sea of fantastical American content, it's great to see this fresh content. Looking forward to it.

  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo 2 years ago +7

    this is the power of film. to teach us about the worst things we've done in hopes that we won't let it happen again. but, I also just like to just veg out sometimes and not think.

  • Karenina Carado
    Karenina Carado 2 years ago

    Annette Bening could finally win her Oscar!

  • James Huynh
    James Huynh 2 years ago +1

    Adam Driver is killing it!

  • lespaul2000
    lespaul2000 2 years ago +1

    It's interesting seeing Adam Driver star in such a film, as he has served in the Marines.

  • dbreiden83080
    dbreiden83080 2 years ago

    Awesome Adam Driver is getting so many big parts. He deserves it..

  • Vinay Menon
    Vinay Menon 2 years ago +28

    This trailer looks like it was made for an Oscar winning procedural drama.

  • Semz Nerd
    Semz Nerd 2 years ago +2

    Just made a reaction video for this. Can't wait for this I LOVE Adam Driver! Looking forward to it Amazon!!

  • qdshm
    qdshm 2 years ago

    *"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."*
    -- _William Casey, CIA Director, 1981_

  • Myytchanneldinako Ha
    Myytchanneldinako Ha 2 years ago +2

    I want Adam Driver's career.

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 2 years ago +3

    If it's gonna come out, it's gonna come out the right way. 🙏

  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht Year ago

    Amazing movie. EITs work but only if applied by someone objectively as odd as that may sound as opposed to some crackerjack field agent with sociopathic wet dreams about saving the world.

  • niranjan6725
    niranjan6725 2 years ago +1

    The storyline looks amazing

  • Calvin
    Calvin Year ago +1

    Kylo ren really saving his career after leaving the first order, powerful stuff

  • Shaheen Vijayan
    Shaheen Vijayan 2 years ago

    This is going to be the best thing on Prime.

  • Arbaz Shiledar
    Arbaz Shiledar 2 years ago +1

    People who are anticipating this movie, I'd request you guys to also watch oscar winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side(2007). It covers the same topic.

  • Joel Paz
    Joel Paz 2 years ago +3

    Need to see this!!!

  • PiLambdaOd
    PiLambdaOd 2 years ago +38

    It's refreshing to see all these movies painting a less than rosy view of post 9/11 America.

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago

      @Saud Abrahams Citations please.

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago

      @J4 Genius Ok, what proof do you have that Bush was responsible?
      Now keep in mind UBL was already in play since 1988. Clinton dismissed all the Intel on terrorism. First Towers attack was under Clinton. Clinton's terrorism strategy led to 9/11.

    • Saud Abrahams
      Saud Abrahams 2 years ago +3

      @RED S7VN on the contrary, way more videos around by the experts telling us its impossible that those buildings didn't fall by any other method than a controlled demolition. Beams cut an angle and molten steal that could only ever be caused by thermite. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steal. Physics 101. WTC 7 building collapsing lol. Shitload of videos of firefighters who just managed to escape the collapsing buildings and their testimonies that they heard multiple explosions before the buildings collapsed. The US government sold their people a lie to go to war to invade, plunder and murder. Oil, oil, oil.....and Opium in Afghanistan 🤣

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago

      @Saud Abrahams Sure it is. There's been plenty of Structural Engineers who have looked at the World Trade Center in the way it came down and said that it was not a controlled detonation that's how it would have fallen because of the way the fires were in the way it was constructed. are you tired of all these conspiracy theorist coming up saying then 9/11 was planned and executed by the Bush Administration. It's utter nonsense no different than someone saying the Earth is flat or the moon landings never happened.

    • Saud Abrahams
      Saud Abrahams 2 years ago +2

      @RED S7VN lol. Conspiracy? Its blatantly obvious

  • Dr. Faustus
    Dr. Faustus Year ago

    I really hope he does more comedy. His deadpan is great.

  • Shashank Krishna
    Shashank Krishna 2 years ago

    Can't wait for The Amazon Original Report

  • nscoby93
    nscoby93 2 years ago +1

    Love Adam Driver!

  • Roger Takey
    Roger Takey 2 years ago +1

    Ben Solo, Dexter Morgan and Mad Man in the same place? Awesome!

  • saphine
    saphine 2 years ago

    Brilliant work!

  • Inna Nikolaeva
    Inna Nikolaeva 2 years ago

    Can't get enough of Adam's voice!

  • Laurence
    Laurence 2 years ago +3

    Oh, man - the reveal of the “true” name of the film at the end.

  • shira yaari
    shira yaari 2 years ago

    amazing cast!!!!!

  • Valois
    Valois 2 years ago

    Obviously it is a brilliant film. I’m just wondering if it is coming to Japan🤔

  • No Budget Stories
    No Budget Stories 2 years ago +57

    damm im litteraly suprised an american media company would make such a production exposing the actions of the us government

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago

      @lioncid as for your Shah of Iran statement that the United States help topple him that's anyting about the truth. We liked the Shah and wanted/needed the Shah to stay in power. It was Ayatollah Khomeini that toppled the Shah and caused him to flee Iran. It was the Ayatollah Khomeini who filled the revolution. The revolution represented a devastating strategic loss. Since the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf in 1971, Iran had become the cornerstone of America’s security architecture for protecting Western interests across the region.
      The extremists were fueled by Khomeini. And as it usually goes he used the young students who are easily manipulated to become as revolutionaries and extremist.
      the United States had no real hand and Khomeini coming to power or the Shah losing power. It was the modernization that the Shah ushered in that upset the Old Guard in Iran and lead to the revolution elstad the Shah.

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago +1

      @lioncid no that's not entirely correct if you go and read the book ghost Wars a little pain a little bit better picture so that you can understand it better we did not train the mujahideen. we supplied them with stinger missiles so that they could shoot down the Russian Hind helicopter. this helicopter was basically a flying tank he was responsible for most of the Russian atrocities in Afghanistan. Once the Stinger missiles were introduced Russia lost their air superiority. Now the extremists that you're talkin about didn't really manifest until the Russian withdrawal. And then a guy named Osama bin Laden (UBL) came on the scene in 1979. He was born in Saudi Arabia and studied at university in the country until 1979, when he joined Mujahideen forces in Pakistan fighting against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. He helped to fund the Mujahideen by funneling arms, money and fighters from the Arab world into Afghanistan. UBL arrived in December of '79. The United States did not provide a single penny until May of 1980. This may not seem significant but Bin Laden was already providing money in backing 5 months prior to the u.s. involvement. Now you have to remember this is still during the Cold War so we're trying to fight the Soviets on every front to prevent the spread of Communism we were dealing with Cuba again during this time frame and now the Soviets have invaded Afghanistan. Now once the US got involved we did spend an astronomical amount of money in the region but wars are not cheap. You have to look at the outcome though Afghanistan was a massive leading cause for the collapse of the Soviet Union they had just spent way too much money and extended themselves way too far in this campaign. The mujahideen which is been around since 600 C.E. was never a terrorist organization or anti-American. Al queda (The Base) is or was in that was completely 100% created by UBL in late 1988. UBL completely 100% did this on his own with no funding or assistance from United States. In fact we never had any dealings with you Bao in the form of funding training or backing during his entire time in Afghanistan.
      So to say that we funded and caused UBL or AQ is just false.
      patio stays not got involved in Afghanistan it would have been a soviet-controlled region. Because it was after the U.S. involvement the tides turned against the Soviets. Have the Soviets taken Afghanistan Pakistan would have been next. Pakistan was the one that begged the United States to get involved in the beginning.
      I'm a little school on this subject because that was my specialty in the military ( Middle East and Africa).

    • RED S7VN
      RED S7VN 2 years ago

      @Drake Dragon oh yeah that's right because the Israelites didn't already occupy that originally in the Biblical times. There never was or never will be a Palestine it's a made-up concept Palestinian people never existed. so if you really want to start pointing fingers that's what you should Point them at the fake Palestine. Because if you go back and do a little history research you'll see you that the Israelites did occupy this region. It's documented by the Babylonians documented by the Egyptians and documented by the Romans.

  • Larry Urli
    Larry Urli 2 years ago

    Terrific movie! Daniel Jones is a hero! Democracy still has a chance with people like him. Now I really want to read the Full Report... All the 7000 pages...

  • Yuruani Nava
    Yuruani Nava 2 years ago +1

    I'm digging this

  • Kunal Singh
    Kunal Singh 2 years ago +3

    Adam Driver is good enough reason to add it to my watchlist.

  • Hopey
    Hopey 2 years ago +3

    give adam driver all the awards

  • Sebastian Joseph
    Sebastian Joseph 2 years ago +11

    Adam Driver, John Hamm, Mathew Rhys, Michael C. Hall and Corey Stroll? Yeah, count me in.

  • Sean Paxton
    Sean Paxton 2 years ago +1

    Looks redaction packed!

  • Not A Doctor
    Not A Doctor 2 years ago

    Kylo Ren, Dexter Morgan, Don Draper, Yellowjacket, and Leader all in one movie? Oh, hell yeah!

  • LA_5333
    LA_5333 2 years ago

    Way to go and tackle this subject matter!

  • Anchal Kumar
    Anchal Kumar 2 years ago +4

    Tim Blake Nelson casting is masterstroke.

  • Amrutha Girish
    Amrutha Girish 2 years ago +1

    Super super excited... please tell me this is coming on Prime India as well

  • R
    R 2 years ago

    I'm hyped

  • M R
    M R 2 years ago

    All these comments about Adam Driver, Jon Hamm is the most talented actor cast in this movie by far!

  • Vishwanathan Iyer
    Vishwanathan Iyer 2 years ago +2

    So nice to hear Dexter's voice 😍

  • FunWithAJ
    FunWithAJ 2 years ago

    Thanks for showing me the whole film

  • greennumberthree
    greennumberthree 2 years ago

    remember when Adam Driver was only in indie movies? has he come a far far way. good for him.

    • Jenny w
      Jenny w 2 years ago +1

      From a galaxy far far away?

  • DeathStroke
    DeathStroke 2 years ago +10

    Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.
    - Friedrich W. Nietzsche

    • Clay Mitchell
      Clay Mitchell 2 years ago

      DeathStroke “just because it’s a quote doesn’t mean it’s true”

  • GrandJediMaster7860
    GrandJediMaster7860 2 years ago +1

    Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Dexter Morgan in the same movie....nice 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Ted Kord
    Ted Kord 2 years ago +1

    ...I highly recommend the show The Looming Tower on Hulu. It’s free online as well.
    That fucking miniseries gave me a nightmare after the last two episodes...it gave me a nightmare cuz 9/11 actually happened and made you relive the moment when it happened.
    Go watch it.
    As for this show, it’s a little confusing cuz In “The Looming Tower” it shows the CIA didn’t play ball with the FBI and did not participate with the FBI to stop the terrorists from entering the US/Boston airport to highjack the planes on 9/11.
    But the part where Adam says : “This guy is responsible for 9/11”.
    I wonder if this show presents another missing piece as to how it all came down to 9/11. Who is the man Adam was talking about.

  • echolot
    echolot 2 years ago +2

    it is about time we got another great thriller. this goofy mofo can do anything

  • Allboutanime
    Allboutanime 2 years ago +37

    Yess, i am gonna watch it

  • Jack Dolah
    Jack Dolah 2 years ago

    Corey stoll is so underrated

  • Aryaman Mehrotra
    Aryaman Mehrotra 2 years ago


  • byrongammon byrongammon
    byrongammon byrongammon 2 years ago +2

    This movie received 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. WHY.....was it buried?

  • DeathReaper
    DeathReaper 2 years ago

    One of the most versatile actor

  • WarrenG1993
    WarrenG1993 2 years ago

    This is some stellar star cast.

  • Novel Martinez
    Novel Martinez 2 years ago

    Doesn't show the savagery of the US well enough but still a good movie

  • Mike Flanary
    Mike Flanary 2 years ago

    Driver being a former Marine makes this seem even better

  • Noorzana Yasmin
    Noorzana Yasmin 2 years ago

    I am surprised no one talking about the plot of this movie but the character.

  • Claire bear
    Claire bear 2 years ago +6

    Adam driver is slaying Hollywood right now

    • Colin Campbell
      Colin Campbell 2 years ago +1

      Claire bear
      Shouldn’t take long seeing as they’re handed out to anyone 😂

    • Claire bear
      Claire bear 2 years ago

      @Colin Campbell yes it actually is. Id like to see you get nominated for one and show me. I'll be here 😚

    • Colin Campbell
      Colin Campbell 2 years ago +1

      Claire bear
      Oh wow some “Tony’s”?
      Real impressive stuff 😂

    • Claire bear
      Claire bear 2 years ago

      @Colin Campbell Without a good actor a movie adaption from a book would flop and he's starring in a netflix original with Scarlett Johansson on top of that he's also starred in "Burn this" with Keri Russell which has been nominated for 3 tonys' so yes I'd say he's slaying Hollywood. And by the way he plays Kylo Ren so well after filming shots for the starwars movies his co-stars asked him if he was okay because they too also noticed just how talented he can be. But then again how you feel is an opinion so I will happily let you express yourself.

    • Colin Campbell
      Colin Campbell 2 years ago +1

      Is he? A subpar villain in Star Wars and the lead role in a series made by a book company 😂 really “slaying it” 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui 2 years ago

    First they will say It was bad, In the end they Will Justify why It was OK and in the favor of National Security

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 years ago

    Im loving Amazon

  • daf
    daf Year ago

    great great documentary

  • liarandhislove
    liarandhislove 2 years ago +36

    Marriage Story, this, and then Star Wars IX......This is Adam Driver's year

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K 2 years ago

      @Dogs Del he's the saving grace of that super long toys commercial...

    • Dogs Del
      Dogs Del 2 years ago +2

      Star wars is dead weight in his career.