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When the hero is just as smart as villain.

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Laundry dude gone be alright he got insurance.
    Oddwin - 8-16-18
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Phoenix1220
    Phoenix1220 3 years ago +32225

    We not gonna talk about how a banana makes a metallic noise in that bottle

    • Zhariri2030
      Zhariri2030 5 days ago +2

      Maybe it's from the 0.3 milligram of iron

    • The Cookies!
      The Cookies! 8 days ago

      @River Shen You make a bone key using genetics and put it in the bananana DNA structure. if this was some sought of comic book universe.

    • Chef Wholesome
      Chef Wholesome 10 days ago

      the key in the banana made the noise

    • Some1Body
      Some1Body 11 days ago

      Ye man

    • Rachel Grubb
      Rachel Grubb 12 days ago

      Thats the key

  • Joseph Reagan
    Joseph Reagan 9 months ago +8429

    Jokes on you, villain. I knew you would be just chilling at your house, so I moved your house into a federal prison.

    • May𝗠𝗮𝘆Cookieシ︎
      May𝗠𝗮𝘆Cookieシ︎ 27 days ago


    • Jes3monkey
      Jes3monkey 29 days ago

      Hah. I always knew I might end up in federal prison someday. That's why I purchased this private federal prison. All the gaurds are on my payroll. See you on the outside.

    • Justin Gary
      Justin Gary Month ago


    • Usman Khan
      Usman Khan Month ago +1

      Bro this should be pinned man 😂😂😂 I’m literally dead after that bro

    • Max Tortarum
      Max Tortarum Month ago

      Heyo wtf

  • egiant is balanced
    egiant is balanced 7 months ago +4042

    "I stole the key... BEFORE I STOLE THE KEY"
    gets me every time

  • MythicBeanProductions
    MythicBeanProductions 7 months ago +1576

    I love how he goes from being impossibly prepared, to threatening the whole city, to just being petty and trying to make the hero suffer a minor inconvenience

    • Half Asleep Eggo
      Half Asleep Eggo Month ago +2


    • Aredel
      Aredel 3 months ago +8

      @Cracker Jackz you can file down the teeth so it doesn’t fit the lock

    • Cracker Jackz
      Cracker Jackz 3 months ago +4

      Wouldn’t it be a real one no matter what

    • Cracker Jackz
      Cracker Jackz 3 months ago +3

      Also, how do you make a fake key, fr?

    • toptenguy1
      toptenguy1 3 months ago +43

      You called wrinkled clothes MINOR??

  • The Rat Kid
    The Rat Kid 10 months ago +2068

    "You're smarter than you look"
    "That line doesn't work here"
    Best 4th wall break ever

    • Random4
      Random4 3 months ago +1

      loved it

    • RB XG
      RB XG 4 months ago +35

      4:01 his face tho….

  • 3HeadedYorkee
    3HeadedYorkee 3 months ago +1333

    "You'll have to iron them like EVERYONE ELSE!"
    The most diabolical thing any villain has ever done.

  • Ultronium COL
    Ultronium COL 3 years ago +18406

    Villain: How could you have possibly known that?
    High IQ anime characters: Well it’s easy.

  • Solid Zack
    Solid Zack 11 months ago +8690

    The most accurate thing about this is how the other party always acts all shocked and caught off-guard only to go "I expected you to do that!"

    • Kirbyfreak YT
      Kirbyfreak YT Month ago +3

      The best part is, there's probably some legitimacy
      "So YOU were the one who swapped the key with the banana!"

    • PURP
      PURP 2 months ago +5

      Most accurate part is how the face time was lagging

    • FireBlaze 4100
      FireBlaze 4100 5 months ago +23

      I think it’s more of expression of:
      “Wow, he fell for that?”

      SCINTILLAM DEI 5 months ago +14

      It would have been funnier if he ended with the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Chicken Curry
    Chicken Curry Year ago +2353

    "How'd he find me?"
    -The villain that set up Facetime in his own house

    • SunlightGwyn
      SunlightGwyn 24 days ago +2

      It think it was implied that the villain facetimed the hero’s phone. The villain just didn’t know where the phone was.

    • Shadow 64
      Shadow 64 2 months ago +4

      To be fair, he probably though the hero would rush out of the house trying to find the villain. No one expects the villain to FaceTime you from the next room.

    • EclipseofSolar
      EclipseofSolar 5 months ago +2

      XD i cant breathe cuz of that

    • Joetino Official
      Joetino Official 6 months ago +5

      @MindlessMovies+Animations As the villain, I can confirm this.

    • Manoj Kothwal
      Manoj Kothwal 6 months ago +2


  • Kabir Hussain
    Kabir Hussain 3 months ago +980

    This is just L and Light Yagami but without the death note

    • SunlightGwyn
      SunlightGwyn 24 days ago +3

      This is actually more like Near vs Light. The final battle between them consisted of swapping Death notes which is similar to Caleb swapping keys. And (Spoilers) the hero wins just like Near wins.

    • The Terminator
      The Terminator 25 days ago +1

      Also the story of near

    • Happy the ordinary cat
      Happy the ordinary cat Month ago

      @Reyeyawn do you have proof for this or is everybody just supposed to take your word ? Because it says there is 705 likes..... Don't got to lie to kick it bro

    • Reyeyawn
      Reyeyawn Month ago

      I’m your 700th like

    • Happy the ordinary cat
      Happy the ordinary cat Month ago

      @LaraTomoon that's factually incorrect

  • The Warden
    The Warden 11 months ago +3581

    i love how the convo just goes
    "You have a key, but it isn't a key. It is a banana."
    "Cool you've said that, but the banana has a key in it."
    "funny enough, that key is the fake one"
    "No, yours is the fake"
    "Actually, no. Yours is the fake one."
    "Nice arguement, **but i have a bomb** "

    • Sufferdude 05
      Sufferdude 05 8 days ago +1

      @Dafork Gaming I'd be sad if I hadn't found your school and changed your grades for college to make you barely fail, so now you have to go back to school and do it all over again

    • Sufferdude 05
      Sufferdude 05 9 days ago

      @Dafork Gaming I'd be pressed if I didn't relocate those bombs at your local Starbucks. Now you'll have terrible sleep and be miserable forever.
      Wow I didn't know I was this evil.

  • GABS
    GABS 3 months ago +276

    Funny how he was actually okay with the workers of the villain’s dry cleaner dying…

    • Maagic
      Maagic 4 days ago

      cant make an omelette without cracking a few eggs

    • Dafork Gaming
      Dafork Gaming Month ago +7

      @Achilles Glacia I’d be saddened, if I didn’t swap the papers. You see, I knew you would’ve done that, so I swapped the guys insurance with….
      **your car insurance**
      Now without a transport vehicle, your evasion is significantly hindered!

    • Achilles Glacia
      Achilles Glacia Month ago +10

      Funny he anticipated this concern in the description and made sure the laundry dude insurance would cover him. .... But, I was a step ahead, little did he know, I had moved the insurance papers into a coat that went up in flames with the rest of the dry cleaning, uhuhahahaha?!

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 2 months ago +2


  • Logi
    Logi 2 years ago +58360

    I know this is weird to say but this guy has amazing chemistry with himself.

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    • Leah L
      Leah L 6 months ago

      I ship him with himself ^_^
      I have the DeviantArt Commissions to show how it could work. 😀

    • Joel Haggis
      Joel Haggis 6 months ago +1

      Diatomic molecules be like

    • Cap And Friends!
      Cap And Friends! 7 months ago


    • Ben DeLaughter
      Ben DeLaughter 7 months ago

      This is perhaps the best comment I have ever read.

  • Exile Music
    Exile Music 9 months ago +1567

    Yall the line "that line doesnt work here" is actually hilarious and underrated, the whole joke is they look the exact same so if hes smarter than he looks he is talking about himself too

    • ALLTHESMOKE2.4bleezy
      ALLTHESMOKE2.4bleezy 27 days ago

      You Yt I can tell

    • blueyandicy
      blueyandicy 2 months ago +1


    • JAJO
      JAJO 3 months ago +1

      Lmao I was so confused 🤣🤣

    • wavee
      wavee 3 months ago

      Omg, 😳that’s so hilarious ‘Exile music’ 🥰! Looking forward ⏩to more of you’re incredible clue point outs! 😅😂😂😂

    • Acedman190
      Acedman190 5 months ago +3

      I’d always thought he was talking about the glasses Red Caleb was wearing, but that makes more sense actually

  • Frantic
    Frantic 11 months ago +679

    I love how the villain forgot he put the phone in his own house lol

    • Matt Wayne
      Matt Wayne Month ago +5

      The implication is that he didn't plant it in his own house. The hero is the one that staged it in the house, not the villain.

    • Twinodoom
      Twinodoom 7 months ago +67

      That’s because the phone was stolen before he called

  • RaisingKayne 223
    RaisingKayne 223 3 months ago +67

    Can we just take a moment realize that the replica keys would still open the safe

    • Aredel
      Aredel Month ago +1

      They probably filed down the teeth so it wouldn’t fit. Hence a fake replica.

    • Ωuiet Wyatt
      Ωuiet Wyatt 2 months ago


    • Ωuiet Wyatt
      Ωuiet Wyatt 2 months ago +1

      But it's a replica as in not the original sooooo they key due to the plot being continued on its existence must be unique in some way.... that's how you retcon logic to make content. Whether it's meme Caleb or actual commercialized stories

    • Random4
      Random4 3 months ago +13

      We've dispatched the FBI to your location you know too much.

  • Anwar L. Knox
    Anwar L. Knox Year ago +784

    The pause he took before saying, "I'm in yo house!" Comedic genius

    • SnowEdwin
      SnowEdwin 7 months ago +17

      the pause straight up like "this dude set up this whole scheme IN HIS HOUSE and he askin' me this, goofy aa--"

  • Josh Wise
    Josh Wise 6 months ago +123

    “You’ll never enjoy unwrinkled clothes again. You’ll have to iron them, like everyone else” just diabolical 😔😂

    • Reyeyawn
      Reyeyawn Month ago


    • Reyeyawn
      Reyeyawn Month ago +1

      The way he says it gets me everytime 😂

  • Jedy Flores
    Jedy Flores 3 years ago +6193

    "I'm actually in my house. CHILLIN."
    I have never laughed so hard at the word 'chill'

    • Bladesman of ionia
      Bladesman of ionia 2 months ago

      @LeafLock English is not his first language and you came up with a comment which people with English as their second language wouldn't understand easily.

    • lil chubb
      lil chubb 2 months ago


    • Super Paçoca
      Super Paçoca 3 months ago

      Bro me too

    • LeafLock
      LeafLock 5 months ago +5

      @Pessimist Kai Firstly, because the villain spoke in a very reserved, almost formal manner the entire video only to slip into very casual slang here. Also, his enunciation expresses both smug confidence and a level of challenge, it becomes a much higher comedic payoff a few seconds later when he begins crying once he realizes he’s been caught.

    • Pessimist Kai
      Pessimist Kai 9 months ago

      How is this funny?
      Sorry English is not my first language

  • Nikinovski
    Nikinovski 9 months ago +206

    The slight delay between the main video audio and the face time audio is so spot on. Great editing Caleb!

    • icedchai
      icedchai 4 months ago +6

      im pretty sure he just legit had someone film a facetime call

    • helicupter
      helicupter 4 months ago +10

      and the knocks too, went generally unnoticed but details are why videos like this are so good

  • Ailo Spjellok
    Ailo Spjellok 11 months ago +420

    i love how the villain started with "whos asking" as if he didnt know the hero, but dude had a whole plan lined up

  • Allie Steele
    Allie Steele 6 months ago +74

    I love how half of the things the hero told the villain about the did weren't even necessary, he just loved getting the better of his foe. top tier comedy

  • Marche
    Marche Year ago +564

    Wait i just caught that if the villain made a replica key, then it would've worked just as well as the real key because it's the same shape, meaning all this stealing and swapping is literally pointless.

    • Ixarus
      Ixarus 5 months ago +11

      Obviously by replica, he means everything but the teeth. The teeth probably look something like the real one's but just different enough to not work.

    • Cat
      Cat 6 months ago

      exactly what i was thinking lmao

    • Thekiller25
      Thekiller25 6 months ago +6

      @Lightning ⚡️ Bolt i do know how it works, I was just trying to make a joke, sorry for not making it any clearer

    • Lightning ⚡️ Bolt
      Lightning ⚡️ Bolt 6 months ago +6

      @Thekiller25 I don’t think you understand how a lock works. The only reason you can’t open a lock with any key is because the key has to be the right shape to push the pins. That’s all. So if the replica key is the exact same shape, then the lock doesn’t care that it’s a replica, because it still pushes the pins.

    • Thekiller25
      Thekiller25 6 months ago +18

      @Lightning ⚡️ Bolt it is tho, fake keys only work with fake locks, rookie misconception

  • Blasboise
    Blasboise 2 months ago +12

    It's been 3 years and I only now realize that he said that the "You're smarter than you look" line doesn't work here because everyone in this universe looks the same because they are all Caleb.
    Now this is good writing.

  • Harjjw
    Harjjw Year ago +14039

    This is literally role-playing as kindergarteners, because everybody wanted to be the strongest

    • AlephMale
      AlephMale 3 days ago

      This is literally geopolitics. Each side has to imagine a better weapon to beat the other with, but they always find a way to keep going because both sides are just Earth playing a game in itself.

    • Sufferdude 05
      Sufferdude 05 9 days ago

      No you can't beat me because I'm Superman and you don't have any powers

    • The Cookies!
      The Cookies! 14 days ago

      @The True Squad I Have successfully stolen people's time

    • The True Squad
      The True Squad 14 days ago

      @Mark McGehee a racoon is heavier than your average 4 year old human?

    • The True Squad
      The True Squad 14 days ago

      @The Cookies! bro you sound like an irl game character bro

  • Bacon Animatic
    Bacon Animatic 10 months ago +96

    My favorite line

    • Y
      Y Day ago

      Good luck. Good luck tryna find me. Good luck!

  • kuzzi
    kuzzi 8 months ago +93

    I like how the villain managed to steal the key before he “stole” it

  • Jaxon the Okay
    Jaxon the Okay 3 months ago +55

    i'm a sucker for small details and the latency between his actual knocks on the door and the replay of it in the facetime is a very nice touch

  • TacoJohn
    TacoJohn 11 months ago +92

    I like how they get so genuinely shocked even though they knew it would happen

  • Harry Emioma
    Harry Emioma 3 months ago +98

    “i managed to steal it before I stole”😂

  • choco
    choco 3 years ago +3150

    "however... I *swapped* that key..with a banana."
    I loved that part so much aibe

    • Raymond R
      Raymond R 3 years ago +5


    • KEL
      KEL 3 years ago +10

      His facial expression when he looks at the banana

    • ZKRYH -
      ZKRYH - 3 years ago +5

      travis scott money

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers 5 months ago +24

    "i managed to steal the key before i stole it" such a good line

  • InfiniteCookies
    InfiniteCookies 7 months ago +14

    I love how the hero decided that after finding the bombs at his dry cleaner, instead of disarming them or putting them somewhere without people or animals he just puts them at a different, probably innocent dry cleaner's place because they dry clean the villains clothes... great hero

  • Ice-lord 99
    Ice-lord 99 7 months ago +8

    Not only was this hilarious it was also really interesting to watch and see how each of them would outsmart and outplay each other. Never had I thought a 4 minute youtube video would make me so intrigued, it was seriously like watching the climax of a Sherlock Holmes episode!

  • Le Narrator [Society Of Superior]

    Hero opens door
    "You're under arrest"
    "Yes I am, but you haven't caught the real thief"
    "What do you mean?"
    "I'm the thief's twin brother!"

    • travis oliver
      travis oliver 4 months ago +1

      POV: Venom Snake in Metal Gear

    • Abrar Ladak
      Abrar Ladak 6 months ago +13

      Hah? Is that what you believe? Unfortunately for you, I swapped out your twin's birth certificate with YOUR birth certificate. Therefore, YOU are the thief.

  • Dekuianutshell
    Dekuianutshell Month ago

    Its crazy to see how far Caleb is willing to work on these films. The fact that he traveled to Evil Calebs house to shoot the final scene is very remarkable for a self proclaimed actor and producer.

  • LegendaryX Gamer
    LegendaryX Gamer 4 years ago +8446

    "Actually i wasnt even here i been facetiming you this whole time" IM DEAD

    • Unidentified
      Unidentified 9 months ago


    • TIMEgoesbyFAST
      TIMEgoesbyFAST 10 months ago

      @Bl_nk "Funny you should mention that... I knew you would do something such as kill them, so during that time when you snipped him, I had formed a ectoplasm consumption device to snatch up the remains of the ghostbuster's spirit to bring back to life! In other words, it doesn't matter if you kill him, he'll come back to get you soon enough!"

    • Bl_nk
      Bl_nk 10 months ago

      he's dead and I'm the one the sniped him

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 8 months ago +37

    I love how instead of disarming the dry cleaner bombs, they go to the effort of moving them

  • ArchVelocity
    ArchVelocity 10 months ago +87

    Love how absurd it is, especially the inconsistencies as the show contradicts itself.
    Here is my list of contradictions in this if your curious.
    1.Shakes water bottle, metal sounds inside the bottle. Opens bottle, banana.
    2. Expects random dude who he doesn’t know to swap the key out and says “who’s asking” and “smarter than you look” at the start.
    3. Places bombs at dry cleaners of (guy he doesnt know) and the dry cleaners either randomly screamed into the phone or the dude got called by the villain’s dry cleaner.
    4. Villain face times protagonist but doesn’t remember where he left the device for the face time.
    10/10 would rewatch again

    • Lefdy
      Lefdy 12 days ago

      @Dr. Echo lol yes 🧪°•.

    • Dr. Echo
      Dr. Echo Month ago

      Or the entire exchange in the beginning just yadda yadda yadda-ing over how the villain was gonna be "incriminated" by his water bottle or whatever was in it lol

    • Dr. Echo
      Dr. Echo Month ago +2

      Or that an exact fake replica of a key is likely to just work anyway 😂

  • Dae Nite
    Dae Nite 2 months ago +1

    I love how the laundry guy survived the explosion; and according to the description, he had insurance too lol

  • Donovan Hall
    Donovan Hall 10 months ago +38

    It's funny how the villains dry cleaner would call the good guy for no reason just so they blow up on the phone lol

  • Jordon Charlery
    Jordon Charlery Month ago +2

    Never gets old 😂

  • Frankie Nutcracker
    Frankie Nutcracker 3 years ago +17337

    Teacher: The Test isn’t that complicated
    The Test:

  • FatherAllerdBaledyn
    FatherAllerdBaledyn 9 months ago +42

    That's how every playground game went ever, each person imagining increasingly elaborate methods of one-uping the previous declaration of victory lmao
    Too good

  • - 48
    - 48 9 months ago +13

    Can we just acknowledge that the villain didn’t know Caleb was in his house even though that’s where he put the phone

  • Delivery Sensei
    Delivery Sensei 6 months ago +4

    The ultimate sacrifice of using his dry cleaner to make him think it was yours and sacrificing your clothes in the process... what a good guy

  • Yeeterminatør
    Yeeterminatør 11 months ago +24

    Bro i legit wrote this video script for a story writing comp and i won and when the principal came to me to give the award on stage he whispered “another caleb city fan i see” like GOD *DAAAAAAYUM*

  • WoxyBoxy
    WoxyBoxy 23 days ago

    1:34 This is the best part of the video for me. The ridiculous line of “I managed to steal the key *before* I stole it” while he’s aggressively peeling a banana is endlessly funny to me lol

  • Zulius ✨
    Zulius ✨ Year ago +10561

    I love how the villain is legitimately concerned on how the hero found him after that very smart conversation.

    • 🖤Mitsuri Kanroji🖤
      🖤Mitsuri Kanroji🖤 3 months ago

      @Lorenzo Wright I'm 1 year early or something wdym

    • Lorenzo Wright
      Lorenzo Wright 3 months ago

      @🖤Mitsuri Kanroji🖤 You're Late

    • 🖤Mitsuri Kanroji🖤
      🖤Mitsuri Kanroji🖤 3 months ago

      @Lorenzo Wright what

    • Existent
      Existent 4 months ago +2

      @Ch3rr1s3 You mean NORD VPN?! Because that’s what todays video is sponsoring! Nord vpn is an amazing-

    • Ch3rr1s3
      Ch3rr1s3 6 months ago +1

      He probably had is VPN on. I would be shocked too.

  • Yael Levi
    Yael Levi 11 months ago +16

    This just kept getting funnier and funnier and then I died at the end. I don't know if it continues because I'm dead now.

    • Yael Levi
      Yael Levi 9 months ago

      @Nomhle Moneti I already had one it's been two months

  • kirby slayer
    kirby slayer 11 months ago +26

    I’ve seen this multiple times but I love rewatching it

    • Ali Cat
      Ali Cat 4 months ago

      Me & my brother always rewatch this video too! It's a classic ☺️

    • bria harris
      bria harris 8 months ago +1

      Don't we all! 🤣🤣🖤

  • Goat Forest
    Goat Forest Month ago

    Man, you've gotta be the best comedy writer I've seen in over a decade.

  • 𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂 *͎
    𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂 *͎ Year ago +11

    Someone give this man an oscar please 💜😂🙏🏻🏆

  • Anti-Life Galactus
    Anti-Life Galactus 3 months ago +16

    Now imagine if Caleb did a video summary of all the preparation they made before this shit went down.

  • Nacho__06
    Nacho__06 3 years ago +13914

    Next line:
    Very clever but it’s a fake house you’re in

    • idk why
      idk why 2 months ago


    • Mr.Badass529
      Mr.Badass529 3 months ago

      Lmao werd

      FLO'S EATYARD 6 months ago

      Very clever but I hired the sas to transport the fake house to my house and plant my house where you would go to dry clean and MY HOUSE HAS THE BOMBS YOU OUT IN MY DRY CLEANER-probably next line

    • Rehan Baig
      Rehan Baig Year ago +1

      Its a fake replica of your house that I MADE so you could go in it and I could catch you

    • Mono
      Mono Year ago +1

      @MrEpicguy23 *Gasp*

  • Draawing
    Draawing 7 months ago +27

    I feel like everyone's ignoring the fact that the villain was robbing his own house.

  • CaptainCole
    CaptainCole 11 months ago +13

    The Dry Cleaner bit killed me lmao

  • Log Champ
    Log Champ Month ago +3

    1:34 he managed to steal the key before he stole it. Insane play

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 9 months ago +4

    I like how he changed the villains motive to planting bombs in the city they could literally go on forever arguing with each other who has the real key and who has the fake key.

  • Oluwatomi Ubani
    Oluwatomi Ubani 5 months ago +2

    This was hilarious 😂😂😂 the part where he kept on saying I’ve been chilling, I was chill 😂😂😂

  • Atmos
    Atmos 2 years ago +5312

    "I managed to steal the key BEFORE I stole it."
    Dude is out here, outplaying himself.

    • red hollow
      red hollow 2 years ago

      wait how though ?

    • aliii
      aliii 2 years ago


    • julaine smith
      julaine smith 2 years ago

      Someone did something similar to his they are called milkncokies but they did if dream and technoblade were rivals in a anime

    • Rv
      Rv 2 years ago

      Omega lol

    • Anameena P
      Anameena P 2 years ago

      I was like "oh sh*t" when the key was in the banana

  • Aidan, Brickbob
    Aidan, Brickbob 11 months ago +11

    That last scene actually insanely good. Kind of had an eerie feel to it.

  • hensta
    hensta 3 months ago +2

    Im convinced this guy managed to fit a banana into a water bottle and then created a whole skit just to include

  • ACE
    ACE 2 months ago +4

    I love how the blue crocodile is just chilling and hanging about.

  • Elisabeth Gaffney
    Elisabeth Gaffney Year ago +5

    I kept laughing harder and harder when things kept escalating

  • Rakoon
    Rakoon 6 months ago +1

    I think Caleb just realized he could fit a banana and his water bottle and wanted to make a joke but didn't want it to be a sex joke since that's low hanging fruit

  • TS0
    TS0 2 years ago +6065

    “You’re smarter than you look”
    “That line doesn’t work here”
    This man is a genius

  • Dude Duder
    Dude Duder 11 months ago +8

    You are a comedic genius! 🤣🤣🤣
    Dude, you're a legend, Man!

  • Ederd Stark
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