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  • Published on Aug 28, 2022 ver繹ffentlicht

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  • Brown Mamba

    Chris knew rt away this was a highlight reel,so he started to cry about how he got hooked with elbow! Chris does that same move all the time!

  • Brendan B
    Brendan B  +42

    "Dunked on his head" He's not even near the hoop

    SDMNFC  +7

    Bro what Chris was like 5 feet away how was that a poster

  • Hasani daltonel

    He didn't even dunk on him LMAO

  • Ineedmykey

    Im convinced nobody knows what a poster is in the game of basketball

  • Jizzle Money

    Chris complaining about getting hook because hes too slow to keep up with his defender as always

  • 98 Noir
    98 Noir  +5

    Dont complain about getting hooked if youre reaching into someones arm while they are in a running motion. 丑

  • 梧J潘
    梧J潘  +3

    Wanted something to post唐唐

  • Abraham Alvarez

    Not a poster lol but good move

  • Matthew Delgado

    1 clip got mans feeling like a god

  • D Dave
    D Dave Day ago

    This ain't a poster, but I get it.

  • Jude
    Jude  +1

    Chris LMAO....

  • dfmbfoe
    dfmbfoe  +1


  • Kaleb Raleigh

    Was a good play but def not a poster lmaooo


    He flow

  • DevonsWorld

    Omg put him in the blender

  • Tracy Mcswain

    This is a video idea to do in this video in life right know today for us only okay

  • Jahi

    He no where near the basket Yall just hate he be talking that shit

  • Jubin Vettikkatt

    Hes a baby 塔塔

  • AdamWest

    I mean, Chris is a bad defender. He's never been a good defender lol