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When Things Fall Up

  • Published on Aug 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I show you how it can appear that things roll up instead of down
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  • Night
    Night 3 months ago +4313

    I like your funny words, magic man.

  • M Al
    M Al 3 months ago +6914

    "The cone didn't actually fall up, it still fell down"
    - Action lab

    • kalpha draige
      kalpha draige Month ago

      "Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right!"
      -Champoin of Justice Boi

    • YukonJack
      YukonJack Month ago +1

      @Sayyed 77’ I'm glad someone finally got it.

    • Sayyed 77’
      Sayyed 77’ Month ago

      @YukonJack 😂😂😂

    • Incognito mode
      Incognito mode Month ago

      @CEO did you do it?💀

    • YukonJack
      YukonJack 2 months ago

      There is no spoon.

  • ٴ Necrophiliac God ٴ
    ٴ Necrophiliac God ٴ 3 months ago +2860

    I’ve fallen up, and I can’t get down!

    • YukonJack
      YukonJack 2 months ago +1

      Willy Wonkaitus. The solution -start burping.

    • TheDarkMonarch1
      TheDarkMonarch1 2 months ago

      @Goat K replying to somebody i lost track minutes after it was posted 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Goat K
      Goat K 2 months ago

      @TheDarkMonarch1 Replying to someone 31 minutes after it was posted 💀💀💀💀💀

    • TheDarkMonarch1
      TheDarkMonarch1 2 months ago

      @Goat K replying somebody 3 hours after it was posted 💀💀💀💀

    • Goat K
      Goat K 2 months ago

      @TheDarkMonarch1 Replying to somebody 2 days after it was posted 💀 💀💀

  • valdor15
    valdor15 16 hours ago

    I love you're videos! But I feel like this one could use a bit more explanation.... Because the sides of the cone are slanted at an angle, the weight of the cone was pushing out against the sides of the ramp. The diverging sides of the ramp then behaved as a "ramp" for each side of the cone as rolling the other way would have increased pressure on the cone and required more energy to push against it and lift its center of mass. Rolling "up" kept the center of mass relatively even until the drop, requiring much less energy. Gravity pulled it towards the path of least resistance.

  • yosef salmal
    yosef salmal 3 months ago +1690

    This feels like my high school's physic class

    • Daksh Mavi
      Daksh Mavi 2 months ago +1

      @Cyber Giga Chad yep

    • Cyber Giga Chad
      Cyber Giga Chad 2 months ago +1

      @Daksh Mavi Asian? If then 🤝

    • Venom
      Venom 3 months ago

      @yosef salmal My teacher used to open Clip-Share and enable a video of a lesson from other school so...

    • yosef salmal
      yosef salmal 3 months ago +3

      @Daksh Mavi no bro this reminds me of understanding nothing...

    • wasted time
      wasted time 3 months ago

      This makes me feel like I'm just High

  • Horst Vazinksi
    Horst Vazinksi 3 months ago +665

    Usually I understand what happened (roughly) by the end of your videos... This one got me

    • Spyder
      Spyder Month ago

      It would fallen same as cylinder, if planks were parallel or the object was more border and less length.

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo 2 months ago

      Basically because of the way he had it positioned when he set it down, it tipped over. Only works for very short distances.

    • Javier Garcia
      Javier Garcia 2 months ago +1

      It only "fell up" because he has the two planks in the shape of a V,
      If the two planks were parallel it would have gone down

    • dragonsage
      dragonsage 3 months ago

      @kristafloral is the cone weighted in such a way that the center has more mass than the ends? is it like the center of the cone has more weight than its ends and therefore the center wants to fall down more than the ends wants to climb up, and the net effect is the center of gravity is pulled down but the ends of the cone end up climbing. Not sure if that makes sense.

    • dragonsage
      dragonsage 3 months ago

      @Alexandru Danciu yes i guess i got the reasoning, but it's kinda counter intuitive

  • Alejamón Y Queso
    Alejamón Y Queso 4 hours ago

    our physics professor literally taught us this and showed us this demonstration this semester lol

  • Naña Biznas
    Naña Biznas 10 hours ago

    I was wondering why people thought this was odd, but then I realized most people didn't take physics in school 😅😅

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley 3 months ago +41

    it's an interaction between the shape of the roller and the outward-skewing ramps, which allows the center-of-mass to sink.

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis Month ago +1

      He did not do a good job of explaining what actually happened.

  • Connor H.
    Connor H. 3 months ago +56

    I really appreciate the lengths you go to prove what we're seeing is what we're seeing. Especially these days when folks try so hard to fake something interesting for views, it's refreshing that you do the opposite.

  • Vincent D. Mercille
    Vincent D. Mercille 3 months ago +85

    I love that he still feels he needs to prove there is no trickery in his videos after all this time lol

    • Nice Meme
      Nice Meme Month ago

      @Frosty Simo explain then

    • Tasserboy217
      Tasserboy217 3 months ago

      @Vincent D. Mercille that response made as much sense as the one at the end of the video. If like me you came here for answers ima save you some time, just don’t...save yourself the headache and stop reading, go get yourself a snack and continue pretending that things make sense and aren’t in fact either witchcraft or irrational.

    • Frosty Simo
      Frosty Simo 3 months ago

      @omhh okay...???

    • omhh
      omhh 3 months ago

      @Frosty Simo 🤓🤓🤡

    • Vincent D. Mercille
      Vincent D. Mercille 3 months ago +4

      @Frosty Simo I meant that it is so obvious that this guy is honest it is funny to me that he even needs to prove he is not tricking anyone lol

  • KeanuBeaves
    KeanuBeaves 15 hours ago

    you should try this at Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California. this is the spot where gravity if flipped

  • ÆgBaconAvocado
    ÆgBaconAvocado 14 hours ago

    so, the center of gravity is offset and it has to be palced at the right orientation? I don't think I get it

  • Sir. Peta Paka
    Sir. Peta Paka 14 hours ago

    This guy: "my level here is flat"
    Me: *takes a deep breath*

  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 3 months ago +1073

    When things fall up
    Me on a rainy day: *What a good rainy day, what possibly could go wro-*

  • Slugintub
    Slugintub 3 months ago +792

    me and my 3 brain cells can't handle all this at 3:00 am

    • Jouhn Mickel Barcelona
      Jouhn Mickel Barcelona Month ago

      You have 3 brain cells?

    • Alextech
      Alextech Month ago

      @Alt account ✅

    • Alt account
      Alt account Month ago +1

      Then go to bed!

    • Alextech
      Alextech Month ago

      You would be dead if you only had three brain cells. (sometimes I take things to literally when I’m up past 10:00 PM sorry if you mean this as an expression rather than literally) (sometimes I don’t say the correct thing when I’m up past 10 PM, so sometimes I don’t make sense. Sorry.)

    • Axmed Dahir
      Axmed Dahir Month ago


  • FreezingHot
    FreezingHot 6 hours ago

    Did you know they wanted to make trains using this weird shape

  • Jii
    Jii 3 months ago +60

    Creates a black hole: "Woah! Look at that. That's awesome!"

  • Will & Jessie Kelley
    Will & Jessie Kelley 3 months ago

    I love this guy! Growing up I watched bill nye, but this guy really sparks my interest in science. Thank you so much for your videos sir, I truly enjoy them

  • Isaiah96
    Isaiah96 3 months ago +2

    Very cool 😁 this could theoretically work with much more extreme angles, as long as the tapered sections track along the angled walls in the same way. . .so geometry. And it would look even cooler 🥰🥰

  • Animal Encounter
    Animal Encounter 10 hours ago +1

    Is this how the pyramids were built?!

  • NickMMM
    NickMMM 3 months ago

    It makes perfect sense. It works the same way a screw does, or a latch on a door does, or a handicapped ramp does. The angles on the moving piece act as inclined planes. The force of gravity pulls straight down, and the force of gravity on the object makes the weight of the moving object push against the stationary object, and it rolls up but the planes are actually moving "down" sort of. Think of the shape of the ramp on the door latch, and as you close the door, the force on the face of the latch, an inclined plane, pushes it back into the latch housing against the spring pressure, then the door hits the door jamb, it stops moving, and the latch is pushed by the spring pressure into the hole, latching the door. It's the same here. The downward force from gravity acting on the moving piece causes it to move to the direction of least resistance, which happened to be uphill in this case. I probably did a horrific job of explaining it, but yeah.

  • Alex Spain
    Alex Spain 2 months ago

    This could have an application in sorting different sizes of spheres. If the sphere is large enough then it wouldn't be susceptible to the unique properties of this setup, but if it's small enough then it'll roll like the cone did.

  • NoobieSnake
    NoobieSnake 3 months ago +14

    Every time I watch your videos, I always end up with more questions than answers. 🤣 Most of the time, like this one, it leaves me with a “what?”

    • Saitama
      Saitama 2 months ago

      @LycanKai well it's a summary of his long videos, so there are times when he can provide limited explanation under one minute. If you don't understand something, watch the long video, it's in the description.

    • Pyro Smoak
      Pyro Smoak 3 months ago +4

      To put it simply af (not because I think you're dumb or anything) the weight and shape of the object combined the angle of separation between the ramp boards only allows one direction of travel.

  • Red_Phoenix05
    Red_Phoenix05 Month ago

    I learned about this a long time ago, but would this mean it could technically float in place at a certain angle? Eventually the force pulling the center of mass down would be vertical right?

  • dmoda
    dmoda 3 months ago

    Although I don't understand most of the explanations he gives, all his videos are amazing to watch!

  • ดนุษิธ โนนพุดซา

    This method is perfectly working with my device. Great job. Keep it up.

  • letherg
    letherg Month ago

    When I was a kid we had an old game based on this principle. It was just two rods and a big metal ball, you put the ball at one end where the rods are next to each other, and then you would have to slowly separate the other ends of the rods so that the ball would roll towards you, and you would get more a higher score the further you got it to roll.

  • jucom
    jucom 3 months ago

    Can you make this with the widening and the slant exactly canceling eachother out? That would be interesting to see

  • jed stanaland
    jed stanaland 2 months ago

    I saw it as having a lower resistance to move in one direction than the other. In other words it would be easier to move in one direction than the other even though it seems like it should be going in a certain direction it would take more energy overall to move in the direction down because it would need to lift the bulge in the center and to do that it would need more energy than the simple letting it drop provided.

  • PietPadda
    PietPadda 3 months ago

    So it will eventually reach equilibrium and fall "down" just like the cylinder. The time it takes to change direction is dependent on the placement of the cone in order to manipulate its starting centre of mass. It's a nice display of the principle of conservation of energy.

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    This is a nice one, the clue is in the overhead shot .
    The widening of the ramp allowed the mass of the "cone" to overcome the slant. I bet a different angle or shape wouldn't work.

  • AK
    AK 3 months ago +1

    If this could be scaled up...the climb could look substantial and it would be cool to see something climb a few feets up on an upward slope rather than going down

  • Baddy 3shoez
    Baddy 3shoez Month ago

    I cannot believe this incredible scientific breakthrough I am seeing before my very eyes!

  • Wade Johnson
    Wade Johnson 3 months ago

    I get it! Because of how the ramp and object are shaped it could go the other way.
    For those of you who don't understand the ramp is a V shape while the object is a smooth diamond like shape, because the object has that middle area that's further out ot it tried to go the other way it would get pushed up. But by going up the ramp where the ramp was wider the object's center of gravity was able to get closer to the ground.
    (Sorry if it didn't make much sense I can't explain things well)

  • amb
    amb 2 months ago +3

    His tiny laughs between words are the best thing to fall out

  • Shabbar Vejlani
    Shabbar Vejlani 3 months ago

    I saw this first in the gardens of Nehru Science Centre at Mumbai and I was amazed like crazy. Latter encountered same question in Irodov. But this simple video with overlay of centre of gravity makes it so clear.

  • Akuma
    Akuma 2 months ago

    This is the same logic that allows the space marble game to work. You have two metal rods and place a large metal marble in the middle and have to widen the space between the rods to let the marble go “up” the track into the scoring zones

  • Perhaps
    Perhaps 3 months ago

    Would this be practical for transportation (assuming we didn’t have machines and only had this sort of engineering)? I feel like for ancient civilizations they could’ve possibly used it to get stuff up low hills but at the same time you said it’s center of gravity has to fall so idk

  • Siyao Li
    Siyao Li 3 months ago +16

    "but then something weird happens when I put this..."
    Proceeds to roll a weird thing

  • Adamo 2G
    Adamo 2G 2 months ago +6

    “I didn’t kill him, I adjusted his lifespan to my advantage”

  • pasteldemon_
    pasteldemon_ 3 months ago

    I always assumed that it falls "up" because the ramp has a V shape and the object also has a certain corresponding shape. so in order to move, the object (which seems to have a shape) moved towards the end of the ramp that's more open, thus moving "up".
    Just my assumption though

  • George Floyd
    George Floyd 3 months ago

    Respect to you for showing us all of this

  • toowhitetodance
    toowhitetodance 3 months ago

    If you put multiple ramps in a row, will it continue to roll towards the wide end of the diverging rails after falling from one to the next? How many rails could you set in a row?

  • Broda Gaming
    Broda Gaming Month ago

    And since the ramp separates as it gets closer to the catch, the cone shape makes it go from the fatter part of the cone to the skinny. If the 2 pieces of wood used were at the same distance apart, it wouldn't work this way.

  • Tushar Bajaj 053
    Tushar Bajaj 053 3 months ago

    I saw it in a science museum when a child and i was super excited when i figured it out, not in the terms of centre of mass, but i just noticed that the slant of cone is sharper than the wedge

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander 3 months ago

    So it fell uphill because the shape of the cone was top heavy? I wonder how much torque it has and how big of an incline it could go up.

  • Avineel FF
    Avineel FF 2 months ago

    Though I am a commerce student but still have knowledge about simple science behind the events shown in this clip

  • Awkward Llama
    Awkward Llama 3 months ago

    So the slanted surface kinda acted like a wedge and "pushed" down/forward against the v shape beneath it to move up the slope as its center of gravity lowered.

  • TheGlowing1
    TheGlowing1 3 months ago

    Excellent educational content.

  • Subroto Biswas
    Subroto Biswas 3 months ago

    Shouldn’t falling any of the side lower the centre of gravity?
    If it falls down, shouldn’t the cone’s cog shift much faster compared to falling up??

  • tiafolla
    tiafolla 3 months ago

    This is a rare example where he did t explain it very well. The slats of wood slant down vertically, but they also spread apart from each other horizontally to the right. That’s why the cone-shaped weight rolls ‘uphill’-it’s center of mass drops because the rails spread apart as it rolls. There’s a whole variety of kids toys that use this method.

  • birdie
    birdie 2 months ago

    it has to do with the curvature of the cone. the sides of the ramp cause the cone to move upward due to the cone’s shape. it’s mass is toward the disc in the middle of the cone, so its mass is basically trying to fall in between the insides of the ramp, cone’s V shape makes it move upward while mass is falling down.

  • graydi66y
    graydi66y 3 months ago

    This wouldn't work if the 2 boards were parallel.
    The v shape causes the center of grafity to shift down because it's making contact higher up the cones on each side as it rolls towards the path of least resistance.

  • Happenstancially
    Happenstancially 3 months ago

    It’s not that weird.
    The wedge shaped ramp pushes inward on the diamond shaped dowel.
    The diamond shaped dowel applies outward force.
    The outward force and inward force are equal, until the angle of your ramp is factored in.
    It’s not complicated

  • Isaías Ríos
    Isaías Ríos 3 months ago

    This video is definitely more tamed as his usual videos. Now I know the see-eye-hey finally got to him. Frankly, the see-eye-hey getting to him was long overdue.

  • Argedon
    Argedon 3 months ago +2

    Yes but the reason or rolled up was because of the V shape of the ramp as well.

  • Justin Kiger
    Justin Kiger 3 months ago

    I love this type of content. Never seen something fall up b4

  • Genesis Plus
    Genesis Plus 3 months ago

    This is something that you can figure out even without a basic understanding of physics.

  • RagingFxsion
    RagingFxsion 3 months ago

    Basically it’s due to the design, it rolls up because of the space between the ramp and the way the cone is shaped in the middle
    Edit: so it’s easier to understand, going the ramp up gives less resistance

  • idwolf show
    idwolf show 3 months ago +13

    Your shorts are so intuitive 😎👍

  • Psychedelic Psycho
    Psychedelic Psycho 7 days ago +1

    There’s a hill close to where I live where if you go to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill in your car and put your car in neutral you will start going backwards “up” the hill! Is this happening because of the same reasons you’re showing in this video? Generally curious?

  • eddie
    eddie 3 months ago +1

    Basically the conical shape caused it to roll but the only place it could roll was uphill because of the v shaped ramp getting wider towards the top

  • முத்து கிருஷ்ணன் க

    Sir, I think I couldn't get it. I am still left with the question 'why the cone did roll upwards and not downwards? '
    Please answer 🙏

  • Toasty
    Toasty 3 months ago +39

    This is 1 of the few things he's shown I immediately understood the moment I saw it

  • Tonoru
    Tonoru 3 months ago

    The mass of the object ist higher than the gravitational force forcing it down. The shape of the object drives it “up” but in the same way down

  • Diasent Domorincon
    Diasent Domorincon 3 months ago

    It's the weight and the shape of the cones that's pushing it up. The force pushing the cold nes into place is greater than the acceleration the slope causes.

  • Lucas Blanchard
    Lucas Blanchard 3 months ago

    I almost bought one of those Altor pistols at my local shop just for fun. They have like a dozen of them on display and I haven’t seen any of them missing every time I’ve visited the shop haha. I’d rather spend that money on ammo instead.

  • Anshuman Singh
    Anshuman Singh 3 months ago +1

    It used the same logic as train wheels. Thus the net force came in the up direction

  • Brenda Creek
    Brenda Creek 3 months ago +10

    Okay I see it. The cone sides are initially touching the ramp. Inertia carries it to it's resting place.

    • geemy
      geemy 3 months ago

      not inertia, gravity

    • kristafloral
      kristafloral 3 months ago +5

      Because the vertical boards of the ramp that the cone was rolling on started out together and then widened. The cone’s large center was initially the only thing touching the ramp but as the width of the ramp increased it made room for the sides of the cone to fit into the ramp and roll into the slots…making it “appear” to fall down an upward slanted ramp.

  • Luna Belle
    Luna Belle 3 months ago

    Is it plausible that another interpretation for this is that for the second object, since the only edge it touches is the inner, that that influences how gravity determines an alternate path for decent

  • Zenntron
    Zenntron 3 months ago

    The reason it went up is because the pieces of wood grew farther apart the higher it went, as that happened the double-sided cone he placed on it went down because the cone got skinnier and skinnier as it went up. Or as I should say, down

  • Sazoku Otsutsuki
    Sazoku Otsutsuki 3 months ago

    Me who studied physics well: *You cannot confuse me with such a simple trick*

  • W W
    W W 3 months ago

    Yours and nile red are my favourite science channels. His for chemistry and yours for physics.

  • TheKrackenX
    TheKrackenX 2 months ago +5

    Friend: dude, I just fell up the stairs. I'm so clumsy!
    Action Lab: *uno reverse*

  • Lexort 420
    Lexort 420 Month ago

    This reminds me of the time one of my uncles took me to this road on a slope then threw the vehicle in neutral and we rolled "up hill" or so it seemed lol

  • Name Redacted
    Name Redacted 3 months ago

    This with a dynamo, and it uses a percentage of the energy to widen the rail so it rolls back to the other end, thus creating perpetual motion.
    I'll see myself to the three-bullets application machine now.

  • Generic Ocean Liner Historian

    This is the only time I’ve known an action lab trick before he explained it.

  • Yellow Lighthouse
    Yellow Lighthouse 3 months ago +11

    I love when things fall up

  • Stephen Yip
    Stephen Yip 3 months ago

    The object has a bevel on both sides and the two tracks for the ramp are not parallel. The object rolls to the right toward the end of the ramp where the tracks separate from each other. This is because of the angled sides of the object.

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C 3 months ago

    If you made a long enough ramp, wouldn't it roll to one spot and stop, instead of an end?

  • Tommyxp420
    Tommyxp420 3 months ago

    Times like this just make me wonder how I can help someone like me understand it better instead of being lost 🤣💯

  • WingofTech
    WingofTech 2 months ago

    So you’re telling me… if it had less mass it wouldn’t fall at all or might stay still because of the incline?

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 3 months ago +4

    I love it when things fall up

  • aroundandround
    aroundandround Month ago

    Interesting to think that there’s a critical slope at which the top would stay suspended in (stable?) equilibrium.

  • GamersUnite99
    GamersUnite99 2 months ago

    Don’t you just love science 👨‍🔬

  • Praneeth Bheema
    Praneeth Bheema Month ago

    Yes the physics behind the experiment is sound, but things would've been better understood if the topview of the experiment was shown for longer. Because a lot has to do with the geometry of the 2 wooden pieces used. The incline on the rolling piece and the diverging track beneath create a mechanism so that as the rolling piece rolls, the point of contact with the track keeps moving out. This lowers the center of mass of the rolling piece.

  • hafizuddin mohd lowhim

    The only magician who teaches the science behind it

  • Kami El padre
    Kami El padre 3 months ago +19

    You could have just zoomed out a bit, we would have seen it slanted😂

    • HyperfluxGD
      HyperfluxGD 3 months ago

      @Rohan this guy is saying that we could zoom out to see the "slope" but I said you could fake angles

    • Rohan
      Rohan 3 months ago

      @HyperfluxGD is that not the point tho? To ‘show’ it ‘rolls uphill’

    • HyperfluxGD
      HyperfluxGD 3 months ago +1

      @Rohan the ramp 0:01

    • Rohan
      Rohan 3 months ago +1

      @HyperfluxGD if I’m not misunderstanding and we are talking about the same thing the gap between gets wider so the conical rolls along I think. Same would work if it was a sphere

    • HyperfluxGD
      HyperfluxGD 3 months ago +1

      @Rohan the slanted slope that the conical shape rolled "up" on

  • anony mous
    anony mous Month ago

    Whelp, you've just solved all of our energy problems forever. I knew the conservation of energy thing was a conspiracy.

  • Panda 🐼
    Panda 🐼 3 months ago +1

    i must harness this technology for my life

  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray Month ago

    This reminds me of a page in the machinist's handbook on how to calculate a cycloid.

  • Ian Godshall
    Ian Godshall 3 months ago

    So even though you're construction was on a slope the center of gravity of the dye was still greater than that slope and that is why it rolled up hill I think correct me if I'm wrong

  • Robert Downey Pooper
    Robert Downey Pooper 2 months ago +3

    “The come somehow managed to fall off”

  • Phraseology
    Phraseology 3 months ago

    Oh, I’m so glad I actually understand how this works so that my world view isn’t forever altered.

  • Charles Co
    Charles Co 3 months ago

    A cone is just a three dimensional ramp.
    Could a clock work mechanism be devised with an adjustment of the (V) shaped ramp VSR as to make the spindle return by gravity to the other end and therefore create a perpetual motion device? What if the (VSR) perhaps via springs or magnets switched direction. Going from this [ > ] to this [ < ] and vice versa.

  • Maxx Browning
    Maxx Browning 3 months ago +1

    I did this for my school science experiment when I was kid!

  • -Tommaso -
    -Tommaso - 2 months ago +1

    This is called “mechanical paradox” invented by Galileo Galilei.
    In our school in Rome, that was where Galileo had his trial, we have the original one

  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 3 months ago +8

    Alternate Title: *Its just built different, trust me.*

  • neeraj kumar
    neeraj kumar 3 months ago +2

    Once the JEE ADVANCE made a very beautiful question on this concept❤❤the beauty of JEE advance

    • Yash Gupta
      Yash Gupta 3 months ago

      Even i was searching in comments for jee advanced