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  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Mikey Williams and JJ Taylor GET TESTED in close game!!! Mikey finished w/ 17pts 8ast & JJ Taylor w/ 24pts 8reb!

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  • Jason Green
    Jason Green Month ago +134

    Mikey always wondering why his ranking drop then i see him put no effort on defense or getting back on defense lmao

    • Maryam
      Maryam Month ago

      What are ya saying he actually is doing defense lmfaoaoao

    • Ahmed Ahmed
      Ahmed Ahmed Month ago

      He has no stamina

    • sequoia hardin
      sequoia hardin Month ago

      It because he’s trying not to get fouled out the game 😐

    • PC N
      PC N Month ago +1

      @Cope Digital Yea I agree with you my g. If he were at least 6'5" and played defense coupled with passing vision, I would see him doing well. He didn't play top competition like others, and he's lazy on the other end as far as defense is concerned.

    • Cope Digital
      Cope Digital Month ago +1

      @PC N True. How good can Mikey truly be though? At 6’3 in the NBA you have to be gifted at something. Doesn’t seem to have elite athleticism, ball handling, passing vision, or shooting. What do you think?
      Typically at that height most all stars + have one of those

  • myrealnameis #####
    myrealnameis ##### Month ago +19

    Mikey is extremely talented, but plays with no effort on defense. The guys ranked ahead of him (Wagner, bronny, McCain go hard on offense & defense all time. They don’t lose games like this to team like this one

  • Rj
    Rj Month ago +15

    The fact the crowd goin that crazy over layups jus bc they playin mikey is crazy😂

  • Yian Torres
    Yian Torres Month ago +4

    Mikey’s game is so smooth but i dont understand how he doesn’t dominate

  • Tyrique Taylor
    Tyrique Taylor Month ago +33

    He’s clearly talented.. but look at his body language.. he’s their leader.. or supposed to be. That’s one of the biggest reasons why he didn’t make the all American team. That’s not going to stop him from getting to the league.. but he has to improve on that. Has to.

    • Duong Duong
      Duong Duong Month ago

      Nah he's not gonna make it. His ego is too high always complaining instead of trying

  • Jaleel Muhammad
    Jaleel Muhammad 2 months ago +11

    Mikey plays like Deron Williams in Brooklyn. Nightly, the most talented on the floor who wouldn’t care to take over to win the game.

    • TdottJus2Valid
      TdottJus2Valid 2 months ago +1

      Deron Williams & Donovan Mitchell🙅🏾‍♂️🧢

  • Sage Tactics
    Sage Tactics Month ago +1

    16:42 😂 Mikey pushed him, he’s fed up

  • Jaysiah Patterson
    Jaysiah Patterson Month ago +1

    you can til that list got to him but he’ll be alright💯

  • itsAlex Victor
    itsAlex Victor Month ago +45

    Games like this make me wonder why people keep thinking he deserves to be a McDonald's All American, the guys who did make it wouldn't let this slide. He's literally becoming a shorter and more athletic version of Emoni Bates

    • itsAlex Victor
      itsAlex Victor Month ago +1

      @Ezekiel Payton we all know that Mikey's a great scorer and puts up big numbers but he only won one big game all season and lost multiple games to local teams. And isn't he supposed to be the leader of this team?

    • King Davis Music
      King Davis Music Month ago +2

      @Christian Hobson a winner… someone that cares about the game….if u really like that then u put your stamp on the game no matter how insignificant the game is… if thats the case he should just shut it all the way down and give his teammates more time

    • Christian Hobson
      Christian Hobson Month ago +1

      Bro it’s high school who’s finna try fr when you already got scholarships offers not even in the playoffs so idm

  • Timothy Ives
    Timothy Ives Month ago +26

    Mikey actin like he don't care, an people wondering why he's not an All-American. Love Mikey btw

    • Timothy Ives
      Timothy Ives Month ago

      @BballMoon Prod. hes not brotha

    • bluyz
      bluyz Month ago

      @Eric Upson Jr not for basketball

    • Eric Upson Jr
      Eric Upson Jr Month ago

      @bluyz I’m in college already doof

    • Bri
      Bri Month ago +2

      @BballMoon Prod. somebody didn’t check the list🤦🏽‍♂️

    • bluyz
      bluyz Month ago

      @MarcusCrooze when I say he’s the only one committed

  • Bryson mann
    Bryson mann Month ago

    This shits top quality 🔥

  • NBAxTalks
    NBAxTalks Month ago

    Keep it up!

  • Trell Nickle
    Trell Nickle Month ago +4

    Wait hold up Mikey is a great basketball player great talent but he has that o idc attitude like he don’t have a winning attitude he just don’t gaf he don’t be zone in the game no more because it’s like everything is givin to him already I feel like he just waiting to be in league that’s it can’t wait till he get in college

  • NBAxTalks
    NBAxTalks Month ago

    Love this!!!

  • Brother_Yaradan
    Brother_Yaradan Month ago

    Ain’t no way they lost to that badookie team

  • Eddy Law
    Eddy Law Month ago +1

    I feel like Mikey gon be a bust. He is not growing taller at 6’1, he’s got short limbs, has good but not crazy athleticism and doesn’t even try on defense

  • SiR Fresh The DrumAttic

    It's starting to look like Bronny might end up being better than Mikey 👀

    • E D
      E D Month ago +2

      Already is. Mikey just Athletic. That's it. Nothing else to his game. Seventh Woods 2.0

    • C4ppy101
      C4ppy101 Month ago +1


  • Quan Duncan
    Quan Duncan Month ago +1

    Mikey be seeming like he don’t care like he not tryin to be a dawg fr idk if he thinks that makes him look good or what he gotta play some damnnn defense and impose his will on the game , he holding his self back he gone be another one that get to the league and be trash he rich already he not hungry

    SUPER DAVIDQ Month ago +5

    Mikey is too short to compete with d1 hoopers. I was not surprised his ranking keeps getting worse. His range is just limited, not to mention his dunk mean s*** against the D1 level shot blocker

    • Attorney Nyanza Moore
      Attorney Nyanza Moore Month ago

      @jpapp no he’s 6,2

    • Dushawn21
      Dushawn21 Month ago

      nah mikey can shoot the ball and create off teh dribble.. he is on th shorter side though he's closer to 6'1 than 6'3 for sure

    • jpapp
      jpapp Month ago

      @Prxmise and that's 6'1 with shoes on

    • Prxmise
      Prxmise Month ago

      @jpapp no

  • Evariste Makabu
    Evariste Makabu Month ago

    #5:00 must have been embarrassing bro air balled that with all that hype loll

  • Dushawn21
    Dushawn21 Month ago +7

    watching 16:00 - 16:30 buddy plays no defense even in a zone lol then they hit the shot at the end of the game to boot they ass outta there lmao that's hilarious... hella poor sportsmanship but funny as hell

  • Cj Carlson
    Cj Carlson Month ago +1

    His Defense is not going to fly at the next level, college coaches will find a seat on the bench for him

  • Travarus Ansley
    Travarus Ansley Month ago +2

    Mikey be taking terrible shots.

    • Tank
      Tank Month ago

      Can’t make them all

  • Chris Keesee
    Chris Keesee Month ago +7

    Mikey is top 10 nationally in assists, while being an elite scorer. Y’all just listen to media narratives like NPCs.

    • Attorney Nyanza Moore
      Attorney Nyanza Moore Month ago

      @itsAlex Victor they won championship? Wow

    • Chris Keesee
      Chris Keesee Month ago +1

      @itsAlex Victor My fault bro

    • itsAlex Victor
      itsAlex Victor Month ago

      @Chris Keesee you keep making these bad takes there are people criticizing them and instead of understanding what they have to say you call us dumb and a bunch of NPCs while failing to defend your takes. also what you just said abt Mikey is what we already know

    • itsAlex Victor
      itsAlex Victor Month ago

      @MarcusCrooze Mikey and JJ never get benched in these games and they will always have the ball in their hands

    • MarcusCrooze
      MarcusCrooze Month ago +3

      when u only care abt stats/getting 20 & 8 every game and not winning that tends to happen. he has the ball 95% of the time like wtf do u expect lmao.

  • Brad Frerichs
    Brad Frerichs Month ago +1

    Mikey a good athlete, not a good basketball player at the moment.

  • Brendon Lorraine
    Brendon Lorraine Month ago

    Bruh been in high school for 10 yrs B 😂😂

  • RouletteMafia
    RouletteMafia  Month ago +1

    I see a whole lot of haters in comments that never made it nowhere lol

  • ahmad
    ahmad Month ago +14

    bro effortlessly did a 360 dunk

    • Prxmise
      Prxmise Month ago

      @itsAlex Victor of course he not gone let it slide but don't u think mikey gone play defense in college if he gonna get in the league plus mikey not a on ball defender his type of play style is meant for him to play off ball and sometimes try to get in the lanes and steal it

    • Prxmise
      Prxmise Month ago

      @ThatOneBozo man highschool basketball damn there just started and and u finished with yo season thats crazy yall most suck u got offers

    • itsAlex Victor
      itsAlex Victor Month ago

      ​@Prxmise Once Mikey get to college Penny isn't gonna let that slide and all of his opponents are gonna humble him

  • Kunsang Tsering
    Kunsang Tsering Month ago

    #1 in white gotta quit basketball

  • Ray Castro
    Ray Castro Month ago

    Smh wow his team is trash. But his effort and the other kid Taylor was poor. No way they beating Camden. They would blow them out.

  • Dill Dough
    Dill Dough Month ago +3

    #3 should play soccer with that weak ass acting. 8:17

    • lil Bill
      lil Bill Month ago

      @Dill Dough lowkey tried to break bro arm too thts why fam sized em like tht

    • Dill Dough
      Dill Dough Month ago

      @dati sanchez not surprised

    • dati sanchez
      dati sanchez Month ago

      yeah fyi he is an all american soccer player

  • Timothy Choppo
    Timothy Choppo Month ago

    U guys wanna give high school basketball players money😂
    There u go!!!! U give them money and entitlement
    If he’s already paid why would he work hard

  • RouletteMafia
    RouletteMafia  Month ago

    Mikey Team trash it’s really 2 against 5 lol

  • Justin Gray
    Justin Gray Month ago +3

    This was some terrible officiating

  • HIM
    HIM Month ago

    Who is this team ?

  • moriz
    moriz Month ago +3


  • lI ToneDaBone26 Il
    lI ToneDaBone26 Il Month ago +2