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Tate brothers buy an Apple Store for Christmas

  • Published on Dec 24, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • xwaveyy
    xwaveyy Month ago +5812

    Andrew looks like an annoyed dad buying a gift for his daughter

    • Xeno
      Xeno Day ago +1

      If he was my dad i would cry

    • Harry Tagara
      Harry Tagara Month ago +1

      @ELIJAH w Ight, I understand.

    • ELIJAH w
      ELIJAH w Month ago +1

      @Harry Tagaraik this was 6 days ago but I never said it would be bad I thought it would be cool to have a dad that buys you good stuff as long as you have discipline

  • Steven Chetta
    Steven Chetta Month ago +2317

    My guy just orders assorted iPods like it’s Dunkin Donuts

    • Mini Militia Skelly
      Mini Militia Skelly 2 days ago

      I can't even order donuts like that .

    • XRF
      XRF Month ago

      Except its just the colour that changes not the whole product 🤣

    • chris randall
      chris randall Month ago

      Not for much longer, they going down for a long time. Cant stand them

  • mustafa jusuf
    mustafa jusuf Month ago +729

    Tristan dressed up like he bout to fight agent Smith 💀

    • panzz
      panzz Month ago +1


    • Crowner
      Crowner Month ago +7

      Finally a comment from a matrix movie

  • Gavin olsen
    Gavin olsen 2 months ago +37624

    My guy ordering iPads like cheeseburgers at McDonald's 💀💀💀

  • Madilyn Wilson
    Madilyn Wilson Month ago +413

    Tristan looks more Old money , while Andrew is the new money guy 😂

    • Sam Bobop
      Sam Bobop Month ago

      ​@Steven McMahon ok steven

    • Steven McMahon
      Steven McMahon Month ago +2

      To me one looks like stolen money the other looks like money made from crime.

    • Jude Okafor
      Jude Okafor Month ago

      I've never thought of this, but that's so true lool

  • James Garrison
    James Garrison Month ago +17

    Bro they are like giants compare to that normal worker 💀💀

  • Ashton is cool
    Ashton is cool 2 months ago +60080

    He acually is nice and has manner unlike what everybody else says

    • demon man
      demon man Month ago

      @Crappy Entertainment ツ and you go play roblox, it fell off anyways 😂😂

    • Danny MRSlime
      Danny MRSlime 2 months ago

      Your delirious

    • S’fundo ASMR
      S’fundo ASMR 2 months ago

      For those who Stay in Southa africa he bought stuff with R88 880

  • Corrupted Mind
    Corrupted Mind Month ago +27

    Tristan drip is amazing , the man command respect with those coats.

  • RandomsAreTrash
    RandomsAreTrash Month ago +362

    I like the part where they “buy an Apple Store.”

    • ll_-Jai-_ll
      ll_-Jai-_ll Month ago

      @Natsim confused too i was thinking maybe “buy and apple store” really means “buying one of everything in the apple store “ lol

    • Rizz.King💪
      Rizz.King💪 Month ago

      @Top Ranked yes I do but he still was/is a billionaire in assets being arrested in one country don’t change that

    • Top Ranked
      Top Ranked Month ago

      ​@user-dm7tp1df9n you do know this dude is in jail , right?

    • Nats
      Nats Month ago

      few stuff equals buy entire store. english is confusing

    • Rizz.King💪
      Rizz.King💪 Month ago

      @Eddy SVT what

  • Yolin Naidoo
    Yolin Naidoo 2 months ago +5195

    Bro casually taps his phone to pay for 5090 pounds like it's nothing

    • David Ulanovsky
      David Ulanovsky Month ago

      Apple Pay has a daily limit of 150 pounds though🤔

    • huda88
      huda88 Month ago +1

      I tapped the same amount for a tv and I’m poor🤷‍♂️ so seeing a millionaire do it is not really impressive , it be cool doing that for a 400k car though

    • Metal Videos
      Metal Videos Month ago

      we all saw the video.

    • Linzbell🦜
      Linzbell🦜 Month ago

      I thought contactless payments £100 max 🤔😂

      KAMRAN MAHMOOD 2 months ago

      I’m a poor millionaire bro.

  • XxYBG
    XxYBG Month ago +97

    Man bought almost everything and came out like he bought a big mac what a W

    • Hui Ting
      Hui Ting Month ago

      he quickly went back to return all of it, all for the video

    • Sam stapes
      Sam stapes Month ago +1

      Almost everything: 5 items

  • Shroomzy
    Shroomzy Month ago +96

    only 5k? Mr beast woulda actually bought teh whole store

    • Kebab 'S
      Kebab 'S 11 days ago

      Bro mr beast makes money by buying stuff he doesn’t actually have any money for personal use

    • Meteor Storm
      Meteor Storm Month ago

      Monopoly man would have bought the whole company.

    • Timmy Burner
      Timmy Burner Month ago +1

      Bro you still got a lot to learn

      PAK AHMER ALI Month ago

      You really comparing mrbreast to the top g?

  • layZbear
    layZbear 2 months ago +4360

    i love how the girl looked so overwhelmed when she was carrying the stack but remained so polite and calm

    • Miss G Star•
      Miss G Star• Month ago

      @Calmchor 🥤 tell us youre a child without telling us. Also tell us youve never worked before without telling us.

    • Teran Ross
      Teran Ross Month ago

      Yes that was an incredible moment. I noticed that as well

    • Kenny Space
      Kenny Space 2 months ago +2

      Bro u are the type of guy that claps when the airplane landed right

    • Fredrik Schröder
      Fredrik Schröder 2 months ago +2

      This was not her biggest sale. Not even on that day. $5000 in an Apple Store is not anything special.

  • Agbor Nathan
    Agbor Nathan Month ago +87

    Love how he is always thinking about his brother. Underrated wholesomeness if you ask me

  • GOAT
    GOAT Month ago

    If he wanted to flex, he should’ve bought her one too

  • Ritwik Dash
    Ritwik Dash 2 months ago +4128

    Store: What do you want?
    Tate: Some Apples 💀💀

  • FiliGuy
    FiliGuy Month ago

    me after finishing “cayo perico”

  • YGyoyo
    YGyoyo Month ago

    Bro ordering like he at the restaurant😂

    BLOXXER 2 months ago +4407

    i love how the employee is acting so chill about it

    • Sam stapes
      Sam stapes Month ago

      Why would you have started twerking for them😂

    • Lol
      Lol Month ago

      @Prit Vidiya ikr 💀

    • Submersed24
      Submersed24 Month ago

      Lotta people come in to buy this much stuff for schools and workplaces

    • Matt Matt
      Matt Matt Month ago

      They are millionaires,NOT billionaires, they also didn't buy the store/they only bought a few tablets/phones,nothing crazy/my laptop alone cost ABOUT 5 grand,its not an apple laptop though/Apple doesn't offer 128GBs of RAM,multiple SSDs for OSs/for decent work environments or 17.3 inch displays either,also the stores not for sale/it's illegal to sell Apple products unless you're an approved reseller,also it costs ABOUT $8.5 million to open one store,it might even be closer to 10 million,this doesn't include the leases and inventory either.

  • Blasphemy 101
    Blasphemy 101 Month ago +3

    Not billionaires and not an Apple Store 😂😂😂

  • Sam Moussa
    Sam Moussa Month ago

    Buddy just busts out the Apple Pay 😂

  • Fictitious Lordz
    Fictitious Lordz 2 months ago +7651

    I love how Tristan always dressed as a mafia boss while Andrew always dressed as a normal guy 🤣

  • Robson James
    Robson James Month ago

    ‘What colour do you want T?’
    ‘Don’t care’ 😂

    NIVED AK Month ago +1

    1 apple watch 'Please' Bro said like he's ordering cheken nuggets in mc'd💀💀💀

  • Engel Jimenez
    Engel Jimenez 2 months ago +3375

    The fact that Tristan pulls up like fucking morpheus it’s just funny😂

    • NaturalBornKillers2
      NaturalBornKillers2 2 months ago

      Coats are very smooth, i always wear them when is cold

    • Cătălin Ionuț
      Cătălin Ionuț 2 months ago

      Now trades cigars in romanian prisons. Top jails!

    • clampers
      clampers 2 months ago +1

      He’s the real life Bruce Wayne

    • SpEakEazY
      SpEakEazY 2 months ago

      More like neo

  • corey evans
    corey evans Month ago +6

    Like saying "brothers buy Tesco" but then buy 5 bags of crisps 🤣🤣

  • Zehra Kougioumtzi
    Zehra Kougioumtzi Month ago

    Einfach mal so genönnt… i want some too🥺

  • Its Pie_playz!
    Its Pie_playz! 2 months ago +3369

    bro bringing home a full apple store bag like he bringing home a mcdonalds meal 💀
    edit: yo sorry Gavin Oslen if you see this comment, I didn't see your comment before posting this and this joke just randomly came in my mind lol. Anyways. Have a great Day/Night everyone!

    • Its Pie_playz!
      Its Pie_playz! 2 months ago

      @Sir Loot-A-Lot wdym

    • Sir Loot-A-Lot
      Sir Loot-A-Lot 2 months ago

      Come up with a comment of your own man LMAO

    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman 2 months ago


    • 3vil3xil3
      3vil3xil3 2 months ago

      I remember doing what tate did but only for a year 😢😢😢😢😢

    • Isha Ali
      Isha Ali 2 months ago

      @Quinton G see, proved my point. Everyone has had mc atleast once in their lifetime.

  • Mark Dannoun
    Mark Dannoun Month ago

    And the lucky girl now lives in Hungary anxiously waiting her turn

  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones Month ago

    They literally just spent over six grand in US dollars at the Apple store

  • Terrox
    Terrox 2 months ago +17838

    tate spend 0.0001% of his networth

    • Gale Sal
      Gale Sal Month ago

      He’s not even a billionaire

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago

      He rich but not a billionaire

    • Jay
      Jay 2 months ago

      Not even he spent 0 lol

    • StachuToZiomal
      StachuToZiomal 2 months ago

      andrew's networth is around 350 milion us$ so he spent 0,00001% of his networth

  • Neonic Plays
    Neonic Plays Month ago

    If I worked there and these 2 came in I’m hella upselling the iPad pros, who takes these 2 to the standard iPads, need that commission

  • Frigioiu Daniel Marius

    What will it be like to buy everything you want without thinking about whether you will have anything to eat the next day? Don't worry about tomorrow...

  • Me La Pelan
    Me La Pelan 2 months ago +1437

    Spends $5k and that’s the whole store.. y’all belong on the short bus 😂

  • Rudy Valdez
    Rudy Valdez Month ago

    I miss them tbh

  • Hui Ting
    Hui Ting Month ago

    when the cameras turned off he went back to return them😂😂

  • wxshed vxbes
    wxshed vxbes 2 months ago +3671

    never seen someone tap their phone so calmly

    • Teyan THUNY
      Teyan THUNY Month ago

      @SuperVids112 not there no limit now

    • wxshed vxbes
      wxshed vxbes 2 months ago +1

      @TrickyTree how can it be fake if he has enough money to pay for all that?

    • tiny oofman
      tiny oofman 2 months ago

      @TrickyTree there’s no apple pay limit bro

    • Leesher Y
      Leesher Y 2 months ago

      Wdym by tap their phones

    • Elijah Lymus
      Elijah Lymus 2 months ago

      @FunkyCraft says the brokie

  • Javier Munoz
    Javier Munoz Month ago

    My boy Tristan looking like Bruce Wayne

  • cqamar
    cqamar Month ago

    “What colour do you want T?” ❤

  • Yo mama Lol
    Yo mama Lol Month ago +2129

    The way Tristan said I don’t care sounded like Andrew forced him to come

    • POV Writer
      POV Writer Month ago

      classic siblings xD

    • Michael Losse
      Michael Losse Month ago +2

      😂😂😂 TRUE

    • Nghia Nguyen
      Nghia Nguyen Month ago +5

      That’s correct… Tristan is like the body guard that you want.

    • J Atilla
      J Atilla Month ago +13

      he sounds like that wdym😂😂

  • M AR
    M AR Month ago +5

    Made sure to get that receipt, maybe taking items back later...

  • EᑎGᗩGEᔕᗷᖇᗩIᑎ

    These will be handy to use as bargaining chips in jail.

  • Andre
    Andre 2 months ago +3701

    Imagine the card declines and they both start skipping outta there 💀💀

  • Jamie Watt
    Jamie Watt Month ago +1

    2 guys video themselves buying things in order to impress teenage boys who can't talk to girls. Legends.

  • u/Mxltiii
    u/Mxltiii Month ago

    Ordering like it’s a McDonald’s 😂😂

  • Saad
    Saad Month ago +2651

    Bro Tristan looks like he escaped the matrix 💀💀💀💀💀

  • BrUce
    BrUce Month ago

    Now the authorities possess those Apple products lol 😂

  • Joanne Weed
    Joanne Weed Month ago

    Gifts for their attorneys. I notice little brother still hasn’t taken his own leader!

  • Ruderaksha Karwa
    Ruderaksha Karwa 2 months ago +2960

    Man really takes care of his workers in the basement 😂

    • Anthony Harris
      Anthony Harris Month ago

      @Tunde Adejimi Wow. How much have you paid Tate and how much have you earned? I’m so considering signing up to his website to learn how to become a billionaire!

    • James
      James Month ago +1

      @Tunde Adejimi 😂 sure

    • Tunde Adejimi
      Tunde Adejimi Month ago

      @James I'm not. I've been following Andrew tate's teaching on escaping the matrix working on my business and have been making a lot of progress lately. So I'm not stuck in a 9-5 and neither going to be broke

    • James
      James Month ago

      @Tunde Adejimi so are you

    • Tunde Adejimi
      Tunde Adejimi Month ago +1

      You're prolly broke with a 9-5 job that barely pays

  • Adam Soraf
    Adam Soraf Month ago

    If you're trying to understand how the world works, this ain't your guy

  • wherewe'regoingwedontneedroads

    Even the rich look nervous when there waiting for the machine to say its gone threw.

  • Jcheuw
    Jcheuw 2 months ago +2972

    Bro tristan really doesn't care about the colors 💀

  • Louis Schneider
    Louis Schneider Month ago

    I bet there are people out there who aren’t billionaires and spent than those guys

  • josemer
    josemer Month ago

    Am i the only one that feels that Tristan is the actual head of the operation?

  • Slay with Clay
    Slay with Clay 2 months ago +2695

    The Tates walkin into an Apple Store looking like they boutta blow a hole in the matrix

  • Ian Maund
    Ian Maund Month ago

    U won’t need them where you are sunshine 😂😂😂😂

  • Alnabel Morales
    Alnabel Morales Month ago +2

    So blessed 😊

  • regental83
    regental83 2 months ago +1691

    Bro they are tall as fuck 💀💀

    • JC Tributaris
      JC Tributaris 2 months ago +1

      ​@Albert Khadzegov yeah i remember one time, an airplane arrived from the netherlands, they were the tallest crowd, males we're all 6ft and up, a lot of 6'4 young guys..

    • regental83
      regental83 2 months ago

      @amen1447 lets go 5’6 gang 💪🤣

    • regental83
      regental83 2 months ago

      @V im middle eastern, so its even taller for us 😂

    • V
      V  2 months ago

      It's average for American or European.
      If you're Asian maybe this is really tall💀

  • Angus Elliott
    Angus Elliott Month ago

    All the bro crushes in the comments forget he’s behind bars. No iPads allowed broskis

  • Joel Encarnacion
    Joel Encarnacion Month ago

    Lucky guy!

  • Tridip Kalita
    Tridip Kalita 2 months ago +1372

    Tristan is always a personal bodyguard for Andrew in every situation

    • REGAL Black
      REGAL Black 2 months ago +2

      And vice versa

    • Panemes
      Panemes 2 months ago +2

      He is thanksfull, thats what Real bros do❤

    • Abdallah Hafiz Sheen
      Abdallah Hafiz Sheen 2 months ago +12

      @Niklas ohh sry my bad.. but he genuinely seems like older brother how he looks after andrew...

    • Niklas
      Niklas 2 months ago +35

      @Abdallah Hafiz Sheenandrew is the older one

  • Christopher Ruiz
    Christopher Ruiz Month ago

    Damm that chick better get him french fries with that shit too haha

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li Month ago

    Imagine leaving a 15% tip with that

  • Rene Navas
    Rene Navas 2 months ago +2147

    I like how he just calls tristian t😅

    • Tristan Garcia
      Tristan Garcia 2 months ago

      @vans178 oh I don't give him money.... look up unkrainian refugee exposes the tates

    • Tristan Garcia
      Tristan Garcia 2 months ago

      @vans178 rapey isn't a word- go to school instead of saying I'm a rapist- I can report you for hate speech

  • kyle fer
    kyle fer Month ago +3

    Almost makes me want to start catfishing people out of their inheritances like he did.

  • Mind
    Mind Month ago

    Tristian looking like he dressed up as my old gta character

  • Bernie Grishman
    Bernie Grishman 2 months ago +1688

    Tristan being a good guy by putting the receipt in the bag.

    • TJT
      TJT 2 months ago

      Old habits stick to you

    • Alex Kehinde
      Alex Kehinde 2 months ago +1

      @Derpeth show me some proof of that claim…

    • Derpeth
      Derpeth 2 months ago +2

      Oh yes, what a great human trafficker

  • K-Two
    K-Two Month ago

    He buys as though he is going to jail and doesn't have any chance to shop anymore.

  • Jon R Hagen
    Jon R Hagen Month ago

    Definitely love it inside the prison 😂😂

  • Everything TV
    Everything TV 2 months ago +2514

    Us: life decision to choose ipad color to fit our personalitiy
    "don't care"
    "Five random colors"
    Edit : Mommy I'm famous

    ARMANDO MUNOZ Month ago

    I was expecting them to literally buy the store 😅


    Hope you enjoyed the ride sir. While it lasted.
    Low profile folks remember.

  • GDplayer Yep
    GDplayer Yep 2 months ago +2600

    Props to Tate, but the female employee treating him like a normal customer and not like trash just gives me so much hope

    • Nicane -
      Nicane - 2 months ago

      Why would u do that? do u want to lose your job or get suspended?

    • Ayushman Sharma
      Ayushman Sharma 2 months ago

      @Kyle Glarum i know right,people have priorities and are constantly thinking about important things.Nobody offline in the real world gives a fuck unless some shit affects them directly.

    • Kyle Glarum
      Kyle Glarum 2 months ago +2

      “Props to Tate but the female employee treating him like a normal customer and not trash gives me so much hope”

    • ttybandz
      ttybandz 2 months ago +1

      chronically online

  • TheDAT573
    TheDAT573 Month ago

    Good for him!

  • allilou bouziane
    allilou bouziane Month ago

    The way he scanned his phone 💀

  • DJQ
    DJQ 2 months ago +2209

    Tate has an aura and anybody that comes near him becomes a chad

    • alloverrr
      alloverrr Month ago

      That’s actually chlamydia.

  • Benz
    Benz Month ago

    Dude casually pays 5090 pounds like he just bought something at 7/11

  • amorio78
    amorio78 Month ago +1

    he made it look like buying apple from a dollar store.

  • AltioraQuaeriteCH
    AltioraQuaeriteCH 2 months ago +1376

    It's amazing because there's always a cameraman following them everywhere they go.

    • AltioraQuaeriteCH
      AltioraQuaeriteCH Month ago

      @Kevin and you completely fail to understand why I wrote a comment in the first place.

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago +1

      @AltioraQuaeriteCH shows how little knowledge you have about business and marketing. Low class mentality.

    • Dave G
      Dave G Month ago


    • AltioraQuaeriteCH
      AltioraQuaeriteCH Month ago +1

      @B Panther yeah, I just read about it too, the irony that they were told to escape the "matrix", but at the same time take part in their system. 😂

  • Zbig T.
    Zbig T. Month ago +1

    I'm so jealous! lol

  • Kenneth Myrick
    Kenneth Myrick Month ago

    The best thing of this whole video is he used Apple Pay to buy everything lol

  • Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity 2 months ago +1866

    Tate spent 0.0016% of his net worth right there.
    Edit: This math is almost exact y'all, it's not said figuratively.

    • sǝıןdǝɹ uǝʞoɹq sɐɥ ıoqʎןǝ
      sǝıןdǝɹ uǝʞoɹq sɐɥ ıoqʎןǝ 2 months ago

      @Weedictic its not 5 billion in your house its 5 billion in assets

    • J Win
      J Win 2 months ago

      @Cybersecurity no problem!

    • J Win
      J Win 2 months ago

      @0phoenix X $318.125 billion, not $300 billion

    • J Win
      J Win 2 months ago

      @A3 GAMING nice

    • Cybersecurity
      Cybersecurity 2 months ago

      @J Win Tbf some people in the replies are speculating that he is a billionaire, in which case this math would match, but of course realistically it's an absurd and his liquid net worth can't be over $200 million while his word is worth a lot, but not $3 billion.

  • Isaac Wilson
    Isaac Wilson Month ago +2

    She definitely knows who she is serving and really didnt want serve mr tate

  • LUCA
    LUCA Month ago

    Good manner would mean say thanks you too, leaving a tip...

  • sphynxster06
    sphynxster06 Month ago +857

    A whole store or 7 items - slight difference there 😂

    • hated_alcoholic
      hated_alcoholic Month ago

      ​@Ray Bhe is

    • Ayas A
      Ayas A Month ago +1

      It’s so funny how his fans got offended by your comment lol

    • French countryball
      French countryball Month ago +3

      ​sbcjusv sounds like a tate fan offended... if you werent biased you would notice that the title promotes the idea of billionaires (they are multi millionaire) buying an entire Apple store (only buying 7 items) no one thinks that buying the entire store has sense but dont do clickbait

    • hmc2s
      hmc2s Month ago +1

      Yep and they ain't Billionaires. Not even close.

    • Evja hronikas
      Evja hronikas Month ago +4

      sbcjusv why did you just insult him out of nowhere? He pointed out the clickbait title…

  • John Stirling
    John Stirling Month ago

    Must be nice. I don't even have food money🤣

  • Sean Lau
    Sean Lau Month ago

    Good for him! I would do the same exact thing, but instead of 5, I'll need 10, please!

  • Junior _villa144
    Junior _villa144 2 months ago +224

    One day I’ll be able to do this without caring how much I spent

  • christopher cross
    christopher cross Month ago

    I wonder if he got a sim card with them or he's hoping Romanian prison have great WiFi.

  • Tilak Raj Chetry
    Tilak Raj Chetry Month ago

    The tate brothers 🔥

  • JL Commanders
    JL Commanders 2 months ago +486

    You know they’re rich when they come out of an apple store with a bag

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago

      @Warpoldo For one the Romanian police aren’t going to publish everything they know. Besides, listen to what he says about how he makes money. He said that he goes and finds a girl, sleeps with her and then she becomes “completely devoted” to him and will do “whatever he says”. Not only does that sound fishy, but it’s also an incredibly common technique used by traffickers. Bearing in mind that he has outwardly said he would flee a country investigating him, he is a considerable flight risk so keeping him incarcerated is in line with standard methods throughout the world.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago

      @Dank Waifu i thought u literally think he was a human trafficker lmao

    • Dank Waifu
      Dank Waifu 2 months ago

      @Warpoldo I made a joke stop crying

    • Warpoldo
      Warpoldo 2 months ago

      @Dank Waifuwhat real proof of human trafficking has he done, please tell me

    • Dank Waifu
      Dank Waifu 2 months ago +1

      @Daniel can’t take a joke?

  • Doc Man
    Doc Man Month ago

    The bald dude is fine as hell

  • Judith Cartwright
    Judith Cartwright Month ago

    Does he ever crack a smile it costs nothing

  • Yan ASMR
    Yan ASMR 2 months ago +49

    Caption:"Tate buys Apple store".
    Video:Tate buys ipads

    • Assan Assan
      Assan Assan 2 months ago +1

      I thought he was about to buy the complete store

  • First born unicorn
    First born unicorn Month ago

    I’ve never seen a cash register at an Apple Store
    🤯 it must be a uk 🇬🇧 thing.

  • Revelations1311
    Revelations1311 Month ago

    Imagine the commission she got 😅

  • Crazy X Edits
    Crazy X Edits 2 months ago +526

    That "DON'T CARE, FIVE RANDOM COLOURS" was savage

  • eddy498
    eddy498 Month ago

    Still waiting for the billionaire who bought the apple store ..

  • Brian TheBrain
    Brian TheBrain Month ago

    My boy buying ipads and phones for the women he got locked up in cages

  • Talia Bageel
    Talia Bageel 2 months ago +88

    The girl was struggling to carry everything and he’s adding more 😭😭😭

    • uchitha hettiarachchi
      uchitha hettiarachchi 2 months ago

      Feminist alert 😂

    • Stfu_trash95
      Stfu_trash95 2 months ago +3

      The girl should have used her brain and not lift everything in one go or just ask for help from an other employ