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The Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal Clocktower"

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover the Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal Clocktower". Thanks for Genshin Impact and PlayStation sponsoring today’s video. Enjoy the game on PlayStation® for free via my link : store.playstation.com/product...
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    2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.18/1.19 update. Very exciting times!

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  • FitMC
    FitMC   +4

    First time in over 3 years I've uploaded on a Wednesday, LOL! Thanks to Genshin Impact and PlayStation for sponsoring today’s video. Enjoy the game on PlayStation for free via my link :

  • blank cat

    I swear 2b2t always sounds like an ancient battle field with thousands of years or history buried in these videos

  • Samuel Voltz

    I feel bad for the owner of that stash. I'm willing to bet it's already been destroyed after 20 minutes

  • Kaspertje

    Worldedit, one of the most overpowerd abilities you can have

  • Jack Bartlett

    God, every time you upload I’m reminded that there really is nothing like 2b2t. You can just stumble on the ruins of a legendary base that was destroyed 7

  • Reinhart Exequiel

    i can already see a new group of players calling themselves the "Mystery Incorported" dedicated to look for itristan's every mysterious structures

  • Ninja_Walrus

    I have a theory that players purposely don't leave their names at their stashes because they don't want to be embarrassed when it gets found and they lose massive amounts of items. None of the stashes I've found have ever had a name anywhere.

  • C . O . Y


  • Nickolas UnickNOTable

    Fitmc is documenting a lot of things. He is like the immortal camera man on a war movie because in many vids because he shows us a battle in person while groups where fighting and he is just sitting there like a camera man


    I love how this guy is basically a historian, for Minecraft!

  • Weird_Boy
    Weird_Boy  +415

    My favorite character is Genshin himself. His impact has been quite massive.

  • Atharva More

    Appreciated fit that you are the only one who explains 2b2t briefly and putting efforts in it!!

  • Buckethead

    There's a question I've had that I wonder if you might be able to answer:

    SKRINIA  +564

    Fit: "I can't believe I'm talking about 1000 years old bunny vtuber"

  • Jonah Cortez

    Gosh diddly darn, I almost forgot that this was the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, with 11 years, over a

  • a dud
    a dud  +340

    I just didn't care at all, because I thought it was just another Minecraft anarchy server. But then he said it's

  • Account Inactive

    It's amazing how many locations and artifacts remain hidden to this day. Who knows what is left to be discovered?

  • TheGamingFireman

    These stories are so crazy that it's almost hard to believe the videos he makes are real but I know they are

  • Sunset Archon

    I can guarantee that item stash won't be there much longer. Unmarked item stashes like that often end up craters by their creator's hand when the location is compromised.

  • Taha Ahmed
    Taha Ahmed  +107

    The 2b2t community has to find a way to celebrate Fit's content, and how much work he's putting into these vids