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Hermitcraft 9 Episode 10: I Built This For You!

  • Published on May 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 9 episode 10! We start out big with our Minecraft let's play ep 10 on the Hermitcraft 9 server with a massive starter treehouse base. The design of the survival base will be elven-themed. Once we complete the treehouse, I'll build my dream Minecraft build.
    Today's episode starts out finding our Cookie Empire shop was pranked by the Giga Pies and we are in last place with the diamond pillar competition. The building a project for the video is something you have pushed me to do since day one. I hope you enjoyed the video and are excited for my mega base that is coming soon!
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: #!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar
    Hermitcraft SMP - season 9 info and seed coming soon.
    For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: hermitcraft.com/
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  7 months ago +891

    Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy!
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar

    • Bonkaiblue
      Bonkaiblue 4 months ago

      Create Mod = Transportation Update

    • C G
      C G 6 months ago

      Put a large cookie floating over and shading Gigga Pies,. Put ravengers on top just "for fun".

    • C G
      C G 6 months ago +1

      I felt that.

    • Love yourself
      Love yourself 7 months ago +1

      @Duckguy5225 it’s in the background and you can merely see unless you know where to look, watch cub, rens, or falses video to know 😁

    • MommaLlama
      MommaLlama 7 months ago

      I didn't know eagles ate cookies ; )

  • Joel
    Joel 7 months ago +2567

    It's hilarious how that Hawkeye started as a joke, but now Scar is genuinely good with the bow

    • MiseryMarz
      MiseryMarz Month ago

      @Raggie Tyril he is/was

    • Lexist Cipher
      Lexist Cipher 2 months ago

      Always has been

    • camwyn256
      camwyn256 4 months ago +2

      If Hawkeye could fly, he might be a decent hero.

    • _Xisuma_
      _Xisuma_ 5 months ago +1

      @PlayntScar the assasin 😂

    • _Xisuma_
      _Xisuma_ 5 months ago

      😂😂skill upgrade alright

  • ShayZtrain
    ShayZtrain 7 months ago +873

    Fun Facts about the Elven Kisses:
    They will teleport you to a random block that you can safely stand on. Usually its somewhere nearby. If there are no blocks close to you, it will find the closest safe block.
    This makes them very useful for End raiding. If you fall into the void, eating one can teleport you to safety.
    Chorus fruits also work well for this ;)

    • Amber  ♡
      Amber ♡ 6 months ago

      and when falling into lava

    • SunRays
      SunRays 6 months ago

      @Dale Karman yup xDD

    • ZelsCraft
      ZelsCraft 6 months ago


    • Dale Karman
      Dale Karman 6 months ago +1

      @ShayZtrain yeah it’s hilarious 😂😂

    • ShayZtrain
      ShayZtrain 6 months ago +9

      @Dale Karman Oh yeah, you're totally right. I just rewatched the video and yeah, he eats one while in the lava and teleports no where.

  • Ice_borne 25
    Ice_borne 25 7 months ago +694

    I am extremely impressed by Scar's mc skills this season. He can consistently and properly do the bucket trick and he has an amazing bow accuracy.

    • Aaisha Ismail
      Aaisha Ismail 7 months ago +3


    • AquAssassin
      AquAssassin 7 months ago +21

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD see it's because on HC he doesn't pay attention to his health and so he dies so much but when he actually tries (3L/LL, 100 Hours, MCC) he's actually pretty good

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD
      LoLickyPeePee23XDD 7 months ago +34

      i genuinely dont understand scars brain he somehow made it all the way to the end of 3rd life even killing 2 of the most notorious people on the server himself, surviving 50 hours in hardcore while also playing as risky as possible, but at the same time hes scar so he still dies more than everyone else put together. truly amazing to watch

    • AquAssassin
      AquAssassin 7 months ago +10

      He has played in 2 MCCs now and done pretty well so I'm not too surprised

  • Asha Carpenter
    Asha Carpenter 7 months ago +257

    Fun fact about the interlocking trees over the mattress store: it used to be a tradition that newlyweds would each plant a tree on either side of the path to their new home. In time the trees would grow, and the couple would interlock them so they would connect over the path, making a beautiful natural archway!

  • Mark Belain
    Mark Belain 7 months ago +266

    When Scar said, “am I actually a cookie?” My thought was actually “are cookies actually made from elves?”

  • Happiwappi
    Happiwappi 7 months ago +2272

    You could call the ravager 'Dinnerbone' so he lays on his back on the bed

    • Dio- chu
      Dio- chu 4 months ago

      ravager toes

    • dragon
      dragon 6 months ago

      So just coming to him and then dying by sleeping rhino beast or knockoff slacking

    • XTV Splash
      XTV Splash 6 months ago

      big brain

    • mad maxin
      mad maxin 6 months ago

      Great idea

    • Mialyn Harris
      Mialyn Harris 6 months ago

      Ya! great idea!

  • Phil K
    Phil K 7 months ago +205

    You know that youre able to let the crossbow guys break their crossbow. They will then run around not attacking you just like normal villagers. Could be a good addition in the matress shop to have some employees.

    • Derek Deese
      Derek Deese 5 months ago +2

      @Kevin Smith I tried it in bedrock for a couple hours lmao.. beware its Java only 😭

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith 6 months ago +1

      I did not know that. Cool

    • Phil K
      Phil K 6 months ago +1

      @STOP TRANSLATING VIDEO TITLES! As far as i know the will just wander around not attacking you

      STOP TRANSLATING VIDEO TITLES! 6 months ago +3

      Do they not attack then?
      I tried the same with Pihglins once, but it turned out they can attack with their fists as well 😅

    • Toes Gaming
      Toes Gaming 7 months ago +2

      Smart, hope he sees this

  • landomumms
    landomumms 7 months ago +46

    A healthy Scar is a GREAT Scar!! Take breaks whenever. We can wait patiently for your episodes. Your health is more important.

    • Lexist Cipher
      Lexist Cipher 2 months ago +1

      This. 1000000% this. Take care scar!

  • Lexi Connell
    Lexi Connell 7 months ago +209

    Game idea: HAWKEYE!
    Make a giant target on the ground with concentric rings (larger on the outside, worth less points, and the bullseye being worth the most). The player has to fly up to world height, eat the fruit, and get as close to the center as possible!

  • Congele
    Congele 7 months ago +113

    Hey Scar, you should consider giving a profession to your cashier villager in the cookie shop, like a butcher via a smoker, to give him a more fitting outfit! That way he would look more like a baker!

  • Butternut
    Butternut 7 months ago +1209

    Scar, please, I can't stress this enough: We will wait
    Please take your time, if your health isn't doing as well, PLEASE take time off
    Your optimism is like none I've ever seen, you deserve the best, do what is best for you

  • TLdR
    TLdR 7 months ago +129

    Hey, Scar! A tip for the next time: you can handle mobs in minecarts at a safe distance using a fishing rod.

    • TLdR
      TLdR 7 months ago +2

      @Ithenna Is not as useful to put mobs in minecarts, for that a stratigic placement of rails works better. I use fiahing rods to pull mobs already in minecarts along the rails, or in top of rais, when manually pushing them would mean taking damage. Specially good for handling ravagers.

    • Ithenna
      Ithenna 7 months ago +4

      Really? I would never have thought to use a rod for stuck mobs in a minecart... I'll have to try that sometime.

    • SerenaEloise
      SerenaEloise 7 months ago

      Yup! I used a fishing rod when placing villagers in my trading hall!

  • bargen0w
    bargen0w 7 months ago +54

    when i saw what cub and ren did to the tree, from a distance it at actually looked lovely, so indeed a purple/pink ascent of colors would look amazing compared to a dead tree.

  • Muzammil Khan
    Muzammil Khan 7 months ago +63

    4:12 Scar you should use f3+b to see the hitboxes of the items. It makes them easier to see.

  • Alex MacNeil
    Alex MacNeil 7 months ago +37

    I love it when scar does time lapses, it looks so cool and his time lapse music is so EPIC

    • Myron_jd
      Myron_jd Month ago

      @Alex MacNeil lol I’ll give you two likes then😂

    • Bluefoxbliss
      Bluefoxbliss 6 months ago

      @Alex MacNeil lol same

    • Alex MacNeil
      Alex MacNeil 6 months ago +1

      yessss! ive never gotten liked before

  • JQ
    JQ 7 months ago +2549

    Tango knows a lot about ravager pathfinding. He could probably help get the sign set up how you were imagining.

    • Iron Baron got WiFi y’all
      Iron Baron got WiFi y’all 7 months ago

      Seems useful!

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 7 months ago +3

      @Dawndoe he did I remember

    • Dawndoe
      Dawndoe 7 months ago +7

      @Oooooooooooooooooooooo If you're talking about the copper golem, he mentions it in literally the next video. He saw it online from somewhere that didn't have the original creator's name attached, they reached out to him, and he credited them in episode 9.

    • Athora Shadow
      Athora Shadow 7 months ago +1

      @Oooooooooooooooooooooo when you do work do you credit the person who designed made or even the the person who sold it to you? No So get off tangos back for something small that he probably didn’t know about

    • Ryan Walker
      Ryan Walker 7 months ago +10

      @Oooooooooooooooooooooo 5 builds in how many countless years of Minecraft... lets use the word countless right shall we?... that is a drop of water in an ocean... so often I see and hear Tango thanking certain builders in his videos and streams... guess what... I guarantee everyone and their mother makes mistakes at work sometimes... and guess what; Minecraft is Tangos job; sometimes it can be easy to overlook something when you are grinding/working 50+hrs a week. A lot of work goes into these Clip-Share videos that normal people have no idea about... to cry about 5 builds when looking at the big picture is ridiculous... how many people take Tangos builds and make tutorials off of them taking traffic from his channel for his builds... Tango is not owning peoples builds or making tutorials for them... and btw Tango fixed and updated these 5 videos

  • David Bassett
    David Bassett 7 months ago +47

    Scar: hears a thud behind him
    Scar: somethings off. I can feel it

  • DarthMyrdor
    DarthMyrdor 7 months ago +33

    3:55 I really hope this was a star wars reference. I mean... "These are not the blocks we are looking for." compared to "These aren't the droids you're looking for." ... Or Scar instinctively uses Star Wars quotes by now. Sounds legit to me.

  • The1sin event
    The1sin event 7 months ago +32

    Scar "help me find the cookie, u want the cookie."
    Me: I understand if it's for a bit and all but, at the same time I'm a little worried.
    Hint: birds of all sizes like baked goods.

    • Omega Xicor
      Omega Xicor 6 months ago +3

      that is, as many others are, a FALSE clue ;)

  • Caitlyn McKnight
    Caitlyn McKnight 7 months ago +24

    Cub’s “You took an arrow to the knee” was absolutely perfect.

  • Emelion1
    Emelion1 7 months ago +1537

    Scar, showing the factory: "We had a bit of an accident here."
    Mumbo: "Perfect! Days since last accident: 0"

    • Rye Bread
      Rye Bread 7 months ago


    • Zarvain
      Zarvain 7 months ago +25

      Gotta keep your main customer happy!

    • Oona
      Oona 7 months ago +7


  • Cactus person
    Cactus person 7 months ago +10

    13:53 feel better soon! We’re always happy with your updates, wether early, on time, or late 👍

  • Pawsome38
    Pawsome38 7 months ago +18

    Just listening to Scar saying thank you makes my heart melt. He's such a good person. We love you!!!

    • Ethan Fincannon
      Ethan Fincannon 4 months ago

      love him so soo much

    • Squish_Squash
      Squish_Squash 5 months ago +2

      I'm gonna be honest it almost made me cry with how hard my heart melted, he's one of the most kind and optimistic people I've ever watched and it just reminds me just how much being kind is worth it. I've only been watching Scar for about a week now but I love him so much!

  • TheProject
    TheProject 7 months ago +9

    Not gonna lie, Scar's defo my Hermit. The man's pure positive energy :)

  • Koren B
    Koren B 7 months ago +8

    "Do you know where my cookie is?" He asks, then cuts to a timelapse with a scene where the cookie is visible in the top right of the screen.

  • Joon Moon
    Joon Moon 7 months ago +2450

    I feel like scar should turn that tree into a cherry blossom and even use some of these blocks that are left

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 7 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for ssssssinss

    • Uniwolf gamer
      Uniwolf gamer 7 months ago

      @Joon Moon Bdubs is better known for things like that but sure, Scar's great too :>

    • ДанORG
      ДанORG 7 months ago

      @Joon Moon I mean... it works well as a traffic sign...

    • Fred Krazé
      Fred Krazé 7 months ago +2

      @Enabi Seira I've made a few forests worth of cherry blossom trees and your spot on, they work best hidden around and behind other blocks like purpur steps/slabs and stained glass as you mentioned, and they work best on large trees like Scars.
      The trick is just try and cover up parts of the arrow shape and/or put some stained glass in front so you cant quite make it out and then it really does add to the detail in a positive way.

    • RockmeHellsing
      RockmeHellsing 7 months ago +1

      Amnethist, pink wool pink glas, here you go

  • Commander5AM
    Commander5AM 7 months ago +10

    You could say the cookie has an eagle-eye view of the server right now.

  • shroomy fields
    shroomy fields 7 months ago +28

    Scar smirked as he precisely sewed severed elven ears onto a villager. "For you work here now, for enternity." The villager shrieked in pain. As Scar placed the newly "elven" villager in a minecart and sent it off. That was the replacement for all the little accidents that he has created. The villagers in the breeder took their bread, scrawny and grim, as Scar came to the door to take another. I apologize

  • Karis Wales
    Karis Wales 7 months ago +3

    I just wanna say that every time I watch one of Scar’s videos, he is always really optimistic about things and it really brightens my day.

  • BananaBear's Random Words
    BananaBear's Random Words 7 months ago +7

    I love how Scar takes on a brand new style of building for every season, but always has to include copper in his AWESOME builds!

  • Kate Lindstrom
    Kate Lindstrom 7 months ago +3

    Hope you're feeling well soon scar!!! take your time, we appreciate you so much.

  • Sh3phrd
    Sh3phrd 7 months ago +3

    Ravages have pretty huge hit boxes, so you can probably get it locked in with some chains or other subtle blocks. But as others have mentioned, check with Tango, he's got heaps of ravager control experience

  • Jabarzua
    Jabarzua 7 months ago +8

    13:59 difficult times with scar :(

  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle 7 months ago +3

    10:00 - Scar's literally made it this far into the video without seeing where his cookie has gone. It's. right. there! haha xD

  • GothBoy UK
    GothBoy UK 7 months ago +1393

    The Chorus Fru... sorry, Elven Kiss, mechanic is designed to save you in the End when hit by shulker bullets and the possibility of falling from a height. It, theoretically, should put you on the ground without fall damage. 🤓

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 7 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for ssssssinss

    • OrdinalBroadcast
      OrdinalBroadcast 7 months ago +1

      @Blaxe Frost Yeah, Chorus fruit does not save you from fall damage.

    • speedy01247
      speedy01247 7 months ago +2

      It's also useful for escaping when chased by other players, you fly high up thousands of blocks and suddenly are instantly at ground level, if anyone was following they would take a minute just to return to the ground so you could take off in another direction by the time they reach the ground.

    • ДанORG
      ДанORG 7 months ago +2

      I always thought they had a very limited range, though (horizontal _and_ vertical).

    • Nadiki
      Nadiki 7 months ago +2

      I’ve been using pearls to save myself for so long, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that

  • Dio- chu
    Dio- chu 4 months ago +2

    11:34 'Oh ho ho~ youre approaching me?'
    14:08 No, sir, YOU'RE the best!
    I've gotten out of touch with painting for a while & 2 days of watching your content (& your amazing builds) have inspired me to finish my own artistic works). So, *thank you.*

  • Sage Iwashyna
    Sage Iwashyna 7 months ago +2

    i was having a rough day, but this video brightened it completely :D thank you scar for putting such amazing vibes and content out into the world!!

  • Mikl Pis
    Mikl Pis 7 months ago +1

    This was an amazing episode! ❤️ And wow, the combination of the warped wood & plants and the dark oak is just stunning! 😍
    Well done with the ravager! 🤘

  • Shreks_big_toe
    Shreks_big_toe 6 months ago +1

    Scar we will always wait and be patient for you, we don’t care how long it takes for you to upload a video all we care about is that your happy and healthy and doing what you love. You make great content and nothings gonna change that 😁

  • PatrickIamonfire
    PatrickIamonfire 7 months ago +983

    Scar take as much time as you need. Don’t pressure yourself about quality and release date. We all can wait. We love your videos because of you. Please take breaks whenever you feel like it.

    • kuyswe
      kuyswe 7 months ago

      @2008bunnybigenderflux i got that.. im not the slightest bit mad idk where you got that from lmao

    • 2008bunnybigenderflux
      2008bunnybigenderflux 7 months ago

      @kuyswe it must've been a typo, don't be mad at them about it lol

    • Zeffzee
      Zeffzee 7 months ago +1

      Listen to this person

    • Callum Finlayson-Palmer
      Callum Finlayson-Palmer 7 months ago +1

      No he must work himself to the bone
      Joking of course

    • kuyswe
      kuyswe 7 months ago

      “we your videos” ??

  • Thomas The roblox wooden train

    9:49 the point where everyone starts dancing

  • Cryo Jaxc
    Cryo Jaxc 7 months ago

    You're doing well and appreciate the dedication! Take all the time you need, Scar! :)

  • Teertha Vyas
    Teertha Vyas 7 months ago

    this episode was one of your best! absolutely loved everything about everything you did XD love you scar!

  • declan james
    declan james 6 months ago +1

    He always says sorry when he gets distracted but I like the funny interactions with other hermits

  • amender SC
    amender SC 7 months ago +449

    The SECOND he stopped being a wood elf he started deforesting…

  • Teumeato
    Teumeato 7 months ago

    We really appreciate you making videos even though you're going through a rough time ,
    You're really the best scar ,
    Hoping the best for your health

  • Rachael sullivan
    Rachael sullivan 6 months ago

    doing a bed shop is such a good idea! When I was watching, I was wondering what wool would look like instead of leaves on the two trees, since its a bed shop. Although it does already look amazing as it is, not sure if wool would spoil it

  • Iain Laurence
    Iain Laurence 7 months ago

    I’m all for that transportation update. Sounds like fun ways to add life to a build or interact with other members of a server

  • Jyso D Vandrake
    Jyso D Vandrake 7 months ago

    Just to let you know, we appreciate you too, Scar. You bring a lot of fun and enjoyment, and yes your elven twirls too! Keep being your awesome self, Scar, and hope you get better soon :)

  • icebear
    icebear 7 months ago +684

    As a dyslexic, Scar has created the best possible build ever:
    A mattress store with a master door owned by a matador with a Minecraft bull for a mascot. What more perfect possible thing could this have been? Tell me

    • Pumpkin Beam
      Pumpkin Beam 7 months ago +15

      A mattress store with a master door owned by a matador with a ravager for a second manager.

    • The Nope Queen
      The Nope Queen 7 months ago +19

      All it could ever need is a master door... in the first episode Mumbo said he could make one.

  • LandoHitman
    LandoHitman 7 months ago

    Scar is so wildly entertaining. I hope he remembered to name the Ravager.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 6 months ago

    It's hilarious how that Hawkeye started as a joke, but now Scar is genuinely good with the bow

  • Trivial Problems
    Trivial Problems 7 months ago

    You’re so amazing scar!! Your so inspiring and have been really helping me!!

  • Kiki’s Music!
    Kiki’s Music! 6 months ago

    This is one of my favorite episodes scar! The love you put into it (and every one of your videos) is palpable. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face even when life brings me down!

  • Lewis
    Lewis 7 months ago +467

    I think he should flip the ravager upside down with the dinnerbone nametag like hes lying on the bed might look cool?

    • Lewis
      Lewis 7 months ago +1

      @Xyles7 worth a try tho

    • Xyles7
      Xyles7 7 months ago +2

      maybe but he could also be floating in the air which would look worse :/

    • AngryNoob
      AngryNoob 7 months ago +4

      That would look awesome. Scar, PLEASE DO THIS

    • Lewis
      Lewis 7 months ago +1

      @Yodabbito No..

    • Yodabbito
      Yodabbito 7 months ago +11

      Pearl, is that you?

  • Eric DiMarzio
    Eric DiMarzio 7 months ago

    What an episode. You’re such an entertaining content creator and such a an amazing builder. Thank you, Scar!! What a treat.

  • Mika B.
    Mika B. 7 months ago

    I love the matador owning a mattress store idea, the build is amazing! Take your time with the videos, Scar! We will wait! :D

  • Bridget
    Bridget 7 months ago

    This episode is so much fun, I mean it’s always fun but I just feel the need to say it again: this is soo much fun. Scar is truely becoming a mischievous little Elf this season

  • Roots
    Roots 7 months ago

    We love you too, Scar! Thank you for making awesome content and being the great guy that you are :) I hope you feel better soon!

  • KRO 222
    KRO 222 7 months ago +823

    The fact that Scar has nearly caught up to Doc’s world eater pile by sheer *grind* is deeply impressive.

    • gillian1310
      gillian1310 7 months ago +2

      @Jason Olson but the challenge was to make the largest diamond ore tower and see how much diamonds you get by taking it down.

    • Vind Alowd
      Vind Alowd 7 months ago +4

      Also need to keep in mind that Doc's main goal hasn't been to acquire diamonds.

    • Jason Olson
      Jason Olson 7 months ago +20

      Except neither of them are even a little close to cubfan's grind. The mans diamond block pillar is almost as tall, and way grindier!

    • Gautham Arun
      Gautham Arun 7 months ago +13

      Sadly that is not the world eater pile haha.

    • Andrew Howe
      Andrew Howe 7 months ago +29

      doc will be able to enclose the entire starting area in a sphere made of deepslate diamond ore blocks haha

  • Itsawesomeplayz
    Itsawesomeplayz 7 months ago

    The tree with the magenta terracotta looks beautiful

  • emo haralampiev
    emo haralampiev 5 months ago

    Aw Scar, you're so wholesome. We really appreciate all your vids too

  • She’s Stichin’
    She’s Stichin’ 7 months ago

    That quicksand is so awesome! Thank you for the amazing episode Scar.

  • Glorie Mangos
    Glorie Mangos 7 months ago +1

    you know what would look cool ? Tree houses and connecting bridges to the giant trees

  • James Wells
    James Wells 7 months ago +404

    Hey Scar! Now that Gem has announced that she is also doing an elven theme, could you give her a pair of elven ears?

    • Liam Engram
      Liam Engram 7 months ago

      She already has a lush elven beard from Impy. 🤣

    • Jesentra
      Jesentra 7 months ago +4

      But she's a high elf! And we all know high elves and wood elves don't get along!

    • Lenny
      Lenny 7 months ago +21

      @PetLover334 prismarine earrings

    • PetLover334
      PetLover334 7 months ago +33

      Maybe with a small blue-green color on the tips of the ears or something to make them a teeny tiny bit different.. and it would suit her because that’s the color theme she’s going for

  • alexmirandatu x
    alexmirandatu x 7 months ago

    It looks great, Scar! You honestly make a bad day better- thank you for doing what you do :)

  • Cayla H
    Cayla H 7 months ago

    Love the video! I truly enjoy your builds, also I'm sending you a virtual hug! Your the best Scar! ♥️

  • I Love Penguins
    I Love Penguins 2 months ago

    Scar, you really are an artist when it comes to making trees. I've been playing Minecraft a lot more than usual because I want to be able to do the kinds of things you do in you videos. Your builds are just absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Jacob Zentz
    Jacob Zentz 7 months ago

    Scar! Have you ever seen a Japanese Maple tree? They're amazing and might be what you were imaging to replace the pink-arrow tree.

  • Abbie Rose
    Abbie Rose 7 months ago +449

    You're one of my heroes, Scar. I've been chronically ill as well, and your constant positive attitude, despite everything you're going through, and light-hearted videos help keep me going.

    • 2008bunnybigenderflux
      2008bunnybigenderflux 7 months ago +5

      @Jebbbo dude wth is wrong with you? Let's go with the small chance that they are lying. What are they gonna get from the attention? Someone gonna come over to their house and shove a million dollars at them? Now, let's go with the chance that considering this community is MUCH higher that they are telling the truth. They just poured their heart out to thank someone who has been helping them through a hard time, and someone random accuses them of lying. I know from experience how devastating it can be to wish on a daily basis that my problems would go away, only to have someone come over and tell me I am faking it or whatever. I know from both experience and research that it can ruin their life and lead to suicidal thoughts. Just by saying the word "liar," you could have killed someone. Have fun with that on your conscious.

    • • 2DJoy •
      • 2DJoy • 7 months ago +1

      @Jebbbo I mean you have no reason to think that

    • • 2DJoy •
      • 2DJoy • 7 months ago +2

      I hope that you get well soon but I’m glad that Scar is helping. I will be praying for you ❤️

    • Jebbbo
      Jebbbo 7 months ago

      or are u lying and just trying to get attention???

    • 2008bunnybigenderflux
      2008bunnybigenderflux 7 months ago +7

      I have several mental disabilities and used to be verbally abused by my father on a daily basis (he randomly stopped, idk why but I'm not complaining!), so he is a huge inspiration to me too. I currently have a broken back too, so seeing someone who has gone through even more than me doing epic stuff is, while kinda insulting, also pretty nice and inspiring.

  • Rigby
    Rigby 7 months ago

    every time i watch scar i get a good laugh and lots of smiles

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    matt taylor 7 months ago

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    Get well soon Scar🥰 loving the builds today

  • Canister
    Canister 7 months ago

    Get well soon Scar and also please take a rest anytime you want, we will be here.

  • Allistar Clawthorne-Major

    When scar was talking about how he loves us while building the shop I was just like “I am rapidly becoming parasocial”

  • Jerry Loveless
    Jerry Loveless 7 months ago

    Name it the “Matador Mattress Store” and put a sign on the front door that says,”Please Enter Through Master Door.”

  • Denver Yangap
    Denver Yangap 7 months ago

    Yep, the minecart and transportation update is one of the things I am looking forward to as well. Hope it happens

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    yunashadow 7 months ago +181

    He finally admits to being a matador but... wait a minute...
    Red suit...
    Has magic...
    Has a workshop...
    Involved with some elves...
    Likes cookies... and presumably milk...
    Said ho ho ho more than once this episode...
    Sells hermits beds so he will know when they are sleeping...
    Dies alot...
    Santa Scar confirmed
    Merry Christmay?

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 7 months ago +1

      Jesus Christ died for ssssssinss

    • Mazdaman23
      Mazdaman23 7 months ago +2

      @rain!! he gets stuck in a chimney at least 50 times each Christmas

    • Fals Namae
      Fals Namae 7 months ago +2

      @rain!! There are a number of movies, a whole genre really, of "Santa dies (or child-friendly retires) and so needs a replacement", but I don't think it REALLY applies.

    • BellaXGaming
      BellaXGaming 7 months ago +1

      @rain!! same exact thought lol

    • rain!!
      rain!! 7 months ago +8

      dies a lot? is santa known for dying a lot?? (i don't celebrate christmas)

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    Pearl Mae 7 months ago

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    SaintThayne 7 months ago

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  • Empires SMP In A Nutshell

    You can name the Ravanger "Dinnerbone" so it will actually lay on the bed

  • Jack Fisher
    Jack Fisher 7 months ago +2

    Keep up the great work Scar!

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    Also, maybe visit Gem with some elf ears

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    Deepanjay Verma 7 months ago +1

    Instead of the bed you can maybe make some sort of hanging crib so the ravaged can move around and you can name him dinnerbone so it looks like it is laying on its back . AI know it sounds silly but i am sure you if you make it , you can make it look beautiful.

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    Davastisch ! 7 months ago +2

    Basically, all these diamond towers are a graphic of how much imflation is skyrocketing with all these mined diamonds 😅

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