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STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

  • Published on Jun 15, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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Comments • 17 695

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +4759

    Send this video to someone you think would actually buy this 😭
    To see my full Cryptocurrency Guide for beginners: clip-share.net/video/rYQgy8QDEBI/video.html
    Or to see the tiniest Tech on the Planet: clip-share.net/video/syB1ezRvKpU/video.html

    • Electrodexify
      Electrodexify 14 hours ago

      Arun picks the cheapest and scammiest products and does not do proper research on devices like the Airestech, which has peer reviewed research and patents.

    • Mason Miller
      Mason Miller 2 months ago


  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse Year ago +574

    I'm so sorry this junk came from Aus, hope they get shut down. I worked with a company on a portable negative ion generator once that was the real deal, but essentially just a neck worn taser. If there's a market... ?? 😩

    • your average cultured human
      your average cultured human Month ago

      neck worn taser?? sounds kinky 😳

    • Morbid Eel
      Morbid Eel Year ago

      @detycendana lim before? isn't it a bit late for that since that has been going for decades

    • Linda Edvardsson
      Linda Edvardsson Year ago

      Sooo… How about a little vid show/tell us all about this?!…😬😉.. 👋🏼😌🇸🇪

  • thatcheesepizzaguy
    thatcheesepizzaguy Year ago +1082

    this honestly feels like something parents would make
    “do you have a headache? its your devices. take a bar of soap.”

    • MyRegardsToTheDodo
      MyRegardsToTheDodo 4 months ago

      "do you have a headache? It's your device, get off social media."

    • Vidd.
      Vidd. 5 months ago +1

      I remember my Mom once bought me a bracelet that supposedly gave you better equilibrium
      It was a a rubber bracelet with a transparent part where the “equilibrium magnet” was inside and yeah no it’s a sticker

    • JustANormalGmail Account
      JustANormalGmail Account 7 months ago +1

      Dude this is literally all asian parents if you use phones on a school day

    • Stupidity Territory :')
      Stupidity Territory :') 8 months ago

      Underrated comment

  • Liam Hutfles
    Liam Hutfles 11 months ago +252

    My dad bought EMF stickers for phones a few years back and asked everyone in the house to use them. I brought mine back later, cut in half to prove that it was just a piece of rubber. He accepted my reasoning after I explained the science of radiation and how what comes from a phone can't cause cancer. My mom didn't though, and still refuses to even carry around her phone which causes tons of problems for her

    • Matt
      Matt 3 months ago

      your dad deserves an award

    • JL
      JL 3 months ago

      You should read the plethora of studies on cell apoptosis from EMF exposure. Not saying these harmonisers work. Best is to limit exposure.

    • a rare Mann
      a rare Mann 3 months ago

      Chad dad.

    • lamename2010
      lamename2010 3 months ago

      @Chris I would say that it isn't the cell phone per se that is at fault for the way things are nowadays, even if it is an enabler. The issue really is that cellphones are multipliers and if you input shit, you will receive shit(*10). Cellphones can be used normally and they have their good uses, just people need to be conscientious about that. There is a reason for why there has been a resurgence on sales of "dumb" cell phones.

    • Chris
      Chris 3 months ago +3

      @Liam Hutfles we have very different definitions of better.
      There are definitely neato, cool, convenience factors and even life saving that advancements has brought, but also a lot of downside. I think it's probably a net negative. I'll take a pre cell phone world any day over this mess we have now.

  • Quastor
    Quastor 5 months ago +62

    This kinda made me want to create a “cleansing box” that has advice cards saying things like: “If you continuously feel unwell consult a trusted, licensed medical advisor” or “Whenever someone offers you a simple solution to a complex problem take some time to look up a second or even third opinion”

    • Carlo Castillo
      Carlo Castillo Month ago

      @TheAkashicTraveller wtf nvm didnt realized I replied to something

    • TheAkashicTraveller
      TheAkashicTraveller Month ago

      @Carlo Castillo wut

    • Firikka
      Firikka 4 months ago +1

      Oh, so you are saying that I should just take some random guy's advice on the internet when he says that he is an expert? /s ;)

    • TheAkashicTraveller
      TheAkashicTraveller 4 months ago +3

      If you spend a lot of time looking at screens and aften have headaches try taking a break every hour and having a walk around and also look at somthig far away for a few minutes to relax your eyes.

  • Gray Monk
    Gray Monk Year ago +499

    i have paranoid psychosis so i’m a potentially perfect victim for these kinds of scams. it makes me so sad that grifters prey on people like me to make a quick buck.
    i should also mention that despite having legit chronic illnesses, somehow i don’t buy into these type of delusion-based schemes. thank god for that honestly

    • Gray Monk
      Gray Monk 3 months ago

      @Coriander i wouldn’t say it’s stupidity, more vulnerability. being vulnerable and experiencing intense emotions makes you can easy target, regardless of intellect. emotions can blind you in the moment and scammers often rely on inducing stressful events with quick time limits to scam their victims.
      i’m very lucky that my psychosis tends to be more moderate and i have support systems around me. but that isn’t to say i haven’t gotten scammed before, i definitely have.

    • ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂
      ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂ 4 months ago

      my idea: highly trained professionals commonly referred to as doctors

    • Lucid Violin
      Lucid Violin 5 months ago +1

      @Justin well if you are eating a high sugar diet then hell yeah diet change helps..

    • Coriander
      Coriander 5 months ago

      It's not the paranoia that compels them to get those crap, it's the stupidity. You might be paranoid, but you sound like a smart guy. You are not their target.

  • JTBSpartan
    JTBSpartan 9 months ago +14

    I’m thinking what originally happened with some of these products is that the company behind it created a slew of fake reviews across a variety of different platforms, and then as confirmation bias started to set in, more and more people decided to buy them.

    • Kobroko
      Kobroko 19 days ago

      @Randy19 I agree, and once you buy it, you constantly try to make up things that aren't actually true to make it feel like a good investment.

    • Randy19
      Randy19 4 months ago

      Yeah. And the people who would buy this are people who would believe it works to begin with. The people who would leave a negative review, are sceptics who won't buy this crap so they can't leave a review.

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar Year ago +4255

    If phone radiation is harmful, then your room light can be a killer.

  • Beardiemom
    Beardiemom Year ago +641

    Fun fact: Some of those harmonizers are actually radioactive, which makes them not just a scam, but somewhat dangerous.
    Edit: So, I rewatched the Video from The Thought Emporium where I got that info and for those who think that, maybe it's not-ionizing radiation or it's just alpha radiation, which supposedly can be blocked with a sheet of paper (Which is not quite true either), here's the facts:
    The negative-ion harmonizers contain thorium, which is a radioactive element that emmits alpha, beta and gamma radiation at a dose that, when worn on bare skin 24/7, can absolutely cause cancer.
    If you want to watch the original to get the info, you can find it if you search "the thought emporium radiation" on youtube.
    Not *all* of them contain thorium, but it is frankly not worth the risk for a useless product.

    • Kira Yoshikage Gameing
      Kira Yoshikage Gameing Month ago

      This man Lily wrote a thesis about Geo cleansing s***

    • Prabhat Sourya
      Prabhat Sourya 2 months ago

      This does make sense, seeing that the EMF meter went haywire when he stuck the sticker at the back of the phone.

    • Prabhat Sourya
      Prabhat Sourya 2 months ago +1

      @Manny Brum However, the radiation released by tritium and radium can be blocked off by the casing itself, as the alpha and beta radiation cannot pass through metal casings. However, such a pendant in direct contact with the skin can irradiate your body, which is a legit health risk. Also, it kind of becomes pointless when these "harmonizers" cannot do anything to counteract the EMF (which is non-ionizing anyway), so what's the point? At least the tritium and radium paint (obsolete now due to non-radioactive and phosphorescent strontium aluminate being used) had a real world application of glowing in the dark to illuminate clock hands or gauge needles.

    • Dantho Vict
      Dantho Vict 3 months ago

      Did you said it give gamma radiation? Gonna buy these so i can turn into hulk.

    • Vincraft 787
      Vincraft 787 3 months ago


  • 9405alex
    9405alex 10 months ago +77

    The first time I got in touch with such things was back in school. In 11th (2010 or 2011) grade a girl in my class gave a presentation about a card (credit card size) which her father got on a shaman conference.
    She stated things like "It absorbs all radiation sent and received by mobile phones in a 10m radius around you".
    At the end of the presentation I got my phone out, called a friend in the same room and asked her how this might be possible.
    *presentation ruined*

    • kingsplayer
      kingsplayer 4 months ago +1

      Did that girl did say something afterwards

    • Lumioze
      Lumioze 4 months ago +1

      you my friend, are a fucking giga chad

    • Qwerty
      Qwerty 5 months ago +1


  • Ethernal
    Ethernal 3 months ago +89

    I watch this every day to make myself feel clever.

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint Year ago +262

    This video is a lifesaver! I was wearing a hat I'd made out of tinfoil to keep me safe from radioactive waves, but it was beginning to get a get expensive. Thanks to the Geoclense, I now feel so much better!

    • Nu Liform
      Nu Liform 2 months ago

      Laff away..lol..Actually...the Science says:...a TINfoil hat Would help..ever so slightly....because the Tin foil has lead in it. (think faraday cage)
      BUT...the Aluminum foil everyone calls tin foil?.......nah, notsomuch...

    • C0RRUPT3D
      C0RRUPT3D 4 months ago +3

      @Captain Nemo Bro it's obviously a joke lol he even spelt Geocleanse like how it was on the product

    • MCAlexisYT
      MCAlexisYT 11 months ago +3

      @Racso Loski _Peppermint died of placebos_

    • Afighter69
      Afighter69 Year ago +1

      @sakura 💗 mine?

    • sakura 💗
      sakura 💗 Year ago

      *im about to ruin this man's whole career.*

  • Nimarus
    Nimarus 4 months ago +9

    I still remember that Positive Ion card attached to a lanyard I saw once. Turned out they mixed plastic with radioactive powder, which I think was thorium. Thorium emmites Alpha radiation that doesn't penetrate through skin very well, but is more dangerous if it becomes airborne and in inhaled into the lungs. A Clip-Sharer covered this and Amazon removed the listing because the seller said nothing about the product being radioactive.

    • Nimarus
      Nimarus 4 months ago

      @MyRegardsToTheDodo Correct, they only do something if it hurts profits.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Year ago +15490

    What a legend wanting to rickroll himself everyday by ordering a ‘Rick Astley body pillow’

  • GameWithAdam
    GameWithAdam Year ago +29

    If radiation harmonisers were real then they'd have cleaned up places like Chernobyl by now.

    • Brox_guy
      Brox_guy 2 months ago

      Nice one
      I wish you a good day from germany

    • veve rica
      veve rica 10 months ago +1

      these harmonizers are secretly pocket Chernobyls

  • prizegotti
    prizegotti Year ago +8

    We had a similar thing in the 90s/00s during the GSM era. There was constant claims in the media that mobile phones emit huge amount of radiation that will make you sick, and a whole wave of product came out to "cure" the problem. I remember you could get these stickers that flashed and also replacement antennas that worked pretty much the same. The problem was these products were being powered by the RF signal itself and would cause your battery to drain as it had to pump out more power to reach the signal tower, which back then was much fewer and further away.

  • CurrentSea
    CurrentSea 2 months ago +1

    Problem, reaction, solution should be popular enough after these past few years that everyone should be doing their own research. Even though it’s disappointing to see this many bogus products, but your channel (first time viewers, never even heard of this channel) was surprisingly easy to watch till the end. Thank you.

  • sibtain haider
    sibtain haider 11 months ago +10

    When people don't pay attention in their chemistry and physics class, these kind of scams go unnoticed and accepted wholeheartedly by the idiotic buyera

  • Hydrodictyon
    Hydrodictyon 3 months ago +5

    Honestly, as someone who had physics at school and Uni - even though my Physics grade was a permanent C - the stuff about wavelength is borderline basic, I’ve always wondered WHO in their right mind would believe such obvious scams.
    But then I remember that my mom - who did actually graduate from one of the best Physics schools in russia - was afraid that standing in front of a working microwaves would cause MUTATIONS..

    • I Am Seth Hasting
      I Am Seth Hasting 16 days ago

      My grandfather was afraid that microwaves were ionizing, and would make food somewhat radioactive and harmful to eat. He recently retired from working at a nuclear power plant. Your mother reminds me of him.

  • SheepDroid
    SheepDroid Year ago +2875

    Let's appreciate the fact that Arun bought all of it knowing he'd get scammed, to give us another quality video

    • PΛp
      PΛp 4 months ago

      he prob got more money back with the vid

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 6 months ago +1

      He spent 700 bucks. He made like 30 grand on this video lol Arun makes out like a bandit regardless

    • Not Dr Strange
      Not Dr Strange 6 months ago +1

      Arun died for our sins. Tell me he isn't Jesus. lol

    • CrazyPizzaFreak
      CrazyPizzaFreak 7 months ago

      @Anonymous it could even be triple, tech channels have a pretty good amount of payment per thousand views,

    • Stupidity Territory :')
      Stupidity Territory :') 8 months ago

      And spread awareness

  • AmadeusA
    AmadeusA Year ago +33

    Hypothetically, if you could create a product that stops the phone's radiation, wouldn't the phone stop working? Isn't sending waves how phones work?

    • Clayton Auld
      Clayton Auld 3 months ago +1

      Basically, yes. If phones or WiFi devices can't emit waves, or the waves can't reach the receive antenna, then the device ceases to work effectively as a communications device.
      So putting a Faraday cage around your phone or device would make it an expensive metal and plastic brick. Good luck with that. 😂

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 3 months ago +1

      Linus tech tips tested a metal basket that you put over your Wifi access point to stop it from emitting 'dangerous radiation'.... Essentially it was a paper basket rebranded as a farraday cage...
      For those people who buy a Wifi AP to then buy a cage to disable it...

    • Solivagant
      Solivagant 4 months ago +2

      I was thinking the exact same thing, but the issue is that people have no idea how radiation works. It's nothing more than a buzz word to scare the uninformed

  • CornyAlpaka
    CornyAlpaka 9 months ago +8

    dude i love how this guy is so honest and helpful. like it's hard to find people on YT that do the same.

  • courier 6535
    courier 6535 4 months ago +1

    I'd be careful with all of these products. I can't say if it is still true, but there was a point in time when items described like these had radioactive isotopes in them.

  • Docta Osiris
    Docta Osiris Year ago +9

    When I was an Amazon Vine Voice product reviewer I had the opportunity to debunk some of these stickers - and that's literally what they are, stickers, nothing more than a picture printed on them, I tore one apart to prove it and posted my bad 1* review 🤭

  • Viralfan443
    Viralfan443 4 months ago

    Great video! Same thing happens with water and skin care products. Everyone is looking for a quick solution to their problems to get it solved instead of doing the research themselves or seek professional or licensed advice/counsel.

  • Wage
    Wage Year ago +2379

    This Guy has to be one of the most wholesome passive-aggressive people I’ve ever seen

    • funny valentine
      funny valentine 11 months ago


    • Wage
      Wage 11 months ago +1

      @Bob Job ik what it means

    • Bob Job
      Bob Job 11 months ago

      You should pick up a dictionary. Learn what passive aggressive means.

  • Dino Papalagi
    Dino Papalagi Year ago +11

    I've seen a few of these orgone pyramides in my times, got one as a present back then; mind you, it makes a lovely paper weight as you so elegantly mentioned :). And I was offered the electronic-ish circuit-ish sticker back in 2007 for my Nokia... "to protect from the battery among other stuff"... I had no clue all these stuff were still around, and got SO expensive too... Crazy!

  • Robert Yandoc
    Robert Yandoc Year ago +10

    I was in the middle of researching on which to buy until I ran across this video! Thank goodness! Once again as usual, very informative! Excellent video and thank you for saving me the trouble from wasting my money on useless products!

  • Dax Shell
    Dax Shell 4 months ago +1

    i once visited a rock and gem shop thinking it would be pretty stones. it was like entering a strange universe of conspiracies. i was shown a shelf full of stones that would help prevent 5g sickness. i thought the lady was joking and accidentally laughed, before realizing she was dead serious, and the small stores had gone quite to stare at me. i left quickly after.

  • filmguymike
    filmguymike Year ago +4

    Informative, professionally filmed and edited, comical, and likable programs. I'm glad I liked and subscribed. I actually turned on the Bell notifier which I almost never do. Well done sir

  • Lone_walker 611
    Lone_walker 611 9 months ago +1

    The problem isn't just in tech. It's in almost every aspect of our society.

  • orange fox
    orange fox Year ago +5790

    Escobar: Finally, a worthy opponent!

    • Void
      Void Month ago

      @Huoqw YES!-

    • citronkA
      citronkA 2 months ago +2

      Our battle will be legendary!

    • Littlefish
      Littlefish 2 months ago +1

      @Study Vio 💀💀💀💀

    • MrTrickay
      MrTrickay 3 months ago +1

      @Study Vio some dead gangster dude

    • SquareEagle65
      SquareEagle65 3 months ago +1

      lmao so true

  • Biker Chick444
    Biker Chick444 Year ago +2

    You're the best!
    Yes and cuz people believe anything scammers tell them, there are so many mass suicides.
    What a shame...
    Thank you for telling us the truth about so many things.

  • Fredrik Larsson
    Fredrik Larsson Year ago +3

    Oh, I remember hot head syndrome for real. After fifteen minutes on a mobile phone before the days of GSM networks, the head really was boiling. The world of medicine was quite worried too, because it was both apparent and affected everyone using a mobile phone.
    But with GSM and the successive development to 4G it's just a scary memory. I do believe it's a good idea to use a Bluetooth headset and not have the phone on you all the time, but there is not the least scientifical support for it. But there's one thing, that radiation of course has SOME effect on the membranes in the cells though most kinds just pass through them. I promise there's no way a sticker ever could do the least to change it. The very idea...

  • Minnie W
    Minnie W 9 months ago +15

    Given the amount of positive reviews, they seem to be very effective placebos. Expensive ones though, it's a bit predatory. Perhaps they'd justify the price by saying it strengthens the placebo effect, but they could get some guy with a PhD to say it works and people would probably think no different.

  • yonig94
    yonig94 Year ago +6

    thank you for act as the guardian of the online shopping and the determinator of the pseudo tech!
    like your videos!

  • leoishere
    leoishere 4 months ago +1

    Thing is if you feel like you have a problem or illness and you buy something that is advertised as making you feel better you mind will convince yourself you feel better when it’s just the same as before, like how when you take a painkiller that pain feels less even tho it hasn’t had the chance to take effect

  • Zhongli
    Zhongli Year ago +385

    "Convince there is a problem"
    "Establish themselves as an authority"
    "Sell the solution"
    Apple immediately came to mind

    • No no No
      No no No 4 months ago

      Sounds like every politician's campaign strategy

    • Soupy Mittens
      Soupy Mittens 5 months ago

      Yeah although they dont really "Convince" that there is a problem, they just create one on purpose.

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates Year ago

      The OP's point is also proselytizing and preaching Abrahamic religions, in a nutshell.

    • SoloRacer
      SoloRacer Year ago

      *cough cough* covid

  • Jordan Eyre
    Jordan Eyre Year ago +1

    My former sister-in-law started a job selling holographic wrist bands (she was 17), and told us about it using the "press down on your arm before and after the bracelet" move. I then did the exact same thing to her using my left shoe. It worked identically! I'm a psychologist now, and it works on your body's ability to balance. Simple as that!

  • CycloneMac
    CycloneMac Year ago +15

    Thank you for taking the need to reveal and buy these scammy inventions so we wouldn't have to my first time hearing about these things.

  • ava ahava
    ava ahava 3 months ago +56

    shout out to the graphic designer who made the lineart illustration of the soap plug

    • Van!sh
      Van!sh 3 months ago

      I'm going to be for real with you here I was thinking this exactly

  • Acheron
    Acheron Year ago +41

    The ones that claim to protect you from ionising radiation are the ones that I find extremely stupid.
    Unless you want to walk around covered in lead or tinfoil, you’re not stopping ionising radiation.
    Your skin will stop alpha radiation, aluminium foil will stop beta radiation and you’d need lead or concrete to stop Gamma rays or X-rays.
    Also…..Wouldn’t that plug in “EMF” protector actually give off EMF radiation, seen as it has to be plugged into an electrical socket to work?🤣.

    • Acheron
      Acheron Month ago

      @Joe Shaji
      That’s not dangerous levels of radiation.
      Thorium is an alpha emitter, so unless you’re eating it, you’re in no danger.

    • Joe Shaji
      Joe Shaji Month ago +1

      The best part is the 5g blocking sticker which claim that it will block emf contain Thorium dioxide which is radioactive and when you put the geiger counter on top of these sticker radiation level will be approx or more than 226 cpm.

    • Nu Liform
      Nu Liform 2 months ago


    • Acheron
      Acheron 4 months ago

      @꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂
      You’d know about trying to drown fish.
      Do you also think manual labour is some kind of Spanish dude?

    • ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂
      ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂ 4 months ago

      @Acheron fun fact: fish can technically drown
      im not the nerd saying u suck, u just unlocked a fun fact for being funny

  • Cdr. Amora Shepard
    Cdr. Amora Shepard 3 months ago +15

    Clicked on this for no reason other than my grandma believed that same 'experiment' around a decade ago and insisted that one of these stickers that, over time, wore away to expose the inch or three of coiled wire.

  • Alex Ni
    Alex Ni Year ago +802

    The sad thing is, the people that need to see this probably never will.

    • Cherished Cat Lover
      Cherished Cat Lover 10 months ago

      Many are Distracted with BS and/or their Focus is elsewhere.. Those whom are Meant to see it Will.... This is why they work Extremely Hard at Distracting you from certain things. We Still won't see or experience Everything we need or should, but at least the info & help IS Out there..

    • That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin
      That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin Year ago

      Honestly if they found this video they'd probably just be arguing in the comments instead of listening to his logical explanations lol

    • WhyteLis21
      WhyteLis21 Year ago +3

      I don't think, it would change much for them as, we humans are stubborn in our own ways and beliefs. Change and realization is a hard pill to swallow, sometimes. Lol.

      MEMES FROM DEEP SPACE Year ago +12

      @profit peesy the only thing scientology is try to cleanse is your wallet

  • Joe
    Joe Year ago

    Worst part is that a number of those 'anti radiation' products you can order online are actually radioactive (ie they contain thorium).

  • ̇ ͜ʟ ̇
    ̇ ͜ʟ ̇ Year ago +4

    The creepy thing is that someone in my family is convinced about these things and only keeps going deeper. I'm worried about them.

    • ZeenXdownz
      ZeenXdownz 11 days ago

      show them this video.

    • Eboreg2
      Eboreg2 3 months ago

      I don't think either you or that family member understand how fucking powerful the placebo effect is. There was one time I was traveling home on a crowded bus when someone right next to me pulled out a cigarette. I immediately started worrying about the second-hand smoke especially in such a poorly ventilated area. My coughing got so bad that I started getting thankful I wasn't asthmatic otherwise I would be heading to the ER. The cigarette wasn't lit.

    • ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂
      ꧁ L͛itoM͛ikeM͛1 YT ꧂ 4 months ago

      i would leave that family /j

  • Peanut
    Peanut 4 months ago

    Man your videos are very well done. Thanks for doing research about this.

  • Captain Sinclair
    Captain Sinclair Year ago +52

    Yeah, I can already tell this is gonna be a “wellness” product. Those things are basically Chinese radiation emitting jewels or wristbands (or maybe stickers now?) that can let off radiation in the alpha, bravo, AND gamma spectrums.
    These companies expect you to use these products for weeks or months at a time! You’re basically saying “YES, URANIUM-235! GREASE ME IN THE BALLJOINTS HARDER LIKE A GOOD GIRL!” if you buy these products. I know I exaggerated, but this is basically what I see from this shit. The easy way you can tell what product is harmful or potentially harmful is if they mention “negative Ion”

    • BuilderB08
      BuilderB08 9 months ago +1

      @Hellequin Maskharat From what I’ve seen, it’s mostly Thorium dust- which is just as bad if you… I don’t know… wear it 24/7 and actually breathe some in since it’s just… sprinkled into the material or there’s just a pile in the product and not actually sealed in.

    • veve rica
      veve rica 10 months ago +1

      @Hellequin Maskharat they are even adding Po 214

    • veve rica
      veve rica 10 months ago +1

      agree. the radiation (the ionizing kind!) is in these pruducts and i would never buy them. its like having Chernobyl in your house.

    • Hellequin Maskharat
      Hellequin Maskharat 11 months ago +5

      @Bob Job Some* of those 'ionizers' and 'radiation cleaning gadgets' are build with uranium. Some air cleaners/ionizers create Ozon, which is, as uranium, kind of detrimental to your health. I think the Captain was talking about that stuff.
      * Probably a bit more than just "some" - but you know, didn't research that, so it's a vague some.

  • Kersey Fabrications
    Kersey Fabrications 7 months ago +1

    One of the most important videos on the channel and on most of Clip-Share. The ending was golden and talks about why this is way more important than just these scam products.

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    Best thing to do if you're concerned is bin your tech and walk around in a tin foil lined suit 🙃

    • Dobba Phoenix
      Dobba Phoenix 9 months ago

      TBH This would work better at blocking radiation

  • Peter Hållbus
    Peter Hållbus Year ago +8

    Actually saw a clip about many of the products (like the armbands) that talk about positive ions and crap like that when tested are in fact radioactive, so perhaps a geigercounter would be a better instrument for testing the products you got ;)

    • Nuclear Weasels
      Nuclear Weasels Year ago +2

      Seconding this, all that stuff should be sent in for radiological analysis. I'd bet it's all contaminated with thorium powder, especially the "energized koala".

  • That Goth Guy
    That Goth Guy Year ago +2

    It's actually MUCH worse than you think, you should take a Geiger counter to some of those items and then remove them from your house because many are actually radioactive.

  • Sean Przybyla
    Sean Przybyla 8 months ago

    shame that you actually had to hand over money to these scammers to get the parts to warm others, but glad you do this stuff.

  • joebar52
    joebar52 Year ago

    Holy crap, these were HUGE in Europe in the late 90s! They didn’t look like that, but the claims were the same, reduce radiation and such, my dad always had one on his gigantic Ericsson phone

  • CodeVyper
    CodeVyper 7 months ago +2

    My parents once bought two of those charge plugs and i broke one of them to show them that its literally a scam, god bless me that i still have to deal with my parents believing in all this crappy shit and trying to pass that to me

  • Juro
    Juro Year ago +1293

    Radio frequency specialist here. No worries, RF radiation is safe for the general public. Most buildings in urban/suburban areas have 4-8 foot radio panels and other antennas. These can emit thousands of watts of power. RF radiation doesn’t damage DNA like ionizing radiation; however, it can heat up and cook organs that lack cooling (like eye balls). Workers who access the rooftop can be in danger of RF radiation exposure, which can sterilize, blind, and cause sickness to the workers. However, no one inside the building or on the streets is is danger. Not even if a million panels were on the roof. This is because the waves are directional and are aimed away from the building/street. Even if they were aimed in these areas, you would only be in danger if you stood within 6 feet of them for several minutes. You could stand in front of them outside of this range indefinitely, even for the rest of your life, and be fine. In comparison, your phone/headphones are not outputting anything close to this wattage. They’re also subject to even more intense regulations than cell sites are. Basically, unless you’re cooking ramen with a open door 1000w portable microwave in your pocket, you’re 100% safe. Even then, you’re more in danger of burns than you are of RF sickness.

    • Nu Liform
      Nu Liform 2 months ago

      it plays hell with seizure disorders too.

    • Ateeb Mohammad
      Ateeb Mohammad 5 months ago

      @izzy23 23 yes and no. Birds eyes have a see through protective layering that is basically like and extra eyelid but see through. If bird didn't have that, their eyeballs will be cooked

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad 7 months ago

      @izzy23 23 if their staying in it for minutes

    • mrmoo
      mrmoo 7 months ago

      In the UK at least, there are regulations that telecom companies have to abide by when building new towers or upgrading existing ones. These regulations state that a tower must be a certain distance from the ground depending on how much power they output, in other words, the more powerful a cell tower is, the higher up it has to be from the ground.

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    Love your videos mate. Whether it's tech, anti-scam whatever. Thank you

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    keep up the good work

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    Just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous, Arun booked himself a consultation 😂

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  • Dylan Nicholson
    Dylan Nicholson 6 months ago

    Such a smart way to articulate your point the starting with people wanting it to work and believe it works so they make them self believe it’s helping placebo effect then giving reviews that make more people fall victim.

  • Mary Joy Reyes
    Mary Joy Reyes Year ago +296

    I gotta say, those scammers have some style. When they realized he was baiting them, they diagnosed him with herpes. That's probably the best scammer come back I've ever seen.

    • Edward Clark
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      @XOR_ go back to being in code xor

    • bob
      bob 10 months ago +1

      @XOR_ I asked

    • Savage Mac
      Savage Mac Year ago

      Puck Quake I don't look at mono as herpes because it's nothing like what I'd imagine it to be. It's just an extremely sore throat and a fever for the average time you'd have a cold.

    • Pvshka
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      @XOR_ I asked

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  • picapica⚡
    picapica⚡ 10 months ago

    The one thing I learned that's actually usefull is that confirmation bias. I just realised that It's actually true, like I do that all the time when searching for studies releated stuff mostly. When I find an info that's pertinent with my thought, I use that one.
    Also it must be parents buying these type of things and I don't belive it's actual pple posting in website, cuz unless it's a good review they remove it. And they can create accounts to post positive reviews. Or I'm totally wrong cuz it's more strict now and one can't do those things anymore...

  • Sean Cullen
    Sean Cullen 3 months ago

    you might wanna get a giger counter or something out to test them cause alot of the items ive seen witch such claims just cram thorium dust or fibers into things, which can be harmful if inhaled as its a alpha emitter

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore Year ago +2

    Love the video. I would suggest that this is no different than most types of psychosomatic reactions in Humans. If you believe this cream, this cleansing, this religious ceremony will fix or cure you then it is not a big jump to believe in these products. How is it different if someone says that plastic thing makes me feel better while someone else says their prayers make them feel better? If you believe... And we all have confirmation biases. I bought the Wings at the Speed of Sound album when it came out. I tried to find something good about it. I couldn't. I went to work and one of my co-workers was in the same situation but said he would keep listening to it because there had to be some song on it worth listening to. I asked him "why" to which he responded "because I spent money to buy the album so I have no choice but to find a reason that I spent the money". He likely did find a reason to like the album. Unlike me who simply stopped listening to McCartney.

  • Richard Stephens
    Richard Stephens 6 months ago +1

    The most concerning thing about these "anti-emf/radiation" products is that some of them are actually RADIOACTIVE. For some reason the manufacturers mix thorium dioxide powder into the silicone for the bracelets, etc.
    I have personally purchased an "anti-radiation" card and tested it with a geiger counter. It had an activity of around 4000 CPM, with a radiation dose of 12uSv/H.

  • Mohamed
    Mohamed Year ago +778

    Evil company:
    *Scams people*
    Dumb people: "Never gonna let you down"

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago +1

      @Buff Garfield Oh, I didn't realize that. Thanks for the info. With this in hindsight, I'll have to agree with you. People will actually have to believe in stuff like this for it to take effect, which was what I didn't realize.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago +2

      @Buff Garfield I don't have any issues with the placebo effect. On the contrary, I'd even say it's a good thing in a lot of ways. However, the problem is people paying crazy amounts of money for very simple objects for the placebo effect.

    • Buff Garfield
      Buff Garfield Year ago +2

      @Dishant Seth Agreed. Also placebo effect is a real thing. So people actually can by a bracelet that does nothing and if they believe it will make them feel better it actually can.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago +2

      They aren't actually evil. They're just a bunch of really cunning folks who fool dumb people into buying their product to solve a made-up problem. They're just doing what everybody tries to do, aka make a profitable business.

  • The Rockin' Donkey

    It's not just borderline evil. It's straight up evil. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • Santiago Gomez
    Santiago Gomez Year ago

    Wow. I didn't know any of these products existed, I must purchase them ASAP! Thanks for the great review video. I hope it's not too late for me, I'm already vaccinated with the 5G and I feel it's affecting my bioplasmic orgone!

  • Edward Rose
    Edward Rose 4 months ago

    Just remember a simple phrase that I learned when growing up.
    "A fool and his/her money shall soon be parted."
    Thanks for taking one for hte team and spending your money to proof what a scam those products are.
    I enjoyed the video.

  • Vinnie Bartilucci
    Vinnie Bartilucci Year ago +1

    I'm old enough to remember the last generation of radiation absorbing stickers.
    Nine times out of ten, they were ALSO sold as devices to increase your phone's reception.

  • Evan Hardee
    Evan Hardee 4 months ago

    My mom made my entire family put these stickers on our devices after her "chiropractor" told her we had to.

  • DeTalented
    DeTalented Year ago +715

    These companies are literally like: "It's because of that god damn phone!"

    • Dishant Seth
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      @StrolledBoar 257 I know, right?!

    • StrolledBoar 257
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      @Dishant Seth ik at least it makes for better business because if you got alot of karens why not make a karen farm :D

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago +7

      @StrolledBoar 257 Yeah, can't believe so many people actually fall for downright superstitious stuff like this just with a few fancy science words.

    • Haruka ML
      Haruka ML Year ago +1

      They're making so much profit that im even envious of them

    • Rania Wah
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      Mom speech

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    I love watching your videos man, thanks for bringing amazing content all the time 👍🏻

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    Awesome work. Your Hardwork shown to each videos and awareness regarding the false product

  • Cute Strawberry
    Cute Strawberry 5 months ago +5

    My mom is so extreme about radiation that whenever me or my brother take something out of the microwave she makes us wrap our hands in three towels, and then immediately run away because the radiation could “kill” us

  • Dim Fre4kske
    Dim Fre4kske Year ago +1

    It's pretty simple really if you put the sticker on your phone and your phone is still able to make calls, send texts or get on the internet it doesn't do anything since the "dangerous radiation" is needed for the phone to do it's communications functions.

  • The dood
    The dood 3 months ago +3

    Guess I'll make radiation giving devices to combat this.

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Year ago +768

    These things are like a scam religion.
    They need the gospel of MrWhoseTheBoss.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago

      @It's Zain How has it proven its existence?

    • It's Zain
      It's Zain Year ago

      @Catana George i only the major researched religions. Researching past religions which have died is waste of time. If they were true then they still would've existed now. I didn't research smaller religions like bhuddism etc because they lack basic ground without complete scriptures. That leaves hinduism christianity and islam. And the most logically sound one is islam. Looked more into its scriptures and looked more into its prophecies

    • Catana George
      Catana George Year ago

      @It's Zain Did you research all the thousands of gods and religions there are and have ever been? And if you did, how did you exclude them or confirm if not with the help of empirical evidence or the lack there of.

    • It's Zain
      It's Zain Year ago

      @Dishant Seth the entity has already proven its existence its just you deny it because it isn't a empirical evidence

    • It's Zain
      It's Zain Year ago

      @Catana George your logic. "I questioned christianity and my questions were left unanswered hence all the other religions are fake as well" it is like getting a conclusion of something from something else which is irrelevant. Do some research

  • ShirtlessAudiophile

    I personally think it’s a situation of expectation bias, kind of like placebo effect. You have a problem and you’re told there’s a solution no matter how silly it seems so you try the solution and because you want it to work bad enough it does or at least you think it does.

  • Solerius
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    This man made me rolling with laughter at the usage of coconut mall.

  • Rich Yung
    Rich Yung 6 months ago

    Thank you for your review, keeping it real

  • Mics678
    Mics678 Year ago

    Not gonna lie, I was expecting a Karen like person to go “no but I have bought every one of those products and they work fine”, cheers to everyone for not being like that🤝

  • XeroCool
    XeroCool 3 months ago

    I feel like everything we were taught growing up, like government regulations against scammers etc was all a bunch of bullshit and told to us to be able to try and ultimatrly swindle the most stupid of people

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins Year ago +340

    When reading customer feedback for placebo-based products, there's also selection bias at play. The people who'd want proof the product works aren't going to buy the product in the first place.
    It's kind of like scam emails containing deliberate spelling mistakes or incredible claims, the only people who respond sincerely are people who can be scammed.

    • doggo doggo
      doggo doggo Year ago +2

      I worked in dog sled racing. People think if you win a race its a measure of knowledge and skill. No one thinks that maybe the best ones aren't at the races to begin with. Any equine activity too. Theres a whole crowd of people who are excellent horseman who think those competitions are cruel and stupid.
      animal racing needs to be outlawed though. That is definitely a case of confirmation bias. underdog race horse movies and bs like that. big pretty hats and celebrities at the Kentucky derby. It all normalizes it. But it really is remarkably similar to animal fighting. Michal Vick would be good at training sled dogs he would pick it right up. No joke. you train fighting dogs by getting them to run. Lots of cardio, fighting is an endurance sport. The life of a dog fighter and the life of a dog musher are remarkably similar.

    • Sasha
      Sasha Year ago +4

      The real science is always in the comments

    • peacewalker99
      peacewalker99 Year ago +6

      Yeah and I am not going to spend 5200 dollars on a product that I know won’t work just to leave a bad review. But of course, to protect integrity, one can’t leave reviews without buying a product first.

    • Joshua Collins
      Joshua Collins Year ago +17

      @Joe Shmoe There's only one way to find out.
      As Facebook man said, the biggest risk is not taking any risks.

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe Year ago +17

      You mean that the saudi prince DOSEN'T haff muney for me....?

  • kubulll
    kubulll Year ago

    It doesn't get any better when you realise there are some with actual radioactive isotopes such as thorium and uranium inside of them, some of them go over 10x background radiation and that is with a geiger counter that can't detect alpha (both are alpha emmiters so the actual radiation would be even higher).

    CURRYBOH Year ago

    Dude, you're saving the world, one stupid product purchase at a time
    You're a legend.😄
    PS: I love your cat 😼

  • Lawrence R
    Lawrence R 3 months ago

    I seen products like this back in 2010 with those arm bands that give you balance or something. They sold out of malls like 10 dollars a band

  • Blind Spot
    Blind Spot Year ago

    The "let-me-see-if-I-can-push-your-arm-down"-"test" has been used for years to sell just about anything. Up to rocks that were picked up on the spot where they did the test for 5 dollars a piece.

  • d5kenn
    d5kenn 4 months ago

    You've gotta give them credit for that email response. That's some S-tier trolling I would not have expected from some relatively old folks waving cat toys around.

  • Chrisbmxbrandt
    Chrisbmxbrandt Year ago +570

    another problem is, that a lot of those “positiv charge” products are actually radioactive!

    • Badreddine Kasmi
      Badreddine Kasmi Year ago +1

      Yo this needs to be top comment. People need to know about how dangerous these can be.

    • Sorrelhas
      Sorrelhas Year ago

      They're waking up to ash and dust?

    • Runed0S
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      Thorium is extremely dangerous

    • Kornaros
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      @TXC Gaming thought emporium

  • Internet Lizard
    Internet Lizard Year ago

    not gonna lie, at least with the 'radiation harmonising' bear, you actually get a teddy bear for it! Not just a sticker or something ridiculous

  • Bill OLDberg Sucks

    It's a psychological thing too when they actually do the arm test with real strangers. They push your arm once then the second time you're going to use more force to resist then for some reason they never properly explain that is a sign the product works.

  • heli7
    heli7 3 months ago

    the "anti-radiation stickers" for phones were already a thing like 20 years ago

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago

    It's like the "healing crystals" all over the airbag part of a steering wheel that someone unironically did and ended up having a meme made of them a few years ago.

  • Nicole Denney
    Nicole Denney 6 months ago

    I was very confused by the thumbnail image as I have a wireless charger with that exact same ‘magic circle’ and though I might have bought a bogus wireless charger 😂 great video, though!

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    Almost everyone: He has a satisfying point
    He gets straight to the point
    He doesn't clickbait
    Informative and fun videos
    69 deserving
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    Really going through a tuff time bad anxiety 😕 dont like being on load of meds. So a trick i learned is *Stimulus overload* have the tv going music low and your channel just playing all your videos on my phone or tablet. And you try and pay attention to all 3 points of input this gets your brain off whatever was upsetting you.. your videos are so well done content is great 👍 👌 your accent even provides a level of comfort odd i know but 👍 true

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