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✨GRIAN being ICONIC✨for 9 minutes

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ✨Grian being iconic✨
    This video took me longer than usual because I've decided to upload twice a month instead of thrice!
    Hope you guys can still spare some patience for me. This video is also heavily inspired by Pink Tulip! @PinkTulip :))
    Creators featured :
    Grian : @Grian
    Mumbo : @MumboJumbo
    Zedaph : @ZedaphPlays
    Scar : @GoodTimesWithScar
    Impulse : @ImpulseSV
    Pearl : @Pearlescentmoon
    Tommy : @tommyinnit
    Doc : @Docm77
    Ren : @rendog
    Jack : @JackManifoldTV
    Timestamps :
    0:00 - Intro
    0:07 - Hermitcraft 6: Episode 59 - HERMIT NEWS
    0:16 - Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co.
    0:23 - Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK
    0:49 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - IT'S A START!
    1:43 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 5 - THE BASE INTERIOR
    2:07 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE!
    2:28 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING
    2:53 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE!
    3:27 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - LOSING EVERYTHING (again)
    4:54 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE
    5:36 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES
    7:50 - Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 28: The Cactipult!
    7:59 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 22 - ALLEY FRONT DONE!
    8:46 - Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - THE BOATEM GIGABASE
    8:52 - I Tried Making Grian Swear...
    9:31 - Outro
    I've spent way too long on the timestamps....
    Copyright disclaimer :
    "Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
    Tags :
    #Minecraft #Hermitcraft #Grian
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Comments • 349

  • SapphireDragon
    SapphireDragon Year ago +2052

    Okay but y’all have to admit Grian vandalizing and then buying Mumbo’s entire store was the power play of the century

    • alpha_wolf
      alpha_wolf 2 months ago +4

      either that or making a secret base out of diamonds... or selling rotten flesh for 2 stacks of diamonds

    • Katelyn Mansfield
      Katelyn Mansfield 2 months ago +2

      He could have "hidden" it by removing it.

    • k189
      k189 4 months ago +1


    • 👑ThatOneWitch🎗
      👑ThatOneWitch🎗 6 months ago +7

      @Kintie Kimmel too late my guy

    • Kintie Kimmel
      Kintie Kimmel 7 months ago +6

      666 im not ruining that

  • NoobsailerRBH
    NoobsailerRBH Year ago +1242

    "There's only one chicken man and he's retired!"
    Has Grian ever sounded any more terrifying?

    • Derp Rockajosh
      Derp Rockajosh 9 days ago

      Any time hes in mcc. I wouldn't want to cross him

    • ●void●
      ●void● 4 months ago +5

      sam's yhs when grians intargating yuki
      (i probably spelt that wrong)

    • KatzukiThePleb
      KatzukiThePleb 7 months ago +28

      His "Excuse me?" In the tommyinnit collab

    • Banana Boi 96
      Banana Boi 96 9 months ago +57

      His “what” after Jackmanifold said bitch in the Tommy collab

    • Kaylie Adams
      Kaylie Adams 9 months ago +19

      @Songbirds13 good point

  • Chocolate Doughnut
    Chocolate Doughnut Year ago +2029

    “Don’t even place that” his interior design instincts took a lot of offense to that netherrack lol

    • Dragon Fire
      Dragon Fire 8 months ago +15

      *visible emotional damage*

    • Goldentuf KittyKat
      Goldentuf KittyKat 10 months ago +43

      I laughed for a good bit. the authority in his voice when he said it. man just stopped and took orders.

    • Mitch C
      Mitch C 10 months ago +43

      Netherrack in general is an ugly block except in certain exceptions

    • Jimmy g
      Jimmy g 11 months ago +61

      mine did to and im a exterior guy

  • Snuwyyuki
    Snuwyyuki Year ago +2415

    Grian: "Tell me whats Mumbo gonna be if Mumbos not gonna be the ceo"
    Pearl whispering: "chicken man"
    Poultry Man: *blows up Pearl*

    • S0N1CTR0J4N
      S0N1CTR0J4N 4 months ago

      @Melodys_Origin360 I learned who just stop replying its almost been a year

    • Melodys_Origin360
      Melodys_Origin360 4 months ago +1

      @S0N1CTR0J4NI’m legit sad that someone just said this 😢(also I know it’s been 11 months but I don’t care it was still said)

    • Legally Doodled
      Legally Doodled 4 months ago +1


    • S0N1CTR0J4N
      S0N1CTR0J4N Year ago +1

      @Rye Bread this was 3 months ago

    • Rye Bread
      Rye Bread Year ago +1

      @S0N1CTR0J4N go watch season six now

  • Silly Banana
    Silly Banana Year ago +1967

    1:49 “last time we did science I died”
    proof that we need a scar being iconic compilation

    • Elliott Jongbloedt
      Elliott Jongbloedt 9 months ago +9

      That would just be a compilation of scar dying

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG 10 months ago +31

      “SCAR NO!”

    • Jimmy g
      Jimmy g 11 months ago +28

      i love that scars last words were i dont trust you

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time Year ago +1521

    I like how grain was the one that kept pitching it, and later he was like: WHY DID WE MAKE U CEO!!!

  • Ky AJ M
    Ky AJ M Year ago +2461

    We really ignoring that Scar said Mumbo should be eye candy?

  • BLU13
    BLU13 Year ago +445

    Grian whenever hermitcraft starts to get boring: **slams fist on table** “War”

    • TheSwyfty
      TheSwyfty Month ago +3

      Hermitcraft got boring once Grian stopped going to war

    • Baconimator
      Baconimator 2 months ago +8


  • Perry the Plate
    Perry the Plate Year ago +1285

    “Don’t even place that.”
    Notice how salty he is without Mumbo?

    • Perhaps.
      Perhaps. 8 months ago +3

      @Vee. pretty sure Grian and Mumbo came up with it while creating grumbot

    • Phantom _Cait13
      Phantom _Cait13 8 months ago +4

      He is bring deprived of his Mumbo time

    • Myku11
      Myku11 10 months ago +5

      Jack deserves to see grian's wrath after what jack said to him

    • killian1208
      killian1208 Year ago +10

      The salt becomes all griany | uh... grainy.

    • Vee.
      Vee. Year ago +29

      @Melissa HPhone it has a ship name.. what has this world come to

  • RockYourWorld12
    RockYourWorld12 Year ago +658

    Jack Manifold: "TREES ARE YOUR B*TCH!"
    Grian: "...excuse me?"

    • Craytherlaygaming
      Craytherlaygaming 2 months ago +2

      Honestly the sudden pause and slow turn is the most menacing thing I've seen from Grian.

    • RockYourWorld12
      RockYourWorld12 9 months ago +7

      @random person ah yes, grain** my mistake lmao

    • random person
      random person 9 months ago +2

      Grian? Who's this Grian character?

    • Jane Martinez
      Jane Martinez 9 months ago +13

      But then Cleo just stars talking like a sailor and he just laughed

    • Lucky!!!
      Lucky!!! Year ago +13


    NGGYUNGLYD Year ago +329

    Mumbo: makes stock cheaper when the shop is vandalized
    Grian: so anyways, I started vandalizing

  • 11epicnoob
    11epicnoob Year ago +262

    Mumbo being eye candy is technically canon as Scar wasn't killed

  • Lyndee Thomas
    Lyndee Thomas Year ago +698

    Did anyone else notice that when Grian asked what Mumbo would be Scar said "Eye-candy" XD

    • Andrew Bloom
      Andrew Bloom 4 months ago

      @Mhux Mixtieqa no definitely scar. His voice is a lot lower and fuller in tone than Impulses. Which isn't an insult to him, it's just that scars voice is the best of all the hermits. I bet he would be a great singer.

    • Perhaps.
      Perhaps. 8 months ago

      @Mhux Mixtieqa it was scar not impulse

    • Rachelle
      Rachelle 11 months ago +4

      @Mhux Mixtieqa I'm very certain it was scar

    • Ríain Galligan
      Ríain Galligan 11 months ago

      @Mhux Mixtieqa sounded like scar?

    • Mhux Mixtieqa
      Mhux Mixtieqa Year ago +7

      It was impulse but I do see where you got scar from, when you dont know who's speaking its a bit hard to tell the difference lol.

  • Hussain Nagori
    Hussain Nagori Year ago +337

    I love how grian just buys the whole cheapslate shop mumbo must had been really confused

    • Hussain Nagori
      Hussain Nagori Year ago +2

      @Tester Wulf :3 like a true buisness man.

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 Year ago +5

      And then got the diamonds back via selling mumbo his own coal back..so he effectively bought the shop for free!

  • darin_
    darin_ Year ago +87

    Mumbo: "Are you sure you did not do this?"
    Grian: *Pulls out an empty bucket* "Yes"

  • I will sub to you if you sub to me :)

    Nobody On Hermitcraft:
    Grian: let's sign up Mumbo for something random he has no idea about!

  • Christiaan Coetzee
    Christiaan Coetzee Year ago +126

    Grian: makes sorting system
    Also Grian: brakes sorting system with potato
    Grian again: Makes pile of mess
    And finally grian: I should make a sorting system

  • Isré!
    Isré! Year ago +722

    -Grian 2021 or Grian 2018?

  • PrimVlad Plays
    PrimVlad Plays Year ago +76

    4:36 "And somehow his copper lagged into my furnace. I mean what can I say?"
    Mumbo asking him Grian about his missing copper. Grian: "It happens."

  • ꜱᴀʀᴀʙᴇᴀʀɪᴇ

    "What will mumbo be if not CEO?"
    *"eye candy"*

  • REX
    REX Year ago +700

    I loved every second of this

  • Bagel_Cake
    Bagel_Cake Year ago +55

    I’m sorry but Scar saying Mumbo could be eye candy for Boatem
    ✨ Iconic ✨

  • Nillstan
    Nillstan Year ago +38

    Grian: "We haven't had a war since the last war, so let's start a war!"

  • 10D vvk S.D.R.Tharun
    10D vvk S.D.R.Tharun Year ago +144

    "its marketing its not meant to make sense"😂😂😂😂🤣i loled so hard for this

  • Toxic
    Toxic Year ago +50

    everytime i see scar die in my head i imagine him shrinking and retreating into his hat until he heals like a little gnome
    or a gem from SU

  • OmegaQ
    OmegaQ Year ago +38

    The fact that the bulk of these are season 8 and he’s not even on episode 30 yet is great also I refuse to believe these 9 minutes does any justice for the chaos that Grian brings to Hermitcraft

    • Ben Stone
      Ben Stone 4 months ago

      It'd be hard to do that justice

  • Marko.a.r
    Marko.a.r Year ago +12

    Grian: this is for science
    Scar: last time we did science I died
    This is so iconic

    • Davodio
      Davodio 3 months ago


  • Prime Time
    Prime Time Year ago +149

    Grian:I don't have a bucket. He said yah know like a liar

  • sharky
    sharky 6 months ago +9

    Please, Scar saying “eye candy” is just hilarious even now

  • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
    I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago +39

    "I'm getting really mixed signals here Thomas"
    "Thank you!"

  • J R
    J R 6 months ago +5

    mumbo saying "it happens" when grian mentioned the copper 'lagging' into his inventory is so funny to me every time

  • The Mining Crafter
    The Mining Crafter 10 months ago +14

    Grian: *Vandalizes Cheapslate*
    Mumbo: *Makes the price 1 diamond 1 chest*

  • 87Goats
    87Goats Year ago +20

    You know how some people are very punchable , Grian is very huggable

    • Rhea Foreman
      Rhea Foreman 8 months ago

      Grian: "Hm..."
      "That was my hug noise."

  • Marcus Daloia
    Marcus Daloia Year ago +23

    I was not aware that they only made Mumbo the CEO because they couldn't find a use for him. Kind'a true to life.

  • Keith Kent
    Keith Kent 4 months ago +4

    "I'll give you three strikes, so that's one."
    "Alright... hmmm..."
    I love how Jack's first thought is "How can I use these strikes efficiently?" lmao

  • Aura
    Aura 9 months ago +5

    Grian to Scar: I promise nothing bad will ever happen to you while you’re in my company
    * side eyes the entire life series *

  • Jaxxon Bunny
    Jaxxon Bunny Year ago +11

    Grain has a Monopoly on somehow managing to have the universes most successful businesses.

  • DanDumz
    DanDumz Year ago +50

    Grain slowly turns everyone mad :))))))

  • Banana’s a berry
    Banana’s a berry Year ago +18

    1:12 grian just said “why are they’re two of me?” When they are wearing cod heads.. in season 6 Cleo says his head looks like a cod head, and he was so offended XD

  • potatopig_27
    potatopig_27 Year ago +23

    This video is so well made!!!

  • Ãłïčïã Grãñgër

    I absolutely loved every single second of this

  • Ather Flame
    Ather Flame Year ago +16

    0:22 you know that was a flex back then, but after seeing Wadzee build an entire netherite beacon (this took months for him by the way considering how rare the block is and he went for a true full netheright beacon, meaning inside and outside all of the rarest armor blocks in the game) this fox is just, it seems easier

  • addictionsforu
    addictionsforu 10 months ago +5

    Grian is a force of chaos on hermit craft, but dwarfs in chaoticness when it comes to tommyinnit

  • Ruru
    Ruru 11 months ago +3

    all hermitcraft seasons are great but season 8 with everyone in boatem living so close was just iconic

  • Ivan couldnt be found
    Ivan couldnt be found 10 months ago +4

    The last bits were a jumpscare to me, i wasn’t expecting Tommy or Jack😭😭

  • lorek33per and friends

    “You know I was born with this” Nuggets of Grian origin story lore hidden in here lmao

  • Just go with it
    Just go with it 7 months ago +1

    2:40 Are we gonna ignore that Scar totally said eye candy💀

  • Elise ig
    Elise ig 8 months ago +1

    okay but the bit in the rest of tommy's video with the foot chopping bit is also amazing

  • °•S0n3t@•°
    °•S0n3t@•° 7 months ago +3

    "Mumbo, your copper has lacked into my inventory"
    "Accidents happen"

  • Millyboop
    Millyboop Year ago +2

    8:14 best part in all of season 9 imo

  • Flower’s cave6
    Flower’s cave6 Year ago +13

    F in the comments for Grian’s chests and building back 😔👌

  • Sophie Taylor
    Sophie Taylor 11 months ago +2

    Grian is just a mood

  • Space
    Space Year ago +5

    "Mumbo's been planting wheat..., and _poTATS"_

  • BittyItchArson
    BittyItchArson 2 months ago +1

    The editing and comments in the video make it all the funnier

  • Letter Boy
    Letter Boy Year ago +31

    Grian when there is a Minecraft glitch: Definitely Lag!

  • Ava minecraft
    Ava minecraft 7 months ago

    This never NEVER can get old XD

  • Animeweeb66
    Animeweeb66 Year ago +5

    Lol I loved when grain told jack to not place the block xD

  • Skar
    Skar Year ago +11

    Boatem looks weird without the sacrifice hole

  • DarkPandaLord
    DarkPandaLord Year ago +6

    Grian is precious boy. We must protect him at all costs.

  • BlueSodaPop
    BlueSodaPop Year ago +5

    Even tho Grian is regularly uploading, I'm still starved for content xD

  • Khual
    Khual Year ago +15

    I love every episode of these. And thank you for making. I like the "InShOt" plz don't pay the premium🤣

  • Lego
    Lego 9 months ago +2

    5:56 the moment Grian realises, he's won

  • Grace
    Grace Year ago +2

    only saw the thumbnail and i love it already

  • friendlyplayer7
    friendlyplayer7 Month ago

    I really appreciate how you said which video each clip came from! Thank you! :D Great video!

  • A walking W
    A walking W Year ago +100

    Oh my, it lag and I accidentally click the like button.

  • Oblivious Dreamor
    Oblivious Dreamor Year ago +1

    If I met Thomas I would be the exact same way towards him

  • Robin-Urmas Orula
    Robin-Urmas Orula Year ago +3

    Love it so much!!

  • Jack Hildebrand
    Jack Hildebrand Year ago +3

    The nostalgia is *so* real

  • Anh Nguyễn Việt
    Anh Nguyễn Việt Year ago +13

    Building the back of your base or draw 25
    Grian: draw 26

  • Michi Chan
    Michi Chan  Year ago +79

    Intro song : you reposted in the wrong neighborhood
    The video is only for entertainment purpose, if some might say Grian isn't that good then ok :))👍

    • Justachickenpassingby
      Justachickenpassingby Year ago

      I just finished my exam! Hope the best for you

    • zek eggy
      zek eggy Year ago +1

      Clo Nite the only good thing is friends there lol

    • zek eggy
      zek eggy Year ago

      is ok lol i go to school too

  • AM Esleigue
    AM Esleigue 11 months ago +1

    I love how grian baits mumbi to sell hes deepslate for 1 diamond for chest LOL

  • BadArtGirl
    BadArtGirl 8 months ago

    I love how passive aggressive and OCD Grian is

  • ㅠKiarchuHQㅠ
    ㅠKiarchuHQㅠ Year ago +2

    *jackmanifold holding a netherack block*
    Grian: don't even place that!

  • TheSwyfty
    TheSwyfty Month ago

    Grian: ''tell me what mumbo's gonna be if he's not gonna be CEO''
    Pearl: ''chicken man
    Grian: *then* *something* *just* *snapped* , *something* *inside* *of* *me*

  • BlossomPanda
    BlossomPanda 8 months ago +1

    The intro- My mind automatically went to "The S to the L to the A to the V."

  • Mugpizza
    Mugpizza 2 months ago

    "Tell me whats Mumbo gonna be if Mumbos not gonna be the CEO"
    "Eye candy"

  • Camille Adkins
    Camille Adkins 4 months ago

    "I'll give you three strikes that's strike one, don't even place that" kills me

  • Tv Cat
    Tv Cat Year ago +2


  • Alex
    Alex 9 months ago

    the moment in tommy's video when someone swore infront of grian and he became menacing

  • •This_Is_An_Account•

    I still don't understand how he did that-
    with the chests-

  • SkSkNutella
    SkSkNutella Year ago +3

    “Shh it’s marketing, it’s not meant to make sense.”
    American commercials in a nutshell

  • Isabella Jimenez
    Isabella Jimenez 6 months ago +1

    Grian always starting revolts

  • DeadPixel
    DeadPixel Year ago +3

    how dare you boil it down to just 9 minutes

  • Elice
    Elice 10 months ago +1

    Love the romance episode of hc

  • Craytherlaygaming
    Craytherlaygaming 2 months ago +1

    Gotta love how that lag comment from season 8 made it all the way into the season 9 crossover

  • Lachy Dragneel
    Lachy Dragneel 7 months ago +1

    Grain should start a hermitcraft mafia

  • qtopia20
    qtopia20 8 months ago

    7:30 that moment when that's mumbo's most profitable shop...

  • Super Sain
    Super Sain Year ago +7

    "wait you're not supposed to abuse the system!"

  • Hannah Travers
    Hannah Travers 11 months ago +1

    Grian: CONTENT!

  • Shojol Ahmed
    Shojol Ahmed Month ago

    1:52 "I promise nothing bad will ever happen to you" says the guy with an axe in his hand

  • slug cat
    slug cat Year ago +1

    hermitcraft mcyt and dsmp mcyt are two very different types of chaotic

  • Respect Undead
    Respect Undead Year ago +5

    Grian: tell me what mumbos gonna be if hes not ceo
    Scar: eye candy
    Me: do you meen icandy? Cuz impulse has already got that covered.

  • excuse me??
    excuse me?? Year ago +3

    “There’s only one chicken man and he’s retired”

  • Maddy Kinder
    Maddy Kinder 2 months ago

    Grian casually holding flint and steal

  • Exploslytical
    Exploslytical Year ago +4

    my storage system in terraria if magic storage didn't exist: grian

  • NiTeHaWKnz
    NiTeHaWKnz Year ago +1

    Grian: It's marketing, it's not ment to make sense.
    Me: 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mushroom_game
    Mushroom_game Year ago +2

    Ah yes the iconic cod man

  • Addy 0302
    Addy 0302 Year ago +3

    Maybe he's born with it
    Maybe it's a red jumper

  • David Brodecki
    David Brodecki 3 months ago

    Stop starting wars in Hermitcraft or draw 25
    Grian: draws 50

  • Yazto~San
    Yazto~San 5 months ago +2

    3:06 what a romantic hangout