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How Good Was 5 Foot 3 Muggsy Bogues

  • Published on Jan 22, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 3 years ago +4687

    if you've ever played with 6'6"+ guys at the park and youre of average height, how hard was it? now imagine the entire league like that but theyre all world class athletes who can bench press you as a warm up. thats how tough he had it. what he did was monumenatal for an athlete, especially a sport where height in the first requirement.

    • Philip Fletcher
      Philip Fletcher 21 day ago

      @Monterrey Jack right …

    • JRoss911
      JRoss911 23 days ago

      ​@Jdhshuajfj ueudhbd Bruh I was able to bench 120lb when I weighed 180lb and barely worked out. Pretty sure a majority of them can bench a 5'3" dude like it's nothing

    • Alex
      Alex 24 days ago

      @Jdhshuajfj ueudhbd there was a big deal made (by some) about Kevin Durant not being able to benchpress 185 pounds as he came into the league, and I believe Muggsy Bogues weighed around 150

    • Green Wave
      Green Wave 29 days ago

      Imagine being quick

    • Sanjay Sharma
      Sanjay Sharma 29 days ago

      5 Foot 3

  • CarterTristan
    CarterTristan 2 years ago +734

    Playing 14 NBA seasons, against talented giants, at 5’3 tells you how talented he was... legend

    • Jeff Mattel
      Jeff Mattel 24 days ago

      @Reginald Forthright lol! I think I peed a little.

    • Sanjay Sharma
      Sanjay Sharma 29 days ago


    • Reginald Forthright
      Reginald Forthright 2 months ago +9

      Just imagine how good he would have been if he was 12 feet tall and 1500 pounds.

  • Paul Dalzell
    Paul Dalzell 2 years ago +797

    I was honored to be able to see Mugsy in action many times in Charlotte. One night they were playing the Lakers, Magic stole the ball from Mugsy and went full court for a basket. Mugs beat him down the court, stole it back, and ran back up for the basket! I'll remember that play for the rest of my life.

    • sinisa5567
      sinisa5567 2 months ago

      @Rohan Kurian That should have been his nickname. Problem is not alot of people knows about honey badger

    • Rohan Kurian
      Rohan Kurian 11 months ago +6

      In his last life...mugsy was the Honey badger 😅👊✌~ "I Got To Go For It!!!" 😇

    • Melford Nunley
      Melford Nunley Year ago +6

      That must have been an incredible experience. Thanks for sharing.

    • chad fr
      chad fr Year ago +3

      Damn I wish I could have seen that... 😢

  • barefootdesigns
    barefootdesigns Year ago +329

    He used his height as a weapon, sneaking in front of tall players, so they fouled him as they fell over him because they couldn't SEE him. When his team needed a score with the clock running out, he could almost always pull foul shots because he was just so smart, fast and determined--and a very good foul shooter. I have to admit, I'm an NBA nut, and Mugsy was my favorite player. Somebody should give him an Honorary PHD in basketball.
    He was very creative as a player because he used his shortness as a plus rather than a minus. That's pure genius!

    • Fruitius Maximus
      Fruitius Maximus 3 months ago +1

      You see some of that recently with Isaiah Thomas (the new one, not the Pistons guy). His greatest skill is that he gets into the paint with his dribble, gets a defender behind him, and then instead of lunging to the basket he goes straight up with it for a leaner, and gets the defender fouling him over his back almost every time. He can only pull that move because he is shorter than everyone, you are only going to be able to get under a trailing defender if you are shorter than him, and it is going to be a foul almost every time.
      He worked that move so effectively, that for a couple of seasons he was an MVP contender. Drawing fouls has always been the greatest weapon of short players.

    • RemoteAdminJayJay2
      RemoteAdminJayJay2 8 months ago +4

      @clawzx he was truly elite

    • clawzx
      clawzx 8 months ago +5

      @RemoteAdminJayJay2 my man did an a1 analysis of his playstyle cant do anything but respect it

    • RemoteAdminJayJay2
      RemoteAdminJayJay2 8 months ago +5

      I couldn't have put it better

  • •allstopblue •
    •allstopblue • Year ago +303

    There will never be another player like this in the NBA. NEVER. These days you can’t even make a middle school team at 5’3”. Such a unique and special talent who was able to succeed in the most dominant and physical era of the NBA to date.

    • Fruitius Maximus
      Fruitius Maximus 27 days ago

      @fearthereaper25 probably more of a small town vs big city thing. I'm guessing if you're from New Mexico, it was probably a small town, because there are no big cities in NM, just a medium city (Albuquerque) and a nice college town (Santa Fe). I came from the suburbs in a city of about 4 million, and the schools were really big, the junior highs had about 2500 students, and the high schools about 3500. My suburb just had a bunch of gigantic, muscle-bound, corn-fed Mormon boys. My childhood buddy who was our biggest guy, hit 6-foot in the 5th grade. He was already 6'8" and 260 lbs when we made the team in 9th grade. We all thought he would keep growing and easily be an NBA center, but he ended up mostly topping-out at that size, didn't get much bigger.

    • fearthereaper25
      fearthereaper25 28 days ago

      @Fruitius Maximus in my middle school I was a small forward at 5'3. I guase new mexico is just short compared to other places

    • Fruitius Maximus
      Fruitius Maximus 3 months ago +3

      @Dukie d dog is stupid and a idiot I bet you were very fast, and probably a very good shooter. At that height, I'm pretty sure there's no way you're making a team unless you can overcome your height liability on defense by putting a ton of pressure on the ball and getting a lot of steals. There is a place for short players, but it's usually a very specialized niche.

    • Fruitius Maximus
      Fruitius Maximus 3 months ago +5

      @eesymonysniper at my middle school, our wing players were 6 foot, our bigs were 6'3" - 6'6", and our shortest player was 5'7. That was 30 years ago. There are a lot of tall kids.

    • F4C1L3
      F4C1L3 3 months ago +4

      Fr when I was in middle school we had like 3 six footers

  • The Bronx Boglehead
    The Bronx Boglehead Year ago +200

    The fact that they had this man guarding the greatest player of all time says all you need to know about him.

    • wut dat logic do?
      wut dat logic do? 25 days ago +3

      ​@星野かすみ | Kasumi lmao let that smooth brain have it!

    • 星野かすみ | Kasumi
      星野かすみ | Kasumi 2 months ago +21

      @Jake Koenig OMG 😱😱😱😱😱 I never knew that! Who would thought that a 5'3 short guy could ever beat a 6'6 or 6'9 NBA SUPERSTAR one on one?! Obviously SHAQ is the Goat since no one can beat him one on one! SHAQ IS GOAT. MJ AND LEBRON ARE FRAUDS BCUZ THEy CAN'T BEAT SHAQ ONE ON ONE

    • Jake Koenig
      Jake Koenig 2 months ago +1

      🤣 Whoever you think the GOAT is, they would absolutely destroy Mugsy one-on-one. Most players could just shoot right over him at will. Yeah he was a good player for his height, but let's not pretend he was some kind of lockdown defender. 😂

  • troyguererro 08
    troyguererro 08 3 years ago +4429

    His dribble is too low, making it tough for 6ft+ guards to steal. Also, his speed, agility, passing is way above the average. Small guy with incredible speed, you'd better watch out. Offense or defense, he's a threat.

    • sophocles
      sophocles Month ago

      @troyguererro 08 He lives in the land of Oz.

    • Franklin 3
      Franklin 3 Month ago

      Perfect dribble.

    • Anonymike
      Anonymike Month ago

      @Xaflex Are we living on the same planet?

    • BagdadBill
      BagdadBill 2 months ago

      Great point.

    • emello81
      emello81 4 months ago

      @Miles Alexandre Probably Mexicans and South Americans. Those mofos are like 4'11-5'3

  • maleman julpax
    maleman julpax 2 years ago +304

    I'm just surprised why isnt he in any Ted talks or something. How he broke the odds and made it to NBA is like winning lottery. He is a great inspiration. Plus, he's a underrated perimeter defense. People are scared dribbling against this guy. He should be a defensive consultant for small guys.

    • Nathan Ly
      Nathan Ly 4 months ago +1

      He goes to school all the time, he came to my high school a few weeks ago.

    • Joe Bungus
      Joe Bungus 9 months ago

      Lottery is purely Lucy based, he was a beast.

    • Andres Diaz
      Andres Diaz Year ago +7

      He was inducted to the HoF not only made it to the NBA. He killed it and played in a time where no slack was given and they bullied him for his height.

    • sayha
      sayha Year ago

      sadly it was for marketing 😢

    • Kenar Narayaka
      Kenar Narayaka Year ago +2

      @Gio Vanni tinder girls not matching with anyone under 6'0, sometimes it affects men's confidence - especially if they're short. It's overexaggerated really, but a lot of women don't date short guys

  • W N
    W N 2 years ago +1659

    His height: 5'3
    His heart,will, and determination: 6'8

    • DanDan 0815
      DanDan 0815 28 days ago +1

      @Charles G i mean they do, literally speaking xD

    • Lan Mandragoran
      Lan Mandragoran 28 days ago

      @Charles G I'm pretty sure that, anatomically speaking, they have to.

    • J Ty
      J Ty 2 months ago

      @Christian Individual And a lot more back pain.

  • Kyle Ross
    Kyle Ross 2 years ago +2071

    Muggsy steals ball from MJ.
    MJ: "That's when I took it personally."

    • Travis G
      Travis G Year ago

      @Alberto Williams wow so catchy, I wonder how many democrats you could say that about

    • Travis G
      Travis G Year ago +1

      @Charles Coley I think you should realize what your describing is typical behavior for seniors, and you probably can't even comprehend how taxing the presidency is. seems you've been taught "orange man bad" and you're laughing at regular shit lol.
      Biden, on the other hand, told Charlamagne Tha God he's not black if he doesn't vote for him. can you see the difference 🤷‍♂️

  • Ben Ernest
    Ben Ernest 2 years ago +454

    When I was about 10 years old I went to Mugsy Bogues Basketball Camp in NC. All the kids were sitting on the gym floor asking Mugsy questions. One kid asked, "Mugsy, can you dunk?" Mugsy said, "Yeh, I can dunk. Give me a ball." He started dribbling toward a goal, then turned and ran toward a 7-foot goal and slammed it. I'll never forget that.

    • terrell rhodes
      terrell rhodes 2 months ago +1

      Ive seen him dunk on a regulation rim at their training facility absolutely bonkers

    • Bankrobbermcgee
      Bankrobbermcgee Year ago

      I’m about 5’6 almost 15 and I’m one foot off a dunking vertical

    • Side Bite
      Side Bite Year ago

      @Fuhh Kuuu
      I think he's trolling actually. You fell for it😆😂

    • Side Bite
      Side Bite Year ago +1

      @J T
      Stop using the word "Can't" for starters.

  • Eugenio Bonello
    Eugenio Bonello 2 years ago +1878

    If he was taller, it wouldn’t be fair for anybody else.

    • Nemo Marcus
      Nemo Marcus Month ago

      If he was taller, he would be a regular talented ball player. At 5'3" he is an amazing legend.

    • J Ty
      J Ty 2 months ago

      Lots of people think there's no drawbacks to being tall but there is. You weigh a lot more and you can't change directions fast. I'm pretty sure the only reason why being tall is good for basketball is because you can just run up to the net, reach up, and put the ball in.

    • Dylan Hughes
      Dylan Hughes 2 months ago

      bouta be that guy, but if he was 6'3 he prolly wouldn't have had to try as hard to get into the NBA basically he wouldn't be a legend, but again he was 5'3 and is a legend so don't fight

    • Jake Koenig
      Jake Koenig 2 months ago

      If he was taller, literally nobody would remember him. He'd just be another run of the mill player with stats and accomplishments that wouldn't crack the Top 500 all-time players. Which is what he is now. His height is literally the only noteworthy thing about his career.

    • M B
      M B 5 months ago +1

      Maybe he wouldn’t have played as well.

  • Vicente Garcia
    Vicente Garcia 3 years ago +2519

    Imagine one day you and your friends go to hoop and this 5’3 dude comes up to play and absolutely destroys all of you. Such an amazing player

    • Mask Collector
      Mask Collector 11 months ago

      Pretty sure the story about Prince whoopin Charlie Murphy in a hilarious getup in a pickup game of basketball takes the cake, it's exactly what you said - except it's true. Also, there was a guy like that on NBA Street Vol. 2, best basketball game ever if you ask me, especially the soundtrack.

    • Jags Bussin
      Jags Bussin Year ago


    • Hashim alsmael
      Hashim alsmael Year ago

      @Fernando C.lol just imagin if it was true

    • nahor88
      nahor88 3 years ago +8

      Not hard to imagine... back in college, there was one black dude about Mugsy's height that used to play pick-up in the rec center and could dunk. There was one fit asian girl about 5'0" that was fast as fuck with the ball. I had to guard her one time and she drove past every single time.

    • ASD FGH
      ASD FGH 3 years ago +1

      You can't hate this dude. Everyone loves him even his opponents

  • Christian Eckles
    Christian Eckles 2 years ago +121

    Always loved Muggsy’s game! He signed a ball for my buddy and wrote “Always Believe” alongside his signature- incredibly inspirational player

  • PB&Jams
    PB&Jams 11 months ago +55

    being 4’9 myself, muggsy has been and will always be my inspiration. take every struggle the world hands you and use them as tools to handle the world.

    • PB&Jams
      PB&Jams 2 months ago +2

      @0:01 lol ye actually; that’s something I turned down when I was 15. my family has a worrying history and I didn’t wanna risk anything going wrong for one insecurity.
      plus, whole family’s short. Great grandma was 4’2. P sure I was genetically doomed to begin with.

    • 0:01
      0:01 2 months ago

      4’9 is hella short, man. You might have a growth hormone deficiency. If you’re under 16, it’s not too late to increase your height by taking HgH injections.

    • Gary Bowens
      Gary Bowens 3 months ago +2

      I am short to so I feel the same way!.Only 5'6

    • Mugiwara
      Mugiwara 3 months ago +16

      @Hm he’s trying to throw his insecurities at others lol what a bum.

  • Elmo Blatch
    Elmo Blatch 2 years ago +4294

    Kevin Hart should play this guy's life story in a movie.

    • Pomegranate Rhapsody
      Pomegranate Rhapsody 10 days ago

      Please no...i love Kev´s comedy but he is that, a comic, he has the same range as The Rock. Mugsy deserves more.

    • Julian Braun
      Julian Braun 14 days ago

      Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Kevin Hart

    • Gold Koopa Bros.
      Gold Koopa Bros. 19 days ago

      5' 5"

    • Gold Koopa Bros.
      Gold Koopa Bros. 19 days ago

      He's either 5' 2" or 5' 4". Within an inch of Muggsy.

    • Gold Koopa Bros.
      Gold Koopa Bros. 19 days ago

      He's a whole foot shorter than Muggsy.

  • Bill B.
    Bill B. Year ago +44

    I'm 5'6", I can relate. I quit playing bball around high school once everyone else grew to six feet and plus. I can still handle my own at the park around average height guys. I'm no boggues, but I believe if I would've been more determined and had the right motivation, I could have gone a bit further. I love this story. I thought he was 5'9" actually. Thanks for clearing it up.

    • Timiempire
      Timiempire 3 months ago +1

      @Mask Collector spud was 5'6 without shoes

    • Mask Collector
      Mask Collector 11 months ago +1

      @Bill B. Spud was only 5'7, maybe 5'9 in shoes.

    • browndemon386
      browndemon386 Year ago +1

      Some special forces guys are shorter than you! lol

    • Bill B.
      Bill B. Year ago +1

      @Tom Major ha, prince was the shiznit...I think it was spud web who was 5'9"

    • Tom Major
      Tom Major Year ago +3

      Bill B, your story sounds a little like Prince the musician. Evidently he was quite the baller himself!!!
      I agree, with the right coaching you could've played as far as you wanted!!!!!

  • Blanc
    Blanc 2 years ago +53

    One of the main reasons he wasn’t as appreciated for his time was because he was in an insane era of basketball

  • s0nar
    s0nar 2 years ago +3014

    Honestly, I think his lack of height makes him arguably one of the most talented basketball players we’ve ever seen. Not best, just talented.

    • s0nar
      s0nar 2 months ago

      @Jake Koenig exactly why I emphasized "talented"
      if you think you can go to the NBA being 5'5 without talent you are heavily mistaken. There are guys with 5-7 inches on him working just as hard for that opportunity.

    • Jake Koenig
      Jake Koenig 2 months ago

      His career stats and achievements say otherwise. I watched some of his games live and on TV at the time, and there was absolutely nothing about his game that was noteworthy other than his height.

    • Captain FALKEN
      Captain FALKEN 4 months ago

      Tall people run slow af bro

    • legoat james
      legoat james 4 months ago

      @Pleasir no he’s not

    • Getsuga Allen
      Getsuga Allen 7 months ago

      @MonstrousWalker watch two channels called truthunedited and shattered paradise and the spiritual servant

  • J T
    J T Year ago +32

    I'm 5'3 and like Mugsy's mother said, you have to do things differently. That's what I did. Stripping the ball, I would block their eyes when they shot instead of blocking the basketball. Also was very agile like Mugsy. You don't have to be tall to play, you have to be smart.

    • Mark
      Mark 25 days ago +1

      Funny you should say that. I had a youth coach who taught us to block the eyes, not the ball. It worked. Strange that this technique is not used widespread

  • MuggShot Gaming
    MuggShot Gaming 2 years ago +13

    Muggsy was a GIANT! I grew up 3 houses down from him. The stories are true. Great man. Legend. Inspiration.

  • Jaber Yesu
    Jaber Yesu 2 years ago +43

    I am 5'10 and I can't even jump a pavement without complaining😳... Damn!!! This inspires me a whole lot. There is no excuse greatness begins in the mind. You see it first before you can realize it.

    • Bankrobbermcgee
      Bankrobbermcgee Year ago +1

      I could dunk at 5’8 or 5’9 I reckon

    • Unappealing Undesirable
      Unappealing Undesirable Year ago

      I am 5'10", Japanese-American, born in Seattle in 1973 where I grew up. Sonics and Blazers fan. I was in my athletic and handsome prime from age 20-27. Even in my prime, I not once touched the rim!

  • Giuseppe Responte
    Giuseppe Responte 2 years ago +26

    I’m 6’5” and this still puts a huge smile on my face, bogues transcended the boundaries placed on him by others which takes a special person.

    • BenYT03
      BenYT03 Year ago +1

      @nigelft I’m 5'6" and I agree with you

    • nigelft
      nigelft 2 years ago +6

      I'm 5'2" ... and I entirely agree with you.
      He was/is a GOAT, despite of his lack of height; being able to overcome by having a damn hard work ethic; and staying humble, despite his obvious skills. He is the kind of guy, much like Keanu Reeves, whom we should look up to ...

  • Larry
    Larry Year ago +4

    Most basketball players especially in the NBA didn't know how to play this guy. You dribble the ball casually, he steels it. Underestimate him, he makes you look bad. I really believe they didn't see him darting in until it was too late. On offense he was really fast and able to score or pass skillfully. I'm old enough to remember and even see him once. Living in Seattle of course I always enjoyed Gary Payton taking it to him, All in all I believe Bogues was a star in a time when the NBA had a phenomenal abundance of talent.

  • hexxon77
    hexxon77 3 years ago +1456

    Little Muggsy had bigger balls than many current players. Great defender.

    • barefootdesigns
      barefootdesigns 8 months ago +2

      I'm a 5'1", 104# Mother. When my hubby was on the road, I took his place at the scout jamboree. One of the "tests" was a huge man who fought all the fathers --walking a log with a wooden staff, we clacked and ducked and tried to stay on the log with the big man easily pushing most off in seconds. I pulled a "Mugsy"; when the big man came at me, I ducked under his staff, then came up and tilted him off--since he was off balance. I was the only one who "survived" that contest and my son was BEAMING. I think I know how Mugsy felt.

    • Mang Oleh
      Mang Oleh Year ago

      which balls?

    • Isaac K
      Isaac K 3 years ago +2

      U Gay. How do you know he’s got balls?

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker 2 years ago +9

    I live in Charlotte. He is loved here and will never be forgotten. Muggsy is the epitome of toughness and grit.

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +14

    5 foot 3 and he played against Jordan. Simply unbelievable.

  • Krazy Horse
    Krazy Horse 2 years ago +21

    Grew up watching Mugsy in the 90s. I remember the nostalgic Sprite commerical too. Bogues may have been 5'3 but he had a motor, fast, fiesty, high basketball IQ and used his height as an advantage.

  • TheBent139
    TheBent139 2 years ago +8

    I used to go to a lot of Hornets games when Muggsy was playing. Never a dull moment from Muggsy. He played his heart out every game and the crowd just loved him. With Alonzo, Larry Johnson and players like Dell Curry those Hornets were one of the most exciting teams in the league. Poorly timed injuries kept them from making any deep playoff runs. Then came the move to New Orleans, the new Bobcats and eventually the purchase by Jordan.
    Haven't been to an NBA game in well more than a decade now. It is just not the same.

  • Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train

    He had a stellar career in the toughest era, he would be even more menacing with today’s rules and play style.

  • Fou Saetern
    Fou Saetern 3 years ago +4838

    He didn’t have control of his height, but he had control of his destiny.

  • im dylan
    im dylan 2 years ago +12

    Let's say he "lacks" the height. It resulted into him being quick and agile, and only a few players in the NBA can pair with his speed. Every action has an equivalent opposite reaction. You give someone a tall physique, they become slow and unathletic. You give someone a small body type, they become fast and flexible. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. There are just some people who are too jealous of him because they are taller than 5'3 but can't even reach Muggsy Bogues' level of skill.

  • PickleDiggy
    PickleDiggy 2 years ago +693

    "How good was Muggsy?"
    His power helped aliens almost enslave the Looney Toons. Obviously he was/is a baller.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson Year ago +7

    In my personal opinion, muggsy was the greatest basketball player ever but was limited in gaining god level stats due to his height. It’s incredible for him to be so damn good that he was even considered to play in the nba much less to have such a long career in it. All these tall players getting passed over to keep muggsy, speaks for itself.

  • Gibran Bedra
    Gibran Bedra Year ago +13

    I'm 5'2"... and only about 8 or 9 years younger than Mugsey. I honestly looked up to him (literally, by 1 inch along with figuratively). He showed short people with a complex the way to neutralize height making it irrelevant. That's my dude. Helluva role model. Mugsey, you a dawg my brotha!

    • Emsyaz
      Emsyaz 5 months ago +1

      @M B Kevin lied about his height.
      Hes actually 5'2

    • M B
      M B 5 months ago

      @Emsyaz isn’t Kevin 5”5?

    • Emsyaz
      Emsyaz Year ago

      You're the same height as Eazy-E and Kevin Hart

  • jsj297
    jsj297 Year ago +11

    Muggsy was the reason charlotte coliseum set attendance records for like 8 years straight, he was the hornets. Period. He electrified that building, I was there as a kid and watched. He was an amazing phenomenon.

  • MightyMac 100
    MightyMac 100 3 years ago +6501

    I met Mugsy randomly at a gas station in Baltimore.. He was so cool to me. Such an inspiration for anyone who needs it

    • Bankrobbermcgee
      Bankrobbermcgee Year ago

      You’re not fbi

    • MightyMac 100
      MightyMac 100 Year ago

      @Apollo That's cool!

    • MightyMac 100
      MightyMac 100 Year ago

      @WhiteMenCANJump1 Sorry so late...i hadnt read the replies in awhile... anyways... No, I forgot to get an autograph.. but I did snap a photo with him... which was gracious of him.

    • Erebus
      Erebus Year ago

      bro i was there!. I was the gas pump! what are the odds?

    • Rogue Squadron
      Rogue Squadron 2 years ago +3

      That would be dope . Muggsy was even a childhood icon for me in new Zealand in the 90s as a little kid. I remember hornets were my favourite and seeing him , bro he's like my height nearly and I'm a kid of this guy can do it anyone can. Inspirational

  • J.Vitor
    J.Vitor 3 months ago +4

    This guy is a legend, no one could stop his determination to play basketball, even with 5 ft 3. I´m 5 ft 5 and this man makes me believe in myself. A hero!!

    • BleTrick
      BleTrick 2 months ago

      Love the Norman pfp 😂

  • Alick Simuuwe
    Alick Simuuwe 2 years ago +22

    I have got nothing but respect for muggsy....he needs more recognition!!!

  • patrick y
    patrick y Year ago +4

    I really think people have taken Mugsy for granted because he made it look so easy.There will NEVER be another Mugsy.Its amazing what he was able to do at every level.One of the best PGs to do it.

    • patrick y
      patrick y 2 months ago +1

      @jtaustinmusic Ive watched Muggs since HS.Im 2 yrs older than him.But when I hear the names of great PGs( Magic, Kidd, Stockton, Steph etc) I NEVER hear his name come up.Ppl act like 5'3-5'4" guys just come around every day.

    • jtaustinmusic
      jtaustinmusic 2 months ago

      nobody takes mugsy for granted. Is he "underrated" because you never saw him? no, you just never saw him

  • wjpreslar
    wjpreslar 2 months ago

    I got to watch a Hornets practice when Mugsy was there. They were running Suicides as a warm up exercise. Mugsy was running laps around everyone. No one could keep up with him. He actually ran faster backwards than most of the team running forwards. The good natured taunting of his teammates is something I will never forget. Simply put, Mugsy was the Man.

  • Nom
    Nom 27 days ago

    The greatest part is, no one hated him. He's so small, you would think its comical, but the truth is when another player loses the ball to him or gets fouled on him, they just have to recognize its all pure skill. I bet every time they thought "shit, would I have been able to do that?". Can't hate hard work when its in a line of work where talent is #1. Similar to "Fear the old man in a profession where men die young".

  • Adin Sun
    Adin Sun 2 years ago +3805

    the fact he played in the toughest era of basketball makes this even more amazing

    • Kibaba lefobaki
      Kibaba lefobaki Year ago

      It wasn’t the toughest era

    • Kibaba lefobaki
      Kibaba lefobaki Year ago

      @Cory Sandell he was ranked #football player in his state hater. If he could be in the nfl if he wanted to lol

    • ER1C NO1R
      ER1C NO1R Year ago

      @juke sauce I agree that talent overall in basketball IN GENERAL is better than it was 2 or 3 decades ago. I think dude was implying more that it was the most physically demanding time in the league. They had a tonnnnnn of big men back then that absolutely DOMINATED. I mean some of them people just didn’t know how to stop. Like Shaq. Olajuwon. Mutombo. Patrick Ewing. David Robinson. Lambier.. McHale.. them Celtics boys and the boys up in Detroit. Then they had other big men maybe not AS big like Karl Malone, Tim Duncan, Shawn Kemp, Chris Webber, Dennis Rodman. That’s just off the top of my head.
      Granted, there’s a lot more people in the league today that are more athletic than those guys... they don’t have any more or less that stand out above everyone and it’s really like comparing apples to oranges because the game is so different. No one saw the amount of finesse that MJ had before MJ. Yes, here and there and on some highlights... but not every... single... game, like MJ.
      So after MJ... everyone wanted to BE like MJ. Now a lot more kids are playing basketball, getting interested in the sport. Now Kobe blowing up. More popularity. And 20+ years later we’re supposed to be surprised that it’s guard-dominated? Lol
      BUT... you don’t see the big men like you used to either. How many people in today’s game could you compare to some of them big men I listed before? Like Shaq or Olajuwon or Patrick Ewing or something? I can’t think of a single one - but I also don’t keep up with the NBA like I used to but still 🤷‍♂️ it’s definitely not oozing with talented, huge, big men (PFs & Cs) that just dominate in the paint. The people dominating the paint the most are the most athletic like Lebron and Zion if he would be healthy like EVER.
      It’s no one trying to post you up every trip down the court, or clogging the paint tryna stuff your shit or put you on the ground if you got too close.
      So yeah - the NBA may have more sheer athleticism, but that doesn’t mean it’s harder to play in. You can only have so many people on the floor at one time. If you just look at the starting fives, it’s hard to tell that there’s more talent today anyway. I think it’s mainly the benches are way deeper. “6th” man ain’t really a thing anymore. Teams be having a-whole-nother starting five ready to sub in as the “6th man” now! Some teams now got some seriously players, very serious, that still don’t start. You didn’t see that much a long time ago. So benches will keep getting deeper... more role players, etc. Just how it’s changed to how it is now, it will change again. Especially with new talent coming in and coming up, and coaches figuring out offenses and defenses for different situations... different players... it’s all a fast paced chess match. Speed Chess. 🤷‍♂️

    • ER1C NO1R
      ER1C NO1R Year ago

      @Dostoyevskysycophant well like you said the 3 pointer is the perfect thing to break a zone defense if you got someone who can shoot like that. Back in the day if you couldn’t drain 3s with a high percentage, your coach didn’t even want you to attempt that shot. I remember my sophomore year playing HS ball, my coach BANNED everyone on the team from shooting 3s except for me, one senior, and one freshman (who I ended up playing for the same college with). My coach would TAKE YOU OUT THE GAME if you tried to shoot a 3 and you weren’t on the list of 3 people who were allowed to shoot 3s... EVEN IF YOU MADE THAT BITCH!! 😂😂Back in my day 3s were like a specialty position. Like real role playing shit. Barely made it to college really and I quit after not that long at all because it wasn’t fun for me anymore 🤷‍♂️ and I had an academic scholarship, too, anyway 🤷‍♂️😂 I would’ve THRIVED in today’s game!!! 😂😂😂 I only ended up being 6’0” tho instead of like 6’6 or something like all the coaches thought when I started high school. Never grew another inch after I started high school.
      Imagine being a 6’0” tall freshman but a true shooting guard. At 14 years old you don’t think you’re gonna finish growing for YEARS! I though I had at least another 4 inches in me... I wasn’t planning on JUST being a 3 point shooter. I found that out in high school after I didn’t grow anymore. I really wanted to be like MJ!!! 😂😂😂 and in Jr. High it was looking like I would eventually end up at like Duke or something! Maybe not the NBA but damnit maybe better than the college in my home damn town.... sorry I’m bitter and I’m stoned as hell just rambling about old shit 🤷‍♂️☠️☠️☠️

    • ER1C NO1R
      ER1C NO1R Year ago

      @Nick right??? To MAKE it to the NBA at literally ANY height is an incredible accomplishment: you are one of the greatest on the planet, even if you NEVER PLAY. At 5’3” it’s even more of accomplishment JUST TO MAKE IT! And he was a starter and a performer! Averaged a double-double!!!! What???? He’s going down as one of the greatest point guards ever!

  • jamie hyman
    jamie hyman Year ago +1

    I’m a life long Charlotte resident. Saw him countless games. He was a giant here in NC !! Thanks for all the memories Mugs !

  • Raja Varma
    Raja Varma 2 years ago +14

    This guy not only gave a good fight, he actually dominated.

  • vettepilot427
    vettepilot427 Year ago +1

    I had Hornets season tickets during his time here. Having watched him and Jordan live and in the same game, he was every bit as exciting to watch as Jordan. In some cases, what he was able to do at his height was even more impressive. Like Jordan, I’ve seen him turn the tide of a game all by himself. He still has great respect in Charlotte.

  • Gambit_Toys
    Gambit_Toys 2 months ago

    One thing I noticed about short players is you can afford to have 1 or 2 short players, but not the whole team short.
    Mugsy had gymnastic type athleticism and strength and stamina. Look at the muscles. and he can arch the shot over taller players.
    They didn't pick him for charity or pity, they wanted an asset and he was good.

  • DunnyZed
    DunnyZed 2 years ago +3

    I love sporting outliers - what a great story. Maximum respect to Muggsy ❤️

  • James W
    James W 3 years ago +653

    The dude got so much better as his career went on. When he came into the league he was a liability on offense, but he kept working on his shooting and by mid career he was a solid shooter that you had to guard on the perimeter. He was also crazy tough, he'd take a charge from ANYBODY - get stomped, pop back up and smile. Definitely a product of a lot rougher era in the league.

    • April 1st
      April 1st Year ago

      @MK-Ultra Mags You said "especially with the rule changes of today that don't allow the defender much wiggle room without a foul being called" and I was just wondering what your thoughts are on how good/bad of a player Mugsy would be in today's game of basketball.

    • MK-Ultra Mags
      MK-Ultra Mags Year ago +1

      @YP 47 His defense was definitely a strong part to his game. He would get real low and even small PGs are at least 6ft tall so they had 9inches on him, so he'd get under them and just wreak havoc by getting at the ball for the entire game. You don't see it often, especially with the rule changes of today that don't allow the defender much wiggle room without a foul being called. Imagine Patrick Beverly but 5'3... Thats probably a good comparison of how he played defense. Always on the ball, making the right read on screens, invading passing lanes and getting steals. He could score though. It's not like he didn't have that ability.

    • MK-Ultra Mags
      MK-Ultra Mags Year ago +1

      @Vic Yup. He was just a good player all around. He took his 5'3 height and instead of it focusing on where it limited him, he took advantage of where it didn't. Anyone who's played ball gotta know someone who was like Muggsy. We all had that short dude who has all the tools and then also knows that their height allows them to strip the ball from bigger guys so easy. They can take advantage of passing lanes by staying low and defensively they just pester you all day long... That was Muggsy. He was always giving dudes fits because as short as he was, he had great balance and LONG A** ARMS! When you're 5'3 and can dunk, that's just crazy. I know he didn't do it in games but he could jam with zero issue due to his insane vertical combined with his long arms. He was smart, could shoot and get to the rim, great at getting loose balls and working the entire court. He was impressive to watch.

    • Vic
      Vic 3 years ago +8

      @YP 47 I watched him play in the 90s, and remember his speed kept a lot of players on their toes. I remember commentators stating that the players he guarded had to hunch over more so that he couldn't steal their balls. He averaged two steals per game during one of the seasons that I remember.

    • YP 47
      YP 47 3 years ago +4

      So was he know for defense?

  • Artem Lysiak
    Artem Lysiak 29 days ago

    This guy can motivate anybody. He is just an incredibly cool man. He uses his speed and nobody can catch up with him

  • Redragon
    Redragon Year ago +5

    and this guys stayed in the league for 15 years. what a legend.

  • RetroBoxingLIve
    RetroBoxingLIve Year ago

    My fave player of all time. I did a bio on him as a kid for school and had and probably still have his jersey and everything. That play he calls time before going out of bounds I did that! In our scholastic league all the time thanks to him.
    Perseverance and inspiration. I think he was even shot at some point.

    NAK3DxSNAKE 25 days ago

    One of the greatest All-Stars ever during a time where the best players ever were on the court.

  • Lee Brunk
    Lee Brunk Year ago

    Muggsy Bogues was a tenacious little monster. He was like playing against one of those Tremors movie critters the way he would come seemingly out of nowhere to rip the ball out. Really strong too, he could check and back down guards a foot taller than him. I feel like Charlotte fans had the most fun team to watch in the mid 90s with Muggsy, Larry Johnson, and Zo Mourning.

  • William William
    William William 3 years ago +3075

    I always thought Mugsy was like 5'7"...
    5'3"?! Amazing!

    • William William
      William William 2 years ago

      Rasul Daniels I was just watching the Tim Pool episode this morning and Mugsy's name came up.
      I just thought it was ironic. 😁

    • William William
      William William 2 years ago

      Rasul Daniels Watching Joe Rogan lately, huh?

    • espi
      espi 3 years ago

      DeathStroke colleges have been listing their players as two or three inches taller to boost their draft stock to bring attention to the college.... steph curry is not 6’0 but he was listed at 6’2 coming into the draft... I am 5’11 and saw him on all star weekend in 2018, and I’m an inch taller than steph curry

    • xxx
      xxx 3 years ago

      William William I think he was 5’2” .. Webb is 5’6”

    • BestBecky78
      BestBecky78 3 years ago

      Me too... my dad would tell me he was 5'7 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Distantraven
    Distantraven 2 months ago

    He moved amazingly, incredible balance and the ability to move around FAST, pressuring these guys. I thought he would had fallen after holding the guy and then going into a full run after the the guy, but nah. @5:32

  • theyhateus cuztheyaintus
    theyhateus cuztheyaintus 2 years ago +2

    He was an amazing player, and his passing ability was incredible!

  • Koz
    Koz Year ago +1

    I'm not a basketball fan but I will say I grew up when the nba was atleast beyond fun(the 90s) and muggs story was always an amazing one. Its almost comical that he is 5 foot 3 but his story should be a motivator for communities but the black one especially that you'll always have to over come but if you fight for it anything's possible. Not just in sports but in life.

  • Astral Dave
    Astral Dave 3 months ago +2

    I grew up watching the NBA in the 80s and 90s so I've watched a lot of Muggsy. He was a very good point guard and a great athlete. I don't think his height limited him much to be honest. If he was a foot taller he would have had a few more dunks in his career and maybe averaged 4 more ppg on his career but his height never affected his court vision.

  • SGT. NMI
    SGT. NMI Year ago

    As a little guy myself at 5'6", (who is HORRIBLE at b-ball), I CAN say that we do have the advantage of "movement" and "agility" over most big guys. Smaller turning radius, less weight to lug around, etc. But THIS guy is INCREDIBLE!

  • Don Carvalo
    Don Carvalo 3 years ago +4309

    Imagine meeting him at the local bar and he tells he’s a nba player and we all go 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Matu1
      Matu1 Year ago

      @JbKofi wow

    • Strix Nebulosa
      Strix Nebulosa Year ago

      Some people simply know who he is

    • JbKofi
      JbKofi Year ago

      @Matu1 how, explain it then

    • Matu1
      Matu1 Year ago

      @JbKofi r/woooosh

    • Matu1
      Matu1 Year ago

      @Maximus Beats r/woooosh

  • Chris Schrader
    Chris Schrader 2 years ago

    Muggsy’s defense was devastating in the original NBA Jam on Super Nintendo. I’d get 10 steals a game. I always played as the Hornets with him, Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.

  • Brother John's
    Brother John's 2 years ago +1

    You had to actually be at the game and just see with your own eyes , how much harder he played , and how much much taller all the other guys were , he just motivated you as a person in all areas of your life! it was crazy , you never wanted him off the court. those big guys were actually scared to dribble the ball around him.

  • Paul Ayala
    Paul Ayala 3 months ago

    What he lacked in height he more than made up for in determination, speed and agility. I remember seeing him play and he would carve through players much taller than him, he was awesome to watch!

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller Month ago

    Natural play maker, great hands, speed, small size but absolute monster hops. A joy to watch play and a great player.

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 2 years ago

    Muggsy Bogues gave us all hope that determination could beat all the nay sayers! He’s definitely in my top 10 of greatest NBA players of all time! I highly doubt We’ll ever see another one like him ever again.

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u 3 years ago +259

    Not only was he the smallest to ever do it but he was a damn solid player as well.

    • Jason
      Jason 3 years ago +11

      He was as quick as a damn rabbit, just like it the video bits, he would just pop out of nowhere and take possession. He was fun to watch and in my opinion he played in the best era for the NBA, so it's not like he wasn't up against so-so's and has-beens. I wish all athletes would bring it like he always did, then sports would be fun to watch again.

  • c shaw
    c shaw 3 months ago

    Big fan. I grew up in DC, I'm 54, and remember vividly Mugsy being in the sports section of the Washington Post when he played at Dunbar with David Wingate, Reggie Williams. Great man, great athlete, great heart. 100%

  • Inc Inc
    Inc Inc 2 years ago +1

    He's so exciting to watch. He shoots the small gaps between players, recovers a lost ball quickly steals the ball and is halfway down the court before the other guy has had time to collect himself. love it. It looks funny when other players hug him though... the size difference is startling.

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 2 years ago

    I’m so confused. How is he not right up there with Michael Jordan????? HOW do you FORGET a man like that?! HELL, EVEN IN SPACE JAM I WAS MORE AMAZED BY HIM THAN MJ! Muggsy was all I could think about bc we all hear, “you have to be tall to be a b-ball star.”
    He is the epitome of the American sports success story.

  • John Thornton
    John Thornton 2 years ago

    Mugs played college ball in my Hometown of Winston-Salem NC at WFU. He was a good guy is the community. Especially once he got to Charlotte NC. About an hour/hour and a half south of Winston-Salem and WFU. Good guy and an inspiration to many.

  • Jason Hitch
    Jason Hitch Year ago

    Muggsey was such a class act. Met him before a pre season game in 1993 in Champaign Illinois. He signed about 20 cards for me. And wanted more.

  • Brett Fishburn
    Brett Fishburn 4 years ago +347

    Muggsy was the proof that anyone who had talent and was willing to work harder than the next guy could make it

    • Tobias Powell
      Tobias Powell 3 years ago

      Andrew Pycke well you can be gifted at something as soon as you start or you develope these skills. I dont think talent and untapped potential are the same thing. Imma guess he was 5’3 most of high school waiting for a growth spurt and it didnt happen, but didnt stop him either.

    • ButterBall
      ButterBall 3 years ago

      @Flynn Lives cmd "wake up and smell the capitalism". Wow,the amount of cringe in that statement.

    • J V
      J V 3 years ago

      @Flynn Lives cmd not completely true but I i remeber correctly the year mugsy was drafted the team also drafted the tallest NBA player at the time

    • Nico AF
      Nico AF 3 years ago +2

      But can we just stop and think, who the fuck put Muggsy to guard MJ?

    • 7th Hokage
      7th Hokage 4 years ago +1

      Luis Valdez it was an exaggeration.

  • herrzimm
    herrzimm Year ago +3

    Keep in mind that Muggsy took an expansion team and captained on the court, the team into a Playoff Contending team. (Hornets). He completely DOMINATED the fanbase of Charlotte NC so much that every time his name was called, even if it was just going to the foul line, the crowd went insane.

  • Vintage Swiss
    Vintage Swiss 2 months ago

    Dude was an absolute beast... hustled his ass off on every play and never gave up until a whistle blew.
    He was the definition of hard work out works genetics.

  • anna schmidt
    anna schmidt Year ago +1

    Spectacular! 5'3 going against MJ. Now that takes something more than talent.

  • Ron Tan
    Ron Tan 2 years ago +4

    Growing up watching Bogues plays was special! He was a pesky basketball defenders, but you never saw him quit! Thank you for the video.

  • Naak
    Naak 2 years ago +25

    Imagine how much discouragement he had to put up with when he was still on the his way up.

  • King Zeeb
    King Zeeb 3 years ago +3104

    "How Good Was 5 Foot 3 Muggsy Bogues"
    Good enough to be in the NBA.

    • Paul Katsiaunis
      Paul Katsiaunis 3 years ago +1

      For 15 years

    • Shane Dial
      Shane Dial 3 years ago

      @ENLIGHTENED WARRIOR Certainly among the best in the world, it being a worldwide sport now.

    • Shane Dial
      Shane Dial 3 years ago +4

      Imagine the number of guys who are high school and college superstars who Never even make an NBA team. Yet, Muggsy played 15 years. Talk about most unlikely stories, this is so clearly among the best.

    • Brian Cigoi
      Brian Cigoi 3 years ago

      So is The Professor than...

    • OjoRojo40
      OjoRojo40 3 years ago

      bobwatters With an absurd assists/turnover ratio.

  • Bill Schnelzer
    Bill Schnelzer 3 months ago

    It was great fun watching Muggsy Bogues play! He would dribble amongst the trees and they couldn't bend down low enough to get at the ball. He also could slam dunk!!

  • M B
    M B 2 years ago

    Una de las Leyendas de la NBA que mas admiro,, Boggues

  • Reuel Ray
    Reuel Ray Year ago

    Mug 'Big Shorty' was a fabulous basketball player who made it to the very top and stayed there for a long time. Forget about the height stuff, he was just good. I'm from DC and we were all excited when Mug and Manute were on the team. They should have kept them together. These general manager types step in their own poop and can't get out of their own way. I saw Manute cutting through the alley behind his restaurant when I was taking a break as a technician at the DC Lincoln theater which was next door. I could have swore his head was touching the electrical lines.

  • Lawrence Szabo
    Lawrence Szabo 2 years ago +2

    I went to a basketball camp with him as one of the teachers and he was a really great guy. Obviously skilled as hell.

  • Peter Rodriguez
    Peter Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Thank you for making this video. So many players to talk about. Mugsy was incredible.

  • Claws1234
    Claws1234 3 years ago +1113

    The smallest player in the NBA yet so incredibly talented how can he be so under rated....? Is it cause of his height! He is a diffenately one of the greats!

    • KReGaDeTH
      KReGaDeTH 3 years ago

      Abel Smith he was definitely appreciated. He was one of the greats to be cast in Space jam.! But I think I can still agree he’s under appreciated

    • Anónimo
      Anónimo 3 years ago

      Abel Smith he has the universes energy in him

    • M R
      M R 3 years ago

      Dude he was never underated, he was well known and respected in that time period

    • Atrocious
      Atrocious 3 years ago

      Maybe its because he was overly exceptional that he became underrated and almost forgotten. Don't want to give short people false hope.

    • Finished!!!!!!
      Finished!!!!!! 3 years ago

      Jeramyah Shepard hey, at least he's Abel to talk good. Hahah

  • OB three
    OB three 2 months ago

    Man I loved Mugz as a kid! I grew up a Bulls fan in the 90s living in Chicago but he was a beast! That team with Larry Johnson and Zo was really good!

  • Vin Alexander
    Vin Alexander Month ago

    So much respect for this guy muggsy. He was always my favorite in space jam when I was a kid lol

  • prestoni
    prestoni 2 years ago

    I used to attend most of the home games for the Hornets in Charlotte and really enjoyed watching him play. It was like watching a bush in a forest of trees but a fast moving one.

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson Year ago +1

    The Muggsy, Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning Hornets era was one of my favorite NBA teams of all time. They never won it all but they were damn entertaining.

  • BagdadBill
    BagdadBill 2 months ago

    I used to tell my wife, people always ask the wrong questions hoping for the right answer. Some would ask, how does a smaller man feel stepping into a game of tall people. Better question is, how must these tall folks have felt when a player of his height walks into their game with credit due and plays them? I'm tall so it doesn't matter, right? Put yourself into their mindset. He goes out onto court and they have to wonder, what have I gotten myself into? Some large people can move fast, but not usually fast enough. Thank you for this revisit to great players who didn't fit the preferred mold. Small body, large heart.

  • v
    v 3 years ago +1695

    He’s a freaking beast if he made it to the nba at 5’3

    • Peter Phillips
      Peter Phillips Year ago

      @quesoofresco0 than we wouldn't be talking about him, because if he was that height he wouldn't of been as quick and agile

    • Sensei Chess
      Sensei Chess Year ago

      @omnivorous65 good point

    • zzzzz
      zzzzz Year ago

      Sadly I don’t think the NBA didn’t just draft him because of how skilled he was even though he was unbelievable but I saw that the nba drafter shorter players to a get shorter people into basketball to increase the popularity of the sport to make more money

    • sayha
      sayha Year ago

      was for marketing purposes

    • austin kha
      austin kha Year ago

      Dude was a BEAST!!!

  • Hoosier Resell
    Hoosier Resell Year ago +1

    The Mug is still a top 25 ALL-TIME NBA assist man. Crazy! So underrated.

  • David Du Fresne
    David Du Fresne 2 years ago

    He actually played in the league 16 years. It's interesting the draft day guys didn't seem too shocked he went in the first round, but if someone would have told them how long he would have lasted I bet they would have fallen out of their chairs. Mostly because his career was so long ago, he doesn't have the money these guys have today, but he's still many times over a millionaire and doesn't need to do TED talks or anything, although it would be nice if he did one for all the fans and people that need inspiration.

  • Rabi Michael
    Rabi Michael 2 years ago

    I've always tried to tell people that the shorter you are, the faster you are and the less you weigh. In basketball, it makes you more maneuverable, stealing is easier (lower center of gravity, can change direction and acceleration, better balance). As a basketball player, Allen Iverson, Spudd Webb, Muggsy Bogues) used this to their advantage and had prolific NBA careers. Tall guys utilize their height by getting close the basket, taking shots that are extremely difficult to block, rebounding, and using power/strength. The two styles are different but neither is a dominant winning style. Ideally, you want both types of players on your team. If you're short, your goal is to steal, pass, assist. And to use your ability to change direction quickly to score. I've seen short guys dominate in my rec league doing this. I'm 6'1 though.

  • hardfugoo
    hardfugoo 2 years ago +1

    Mugsy was always one of my favorites it’s a shame he got so *overlooked.*

    DOMAT Year ago +2

    He was first 5 at team SpaceJam, that alone is a statement of his greatness

  • thewatcherspain
    thewatcherspain 3 years ago +1246

    I'm not even a basketball fan, but I instantly liked this guy.

    • E E
      E E 2 years ago

      It seems like there was so many one of kind type players in the 80’s and 90’s nba players. Today’s nba everyone seems like the same generic player

    • Codie Johnston
      Codie Johnston 2 years ago

      same, i think if youre a short person, this guy is inspiring for sure.

    • Kitchener Leslie
      Kitchener Leslie 2 years ago +1

      @Miami Vice Everyone forgot about him... until he picked their pocket! Those are the best reactions in every game he played. Basketball Yoda!

    • Brycnn DaBeast
      Brycnn DaBeast 2 years ago

      bLoWc16 well he would lose some of his agility if he was taller

    • shef
      shef 2 years ago

      thewatcherspain it’s impossible to hate him

  • Ron F
    Ron F 2 years ago

    Not only was he good, but he was stacked against the greatest basketball era of huge talents.

  • J Bird
    J Bird Year ago

    Awesome player! Just pure talent and such a good attitude. He had the legs of a grasshopper, I bet he could even touch the top of the backboard if he wanted to

  • JayLeePoe
    JayLeePoe 2 years ago

    The man just had basketball in his bones. You can see his mastery like it is just second nature. He's feeling what happens next while you're thinking about what already been happened.