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New Episode Preview: A Sweet Movie Idea - SOUTH PARK

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Clyde and Scott pitch their movie idea to Kyle, in the season 26 premiere of South Park, titled “Cupid Ye” premiering Wednesday, February 8, at 10:00p ET/PT on Comedy Central.
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  • FireTypes4Ever108
    FireTypes4Ever108 Month ago +1863

    really hoping that this season has more episodes in it

    • Isaiah Lynch
      Isaiah Lynch 3 days ago

      I think it would be hilarious if you did a video making fun of Mr beast and doing something like Today we will be giving cocaine to homeless people. Lol

    • Bananko
      Bananko Month ago

      @TBKirko That would be nice man

    • Bananko
      Bananko Month ago

      @Jason Smith 2 movies per year
      When the contract was signed, it was signed for 7 seasons + 14 paramount movies
      It was obvious that it would be a season + 2 movies per year
      With 6 season episodes + 2 movies, the runtime is the same as a 10 episode season.

    • Stuart Dixon
      Stuart Dixon Month ago

      @ivy wtf man why have they took this deal south parks best seasons were always the longer running ones

    • Panthera sapiens
      Panthera sapiens Month ago


  • Achinth Murali
    Achinth Murali Month ago +723

    Clyde started out as the “normal” kid who’s also kind of a crybaby. But now he has now embraced his role as full conspiracy theorist.

    • Nebojsa Bogosavljev
      Nebojsa Bogosavljev Month ago +1

      @JL OConnell they will never wake up they are eternal sheeps it is what it is

    • JL OConnell
      JL OConnell Month ago +7

      It isn't a conspiracy when it's true. Wake up.

    • IamSkippy
      IamSkippy Month ago

      ⭕️r maybe *he’s* the normal one *and everyone else are just sheep❗️*

  • Ileyana Delgado
    Ileyana Delgado Month ago +763

    IM SO EXCITED! Definitely need South Park more than ever!

    • South Park is AWSOME
      South Park is AWSOME Month ago

      @Miscellaneous I've watched all the seasons, movies, and played all the games (except phone destroyer) and I'm 20

    • South Park is AWSOME
      South Park is AWSOME Month ago

      @Miscellaneous in that case then you should know that ridicule WILL persuade positive perspectives

    • Miscellaneous
      Miscellaneous Month ago

      @South Park is AWSOME How about you? How old are you?

    • Miscellaneous
      Miscellaneous Month ago

      @South Park is AWSOME I've seen almost all the season even as far back as 2000.

    • Mathew Smith
      Mathew Smith Month ago

      Current time is 10:08. Last season was a disappointment with loud garbage topics and within 10 minutes the lines and comic scenes are just not the same. It’s like I’m watching the show slowly die. I love South Park, don’t get me wrong

  • SilverStardust
    SilverStardust Month ago +314

    I’m loving how they turned Clyde into the kid who listens to his typical Facebook conspiracy dad

    • Slava Ukraini
      Slava Ukraini Month ago

      @Dark Metal Good, you know your place

    • Dark Metal
      Dark Metal Month ago

      @Nicholas Ho You've never been on Facebook take it.

    • Nicholas Ho
      Nicholas Ho Month ago +3

      You mean twitter and Tiktok. Those are way worse than facebook.

  • K Kocsis
    K Kocsis Month ago +300

    I am so excited for this season to come out in 2 days I think season 26 will be freakin sweet 😄

    • Andre G. Ignacio
      Andre G. Ignacio Month ago

      yes I can hardly wait to watch 😀

    • Maggie Gray 2
      Maggie Gray 2 Month ago

      @K Kocsis yeah

    • K Kocsis
      K Kocsis Month ago

      @Maggie Gray 2 aww man

    • Maggie Gray 2
      Maggie Gray 2 Month ago

      @K Kocsis yeah and you probably know what happened to me I didn't get the big lego friends set for this year and I thought the bedroom sets for this year would be $9.00 each so I can get all of them but no they were $19.00 each I am not okay I'm not happy I'm mad angry stressed out

    • K Kocsis
      K Kocsis Month ago

      @JosieTheSouthParkGirl It’s coming out tonight at 10:00 pm. I thought it was coming on at 8:00 pm, but I guess not.

  • HyperDragonV
    HyperDragonV Month ago +771

    I’m so happy South Park is back

    • Nosequeponer Nosequeponer
      Nosequeponer Nosequeponer Month ago

      Me too!!!

      FISH_ IN_COAT Month ago

      @placeholder name the first episode just came out

    • placeholder name
      placeholder name Month ago

      @FISH_ IN_COAT why aren't the episodes out yet?

      FISH_ IN_COAT Month ago

      @Autotuneistschwul How is that bad?

    • Autotuneistschwul
      Autotuneistschwul Month ago +4

      @Xiao Mee Yes, the Episodes during Covid have been too much, they shouldv'e stayed neutral at least when covering such a topic.
      Also this whole "Randy, Black White people" thing is just woke bs.
      Wish they would make more random episodes again roasting celebs or something.

  • unbreakableunion
    unbreakableunion Month ago +62

    Kyle is finally getting some spotlight. I am also happy they are going back to their old format.

    • audiovisualcringe
      audiovisualcringe Month ago +2

      HBO Max still has the streaming rights to all the episodes so I’m guessing it’s gonna be 6 episodes again while the rest of the season is turned into Paramount Plus specials to bypass the HBO contract

  • Wild bard
    Wild bard Month ago +116

    Kyle being a Hollywood executive is going to be great

    • gonk droid
      gonk droid Month ago

      @Hastur the Unnameable adolf?

    • Donovan Locust
      Donovan Locust Month ago +4

      @Hastur the Unnameable oh you KNOW they're gonna talk about him

    • Hastur the Unnameable
      Hastur the Unnameable Month ago +7

      And what happens if a certain gay fish rapper comes along?

  • SkankHunt42
    SkankHunt42 Month ago +248

    I cannot WAIT for this to release, I wonder how many episodes there will be.

  • Camilla
    Camilla Month ago +44

    I always love episodes that centre around Kyle! 😂

  • Urhooked
    Urhooked Month ago +77

    I can already tell this is going to be a good episode

    • Frank Sandoval
      Frank Sandoval Month ago +1

      Something Funny they an episode that the South Park resident could get rid of PC Principal once and for all !

    • Clandestino
      Clandestino Month ago


  • Lina Dicktator
    Lina Dicktator Month ago +66

    You know what I’m hoping for this season? It’s about the Stan and Wendy idea. Maybe they can work some things out and get together? Not sure. But it’s Trey and Matt’s idea on any episode.

  • Whatever It Takes
    Whatever It Takes Month ago +208

    I hope Cartman becomes a savage again. That’s when the show is at its best

    • My Random Mind
      My Random Mind Month ago

      @Bananko yeah. I just like to think kenny is the agonist lol

    • Bananko
      Bananko Month ago

      @My Random Mind Cartman is a protagonist. "Protagonist" means main character, "antagonist" means an enemy of the main character. For example, Kira from Death Note is evil, L is good. Kira is the protagonist of the show, L is the antagonist.

    • Eric H.
      Eric H. Month ago +1

      Yeah they kinda reverted back to how he was in the first two seasons.

    • THE REAL autotile
      THE REAL autotile Month ago +1

      The season premiere is him being jealous that Tolkien is friends with Kyle probably gonna see him dodo some dumbass stuff

    • Nathan DTS
      Nathan DTS Month ago +3

      I like the slightly humanised Cartman. Pandemic episodes did very well with him.

  • GasmoCorgi
    GasmoCorgi Month ago +41

    Praying they’re back for a whole season 🙏🏽 those hour specials were cool and all but I miss the normal episodes 😭

    • DrakeMystic
      DrakeMystic Month ago

      The normal episodes are back

    • M Giebus
      M Giebus Month ago

      Those HBO specials sucked. Especially the one where they're old

    • JM 914
      JM 914 Month ago +6

      They have to do 2 specials a year so we’ll get em this season

  • Just a young BBC living
    Just a young BBC living Month ago +184

    Holy shit Kyle runs Hollywood 😂😂

      FISH_ IN_COAT Month ago

      @Just a young BBC living The movie is called "cupid ye" so it will probably have kanye in it

    • Gzus Kreist
      Gzus Kreist Month ago +5

      Oy vey

    • Petro
      Petro Month ago

      He would do a better job than other people in Hollywood, tbh, he is based on Matt Stone, who is a producer, so he sure would do a great job

  • beanprotein
    beanprotein Month ago +27

    More Scott Malkinson can never be a bad thing

  • kyle BRUHflovski
    kyle BRUHflovski Month ago +159

    i cant wait for this new season i hope theres more episode than like eight

    • Matthew Crane
      Matthew Crane Month ago +1

      Six episodes is pathetic. Shows should have 20 plus episodes

    • Thomas Angelo Carthan Asunto
      Thomas Angelo Carthan Asunto Month ago

      6 Episode Series (30 minute length) and 2 Streaming Movie Specials (1 movie = 2 episodes).
      Unlike Family Guy, the series were 20 episodes per season, while American Dad! and The Simpsons were 22 episodes per season. (Distributed by Disney's company 20th Century)

    • Squiddy 0123
      Squiddy 0123 Month ago

      @JSanteri as long as their contract is still good mg they have to make 6 episodes per season as well as two movies.

    • Elokin
      Elokin Month ago

      where did u get ur pfp from?

    • JSanteri
      JSanteri Month ago

      @FigureFarter they can do as many episodes as want but they HAVE to make a specific amount of movies and at least a specific amount of episodes. we still get the same amount of content if it was more episodes

  • Tyler B.
    Tyler B. Month ago +154

    I really hope this season isn't cut short

    • Taylor T
      Taylor T Month ago +2

      The good thing is we are getting stuff sooner though. Last season after the 6 episodes aired we one the one hour special 2 months later

    • Christopher Freitas-Leonardo
      Christopher Freitas-Leonardo Month ago

      Critics can both be bad and bad. Why? Cause we learn why fans were enraged.

    • 12DAMDO
      12DAMDO Month ago +7

      @Trevor Tuominen yup.. they're doing the same as last season for the next couple seasons according to their contract

    • Trevor Tuominen
      Trevor Tuominen Month ago +18

      At least we get the same amount of content with six half hours and two hour-long specials. Besides, their deal with Paramount basically says it has to be like that until at least season 30.

  • Pancake 🥞
    Pancake 🥞 Month ago +184

    I'm so excited for the new season!!

    • Pancake 🥞
      Pancake 🥞 Month ago

      @Frank Sandoval yeah, I miss principal victoria

    • Frank Sandoval
      Frank Sandoval Month ago

      @Pancake 🥞 did you hate him PC Principal ? And did you miss Principal Victoria ?

    • Pancake 🥞
      Pancake 🥞 Month ago

      @Frank Sandoval yes

    • Frank Sandoval
      Frank Sandoval Month ago +1

      @Pancake 🥞 it hope this season 26 could get rid of PC Principal once and for all !

    • Pancake 🥞
      Pancake 🥞 Month ago +1

      @NicoEdgy it is

  • LegoReader12345 hello
    LegoReader12345 hello Month ago +19

    Finally, my favorite character Kyle is having the spotlight

    • Takehiro Taniguchi
      Takehiro Taniguchi Month ago +1

      @LegoReader12345 hello The airsoft episode was Kyle eccentric

    • LegoReader12345 hello
      LegoReader12345 hello Month ago +3

      @Forty McMeme I know that but I mean that it’s been a while since the spotlight, Stan had some episodes with his family and Tolkien and Cartman of course is Cartman, so I’ve waited long enough

    • Forty McMeme
      Forty McMeme Month ago +4

      what do you mean finally, hes a main character

  • kjokjojessica
    kjokjojessica Month ago

    This was the best thing they've done with Cartman in years. Really well done.

  • TheCoolBlackNerd
    TheCoolBlackNerd Month ago +52

    I mean how else would a show like this last for so long?!? 😅

  • Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson 23 days ago

    Love this season more than last season. Every episode has been funny.
    I love being able to record them, watch the show qith some popcorn, and then watch the episode of Beavis and Butthead that aired during the same week.

  • Torppeq
    Torppeq Month ago +20

    Will we finally get more of Kenny?

  • FlaminGingerbread
    FlaminGingerbread Month ago +18

    Please have this be a Scott and Clyde episode

  • gipsy ass
    gipsy ass Month ago +2

    More Kyle yelling at people, please 🥺

  • Devin Owens
    Devin Owens Month ago +4

    I love how 0:03-0:08 the background kids are hearing Kyle’s complaint but then immediately get back to their business ounce he leaves 😂😂😂

  • без имени.
    без имени. Month ago

    Ура легенды сделали новый сезон 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Club Country
    Club Country Month ago +10

    Would love to see more Clyde. Excited for the new season!

  • Rusty Rocket
    Rusty Rocket Month ago +8

    And we all know who is gonna run with that idea😂😂😂 CARTMAN!!!

  • DustyRoads23
    DustyRoads23 Month ago +6

    26 Seasons, 26 years of laughing my ass off. Love you guys, you bastards!

    • Devin Owens
      Devin Owens Month ago +1

      Even though this season will have 6 episodes again , I all for it I love South Park even though seasons 2 and 20 were bad seasons but that’s pretty much it….

  • WaterDog150
    WaterDog150 Month ago +4

    Probably best episode I've seen in a long while

  • Movies and Animated Clips

    I’m excited to see the new season coming! ❤

  • Treasure Trails
    Treasure Trails Month ago +7

    South Park is back! Life isn't so crappy after all!

  • Jahmeir Duncan
    Jahmeir Duncan Month ago +43

    The Kanye and Kyrie Irving episode 💀

  • StarGrays
    StarGrays Month ago +36

    Can not wait for a new season. I live my life around South Park 😍 😆 Butters for President

  • Dylan Henegar
    Dylan Henegar Month ago +2

    I have a feeling this is going to be a good season!

  • Kegan Mahon
    Kegan Mahon Month ago

    If he says yes, they think badly of him. If he says no, they think he might be lying. If he declines to answer either way, they think he does because he refuses to give a definite answer 😂

  • Sabree Johnson
    Sabree Johnson Month ago +19

    Just 2 days away! I'm so hyped for the new season. I still hope it has more than just 6 episodes which they had last season along with the 1 hour specials on Paramount Plus. They gotta do at least 10 episodes for this year's season.

    • MCH
      MCH Month ago +1

      The one hour specials are twice as long as the average half hour episode, so we still get ten episodes anyway.

    • Geneve Andersson
      Geneve Andersson Month ago +6

      The hour long specials are the reason why there's only gonna be six episodes though, sadly. They're in an agreement with paramount+ to make those specials and keep the newer seasons to six episodes only for the next seven or so seasons since their contract with HBO max hasn't run out yet.

  • random channel on earth :/

    I've recently rewatched south park for the 5th time so I'm ready and excited about this new season

  • DoveyDeath
    DoveyDeath Month ago

    Cant wait to see more of the kids, love this show!

  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey Month ago +8

    Sounds like a Valentine's Day special based on the title.

  • josh ThisIsStupid
    josh ThisIsStupid Month ago +5

    We need a new South Park console game already!

  • Cola PepsiMan23
    Cola PepsiMan23 Month ago +13


    • audiovisualcringe
      audiovisualcringe Month ago +4

      the episode title implies that could be the case, also implies that Kanye West is coming back

  • My Melodys Spit
    My Melodys Spit Month ago +4

    hoping for a valentine’s day episode with tweek and craig

  • Amani White
    Amani White Month ago +1

    Looking forward to this. As a South park fan, this will be a great Joyride for me. Let's hope there are more episodes here this time.

  • Osagie E. Guobadia
    Osagie E. Guobadia Month ago +2

    Let's Go, South Park! Everyone cannot wait to see this new episode. : )

  • NiceButBites
    NiceButBites Month ago +31

    We want a second movie though...

    • working on myself faith in God
      working on myself faith in God Month ago +3

      @CMBGAMER 2018 TV come on you know what sort of movie we on about the music movie

    • CMBGAMER 2018 TV
      CMBGAMER 2018 TV Month ago +4

      @NiceButBites Oh that? Sadly that'll probably never happen. Unless you count the Imagination Land Director's Cut movie

    • NiceButBites
      NiceButBites Month ago +7

      @CMBGAMER 2018 TV Yeah but a Full movie, cinema release,

    • Jay Tulip
      Jay Tulip Month ago +4

      There are movies that came out over the past year (post covid and streaming wars) but I hear they have a contract that includes them making more soon

    • CMBGAMER 2018 TV
      CMBGAMER 2018 TV Month ago +5

      Ever heard of Post COVID and Streaming Wars?

  • BurnV06
    BurnV06 Month ago +36

    This episode already looks like an all time classic

    • What the
      What the Month ago +1

      From one clip? Out of your mind

    • JesseJ
      JesseJ Month ago +2

      Lol... you guys are funny.

  • Joshua W56
    Joshua W56 Month ago

    South Park never gets old.

  • Joshua Gutierez
    Joshua Gutierez Month ago

    They finally addressing Cartmans insanity in this episode and confused the hell outta me with Cupid Ye

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde Month ago +2

    I hope this show never ends

  • Greg Fulton
    Greg Fulton Month ago +11

    Matt & Trey; more episodes, PLEASE!!!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago +9

    Finally let’s gooo! More Clyde!

  • killa
    killa Month ago

    this seems like such a return to form, i’m excited for this season already

  • Brian T Neary
    Brian T Neary Month ago

    When I was a kid my dream was to grow up and work for South Park.
    Now I'm old and still want to work for South Park

  • ★DEAD MAN★
    ★DEAD MAN★ Month ago +3

    I’m so happy my favorite show has a new season

  • MiBzAn
    MiBzAn Month ago

    Man I've missed South Park sooo bad! The handful of episodes last season wasn't at all what I'd expected and was so short! I hope to goodness this season is a full one! Yaaaaay!! #betes

  • streglof
    streglof Month ago +5

    Kyle definitely runs Hollywood

  • ASH
    ASH Month ago +7

    I hope that this season has more episodes than season 25, and theirs a story tying the entire season together, like some of the past seasons. Either way, I just hope it’s great. Hell I know it will be great. Trey and Matt rarely if ever disappoint, maybe season 25 a little bit, but we also got movies for a couple of years. So Trey and Matt are on top of it

  • pollypocket420
    pollypocket420 Month ago +1

    it's hilarious how on every social media post south park studios has posted about this episode they call clyde "craig" LMAO

  • GordoMcGolden 1156
    GordoMcGolden 1156 Month ago +5

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  • Asinglevid
    Asinglevid Month ago +1

    I hope the boys get back into weird adventures xD

  • katebob perskypants
    katebob perskypants Month ago +9

    It's crazy that South Park has lasted this long. 😳

    • white mamba008
      white mamba008 Month ago +1

      They renewed a contract to make even more seasons after this one to

    • Al G
      Al G Month ago

      It's crazy that surprises you. 😂

    • andy1181985
      andy1181985 Month ago

      Southpark and Its Always Sunny are 2 of the funniest shows ever made and I hope they never end

    • Definitely not siri
      Definitely not siri Month ago

      And tragic

      RIVARAPTOR Month ago +4

      Yep, ever since Arthur ended South Park is currently the 2nd longest running animated show

  • Fauntleroy
    Fauntleroy Month ago

    Yes! I need more Cupid Me in my life! PLEASE release a Cupid Me plushie!

  • Vitamin DeeZbRUH
    Vitamin DeeZbRUH Month ago +4

    If this Season only has 6 Episodes again I’m just gonna count Seasons 24-26 as One Season

    EATMEEK Month ago +1

    Hell Yeah, the only show I can't die before it stops or be eternally gutted.

  • pink.flower
    pink.flower Month ago +1

    I cannot believe South Park is back!!! I’m SO HAPPY ❤

  • JadedJester
    JadedJester Month ago +2

    Nothing kyle does will make me like him

  • NocturnalTrap
    NocturnalTrap Month ago +1

    Was hoping to get more of Butters

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago

    I really hope this season kyle finally gets a gf and makes Eric feel more unwanted and i hope butters returns with Charlotte, they were a good couple till the troll made them breakup with their bfs lol

  • Shaggy_VR
    Shaggy_VR Month ago +26

    who the hell got kahl mad like that 💀

  • Donato Liotino
    Donato Liotino Month ago

    The most depressing time of the year. We need South Park.

  • NightShadow720
    NightShadow720 Month ago +12

    I really hope the new season will have more than 6 regular episodes and 2 streaming movies.

    • mat42011
      mat42011 Month ago +1

      @Vitamin DeeZbRUH 900 million reasons called dollars

    • hm landis
      hm landis Month ago +2

      @Vitamin DeeZbRUH More money lol.

    • Vitamin DeeZbRUH
      Vitamin DeeZbRUH Month ago

      @Vexdeck Why would they even sign that Contract?

    • Vexdeck
      Vexdeck Month ago +5

      They cant, their deal with Paramount says that until season 30, all season will be 6 episodes and 2 specials.

  • Tweek
    Tweek Month ago

    I'm so excited for the new season!

  • astrid
    astrid Month ago +2

    yaaay i hope this ep has more of the boys !! im so excited

  • Soshi The Yoshi
    Soshi The Yoshi Month ago +8

    Here’s to hoping the lifespan of this season is at least longer than the last one's.

    • The 5 Amigos
      The 5 Amigos Month ago

      It won’t be as this fits the paramount deal two 40 min episodes which is 4 episodes length wise and then 6 for actual season making a total of 10 every time

    • ConcernedAlien11780
      ConcernedAlien11780 Month ago

      Don't count on it. From the looks of it, South Park seasons in the 2020s are going to look like six normal episodes in the late winter/early spring and two Paramount+-exclusive half-movies in the summer.

    • idk
      idk Month ago

      so long as the quality is high, it could be 5 for all i care

  • Nicholas Dickson
    Nicholas Dickson Month ago

    That last episode was fantastic

  • Colton Steiner
    Colton Steiner Month ago +2

    Definitely need some more South Park

  • Quinn Gutman
    Quinn Gutman Month ago

    Cartman and Clyde are going to team up in this episode, aren’t they.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader Month ago +2

    we see the start of Clyde's conspiritorial thinking he has as an adult

    • arc
      arc Month ago +1

      Conspiratorial Shellfishness

  • R
    R Month ago

    A season bullying Kyle? My dreams are coming true. I love him but it’s too entertaining

  • Robots Shark Tale And The Secret Of NIMH 2 Fan

    I can’t wait for this season

  • sophie:p
    sophie:p Month ago +1

    My brother watched South park when he was a teenager I would hide behind the couch watching it cus I wasn't old enough to watch it LMAO I started watching it on my own at 11 and I'm very excited for this episode

    • BenatarIsSwag_ x3
      BenatarIsSwag_ x3 Month ago

      okok 1. i friggin love ur pfp lmao, and 2. my dad would let me watch it sneakily when i was younger because my mom didnt let me lolol

  • white mamba008
    white mamba008 Month ago +1

    I rarely get excited for TV but south park gets an exception I can't wait

    • Akatori
      Akatori Month ago +1

      @white mamba008 oh god, thank you. I thought it would be at 10 am, I'm stupid

    • white mamba008
      white mamba008 Month ago +2

      @Akatori tonight at 10 pm on the east coast for me

    • Akatori
      Akatori Month ago

      Has it already premiered on TV?

  • Clydedxrkness
    Clydedxrkness Month ago +1

    SOUTH PARK IS BACK! I'm really excited for this season!

  • Ashleigh Hahn
    Ashleigh Hahn Month ago +6

    When the world needed them most, they returned

  • yasmine macintosh
    yasmine macintosh Month ago +6

    I hope the are going to talk about what/who really runs Hollywood 😂

    • JM 914
      JM 914 Month ago

      Kyle Runs Hollywood and a gay fish is gonna run with it

  • Cody's Kids Show
    Cody's Kids Show Month ago

    so good, so funny
    I have watched all of your videos. congrats with good videos you will grow more and more

  • AdultSwimRobotomySOSouthParkAnimationLover #2019

    This is really gonna be awesome!

  • Aaron Ta
    Aaron Ta Month ago +3

    Craig lookin a little different than I remembered

  • Leif A
    Leif A Month ago +2

    holy shit, Kyle runs Hollywood

  • zap
    zap Month ago

    i can already tell this is gonna be a good one

  • tired kid
    tired kid Month ago +3

    ive watched this 37 times 🧍‍♀️

  • Da Lux
    Da Lux Month ago

    Clyde is so woke and brave. 😂

  • Lydia Zap
    Lydia Zap Month ago

    this looks amazing, i love it already

  • Gunnamoment
    Gunnamoment Month ago +2


  • Falling
    Falling Month ago

    Finally a new season!

  • Manny Mehrok
    Manny Mehrok Month ago +3

    Please make at least 20 episodes!!!! Excited

  • L. O V. E
    L. O V. E Month ago +3

    No one's gonna say that the description says Craig instead of Clyde 💀