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Ballooning 'black' budget and leaked conversations: Emerging cracks in Putin's Russia | DW News

  • Published on Jun 8, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • More than a year into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, signs continue to mount that Moscow is struggling under the weight of ballooning military spending. Moscow has consistently put on a brave face when it came to the country's economic health. But it's now classified or unlisted a third of the economic data coming out of the country. According to Russian Finance Ministery data unlisted or classified spending has doubled since last year, indicating around a third of the budget is likely connected to the war effort. 31 Billion dollars in total, dwarfing all other publicly listed government expenses. And Moscow's black budget is ballooning at a time of falling commodity prices, which make up the lion's share of Russia's earnings. Western sanctions also continue to bite according to Russia's president.
    At the same time, publicly criticizing Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine can lead to harsh legal consequences. Most people prefer to voice their discontent in private. But one critical conversation between two prominent Russians has surfaced online.
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  • Bixby Snyder
    Bixby Snyder 2 months ago +2446

    "392 days into my 3 day war, I am still master strategist" -Vladimir Putin

    • Oleh Kuzan
      Oleh Kuzan 2 months ago +127

      Actually 400 today!

    • frenchy fries
      frenchy fries 2 months ago +143

      ukraine is winning! just keep sending billions every day! -zelensky

  • Neal X Gaming
    Neal X Gaming 2 months ago +1008

    Calling sanctions "illegitimate" is a laugh -- implying any country is obligated to trade with another.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    It is worth noting that the economic numbers for the Russian economy are provided by the state bank and should be taken with several grains of salt. At one point they were claiming GFP had grown, but there are signs that this may not be true. Automotive production had previously accounted for a substantial portion of the economy. That industry is down 98% and 18 of the 20 automobile factories have closed. Of the two left, one is converting to manufacturing Kalashnikov rifles.

    • Ettore Atalan
      Ettore Atalan 2 months ago +60

      Russian Finance Ministry data is as credible as numbers sniffed from a crappy toilet paper.

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 months ago +8

      Same with everyones economy.

    • Variable
      Variable 2 months ago +18

      your profile picture bout to make me act up

  • Tad Marshall
    Tad Marshall 2 months ago +28

    DW does a great job reporting on everything in and around Europe, thanks!

  • David Getling
    David Getling 2 months ago +310

    Imagine just how bad things really are, for Putin to be forced to admit even this.

    • Pablo Picaro
      Pablo Picaro 2 months ago +5

      Not a problem for supreme dictator of the Neo-Soviet Russian Empire, On the war march for re-form the Soviet Union. Ukraine is just the first conquest.

    • SolSere Jeremy
      SolSere Jeremy 2 months ago +29

      ​@Pablo Picaro But Ukraine isn't conquered yet 😊. Slava Ukraini

    • The ArByter
      The ArByter 2 months ago +24

      @Pablo Picaro Not a problem? They literally expected to beat Ukraine in a few days/a week, and failed to do so even after A YEAR, and have suffered immense casualties.

  • whatth444444
    whatth444444 2 months ago +273

    It reminds me a Russian anecdote: "Dad, government will raise vodka price. Will you drink less?" - "No, son. You will eat less."

  • Fahim Shamsuddin
    Fahim Shamsuddin 2 months ago +141

    Usually, it is the poor people who suffer the most in any calamity. But when the elite start to complain about the war, you have a situation where deep down a supermajority of people oppose the war.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 2 months ago +2

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’””
      ‭‭Mark‬ ‭11‬:‭17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Tony Petersen
      Tony Petersen 2 months ago +3

      All sanctions are targeted at listed individuals and companies and basically involve confiscating funds and property outside Russia and banning them from travelling. Basic necessities such as food and medication are never included.

  • gagaplex LPs
    gagaplex LPs 2 months ago +221

    The fun thing about the oil embargo and lack of gas sales is: Even if Russia - as it claims - does manage to divert its sales to Asia, those nations will pay a decidedly lower price than Europe ever did. Because beggars - Russia - can't be choosers. Less money for the same amount of fuel. On top of having to develop the infrastructure to actually transport it.

    • Fiete Reim
      Fiete Reim 2 months ago +77

      And it's a big difference. China pays only between 15 and 40% of what Europe paid for gas, and Europe bought more and transport was cheaper too. The damage this "man" has done to Russia out of pride and hubris is unfathomable.

  • B P
    B P 2 months ago +220

    "Pride comes before the fall." This is the one quote that will never age, as no matter what history teaches us.. pride will ALWAYS be our own fall.

    • D. Eath
      D. Eath 2 months ago +9

      " "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall," (Proverbs 16:18 New International Version) "

    • GMW
      GMW 2 months ago +10

      And who is full of blind pride? The American led west.

    • B P
      B P 2 months ago +9

      @GMW You had to specify ‘blind’ pride to differentiate your pride apart. That proves my point, your pride will be your fall.

    • GMW
      GMW 2 months ago +2

      @B P i didn't have to specify American pride as blind. Blind pride is more egregious than the basic version.

    • Jim M
      Jim M 2 months ago

      Pride - the first of the Seven Deadly Sins as per the RC Church.

  • paranoidandroid
    paranoidandroid 2 months ago +116

    Marvel at all the American, Japanese, Taiwanese, German and British technologies used in his office. Love it! 🇺🇲🇯🇵🇹🇼🇩🇪🇬🇧🇺🇦

  • Pbav8tor
    Pbav8tor 2 months ago +7

    Thanks DW. Your reports are amazing! I'm shocked at the access you still have, and your reporters are brave.

  • Stephen Hoare-Vance
    Stephen Hoare-Vance 2 months ago +21

    Excellent reporting in difficult circumstances. You've got a loyal follower in me, well done!

    • Sophana San
      Sophana San 2 months ago

      DW is my favorite online news.

  • Norbert Djihnson
    Norbert Djihnson 2 months ago +4

    I love how Putin let's the media know how everything is going for him ...very fair minded individual

  • Jeff Lines
    Jeff Lines 2 months ago +133

    I like how Russia threatening other European countries to not join NATO can be responded with "What are you gonna do? Invade me?"

    • Annabelle Wollis
      Annabelle Wollis 2 months ago +16

      I don’t like how Putin thinks he’s God 🥴

    • govinda102000
      govinda102000 2 months ago +5

      Love it.

    • 02 Suradit Pengsaeng
      02 Suradit Pengsaeng 2 months ago +15

      also European countries that are joining NATO: "You say NATO is weak right? Why do you need to worry about."

    • Peter Out
      Peter Out Month ago +2

      Can Putin please tell the World the last time NATO invaded Russia?

    • Damon Melendez
      Damon Melendez Month ago

      @Peter Out coup in Ukraine 2014, coup in Georgia.

  • jakethehud
    jakethehud 2 months ago +50

    Last year an activist group was filming in Moscow when a woman asked if she would be arrested for saying two words, and with that, she held up a piece of paper, about 8"x6", which said "два слова", which in Russian means "Two Words." She was immediately arrested by the police and thrown into a police van. Right after another women came up and asked if they filmed those that were for the military operation, and they said yes. She started to give her opinion of why she agreed with the military operation and was immediately arrested and thrown into the van with the other woman. In Russia, you are not only not allowed to voice your opinion, you are not allowed to have an opinion.

    • Tom Ricketts
      Tom Ricketts 2 months ago +4

      Very 1984 Irish but then it was about Stalinist USSR and Vlad is a former KGB man

    • fanatamon
      fanatamon 2 months ago +5

      This is normal in places like russky.

  • leanb4thestride
    leanb4thestride 2 months ago +250

    So if he's admitting that there's SOME minor setbacks, you know they're actually quite significant.

    • Zorktx Andnand
      Zorktx Andnand 2 months ago +26

      You mean like the difference between 3 days and, lets say more than a year?😋

    • dpelpal
      dpelpal 2 months ago +10

      @Zorktx Andnand _"Kyiv in threeeee daaayyyys!!!"_ 🤣

    • Owen
      Owen 2 months ago +14

      What I was thinking too. Maybe he's burned through his foreign cash reserves finally and can't avoid the big spending cuts. Russia is going to be a NK style economy that exists just to pay for the army, while the people suffer.

    • dpelpal
      dpelpal 2 months ago +6

      @Owen They already are that, really.

  • ulfpe
    ulfpe 2 months ago +25

    What they are missing is that we need to keep up the sanctions and most embargo for a long time to prevent/reduce re arming

    • Bert NL
      Bert NL 2 months ago +3

      And also as a motivation for Russia to pay wardamage in Ukraine. Sanctions should be only loosened a bit if money or goods or workforce are given to Ukraíne With goods I also mean things like existing Russian infrastructure. Powerlines, railway material and railway rolling stock. Factory production lines. Everything
      And who think it should not be, the Soviet Union did this in Middle and Eastern Europe for years and decades.

    • Pipo
      Pipo 2 months ago +1

      They will stay. Until Ukraine is free.

    • Catty Majiv
      Catty Majiv 2 months ago +1

      @Bert NL Your reply is SO important that you should repost it as an original comment at the top of the page. Seriously, please do it! Thank you for saying such an important point!

    • Catty Majiv
      Catty Majiv 2 months ago +1

      The OP's comment is also so imporyant that it needs to be restated at the very beginning, but I can't rewrite it due to illness. Somebody please do it!

  • Frédérick Pétrin
    Frédérick Pétrin 2 months ago +6

    if industry have limited supply caused by sanction and industrial capacity is being more and more oriented toward supporting military effort, high domestic demand would seem more like a problem then a solution. It could rocket inflation up. It would be better to raise tax higher to increase revenue while keeping domestic demand low to free capacity and employement toward war. But then of course if you are worried about population discontent that could start revolt and revolution it harder to go that way.

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly Month ago

    This is very good. Simply presented but substantial, the presenters let the material speak for itself which is to my liking.

  • robert goodhumor
    robert goodhumor 2 months ago +91

    Can you imagine the conversation in prison? "What are you in jail for? I killed a guy, you? " "I kidnapped someone, how about you?" "Me? My daughter drew a picture of the war and I am in jail for discrediting the military!"

    • Bitchslapper316
      Bitchslapper316 2 months ago +6

      "I'm in prison for trolling on twitter"

    • First Last
      First Last 2 months ago +1

      I saw a DW segment where a girl drew the virgine marry and Ukrainian flag in school. She and the mother were interrogated for hours and the daughter put on a radical delinquent watch list. She was also kicked out of school.

    • Dr. Jesus Tortilla
      Dr. Jesus Tortilla 2 months ago

      UK in 2022 - 3300 people arrested for posts and even likes in social media

    • robert goodhumor
      robert goodhumor 2 months ago +1

      @Dr. Jesus Tortilla OK - What were those posts? About 1000 people in the US were arrested for J6 posts...Posts of them committing crimes.

  • Din
    Din 2 months ago +45

    The thing is that the IMF is legitimizing self-reported Russian economy numbers. We don't know exactly how the Russian economy is doing now, all we can look at is business Russia is doing with foreign countries and extrapolate from there. It is important to keep in mind though that we do know that Russia funds its government primarily from natural resources exports, not taxation. So it is very likely that it will be unable to fund itself and issue pensions etc once their war chest runs out. Something will have to give, and unless China steps in to basically buy the country the Russian people that are still comfortable in their overheated Moscow/St.P. apartments WILL soon start realizing they are at war.

    • Marc Zhu
      Marc Zhu 2 months ago +1

      Well you can't measure their economy as you banned them from swift

    • Stacey Colangelo
      Stacey Colangelo 2 months ago +2

      What do you mean "we don't know", have you ever heard of Google?
      • Russia just paid off their foreign debt by 21.1%, with a balance of $380.5 billion, the lowest since 2007.
      • Inflation rate has drastically fallen from 17.8% in March last year, now down to 11%.
      • Average household electricity bills are 1/3 the cost of America's, with the price per Kilowatt at $0.06 in Russia compared to $0.18 in the U.S.

  • Blkted
    Blkted 2 months ago +7

    I think one of the biggest issues that is not getting alot of attention is, Russia does not like the US Hegemony in the world roughly because of their military prowess, freedoms and ability to project democracy across the globe. When you measure that against what Russia has achieve or the lack thereof, it is not measurable. While people within Russia may not know, globally, it is very well understood. Not saying the US is perfect, what I'm saying your imperfection can be manifested in many freedoms and that is the true threat to Russia, not military, technology or border could or anything else.

    • J Blake
      J Blake 2 months ago +3

      This planet is a child who has the option of two parents. Both will make mistakes, but only one has a constitution that forces these mistakes to be aired transparently and the parent will learn from them, whether freely or by force. Open discourse is a fundamental human right. Without it, there will be nothing but endless wars.

  • Water Chap
    Water Chap 2 months ago +227

    Before the war, I had never heard of your service. Now, DW is a go to source for my international news and analysis.

    • John Lesoudeur
      John Lesoudeur 2 months ago +19

      It is not neutral however.

    • Daniel Adegoke
      Daniel Adegoke 2 months ago +45

      @John Lesoudeur , Nobody can be neutral, especially in respect to this war

    • Round Baguette
      Round Baguette 2 months ago +7

      ​@Daniel Adegoke based

    • Toxy Tronic
      Toxy Tronic 2 months ago +6

      @John Lesoudeur Explain !

  • Zara Poeta
    Zara Poeta 2 months ago +2

    Thanks, VERY.. VERY... informative interview... Keep this up please so people can understand how this regime rolles!

  • Gankatron 5000
    Gankatron 5000 2 months ago +11

    Unsustainable military spending previously bankrupted the Soviet Union.
    I suppose it is difficult for those in the midst of history, or in this case, more like in the midst of re-living, to see the walls falling down around them until it is too late.

    • Bambaclot
      Bambaclot 2 months ago

      That's happening to the USA, now?

    • Gankatron 5000
      Gankatron 5000 2 months ago +3

      @Bambaclot I would like to see substantially less military spending in the US, but the US has a far more robust economy than Russia's, which allowed for Reagan to triple the national debt, going from one to three trillion dollars, and yet the walls were falling in Berlin, caught in the pull of the sinkhole that used to be the Soviet Union.
      Incidentally, I was no fan of Reagan, so this isn't a USA #1 post.
      In any case, if your contention is that excessive military spending will lead to the collapse of the US economy, I think that is a unique position, and one that doesn't address the question of whether the Russian economic/political structure may again collapse due to unsustainable military spending.

    • Stacey Colangelo
      Stacey Colangelo 2 months ago +1

      • Russia just paid off their foreign debt by 21.1%, with a balance of $380.5 billion, the lowest since 2007.
      •Inflation rate has drastically fallen from 17.8% in March last year, now down to 11%.
      • Average household electricity bills are 1/3 the cost of America's, with the price per Kilowatt at $0.06 in Russia compared to $0.18 in the U.S.

    • Piston
      Piston 2 months ago

      @Stacey Colangelo an average russki is still a lot poorer than average american, canadian or european😅

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Times are tough for everyone. I can't remember the last time I bought an intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile.

    • Shaun Cogan
      Shaun Cogan 2 months ago +13

      China has left the chat 😂

    • Justin Martin
      Justin Martin 2 months ago +9

      Good thing I stocked up on them before hand, like toilet paper and food before covid, and people call me crazy.

    • Alex Reznov
      Alex Reznov 2 months ago +7

      i do, i bought mine from a russian officer.

    • swedishem
      swedishem 2 months ago +8

      Nayxzly its a bot that copies other peoples comments

    • HarryPFlashman1
      HarryPFlashman1 2 months ago +3

      ​@Alex Reznov dude, be careful, it might be a dud😅

  • Ruzzians are fascist terrorists

    love how he sprinkles the word "illegitimate" here and there...while raging genocide for over a year

    • andy99ish
      andy99ish 2 months ago +39

      Real genocide was conducted by the Ukrainian UPA. Whose leaders are still official heroes of the Ukraine. I love how occasional war crimes are called "genocide for over a year" while UPA is cherished.

    • Sergey Bebenin
      Sergey Bebenin 2 months ago +66

      ​@Hulagu Mongke cry some more

    • RoninTF2011
      RoninTF2011 2 months ago +36

      @Hulagu Mongke Which exactly?

    • RoninTF2011
      RoninTF2011 2 months ago +158

      @andy99ish Oh dear, another cremlin parrot

  • Just My Name
    Just My Name 2 months ago +12

    Just the fact he talks about sanctions so much shows its effecting them. Like for years asking US to take off sanctions because its not working, obviously it is if they are asking

  • Bill Bopperton
    Bill Bopperton 2 months ago +1

    It seems like a fitting irony that powerful autocratic regimes are always bound by the consequences of a failed market the same way they used it as a tool to cynically participate and engage with the world economically.
    They see the power in wealth and military expansion. But the wealth is the hammer and the nail for waging wars of conquest.

  • pepsee0
    pepsee0 2 months ago

    The production of resources necessary for economic growth and development has significant geopolitical implications. Some countries rich in natural resources may become too powerful if they can dominate the global market and control the supply of these resources. This can lead to political and economic instability and the exploitation of smaller, less powerful nations. However, it is also essential to recognize that all countries have the right to pursue economic interests and develop resources. The challenge is to do so responsibly and sustainably, with respect for human rights, the environment, and the needs of future generations. International cooperation and dialogue can play a crucial role in promoting responsible resource management and preventing the emergence of dangerous powers. Countries can create a more stable and prosperous world by working together to address common challenges and promote shared values.

  • appletree
    appletree 2 months ago +118

    “A week without nuclear sabre rattling is a week wasted.” - Putin

  • Apoc2K
    Apoc2K 2 months ago +3

    Acting like everything is fine isn't doing anyone a service. Folks will just start wondering how bad it really is. It's really the mistakes of the USSR all over again. Russia lost an enormous chunk of revenue, significantly increased spending, nationalised foreign assets, locked their currency and got branded a pariah state. Money and investors aren't exactly easy to come by in those circumstances. Of course things aren't fine.

  • Tipo Orpiz
    Tipo Orpiz 2 months ago +983

    Those oligarchs that have spoken out have mysteriously flown out of high floor windows

    • Oddette Lamazon Jones
      Oddette Lamazon Jones 2 months ago +13


    • UpRisingDown
      UpRisingDown 2 months ago +9

      composer soon also i think

    • Eastern Obolo
      Eastern Obolo 2 months ago +3

      Says CNN

    • J W
      J W 2 months ago +10

      Oh, my goodness. They are going to fall out a window or poison. Their time is going to be short.

    • Alden
      Alden 2 months ago +45

      I'm surprised they haven't deployed Russian windows to Ukraine. They're effin' DEADLY!

  • Tony Su
    Tony Su 2 months ago +8

    It would be interesting to know how Russia is going to try to increase domestic consumption.
    First, the oligarchical system means the vast majority of the working class is destitute, without discretionary income.
    Those that do have considerable discretionary income might be called the wealthy elite, but they typically prefer not to buy Russian made products. They're wealthy enough to purchase foreign made products, particulary those made in the EU or US if available.
    So, what does Russia make that its own people would buy?

  • obi0914
    obi0914 2 months ago +335

    Discrediting the Russian Army? So , the generals are going to be sentenced because they do that all the time with their blunders. 😅

    • Dachshund Dog Starluck19
      Dachshund Dog Starluck19 2 months ago +29

      It's no wonder a lack of criticism within the Russian Army causes more military blunders than achievements. This is too good to be true. 😂

    • ryaku5
      ryaku5 2 months ago +12

      They don't need the generals to do that. The army has discredited themselves with their performance in Ukraine so far.

    • Save the OLIGARCHS
      Save the OLIGARCHS 2 months ago +1

      Hey CIA? What blunders? Be specific 😂😂 sure pal

    • Danilla229
      Danilla229 2 months ago +2

      Ukraine supported, armed, trained and supplied by the whole west, had 6 waves of total mobilization 3.5 million men + initial 700k + foreign volunteers and mercenaries. Russia is the most sunctioned country ever right now but had only one parital mobilization 300k men to support captured territories + initial 150k. I mean... lol

  • Tex Arkana
    Tex Arkana 2 months ago +1

    This is just the tip of the iceberg..Imagine how bad things really are

  • marlen fras
    marlen fras 2 months ago +90

    Well done. Good reporting. Go Ukraine.

  • oneshot_me
    oneshot_me 2 months ago +5

    Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up
    Slava Ukraini!!!!!!!

  • Aeronaut
    Aeronaut 2 months ago +368

    *Correction. Russia is not just the most sanctioned country in the World, but in HUMAN HISTORY!

    • Mr Whitman
      Mr Whitman 2 months ago +29

      Wonder why? 😂

    • alexander cab
      alexander cab 2 months ago +48

      They doing pretty good so far with all sanctions etc.

    • Darx Kies
      Darx Kies 2 months ago +143

      @alexander cab Becoming a Chinese vassal state does not count as "pretty good".

    • Joshqim
      Joshqim 2 months ago +57

      ​@alexander cab cope

    • Wenter In Faer
      Wenter In Faer 2 months ago +5

      Goes to show their uselessness

  • By Faith
    By Faith 2 months ago +281

    The one actually discrediting Russia is Putin himself.

    • deejee
      deejee 2 months ago +2

      You dont remember cuba??

    • Carlos Padín Martínez
      Carlos Padín Martínez 2 months ago +8

      ​@deejee the actor or the island?

    • Trashboªt
      Trashboªt 2 months ago +5

      ​@deejee you talking about the island that suffers every summer to mother nature?

    • deejee
      deejee 2 months ago +1

      @Trashboªtmaybe but im talking about when russia was putting nuclear weapons there

    • Trashboªt
      Trashboªt 2 months ago +4

      @deejee tbh we should've just let them, Cuba would just nuke themselves when Katrina engulfed the island by accident

  • vondahe
    vondahe 2 months ago +19

    2:34 “I think this means Putin is realising this war is going to be longer than he anticipated.”
    Over 13 months after he said it would take three days? Thank you for that analysis.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 months ago +8

    Everything is going according to plan.
    Many of you may die, but that is the sacrifice I am willing to make. "
    - Vladimir Putin 🇷🇺

  • Raul Escandon
    Raul Escandon 2 months ago +186

    Silencing public dissent is not sustainable without adversely affecting society's progress.

    • Skyman
      Skyman 2 months ago +3

      Both sides

    • tobex1991
      tobex1991 2 months ago +34

      I don't think putin is worried about the people's progress

    • judy weeks
      judy weeks 2 months ago +15

      @tobex1991 Pootin is worried only about himself.

  • tehui
    tehui 2 months ago +2

    It's hard for a country to reallocate money towards its military, when there is systemic corruption with people creaming money from the top.

    • Paul Gibbon
      Paul Gibbon 2 months ago

      It's great if all you need to do is APPEAR strong. When a victory isn't as easy as it was meant to be, that's when the wheels start coming off.

  • Elias Seldon
    Elias Seldon 2 months ago +68

    Even if Russia ceases their war tomorrow I would not support removing sanctions.

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright 2 months ago +3

      Agreed Ukraine needs to be rebuilt with Russia paying…..

    • Todd Stites
      Todd Stites 2 months ago +2

      We could offer to remove sanctions after only 3 days.
      Then let it turn into 392 days. Or 392 weeks. 392 months.. translations are tricky things.

  • antony chipman
    antony chipman 2 months ago +51

    That’s ridiculous. Sanctions have COLLECTIVE impact. Keep the pressure on (I say).

    • Steven Brockman
      Steven Brockman 2 months ago

      The countries that import the most will inevitably suffer the most

    • Intercat
      Intercat 2 months ago

      Standing right here next to you. Here's to the future.

  • ErlingEra
    ErlingEra 2 months ago +4

    Great reporting all throughout the video!🇺🇸🇺🇦👊🏼

  • artistforfreedom
    artistforfreedom 2 months ago +62

    I look at Russia and only see the past. No future. Very troubling they can't see this.

    • 101st Airborne Rakkasans
      101st Airborne Rakkasans 2 months ago +1

      Best statement I’ve seen so far ..Very true

    • Gabe Mendoza
      Gabe Mendoza 2 months ago +2

      It's the same with everyone, really.

    • Steven Brockman
      Steven Brockman 2 months ago

      A country with less debt has a better future

    • JZ
      JZ 2 months ago +3

      @Steven Brockman No investment and no innovation either, no ability to produce anything that is not raw materials or food

  • Nicholas Conder
    Nicholas Conder 2 months ago +4

    From what I have seen, in January and February of this year Russia spent 80% of its entire 2023 budget! Oil and gas revenues are down around 40%, and spending is up by 50%. Several economists and some oligarchs have said that at this rate Russia will expend its financial reserves by the end of this year.

  • sky♡
    sky♡ 2 months ago +3

    This all could have been avoided 🇺🇲

  • Teffi Club
    Teffi Club 2 months ago +91

    The English translation of the two russians phone talk is so polite... In Russian, it is very obscene. 🔍

    • Boku no Gentoo
      Boku no Gentoo 2 months ago +27

      @Mark C the gist of what they're saying is the same, it's just full of profanity. At 6:40, what he's saying got translated to "the country is a mess, everything is a mess", but what he's actually saying is "they've pissed the nation away, they've pissed everything away"

    • Intercat
      Intercat 2 months ago +2

      That is a very interesting post. Yes, we on the outside miss an enormous amount of what happens from the Russian point of view. Maybe someday that will change. In the meantime, thank you for a glimpse through the window.

  • Anthony Richardson
    Anthony Richardson 2 months ago

    If Russia says they had -2% in GDP growth last year, the real number is probably closer to 5% to 6%. That is a MASSIVE recession. Starting in January this year, they are now running a budget deficit. Russia's economy is living on borrowed time.

  • Kpad Alldotablet100

    It is mystifying how Putin can even use the word, "illegitimate."

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 2 months ago

    I lived through the sanctions in Yugoslavia. Russia is not even close to experiencing the same level of suffering.

  • Rudy R
    Rudy R 2 months ago +418

    Vladimir's dream of becoming a hero has been shattered. Conquering Ukraine is no more a realistic scenario unless he wants to wipe it off the map. His villainous form slowly becoming more prominent even within Russia with every failure.

    • Stephen Hill
      Stephen Hill 2 months ago +61

      He would like to wipe it off the map, but he won't be able to. The Poles have already said they will deploy their forces in Ukraine if the Ukranians are in trouble, and the Polish army is quite impressive.

    • Bert Veening
      Bert Veening 2 months ago +52

      @Stephen Hill And the Poles have a serious dislike for ruSSian politics as well.

    • Dushman
      Dushman 2 months ago +29

      I'm just a bit worried what lengths Putin's ego will go to in order to protect his legacy.
      Putin is the kind of guy who would rather throw a temper tantrum and flip over the chessboard rather than lose with dignity because at least that way he can still say that he didn't lose. I'm slightly worried about him 'flipping the chessboard' on a global scale.

  • J. Curtis
    J. Curtis 2 months ago

    Very interesting work, thank you.

  • The SuperBike Tour
    The SuperBike Tour 2 months ago +80

    Imagine if they put the money to good use

    • ameerhamid89
      ameerhamid89 2 months ago +8

      That would be too much like hard work.

    • Be bestfamily
      Be bestfamily 2 months ago +5

      Like Yacht...

    • 02 Suradit Pengsaeng
      02 Suradit Pengsaeng 2 months ago

      Take seriously is every mobili no longer use rush instead brand new,
      but tank and missile doing same because they lack of electric chip (basically throw reverse stock out of picture)

    • Stacey Colangelo
      Stacey Colangelo 2 months ago +2

      They did. Russia just paid off their foreign debt by 21.1%, with a balance of $380.5 billion, the lowest since 2007. The inflation rate has drastically fallen from 17.8% in March last year, now down to 11%.

  • Mohammed Shaikul Islam
    Mohammed Shaikul Islam 2 months ago +24

    Beautiful analysis from a unique specialist!

  • dot straker
    dot straker 2 months ago

    praying for ukraine you will win god be with you

  • Tuck
    Tuck 2 months ago +36

    Not sure how much impact a music producer's opinion has on a country's policy

  • Molt
    Molt 2 months ago +2

    The Rosomok 8wd are a Finnish vehicle (Patria AMV) made by license in Poland.
    The vehicle have US made MK Bush master II gun and a 12,7mm VKM-B gun or a 1x40mm MK19.
    Secondary weapon the 7,62mm Nato UKM-2C.
    Engine are coming from Sweden Scania DI 12 Diesel 480 or 543hp.

    • Holland P
      Holland P 2 months ago

      Bushmaster are from Australia.

    • Molt
      Molt 2 months ago

      @Holland P
      The Bushmaster vehicle yes but not this weapon that are made in Navada

  • Sandy Bruce
    Sandy Bruce 2 months ago +86

    Country needs to collapse and rebuild with new value for life.

    • SpinDoctors Without Borders
      SpinDoctors Without Borders 2 months ago +9

      U must be referring to EU-crony.

    • Darx Kies
      Darx Kies 2 months ago +2

      That's the way.

    • Deer Jerky
      Deer Jerky 2 months ago +3

      So basically USSR 2.0 lol

    • SilverKitty
      SilverKitty 2 months ago +1

      it did that before when the soviet union collapsed it didn't work

    • Steelmor
      Steelmor 2 months ago +19

      @SilverKitty Worked well enough. Half USSR population got freedom and soverenity in their countries.

  • Arran Adams
    Arran Adams 2 months ago +9

    It’s always about the choices one makes - choices, choice, choices

  • Steve Euphrates-river
    Steve Euphrates-river 2 months ago +3

    Very good insights!

  • Harm64nov
    Harm64nov 2 months ago

    Sorry, but I just laughed out loud when the voice-over mentioned that ‘a turd of the budget…’ and do on😂😂

  • Steve Euphrates-river
    Steve Euphrates-river 2 months ago +5

    "Defense spending is a turd of the budget" ... most definitely!

    • Dave Berry
      Dave Berry 2 months ago

      You have to wonder how much of it ends up in actual military equipment or supplies after “filtering” 🤔

  • kilo_oh
    kilo_oh 2 months ago +1

    Them: Sanctions Russia
    Also them: Continues doing business with Russia..
    the hypocrisy is telling 😂😂

  • adstix
    adstix 2 months ago +274

    The two men in the leaked telephone call spoke the truth but they're now marked men waiting to "fall through a window"

    • judy weeks
      judy weeks 2 months ago +7

      Oh, what a pity, NOT. Notice how they bear absolutely no responsibility. The whole lot of them need to go.

    • WormholeJim
      WormholeJim 2 months ago +9

      Too obvious. Putin will have to endure them at least for a while. But they'll be isolated and closely monitored fro when the time is ripe, for sure.

    • 🌚U.H
      🌚U.H 2 months ago +5


    • Zorktx Andnand
      Zorktx Andnand 2 months ago +11

      They should be careful not to drink any ups of tea, and stay away from windows in tall buildings and what not.

  • 331SVTCobra
    331SVTCobra 2 months ago +46

    Putin to Kim Jong: "Comrade, I guess China is in charge of both our countries"
    KJ: "Wrong. China gave Russia to me. And call me 'Sir'".

  • Dylan Mcdonald
    Dylan Mcdonald 2 months ago +1

    I love how they say Russia is a Junior partner of China and then go on to say they will be highly dependent in the future😂 maybe not so Jr then.

  • Gredddfe
    Gredddfe 2 months ago

    "We need more domestic demand" they say to a nation in recession.

  • bigdada018
    bigdada018 2 months ago +71

    Blessings, peace and luck from California to Ukraine 🙏🙏✌🍀💙💛

  • Joseph Fisher
    Joseph Fisher 2 months ago +6

    I live in Ireland recently I had a discussion with a Russian lady she and her family do not support the war she is very conscious of what she writes on social media and what she says over the phone when she calls relitives in Russia for fear of reprisal.

  • William Tell
    William Tell 2 months ago +62

    Sanctions take time to work. But ztick with them and they do have effect.

    • Зая Ядерная
      Зая Ядерная 2 months ago +4

      and how much? I 'm waiting and waiting in Russia ... nothing happened .

    • Claudio Gioi
      Claudio Gioi 2 months ago

      ​@Зая Ядерная rebel, do not stay silent. Change won t happen by chance in Russia you know? 😊

    • Зая Ядерная
      Зая Ядерная 2 months ago +4

      @Claudio Gioi changes are underway in Russia now . and they are going for the better . people in Russia have hope .

    • Claudio Gioi
      Claudio Gioi 2 months ago +6

      @Зая Ядерная I really hope for that. Good to hear this, have a nice day 😉

  • Mike Glenn
    Mike Glenn 2 months ago +1

    Oil is their biggest export. They are only selling to China and India. This is at a discounted rate and not at the volume or price that Europe bought at. Factor the fact it has to be transported by ship and lack of infrastructure to support that means slim profit margins.

  • Mark Plain
    Mark Plain 2 months ago +19

    The formula for economic meltdown is simple:
    1. Negative GDP growth
    2. double digit inflation
    3. No access to sizeable foreign loans to restructure your economy

    • Gary Anthony
      Gary Anthony 2 months ago +8

      Sounds like exactly the situation in the U.K.

    • Fernando Girard
      Fernando Girard 2 months ago

      @Gary Anthony Yes, russian GDP is better than UK. Thank you, brexit.

    • Mark Plain
      Mark Plain Month ago

      @Gary Anthony You did read number 3 right?

  • AK
    AK 2 months ago +2

    The impact of the sanctions might be too late to have much impact on the battlefield, however if the effect is increasing they could be an important leverage during negotiations after Ukrainian victory.

  • rolopolo66
    rolopolo66 2 months ago +7

    DW’s reporting is excellent.

  • 7thsealord
    7thsealord Month ago

    On Russia - China, it is worth noting that the histories of either country tends to be pretty awful as regards the other. If China is engaged with Russia, it is solely for whatever China can extract out of Russia - anything they "give" to Russia will have a hefty price tag attached.

  • Susan prentice
    Susan prentice 2 months ago +34

    Surely someone with enough guts can get rid of this awful man!

    • Élisabeth Perrin
      Élisabeth Perrin 2 months ago +7

      Not one single Stoltenberg in all the country. Lots of cowards.

    • Dave Berry
      Dave Berry 2 months ago +1

      What about his cronies too 🤔

    • Iamkcs2c
      Iamkcs2c 2 months ago +1

      I think people might be locked up because they worry Door B is unknown, and might be worse.

    • Stacey Colangelo
      Stacey Colangelo 2 months ago


    • TohelpLookup United24
      TohelpLookup United24 2 months ago +1

      We can only hope for that.

  • Torben Larsen
    Torben Larsen 2 months ago +237

    DW, don't forget to mention ECCO shoes, Carlsberg beer, ROCKWOOL, and many other big companies that still cooperate with Putin.
    Pls make a program about all those companies, so we know who we shall boycott.

    • miss ano
      miss ano 2 months ago +8

      I thought ExxonMobil bailed on the Sakhalin project

    • Jeanne Knight
      Jeanne Knight 2 months ago +5

      @miss ano It did abandon it as reported by Reuters because of sanctions.

    • Torben Larsen
      Torben Larsen 2 months ago +7

      @miss ano Sorry 😞 I made a mistake. ExxonMobil is out of Russia.

  • Wombat1414
    Wombat1414 2 months ago +3

    Russia has relatively small economy roughly the same size as the Australian economy.
    The combined economies of NATO countries is huge compared to the Russian economy, in fact 25 times bigger. And that's before taking into account non-NATO countries that are significantlt supporting Ukraine such a Australia, Finland, Sweeden, South Korea, etc, etc.
    If Russia spent 100% economy on my military expedition to match it NATO countries would only need to spend less than 4% of their GDP on military expenditure.

  • korbell
    korbell 2 months ago

    "What we need is a short victorious war!" ~Putin February 2022,Possibly

  • asynchronicity
    asynchronicity 2 months ago +42

    The Russian population generally prides itself on its ability to sacrifice and suffer for "The Motherland" (the Kremlin)

    • Tipsy Penguin
      Tipsy Penguin 2 months ago +18

      and they often equate respect with ability to destroy. Not with ability to create

    • mudshovel 289
      mudshovel 289 2 months ago +7

      But are they suffering for the motherland? Did anyone attack the motherland? Or did Putin start a war with someone else who Russians considered brothers? Russia withdrew from Afghanistan. They withdrew from Chechnya the first time. Russians didn’t go into Stalingrad mode then….because they were never under threat like in WW2.

    • Laird Dougal
      Laird Dougal 2 months ago +3

      The Russian oligarchs generally pride themselves on their ability to stay well away from the frontlines.

  • Joe O'Neill
    Joe O'Neill 2 months ago +207

    His house of cards is falling. They always do, eventually.

    • NLTops
      NLTops 2 months ago +39

      天月🌚 Don't be silly. Protests are normal in Europe. There's always someone who wants something. Russia's economy is about as big as Spain's. All of NATO's economy is far stronger than Russia's. We will be fine.

    • NLTops
      NLTops 2 months ago +31

      天月🌚 30 Euros a month. 🤣 Is that a lot to you?

    • Goprof150
      Goprof150 2 months ago +29

      @UkrobotsImagine if Russians could protest without facing the death penalty.

    • Goprof150
      Goprof150 2 months ago +18

      @UkrobotsHe’s got that good American LPG gas so his energy bill should be fine. Cope with it!

  • Williams Unltd
    Williams Unltd 2 months ago +5

    We love you, beautiful lady .
    You are amazing.
    Well done.
    Glory to Ukraine.

  • ThinkingAroundTheBox
    ThinkingAroundTheBox 2 months ago

    The real question is how long will Russia be able to purchase sanctioned good through cut outs in countries that didn't sign on to the sanctions
    At some point secondary sanctions will be needed to punish those countries that are serving as a clearing house for Russia

    • Cobrastethic
      Cobrastethic 2 months ago

      ☝️☝️tell him I referred you to him for a business investment that will change your financial life...

    • Steve Procter
      Steve Procter 2 months ago

      Secondary sanctions will never happen because there are so many EU companies still operating and, in some cases such as Auchan, expanding. The EU needs to get its own house in order first.

  • Greg K
    Greg K 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the calm analysis.

  • Mini Max, Mia and me.
    Mini Max, Mia and me. 2 months ago +36

    They would have to put the rest of the world in jail for criticizing the Russian army, that is our favourite pastime. 🇨🇦

  • Doug Kueber
    Doug Kueber 2 months ago +8

    Good to see...Go Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Sujoy Banerjee
    Sujoy Banerjee 2 months ago +115

    Dictators be like: "Its causing pain but I am sure my people are in sync with my dreams" 😂😂😂

    • harmless
      harmless 2 months ago +33

      To paraphrase Lord Farquaad from Shrek: "Many of you are going to suffer, but that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make."

    • SpinDoctors Without Borders
      SpinDoctors Without Borders 2 months ago

      ​@alexander cab and much of NATO countries too.

    • хорошая жизнь
      хорошая жизнь 2 months ago

      Especially if a phrase is taken out of context or the translation is incorrect due to the difficulties of translation. Since the Russian language is considered the second international language in terms of complexity after Chinese.

    • Jonathan Bowen
      Jonathan Bowen 2 months ago +15

      @SpinDoctors Without Borders Not really. NATO is reducing Ukraine's suffering.

  • Enric Martinez
    Enric Martinez 2 months ago +3

    "we need to increase domestic demand"
    A bit difficult with a good part of the masculine population at the front or in exile.
    When you or your partner is in danger of being mobilized, I am sure that buying a new car, house or renewing the kitchen will not be exactly at the top of your list of priorites.
    So, good luck with that Vladimir Einstein

    • Jukelo
      Jukelo 2 months ago

      Unsurprisingly the published figures for tax revenue from VAT in Russia took a nose dive.

  • John Francisco
    John Francisco 2 months ago

    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Konstantina Valentina
    Konstantina Valentina 2 months ago +2

    I think Western nations should be significantly more aggressive at property seizure when it comes to Russian oligarchs and associations that profit Russian oligarchs.
    Seize all the yachts, homes, bank accounts, and liquidate them. If there's not a law in place that allows this in the EU country in question, then, make new laws to allow it.
    Seize their companies too and put all the revenue/profits toward benefitting Ukraine.

  • DarkShroom
    DarkShroom 2 months ago

    it's a big problem there, it's a big problem here, we need to sort this
    we were both forced, accept this... next we ned to move on we will sort this together with the russain people, it is gonna take a year or so but we will return the world to balance, we will move on from this.... we don't need the whole world to suffer from this, there are even people in some parts of the world that really relied on our freindship.... now we have all seen how important our partnership is we need to TRY and take the next step.... god bless you Russia

  • SirRainis
    SirRainis 2 months ago +5

    But a few weeks ago DW reported also at least couple times I remember how sanctions don't work on Russia,changing narrative like weather.

  • Darrell May
    Darrell May Month ago

    War is not a solution to any situation that may seem to be correct for the aggressive country. Intimidation or force at this time in our World's History would be in vain as each country wants to make it's own choices and Laws as to their needs, not for the need of it's neighbors wants and desires!, if the non- violent country has not displayed any aggression to the aggressive country in question, then it must be respected as such to make it's own Laws and choices for it's own future!,✨

  • george caspira
    george caspira 2 months ago

    Japan just agreed to buy Russian energy above cap price in Rubles. Other countries are trading energy in their own currencies as western banks are crashing.

  • Pradeep Sao
    Pradeep Sao 2 months ago +3


  • Richard
    Richard 2 months ago +1

    Made the historic mistake of military engagement . NEVER underestimate your enemy !