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Hear what experts think about a compromise to end Putin's war in Ukraine

  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter, Carl Bildt and Kishore Mahbubani discuss the decision to send tanks to Ukraine and what it will take to end Putin's invasion of Ukraine. #CNN #news

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  • Marcha Thomas
    Marcha Thomas 2 months ago +747

    Any compromise is a reward for aggression. The end state MUST be removal of the invader's forces from the victim's territories and some compensatory consequences. Anything short of that is either rewarding aggression or at minimum non-consequence.

    • James Ng
      James Ng Month ago

      @Gabersonn Oi Precisely - if the West does not want to reward Russia then the battlefield will. The battlefield already gave them Crimea and the Donbass.

  • Nerve Chews
    Nerve Chews 2 months ago +21

    Thank you for assembling a panel of experts to state the patently obvious.

    • Nerve Chews
      Nerve Chews Month ago +1

      @RuLeZ1988 you know, you're right! I'll start running more things by RuLez1988! You should charge ppl to imbibe your wisdom! Thank you a million times! Maybe I should become a gamer like you too, you know, really valuing that important stuff!

    • RuLeZ1988
      RuLeZ1988 Month ago

      @Nerve Chews And yet you have invested all this time here to comment over all this. Maybe you should start to revalue what is really important for you in life instead of repeatedly complaining over these non-significant things.

    • Nerve Chews
      Nerve Chews Month ago

      @RuLeZ1988 nothing. It was a waste of time, like this.

    • RuLeZ1988
      RuLeZ1988 Month ago

      @Nerve Chews But there is no more to say about this topic of how or when the war will end. What more should have been said there?

  • Jon Nelson
    Jon Nelson 2 months ago +210

    So I guess a compromise would be sort of like if a burglar enters your house and you settle for the burglar to only take a third of your stuff versus all of your stuff.

    • Fossil Draws
      Fossil Draws Month ago

      @Erien Yagar the expressing "nothing to lose" means you're so desperate that even if you lose you won't be any worse off... so, that's pretty accurate for russia.
      Failed nation.

  • Frankie Hernandez
    Frankie Hernandez Month ago +38

    All power to Ukraine God Bless You!!!

  • Humble Driver
    Humble Driver 2 months ago +30

    A Tribute to Ukraine
    The Fight
    Where were you
    when the walls came crumbling down.
    Fearing for our lives
    In our home towns.
    Where children once played
    Laughter was everywhere
    We now find graves
    Seems like only...we care.
    But now,
    We're standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.
    And now,
    We're standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation's soul.
    Instrumental 🎶
    If we lose.
    If this was our last fight.
    I promise you
    We didn't run and hide.
    Only one way to live
    Head high and full of pride
    What we would give
    Our blood and tears we cried.
    But now,
    We're standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.
    And now,
    We're standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation's soul.
    Instrumental 🎶
    A burst of lightning
    coming from the morning sky
    confuses all
    We will not run and hide.
    But now,
    We're standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.
    And now,
    We're standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation's.....
    And then,
    There's one thing that remains.
    Fight until the death
    Fight for our Ukraine.
    But now,
    Our prayers were not met
    By those who stood by
    By those who would forget. .
    By Humble Driver
    thank you for reading humble poem ❤️ 🙏 and if you are interested in song please go to Humble Driver Clip-Share

    • Blake Hansen
      Blake Hansen Month ago

      A burst of lightning? Lol

    • may _
      may _ Month ago +1

      @Humble Driver You're a kind man. The song is wonderful. I think you should make a record.

    • Original OG
      Original OG Month ago


    • Be OMC
      Be OMC Month ago +1

      @Humble Driver It's a nice thought but don't forget the struggle of the ethnic minorities within Ukraine that have suffered at the hands of the Ukrainian majority for years. There are innocent people everywhere but Ukraine is an extremely corrupt, failed state that need to be liberated. I don't like the idea of framing them as virtuous victims. Legitimate victims notwithstanding.

    MARK RATTENBURY 2 months ago +32

    "Why" compromise.. "NO TO ANY COMPROMISE"! GO UKRAINE♥..YOU ROCK!

      MARK RATTENBURY Month ago

      @EnixWord 🤣yes i think they ROCK! GLORY TO UKRAINE😁

    • garufia
      garufia Month ago

      @EnixWord Yes currently about 20%. So what is not true?

  • Lukas and isaak time
    Lukas and isaak time 2 months ago +466

    Man, I respect these diplomats and their experiences and education, but Putin has said many, many times that he does not recognize Ukraine as a sovereign country - they essentially don't exist. If Putin sees Ukraine as a non-country, non-people, he is going to continue pushing ahead with his campaign until either he wins or he is defeated. That is it.

  • Leif Harmsen
    Leif Harmsen 2 months ago +107

    The sooner Russia realizes that it has to lose the better.

    • garufia
      garufia 16 days ago

      @Sam Gibson It is that both sides probably see this as a way to wear each other down, well at least the Russians do. But at some point the Russians will run out of criminals to throw into the meat grinder, then what? They do still have allot man power in in their country, but so far it is that vs superior weapons and properly equipped Ukrainians. Quantity in men vs quality across the board for the Ukrainian side.

    • Sam Gibson
      Sam Gibson 16 days ago +1

      "taking back" a steaming pile of rubble is hardly a win

    • garufia
      garufia Month ago

      Agreed. We need to speed up getting equipment to them. They have shown that they will fight.

    • Boy Weterings
      Boy Weterings Month ago


    • James Ng
      James Ng Month ago

      @RuLeZ1988 I think it is highly unlikely that Ukraine will ever take back the Donbass much less Crimea. A US general even said so recently. But it is not impossible so we'll have to see.

  • Niclas Horn
    Niclas Horn 2 months ago +4

    A compromise between Russia and Ukraine is not an issue, it just shows that the countries talking about it want to have good relations with Russia and be able to do business with Russia after the war.
    They don't care about Ukraine and their right to their own territory.
    What the Indian expert says is for India's good for the future. not for the good of Ukraine and their right to their lands invaded by Russia since 2014.

    • Sam Gibson
      Sam Gibson 16 days ago

      No reason for Russia to compromise

  • ikm64
    ikm64 2 months ago +12

    I've heard of the concept...
    But for the life of me... I can't remember the last time it was used in a conflict.

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas 2 months ago +62

    THREE CHEERS FOR THE USA, FOR PRESIDENT BIDEN, FOR THE UK, GERMANY and all the other countries who support Ukraine's noble cause.

    • Beebscalicor -
      Beebscalicor - Month ago

      @BigDaddyG "Us americans" with 7 likes?? Haha. . You aren't from America, you are one of the comment supporters working in one of IRA offices in Russia, told to pose as westerners who don't support Ukraine. The overwhelming majhority of Americans aboslutely support Ukraine. Look at Zelenksy's reception at the Congress when he visited. Those are our representatives. They answer to us in our states and cities. That reception is how we feel about Ukraine, and their aid was unanimosuly voted, we protested to get them that aid, bc of Budapest. You are not from the west. Sorry, I'm calling you out.

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      And remember Poland and the Baltic States. They've been tireless too, and with good reason.

    • Marwan mostafa
      Marwan mostafa Month ago

      @BigDaddyG finally a reality grounded American .

    • BigDaddyG
      BigDaddyG Month ago

      @Don Woodward okay sheep. 🐑

  • iforgot2fly
    iforgot2fly 2 months ago +4

    War never changes. The objectives, the rationale, the people, and the mission all change but war... War never changes.

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      It does, it changes for worse by and large. Compare what Napoleon could do with what Hitler could do, and Putin can do...

  • Cornelius Squalls
    Cornelius Squalls 2 months ago +329

    I find it unimaginable that any one of your guest would negotiate with a man that has invaded their country and committed war crimes against their people! So, to think that Ukraine would is ridiculous! Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    • Eugene Kaptur
      Eugene Kaptur Month ago +1

      Well you have to remember, he's an Indian, he comes from a country which hasn't WON a "real" WAR in centuries!

    • Edward Vakhovsky
      Edward Vakhovsky Month ago +1

      Slava Rossii!

    • Human Beings R Thinking Beings
      Human Beings R Thinking Beings 2 months ago +1

      Mind Begs the Question:
      If those once expelled from their Homes
      Expel others from their Homes
      Following on footsteps of their Oppressors,No?

  • Cariad42
    Cariad42 2 months ago +13

    I feel sorry for the Brits, they were the first ones to promise tanks to Ukraine yet US and German media seem to have forgotten about this completely ... I guess they don't like coming second. 🙄

  • Ricky
    Ricky 2 months ago +9

    It’s better not to tell the enemy what equipment we use, when to use, where to use.

  • Jake R
    Jake R 2 months ago +25

    0:21 This piece totally ignores the fact that it was the UK who was first to declare they were sending tanks to Ukraine. Likely in an attempt to break the deadlock and laying a path for other nations to follow. That seems to have worked.

    • Jake R
      Jake R Month ago

      ​@Thomas Ludwig Kelley It's important because someone had to break the deadlock and lead the way. It's crucial for Ukraine to get modern main battle tanks into the country as soon as possible for the upcoming Russian offensive.

    • Thomas Ludwig Kelley
      Thomas Ludwig Kelley Month ago +1

      WTF is important who was "FIRST" or LAST , this is not na Hit-Parade or a car-race........

    • 1amelka
      1amelka Month ago +5

      This peace also ignores that Poland on top of 250 soviet era tanks and dozens of howitzers is sending 14 leopard 2 tanks although it is a much poorer country than Germany. You can only count on The U.S. and U.K. France and Germany are too politically and financially connected with Russia.

  • Jane Bishop
    Jane Bishop 2 months ago +27

    So what that gentleman was saying is that India, China and and a large number of African countries are keeping Putin afloat. We need to examine who we think our friends are.

      LIZZYinTHECUT Month ago +1

      ​@Les Vampyres that would actually be better for the world, the US should leave all their bases and pack up and leave and also take their money and not spend one singel dollar as aid

  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray 2 months ago +13

    "Stalemate on the ground?" It's winter everyone was aware that there would be a lull in the fighting during the winter months. This has been a characteristic of warfare since time began especially in arears of the world where the winter weather is sever

    • Mackmallable
      Mackmallable 2 months ago

      From the American revolutionary war to WW2 winter campaigns have not only been present but also extremely important. Not sure what "lull" since time began your speaking of

  • IBACb
    IBACb 2 months ago +641

    The argument that "a majority of the world population" supports political compromise is meaningless, since a significant portion of that figure lives under totalitarian regimes like china, iran, north korea, where popular opinion is whatever the ruling regime says it is.

    • Shawn Mendenall
      Shawn Mendenall Month ago

      @Dake Dakinson wanting the war to end and ceding to Russia are not the same thing. Russia has the option to leave. Are you going to force Ukraine to stop fighting an invader?

    • Rob Milstein
      Rob Milstein Month ago

      @eksiarvamus that the majority of Ukraine does not want to end the war with Russian gains. Probably most are still behind the war on an emotional level given the terrible losses. Given that the gains are from mostly breakaway regions

    • S B
      S B 2 months ago

      @Bonnie yes for one year

    • eksiarvamus
      eksiarvamus 2 months ago

      @Rob Milstein Know what?

    • Lenny Laserdisk
      Lenny Laserdisk 2 months ago

      @Helen R happy to have a debate with you about anything that I have said and back it up with references! Just let me know what exactly it is that you disagree with?

  • Alex V
    Alex V Month ago

    God bless you all who support Ukraine. Never bow to sick dictators. Slava Ukraine from Hungary. Glory to the heroes of Ukraine. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Christopher Acevedo
    Christopher Acevedo 2 months ago +7

    As a American i want us to help Ukraine with everything we have. They are getting our old weapons that we don't want anymore I want us to really help them give them the good stuff. Russia is evil this war is so stupid russia was never in danger of being attacked. So sad what has happened.

  • SuperJammygit
    SuperJammygit 2 months ago +78

    No one man should have this much power over the world

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton Month ago

      @MrWyler Tyler I don't think so. Tell me, who does Putin answer to?

  • Thersa Williamson
    Thersa Williamson 2 months ago +34

    This is a decisive moment in this war and the world must rally around Ukraine even more strongly by providing it with tanks and other heavy equipment. Every doubt is a chance for Russia

    • Blake Hansen
      Blake Hansen Month ago +1

      @Alberto Nunez and quick, we’re gonna do it anyways. Let’s get it over with!

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      It's more complicated than that. What Ukraine really lacks now is Infantry, and the problem will worsen. It will worsen to Russia too, but not to the same critical level and that is the real problem. Frankly, I see no chance for Ukraine to win at the long run unless NATO is committed. Just armament by itself will not do miracles; the Wehrmacht had plenty of armament in 1944 too, when production peaked, but not enough manpower. And any armament needs skilled manpower anyway. If NATO will join the fight or not is yet to be seen. It depends very much on the Russians, actually. The more they approach the Polish border, the more likely it will be for NATO to react. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Poland suddenly joining the fight, eventually dragging all NATO behind. And no one should criticise them for that.

    • Alberto Nunez
      Alberto Nunez Month ago +1

      And everything else that Urkaine is asking for

  • V. T.
    V. T. 2 months ago +10

    This is exactly the reaction that I expected from Kishore. From what I have read from him, he's always very pro-China and talks non stop about the demise of the West, so no big surprise here!

  • Anthony Hulse
    Anthony Hulse 2 months ago +317

    It doesn’t matter what the so-called experts say. The decision is Ukraine’s alone. Our duty is to help them.

    • Me T
      Me T Month ago

      @David Guan I believe that something happened in your life that made you so bitter. Anyway , I wish you all the best and great health to you and your family .
      Take care of yourself and stay out of trouble .

    • Me T
      Me T Month ago

      @David Guan Don’t feel sorry for Russian people . They had , have and will have their Tchaikovsky , Pushkin and many more great people, as well as their amazing country with rich history and strong traditions.
      Put on your bucket list to visit Russia - you will be very surprised, talk to people, maybe than you will get through your understanding about this amazing country 💯❤️

    • John Densmore
      John Densmore Month ago

      @Bill Pardew = 🤡

  • Lost Pony
    Lost Pony 2 months ago +43

    Compromise: if putin stops breathing, we will allow him to stop breathing. Generous imo

    • Li Hua
      Li Hua Month ago +1

      he clearly has a higher life expectancy than putler

    • Edward Vakhovsky
      Edward Vakhovsky Month ago +1

      Same about you

  • Артем Савченко

    Думаю всем очевидно кто победит, поэтому ждём окончательной победы и мира

  • Theresa Santiago
    Theresa Santiago 2 months ago +2

    Victory to Ukraine.

  • Truth and Freedom
    Truth and Freedom 2 months ago

    Politicians can't ever decide if they really want to win or not. Do what it takes to win or get out. Drip, Drip Drip and it drags on indefinitely.

  • corndog411
    corndog411 2 months ago

    There will always be good versus evil

  • GB
    GB 2 months ago +204

    "The exit of Russian troops from Ukraine was the only way for “peace to have a chance in the region”, Scholz said on Wednesday

    • GB
      GB Month ago +1

      @Eugene Kaptur exactly. it's going to be a bumper crop come this spring for Ukrainian farmers 👨‍🌾

    • GB
      GB Month ago

      @K Th but america left

    • M Zakharova
      M Zakharova Month ago

      how abotu wasahing machine, any story on washing machine.

  • 56kof
    56kof 2 months ago +8

    The question on negotiaions is kind of strange - Putin has to get out of Ukraine and then pay for the destructions he is guilty of. Mahbubani´s take on this, shows a lack of democratic understanding. The freedom of the Ukrainian people is important to the democratic world. It is impossible for Europe to let Putin win anything by aggression.

    • 56kof
      56kof Month ago +1

      I would like to know where you get your info, in what country your news and history is published. I´m Scandinavian and have studied Russian and Ukrainian history from free and non-political sources. Your name indicates one of the former Yugoslavian countries. I did travel a lot in the costal areas there in the mid seventies

    • 56kof
      56kof Month ago +1

      @tripko tripkovic Again - read history - The sovjet Union collapsed/imploded due to their costly war in Afghanistan, political plain stupidness and corruption. The reason Sovjet broke up was bad gouverning -

    • tripko tripkovic
      tripko tripkovic Month ago

      @56kof Everyone is looking for an excuse and making accusations, while the world is heading towards global war. From my point of view and thinking today, the Nazis did not lose WW2, the current borders of the world are the same as they were in 1945.

    • 56kof
      56kof 2 months ago +1

      @tripko tripkovic "Whataboutism" is an rehersal for those who does not read history and free press. Those countries you are mentioning has been heavily supported by western countries for years. The wars of Irak and Libya should never had happened. Besides that - "I -we" have done nothing to harm Russia. It was sovereign nations securing their freedom, that made Putin nervous. In the last 30 years Russia has acted like a bully, and have been involved in at least 8 wars. Criminal activity by Wagner Group in Africa not mentioned.

  • Betty Siemens
    Betty Siemens 2 months ago +3

    It's dumbfounding to hear "expert" diplomats and newspeople continue to talk about "negotiating" with a narcissist. Even Sam Vaknin would consider that absolutely ridiculous. 🇨🇦

  • Henrik Madsen
    Henrik Madsen Month ago

    Simple. No compromise. EVER!

  • David Warren
    David Warren 2 months ago +81

    Anyone who favors a 'compromise' with an invader is just admitting that they, themselves, would give up a chunk of their country (including the enslavement of their countrymen that live there), to an aggressor who invaded their homeland.

    • Evan Giles
      Evan Giles Month ago

      Well you think that's bad look up the Brisbane line - Its was called that because it was basically a trace of the Capricorn line that bisects our country - Winston Churchill and our stupid tory loving PM decided that they would give everything above that line to the Japanese if by chance they actually managed to invade Australia
      Fortunately we had a change of government in 1942 and the GG at the time probably ingest told our PM that he was in fact the C in C of our armed forces and could do what he liked - So he ordered two Australian warships to turned to towards Port Moresby much to churchills annoyance - These ships off loaded at Milne Bay - 2 battalions of army reservists and 1 regular army australian battalion promptly shoved the Japanese off the island
      Milne Bay was the first time the Japanese advance had been stopped in the Pacific and the first actual defeat of the Japanese

    • Lalnunzuala Darlong
      Lalnunzuala Darlong Month ago

      @David Warren well, you have every right to defend but I simply thought sometime wise calculation is necessary

  • Peter Marshall
    Peter Marshall 2 months ago +6

    Looking back at the 1997 Friendship Treaty, it has been broken by Russia how can you negotiate with them ?

  • m
    m 2 months ago +159

    "Compromise"? Like what‽ Like letting him just take 15% of the country, the most critical 15% that contains all of Ukraine's massive LNG deposits in the Black Sea as well choking off their import/export by land-locking them? 🤨 Did people say that Czechoslovakia should have "compromised" when the Sudetenland was stolen from them or Austria should've "compromised" after the Anschluß? 😒

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      plus there is no guarantee that Putin will not repeat his aggression in a few years

    • Дмитрий Свергин
      Дмитрий Свергин 2 months ago

      @Kieran Murphy The issue of gas and gasoline can be solved from an unexpected side. It will be funny if on the threshold of a nuclear war, Europeans will worry first of all. Where will they get gas and gasoline after everything is over? The problem with gas can be solved solely at the expense of nuclear energy.

    • Frank B
      Frank B 2 months ago

      Well he's already taken it so tough luck. 🤡

    • Antonis Apostolou
      Antonis Apostolou 2 months ago

      Actually when the nazis annexed Czechoslovakia and Austria the world didn't give a f*ck! It's only when Poland was invaded that they began to mobilize. And yes both countries did compromise, Austrians even welcomed them.

  • raytrevor1
    raytrevor1 2 months ago +21

    Russia retreating to its own borders and then Ukraine not invading Russia would be a huge compromise in itself after what Russia has done to Ukraine. That is all anyone should even think about. And Russia should be very thankful for that.

  • Heavy Distortion
    Heavy Distortion 2 months ago +2

    Experts. Big opinions. Asking Ukraine to agree to something they would never agree to. Incidentally, Putin is losing.

  • Jamil Sabga
    Jamil Sabga Month ago +2

    Will all this bombing and weaponry damage their precious farmland? Ukraine exports, so I have heard, quite a lot of produce. Hopefully, this will not get into the precious farmland soil, in any way that could cause damage to good crops. We all value the food chain and would not want anything to damage this. When you get down to the bottom line, throwing everything aside, we do love one another. But we want what we want, and that is human nature. We have to remember long term effects and what the outcome will be, and that is very difficult. God Bless.

    • Eugene Kaptur
      Eugene Kaptur Month ago

      Actually the NITRATES from explosives and the COMPOST from decaying bodies DOES enrich the soil....but what they have to WORRY about are the unexploded munitions and land mines!

  • Lord Fluffykinz
    Lord Fluffykinz 2 months ago +3

    Remember that this whole thing is about the question if larger countries can tell smaller countries what to do or who to be.
    So yeah, the experts can go to hell.

  • Katy Newt
    Katy Newt 2 months ago +2

    It's easy to give up someone else's land and people...

  • onehit pick
    onehit pick 2 months ago +40

    For Russia, they do they opposite of what they say months ahead of time. For the West, they announce what they're going to do months ahead of time. If I were fighting a war, I would do something new and completely unexpected, like tanks suddenly appearing two months ago out of nowhere, with no announcements.

    • Theodore042
      Theodore042 Month ago

      No both sides are utilizing the exact right strategy for their end goals. Putin wants military objectives so he is communicating like a military leader. NATO has political objectives so they are communication as political leaders.

    • slavi pasic
      slavi pasic 2 months ago +5

      yes 100% yes!!! The countries who supply arms, should shut up already about their plans! Surprises are the best action.

    • James Doeberling
      James Doeberling 2 months ago +4

      agree 100%

    • Shawn Murray
      Shawn Murray 2 months ago +7

      I keep waiting for them to show up now, surely there are Ukrainians who have been training on them all this time, and hopefully the F16s I hope they get. Leak to the press that it’ll take months & then get them in there asap to blow some holes in the frontlines.

  • Old Quaker
    Old Quaker 2 months ago +19

    Innocent children have died for no reason and some think that Ukraine should just concede part of its territory to the murderers.
    It's incredible the world we live in!!!

  • Mark Olson
    Mark Olson 2 months ago +6

    Victory for Ukraine! 🇺🇦

  • Kim Local Food
    Kim Local Food 2 months ago

    God bless them

  • Johann Johann
    Johann Johann 2 months ago +2

    When Russia started this war I thought Ukraine should not settle one acre of land with Russia. However, a year later and the destruction and needless death that Ukraine has suffered has reached a boiling point. I think if it were to create a cease fire Ukraine should offer Russia Crimea as a settlement. But "only" Crimea. It would isolate Russia, and make it easy to keep an eye on their fleet (what's left of it) and there is no way Russia can use Crimea as a launching point to attack other countries. NATO could basically squeeze Russia and make sure any further attacks against Ukraine would be near impossible due to the defensive and offensive military equipment right across the bridge from Crimea. I know this is kinda moot point at this point of the war, but Putin did walk into Crimea without hardly a shot fired I thought. Completely opposite of Russia's invasion into the rest of Ukraine. And Ukraine can charge Russia whatever it likes to supply Crimea with the water it needs to help pay back for all the destruction. But isolating Russia so they have no wiggle room to start any more conflict is the real key. But, I may be wrong with this idea, I just hate seeing any more Ukraine civilians suffer because Russia sucks. Actually, I think there is no real point (never was) to this war after a year and Russia hasn't achieved anything but the slaughter of civilians both Ukrainian and Russian, and blow up a bunch of shit. Did I mention Russia sucks?.

  • TTK Teach The Kids
    TTK Teach The Kids 2 months ago +3

    I wish Ukraine have Peace😌

  • Rev. Wayne T. O'Leary
    Rev. Wayne T. O'Leary 2 months ago +188

    Do you compremise with a school bully? Do you compremise with a murderer? Justice has to come at some point.

    • Fish&Hunt
      Fish&Hunt Month ago

      Sure you do buddy 😂

    • YoungJudah02
      YoungJudah02 2 months ago

      @Fish&Hunt did russia receive almost 10 billion dollars worth of weapons and resources from half the world?

  • @PrettyPink🌸
    @PrettyPink🌸 2 months ago

    I'm curious, how are the tanks transported to Europe? Plane or ship? Go Ukraine go🤛

  • jacqueline schael
    jacqueline schael Month ago +1

    The last one said it all: nothing new. All we can count on now is for the unexpected which usually precedes any speculation.

  • MrE
    MrE Month ago +1

    How can one compromise with EVIL?

  • PS2
    PS2 2 months ago

    A news interview is always a good opportunity to promote your own books (see background) 😄.

  • Vivo Y20
    Vivo Y20 2 months ago +1

    Expert think and expert analysis is very different thing

  • WJ_Smith
    WJ_Smith 2 months ago +327

    Just as Adolph's troops were being routed he kept issuing orders that forbade organized retreats, armies should keep their positions at all costs. As the Allied troops were crossing the borders and the Nazis were desperately recruiting teenagers and older folk, he is on record saying that if the people failed at defending the Fatherland, he would not shed a tear for them.
    Authoritarians are not interested in compromises, they see it as an abhorrent weakness. It is a historical fact that dictators will fight to the last bullet. Unfortunately, this is where we are now.

    • Guillermo Elenes
      Guillermo Elenes Month ago

      @Zack C Whatabout is called comparing and it's a valid rethort. It shows you have no moral superiority in the argument.

    • Zack C
      Zack C Month ago

      @Guillermo Elenes whatabout whatabout whatabout

    • Marshall Mintz
      Marshall Mintz Month ago

      @LIZZYinTHECUT Maybe so.....but one is working within the boundaries of their own Country and one is not.

    • Kuhler Mensch Ja
      Kuhler Mensch Ja Month ago

      And what about the war in Bosnia in 1992?!!!
      Bosnia had been attacked by Croatia and Serbia and response from Western and America was: no right for Bosnia to self-defense and since Bosnia has almost liberated itself from both aggressors, then half of the country was given to Serbian aggressors as a reward for war crimes in Bosnia. Why is Russian aggression so wrong and Serbian and Croatian aggression were backed by the West and America? Crime is crime right???? Sorry, but no! It depends on who the inveder is...

  • Audra Klein
    Audra Klein 2 months ago +2

    Fierce battles are taking place at the front right now, so we need to increase Ukraine's military potential for future victory!

  • Олександр Докукін

    "german tanks will once again fight russia" is such a weird thing to say. It's like people forget what Soviet union was.

  • Rubin Turner
    Rubin Turner 2 months ago

    any compromise made by russia in this scenario is a defeat for them, period. why? because...they thought they would crush them outright and they were in for a fight so i'm impressed by ukraine lost quite a bit but held strong against the sheer size of the russia fleet in general.

  • Jeff Perteet
    Jeff Perteet 2 months ago

    I'm no psychiatrist, but Biden's adviser on Putin should really have a knack for dealing with psychopathy similar to Anton Syghur type characters

  • Kristian Johannes Andresen

    No compromise. Full retreat!!!

  • James Boland
    James Boland 2 months ago +20

    Happy birthday.. glory and Victory to Ukraine

    • Elo 4711
      Elo 4711 2 months ago


  • Sasha Dala
    Sasha Dala 2 months ago +2

    This is one of those NATO-ain't-falling-apart stories, which it is.

  • Andy Woohoo
    Andy Woohoo 2 months ago

    Ukraine have made it clear that there are no compromise or deal to be made other then that Russia leave all of Ukrainian territory as of 1991's borders and that is all that counts. We in the West should sen all the help we can, Ukraine fight for the democratic countries of the West and we do not lose people they do.

  • Rangerr D
    Rangerr D 2 months ago

    Easy to scoff at a compromise when you're not threatened

  • Andrew Mays
    Andrew Mays Month ago

    Total victory for Ukraine is the only option!!!!!😇

  • Hassan Hisham
    Hassan Hisham 2 months ago +10

    Let's Pray for the War to End

    • stehlik
      stehlik Month ago

      like that would ever help.

  • AgentX
    AgentX 2 months ago +103

    The Singaporean diplomat is really a piece of work. That thing of a country is the most vulnerable territory in whole of Asia. He should be totally against Russia as a principle of the ensuring Singapore’s national sovereignty for what’s it worth to the Chinese or Malays.

    • Phill McKill
      Phill McKill 2 months ago +1

      @James Smith and I don't agree with that either .

    • James Smith
      James Smith 2 months ago +2

      @Phill McKill You said "no one has the right to tell another country to compromise it's boarders" but that's exactly what the US/EU/NATO are doing with Serbia an Kosovo, Putin said he was gonna do the same.

    • Phill McKill
      Phill McKill 2 months ago +1

      @Willynn Mcl well Singapore should mind their own business and just worry about their own future or maybe they'd like to become part of China

  • Henry
    Henry Month ago +1

    This world just needs peace 🕊️.

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      @Eugene Kaptur exactly. Our world is a building, ruined by a few tenants that keep bullying all the others and make life in that building almost unbearable.

    • Eugene Kaptur
      Eugene Kaptur Month ago +1

      NO Russia, NO Communist China, NO North Korea, NO Iran and then we MAY POSSIBLY have some PEACE!

  • FIFA Under Four
    FIFA Under Four Month ago

    Signaling in favor of Ukraine is helpful on the international stage in countering autocracies like Russia and China.

  • garry12777
    garry12777 Month ago

    He's my age and president of a country. I need to reevaluate life choices.

  • Layla Ibrahim
    Layla Ibrahim 2 months ago

    Anybody who wants peace would vote for negotiation rather than fueling the war. Let think of the numerous number of people suffering from this.we don't want the victim to turn the other chick but also, no eye for an eye. In this century, we should be capable of better solution management. It's saddening

  • Frank Dussey
    Frank Dussey Month ago

    We have to say no to wrong doing.

  • Charles Burnham
    Charles Burnham 2 months ago +92

    Putin doesn't keep any of his agreements. So how do you make peace?

    • Be OMC
      Be OMC 2 months ago +1

      Who told you that nonsense. It was us who have been violating every agreement with Russia since the end of the Cold War.

    • GB
      GB 2 months ago +4

      @David Partydoc do what we gotta do, right? no one said it was going to be easy. but good always wins over evil, and putler and russia are going down, just a matter of time.

    • GB
      GB 2 months ago +4

      @David Partydoc he's falling on his own sword, all tyrants do, so he's doing most of the work for us, just need to give war a chance.

  • Dritree
    Dritree 2 months ago

    Well done Germany and US for finally catching up with the UK....

  • Gaurav Kant
    Gaurav Kant 2 months ago +2

    Fareed you are very intelligent person..Please bring some panelists which are neutral & talk sense..Here nobody talks about the urgent need to stop this war..Cities after cities are getting destroyed, innocent people are dying & these are still talking rubbish

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Month ago

      URGENT NEED 😳 !!! Are you serious ?
      You want to give in to a monster who never keeps his word !
      Are you day dreaming ?

    • jdunn501
      jdunn501 Month ago

      Peace at any cost, as you advocate for, is merely a recipe to be enslaved.

  • Maurizio CURZI
    Maurizio CURZI 2 months ago +1

    Putin has very very big Natural resources and if 85% of the population don't have an embargo. That says that The economy of Russia will still function

  • Sam Hull
    Sam Hull 2 months ago

    This fight between West and Russia has been a long time coming. Probably best to let it play out...

  • Pete
    Pete Month ago

    Doesn’t sound like this is ending anytime soon

  • Andy O
    Andy O 2 months ago +72

    It is easier to follow than to lead. We can thank the Brits for being first to supply Modern Western MBT's. The Brits, alongside The US and Poland were also the first to provide training and arms (before Putin's war started)

      GLEE STRUWE Month ago

      @Duarte Simões pls help me , u talking of a British that’s washed up simoes , 5 president in 5 years , carnt even look after their own ppl

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      @TheSial561 ah, really? You mean, like in WW I ? or WW II maybe?! Do you have any notion of the blunder you're saying..?

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      @Сергей Александр good old times! It's appalling when we conclude that people we largely disliked in the West, mummies like Brezhnev, Andropov or Chernenko, were actually much better guys than Putin! At least these had respect for the West and a certain sense of honour.
      Maybe this is because they went through the war and Putin didn't, I'd say.

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      Well, the Brits are a very special breed. After all, they had an Empire and fought Napoleon and Hitler single handedly - at certain periods - when other Nations tried some sort of accommodation. The British are a proud and fearless people, they won't allow themselves to be pushed around by primal murderers like Putin or any other, and they rightfully consider the Russians to be a bunch of treacherous savages. And at the same time they are politically a very mature people and give freedom its deserved value. You certainly can't imagine Putin as Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, right? 😂 But he thrives in Russia. There is a reason for that: the people.

  • D Lewis
    D Lewis Month ago

    Ukraine, in anticipation of beating Putin might want to start demanding a buffer zone of Russian territory between itself and Russia. So between the Ukraine border and Moscow, half of that territory should be committed to neutrality where no one is permitted nuclear weapons.

  • C S
    C S 2 months ago

    We must make sure they have not died in vain. If Russia is rewarded with negotiations and land when this war is over. We have failed then, failed to not repeat the 1938 mistake. My view is this: Only Ukraine is allowed to say that they would secede territories for peace. If we force this on them, this will not bode well in the long term. They are proud people and will rightly so take an insult if we negotiate over their heads with their tormentors. The way ahead is long and thorny. But if we are willing to walk it side by side with Ukraine: They could bring security to Europe and the whole region as a shield to the east. But the question remains: Will fear triumph over visionaries? We have two paths:
    1. To give in to Blackmail (nuclear, energy, food, refugees) and lead the world into turmoil and chaos, forget our values and just admit that human rights, the Geneva Convention and the rules based order are really just words as Russia claims.
    2. We are showing with our actions that we are dead serious about all of this, that we really mean that borders cannot be moved by force, that we will not tolerate Genocide in broad daylight on Europe’s front porch. This is the harder way that takes the most courage. We would then have to have the courage to say: Yes Ukraine is a democracy in its cradle. Yes they're worth defending, yes their fight is our fight. Yes if they lose democracy as a whole loses.
    So which path do we choose? I hope we already chose one. The moment we choose one, we must only walk it to the end: The end of the last colonial empire on earth and prison of nations: Russia calls it a Federation. To me it seems more like a Colonial empire in which the very few rule like feudal lords over the many...

  • Philip Ellis
    Philip Ellis 2 months ago +3

    It won't last long, the tanks will be blown up as soon as they are deployed, in fact it wouldn't surprise me that they could be demolished in Germany direct.

  • Furry Bear
    Furry Bear Month ago

    Does anyone realise how damaging to America and Europe it would be long term if Putin wins and how lucrative it would be to Russia and China in the long run❔ Really think we should be helping quicker and more!

  • Jimmy Sweets
    Jimmy Sweets Month ago +1

    If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground"
    Winston Churchill when Germany invaded europe

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 2 months ago +116

    If Ukraine can prevent Russia from supplying their troops on the front lines, then they will win this war.

    • Be OMC
      Be OMC 2 months ago +1

      Ukraine as already lost this war.

    • Jonathan Burns
      Jonathan Burns 2 months ago +1

      Negative. Ukraine Needs more missle defense systems and training. Russian troops can lose the Frontline, but that will NOT stop Ukraine cities from being bombed... which still happens.

    • Sigma Rules
      Sigma Rules 2 months ago

      Heard lots of Ifs since last feb. Nothings gonna happen.

    • Maria Adele Cagna
      Maria Adele Cagna 2 months ago

      @Joe Anderson it would ne very important that Biden would day stop...bit they Will not!!!

  • Artstrada Magazine
    Artstrada Magazine Month ago

    Best case scenario: (can happen today) Russia leaves past the 1991 borders and agrees to a demilitarized zone that encompasses the Ukrainian Donbas and Crimea. 2nd best scenario: a win: Ukraine drives Russia out of it's 1991 internationally recognized borders and peace is enforced with help of NATO and UN. Worse case scenario: doing what Putin says to do at the end of a russian gun.. or sledgehammer. A horrible loss. a capitulation.

  • A A
    A A 2 months ago +2

    Shikore the diplomat from Singapore is sending a hidden message in the way he organized the books behind him 😂
    What he said about "compromise" as being a great possibility is more a romantic hope than being a well-established fact/argument.
    Saying that 85% of the population wants the war to end DOES NOT MEAN that the war will end.
    We expected an in depth analysis from him, not a wish list.

  • Sam Hull
    Sam Hull 2 months ago

    That's why there is war, to settle differences that cannot be settled any other way. I fear that only the detonation of a nuclear warhead will bring them to the negotiation table...

  • Bobby Chang
    Bobby Chang 2 months ago

    Only wise man talks peace but in reality wars never truly stopped since WW II. Clearly there are people love wars.

  • Brian Titchener
    Brian Titchener Month ago

    Who would offer their tanks first? --- Answer; the U.K. with Challenger 2's. Glad Germany and U.S. have now come on board too though. Germany is sending the same small number of tanks (14) as UK (with poss. more to come later) and other European countries will follow suit with their Leopards also.. Lets keep the facts accurate shall we..

  • Skeptical Chris
    Skeptical Chris 2 months ago +198

    Ukraine has to throw Russia out of its territory, that's the only way for this war to end. Then once that happens, NATO peacekeepers can then charge in and position themselves right on the Belarus-Russia-Ukraininan border to protect the country.
    This may very well draw a new iron curtain across Europe but peace has to be maintained.

    • Maurice Heard
      Maurice Heard 2 months ago

      Idk how they're going to get them out

    • Dogmeat -In the way-
      Dogmeat -In the way- 2 months ago

      @Antonis Apostolou Yeah but instead of the pitbull we thought it was it's more like a pug.

  • grinpick
    grinpick 2 months ago

    We already know that Russian weaponry and military planning, tactics, procurement, etc., fall shockingly short of what was previously assumed to be the case. Regarding the will and capability of Russia to continue this aggression against Ukraine there is less certainty. Mr. Mahbubani implies that the economic and diplomatic sanctions that have been imposed against Russia are not terribly onerous, that Russia can continue its invasion in spite of these sanctions. There are others who disagree with this assessment and claim that the regime's solvency and civil order itself are teetering on the brink. I don't doubt that Putin is grateful to analysts like Mr. Mahbubani. The widespread acceptance of his version by western governments bodes well for a negotiated settlement favorable to Russia.

  • Liquid Rock
    Liquid Rock 2 months ago

    It's a typical colonial war and must end the same way all the other European colonial wars eventually ended: by defeat followed by political and social changes in the aggressor that made it abandon colonial ambitions. French and British didn't just give up on their empires: they simply lost in India, Algeria, Vietnam and other places. The only difference it that Russia directly neighbors it's former colony which makes it easier for them to claim that it was a part of their empire all along rather than a sovereign entity.
    Either way, you don't stop a colonial power by giving them land. If at the end of the war they win less land and at a higher cost that they predicted it will be a disappointment for them for sure but still they DO win land and that's enough to fuel their imperialism. That means that any peace settlement is just kicking the can down the road. It won't last unless Russia suffers a decisive defeat and is forced to rethink their place in the world. The only thing to talk about right now is the conditions of the Russian army leaving the internationally recognised Ukrainian territory. Anything else means that Russia de facto wins the war.

  • g4m3r 222
    g4m3r 222 Month ago

    There needs to be 0 compromise.

  • Dork
    Dork Month ago

    3100 tanks , but 1% at a time . That is a good start

  • Pablo Klanian
    Pablo Klanian 2 months ago

    3.50._Mahbudani, the best.

  • HughJaxident67
    HughJaxident67 2 months ago +128

    Putin talks about his 'life or death struggle'. Hitler wrote a book called 'Mein Kampf' (My struggle), Hitler annexed Austria in the Anschluss and the Sudetenland using the pretext that ethnic Germans were being victimised, Putin annexed Crimea, covertly supported the Donbas separatists and has now invaded Ukraine using the very same excuse. Putin talks about Novorossiya, to re-establish 'New Russia' and provide more resources and living space for the Russians, Hitler pursued his policy of 'Lebensraum' (living space). Hitler had a concept of an Aryan race and pursued policies of ethnic cleansing and extermination to achieve that goal, Putin is doing the same thing in Ukraine, a country he does not recognise and believes is Russian. Hitler's Nazis plundered fine art and other valuable antiques, Putin's soldiers are doing the very same thing......
    Can anyone else see a parallel here?

    • kevin mahon
      kevin mahon Month ago

      @HughJaxident67 just like a lefty.

    • kevin mahon
      kevin mahon Month ago

      @HughJaxident67 Take it easy Limey.

    • kevin mahon
      kevin mahon Month ago

      @HughJaxident67 Offer rejected. Alas, I can vote in America You cant.

  • Géza Leskó
    Géza Leskó Month ago

    The tank saga between us and getmany is just part of the blame game when it turns out that not only sandal wearing goat shepperd can beat gadget army but the russians too..

  • Tim K
    Tim K 2 months ago

    I vote we promote Anne from her entitled Professorship to an officer role as Captain Slaughter on the Eastern front for Ukraine. None of these people are subject to the consequences of their ideology.

  • nik0la
    nik0la 2 months ago

    No compromises.