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Double Life: The BEST Bits!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Double life was amazing, here is a compilation of the best bits from Grian! Very special 3rd Life Merch is coming very soon! New season of the Life series is in development coming to you in early 2023!
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  • Captain Sprinkles
    Captain Sprinkles 7 months ago +3501

    Just imagine trying to get some sleep and you hear your neighbor yell, *"SCAR I THINK WE'RE SOULMATES BUT YOU'RE TOO BUSY CHASING FAIRIES"*

    • Seansilv25
      Seansilv25 7 months ago +371

      And then a few seconds later you hear:
      Just pure despair

    • Felipe
      Felipe 7 months ago +18


    • Murray💞
      Murray💞 7 months ago +10

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro no.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 7 months ago +5

      @Murray💞 report it

    • •ivylikesnoodles •
      •ivylikesnoodles • 7 months ago +4

      @Christopher what happened?

  • Banana Banana
    Banana Banana 7 months ago +2482

    I loved this series, I really hope you add new members in the next life series (and that Lizzie, Skizz and mumbo return!)

    • Seth Smith
      Seth Smith 7 months ago +39

      Skizz: "am I a joke to you"

    • AspectFall
      AspectFall 7 months ago +24

      and skizz! the return of team best

    • Mr. WAKKY
      Mr. WAKKY 7 months ago +73

      I would like to see keralis scramble around in third life calling everyone sweetheart

    • CursiveG
      CursiveG 7 months ago +5

      I agree

    • Benjamin Pauwels
      Benjamin Pauwels 7 months ago +8

      @Mr. WAKKY trueee

  • ailurusRay
    ailurusRay 7 months ago +1682

    Double life was amazing. It may have been shorter, but the story's and alliances were incredible

    • Heleen Krijgsman
      Heleen Krijgsman 7 months ago +2

      ​@اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro i do not accept

    • Connor McNulty
      Connor McNulty 7 months ago +38

      The first Warden was just hilarious, I remember wondering who would be killed by it, and then they fished it up.

    • elliebigbelly
      elliebigbelly 7 months ago +18

      I absolutely loved the dynamics and story lines that came with the soulmate mechanic, much more entertaining than boogeyman imo

    • Lola Stanley-Davies
      Lola Stanley-Davies 7 months ago +2

      Ik this doesn’t matter but I am the 1000th person to like this comment

  • emily 🤍
    emily 🤍 7 months ago +594

    To this day Scar’s bucket clutch might still be the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed in Minecraft

    • wot no YT
      wot no YT 7 months ago +17

      what about Grian with the stalagmites?

    • Sarah Annis
      Sarah Annis 4 months ago +1

      Lucas James Brian Williams ya

  • Shywarlikegirl
    Shywarlikegirl 7 months ago +267

    26:16 when Jimmy gets pulled by the fishing lines had me DYING. The height was amazing, but his scream as he drops pass was comedic GOLD

    • JMOON123
      JMOON123 5 months ago +2

      The funniest part of the series for me

  • nightiingale
    nightiingale 7 months ago +329

    the life series is legitimately my favorite minecraft series on youtube, the perfect balance between fun and dramatic, i would absolutely love to see more seasons of it

    • Speedy3599
      Speedy3599 7 months ago +1

      Honestly for me it’s my Favourite series in general

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost 4 months ago

      I might just agree. I absolutely love how organically the stories develop every time.

  • Sanil Sharma
    Sanil Sharma 7 months ago +591

    This honestly is the best series ever because of how rivalry and friendship come together. I love how at the end of the day you are all still friends. I’m so excited for season 4.

    • Sanil Sharma
      Sanil Sharma 7 months ago +4

      Wonder what new twists will come

    • Oceanti
      Oceanti 7 months ago +4

      And watching Pearl's perspective was just >>>>

    • SkSkNutella
      SkSkNutella 5 months ago +2

      @Oceanti this was my first season watching it live and watching her pov every Friday at 7am for 6 weeks straight was the peek of my summer

  • PixelGaming
    PixelGaming 7 months ago +932

    Can't wait for s4. Glad to see we have a timeframe to look forward to for the next season (early 2023)

    • Connor McNulty
      Connor McNulty 7 months ago +4

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro Bro can you not

    • CZghost
      CZghost 7 months ago +7

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro Challenge declined. Also, your name makes it very difficult to reply to you, since it's right to left!

    • -FutureTaken-
      -FutureTaken- 7 months ago +2

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro no

    • Murray💞
      Murray💞 7 months ago +2

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro no.

  • Its Glada
    Its Glada 7 months ago +266

    I still dont understand how Scar didn't know you were his partner for the whole first episode

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 7 months ago +5

      same here! CRACKs me up still

    • Artificial Light
      Artificial Light 7 months ago +20

      To this day, i'm CONVINCED it's a bit that went too far to admit

    • Fritz R
      Fritz R 7 months ago +4

      It actually hurts how oblivious he is.

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 6 months ago +3

      He truly had NO clue because Grian even asked him during the break and Grian said even said even Scar had no clue

    • Jamestopboy
      Jamestopboy 3 months ago

      The thing you have to remember is this: Scar is not dumb. He is *obscenely* dumb.

  • Paisley Martin
    Paisley Martin 7 months ago +295

    This series was amazing, SOOOOO many just epic moments. The lack of "Ah ha's" was a little sad though.

    • Greek Gamer
      Greek Gamer 7 months ago +27

      They made a reference to it and said “no leave that in last life”

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 7 months ago +7

      in his rats smp theres a lot of rat puns that reminded me of all the puns they made during that one

    • NataliaEntalia
      NataliaEntalia Month ago


  • LisaFT769
    LisaFT769 7 months ago +127

    Best part...Martyn scarring Grian, Grian screaming, scarring Martyn in turn. I laughed so hard I was crying!!! And ANY time with Scar is beyond Priceless!

  • Tarkabear
    Tarkabear 7 months ago +146

    We need another life series. Some of the most entertaining videos from Grian’s channel have been a result of these smps, and another with a unique twist would be so entertaining to watch.

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 7 months ago

      WAIT ! LOOK at the description of the video i just noticed something,i think we knew about the merch thing already BUT the last line of the description!!!

  • SladeGaming
    SladeGaming 7 months ago +294

    This series was really fun to watch

    • MeckCraft
      MeckCraft 7 months ago +1

      As Well

    • Murray💞
      Murray💞 7 months ago

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro no.

  • 🤍scarlet.star🤍
    🤍scarlet.star🤍 7 months ago +189

    this series was so awesome, i remember watching grian figure our that scar was his soulmate and i felt mischievous FOR him :,)

    • Amppari_234
      Amppari_234 7 months ago

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro challenge declined, and reported for unwanted advertisment

  • Skywalker572
    Skywalker572  7 months ago +157

    Double Life was incredible I can’t wait to see what the next life series is going to be

    • nedflandersmustache
      nedflandersmustache 7 months ago +1

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro 🤓

    • Amppari_234
      Amppari_234 7 months ago +1

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro pov: you got no life

  • ToastyToast
    ToastyToast 7 months ago +41

    That stalagtite kill is the literal best moment of the life series , and it is just ridiculously amazing

    • MapleSushi
      MapleSushi 7 months ago

      @Riccardo Vereş no they aren't, it's a scam

  • Crane Gaming
    Crane Gaming 7 months ago +40

    I love nothing more than seeing Grian, Joel and Etho causing chaos, its just amazing!!!!!!!

  • Echo4Al8RexCoco
    Echo4Al8RexCoco 7 months ago +34

    I shall never forget the feeling of watching you and Mumbo tell each other where you put your diamonds. Twas comedic gold in the flesh.

  • MrTiesk
    MrTiesk 7 months ago +29

    10:50 is definitely one of my favourite moments of the whole series
    The utter *_scream_*

  • MountainMC
    MountainMC 7 months ago +89

    All the life series are incredible and I always watch all perspectives when they come out

    • Amppari_234
      Amppari_234 7 months ago

      @اسكنكو برو - Asknko Pro fatherless

  • abercorn_diddy
    abercorn_diddy 6 months ago +16

    big b and grain laughing about the cookie heart gives me such joy, their laughs are so contagious:)))

  • CheesyParadise
    CheesyParadise  7 months ago +28

    These series are my absolute favorite thing to watch every year. It would be interesting to see another series with a boogeyman (since that led to amazing moments)

    • Greek Gamer
      Greek Gamer 7 months ago

      Every twist but together. Donate lives, boogeyman, random amount of lives, and soul bound. It would be incredibly quick tho. Unless once your not bound dies and they have less lives. It would be a fun short series

    • Sparky
      Sparky 5 months ago

      @Greek Gamer Or everybody also starts with like 6 lives so it wouldn't be over as quickly

  • ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛
    ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛ 7 months ago +11

    Double Life, the series of mega chaos, horns, loud Grian screams, Scar being S-tier and obsessing over Jellie Pandas, Joel and Etho going rogue, the unhinged Scarlet Pearl AKA W.I.T.C.H (Woman in total control of herself) and super dangerous Enchanting.
    Anything else?😂

    • CookieStef
      CookieStef 4 months ago

      Late, but don't forget Secret Soulmates and broken trusts between couples

  • Pyra Barnes
    Pyra Barnes 7 months ago +18

    This one was absolutely golden. With all these natural entertainers coming together, it was always going to be. The quick nature of the game brings a whole new level of comedy and tension that has lots of replay potential. Don't worry about going "bigger and better" but just something that will make you enjoy it. Genuine reactions make for great entertainment.

  • ZephyrFromAvalon
    ZephyrFromAvalon 7 months ago +25

    the whole mayhem with the pillagers is one of the funniest things I've seen lol

  • S L
    S L 7 months ago +39

    Hyped for the next one!! Everyone who's participated in all three of these does a fantastic job, but when you and Scar are on screen together it never fails to be hilarious.

  • Nightcore Princess
    Nightcore Princess 6 months ago +8

    Grian constantly bullying Timmy wether in a life series or in the empires/hermitcraft crossover is always so funny 😂😂

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith 7 months ago +17

    I wonder how a "3rd life" series would go where everyone had a random non-hostile animal as their pet that they shared lives with. Maybe the culmination of that type of thing was double life with other players but it could still be pretty neat depending on what animals are allowed and whatnot.

  • #ProLife Team
    #ProLife Team 6 months ago +5

    Out of everything in this series. Grian losing the final life had tp be the most unexpected.

  • ventusleone
    ventusleone 7 months ago +9

    The fact the the Life series have a limited runtime and a defined ending really does wonders for keeping it fresh. Some of the best minecraft content out there.

  • nikki klosterman
    nikki klosterman 7 months ago +36

    This series (all 3 seasons so far) brings so much joy & hysterical laughter 😂 can't wait for the next one 💚💛❤️

  • Bell
    Bell 7 months ago +23

    Definitely want to see another season. It's delightful seeing different content creators getting together for some wholesome killing ❤️

  • Crystal_clear163
    Crystal_clear163 7 months ago +22

    I’ve loved all the third life seasons! Always so much fun and always makes me look forward to the weekly release day. They’ve inspired me to make art I’ve never tried before! A season four would definitely be a lot of fun

  • topazdoesthings
    topazdoesthings 7 months ago +3

    I'll say, I REALLY hope the next Life series still has bits of stir-crazy Pearl.

  • Arin Pendragon
    Arin Pendragon 7 months ago +8

    I loved the whole thing where you gave Joel sand and he's just like "...what's this for?"
    I LOVE this series and would be so glad to see more of these. Super excited to see what twist you put on Season 4!
    ...and I hope Martyn brings back the "Aha" puns.

  • Gollish
    Gollish 5 months ago +3

    I'm really hoping in season 4 that more of the Hermits and Empires members that haven't been in it or weren't in double life will return for this season. I'd love to see a series like double life 2 or something as this was probably my favourite series ever

  • littlegalaxy
    littlegalaxy 7 months ago +4

    I really hope you continue the life series, they're ingenious, you and scsr have made such a comedy duo since the beginning. But it'd do nice to see people intersect so much and havd so much fun together

  • CatmintTCGU
    CatmintTCGU 7 months ago +3

    Absolutely loved this series!
    Very excited for the next season.

  • Mash
    Mash 7 months ago +3

    Honestly one of my favorite series I’ve ever watched, and that includes TV. I don’t think I’ve ever silently laughed that much (I usually watch these when I should be sleeping). I would not complain if there was another.

  • Ell
    Ell 5 months ago +5

    I’m not saying false should join the next life series. but I am definitely saying that false should join the next life series

  • Shoshana Loomer
    Shoshana Loomer 7 months ago +8

    That moment when Grian is digging and gets scared is probably the best

  • Katie Bug
    Katie Bug 7 months ago +7

    This series was so much fun on so many levels.

  • ValAboutTown
    ValAboutTown 7 months ago +1

    I think the Life series are the best videos on Clip-Share. So much fun and shenanigans while also the dramatics make this series great. Looking forward to the next.

  • Hashem,A
    Hashem,A 7 months ago +5

    I loved every second of this season (as much as I did with the previous 2).
    You being with scar is so ironic and a proper sequel for the desert/science and discovery bros🤭🤭🤣
    It was meant to br

  • Montgomery Montgomery
    Montgomery Montgomery 7 months ago +1

    I’d love to see another third life series, it’s so fun seeing everyone pair up in unexpected ways, and gives me so many fun ideas for plots

  • Sydni Thompson
    Sydni Thompson 7 months ago +3

    Another life series is highly wished for. I'd love to see some new additions added and a larger cast list

  • Tewie999
    Tewie999 7 months ago

    Grian, I think i speak for so many people that YES we most certainly do want another season of this. Watched these series religiously and i am hooked. I watch from all perspectives from each member and it pure, blissful chaos. I love it. You and the other members deserve so much praise for bringing such awesome content to us over and over. I know it can be hard sometimes. But honestly, You all nail it 99.99% of the time!!

  • I’m_Green
    I’m_Green 7 months ago

    3rd Life, Last Life and Double Life are genuinely some of the best Minecraft series on Clip-Share. Would love to see a 4th Season!

  • Furious_Ferret
    Furious_Ferret 7 months ago +4

    I cant wait for the next life series. These videos are some of my favorites ive watched and always have my sides hurting from laughter

  • Potat0Cat
    Potat0Cat 7 months ago +18

    This makes me excited for season 4!

  • JustATinyDragon
    JustATinyDragon 7 months ago +4

    I absolutely love these series. Awesome work Grain!

  • SteamTitan
    SteamTitan 2 months ago +1

    How Grian keeps being stuck with Scar and his madness is amazing

  • Carlos Magnussen
    Carlos Magnussen 7 months ago

    I definitely want more seasons! So far, I liked Last Life best. The friendships and server politics were really fun and interesting then.

  • life
    life 7 months ago +2

    We definitely need more of the life series

  • ThePaladinofTheNorth
    ThePaladinofTheNorth 7 months ago +1

    Kinda would like to see a Third Life sky block/aether style game. Could be fun watching people team up on flying islands.

  • abigail hedderly
    abigail hedderly 7 months ago +1

    I loved it and I am looking forward to the next, life series. Grian has come up with three great ones already so I think the next one will be awesome too.

  • JewelryDragon
    JewelryDragon 7 months ago +2

    Can't wait for season 4. Maybe it could be called 1st Life, and it's a combination where the lives are randomized (from 2-6) but there are also soulmates

  • Penndragyn37
    Penndragyn37 7 months ago +6

    Even though it was the shortest of the life series so far, I enjoyed every second of it. Even though you teamed up with Scar before, I enjoyed the chaos you two brought together.
    Loved the series, thank you and everyone who was part of it!

  • Umbrify
    Umbrify 7 months ago

    So excited to see there’s still more plans for this series in the works, it’s one of my favorites on Clip-Share! You all do such an incredible job with them, very exciting!

  • SuperHeroR
    SuperHeroR 7 months ago

    I love every member in this series. Every personality brings so much to the table. I do miss Mumbo though, he definitely needs to come back. There are a few Hermits that comes to mind that would be a nice addition too!

  • HorizonForeverYT
    HorizonForeverYT 22 days ago +1

    I love how Grian was so desperate for Scar to stay alive even though he was the one who lost their final life 😂

  • Pickkle
    Pickkle 7 months ago

    we do want more third life series. they're always a highlight of my week

  • Ralph Abbatiello
    Ralph Abbatiello 7 months ago

    Would really love to see this become a seasonal thing like HermitCraft that is always bringing in new members.

  • Fox Gamer_64
    Fox Gamer_64 7 months ago +15

    Honestly loved Douple life. We need more life series.. What about the 'real life series' xD

  • ownm
    ownm 7 months ago

    the 3rd life series literally helped me through the hardest time of my life and is why i’m still alive today. pls make season 4.

  • iEatMud
    iEatMud 7 months ago

    SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SERIES !!! the life series is my favorite on youtube by far and im so happy i discovered it through you :D thanks for making something so awesome with a lovely community!

  • PetLover334
    PetLover334 7 months ago +12

    Killing Ren in double life.. then destroying his reign as king in Hermitcraft, the feud is amazing 😂

  • Heart0fMadness
    Heart0fMadness 7 months ago

    I think I speak for everyone when I say these series are some of the best minecraft content out there. Although you've done the trilogy and here would be a great place to end. No one wants that, these are too entertaining.

  • Birby
    Birby 7 months ago

    Can’t wait for the next series! Looking forward to every bit of it! Also please mumbo, I know it’s his choice but we need him! 😂

  • Kaleb03 T.
    Kaleb03 T. 7 months ago

    The 3rd life series just get better and better every season. How do you guys decide who the new people are who join the series?

  • Enby_Wizard
    Enby_Wizard 7 months ago

    absolutely love this series, can't wait for the next one if/when it happens!

  • Benjamin Massey
    Benjamin Massey 7 months ago

    Keep these series' coming. Some of the most fun content I've seen in a while!

  • Cluemily
    Cluemily 7 months ago +9

    Seeing all these "best of" for each series really makes you realise how jam-packed each episode is. It feels like a MUCH longer series than each season is, and I love it.
    Excitedly waiting for the next season... but also if you call it First Life or something i might cry /j

  • Brianna Wendell
    Brianna Wendell 7 months ago

    I'd love a new life series. They are hilarious!

  • Adam K
    Adam K 7 months ago

    I'd like to see a longer series, maybe more chances of a comeback from the dead and maybe even a much bigger world

  • Boppity
    Boppity 7 months ago

    Honestly I've already binged all the life series multiple times so I just came here to check the description to see if there was another on its way, which there is so like yay there goes another 24 hours of my life which I'll never get back which I'll choose to binge every perspective of the new series. The best part is I won't regret it because this series is just too amazing and I would watch this for the rest of my life if i could.

  • Gamer626
    Gamer626 7 months ago +1

    I cannot wait for the next Life series!!! Definitely a highlight whenever one of these series drop!

  • Keegen
    Keegen 7 months ago +4

    I loved this series, honesty I love all the series you’ve made. I can’t wait for the next series

  • 429DeadRoaches
    429DeadRoaches 7 months ago

    So happy to hear the next one is coming soon. Double Life was so intense and such a different feel from the ones that came before, I really enjoyed it. I hope to see the same members again! (plus a few?)

  • Bumblebee flower
    Bumblebee flower 7 months ago +1

    I really would love to see another life series! Team rancher was my favorite duo but I would hop to everyone’s perspective just to catch bits and pieces that I missed

  • Claudette Peercy
    Claudette Peercy 7 months ago +3

    Can't wait until the next series. Absolutely love them!

  • Samantha Santana-Cook
    Samantha Santana-Cook 7 months ago

    Absolutely loved double life, all of the life series are amazing. I would love to see another life series come out in the future.

  • elijah l.
    elijah l. 7 months ago

    i absolutely loved double life!! hoping for another life series :) can't wait to see what comes next!

  • Gamer Bread Baker
    Gamer Bread Baker 7 months ago

    I’d love to have another one of this series. Even if it’s just an old series again, it would be really fun.

  • Andy O'Donnell
    Andy O'Donnell 7 months ago

    We need WAY more life series and more exclusive items for Scar to bargain for. Maybe some super armor or weapons that only 1 if each exist and need to be found around the server.

  • EeveeBlaze
    EeveeBlaze 7 months ago

    We need a series that just combines them all together, and instead of a new world it’s a world split into 3 parts, each one being a third of the remaining map from after each series

  • ScubaShark8857
    ScubaShark8857 7 months ago

    Would absolutely love to see another season of this series!

  • Fritosbadact
    Fritosbadact 7 months ago

    It's amazing how much joy this series still brings me

  • Ro kls
    Ro kls 7 months ago

    Can't wait for another series. It has introduced me into watching so many great minecraft cc's too.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 7 months ago

    1, if love another 3rd life series, but 2, I love how poetic it is how grain has had 4 encounters with the warden, the amount of encounters it takes to set off a shrieker.

  • Abby Irvin
    Abby Irvin 7 months ago

    Please give us another life series. This is honestly one of the best Minecraft series on Clip-Share. Throughout the whole time I was crying laughing. Would love to see more. For s4 you should bring back some people tho. Or bring new ones in.

  • Jack TMK
    Jack TMK 7 months ago +1

    I would love another 3rd life. Maybe a “team life” where the server would be split randomly into 2 different teams. Whoever is last alive, their team wins. However one catch would be that each session the boarder would come in until the area is tiny. And I would love to see the boogeyman return, but this time you have to backstab someone on YOUR team resulting in killing them. Also I want to see Skizz, Mumbo and Lizzy return. I loved all 3rd life seasons, especially last life.

  • The FujiKitten
    The FujiKitten 7 months ago +14

    I have been watching your content for 7 years, I will never unsubscribe no matter what and when you post. But the life series is by far my favorite.

  • Tommy K
    Tommy K 7 months ago

    I've started watching Joel since watching through Double Life and the deal with the horse is so much funnier now.

  • SMT
    SMT 3 months ago +1

    that "noo" fading away as scar jumps off the tower is the absolute peak of this series

  • Avenflow
    Avenflow 3 months ago

    Genuinely, I loved double life and it was the first of the third life series I watched, I then watched the first and second seasons after, but I would love to see a fourth. It would be super cool to do a mod where if you die, you have tk take someone's life, even if you don't want to. That would make things really interesting.

  • thefrogonalog
    thefrogonalog 7 months ago +8

    i loved double life so much, i cannot wait for the next season!!

  • S Miklosovic
    S Miklosovic 7 months ago

    In a future season, I'd love to see a way for players to still have a role of some sort after they've died, maybe having some way to influence or help the still living players?

  • NerdyNews
    NerdyNews 7 months ago +2

    I had an idea if you havent come up with anything yet, if you do another season there could be another twist like the boogieman but it’s more like an assassin.
    So when it says you’re the assassin it shows a random amount of people on the screen and you have to kill one of those people instead of choosing who to kill, which could make you have to betray your alliance sometimes

  • William Langdon
    William Langdon 7 months ago +2

    the past series have been amazing, i really hope you do more in the future