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Quad Cortex Capture vs Kemper Profiler | Comparison

  • Published on Feb 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • MusicMusic

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  • Ben777
    Ben777 Year ago +29

    Timestamps where Rabea plays the same thing:
    32:53 K (Pos 4 hairier)
    32:57 QC
    28:19 K (cocked wah)
    28:16 QC
    27:01 K
    27:04 QC
    27:06 K (excessive/woofy bottom end)
    27:16 K
    27:20 QC
    27:24 K
    27:40 K
    27:36 QC
    22:35 K (clean)
    22:23 QC
    22:54 K
    22:47 QC
    The Quad Cortex sounds more accurate to me than the Kemper, which is what you want when profiling your own amps
    The lower end wooliness and cocked wah are pretty noticeable once you hear it
    The feel is important too
    I own a Kemper, but my QC arrives in a couple of days
    This video was one that sold me on it
    Thanks Rabea!
    I have some great profiles on the Kemper so I'll probably keep it as well unless I can replicate everything and it becomes redundant

    • pramesh gurung
      pramesh gurung 5 months ago

      How is it 😁😁

    • Matt Manna
      Matt Manna 8 months ago +2

      You should do a video review and comparison with the two units.

    • ian lowery
      ian lowery 10 months ago

      How's the Kemper stacking up against your quad cortex?

    • Sergio Gaitero
      Sergio Gaitero 11 months ago

      i dont now buy kemper or QC. kemper play dual delays or reverb? sorry bad english.

  • Soyan Osman
    Soyan Osman 2 years ago +250

    If I want to hear how a pedal or an amp sounds I'm checking your channel first. Simply because your playing is outstanding, the riffs are amazing, songwriting is stellar and your comments are always spot on. I don't really get all the fuzz about the last upload, but I guess you're in a similar spot as other tech youtubers with apple vs android. I thought this comparision was more than fair!

    • hiberNative
      hiberNative 2 years ago +2

      I like how he mixes traditional chord shapes with more progressive style leads.

    • kim ladd
      kim ladd 2 years ago

      There's an Andertons video with Rabea doing just that. You might look there.

    • Arshdeep Singh
      Arshdeep Singh 2 years ago +16

      Those are stupid people trying to get world's validation for their purchase..simple as that.
      They close their minds when someone has a different opinion about their stuff.

  • Karl Golden Music
    Karl Golden Music 2 years ago +62

    Amen brother! Keep enjoying what you are doing and making great music and content. There will always be haters and that means you are doing something right!

  • Sweep Phreak
    Sweep Phreak 2 months ago

    well im sold on it any little difference that exists could simply be utilized to add a uniqnesq difference to your own tone that cortex is unreal thanks rabea

  • cantemirash
    cantemirash Month ago

    Great video, the differences are very subtle in my opinion. If you‘d play the profiles, original and the captures without knowing which is which, I probably won‘t guess what you are playing. Maybe I need a doctor to check my ears.

  • lasthehun
    lasthehun 2 months ago

    Great video!!!
    What is the guitar?Its beautiful…

  • d_ rail
    d_ rail 2 years ago +44

    Keep in mind the Kemper has been out for 10 years now! Nice to see some other gear finally catching up.

    • Haunted Smore
      Haunted Smore 6 days ago

      @JT you can get a kemper under 1400

    • ShaneTheNinja
      ShaneTheNinja 10 months ago

      @JT also get stereo instead of two kempers.

    • dublev78
      dublev78 Year ago +1

      QC is miles ahead from a sound perspective. Kemper is now behind.

    • MetalLion 07
      MetalLion 07 Year ago

      @JT . I agree.

    • JT
      JT Year ago

      @SSVplus yeah, cheap to pick one up used if you're patient.

  • Matthew Butterfield
    Matthew Butterfield Year ago +1

    The QC sounds amazing, the features are awesome! The touch screen is brilliant, the hardware power is amazing! But it's not enough to convince me to sell My Kemper for a quad cortex. Not even enough to consider it. If I had the cash, sure I'd purchase one just to have in my studio...... Anyway great vid dood. QC sounds killer, but so does the Kemper (do I want that apple or this apple?) I personally can not wait for Kemper to release a Kemper II( I can only imagine how awesome that thing is going to be! Based on the reputation Kemper has established I am willing to bet it'll be ground breaking once again and will absolutely give the QC and Axe Fx III a run for its money! At least, IMO that's what the Kemper II will be like hahaha)

  • Hostile Design
    Hostile Design Year ago +8

    I bought a used Kemper for my band and for what has accidentally turned into my home studio. Couldn't be happier with it, really. It's offered so much flexibility and allowed for so much experimentation a real amp just wouldn't and that it can stand up this well to technology a decade later is a testament to how well made it was. Then again, I never cared for how accurately it captured a specific amp, just that I found sounds I liked. The Quad Cortex sounds great and sure does seem to surpass it, but not by as much as I perhaps expected from something so much more modern.
    So if anybody made it through that block of text, I do have a question. My kemper can run a real cab, does the Quad Cortex have built-in power and capability to do that?

    • Josh Smith
      Josh Smith 6 days ago

      I'm sure there will be. There's no Poweramp in it but nowadays no one needs one in modeles. Just go through the FX loop of your amp or buy a cheap ass solidstate Poweramp for like $100.

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 2 years ago +216

    I've followed Bea for around 8 years going back to the ChasinJade times. I've been lucky enough to meet him a few times too. He's the most down-to-earth bloke you can meet and throughout the hundreds of reviews he has done, has never been biased when reviewing a product. His opinions are made very clear in all videos and nothing is ever fabricated. It's an absolute credit to the man to have re-filmed and edited a 45-minute comparison which is free for everyone to watch. I think it's easy to take for granted how much effort goes into these types of videos. Fair play to the lad.

    • Magnus Guldbrandsen
      Magnus Guldbrandsen 2 years ago +3

      I really enjoy Bea's demos, and I've been following him for years. He usually provides quality information, and the production value is great - and because I know what types of sounds he goes for and how his setup sounds, it's easy for me to get a good idea about whether a product is something I might enjoy. However, Bea doesn't make reviews - he demos stuff and is paid to do so by the manufacturer or distributor of said product, and that by default means that he is biased towards them and their interests.
      And I think he's usually really good a the balancing act of providing quality information to his audience, while also promoting products - many Clip-Sharers fail at this task.
      And the reason he had to do this video again, is that when you're paid by Neural to make a video, and then compare it against one of their main competitors then you really have to make sure that you cover all the bases, otherwise his opinion is worthless. It doesn't matter what the truth is (i personally doubt that he was scheming against Kemper), but the second there's even a whiff of that going on, and he can be suspected of doing it - the whole thing falls apart. He obviously realised this and decided to be transparent and do it again.

    • Joel Price
      Joel Price 2 years ago +11

      Completely reshooting a video and re-editing? Yeah. Absolutely. Some people would have said, "tough shit. If you don't like how I did it, do your own video comparison." This dude says, "You know, you might be right, let try to get the most accurate comparison out to you. Sorry about that." Fucking stand up dude, and to me says a lot about his character.

  • venotuber
    venotuber 2 years ago +30

    As a Kemper owner I have to say it's a good review.
    The QC sounds good, but I am still satisfied with my Kemper.
    In the end it's just a tool to make music, no reason to get upset about it, I don't do that either when there is a new overdrive pedal

  • aapddd
    aapddd 2 years ago +29

    I'm baffled with how close the Neural sounds to the real amp after one take.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +1

      @dvaoa there is a difference between getting an amp exactly...and getting a good sound. The Kemper always sounds good, even if it's a little bit off in comparison. Moreover, Kemper is probably more robust and has better effects..German made...etc..

    • dvaoa
      dvaoa 2 years ago +7

      And how finnicky the Kemper is compared to the QC when profiling "difficult" amps.

  • Iuri Grangeiro
    Iuri Grangeiro 2 years ago +5

    Interesting, the QC basically saved the mezzabarber, it was virtually unusable with that hum, but the QC capture sounded pretty close and it was a usable tone. Meanwhile the kemper couldn’t do it.

  • mr arda
    mr arda Month ago

    ive got helix floor ,thinking to sell and get cortex ,dont get me wrong i love my helix but its just too big , 😢

  • Toby Ball
    Toby Ball 2 years ago +163

    Were people insinuating that because the kemper struggles with profiling Victory amps, it wasn’t a fair test? Surely if we are focusing on which is the better profiler, and one product cannot profile certain brands well whilst the other can, that’s indicative of one product just being better, not indicative of the test itself being unfair.

    • TreeFiddy14
      TreeFiddy14 Month ago

      @Georges Braun - Or just connect it to a computer when programming…
      If you think that unit is rubbish, you’re clueless.

    • Georges Braun
      Georges Braun 5 months ago

      Kemper is rubish. Tried to dial in a Name for a patch? the ONLY way to go is the Fractal currently. No doubt.

    • Brent Johnson
      Brent Johnson 11 months ago

      Came here to say the same thing. Once your thought process arrives at "This amp modeler struggles to model certain amps." That should tell you all you need to know. If you reach the point of thinking that it's only fair to make a comparison based on an amp it does model well you've gone too far.
      Those people aren't interested in the comparison, they just want somebody to agree with the opinion they had going in.

      BITCOIN MAN Year ago

      @Colin McMillen Aren't Kempers $1699 ? I bought one years ago for that if I remember right. Sold it for nearly the same price though, The Strymon is good and simple enough for me

    • RockmannMusic
      RockmannMusic Year ago +4

      The Quad Cortex doesn't have spdif Ins & Outs. That would be a deal-breaker for me. . so Kemper wins. It's all a matter of perspective. Btw Victory Amps is offering official Kemper Profiles. Kemper Profiling seems to work in the end

  • JPeG47
    JPeG47 2 years ago +76

    How can anyone dislike this? The guy went back to do it “right” and peeps still came to the video just to dislike, wild. Keep up the good work man don’t let haters get you down or waste your time.

  • Salvo Di Piazza - All About Music

    So does the QC allow you to tweak the captured sound reliably like a modeler/amp does or is it limited tweaking like the Kemper profiles?

  • Ian Farmer
    Ian Farmer 2 years ago +1

    As the Quad Cortex is the first of the next gen it's pretty reasonable to assume others will follow. I look forward to seeing you put them through their paces.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell 2 years ago +1

    Rabea this vid is awesome. Thanks for doing it and don't let the haters get you down. It is cool that someone pointed out the refine change and you took it to heart and reshot the whole vid. What I'm hearing in the high gain I believe could be matched with a touch of EQ but most importantly the "pick" function on the Kemper will get that attack you are getting out of the QC. I own Kemper. Both units sound great. A QC will be a consideration in the future. Partially I like the ease for gigging. Either that or a Kemper Stage. It is fascinating how on the clean tone you seemed to have more saturation on the QC and less on the Kemper and it sounds to be the opposite on the high gain. More saturation on the Kemper and less on the QC. Nice comparison vid and many thanks for going the extra mile.

  • Dean S.
    Dean S. 2 years ago +22

    Rabea, you are a credit to the industry. I wish you nothing but success.

  • Ronnie Walker
    Ronnie Walker 2 years ago +2

    They both sounded incredible. I own a Kemper and have no reason to part with it BUT I do think it’s easier to dial in tones with the QC. I love the cab section. I’ve played with Neural plugins and found it to be very easy and fast to dial in great tones

  • Gon Razortapes
    Gon Razortapes 2 years ago +5

    There are ways to fix the Kemper low mids problem. The first thing is to do the refinement avoiding playing low notes, such as palm mutes. The following would be to adjust the amp parameters inside the Kemper, try changing Definition, Clarity, Tube Shape and Power Sagging ( this can help get mutes sound right). 😌

  • Simon Hosford
    Simon Hosford Year ago

    Thank you ever so much Rabea for that amazing comparison! the QC pips it for me I think.. I'm a Kemper user currently (you can hear it on a gig I did headlining The Melbourne Guitar Show playing all of Van Halens first record track by track here: clip-share.net/video/OoF8GaZiVIY/video.html ). It sounds really really good, but I'm thinking I will for sure check out the QC!. Love it's simple layout also. Thanks again brother! 🤟

  • Greig Sills
    Greig Sills 2 years ago +69

    Didn’t see the last video but think this was 100% fair comparison. I love my Kemper and can’t see me changing it out anytime soon but definitely think that the Quad Cortex did a better job in capturing the amps natural sound. It was damn close. Good job Rabea and don’t let the haters get you down!

    • John Shepherd
      John Shepherd 7 months ago

      I was surprised that even after refining, the Kemper fell short to the QC on every amp. .02, of course.

    • Maximum Guitarage
      Maximum Guitarage 11 months ago

      Glad I held onto my quad cortex while the internet flamed it's initial release. We are on our 3rd update release and it just keeps getting better and better.

    • Benoit Caron
      Benoit Caron 2 years ago +3

      Totally agree. Keeper users should be more than happy that their 10 years old product still get free features updates, and sound that good compared to the latest and greatest.

    • Greig Sills
      Greig Sills 2 years ago +2

      @Josh Shultz totally agree. How can you possibly think that tech that was created 10 years ago isn’t going to have good competition! If you like your Kemper then that’s cool, if you prefer the QC there’s no big deal. People prefer different tube amps and it’s no big deal!

    • Josh Shultz
      Josh Shultz 2 years ago +5

      Some of the Kemper crowd I think are finding it hard to just admit these are both good products.

  • flashbak01
    flashbak01 2 years ago

    Nice informative video Rabea that also displays your integrity with doing it! I've had my QC on order for a few months now and anxiously awaiting its arrival! Thanks for doing this!

  • Stratomacaster
    Stratomacaster 2 years ago +1

    I've seen a handful of demos on the QC this week. The obvious demonstration is the capture capability, but I still haven't seen anyone test a bunch of pedals in front of it and see if it reacts the same.

  • captaincoathook
    captaincoathook 2 years ago +3

    The quad cortex sounded better in my opinion, and looks way easier to use. Thanks for doing this bro🤘🏻

  • TonePilot
    TonePilot 2 years ago +2

    The captures were very close in terms of sound. Given a choice between the two, I'd take the QC. It's more future proof, has a better interface, more portable and has features that interest me. I'd be happy with either one tone wise though.

  • Travis I
    Travis I Year ago

    Great Video!! Thank you for making this! I have to ask the obvious question: Why didn't you capture/profile one of the victory heads sitting to your left? Since you used the soldano because "the kemper has an issue with a victory", why not show the victory capture/profile?

  • Chromeboy2003
    Chromeboy2003 2 years ago

    Great vid Rabea. Loved the comparisons. The QC sounds better to my ears. And it captures pedals also which is a huge bonus.
    One thing I did see on another demo vid of the QC, the poster said that there was dropout when shifting through presets. Have you found the same? That might be an issue in a live setting.
    Possibly may be a fix for that in a future update?

    SPIKE'S GUITAR CAMP 9 months ago

    I'm addicted to gear vids like this. My take away, even with the pick up shootouts, is that it's like having your buddie standing at the amp, and adding 2 clicks of treble, then maybe some mid range on another riff...cutting the bass on the next, etc. IMO, it really comes down to the individuals taste, because in music, everyone has a different opinion about tone. Both these units kill. I have a Kemper, and a Helix...and now, I might have to grab a QC..UGH!

  • JTOsburn
    JTOsburn 2 years ago +7

    The quad cortex does sound a lot closer. It's impressive how well you know the sound and feel of your amps

  • Neddi Stanz
    Neddi Stanz Year ago

    i did the research and watched many of the vids and ended up going with the Kemper - after having the Kemper for a few weeks i'm very satisfied with my decision and have been making some killer profiles with my Wizard MCII - at least i like to think they're killer but it's all subjective

  • Greg Amann
    Greg Amann 2 years ago

    Amazing! I missed it, what do you use to load down the real amp and apply IR's? The really sound stellar, the SLO in particular! In your video the OX isn't on so I assume it's something else? The QC captures sound fantastic, happy to be on the list!

  • Neves
    Neves 2 years ago

    Keep the awesome work mate! Thanks for the comparison! I really like quad cortex over kemper. Maybe is a silly question from my side, but is it possible to connect the quad direct via USB and record from it? This is something I miss in such products.. Everybody has an interface but why convert everything to a digital path and then analog to digital again (quad to interface)? Well it's only my thoughts.. Way more things in between, worse :) if it's possible, how about the support for M1 Macs? Anyway the market was needing something like this for a long time. In the end only of thing matters: how it sounds 😁 Cheers

  • vinski19
    vinski19 4 months ago

    Bea, this video is much appreciated. And the effort was monumental! Please try your best to ignore the nay-sayers. They not pointing out 'flaws' in your tests to help you improve, they're doing it because they want to. It won't matter what the video is they'll do it anyway. Most of us know there's enough information to make our own judgements. Stay cool, bud.

  • Ciarán
    Ciarán 2 years ago +71

    i took the dive and purchased a Kemper last year (never regretted it for a second) i absolutely love it. But this Quad Cortex sounds amazing, seemed to capture a more authentic / sharp sound. Not enough to justify getting rid of the kemper but its really cool to see the tech progressing. Cool vid as always

    • Ejw
      Ejw Year ago +1

      Yeah for the Kemper being made like 11 years ago they’ve made it pretty much bullet proof with all the updates they’ve been able to do

    • Ciarán
      Ciarán 2 years ago +1

      @Geoffrey Merrifield I get you man, Every time something new comes along its hailed as the second coming and everything else that previously had this title is "old tech" It would take something special for me to get rid of the kemper but im always going to get excited to see where this tech goes.
      I think all of our dreams though would be a Reactive Load box and a wall of Amp Heads.. and a lottery win. until then i'll be happy with what i have. Young me would have sold his soul to get the tones im getting from the kemper

    • Geoffrey Merrifield
      Geoffrey Merrifield 2 years ago +1

      @Ciarán Many great points. I just get annoyed at the dynamic of the next best new thing, because many of these types of videos are intended to sell us.
      If i didn’t need to do direct recording, I’d get a great amp or two and savor my investment without wondering if/when my modeler/profiler I spent $1700 on will become outdated...

    • Ciarán
      Ciarán 2 years ago

      ​@Geoffrey Merrifield I dont think anyone is saying that the Kemper doesnt sound amazing here. Stick both these in a mix and youll struggle to hear a difference. And that the reason why an upgrade for a Kemper user doesnt make sense at the minute. But stand alone you can hear a difference.
      Sure you could play around with EQ's etc and post processing and get it to sound identical but the point in the video was to just run them through the basic profiling setup and see how they sound. And the Quad cortex comes off a little better in this instance. Does that mean us Kemper users suddenly have useless pieces of kit laying around our bedrooms? far from it, our amazing Tones / rigs are still there and they dont suddenly sound terrible because the QC sounded a little better capturing these amps
      Both sound amazing, but the QC captures it a little better in this instance. If anything this means Kemper either need to update the firmware to narrow the gap (if the hardware allows) or lower the price which then makes this incredible piece of kit more accessible to lower budget guitarists. Everybody wins

    • Geoffrey Merrifield
      Geoffrey Merrifield 2 years ago +1

      But I have to say watching a ton of these types of videos, f this was a Kemper promo video they would do the profiling, then play the Kemper profile back and it would sound amazing.

  • DarthV506
    DarthV506 2 years ago

    I bought my Kemper in the summer of 2012 and I'm nowhere near surprised that a new device is able to do a better job. It's called progress. Also wondering if CK has more tricks up his sleeve for firmware updates =)
    And yes, I've been looking at the newer digital stuff for an upgrade. Maybe the QC is it?
    BTW, did you shock yourself to get you hair standing up? Frickin awesome. Wish I had that much, getting old sucks!

  • Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan 2 years ago

    Seems to me these are both pretty cool pieces of equipment, and having one or the other would put you in a good position to do some cool work regardless of Rabea's opinion.
    But a lot of people just watch these videos to validate their opinions and purchases, so it makes sense that there would be some rage.

  • Keith Chegwin Official
    Keith Chegwin Official 5 months ago

    Hey Bea, I'm always going back to this video as I'm thinking of picking up a QC. Would you consider doing a video about comparing your captures to the built in ones on the cortex? Cheers 🤘

  • sinquestsound
    sinquestsound 2 years ago +2

    Nice comparison, IMO QC wins here every time. But... will be nice to hear both in a mix with same backing track. Good job!

  • deadsoundradio
    deadsoundradio 10 months ago +4

    I own a kemper and it does have a natural compression. My ear has grown accustomed to it. The QC defiant sounds awesome. Pick what you want and enjoy the riffage! 🤘🏾

  • Paul Boe
    Paul Boe 2 years ago

    Thanks for a good review and comparison.
    I think they both sounds grate. I hope you will upload the profiles. They sounds great 👍

  • dvaoa
    dvaoa 2 years ago

    Great job, Rabea...appreciate you. And I'm a longtime Kemper user.

  • Alexander The Meh
    Alexander The Meh 2 years ago

    I enjoyed my Kemper when I owned it but found the same issues with the profiling with the Kemper. It was never like the amp profiled to me.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +31

    Don’t listen to the negative comments man you’ve always came across as an honest down to earth person I’m not a gear junkie I just love hearing you play . You’re proof that gear isn’t everything, what’s most important is playing and mastering the instrument. Cheers stay safe

    • milkandmeat
      milkandmeat 2 years ago

      I mean, he's a salesman. This channel is mostly ads. It's not really debatable.

  • CBDM777
    CBDM777 2 years ago +1

    Quad Cortex seems interesting but my FM3 is my Holy Grail for now. Rock on Rabea!

  • Jeffrey Cleghorn
    Jeffrey Cleghorn 2 years ago

    I appreciate the work you put into your videos. Your demos are always fantastic, even if the high gain stuff isn’t usually my thing. It sucks that getting paid for videos brings questions about your integrity for so many viewers.
    Good news is that this isn’t a celebrity endorsement of an electric grill, it’s a musician reviewing music gear.

  • Jack Gardiner
    Jack Gardiner 2 years ago +3

    Keep being a legend mate. Both sounded brilliant, but now I’m really excited about the Quad!

  • FlyByTim
    FlyByTim 2 years ago +1

    They sound so similar that it seems like you ought to just get the Quad Cortex since it's new and technically capable of more. I'm content with my Kemper/Kone combo because just interacting with it feels traditional.

  • Calan Draco
    Calan Draco 2 years ago

    Thanks for recording these videos. I watched the previous one and didnt feel biased IMHO. I also liked the captured tones better in the cortex than the kemper in the previous video. In this one, they sound pretty close.

  • -Anonymous-
    -Anonymous- 2 years ago

    I don’t own either and am actually an Axe-FX man myself, that being said, to my ears the Quad Cortex is the clear winner here, hands down. But it’s really splitting hairs, the Kemper is fantastic.
    The kemper is also old technology at this point, I would expect it to struggle against the latest piece of kit.

  • Curt Luxton
    Curt Luxton 2 years ago +8

    Hi Rabea, long time subscriber, first time commenter here. I have immense respect for your professionalism and integrity in these videos, they are second only to your playing, which is an inspiration to me (especially when you play strats and tele's! ). I'm sure everyone else viewing feels the same. All the best from Australia!

  • John Gunter
    John Gunter 2 years ago

    One word. Clarity! From a listening perspective there is a difference between the two. Quad Cortex is more pleasurable listening experience. I can't justify the price as a solution for myself but I can clearly see why it is at the current price point. Thanks for you candor.

  • Random Guitar Dude
    Random Guitar Dude 2 years ago +66

    The capture quality of the Quad Cortex is really impressive, damn

  • Riccardo Basso
    Riccardo Basso 2 years ago

    Great work, tons of patience!
    To my ears QC sound more realistic, Kemper feels ever a little gummy to me

  • alseick
    alseick 2 years ago

    In my experience Kemper profiling is kind of temporary - you can fine tune the tone once you figure out how your profiling affects the one as I think it is predictable in certain way.
    For example: play some chord on 3rd fret, that will be tone A, play same chord one on 9th, that will be tone B.
    Regardless of what is played before that, ending profiling with same chord on same fret (played just a few times) will usually result in same tone (on that guitar, that amp, these settings ;)
    For people who like the amp in the room sound, a bit less compression, I recommend direct profiling, though as usual, adding yet another cable (speaker cable) also affects the tone.
    I actually wanted to buy Quad Cortex after watching this video ;) What I miss is the builtin poweramp - I don't like the hassle of having separate one.

  • cantemirash
    cantemirash Year ago

    great video! To me they both sound very good. The profiling algorithms are very accurate, so I would consider other factors when choosing one or another. The Kemper was a sure investment, the hardware is the same since 2011. When the QC will release every couple of years a new version of the device making hardware improvements then I would stay to the Kemper. But who knows, maybe they will also make only improvements through software updates.
    Anyhow a good video, you can’t blame the Rabea for his opinion, just keep yours.

  • The Brain Recording Studios

    on my speakers, for the cleans, the QC, when comparing the the ref tone to the capture and compared to the Kemper, has more low mid which could be perceived as mud.
    For High gain, it seems the opposite, QC was closer, Kemper had a Low mid build up.
    Interesting comparison!

  • Narddogg81
    Narddogg81 2 years ago

    Question, how much flexibility do the quad cortexcaptures have for things like adjusting gain and eq after the capture. So they allow broad editing, or do they kinda fall apart of your get too far away from the original capture?

  • Damien Crow
    Damien Crow 2 years ago

    Neural sounds really good. As a kemper owner though, I do like that you can swap out cabs after you profile though. Can QC do that too ?

  • Allan Bilka
    Allan Bilka 2 years ago

    Rabea, in my experience most modelers and profilers fall apart when comparing the long sustain and singing feedback that some tube amps are capable of. It would be nice to hear how these devices perform in that respect. It is an important part of my personal tone and style. I have a Helix and had an AXE FX II and they both fall apart in that respect in my opinion. What is your opinion on how these units perform in that respect?

  • Mark D
    Mark D 2 years ago

    I have watched a few videos like this and I think QC has the edge, then you add the additional specs it was a no brainer for me and I ordered the QC. With the Kemper tech being a little dated I am sure they are working on a refresh, they have dominated the profile market untested for awhile, now that they have some competition they will need to up their game.
    And people, don’t hate on Rabea just because you support Kemper and his thoughts are different then yours. Kemper still sounds amazing, and will likely get better as QC pushes them to do so.

  • Uvedevaca
    Uvedevaca 2 years ago +26

    Great video dude. As a Kemper owner I must admit the QC sounds clearer and cleaner. Just a tiny bit. The whole "what sounds exactly like the amp" thing to me isn't that important. I just want an usable great sounding different range of tones to play and record. Both of them can give me that.
    There wasn't a single tone that I wouldn't use to record. All sounded great. We had this war when the Helix was released, I'm pretty sure this kemper Vs QC thing won't last that long.
    KEMPER is 10 years old. Still sounds great, but QC is superior in terms of technology and capabilities. Do I need one to replace my Kemper? Hell no!!
    Great job dude, this is a great video.

  • Lonny Handwork
    Lonny Handwork 2 years ago

    Thanks for all of this Rabea. Great job.
    To those Kemper fans who cried foul, I’d suggest that if Kemper “has a hard time profiling some amps” the QC is a better product for this for me right out of the gate.

  • Daniel James O‘Connor

    Hey Bea, thanx for going through all that trouble for us, for free!!! Great human stuff going on there...
    Love your vids. Love the feel. It's always good to have someone doing honest stuff on the internet these days.
    So kids, go see The Fro! Great comparison, thanx again!!!

  • keith taylor
    keith taylor Year ago

    Rabea, Fantastic review brother!! You are a super nice guy and talented player! Don't let any negativity get you down. Your gear reviews are second to none! Thank you my friend.

  • Bruce87W
    Bruce87W 2 years ago

    Wow! now that is a comparison video! Nice job and I can actually hear all the points you made. I think that added frown eq before the amp is what gives the Kemper more gain than the real amp. I can see why high gain players like the Kemper. Not good for edge of breakup or clean though

  • Phil Lively
    Phil Lively 2 years ago +7

    Just a general comment to everyone:
    If you're chasing tones and you're after new gear - and can afford it - then that's fine!
    If you're already the owner of some older gear and it still works - and you already found your tone be happy - why change? Get the next, newest, bestest thing when you need to.
    Either way - can I have your old thing please?

  • elguitarTom
    elguitarTom 2 years ago +6

    Can't judge the Kemper by the profiles. You can find some really shitty profiles for the Kemper that sounds worse than the worst PoDXT sound
    or super good tones that sounds like coming from a real amp in a room.
    I recommedn the JTM profiles or CHP or TJ profiles. Depending if you like rock or metal.

    • Dominique Heine
      Dominique Heine 2 years ago

      not just some but actually a whole lot of really bad profiles. It's crazy what crap some people upload haha :D

  • Alex Lubiński
    Alex Lubiński 2 years ago

    Kemper is pretty awesome for its time - same as the Virus synth but the Quad Cortex is a much newer technology and definitely has the edge over the Kemper. Definitely prefer the Quad Cortex, same with Neural DSP plugins. I feel that they are in a different league than most of the other things I've used over the years.

  • bender diver
    bender diver 5 months ago

    I enjoyed your comparison, I've tried so Manny amps this year, yes all the £2000.0 FENDERS ECT,A MARSHALL bass and treble 20 what, hand wired, yep but it was sold, then I tried the helix, it was as good as the fenders' I was surprised,keep up the good work,

  • Swampster70
    Swampster70 2 years ago

    Never stop rambling - that's where a lot of the good stuff is.
    Great video. An seemingly honest appraisal of two great bits of kit. Both are great but the Quad Cortex does seem to be the better option. I'm amazed that the Kemper is still one of the best boxes out there to this day. In the digital world, products just don't last that long. Hell, the only products that remain in production that long are the Mark series amps from Boogie.

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris 2 years ago

    Started playing again the past few years and ventured into this and tired a few samplers out including Helix, Headrush and Boss, however no Kemper or AxFX. With my history being only value amps (Marshall & 5150) the feel & response of these devises have always been disappointing and for this reason I ditched them all! I can't comment on the Kemper or AxFX but from from where Im sitting my feelings are exactly the same based on what I'm hearing - QC sounded alive and more responsive and the first thing I heard from the Kemper was the compressed sound that was flat in response. Rabea you are being too nice in regards to Kemper - QC all day!!! Also to me I feel the Kemper would require more tweaking to stay present in the mix!

    ELPLAK 2 years ago

    I just wanted to say thank you for the amount of work you put in the comparison. You are the man!!! Do not pay attention to BS complainers.

  • PR0_ GABBY
    PR0_ GABBY 2 years ago +2

    I’d like to see a comparison between the user interface of each unit. How to program foot switch functions . Comparisons of effects sounds(boost, modulation, reverb) and how to edit them on each. The Kemper editor should also be compared. Can you load two amp captures/profiles and play them simultaneously on each? How well does spillover work with delay for each when changing presets? Does one have better MIDI features than the other? Is there a lag in changing presets on either ?

  • TJ Walker
    TJ Walker 2 years ago +2

    Great video, I'm glad I found this before I bought a Kemper - unlike some of the other "reviews" I've seen on popular channels that highlight problems with the Quad Cortex I think are actually user issues, it's so useful to see someone who really has a command of the technology (and can really play!). I can hear the difference, the Quad Cortex sounds more 3D, and I can imagine how that translates with the feel. It reminds me of when I played my Vibro King handwired amp next to a Blues Deville, both sounded good but there's a depth to the handwired amp which is part of the feel/sag etc. This video has cost me £1500 - thanks!!

  • Recording Studio Loser
    Recording Studio Loser 2 years ago +2

    Your hard work is greatly appreciated! Thats an immense undertaking, especially twice. Thank you Rabea! Inspiring stuff.

  • Phillip Lindholm
    Phillip Lindholm 2 years ago

    I think prior to refining profiles the Quad sounds better, though I did like the complexity to the Kemper tone more after refining.
    It makes me think that the Quad Cortex still wins because it can more easily produce a quality profile in a smaller form factor and with the added "wow" of using software plugins.
    I think Kemper needs to up their game to stay in this market.
    Thanks for the great video Bea!

  • Alan
    Alan Year ago

    Hi Rabea, As always your videos are incredibly informative as shown here and your playing is phenomenal! I want to ask, how did you get that amazing clean sound on the Kraken? I have the amp pedal version on the way and would like to get your insight. Thanks

  • Worship Tutorials
    Worship Tutorials 2 years ago +81

    They both sound pretty fantastic, and as a Kemper user, I’ve definitely noticed many of the things you’re hearing (especially the compression/feel characteristics the Kemper imparts). It’s why I prefer Axe-FX/FM3.
    Very excited to get the QC in and make some tones.
    One thing I like about KPA is its ability to really tweak a profile using things like Definition, Clarity, etc. Do you feel the QC offers these kinds of parameters via things like EQ’s or other types of effects blocks?
    Thanks Rabea!

    • Doug Doppler
      Doug Doppler Year ago

      At clip-share.net/video/wIWcHVknyqg/video.html Rebea talks about the algorithms being newer. I think there's a lot to that. Ditto on can't wait!

    • Eric Brady
      Eric Brady 2 years ago +1

      I just got an Axe Fx 3 mk2 a couple weeks ago and it's great.

    • J2
      J2 2 years ago

      I promise I won’t pirate them and sell them on Facebook!!

    • J2
      J2 2 years ago +1

      Hey. Hurry up and get this thing! I need all my WT patches!

  • eddysel10
    eddysel10 2 months ago

    Great video. I enjoyed it so much, that I didn't even noticed that it was about 45 min long. Based on what I have seen and hear in this video, I must say that I will probably choose the Quad Cortex over the Kemper. The reason I have not bought the QC yet, is because I am still on the waiting list for the Fractal FM9. This is my nr 1 at the moment while still using Line6 (Boss in the past and for a long time). Seeing the fact that the QC is in its early stages and the fact that they make their own plugins too, I think that the QC will have a great future. I can see the integration of their plugins into the hardware in the future (if not done already) and the benefit having the sound in your studio (tracked with plugins), during live performances (using the QC).
    Btw, can you put e link the guitar you use in this video? Very nice guitar.

  • Alan Woodward
    Alan Woodward 2 years ago

    Thank you for putting this together. I don't own a Kemper so this is a hands down great decision i made to buy the newer technology which has an impressive capture of the perceived quality and nuances of the amps and feel. That's not my only reason. I like the touchscreen, I/Os, tone cloud, plugin support, and mobility etc of QC. Hands down good decision to be on the vendor pre-order list and there is no need for purchase validation.

  • Lassi Liimakka
    Lassi Liimakka 2 years ago +11

    Imo, if the Kemper struggles with certain amps, that's kinda its own problem. It's completely to fair to compare same amps and if the other one doesn't work well with them, that's just a con to add to the list.

    • Lassi Liimakka
      Lassi Liimakka 2 years ago +1

      @jtn191 Exactly. If the Cortex does, that's another Win for it over the Kemper, that's just how it should go in my opinion

    • jtn191
      jtn191 2 years ago

      iirc, The manual even says that it doesn't do Marshall-like distortion

  • DavidRomeRecording
    DavidRomeRecording 2 years ago

    When you're doing the comparison you need to volume match them. I noticed the Kemper is at a lower volume. Our ears always prefer the louder source as a matter of science. Without volume matching any comparison is considered invalid in the engineering world.

  • Dominik S
    Dominik S 2 years ago

    I use and love my Kemper for 3 years now. And I agree with your findings about those two units, Rabea. Keep up the great work!

  • Simon Hosford
    Simon Hosford 2 years ago +1

    Thank you so much Rabea for taking all that time to go put each through their paces! I used the Kemper when I headlined the Melbourne Guitar Show last year, playing the first Van Halen record from start to finish.. and the profiles I bought and then 'massaged' for the show came out very good indeed (the show video is on my channel if you're curious to hear the sounds).. but I think that Quad Cortex has an articulation and transparency that make the Kemper feel slightly more 2 dimensional and dull. thanks for all your hard work on your Channel, it's really great! best, Simon

  • Gus Alfonso
    Gus Alfonso 2 years ago +1

    in a few words: the kemper profiler is good and the QC capture is awesome

  • soulfreak101
    soulfreak101 2 years ago

    Great video Rabea, been thinking about buying a Kemper for a while but felt it was due an upgrade. It seems that Kemper have taken their foot off the pedal , concentrating on Kab etc. It might be time for a Kemper to think about a new unit. I watched Rhett Shull after your comparison and he came to the same conclusion and you can hear the same results in both comparison videos. Im sure in a few years there will be a new unit and the Quad Cortex people be annoyed. Im might be one of them as it looks/sounds like a great unit and will probably get my hands on one of them. keep up the good work.

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 2 years ago

    For me it would be enough to sway me if I had neither and was going to buy one to get a quad cortex but the difference is minimal to the point where it's not worth switching whilst I already have one. Impressive nonetheless that 7/8 year old tech is still in the conversation.

  • Hum Ro
    Hum Ro 2 years ago

    Thanks for your videos. I love them. The Quad sounds pretty good, but I rather prefere your Kraken Pedal with the Torpedo Cab. Simply life is coming back and I love it. Your pedal made me sell my fractal. You dont need that much for a great sound. Thanks for your Kraken, I love it!

  • E.T.S.
    E.T.S. 2 years ago +1

    Nice demonstration, from every modeler i really miss that string clarity that analog gear have, and now it seams like that QC have almost nailed it, at least what i hear in this demo, sounds wonderful.... if it can capture my favorite amps with this kind of tone and feel it will be my next upgrade for sure, you’re opinion on the QC is exactly what i hear in this demo, good work man...👍

  • Sector 77G
    Sector 77G 5 months ago

    Excellent video.... totally "on the mark" production, content, and delivery!

  • Speedometer
    Speedometer 2 years ago +1

    Rabea just keep living the dream. The work you do is amazing. You’ve inspired my youngest son to play guitar and drums and I certainly appreciate the reviews you provide on your channel and at Anderson’s.

  • Prince Ricker
    Prince Ricker 4 months ago

    Nice demo, Rabea. Really in-depth and honest. And a great-sounding guitar, too.

  • shitmandood
    shitmandood 2 years ago

    It's probably splitting hairs on the differences. I think I'd still get a Kemper if I get into the market for one of these systems. I use Bias FX/Amp 2 currently and I'm pretty happy with it, for home use.

  • Hayden Abrahams
    Hayden Abrahams 2 years ago +1

    I love the high gain on the Kraken as you demonstrated. It's tight, but not too tight and has a good mix to it with the equalization. Such an open sound too!

  • James Atkinson
    James Atkinson 2 years ago +1

    What I love about the Kemper is performance mode. Dialling in a performance on a powered Kemper with the Kemper Kones is so much fun. I have stored my valve amps as the Kemper, footswitch and Kones are more portable and consistant for me. Loud and as tough as old boots. Great that the Quad has come out though. The low sounds and woolliness mentioned is taken away when used with Kones, but that is my own opinion. That is why I love these vids. Now for more playing!

  • gsep1056
    gsep1056 2 years ago

    Hopefully someone will procure one for M. Britt so we can get all those amps profiled for the QC. The fact that it is more compact(easier to transport) and can create stereo rigs like the Fractal makes it appealing to me.

  • Peter Cleff
    Peter Cleff 2 years ago +3

    Insanely good video. Mad respect for redoing it. I know the time and effort is insane.
    I'm sorry people make awful assumptions in the comments. If there's one channel I trust to be unbiased. It's this one. Great job!