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Top Plucking Hand Technique Tips for Bass Players!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021 verรถffentlicht
  • In this Mini Lesson I run through some Top Plucking Hand Technique Tips for Bass Players...
    I cover the concept of moving the thumb up and down across the strings -and I am using 2 cameras so you can get some great visual tips on how I am doing this..! :)
    This helps with muting used strings ...and I personally often find it easier reaching for the D & G strings when my thumb is resting on the E or A string..
    Also, this is a great technique to adopt on 5 string too!
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Comments • 34

  • D.Kelly Fitness
    D.Kelly Fitness Year ago +1

    Very cool! Iโ€™m also left handed but play right handed. I think it has really lenses itself to my writing and improv Thanks man! Cool video

  • Mungo Mick
    Mungo Mick Month ago +1

    Excellent lesson. I've been looking for right hand technique tips and this was just what I needed. Most bass instructors don't cover right hand plucking to this degree.

  • Shuzies
    Shuzies Year ago +1

    Always Fantastic to hear from you....your teaching reaches in and touches me. I know you have made me a better player. Thank you

    • Rufus Philpot
      Rufus Philpot  Year ago

      Ah thanks so much for that -wonderful to hear it!

  • Michael Luckett
    Michael Luckett Year ago +1

    Thanks, Rufus! I've been using the floating thumb, watching you with that clean tone. Thanks, again for the exercise.

    • Rufus Philpot
      Rufus Philpot  Year ago

      My pleasure! Always good to hear these exercises are working for people..

  • Anthony Metivier
    Anthony Metivier Year ago +1

    Good one - thanks!
    Also a dual hander, with lefty writing and eating preferences, but magic tricks and bass are both โ€œstandard.โ€
    I need to work on this stuff. Picked for decades while focused on progressive thrash, but suddenly interested in fingers.

  • Terry Adams
    Terry Adams Year ago +2

    If Jaco was a live You would be the one he took lessons from. Thanks for another great lesson Rufus

  • Ivory Mobley
    Ivory Mobley Year ago +6

    Thank you. Its very helpful.
    Please provide a 16 th note exercise.
    I appreciate all that you share.

  • FondueBrothers
    FondueBrothers Year ago +1

    Great clean tone you've got there.
    I wonder if you could help me with a problem that I've noticed recently. I've played Bass for a (very) long time, and for as long as I can remember, I've used my 3rd and 2nd fingers for plucking the strings, and occasionally added the 1st finger when playing triplets. I play a P bass copy with the tone rolled off for a traditional dark sound. I play with the pads of my fingers and all is well but now I find I'm getting inconsistent volume and tone with the occasional zingy twang as my finger nail catches the string. I've always kept my nails short. I should add that I'm not as young as I was when I played and gigged regularly.

    • Rufus Philpot
      Rufus Philpot  11 months ago

      For me, plucking w 1st and 2nd is all I do. Try working on that slowly-run arpeggios, modes, lines-but really focus on integrating 1st finger.

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony Year ago +1

    Love the 2 cameras ! Always hoped you start selling a decal I can put on my bass of the Rufus Parrot Thumbnail Gouge.

  • M V
    M V Year ago +1

    Great insignts to get a clear sound, from Alphonso Johnson to Gary Willis: thank you mister!

  • MixingGBP
    MixingGBP Year ago +3

    When I play the G and D strings, I unconsciously put my plucking hand pinky in the space between the E and A strings to mute them both. It's probably horrible technique, but I have done it that way for 20+ years.

  • Bernard Dionne
    Bernard Dionne Year ago +1

    Very well explained. Cool!

  • Bob Stranzenbach
    Bob Stranzenbach Year ago

    You just came up in my feed! I remember you from several years ago on Music Trainer and it helped me with modes. Just subscribed.

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin Year ago +1

    I use my rh as you do & the etude looks useful! 2 cameras help!

  • Balbino
    Balbino 7 months ago +1

    Very very very very good!
    Thank you very much!

  • Eric Samson
    Eric Samson Year ago +1

    Super useful !

  • Patrick Roberts
    Patrick Roberts 7 months ago +1

    My thumb always rests on the pick up no matter which string im plucking how many of you do that?

    • Rufus Philpot
      Rufus Philpot  6 months ago +1

      Patrick-try working on this stuff really slow-its something that takes maybe a few weeks to bwecome3 ingrained/automatic

  • DeAndre
    DeAndre Year ago +1

    I'm left handed as well. And I can't not play left handed anything