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  • Published on Nov 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • November 9, 2019 -- KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
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  • DAZN Boxing
    DAZN Boxing  Year ago +748

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    • Schwayze Johnson
      Schwayze Johnson 28 days ago

      Logan Paul is a heavy 95 kgs. The wind has accepted that and aims he can win inside 20 mins

    • ㅤMemerified
      ㅤMemerified Month ago


    • H1tm4N
      H1tm4N Month ago

      What it was not a knock down
      It was
      He was grabbing
      And was knocked down Bad

    • philo betto
      philo betto 4 months ago

      Woah! beautiful girls!

    • ANA Ochoa ibarra
      ANA Ochoa ibarra 4 months ago


  • Archived
    Archived 2 years ago +87733

    The people who waited for a year to watch the full fight for free are legends.

    • Jookie
      Jookie 7 days ago

      Try 2 🤣

    • Tariq TV Productions
      Tariq TV Productions 15 days ago

      I've only just watched it. I only came across these blokes when I tried their prime drinks as part of my review of it! 🤣🤣

    • Marc Rycroft
      Marc Rycroft Month ago

      First time I watched ! I am a Legend !

    • Joshua Eckert
      Joshua Eckert Month ago

      Still wasn’t worth the watch .

    • Claudio Di Biagio
      Claudio Di Biagio 2 months ago


  • Tchap
    Tchap Year ago +6227

    To this day this is by far the best celebrity boxing match, the atmosphere, the card, and the fight itself where incredible

    • Redwtff
      Redwtff 25 days ago

      @Tyler Miller not a better build up 💀

    • Dutch Universe
      Dutch Universe Month ago

      I didn’t even know a second fight happened till just now 😂

    • Libra
      Libra Month ago

      Then there's salt papi

    • The Jade
      The Jade 3 months ago

      The fact that JJ had Billy Joe Saunders and Devin Haney fighting on his undercard was weird lol

    • Blaugranas
      Blaugranas 4 months ago

      No Holyfield Tyson 2 was better

  • cactus man
    cactus man Year ago +2612

    No matter how many Clip-Share boxing events they do, this will always be the greatest

    • Plicool
      Plicool 5 months ago

      Other matches can be greater than it

    • Samuel Jean
      Samuel Jean  6 months ago

      Take it back

    • Emmitt Maximus
      Emmitt Maximus 6 months ago

      ay man i just uploaded my first amateur boxing match lmk what you think 🔥🔥🔥🥊🥊

    • Carson Kay
      Carson Kay 7 months ago

      nah bro ksi v jake

  • Vice
    Vice 7 months ago +2011

    2 years later, Logan lifting KSI’s hand as a friend , Man i love these two together

    • RandomGaming
      RandomGaming 12 days ago

      @Andy. I’m so mad he got injured

    • Omkar
      Omkar 18 days ago +1

      ​@rub ber Your previous comment says this is "a real fight" then in the very next comment you say "duh it's all fake" ?

    • apapz3245
      apapz3245 27 days ago

      Logan is a whole clown

    • Tebow Taylor
      Tebow Taylor Month ago


    • Paolo Candido
      Paolo Candido 2 months ago

      You love Logan Paul?

  • kai Weeks
    kai Weeks 6 months ago +487

    Comparing this fight to the fights he had a few days ago, jj still throws overhands but far less compared to this fight. A lot of people say jj hasn’t improved since this fight and they’re delusional. Jj was cleaner and more compact. Bare in mind, a lot of pro boxers even with great records throw overhands

    • twofat
      twofat 10 days ago

      @ابن أبيه if you hate it so much why were you watching it 💀

    • DexterousAdept
      DexterousAdept Month ago

      I don't get it tho what's bad about overhands? Ksi got both of his knockdowns from an overhand. If you say it's a risky punch it's also the most powerful too.

    • Mus
      Mus 4 months ago

      Logans big mistake was not capitalising on all those missed overhands. KSI would throw those and be left in a vulnerable position but Logan just runs away

    • A seng Vang
      A seng Vang 4 months ago

      @ابن أبيه bị bu vu im mi bị,

  • Tyler Kie
    Tyler Kie 3 months ago +527

    This is still and ever will be the greatest Clip-Share Boxing ever 💪🏽

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      @Nerd Tastic nobody actually cares about that fight though. only ksi vs jake will top this fight as a spectacle.

    • walis tambo
      walis tambo Month ago

      @K00zeyd he knows he's gonna get countered by ksi and it's the constant pressure and aggression of ksi it makes u not want to throw

    • Brando Bagat
      Brando Bagat Month ago +1

      No. Salt papi is the one 🔥🔥

    • K00zeyd
      K00zeyd Month ago +2

      Logan makes me mad he had so many times to throw the right hand but never did I think he could’ve won

    • walis tambo
      walis tambo Month ago +1

      @Brandon Adam i forgot ahout that fight shows its not even top 5

  • Soflo Sports
    Soflo Sports 2 years ago +19988

    KSI looked like he completely forgot all his training and instantly went full street fighter mode

  • Luffy SkyWalker
    Luffy SkyWalker 10 months ago +813

    Came back to this because KSI is gonna be fighting again in August. It's been 2 years since this fight, hopefully he has better technique this time because he has the stamina, the will and power.

    • CMassBassin
      CMassBassin 2 months ago +1

      @ok yes this aged well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • ok yes
      ok yes 6 months ago

      Why do people say he has the power? He has yet to knock anyone out???

    • Viva Leroca
      Viva Leroca 6 months ago

      Should have added better opponents in there.

    • Frank Gavaghan
      Frank Gavaghan 7 months ago

      Did u say better technique ,I think that u mean any kind of technique! It's plan to see that u have never been in a ring before 🤣

    • Rocket 815
      Rocket 815 7 months ago

      Lol how did his fights go they were so embarrassing it was a freak show

    OMEGA 2 months ago +76

    Ksi getting up that fast from that illegal punch (which is probably an insanely hard punch) is surprising. What a heart of a warrior.

    • Draven Wilson
      Draven Wilson 15 days ago

      @DentyPH nah. The one where ksi went for his millionth overhand and Logan finally widened up and uppercut him

    • DentyPH
      DentyPH 15 days ago +1

      ​@Draven Wilson the uppercut where he held his head down while throwing it you mean? Yeah can't be doing that fella

    • DentyPH
      DentyPH 15 days ago +2

      ​@Odean Smith wasn't even a legal upercut as he held his head down whilst throwing the punch . The 2 point deduction did nothing but cancel the knockdown

    • Titan
      Titan 23 days ago

      @Xy Z Didn't KSI do the same or something in first fight? Something about after the bell?

    • Draven Wilson
      Draven Wilson 27 days ago

      ​@Xy ZI feel like that ref hated Logan or something. Ksi went back of the head twice and ref said "Don't worry!" And told jj nothing. Logan was def robbed. A weak small punch to the back of the head didn't do anything. The big uppercut is what got him. Maybe maybe one point for holding for the second deduction

  • Kaiya Johnston
    Kaiya Johnston Month ago +17

    Complete respect for the fact they did this, and got over all the drama and became friends ! They have mad respect for each other after this 🎉

  • Aj S
    Aj S 9 months ago +450

    After looking back at KSI shots, I think what he should improved the most is connecting the shots. He got the strength.... imagine if he was able to connect an uppercut after his favorite jab to the chest + a wild right hook combo, while using that hook as a feint instead

      MIDITOR Month ago

      @Bruhbruh123 it's extuaccly hard to land an uppercut and a hook
      Trust me I have been in ring

    • MeAndTheBoys MeAndTheBoys
      MeAndTheBoys MeAndTheBoys Month ago

      @Batty man better than most Clip-Share boxing fans who can’t do either

    • Bruhbruh123
      Bruhbruh123 2 months ago

      You think KSI would’ve done better if he landed his shots?! Quite the boxing mind you are!

    • Batty man
      Batty man 4 months ago +1

      @Aj S just because you can analyse a fight doesn’t me you can fight

      BOREDBOXING 6 months ago

      @Llerm BRUH EXACTLY

  • Elsie Wals
    Elsie Wals 7 months ago +84

    Came back to watch this again because of JJ's fights next week. I'm hoping there won't be anymore swings because they tired him out so fast.
    Though JJ is built so different now, I don't think he'll tire as easily.
    C'MON JJ! 🥊🏆

  • Rodmel Valencia
    Rodmel Valencia 2 years ago +21361

    Everytime when logan gets punched in the face, he immediately grabs ksi and hugs him. What a nice guy

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe 7 months ago


    • trimmed.
      trimmed. 8 months ago


    • SoRandomAgreed?
      SoRandomAgreed? Year ago

      I'm sure there can't be any comments not knowing tactics of boxi-

    • LiteCoin Moses
      LiteCoin Moses Year ago

      Yes.. it is a tactic in Boxing where you wrap the fighter up when they start getting the best of you so you can recompose yourself.

  • Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie 10 months ago +80

    I remember watching this fight live. But it happened so long ago that I forgot the results. So I'm happy I got to rewatch this fight now. Because this is boxing at it's best. True entertainment. What a fight! 🔥

    • Zepp
      Zepp Month ago

      @ADRIAX They make this sport so cringe ,bring more eyes? Yeah bring more disappointment mate.

    • ADRIAX
      ADRIAX 6 months ago +1

      @Kent Vigilante ♍︎ sport is was never read but sure Logan and just definitely brought more eyes to the sport 😊

    • Kent Vigilante ♍︎
      Kent Vigilante ♍︎ 7 months ago +7

      @Ben W He's not wrong though, most pro fights are very technical and boring, it's sad to say but it's true and most of them don't know how to promote their fights to bring in more ppv's unlike influencers, that is why the sport was dying before KSI brought it back.

    • Daniel N
      Daniel N 7 months ago +11

      If you watched it live, I highly doubt you forgot the results lol. This was one of the biggest "youtube fights" so if you were actually there, you'd remember. Unless of course you have dementia or Alzheimer's

    • Ben W
      Ben W 8 months ago +8

      You have never seen a real fight than

  • Miniminiklin
    Miniminiklin Year ago +115

    People say that logan deserved only 1 point to be taken away but 2 makes sense since jj didnt get awarded his knockdown which logan and many agreed should of counted. Logan also doesnt get awarded his knockdown because he held jj is head as well as hit him twice behind his head this being illegal and couldve costed jj the fight.
    So all in all jj is the true victor even though he was very sloppy at a majority of the times...Lets see if he can clean that up a bit because when he does, If he lands a power punch I can promise u it will knock someone out.

    • Titan
      Titan 22 days ago

      @Miniminiklin My G literally punched logan 5 seconds after the bell lol, and he didn't get points deducted.
      I like JJ, but there was no fairness in the two fights.

    • Miniminiklin
      Miniminiklin 22 days ago

      @Titan did wat??? lol

    • Titan
      Titan 23 days ago

      I get that, but when KSI did it in first fight, why didn't it count?

    • Tor Baf
      Tor Baf Month ago

      The 2 point deduction was actually worth it. After the illegal hit it effected ksi a bit. You can see he was hit then kind of pulled down and hit again on the back of his head making him stumble and lose confidence.

    • vetti
      vetti 2 months ago +1

      I agree

  • Ace100it
    Ace100it 7 months ago +76

    What a legendary year, fight, decision, etc. 🤯 I can watch this 1 million more times and get the same exact excitement.

    • Ace100it
      Ace100it 6 months ago +1

      @Kiro25 That’s cool but you’re still here. I can’t blame them for their performance because they are Clip-Sharer who was learning to box 🤷‍♂️ I’m invested in them as a fan. So every punch sloppy or clean counted to me because anyone of em could’ve ended wrong and their timeline may have been SO much different. I don’t care how people feel, they can say I’m 10 or 12 or 2 it makes no difference to me. I’ll continue to watch those who inspire me.

    • Kiro25
      Kiro25 6 months ago +1

      Are u kidding??...they literally fighting like a bunch of kids in school...logan did pretty well..but he is too passive...fkcin boring(and if ur wondering why am i here...it just pop up in my recommendation bcoz of my ufc and boxing fanatic...i dont even know they actually rematch lol)

    • Lazar.72
      Lazar.72 6 months ago +4

      You are probably 10 years old and don't know much about real boxing

    • per me caeci vident
      per me caeci vident 6 months ago +1

      ur 12

  • JJ
    JJ 2 months ago +30

    It’s crazy how heavy ksi looks here now he just looks sooo athletic

  • LotionD
    LotionD 5 months ago +60

    15:05 The fact that the entire crowd rose up when Logan slipped is hilarious 🤣 🤣

    • Hauvkuab Yang
      Hauvkuab Yang 12 days ago

      Shouldn’t have been a slip it was a clear knockdown

  • PabloDLT69
    PabloDLT69 Year ago +8817

    From enemies to rivals to friends to brothers to business partners. Proud of em, they deserve it. ❤️🙌🏻

    • PabloDLT69
      PabloDLT69 2 months ago

      @Alex yup pretty much 🤣🤣

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago

      to scammer

    • lil 3x93rt
      lil 3x93rt 2 months ago

      Like Apollo and Rocky

    • Cayden Widing
      Cayden Widing 2 months ago

      And Logan just had yo ruin it

    • AnOp 13
      AnOp 13 2 months ago

      Lol u believe they were Rivals and not just putting on a show for money?

  • shernick marius
    shernick marius 4 months ago +5

    I just love seeing their entire journey together man
    I dont even want to see when ksi finishes boxing next year 😭

  • Midnight Gamer
    Midnight Gamer Year ago +42

    I was not a fan of ksi or logan paul when they had this fight but now i am and I saw this video and when they declared ksi the winner it made me so happy and brought tears in my eyes 😭🔥

  • X
    X 7 months ago +87

    Now that they’re business partners I would love to see them revisit the footage and watch it together

  • EyeSee
    EyeSee 8 months ago +28

    If you do boxing you would know KSI showed defensive skill in this fight. His punches were pretty messy but they were powerful. He was taking his head off the centre line great when throwing his jab though.

  • Cyprus 1974plz
    Cyprus 1974plz 6 months ago +11

    No matter how you look at it they both gave it there all and they are both great fighters

  • Simhan sree
    Simhan sree Year ago +3400

    Watching the sidemen there cheering for KSI just gave me the chills!

  • Jaja Bashengezi
    Jaja Bashengezi 9 months ago +33

    Come on by far KSI, was very prepared for this moment and scored more points very aggressively !! LP has in my opinion all the advantages to win this fight( size, mass, but his boxing strategies were so wrong for KSI...People wanted him to win even the commentator even when he could not stand the pressure from KSI.. Respect to both of them though, great fight!

  • iman mans
    iman mans Year ago +724

    I like how confident Logan is , man's literally hold his hand up thinking he won

    • Snow Forest
      Snow Forest Month ago

      Technically it most likely was 4-2 round win for logan, theirs no way unless ksi paid for judges for logan to have lost either draw or win for logan

    • Nihat Nihat
      Nihat Nihat 6 months ago

      @Guy Piddocke True, but ksi also had a knock down that wasn't counted because Logan slipped, but apparently, he didn't or something. Either way it was a very close fight and either could have won

    • Guy Piddocke
      Guy Piddocke 6 months ago

      Didn't KSI win by 1 point, and Logan had 2 points deducted for the foul? So had he not tapped KSI in the back of the head, he'd of won by 2 points.

    • LyraGlam
      LyraGlam 6 months ago

      @Ricardo Oliveira |< ¥ €

      IHATEMYJOB 7 months ago +3


  • SidemenClips
    SidemenClips 2 months ago +4

    This was legendary in youtube boxing history & still haven't been topped yet. Noone would've imagined they'll be best mates 3 yrs later

  • Luke Casey
    Luke Casey 7 months ago +18

    The skill level compared to 1st fight is unbelievable

  • Shootashipp
    Shootashipp 3 months ago +70

    KSI has to throw a different power punch than the overhand right no skill he wasn’t realizing Logan is ducking every time that’s why you switch up

    • Kraintorent
      Kraintorent 2 months ago +4

      He did in his latest fight against faze temper, strong left knockout

  • Hiyo
    Hiyo Year ago +5248

    Till this day I don’t understand how Mayweather vs Logan Paul became an actual thing

    • Addi Teacha
      Addi Teacha 4 months ago

      You dont see how full the arena is? Don't overfry your brain

    • Nazbaz
      Nazbaz 6 months ago

      yeah, well, try and fathom deji vs mayweather

    • Kamarion Brackens
      Kamarion Brackens 6 months ago

      @Detective Scarf no way they actually gonna do that if mayweather did logan as bad as he did for him being the smaller guy imagine deji

    • Detective Scarf
      Detective Scarf 6 months ago +1

      Now we have Deji vs Mayweather

    • Maurice Osullivan
      Maurice Osullivan 7 months ago

      @Maurice this type of boxing, pathetic.

  • xanxus
    xanxus 8 months ago +3

    JJ definitely did everything he could, but Logan was still a little bit better at this time. I'm still surprised that Logan didn't finish him off. Props to both of them though

  • Tasty
    Tasty 11 months ago +304

    32:44 I like how Ksi was totally not expecting he's gonna win, and Paul was almost sure that he's gonna win 😁

    • LuboyaTD
      LuboyaTD 2 months ago

      @KaoticJaytf 💀 KSI clearly won that

    • KaoticJay
      KaoticJay 6 months ago

      @loftsam you right

    • loftsam
      loftsam 6 months ago +3

      @KaoticJay nah just because boxing judges are dumb sometimes and let the people who obviously lost win

    • KaoticJay
      KaoticJay 6 months ago +2

      probably because he knew logan paul did better

    • Ronnie Law
      Ronnie Law 8 months ago

      That a sure fire way to see how a fight really ended.

  • Diego Savage
    Diego Savage 7 months ago +8

    The confidence with Jj at the beginning is astonishing

  • Cam Hand
    Cam Hand Year ago +66

    Ive watched this about 100 times now and i still think ksi walked away with this no doubt. Wasnt even a question even if the 2 points werent deducted

    • D Brette
      D Brette 7 months ago +1

      @Miltrum The "technique" wouldn't work when you're fighting someone way taller and longer than you are

    • DomSkiieZz
      DomSkiieZz 7 months ago +1

      @DeBhris look at the slow me again, Logan’s head drops after the hit, he instantly blacked out for a couple of seconds and lost his balance after that grabbing onto ksi that’s a knockdown

    • maxy hargrave
      maxy hargrave 7 months ago +1

      @DeBhris how was that a slip he stood back, got hit on the ear and dropped to his knees? thats a knockdown

    • Miltrum
      Miltrum 8 months ago

      No he doesn't bro threw his technique out the window.

  • Rashad
    Rashad 6 months ago +13

    It's always funny to me seeing how terrified Simon is for JJ.

  • yan skid
    yan skid Year ago +6995

    still a better match than the mayweather match 100%

    • Sewey
      Sewey 7 months ago


    • The.
      The. Year ago


    • Noah Umana
      Noah Umana Year ago +1

      All mayweather fight looks like boring

      FIFA MESSI Year ago

      @qu bullies757 Logan’s bro?

    • qu bullies757
      qu bullies757 Year ago +1

      @FIFA MESSI not at all him and his bro is 🗑️🗑️🗑️

  • Nabeel Syed
    Nabeel Syed 2 months ago +2

    The new Clip-Share boxing matches don't feel like this anymore. This was the peak, everything, everyone involved, the press conferences, the build up, the atmosphere. This was it.

    • lmaoooooo
      lmaoooooo 2 months ago +8

      we will experience this again with the ksi v jake fight 100%

  • GaB
    GaB 7 months ago +53

    KSI's boxing game/style on his recent his fight vs Swarmz, and Pineda was completely different here 😂, he was just throwing haymakers here, but still, he won tho.

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 months ago

      He didnt win here. Not by hit percentage at least.

    • MrMongoose221
      MrMongoose221 7 months ago +3

      @Iamthedoctor10 I really didn't see much improvement tbh both his opponents were too bad and always running backwards that it was too hard to really tell if he's improved.

    • Iamthedoctor10
      Iamthedoctor10 7 months ago +16

      yeah its crazy to see how much his technique has improved, and his heart will always be there, i have faith in a years time when they fight, he’ll be able to beat jake

  • Michele Collings
    Michele Collings 7 months ago +16

    Dude Logan hardly threw a right hand and when he hit that uppercut in the 4th and Ksi was all wobbly Logan shoulda attacked him he doesn't have that killer instinct he was so reserved the whole fight

  • MillsKy
    MillsKy 8 months ago +10

    To think the KSI vs Alex is gonna be even more lit than this is getting me excited, plus the best under cards to ever happen as well, gonna be some exciting boxing

    • Aidan
      Aidan 7 months ago

      @MillsKy alex pulled out

    • MillsKy
      MillsKy 7 months ago

      @Shinta007 if you are referring to the rumors as of late they are misleading or just straight up lies, or the tweets from Jake and JJ have nothing to do with this fight soooo

    • Shinta007
      Shinta007 7 months ago +2

      😅 Well...I hope you are not devastated by what was announced today.

  • Xavier Sutton
    Xavier Sutton 7 months ago +47

    Ksi improved so much as a boxer and Logan improved as a person
    I’m proud of them both and glad to see them as friends
    Controversial or not Ksi won this fight even the commission though so…… yes Logan got his knockdown but lost two points BUT Ksi didn’t get his knockdown scored and regardless the fight was close asf…..
    So fair enough but he better beat tf out of Jake to humble him‼️😂

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films Year ago +570

    16 Million waited a whole Year to watch this for free!

  • Akuma
    Akuma 6 months ago

    To see ksi improve his technique so much is crazy

  • Mälik Mostefa
    Mälik Mostefa 4 months ago +7

    They made history 🔥

  • SubZ
    SubZ Year ago +50

    I don’t understand why nobody yet understood what Jack Reese actually did? He gives Logan the Knockdown which scores the round a 10-8 and then he takes 2 points from Logan to even the round out to 8-8 so whoever lands more punches and performs better after the “knockdown”, Wins the round with 9-8. And Logan still thought that he lost because of the 2 points.

    • Slappa Da Bass
      Slappa Da Bass 26 days ago

      @Tornadospeed10He got absolutely rocked by the first clean uppercut.

    • Tor Baf
      Tor Baf Month ago

      ​@Tornadospeed10Logan probably didnt mean to but he would continously go to clench ksi whenever he got too close and always go for a headlock when he clenches. Ksi did kind of contribute aswell by lowering his head

    • Tor Baf
      Tor Baf Month ago

      ​@Tornadospeed10exactly you can tell by the way he started stumbling aswell. The ref saw that and gave him time to recover. In the clip after the uppercut it kind of looks like logan pushed his head down aswell then went to hit the back of his head.

    • Raxo
      Raxo 2 months ago

      @M.M.Ripper but he did get a kockdown even logan confirmed it you look silly

    • LuboyaTD
      LuboyaTD 2 months ago +4

      @TS editsyou’re gonna act like KSI didn’t have a missed knockdown call

  • Brad
    Brad 7 months ago +5

    I’m coming back because of Ksi’s new fight and I’m just now realizing how terrible Ksi’s technique was

  • Goyir Doye
    Goyir Doye Year ago +3040

    7:19 Look at Simon being so worried about Ksi while everyone else is cheering for Ksi . That’s an another level of love there. Such a nice bestie 🥰

    • Shalini
      Shalini 5 months ago +1

      And Tobi praying 🥺

    • Mario Vinicius
      Mario Vinicius 9 months ago

      ​@Sultan Sahota so worried...

    • Sultan Sahota
      Sultan Sahota 10 months ago +1

      He wasnt worried, he just understood the magnitude of the situation for JJ. He witnessed everything he put into it, first hand, more than any of his other friends. He wasnt worried about JJ getting hurt, or just the principle of losing. there was alot more to it.

    • NOT ZEEZ
      NOT ZEEZ Year ago +3

      @e 💀

    • marsel jasar
      marsel jasar Year ago

      u sure?

  • Pink Banana
    Pink Banana 11 months ago +5

    Both were wide open, but ksi brings his hands up sonetimes, and this helped him win.
    That and the fact that logan just stood there and did nothing.

  • The user
    The user Year ago +23

    I have never seen such an awesome referee. He did his job at best.

  • Al_Alemania
    Al_Alemania 7 months ago +51

    Soon we'll be able to see just how much JJ has improved since this fight!!!

    JIMMY 9 months ago +7

    Honestly -first time watching though this was just a media hype-nonsense type! Well, I was wrong: Hats off to both fighters who trained hard and left it all in the ring. KSI, is the Winner, Logan nothing to hang your head down-Learn from this and do not wait -from round 4-6 your straight 1-2 would have done the job, Awesome Fight! Very Impressive for both camps Well Done!

  • GD BlackRed
    GD BlackRed 4 months ago +3

    6:26 best punch from KSI so far. Jab then a right hand to the body

    LAZYGOD 2 years ago +1630

    All the other sidemen look so tensed especially Simon. Shows their true friendship.

    • FJ Nemo
      FJ Nemo Year ago +2

      That's why I love the UK Clip-Share scene, kinda tired of how fake US youtubers are

    • jj
      jj Year ago +1

      simon is a real one, i love him

    • ISuckAtVideogames
      ISuckAtVideogames Year ago +1

      @BeastSoundz very funny. 😐

    • BANGTAN 7
      BANGTAN 7 Year ago +1

      Simon is the best, JJ is so lucky to have a bestfriend like him. He a real one 💯

    • David Murillo Turrubiartes
      David Murillo Turrubiartes Year ago +1

      Anonayo Snigdho probably smashed to be honest

  • Jamie
    Jamie 9 months ago +6

    Logan actually has decent fundamentals. accurate jab, too.

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 8 months ago +2

    I have no idea why logan would hit ksi when he was already down. He blew that one. This could have easily been his fight but for some reason he decided to hit ksi 2 times when he was already down

  • NBD *reloaded*
    NBD *reloaded* 6 months ago +2

    I remember Watching this live, was freaking out when JJ won

  • chapogss_ycgm
    chapogss_ycgm Year ago +17

    Coming back to this and realising this is still the best yt boxing match

  • Sam Holt
    Sam Holt 6 months ago +1

    This fight was the peak of Clip-Share boxing for me. I don’t think ksi vs jake will top this

  • laviris
    laviris 2 years ago +7976

    Crazy to think that this happened when corona was only a beer

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Year ago +20

    Commentator 1: "How long does it take for you to recover from a knockdown?"
    Commentator 2: "About a round or two"
    Commentator 1: *"I think the 3 minutes for KSI helped him recover"*

  • Alia Hafsa
    Alia Hafsa Year ago +11

    Looking at SIMON stressed and scared for jj the entire time was so wholesome.

  • Bindiya Patharkat
    Bindiya Patharkat 6 months ago

    Sidemen being there for all ksi match just is the so amazing.. gives me relief he is not alone

  • Ramikillzz
    Ramikillzz Year ago +1

    This fight really is history they both became very decent boxers and looked great. Full top tier youtube boxers. Also to top it off had Micheal buffer

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago +1

    I don't care what the score card says they are both legends and winners in their own way and deserve more respect they made it entertaining for us.

  • Akshat Yadav
    Akshat Yadav Year ago +1680


  • Major REX
    Major REX 2 months ago

    To say "I was there!" Is by far one of my greatest achievements.

  • leverbeep
    leverbeep 11 months ago +6

    the reflexes of KSI tho

  • Molt_B
    Molt_B 4 months ago +3

    Man this was one of the best boxing matches in our generation to this day

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 8 months ago +37

    Announcers at the end mention how the 2 point deduction was excessive however Reece missed the clear knockdown as well, in the end it totally evens out, and considering Logan had an illegal uppercut and punch in the back of the head I don’t find it that egregious, he still could’ve won the round if he had pushed the pace after but he didn’t

    • The Jade
      The Jade 3 months ago

      KSI is Logans dance partner but also his greatest weakness. He always pushed him and never let him take a breather..

    • Trashnasty
      Trashnasty 7 months ago +5

      This. The knockdown wouldve been big for ksi so it really evened out the deduction. Even if Logan was only deducted 1 point, if the knockdown was counted, ksi still would have won it either way

  • James_z
    James_z 6 months ago +26

    Does anyone else feel the commentators favored Logan the whole time 😂

    • jeffrey poh
      jeffrey poh 6 months ago +1

      he was better tho

    • Jade
      Jade 6 months ago +8

      Whole time

  • Rick Ayala
    Rick Ayala 2 years ago +1546

    It’s annoys me how logan won’t throw his right hand🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Kykise
      Kykise 4 months ago

      @Ali AlBenSaad let’s see if that “windmill technique” will work against a skilled opponent

    • smoshfan123
      smoshfan123 Year ago

      @Ali AlBenSaad or you could close the distance and then throw overhands that can actually connect and maybe even drop him .

      GET TRIGGERED Year ago

      Thats because he sneezed three times

    • Bloos
      Bloos 2 years ago


    • M.Hisyam
      M.Hisyam 2 years ago

      What annoys me is the fact that ksi's head somehow ended up in logan's armpits for the entire fight

  • Sonny
    Sonny 8 months ago +16

    2:38 i love jj just screaming and getting into beast mode

  • JaxonFPS
    JaxonFPS 7 months ago

    Going back and watching this makes me realize they would both destroy every other youtuber who had done boxing

  • Kent Vigilante ♍︎
    Kent Vigilante ♍︎ 7 months ago +2

    It's crazy to see how much better 2022 KSI is compared to back then I remember his performance being so much better when I watched this live, if he could travel back in time and fight Logan with the knowledge and skill that he has now he'd end it within 2 rounds, KSI looked like he didn't want this fight back then and seemed depressed whereas now he's got his head strapped on and really wants it, this here is not the same KSI we have now mentally it's nowhere near.

    • Crimson Heart
      Crimson Heart 2 months ago

      @Nassah Rakim Those 2 didn't even come close to be as competitive as logan was here, to use it as a comparison is pretty silly - say whatever you want about logan but all opponents he fights are big time

    • D Brette
      D Brette 7 months ago

      @Nassah Rakim Are you slow? I was literally explaining to this guy that KSI knew what he was doing last year because he said "KSI looked like he didn't want this fight back then," You just on here searching for a way to be negative 🤨🙄

    • Nassah Rakim
      Nassah Rakim 7 months ago

      @D Brette which is exactly what he did with swarmz and pineda it showed. Are you slow or something?

    • D Brette
      D Brette 7 months ago

      Jj is way shorter and has way smaller wingspan so the only way for him to possibly win this was get close and go for the head.

  • Joshy uwu
    Joshy uwu Year ago +4

    this was one of if not the best fights of boxing ive watched in my life

    • Yawns
      Yawns 9 days ago

      And clearly you haven’t watch much of ANY boxing 😂

  • Jolts
    Jolts Month ago

    Watching Harrys reaction at the end of the 1st round gets me everytime

  • indifferent.0
    indifferent.0 Year ago +2637

    never realized how incredibly biased these commentators were lol

    • The Jade
      The Jade 3 months ago

      27:31 *JJ lands a thudding jab and Logan misses the uppercut*
      Ryan: BIG UPPERCUT

    • Rabbit TKO
      Rabbit TKO 6 months ago


    • jake
      jake 9 months ago

      Dazn always have terribly biased commentary for the Americans . Complete joke sometimes

    • The.
      The. Year ago

      I also just realized how incredibly biased the comment section is

  • WackyDude21
    WackyDude21 Year ago

    I also had ksi winning because i counted the round 3 knockdown. But this fight was so close. I think if Logan wouldn't have cheated it would be a draw

  • Kierti Shan
    Kierti Shan Year ago +8

    From enemies to friends and now business partners it's was a great journey

  • Eazy The OG
    Eazy The OG 6 months ago +6

    Probably the best moment in Clip-Share history

  • Autumn Hippie
    Autumn Hippie Year ago +5

    "He's going to enjoy this for a long time"... his friends never let him forget the first fight

  • Lazar.72
    Lazar.72 6 months ago +8

    3:42 Shannon is the funniest guy ever hahahahahah I love how he stare down KSI

  • Cuskee
    Cuskee 2 years ago +2901

    Holy, doesn’t feel like this was 1 year ago, mad respect to both

    • [Content Deleted]
      [Content Deleted] 2 years ago


    • Sahara Gorme
      Sahara Gorme 2 years ago +1

      Yes I saw jake paul fight nate Robinson is weak I knew jake paul would win the whole time

    • Cuskee
      Cuskee 2 years ago +2

      @deuahoi still gotta respect Logan for fighting him in the first place

    • deuahoi
      deuahoi 2 years ago

      Mad respect for KSI not logan

    • Mr Sirman
      Mr Sirman 2 years ago +1

      @Anonymous Man man i feel the same

  • Jaytay
    Jaytay 2 months ago

    Still to this day I respect that reff. He wasn't having no foul play.

  • Change of Focus
    Change of Focus 8 months ago +352

    “Don’t agree with points being taking away”
    *Paul clearly held the back of his neck and hit KSI while he was down hence deducted points* !! Presenters clearly bias.
    *This isn’t wrestling!!!*

    • Obie
      Obie 6 months ago

      @The People Brothers he got multiple warnings the entire match m8

    • Taplifier
      Taplifier 7 months ago

      @Obie he was the commentator and was clearly biased towards Logan Paul , he even talked about giving tips to Logan before the match . He was expecting an upper cut and was disappointed when it wasn’t counted

    • Obie
      Obie 7 months ago

      @Taplifier what’s this have to do with anything

    • Taplifier
      Taplifier 7 months ago +3

      That’s literally Ryan Garcia , he trained with Logan Paul so he is going obviously gonna support him

  • Brolinit
    Brolinit 6 months ago +16

    At 3:12 you can see McBroom clearly thinking he's on the same level 💀

    • The Jade
      The Jade 3 months ago

      These two would wreck him.. + he ain't gonna be the same after Gib bent him over

  • Speed is sped
    Speed is sped Year ago +6

    Greatest celebrity boxing match nobody will ever reach this level of these two

  • yura tripwire
    yura tripwire 7 months ago

    “It wasn’t a knock down it was a slip”
    Yea cause just cause Shannon was a boxer he knows everything. He got clapped behind the ear id say that was a knockdown 100%

  • R Yung
    R Yung 2 years ago +1555

    KSi's stamina is kinda ridiculous even though he was throwing alot of punches and missing

    • Obi-Nine
      Obi-Nine Year ago

      @Keyboard Warrior JJ doesn’t normally fight like this, Logan was running away and clinching whenever JJ got close, ksi would of landed more punches if Logan wasn’t running away like a girl

    • Beau van den Boomen
      Beau van den Boomen 2 years ago

      @Shouts Out Yoyo 808 no that is ridiculous. If logan was even slightly offensive after those swings KSI would be on the floor from a counter. Big haymaker swings are probably the worst thing you can do in a boxing match, it leaves you incredibly vulnerable.

    • Pranav GN
      Pranav GN 2 years ago

      @Rafiki Everyone rates JJ , noones rates Logan's defense, he made JJ miss soo many shots. Jake don't have Logan's defense and head movement , that's why ksi might take the dub, but if Jake learns head movement.... Then I'm worried

    • Somto Abalu
      Somto Abalu 2 years ago

      @Slob_Job na fam uts just annoying

  • Robert Cornett
    Robert Cornett Year ago

    KSI ducked into into him head first everytime and was warned multiple times but people on here talking about Paul hugging him 😂

  • LY_1X
    LY_1X 11 months ago

    Dang I feel so bad for Logan :( he gave it his all

  • sol.
    sol. 6 months ago

    you have to be honest, jj was very slow this fight. he's improved a lot🙏

  • angelo.
    angelo. Year ago +16

    the commentators were in love with Logan

  • ManuelBaut104
    ManuelBaut104 5 months ago +1

    If these guys could counter
    It would’ve been very entertaining than it already was

  • Adam Sari
    Adam Sari Year ago +1550

    This fight is the greatest internet fight to go down. No clue what Jake vs Ben was

    • Undisclosed Desires
      Undisclosed Desires Year ago

      @Hannable Thuh Prince He stood up instantly. Tf you talking about out cold?

    • Adam Sari
      Adam Sari Year ago

      @8Stunna I honestly don’t believe those numbers if they’re going out to sue people

    • 8Stunna
      8Stunna Year ago

      Jake Vs. Ben is the 10th most watched PPV fight in history tho. Still this one is better

    • Jetsada SOPRO
      Jetsada SOPRO Year ago

      The Jake vs Ben was probably real but it was low quality

    • Dakota Stepe
      Dakota Stepe Year ago

      The first yt boxing event was better

  • Taletpaper_Boii
    Taletpaper_Boii 11 months ago

    Part of the reason Logan is hugging JJ some much is because he is more of a outside fighter whilst JJ is a inside scrappy fighter. If you are an out fighter with a big wingspan and height advantage like Logan you don’t want JJ to go in and deliver a lot of body blows or even a uppercut. So he hugged him to get the ref to separate him and JJ to keep up his advantage. It may look like a scaredy-cat technique but it was actually the best thing he could have done.

  • Mike Ehrmantraut
    Mike Ehrmantraut Year ago +53

    Commentator at the end: “that uppercut looked clean to me I don’t think the points should’ve been taken away”
    Me: 💀

    • bruh man
      bruh man 7 months ago

      Upper cut was clean but the back head punch wasn't. And that was Ryan Garcia by the way.

  • The Jade
    The Jade 7 months ago +7

    19:43 What a warrior.