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THE LADY RETURNS | Resident Evil: Village DLC - ENDING

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Alexis Jordan
    Alexis Jordan Month ago +1277

    Love the thought that Lady D is just dragging a vanity behind her wherever she goes

    • Wolfx87
      Wolfx87 Month ago +35

      I mean, yeah, how else would she put on her lipstick?

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  • Sara Cecchinelli
    Sara Cecchinelli Month ago +1043

    I feel like they created the whole dimitrescu playable character as a meme especially following up mark's talks about her and I love it 😂😂😂

      I AM THE REAPER 16 days ago +4

      Or the fact the entire internet went crazy over her. Have you seen the cosplayers on Tiktok? It's madness.

    • w00tberrypie
      w00tberrypie 17 days ago +4

      I am a month late commenting. I literally came down to find this comment. Capcom 100% did this for Mark.

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  • Fazlox
    Fazlox 2 months ago +2130

    the vanity attack has the same vibe as someone pulling a table out of nowhere so they can flip it and I love it

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young 2 months ago +5469

    I really hope that Mark discovers that he can pick enemies up and slam them on the ground and that he experiences even more happiness when he does.

    • LavaBlastXcX
      LavaBlastXcX Month ago

      @Hi it's me you can I just checked

    • Acrscls Pdrcls
      Acrscls Pdrcls Month ago

      He'd die of happiness.

    • Asuka
      Asuka 2 months ago +7

      please boost this comment so he can harness...the POWER 👀

    • LavaBlastXcX
      LavaBlastXcX 2 months ago

      @Hi it's me I looked but I don’t think so

    • Tentegen
      Tentegen 2 months ago +13

      Oh....He would LOOVE that.

  • Lorde Spooky
    Lorde Spooky Month ago +339

    As someone who's cosplayed Lady D several times… yeah this is exactly what it feels like

  • FirstMateSassy
    FirstMateSassy Month ago +528

    I can't stop laughing at the idea of Mark being a vtuber but he's just Lady D 🤣

  • Angela White
    Angela White 2 months ago +3028

    I have no qualms with watching Mark essentially playing the same game over to meet his waifu again. Man is just that entertaining, and there's no stopping true love.

    • glitterkoo
      glitterkoo Month ago

      "waifu" wtf

    • rotting
      rotting 2 months ago +2

      yeah the word waifu makes it sound really sad 💀

    • ShockTNC
      ShockTNC 2 months ago +5

      dude has a girlfriend

    • Vox Volhynia
      Vox Volhynia 2 months ago +4

      Yet another "Don't tell Amy" moment lol. I completely agree, though, there is no power greater than the Appreciation(TM) Mark has for Lady D, other than Lady D's power of course.

      MEREJ_YT🅥 2 months ago

      Do not translate!!! ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ ତୁମେ ମରିବ, ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା | .

  • No Pussy
    No Pussy Month ago +277

    I really want a live action Resident Evil 8 now, I want Gwendoline Christie to be Lady Dimitrescu and Mark as Chris Redfield

  • Rowan
    Rowan 2 months ago +12894

    Mark: *Gets to play Lady D*
    Also Mark: *Immediately looks down* "The POWER 👁️👁️"

    • Leung Hiu Ching Oriana
      Leung Hiu Ching Oriana 24 days ago

      Oh, jeez🤦‍.

    • PawsEmiko
      PawsEmiko Month ago +1

      0:58 THE POWER

    • _Zealos_
      _Zealos_ Month ago +1

      "I'm looking POWERFULLY 👁👃👁"

    • Deputy O’ Death.
      Deputy O’ Death. Month ago

      Half these comments either support mark, Some claim their better than mark (When they will never be on his level), One self promoter, Strikes me as odd.

    • Ryan Spartin
      Ryan Spartin Month ago

      @MEREJ_YT🅥 nah

  • Angela Z
    Angela Z Month ago +290

    Wait a minute...
    Alcina - A
    Bella - B
    Cassandra - C
    Daniella - D
    I just realized

    • Queeny Bunny
      Queeny Bunny Month ago

      Jack - J
      Mark - M

    • Fionnlagh McDonald
      Fionnlagh McDonald Month ago +27

      @Dragon remember when mark killed Cassandra and said "or you know like A SON". E for Ethan because he's a son

    • Dragon
      Dragon Month ago +58

      Ethan - E

  • Lyon Ross
    Lyon Ross 2 months ago +956

    I live for Lixian's editing
    As if the vanity itself wasn't already funny, the editing killed me LIXIAN YOU ARE A GOD

  • Barb P
    Barb P 2 months ago +450

    The sheer joy on Mark’s face when he realized he unlocked Lady D was precious.

    • FoxxyGradius
      FoxxyGradius Month ago +1

      And right after the equal and opposite disappointment of unlocking Heisenberg. You can just feel him mentally uninstalling the game for a few seconds.
      Poor idiot cowboy.

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson 2 months ago +878

    It's criminal how underappreciated she is in the main story. If we don't get a full Dimitrescu game and storyline I'm not interested, she is the moment 💅🏻

    • Extinction Gaming
      Extinction Gaming Month ago

      @Lydia Robertson Heisenberg, Monroe, and the Doll.

    • Darisucc's Stream Archive
    • Nightmare KhaZix
      Nightmare KhaZix Month ago

      ? cringe.

    • Lydia Robertson
      Lydia Robertson 2 months ago +18

      @Jeddy027 She stole the show regardless. Who are even the other guys? Can't remember besides metal dude lol

    • Jeddy027
      Jeddy027 2 months ago +20

      Ah, the result of the game's marketing. Lady D was essentially the face of the game's hype & marketing pre-release. But in reality, she was just the 1st boss of the game & was used to not spoil later parts of the game when advertising.

  • Shteph_RF
    Shteph_RF 2 months ago +2562

    “Enough of that, take a vanity” this shit is so funny, i need a whole other hour of Mark throwing vanitys

    • PsychoStick
      PsychoStick 2 months ago


    • Merlen Clown Shuffles
      Merlen Clown Shuffles 2 months ago

      That was bad. Nice.

    • Niik The Warden
      Niik The Warden 2 months ago +3

      @Gio Kurt Who’s Mark Will? I thought Marks last name was Fischbach. xD

    • Gio Kurt
      Gio Kurt 2 months ago

      @MEREJ_YT🅥 will mark will post another video of me?

    • Aqua Kon
      Aqua Kon 2 months ago +3

      lady dimitrescu playable character is smart. It reminds me of Dino Crisis's option where you can control the dinosaurs to battle

  • Zidane_Beoulve
    Zidane_Beoulve 2 months ago +574

    Mark instantly looking down and then cracking up at the bosom shot made my day.

  • OrigamiNinja
    OrigamiNinja 2 months ago +172

    Mark legit did the hardest pog ive ever seen when he unlocked Lady D.

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Month ago +90

    The fact that this video about Mark finally unlocking and playing as Lady Dmitrescu has a Like Counter that's stuck at 69k is an epic achievement in it's own regard

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Month ago +211

    I love how The Mercenaries Mode canonizes the fact that Lady D _Y E E T S_ ornate dressing tables all the time and not just that one time when Ethan is peeping in Dmitrescu's bedroom while on a phone call with Miranda

    • WJ ZAV
      WJ ZAV 15 days ago +1

      Makes you wonder why she didn't when she was chasing Ethan through her castle

    • Kaine
      Kaine Month ago +2

      @Billy Loper no he said mod as a game mode

    • Billy Loper
      Billy Loper Month ago +3

      its not a mod is it?

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 2 months ago +1672

    Being able to play as Lady Dimitrescu and use an entire piece of furniture as a weapon…this is what dreams are made of

    • Vladitor-The-Vindictive
      Vladitor-The-Vindictive 2 months ago

      ​@donovan pettice Who'd like a demonstration?

    • donovan pettice
      donovan pettice 2 months ago +11


    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 2 months ago

      I’m better than Markiplier

    • Antoine
      Antoine 2 months ago +53

      the fact that they made the vanity throwing one of her weapons was so creative and amazing. The rest of the DLC is cool too, but this is the single greatest thing abt this DLC.

  • Anthony Hero
    Anthony Hero 2 months ago +672

    I died of laughter at lexian's lady Dimitrescu's edit, now all we need is someone to make a full on animation of mark being her 😂

    • kexard
      kexard Month ago +2

      @Rayaroni Twitchybrow noted: if a Lady Dimitrescu VTuber debuts anytime soon: we all know who it is.

    • Rayaroni Twitchybrow
      Rayaroni Twitchybrow Month ago +1

      It'll be his vtuber avatar

    • Gilgamesh
      Gilgamesh 2 months ago +7

      Or just a tiny mark on her shoulder

    • Anthony Hero
      Anthony Hero 2 months ago +1

      @@black_daddy_4205 Auto correct 👌

  • Pathos Complex
    Pathos Complex Month ago +40

    its great to see such an odd combination of Mark having a genuine fun time while simping harder than ever

  • One Really Grumpy Jill
    One Really Grumpy Jill 2 months ago +493

    You know, somehow, the fact that Mark is having fun being a 9 feet tall buff goth vampire mommy actually makes sense.
    Also, thank you Lixian

      Y0UR_M3RCENARY 2 months ago +13

      Your the first person I’ve seen say “9 feet tall buff goth vampire mommy” un-ironically

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    mark getting super giggly for his lady is priceless

    • Kenneth Williams
      Kenneth Williams 2 months ago +8

      @MEREJ_YT🅥 some people just shouldn't try making content, it's not for you my guy 💯. You're not that guy pal, you're not that guy😴😴

      MEREJ_YT🅥 2 months ago

      Do not translate!!! ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ ତୁମେ ମରିବ, ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା | .

  • Caitlyn Scott
    Caitlyn Scott 2 months ago +77

    I just like to imagine while watching this that mark is sitting on Lady D's shoulders cheering her on as she massacres everything 😂

  • Maidenless
    Maidenless Month ago +21

    I'm gonna break every time Mark throws a vanity at the enemies 💀💀💀.

  • THEEND4444
    THEEND4444 Month ago +17

    It’s great when a game embraces its memes and adds content just for the fan service

  • Amythiel
    Amythiel Month ago +55

    Just an adorable episode of Mark being a Simp for 20 minutes straight 😄💕

  • Harwee♥
    Harwee♥ 2 months ago +3498

    The sheer happiness in Mark's face when he saw he unlocked Lady D.

    • Dreamimgflower D
      Dreamimgflower D 2 months ago

      Ikr, his pupils increased like a billion times

    • Łɇmǿn
      Łɇmǿn 2 months ago +2

      @Patrick39 imagine using *patrick* avatar and messing around on youtube.

    • DroidRazer
      DroidRazer 2 months ago

      He for real pogged

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 2 months ago

      I’m better than Markiplier

    • A Random Role Player
      A Random Role Player 2 months ago +10

      Honestly if he used that moment as his thumbnail, that would have worked just as well lol

  • Xelko _01
    Xelko _01 2 months ago +56

    “What’re ya doin sleepin on da job?!”
    *Throws vanity*
    Omg that had me dying of laughter 😂

  • Arma Nightrealm
    Arma Nightrealm 2 months ago +95

    “Enough of that, take a vanity” will be my most favorite quote at all time X”D

  • Mishy Fushiko
    Mishy Fushiko Month ago +13

    Mark : "I just was always meant to be Lady Dimitrescu"
    The game : *tripe S score*
    That's a way to say yes XD

  • Dreamimgflower D
    Dreamimgflower D 2 months ago +121

    Mark has come a long way. From being a simple admirer from afar, to Lady D's personal item carrier, then her corpse and now he has finally done it and became her.

  • Zyxto
    Zyxto 2 months ago +10071

    the love between markiplier and lady dimitrescu is unexplainable

    • KittyKaidoodles
      KittyKaidoodles Month ago +1

      What do you mean unexplainable have you SEEN her tits???

    • Celeste Lizarazo
      Celeste Lizarazo Month ago


    • Edwin Latorre
      Edwin Latorre 2 months ago

      @SwordHeart1 It's pretty egregious

    • Billy 3478
      Billy 3478 2 months ago

      @Christianity is the truth Oh, it's alright! Didn't even realize you misspelled something!

    • onelesss
      onelesss 2 months ago

      Nor comparable

  • ilikeferrets..
    ilikeferrets.. Month ago +9

    I feel like he's resisting the urge to.. look down.. the entire game

  • LOKI
    LOKI Month ago +14


  • Drifter 937
    Drifter 937 Month ago +5

    Anyone else notice sometimes when Lady D swings her claws it sounds like she sneezes

  • DragoPhyre_OG
    DragoPhyre_OG 2 months ago +29

    Lady D's Thrill Gauge increases by attacking enemies or by using the “Lady’s Lipstick” item. As the Thrill Gauge increases, Lady Dimitrescu’s movement speed and nail damage increase, and new moves are unlocked as well. When the gauge is maxed out, her damage will also be at its peak.

  • DoveAlexa
    DoveAlexa 2 months ago +32

    Lady D's real secret power is how she can reapply lipstick without a mirror.

    • WJ ZAV
      WJ ZAV 15 days ago

      What are you talking about. She carries one wherever she goes to throw at people.

  • FYNX + SBM
    FYNX + SBM Month ago +8

    The Devs knew exactly what they were doing when they put Lady D in the game.

  • Mccoolfriend6
    Mccoolfriend6 Month ago +5

    Mark: Equips Lady D
    With the 2 gigantic Infinity Stones that broke the int-Universe
    and the Daughters ON DEMAND
    Not even Thanos can stop him now

  • Setarra Washington
    Setarra Washington 2 months ago +37

    "No sleeping on the job!" *immediately throws a vanity*. I laughed a bit too much at this lol 😆

  • Jamey McQueen
    Jamey McQueen 2 months ago +1365

    The fact that the first thing Mark did was look down had me perform a standing ovation. Well done.

    • WJ ZAV
      WJ ZAV 15 days ago

      I mean....wouldn't you?

    • Jamey McQueen
      Jamey McQueen 2 months ago +1

      @Nicholas Niap
      Not what I meant, lmao.

    • Nicholas Niap
      Nicholas Niap 2 months ago +1

      When u tall u look down on others 😏. I think.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 2 months ago

      I’m better than Markiplier

    • Arthur Libera
      Arthur Libera 2 months ago +9

      @thunderdoom I translated the amogus language after much effort.
      All i could figure out is that it says "Amogus".

  • Erya Lainfa
    Erya Lainfa Month ago +6

    I've been laughing for over 30minutes just because of the editing over the vanity throwing 😂 great job

  • Yeen.
    Yeen. Month ago +11

    my heart withers with every time mark skips the character instructions

  • DeadlyAgent 974
    DeadlyAgent 974 Month ago +17

    When Lixian takes a day or 2 off from editing Mark's videos

  • Carmen O'Reilly
    Carmen O'Reilly Month ago +12

    "There you are. And there you aren't" - Markiplier, 2022 😂😂

  • Spinejackel
    Spinejackel Month ago +27

    lady d really said “calling the besties, kill!!” with her daughters in this

  • Elc-the-Lad [エルちゃん]

    "The image of Lady Dimitrescu barreling at you has got to be terrifying"
    Are you kidding? The mental image of an 8 foot tall woman crouching down hurling a vanity (out of nowhere) is the funniest thing ever.

  • C Culp
    C Culp 2 months ago +95

    The sounds when he threw the vanity sent me 🤣 Lixian, you are a master

    • C Culp
      C Culp 2 months ago

      @Martin Juncher let's go his comment got removed

    • Martin Juncher
      Martin Juncher 2 months ago +1


  • trin
    trin Month ago +2

    i would love to watch a stream of mark playing this with the lady dimitrescu face cam, v-tuber style!!

  • theh0pester
    theh0pester 2 months ago +5595

    We need to get Markiplier to meet the voice actress for Lady Dimetrescu

    • Aurora
      Aurora  Month ago

      @Samsara Me too, my curiosity was too strong.

    • ANUBIS
      ANUBIS Month ago

      Not a good idea

    • Bombing Baron
      Bombing Baron Month ago

      We need to get Markilkier to be the voice actress for Lady Dimetrescu

    • Lorde Spooky
      Lorde Spooky Month ago

      A friend of mine knew the voice actress for Lady D when they went to college together, I'm trying to convince them to send her a video from a Halloween party where I did the time warp in full Lady D cosplay

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +1

      sounds boring

  • WYD28
    WYD28 2 months ago +65

    The editing in this is GOLD!! These levels aren't that fun for me but I was dying the whole time. The lady d-ification of mark was truly Inspired.

  • Harry Winship
    Harry Winship Month ago +4

    Mark:where did I get that vanity from me:I've learned not to question it

  • Queenie Bee
    Queenie Bee 2 months ago +35

    I swear I'd watch a 2 hour long game of mark and Lady d just doing this

  • Church Lincoln
    Church Lincoln Month ago +4

    Mark: Heisenberg?! NOOOOOO.....
    Me: How dare you.....

  • DJ V.a.r.
    DJ V.a.r. Month ago +6

    Lyxian, congratulations in the Lady Dimitrescu's cam animation when Mark's camera died lol. That was so good!

  • Rachel Gibson
    Rachel Gibson 2 months ago +20

    Honestly… I can’t stop replaying his face everytime he sees Dimitrescus name 🤣 makes me laugh every time! Never seen him so happy!

  • This Is My Account
    This Is My Account 2 months ago +26

    I sneezed exactly when Mark did at 9:21 and that's honestly probably the coolest thing I'll ever achieve

  • Ahavalava
    Ahavalava 2 months ago +19

    I hope Mark does a stream where he’s just running around playing as Lady D. It’s so wholesome to watch 😂

  • Mr. Fancy Whale
    Mr. Fancy Whale 2 months ago +1336

    Mark’s been waiting for the day he could finally be reunited with his lady. He must be so overjoyed

    • E
      E 2 months ago


    • Sheelovequann
      Sheelovequann 2 months ago

      @NOSREDNA KCIN recent vid a w bum

    • Adam Cole
      Adam Cole 2 months ago +1

      Optimal Lady Dimitrescu build for Hard mode: Max out nail damage as much as possible as fast as possible, then flies, then Vanity. Since more than half your base attacks are close range they are your main damage dealers.
      Best Perks are scissor hands, Infighter, Fickle Shooting, and Gruesome gourmet. Maximizes damage potential and you will get a bit of health back for every enemy killed.

      NOSREDNA KCIN 2 months ago +1

      @Sheelovequann chump

    • Adam Cole
      Adam Cole 2 months ago

      This was one of the most fun days of my life, lol. I got this the day Gold Edition dropped. If @Markiplier ever needs a motivation boost, He's gunna play this OVER AND OVER AGAIN lol

  • Yep that’s me
    Yep that’s me 2 months ago +17

    It was like Christmas morning for Mark🤣He’s so excited

  • Sophia Fair
    Sophia Fair 2 months ago +241

    Huge round of applause to Lixian for the camera editing 👏🏻 🙌🏻 We love Lady Dimiplier ❤️

  • Marie Albrecht
    Marie Albrecht 2 months ago +18

    the fact that we‘ve all been persuaded by mark to anticipate this content is just hilarious 😂

  • Murderofcrows
    Murderofcrows 2 months ago +22

    The pure excitement and joy on Mark’s face when he sees his lady is just perfect

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  • Jewel Cloud
    Jewel Cloud 2 months ago +830

    Lady D is the only character that could have applying lipstick and throwing a fancy dresser as moves and we all collectively go "of course!"

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      Send me Message @Markiplier667 2 months ago

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  • April
    April 2 months ago +15

    I loved the camera malfunction bit! I now really want Mark to commission a full v-tuber model of Lady Dimitrescu that he uses purely for these videos and these videos alone XD

  • DJUniMekaju
    DJUniMekaju 2 months ago +15

    I'm blown away and touched that they listened to the fans. 😆 I remember everyone begging to play as Lady D and it was a pleasure to watch. We need to see a cartoon of Lady Markiplier Dimitrescu laughing at his knockers and being his best Lady D. XD

    • Send me Message @Markiplier667
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  • heddja
    heddja 2 months ago +7

    aah yes, this episode finally confirms, that it was indeed not about "the power" lol but so precious how happy he got when he unlocked her 😄

  • Shadow Bloodworth
    Shadow Bloodworth 2 months ago +29

    i need a body swap of mark and lady D drawing and him just "THE POWER" while shes "why am i tiny-"

    • Shadow Bloodworth
      Shadow Bloodworth Month ago

      @Sean Ionan haha yes, completed with the mother miranda XD i mean....her tho-

    • Sean Ionan
      Sean Ionan Month ago +1

      Ah, I can picture it now ahaha XD
      "Why in the name of Mother Miranda am I a TINY MANTHING??? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!"

    • Demolition Ranch
      Demolition Ranch Month ago

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  • Filip Kraus
    Filip Kraus 2 months ago +1517

    Can only imagine the ecstasy Mark must be going through when he finally met Lady D once again.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 2 months ago

      I’m better than Markiplier

    • ChadGorosaurus
      ChadGorosaurus 2 months ago +5

      Damn his dream came true

    • E
      E 2 months ago


      MEREJ_YT🅥 2 months ago +1

      Do not translate!!! ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ ତୁମେ ମରିବ, ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା |.

    • David_Jones
      David_Jones 2 months ago

      Lady (get the) D.

  • Fridge
    Fridge Month ago

    Lixian done did a fine job when the cam died

  • Shackille Uh'Deal
    Shackille Uh'Deal Month ago +2

    Remember when looking down and seeing Master Chief's feet in Halo 2 was a big deal back then. This takes it too the next level for the fact you can look down and not see Lady D's feet.

  • Samantha CherryWolff

    Lmaaoo oh god Marks turned into my bestfreind
    Mark:"So maybe I spent a little to much on lipstick"
    Me: here we go again 😂😂

  • caffeine fiend
    caffeine fiend 2 months ago +10

    i love how his immediate reaction the second he loads up as her is to look down what an icon

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  • CC The Demon Cat
    CC The Demon Cat 2 months ago +1007

    Mark gradually becoming a whistle at the start is amazing

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 2 months ago

      I’m better than Markiplier

      MEREJ_YT🅥 2 months ago

      Do not translate!!! ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ ତୁମେ ମରିବ, ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା |...

    • Sheelovequann
      Sheelovequann 2 months ago

      Bro u know who else who makes videos that are also entertaining ? Mine just like markiplier hundred percent u will die of laughter bro

  • bobbi.brewtality
    bobbi.brewtality 2 months ago +11

    The absolute joy in Marks laugh and gigantic grin as this video started....And Lixian did a great thing lol

  • Akros The_Speed_Demon

    Dear Markiplier, I made a playlist of this for the concise reason of giving viewers an list of all episodes in proper order. Hope you like this tribute.

  • chiroptera626
    chiroptera626 Month ago +1

    🎶All he wants to do, is be Dimitrescuuuu, a giant woman, A GIANT WO-MAHN

  • Thing_1
    Thing_1 Month ago +2

    the way he just casually simps for lady d

  • RetroNitro TV
    RetroNitro TV Month ago +6

    Mark being disappointed as he unlocks Heisenberg, followed by the joy of seeing Lady D....
    *Just reeks of "Squidward vs Spongebob's hand peeking out the curtain" energy*

  • Catholic Mario
    Catholic Mario 2 months ago +5

    0:13 The utter disappointment to a straight up POG face was amazing

  • Ryuu
    Ryuu Month ago

    i wonder how he would react playing as Heisenberg

  • The Heist
    The Heist 2 months ago +6

    Markiplier had always loved entertaining people. He had started making videos for his friends in college and then decided to try his hand at Clip-Share. He started out by just making videos of himself playing video games, but he quickly realized that he was good at making people laugh. He started adding commentary to his videos and people loved it. He built up a following of loyal fans who loved watching him play games and make jokes.
    Before long, Markiplier was one of the most popular Clip-Sharers around. He had millions of subscribers and his videos were being watched by people all over the world. He was making a great living doing something he loved and he was having a blast. He was constantly trying new things and experimenting with his videos, and his fans loved him for it.
    Markiplier is now one of the biggest names on Clip-Share. He has built an empire and he is loved by millions of people. He is constantly innovating and expanding his channel, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of online entertainment.

  • DevilDude505
    DevilDude505 Month ago

    This is the second day I am posting the question: Does Mark know there is a song about Lady D. called "Tall Woman?"

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    spidyman3 Month ago

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  • Spiritus Vulpis
    Spiritus Vulpis 16 hours ago

    I'm sure there's a simple mod out there (or hell maybe its a setting in game) that enables these damage indicators for the entire game as well as the health bars, because honestly that would be a nice thing to know

  • sirokhorun
    sirokhorun 2 months ago +3

    I think what we need next is Mark to cosplay as Lady D herself.

  • Luke Collie
    Luke Collie Month ago

    I would love to see mark play RE1

  • Hmm... The King Of Hmmms

    New title:
    Markaplier plays as Lady D. Non-stop for half a hour

  • Market Employers
    Market Employers 2 months ago +6

    Mark: (Looks down at Lady D’s bosom.)
    “This is all I ever wanted!”

  • Winged Rhino
    Winged Rhino 21 day ago +2

    *Unlocks lady D*
    Mark: *immediately looks down*
    X'D truly a man of culture

  • *Dj_Butters*
    *Dj_Butters* 2 months ago +4

    The begging is absolutely hilarious I didn’t expect to laugh my butt of right at the begging

  • Platinum Squad
    Platinum Squad 2 months ago +4

    Mark, we don’t need a camera. I can hear you drooling all over the place! Get your mind outta the gutter 🤣

  • TwistedTV Play
    TwistedTV Play Month ago +1

    Mark is like that meme on TikTok where and now look at me and this opportunityyyy standing right in front of meee 🤣🤣

  • Elias
    Elias Month ago +4

    Mark's change in attitude is INSANE... all for Lady D, I suppose

  • TK Reikon
    TK Reikon 2 months ago +877

    "I may have blown all my money on lipstick buuuut.."
    Ah Mark, one step closer to understanding a refined woman like Alcina.

      MEREJ_YT🅥 2 months ago

      Do not translate!!! ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ ତୁମେ ମରିବ, ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା | .

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    We're far past "Don't tell Amy" at this point

  • Lego Gsrdi
    Lego Gsrdi 2 months ago +4

    Lixian is a saint, sent to our world to bring joy I'm it's purest forms. And also probably the greatest editor the world has ever known.

  • Hmm... The King Of Hmmms

    Editor of the year goes to Lixian for replacing Marks face as Lady D. For when his camera died

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    this was so much fun to watch omg - Lixian needs a bonus for putting Dimitrescu's face animated to Mark's words 🤣 A+ content, 10/10 stars