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Critical Role Campaign 2 moments so far.


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  • glitterfiasco
    glitterfiasco 2 years ago +1193

    Timestamps if anyone wants them!

    • Daniel Bankston
      Daniel Bankston 6 months ago


    • Tom Woods
      Tom Woods 2 years ago

      21:14 Ashley Burch murders mollymok

    • Tom Bent
      Tom Bent 2 years ago +5

      @sunshine purple No they're not repeats of a twitch broadcast, they're wholly unique episodes that happen live at the shows! So everyone in the audience is seeing the episode first hand while the rest of us watch on the live stream. Hope that helps!

    • sunshine purple
      sunshine purple 2 years ago +1

      Dani after watching so many of these I have a question. Are the live shows repeats of a Twitch broadcast?

    • Mythic
      Mythic 2 years ago +4

      If you put these in the description, you'll get "Chapters" on your video, which is an experimental youtube feature that some people have that will automatically mark those on the display bar for the video.

  • Ethala
    Ethala 2 years ago +1757

    I will seriously NEVER get over the theft of the beacon! EVER. These characters are *WHAT LEVEL* and they basically swiped the Arch of the Covenant from right under the Empire's nose, flying by the seat of their pants, RIGHT AFTER the Kryn's failed Die Hard heist! Not knowing ANYTHING of what's going on, other than *oo, shiny,*

    • Ashley Hagl
      Ashley Hagl Year ago

      @Lock Skelington considering where we are currently in the story,may not have been the worst thing lol.

    • Anthony Rosario
      Anthony Rosario 2 years ago +14

      @Lock Skelington ...pocket beacon?

    • Alexia Vya
      Alexia Vya 2 years ago +5

      Mathew really knows how to weave a good story xD

    • Lock Skelington
      Lock Skelington 2 years ago +10

      @Tosh Omni Well to be fair, I think everyone thought it was an extra-dimensional storage device, like a bag of holding. Which would destroy both the bag and the beacon and send them all to a random place in the astral sea.

    • Tosh Omni
      Tosh Omni 2 years ago +21

      I still remember when everybody thought that it was a nuke that would melt their faces off or something which it would have been with many DMs but Matt is too nice for that.

  • Asiret
    Asiret 2 years ago +937

    A good honorable mention would be liams clutch natural 20 to create a key for Avanticas cipher. He could only get that with a nat 20 and Matt was so smug. This roll led straight to her last scene.

    • gamester512
      gamester512 10 months ago +2

      @Ewo Ewo There's also the "But they were like people's canes and things." line from Nott very early in the campaign that broke literally *everyone* at the table! XD

    • 13groulx
      13groulx 2 years ago +12

      Just started watching this, knowing this moment is left out makes me sad. Such a clutch moment literally changing the way the campaign played out.

    • Fiery OW
      Fiery OW 2 years ago +54

      Dont forget that even with nat20, it is only possible due to Caleb's 20 int +5 modifier

    • Ewo Ewo
      Ewo Ewo 2 years ago +20

      oh shit OP missed that

  • jux
    jux 2 years ago +1196

    I'm still in absolute awe at the whole beacon theft sequence and how it perfectly encapsulates The Mighty Nein as a group/modus operandi: they spend so long debating on what to do with the beacon, decide to let it go because they don't want any troubles and when the shiny cool thing shows up again they go "actually? fuck you we DO want it" and immediately pull off a perfectly coordinated, seamless and successful strategy without planning a SINGLE thing.
    Jester's looking for agents of chaos but really she's already got them all in one place

    • hatchcrazy
      hatchcrazy Year ago +13

      I will never get over them seeing this massive plot hook, going "nah," then once they see someone _else_ has it they go "wait no actually" and effortlessly heist it. What must the Empire have thought??

    • Leo Martinez
      Leo Martinez 2 years ago +5

      Watching 5 months after this was posted their latest fight against an astral sea monster is the textbook def. of what u described

    • someone from somewhere
      someone from somewhere 2 years ago

      jux I’ve always wondered what the other sets of his armour was

    • Vesper Night
      Vesper Night 2 years ago +31

      Rimuru Tempest and besides if they had taken the beacon when they first saw it chances are the guard would’ve caught them, so waiting until they were out of the sewers surrounded by a crowd and no planning ended up going in their favour wild as it was.

    • Rimuru Tempest
      Rimuru Tempest 2 years ago +54

      jux I feel like the more they try to plan, the more they fuck it up, like when have their plans ever worked? They really are in their element when they go all in without a plan and just let the chaos take over.

  • skinnypete1982
    skinnypete1982 2 years ago +1086

    Also subtitled "Times Marisha Would Probably Climb the Furniture"

  • Taiylor Wallace
    Taiylor Wallace 2 years ago +284

    Laura tricking Isharnai is the moment Taliesin realized his immortality was threatened.

    • Kit Parsons
      Kit Parsons 2 months ago +2

      This is the best cr related comment I've ever seen

  • F
    F 2 years ago +368

    I remeber thinking when Allura showed up: Nothing shoots you to the top of the "People we can trust" list like being friends with Allura. In a time where the -M9- cast didnt know who they could trust, they desperately needed that. Even if it was Meta, it makes me happy to no end.

  • hsmoscout
    hsmoscout 2 years ago +472

    love the focus on caleb during the spire attack, never noticed that before even with rewatchings!!!

    • someone from somewhere
      someone from somewhere 2 years ago +8

      Thaumaturgist I think that may have been Ormid haas

    • Hatska2wolf
      Hatska2wolf 2 years ago +5

      I was just thinking that! You don’t really see these things until you rewatch old episodes

    • Stormageddon
      Stormageddon 2 years ago +22

      Thaumaturgist maybe it’s his mean voice, every other time we’ve heard that thong talk was when he was trying to be charming.

    • Thaumaturgist
      Thaumaturgist 2 years ago +14

      @Tarjah Ichy also had a different voice back then!

    • Tarjah
      Tarjah 2 years ago +46

      Me neither! I was like "Oh crap! He recognized Icky back then?! How did I miss his reaction?!"

  • Cifer Lu
    Cifer Lu 2 years ago +120

    The time when Cad got killed by the explosive arrow, I think was the first time I've seen Taliesin get so genuinely frustrated for a bit there

    • hirokun
      hirokun 7 months ago +5

      Okay. If C3 is any indication, Taliesin has been alive for so long and escaping death that his characters always have a big target behind their back lmao

    • RoninRin
      RoninRin Year ago +13

      he looked SO pissed off.

  • Aaron Bourque
    Aaron Bourque 2 years ago +221

    Fjord throwing the falchion into the lava still--STILL--makes me gasp. I've seen it a bunch of times, maybe twenty, and it's been a while. Still makes me gasp.

  • Jarethenator
    Jarethenator 2 years ago +161

    Jester: "What if The Gentleman is my dad?"
    Cad after this discussion has been going for well over 10 minutes: "Wait, what?"

    • duriel oakheart
      duriel oakheart 2 months ago +1

      "Your mother knows the gentleman, thats so cool'

  • Adam Lail
    Adam Lail 2 years ago +456

    Imagine just how different this campaign would've been if they decided to let the dodecahedron go.
    They wouldn't have joined the war the way they did
    Molly would be fine
    Cad would've possibly been a campaign 3 character
    They would've taken more jobs for the gentleman or joined the official militia of the empire
    More Pumat
    I could go on and on. That thing was campaign defining.

    • Claudio Lentini
      Claudio Lentini Year ago

      @Verfüncht To be fair, *SPOILER* the Oni is one of the (admittedly not so many) monsters that lives up to his CR. Matt could have killed someone even in the Iron Sheperds hideout, that thing is dangerous

    • Verfüncht
      Verfüncht 2 years ago +1

      @Emerson Yeah, as soon as Lorenzo cast Cone of Cold, I was like: “Oh god, this is bad”

    • Maximilian Roldan
      Maximilian Roldan 2 years ago +1

      Would there be no peace talks because M9 didn’t bring back the beacon to the Dynasty?

    • Emerson
      Emerson 2 years ago +9

      Nah. Molly's death was the product of bad rolls and shitty planning (dnd's most dangerous combination), not a narrative domino effect. Honestly, it probably would've happened even if Taliesin had rolled well- they were outnumbered, unbalanced class-wise, and seriously underestimating their enemy.
      Also, pretty sure they wouldn't have worked with the Empire. The party seemed reluctant to do that even before the beacon.

    • Adam Lail
      Adam Lail 2 years ago

      @al swearengen I've already addressed how randomness played into these things and would've made the alternative possibilities unpredictably different

  • Jeremiah Marcum
    Jeremiah Marcum 2 years ago +620

    Now that we have the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, I've realized that the black sphere at the Zabrah spire was Dark Star, an 8th level Graviturgy spell!

    • Alex Penza
      Alex Penza Year ago

      @Thaumaturgist Trent Ikithon?

    • Intervención
      Intervención Year ago

      Damn, that's a rad name

    • Nick Snyder
      Nick Snyder 2 years ago +2

      @Will Morrison Also the literal first thing they did when they arrived in Xhorhas was fight an Echo Knight, before they even met the Bright Queen or before they arrived in Asarius. When they met the Muck Men holding a garrison and were attacked by Kryn, one of the assailants with Lythir, who caused the chain of events that led up to giving up the beacon, summoned two copies of himself when he attacked.

    • J C
      J C 2 years ago

      @Thaumaturgist True but it could be there were more drow on the scene then we know of. I think the Empire admitted there were 2 but there could have been more that teleported away or used the worms to flee that the nein didn't see. Granted they'd left the beacon behind but the assembly could have warded it to prevent it from leaving by magical means or the solo guy was meant to carry the beacon while a larger group acted as a diversion drawing the assembly's attention. Only Mercer really knows the truth behind the attack

    • Thaumaturgist
      Thaumaturgist 2 years ago

      @J C But why send a lower level spellcaster on such an important mission? A direct attack on a nation is no small thing. Sending two level 7 characters might not be the best idea. But you're right, though I think we're thinking about it too deeply. Ichy killed one of them, while TM9 subdued the other. And they've completely forgot about that moment. I don't think Matt named the attackers.

  • Will Morrison
    Will Morrison 2 years ago +265

    One moment I wish were on here is Caduceus scaring his sister with the bone flute. Not only hilarious, but also so emblematic of family dynamics.

    • Will Morrison
      Will Morrison 2 years ago +3

      Dani Gee No need to be sorry, just a moment I personally love! Thank you so much for putting this together!

    • Dani Gee
      Dani Gee  2 years ago +27

      Will Morrison sorry about that. Me being an only child did not think about that 🤣

  • oliver sunshine
    oliver sunshine 2 years ago +488

    hahaha *casually skips over molly’s death scene because i’m not dealing with that again*

    • Sarah L
      Sarah L 8 months ago


    • Gwynivere Monroe
      Gwynivere Monroe Year ago

      @Dani Gee me with game of thrones

    • Verfüncht
      Verfüncht 2 years ago +5

      I frequently thought back to Molly’s death and thought about how interesting and mysterious his character was and how much backstory there was to uncover and was so torn between wishing he hadn’t died and liking that Caduceus existed, but I also kept thinking about the possibility of them running into him in a new life and what he might be up to, since we didn’t yet know that his resurrection was a one-time anomaly. Once he came back as Lucien, I realised how fortunate it actually was that Molly of all characters died, as his backstory, amplified by his return, turned out to be such a major piece of the plot (with which I just caught up and am desperately awaiting episode 121). I’m by no means saying that I’m happy about a player character death; merely that any other (except maybe Fjord because of Uk’otoa) would have been far worse as their story would be pretty much lost and have no significance for the rest of the campaign. This way, while we don’t have Molly, we still get to experience his backstory, except that we sort of do have Molly because the Nein are definitely going to try to get that part of him back, so it’s even more gloriously complicated. (also, then not realising that Raise Dead is a thing and that they wouldn’t have to burn a 1000gp diamond to revive DeRogna is infuriating; also that they seem to have decided that they cut off her head even though I can’t find the moment it happened so I hope they just confused it with the other corpse and correct that)

    • Eris Rose
      Eris Rose 2 years ago +6

      @Dani Gee I'm trying, it's not going well. I mean look at Taliesin's face when Lorenzo is killed, his expression is so bittersweet

    • Stormageddon
      Stormageddon 2 years ago +19

      Dani Gee but I don’t wanna

  • Cedar Rose
    Cedar Rose 2 years ago +28

    "I turn into an alley."
    "...you can turn into an alley?"
    *gestures transforming into an alley*

    • Conall Mayhem
      Conall Mayhem 4 months ago +2

      Honestly Tal has some of the dumbest/funniest lil one liners like this, I missed this one on the first watch, thanks for putting it in this edit 😊😊

  • JCProfit
    JCProfit 2 years ago +171

    It’s still hilarious to me that Jester’s parentage was revealed because of an off joke by Beau

  • Lindsey M
    Lindsey M 2 years ago +288

    The WHIPLASH from twiggy killing a dragon! :D Immediately cutting to "Edith where's my son" knocked the wind out of me I need to lie down
    ALSO thank you for this this is perfect hiatus content

  • The Cowardly DM
    The Cowardly DM 2 years ago +59

    Good god I love how much Liam gets into character, physically acting like his character would. Scrating at his scars, turning away from the table when Trent flies by. Love it

  • Mayor Oster
    Mayor Oster Year ago +17

    Laura's stare at her father's reveal is priceless, and Travis' pokereface of a 5 year old, Marisha loving the drama, Liam putting two and two together. A perect scene.

    • Dorian
      Dorian Year ago

      AAAAAAND Cad.

  • Moni-chan
    Moni-chan 2 years ago +66

    "Look me in the eye, woman" Is probably my favourite moment. It is inscribed in my soul. Great selection a log of the scenes are the scenes I keep going back to...

  • LanaKomHeda
    LanaKomHeda 2 years ago +28

    I love so much that when Laura hits him with Modify Memory out of nowhere he kinda doesn't know what to do. He stumbles for a sec and Laura just kind of jumps right in to help him out! She gets right into character laughing and pretending the fake memories happened and he adjusts back in so quick! I just love it

  • Terra Lupis
    Terra Lupis 2 years ago +409

    The only moments that were missed was everyone meeting Pumat for the first time.

    • Under The Pendulum
      Under The Pendulum Year ago

      *cries in Kiri*

    • Conner Paul
      Conner Paul Year ago

      @inciting a riotyep, the description says they were waiting for episode 100 to come out but it got delayed cuz of covid. Nott becoming Veth is around episode 90

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot Year ago

      @Conner Paul that happened 10 months ago?

    • Mash709
      Mash709 2 years ago

      That deserves its own video. It needs to be seen in its full form.

    • Conner Paul
      Conner Paul 2 years ago +2

      They missed Nott becoming Veth

  • Chase Easley
    Chase Easley 2 years ago +164

    This is great, really helpful this quarantine

  • SneaSnake
    SneaSnake 2 years ago +109

    20:06 omg I'd forgotten how excited Sam got hahaha he's so adorable XD

    • Ebony Voigt
      Ebony Voigt 2 years ago +2

      I had too! He and Laura both got so excited and it makes me very happy

  • Hyunllx
    Hyunllx 2 years ago +72

    Caduceus throwing platinum at Gelidon is funny until you remember he's old enough to remember when the Conclave razed Draconia and his family likely was heckled to give up offerings to Vorugal and/or Gelidon.

    • Deathwrow
      Deathwrow 4 months ago

      @hirokun He confirmed in a talks machina, that her title was a nod to the fact that her "mate to be" was killed, and he said that it was by Vox Machina, aka Vorugal. He said Marisha made a tid bit about her title being more like a bride scorned, and he was proud someone got his intent from the title.
      Chances are, when Vorugal died, Gideon probably wiped out a town or 2.

    • hirokun
      hirokun 7 months ago

      @Hyunllx Did Matt ever confirm they were mates? I thought it was a joke

    • someone from somewhere
      someone from somewhere 2 years ago +3

      Nitewulf Considering it was a different continent , Cad didnt know about Gelidon and Cad’s sheltered life he probably didnt know but cool head cannon

    • overratedusername
      overratedusername 2 years ago

      Can I get a bit more background? I’m not up to date on season 1
      - did you mean that cad is old enough or that Gelidon is old enough?

    • Hyunllx
      Hyunllx 2 years ago +3

      @Fox Hound1878 Yes, but Vorugal and Gelidon were mates. Very likely that she supported his rise from the north.

  • RogueHippie13
    RogueHippie13 2 years ago +269

    I still can't believe that Nott accidentally killed Cad

    • Verfüncht
      Verfüncht 2 years ago +1

      @Bianca T. I don’t think she’d have used up all of her other spell slots if she’d lost it.

    • Caleb Owens
      Caleb Owens 2 years ago +1

      Ben Tiller I’m playing a cleric in my own campaign and just got a pearl of power last session, and wow was I excited, such a clutch item.

    • Mark Fuller
      Mark Fuller 2 years ago +6

      Fjord got off lightly at the beach - if the Gorgon hadn't moved, it would have happened again - clip-share.net/video/Tmz4TS3Div8/video.html :D

    • Sam
      Sam 2 years ago +27

      At the time, I was like I CANNOT BELIEVE- but now I’m like, “yeah, sounds about right for the Mighty Nein...”

    • Bianca T.
      Bianca T. 2 years ago +51

      RogueHippie13 If Jester didn’t have the Pearl of Power, Taliesin would’ve had to create a third character.

  • AnnaHMariucci
    AnnaHMariucci 2 years ago +131

    How’d leave out Yasha coming back to mighty Nein!? I mean, It’s literally one of the most iconic things.
    Or yasha just taking a deliberate beating to punish herself.
    Just... there was a distinct lack of Yasha in this and I am very sad about it.

    • Ellis K
      Ellis K 2 years ago +1

      This tho

    • AnnaHMariucci
      AnnaHMariucci 2 years ago +1

      Dani Gee now I’m very happy haha thank you

    • Dani Gee
      Dani Gee  2 years ago +10

      AnnaHMariucci here you go clip-share.net/video/lvwnS90-hcw/video.html

    • Dani Gee
      Dani Gee  2 years ago +29

      AnnaHMariucci if I could screen cap right now...
      I’ll let you know that I’m making a Yasha moments vid. Keep an eye today or Sunday since it’s my last day of work and I can’t go anywhere now.
      (Also over an hour)

  • Marina Emmanouilidou
    Marina Emmanouilidou 2 years ago +54

    Just imagine how different the story would have been had they not given the beacon to the bright queen. It's so freaking amazing!

    • Vesper Night
      Vesper Night 2 years ago +11

      Marina Emmanouilidou imagine if they hadn’t taken the beacon at all, would’ve been so different

  • Uhh Ok
    Uhh Ok 2 years ago +7

    The crowd: *Chanting* “Fjord! Fjord! Fjord! Fjord!”
    Travis: *Leans into the mic smirking* “19”
    The crowd: *just goes fucking wild*

  • Brady331
    Brady331 2 years ago +13

    "I have so many flowers to give to her" and "I killed my whole family, I'll throw you under a bridge" didn't make the cut, a travesty

  • OneTrueBelmont
    OneTrueBelmont 2 years ago +15

    I forget the episode, but Caduceus using Command on that golem to tell it to turn OFF was pretty clutch.

  • Vjeran Janeš
    Vjeran Janeš 2 years ago +40

    I almost cried when Nott/Veth was talking to Luke. Jesus Christ my EMOTIONS

  • Loot
    Loot 2 years ago +38

    Wow, looking back at that attack on the tower, that is absolutely one of Matt's new spells. One of the black hole spells

    • Loot
      Loot 2 years ago +4

      @Critter813 oh absolutely. I LOVE Dark Star. And even if he didn't have the full spell he already knew he wanted to have a spell of that style and power. Amazing

    • Critter813
      Critter813 2 years ago +1

      Dark star and Im envious of how good of a writer he is for introducing it *that* early

  • David Rowan
    David Rowan 2 years ago +60

    The amount of work that must've gone into these supercuts...
    Thanks for making my isolation much more bearable ❤️

    • cabbagetheif
      cabbagetheif 2 years ago +1

      David Rowan saaaaame this is helping me deal with no people and no crit role!

  • Vincent Brigance
    Vincent Brigance 2 years ago +15

    You missed the greatest part of the series where Jester and Nott vandalized the Platinum Dragon and got away with it by the skin of their teeth

    • Dani Gee
      Dani Gee  2 years ago +2

      Oh I know. But that was 30 minutes long and I didn’t know which parts to cut so I just didn’t put it cause decision is hard.
      Didnt put a bunch of other things I wanted to put

  • abba karenina
    abba karenina Year ago +9

    Ooooooohhhhh I completely forgot about Taliesin/Caduceus’s deep discomfort with Jumanji Costco being undead, is that some brilliant accidental foreshadowing??

    • Deathwrow
      Deathwrow 4 months ago +2

      For those wondering, one of the Wildmother's ideals that her followers can/do follow, is that undead is twisting nature itself, and it unnatural and shouldnt exist (and should even be crusaded with, no matter the will of it)
      I have a druid that prays to the wildmother, and as such, believes undead need to be destroyed....Just so happens my DM decided that the campaign had a lot of undead with his civilizations....
      Character feels a bit out there now haha
      But, hope that explains why Cad is most likely NOT OKAY with anything undead

    • Zoltán Szászi
      Zoltán Szászi 5 months ago

      Yeah it's interesting but it's more about the grave cleric's view on the cycle of life and death and nature and how an undead character upsets that cycle completely. In other news I think he's the first Hollow One we see.

    • Chris Bleurgh
      Chris Bleurgh Year ago +1

      I feel like it's more about who Caduceus is and his role in life. Can't make tea if the bags get out of the pot and walk away!

  • Dennis Ellis
    Dennis Ellis Year ago +10

    The moment Caleb returns the dodecahedron to the bright queen was so tense & great! What an awesome turn of events for the game & story

  • Ken- Jen
    Ken- Jen Year ago +5

    Molly's death will never NOT be one of the saddest things ever. All the deaths are tear inducing and sad but the fact that Molly had won all of our hearts by then makes it one of THE saddest player deaths especially since they were all low enough level to not be able to simply resurrect him.

  • i’m sorry, thank You, please

    You’re doing gods’ work, Dani.

  • lil’ lil
    lil’ lil 2 years ago +33

    I played a cleric last year who also used the "you need me more than I need you" line on her god, like Travis did, and NOTHING in game has EVER felt better

  • Lawjee
    Lawjee 2 years ago +10

    53:44 "Mommy, where were you", oh god Matt please don't do that to me. Right in the heartstrings.

  • Bro Felix #TheCat
    Bro Felix #TheCat 2 years ago +46

    Okay, first, I love this.
    BUT you forgot one- Caleb killing the Laughing Hand...

    • Sean SBK
      Sean SBK Year ago +3

      Caleb had some of the most epic kills in the campaign.... Lorenzo, The laughing hand, Vokodo.

    • Dani Gee
      Dani Gee  2 years ago +7

      Bro Felix #TheCat tbh I fjorgot many things 🤣

  • Jonathan Kowatch
    Jonathan Kowatch 2 years ago +19

    I love seeing the growth of Sam's flask

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L 2 years ago +19

    Loved the zoom in on Caleb, I've not done a rewatch so my eyes were already keyed in on him, and you knew exactly what I was thinking.

  • Gavin Cayton
    Gavin Cayton 2 years ago +8

    One of my favorites was always Yasha’s first rage. Everyone’s excitement and the proudness and joy on Travis’ face is amazing

  • Quinn Corson
    Quinn Corson 2 years ago +17

    It made me really sad at the time to see Nott's son so taken aback my her but I love seeing how far his emotional state has come now that he has both of his parents together :)

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee 2 years ago +27

    1:29:32 Travis' excitement there is so infectious and funny!

  • Not John
    Not John 2 years ago +8

    I love how there’s this powerful holy artifact that holds the secrets of reincarnation and was the basis for why the war started and M9 were like “Ooh, it’s glowy! Yoink!”

  • Vicente López
    Vicente López 2 years ago +14

    Love Travis face when laura is doing the cupcake thing

  • Jono Casuyon
    Jono Casuyon 2 years ago +13

    It didn't cross their mind to use Disguise Self into the likeness of The Gentleman when they first got clued in and they kept forgetting the following times. It helped to add more suspense to the issue though.

    • Jono Casuyon
      Jono Casuyon 2 years ago +2

      @someone from somewhere The only time they remembered was doing it to see how The Gentleman would react, but Gent had the motive to deny which made it frustrating but ulimately made it a really nice character moment for him, rather than a "Gotcha"

    • someone from somewhere
      someone from somewhere 2 years ago +2

      Jono Casuyon I remember Laura being really annoyed on talks when she realised that

  • Noxlotl
    Noxlotl Year ago +5

    I still find it funny , that the whole Jester's dad thing, couldve been confirmed so much faster if someone just did an illusion spell of some sort to show his face to her mom xD

  • Nick Gutierrez
    Nick Gutierrez 2 years ago +23

    27:11 will get me every. Single. Time.

  • ChaosCryptidd
    ChaosCryptidd 2 years ago +14

    Travis' face at the essek reveal is priceless

  • Nicola Foxfield
    Nicola Foxfield Year ago +1

    Great compilation! Sad that the heirloom sphere bit missed out where Nott took the damage to burn the dragon's reaction to allow Jester to escape though.

  • Internet Friend
    Internet Friend 2 years ago +88


    • Sam Jensen
      Sam Jensen Year ago +1

      It looked like he maybe hit the table with his fist and just accentuated it with his voice

  • JBlueEyedStares
    JBlueEyedStares Year ago +2

    You've got so many amazing moments on here. I think the only moment I feel is missing is the moment when Nila finds her son and partner in the Sour Nest. I believe it's in episode 28.

  • Egs
    Egs 2 years ago +9

    Those 0-to-100 responses at 1:29:20 are just.. amazing

  • Mr. Maradok
    Mr. Maradok 2 years ago +3

    The second moment, with the tower, my first thought was, “FUCK, there’s a high level campaign over there, RUN!”

  • Towers
    Towers 2 years ago +5

    I will never be over the look of horror on Talisen's face during the entire cupcake sequence.

  • Ashtonium
    Ashtonium 2 years ago +75

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