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Bill Burr Can't Help But Laugh When He Watches The News | Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

  • Published on Nov 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Keith
    Keith Month ago +1318

    God I love when these two get together and talk. Pure entertainment from start to finish.

    • Blobby Hill
      Blobby Hill 14 days ago

      @Douglas Knoll says the guy who gets his entertainment from being a prick in Clip-Share comments. Touch grass, future claimant in a class action lawsuit for people who got their brain damaged by too much social media.

    • Marius Aglen
      Marius Aglen 17 days ago

      not sure if its in the comment, u seen that video of toy story, where they edited the ending, so her mom was watching the whole movie,, and in that part where they sink in the lava or somethin, just as they are falling in the hole, it fades to black, and the end cinematics appear

    • Sandis Rekis
      Sandis Rekis 21 day ago +1

      I see NMS - I put a like.
      I'm a simply guy like that.

    • Lanzy
      Lanzy 27 days ago

      @keith4804 Prob. A radical leftist. They're offended by everything and everyone who isn't in line with their views. Narcissistic victimization. Lol

    • Alex Anzivino
      Alex Anzivino Month ago +2

      @Keith lol so weird

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller Month ago +431

    Always got to appreciate how well Conan can tap in to those that are “hard” to interview

    • Ryan Callahan
      Ryan Callahan 2 hours ago +1

      @bevrosity Probably is arguing with his gf.

    • Vex X
      Vex X 6 days ago +3

      @Miguel Juanez hahahah damn that was a brilliant finishing move I had to snort laugh like an idiot here lol

    • PaleBlueDotCitizen
      PaleBlueDotCitizen 27 days ago +6

      I wouldn't call Burr hard to interview. Getting him to stop talking is a skill

    • Steve Jarvis
      Steve Jarvis 29 days ago +2

      Oh come on now you surely must have known that Conan is a genius Melissa.
      I swear he didn't pay me to write that.

    • Scarhandz
      Scarhandz Month ago +6

      @Douglas Knoll Why be mean?, i thought that was a compliment to the uploader.

  • Deano
    Deano Month ago +370

    That was amazing how he kept it going and going and going and finishes with "I think this going great Conan!'. I haven't laughed so hard and long for a long time. 😂

    • mrdaym
      mrdaym 8 days ago

      It's like he wrote a whole set in his head during the interview. The man's amazing.

    • J.B. Delaney
      J.B. Delaney 10 days ago +1

      I had to keep pausing it until I could catch my breath because I was afraid I'd miss something.

    • Pranjal Sharma
      Pranjal Sharma 27 days ago +8

      @Douglas Knoll Sometimes people just have humor

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      Drank were you under the influence as in "stoned" ?

  • Jared Lee
    Jared Lee Month ago +239

    I’ve listened to every hour of Bill’s standup, podcast, compilations, interviews, etc.,
    It’s actually unbelievable how he can continue to produce laughs talking about any subject in the world

    • Viking Life
      Viking Life 6 hours ago

      @Tom Mart Comedy is subjective. This had me crying I was laughing so hard. Bill is awesome.

    • TheGreenPianist
      TheGreenPianist 4 days ago +4

      @Tom Mart why are you here then?

    • Ghost of Uchiha
      Ghost of Uchiha 10 days ago +2

      @Tom Mart whatever you say, Tom Mart 😂

    • Tom Mart
      Tom Mart 10 days ago

      @Ghost of Uchiha he is not funny by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Ghost of Uchiha
      Ghost of Uchiha 10 days ago +4

      It's not the subject that matters, it's the delivery. Funny people can make anything funny.

  • Neogenmatrix
    Neogenmatrix Month ago +1031

    Bill has a unique way of looking at all sides of life with comedy. Situations wondering why or how something happend and making it hilarious.

  • Mr. Womack
    Mr. Womack Month ago +239

    Pretty cool to see Bill Burr get better as he ages

    • lulospawn
      lulospawn 4 days ago

      Not sure about the Thanos beard

    • DavidKFZ
      DavidKFZ 12 days ago +1

      @EelyDan Yeh I noticed that, it's great to see him purposely lose the crowd and get them back on his side again

    • EelyDan
      EelyDan 24 days ago +7

      This is a little insider baseball but part of the reason he constantly gets better as a comedian is that he always intentionally "loses" the crowd by saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible moment so he has to work his way out of it. Re-watch this video, Conan literally calls him out on it in the moment. In addition to this he's always forcing himself to work on standup techniques he isn't naturally good at, if you were to go back through and watch all of his specials you'll notice on every single one of them there's a specific technique that he's doing over and over again.

    • qvack
      qvack 25 days ago +1

      Yeah, that would be nice

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T Month ago +48

    Bill and Conan. They feed off each other well. Loved this.

    • Guy Person
      Guy Person 13 days ago +1

      Ya know what else feeds off each other well? My dog and the dead racoon out back. I JUST... left it there and let my dog eat it. If my dog could talk He'd,.. say: "MMMM MMM THANKS DAD. FRESH COON MEAT TASTE GOOD ON TUESDAYS"

  • Wayne Wintermute
    Wayne Wintermute Month ago +45

    Bill can literally turn anything around and get us all laughing.

  • Max J
    Max J Month ago +250

    "I was watching Precious". I wasn't expecting that. Only Bill Burr can make me laugh about one of the saddest movies ever.

    • Toxic King
      Toxic King 23 minutes ago

      The first half of the film was too much for me. Movie is too damn sad

    • Joshua Hedrick
      Joshua Hedrick 2 hours ago

      @Eugenijus Dolgovas you were the target audience for this comment.

    • Eugenijus Dolgovas
      Eugenijus Dolgovas 6 days ago

      @Petitio Principii Target audience of what, Mr. Projector? I'm the target audience of no one. F are You talking about?

    • Petitio Principii
      Petitio Principii 6 days ago +1

      @Eugenijus Dolgovas it's not just because you see yourself as the target audience that's really their intent.

    • Petitio Principii
      Petitio Principii 6 days ago +3

      Didn't even know the film/series/whatever. Reading the synopsis that comes on google, oh my, it sounds almost like something they'd come up on South Park to parody a very dramatic drama.

  • masterofallgoons
    masterofallgoons 2 months ago +15178

    Watching Bill Burr alienate a crowd is one of the great joys in life

    • Freebird
      Freebird Day ago

      I like it better when Ricky Gervais does it.

    • slyjokerg
      slyjokerg 15 days ago +1

      My favorite thing from Bill, which happens in pretty much every show, is him saying something that is almost always dead on right, and then, after the crowd's reaction, he ends up saying "See how quiet it just got in here?" That is virtually always a sign that Bill nailed something spot on correctly.

    • All Law
      All Law 15 days ago

      All celebrities and high ranking politicians are transgender

    • david lindsay
      david lindsay 17 days ago

      I Saw that!

    • Dexter
      Dexter 19 days ago

      A crowd of Democrats?!!.

  • STÖ-R4C
    STÖ-R4C Month ago +50

    I rarely laugh when I see comedy movies or comedians, but Bill Burr just made me cry of laughter again....

  • SharkVsTree
    SharkVsTree Month ago +42

    Ohhhh my god I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you, Bill Burr and Conan! My abs are cramping. I'm going to try to remember how to breathe like a normal person now.

  • Bustapolio
    Bustapolio Month ago +26

    This had me laughing and trying not to wake my wife as bad as Bill was laughing trying not to wake his wife.

  • CoriAnne Vlogs
    CoriAnne Vlogs Month ago +23

    I love this so much. Have never seen him laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Paul K
    Paul K Month ago +26

    I need all this laughter in my life 😂

  • Dirty D
    Dirty D Month ago +11

    Bill Burr and Conan O’Brien are so refreshing to listen to! This is the first I have seen Conan’s podcast and it’s great! I love that he has Sona on with him! They have great chemistry together and it shows how loyal he is to his staff!! Keep up the amazing content!!

  • qwazz motto
    qwazz motto Month ago +15

    Bill Burr is becoming my favorite comedian...he is absolutely brilliant.

  • buggyboogle9
    buggyboogle9 Month ago +19

    There is something about inappropriate laughter that is insanely funny. Wheezingly funny. You know you shouldn’t laugh but it just makes you laugh all the more harder. It’s especially bad, when someone laughs with you.

    • Vex X
      Vex X 6 days ago

      Agreed. And the "bad" ones when there IS someone else next to you going trough it with you, and laughing despite all the suppression and trying not to, you remember thos times the rest of your life :D

  • Charles Ouellette
    Charles Ouellette Month ago +17

    Bill Burr is just the funniest dude on earth.

  • Matt Ion
    Matt Ion Month ago +12

    Conan is one of the greatest comedy straight men ever.

  • Kevin Jung
    Kevin Jung Month ago +7

    Bill burr and Conan comedy bits are always needed for the morning drive

  • JS3 music
    JS3 music Month ago +17

    He’s exactly right. It is so simple. You will get sent outside and you would meet other kids outside and they would either be your age or older. Sometimes the older kids will be rough but that’s called basic social living and you learn how to deal with people like this. Now kids hide inside and play video games and social media and they are whack jobs

  • Eric Warren
    Eric Warren Month ago +4

    Bill Burr is absolutely guileless. You have to be to be as good at "shock" comedy as he is.

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R Month ago +78

    Conan has always been a comic at heart

    • Petitio Principii
      Petitio Principii 6 days ago +1

      @Bates Motel that was actually his first career, but it always turned into something that looked like it was a scene from the three stooges or Laurel and Hardy, and then he decided to make a career change.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 21 day ago

      I agree I just wish he did comedy

    • Bates Motel
      Bates Motel Month ago +1

      @Johnny Rodrigues is this sarcasm or did he legit do that at one point

    • Anirudh Korapole
      Anirudh Korapole Month ago +6

      its almost like that's been his job for 28 years...

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      ........and what dose this Bill Blurred Spurred Brains Spilled do and/or have @ "heart"...?

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R Month ago +26

    “Jungle Gym” meant nothing but tossing 25 kids together in this awesome design of stairs, slides, ropes, bars and really pointy hot stuff and seeing what happens. It was about teaching kids how to interact with eachother

    • Mathew Hale
      Mathew Hale Day ago

      And break arms

    • Noop Noop
      Noop Noop Month ago

      @Lou Seinas 👴

    • Lou Seinas
      Lou Seinas Month ago +6

      That's how society used to be. Not so much now most kids have their faces buried in an electronic "nanny" device along with their detached parents.
      If an EMP ever hits society might be better off in the long run.

  • AndyBondage
    AndyBondage Month ago +32

    This made me laugh so much! I had tears in my eyes....and I'm german!

    • AndyBondage
      AndyBondage 23 days ago

      @Jamoon Xerxes Sauber Naaa...I'm actually Tom of Finnland.

    • Jamoon Xerxes Sauber
      Jamoon Xerxes Sauber 23 days ago

      Andy Richter the Swedish-German, is that you?

    • Pythagoras
      Pythagoras Month ago

      I am God and I am Irish, I approve of this message *das Boot!

  • Mal3X
    Mal3X Month ago +455

    Conan is the best "comedian friendly" host, he just boost comedians! It's Great!

    • Devin Johnson
      Devin Johnson 16 days ago

      He was the last good late night host.

    • Ro Ems
      Ro Ems Month ago +2

      I want to know what they said now.

    • zroysum
      zroysum Month ago +2

      He is one of a few talk show or radio/podcast hosts that really gets comedians and how to interview them well for comedy.

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      Anthony I heard YOU glee it up..!

    • Anthony Steen
      Anthony Steen Month ago +7

      For funny people he tees them up

  • Paul Vicente V Curimao
    Paul Vicente V Curimao Month ago +17

    The funny thing is, bill burr's mother-in-law also laughed hard like him when she watched the same news.

  • Chad Parsons
    Chad Parsons Month ago +26

    Had a similar experience watching the Pixar short film "Bao" in a movie theater with my kids. When the mom ate the dumpling I laughed so loud and hard. Many a bewildered look in return.

    • Mea Dish
      Mea Dish Month ago +5

      For me, it was a theatre performance. The crowd was super serious super adulting academics, because the piece was a super serious piece about the last remaining humans, stuck on a spaceship originally bound for a habitable planet, but now off course just drifting in space. The particular incident was when the last comedian on board tries one last joke, and then just drops dead. I guess it symbolizes the absolute end of all hope, when there is not even humor left.
      Everyone else in the audience was DEAD quiet. I just couldn't stop laughing.

  • Bawamba
    Bawamba Month ago +9

    This was so much fun to watch! Thank you!

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +8

    I can relate a lot with Bill on this one 😂

  • Maya
    Maya 2 months ago +3511

    I totally understand what Bill meant. Sometimes you just laugh to stay sane and not get sucked into the sadness and stress the news generates.

    • Mirror Man
      Mirror Man 27 days ago

      I always laugh when I watch horror movies 😂

    • Dirk Wolf
      Dirk Wolf Month ago

      When you realize the whole thing is just one big joke, the only thing that makes sense is to be the comedian.

    • Thou Swell
      Thou Swell Month ago

      Hey, if you don't laugh you gonna cry. 🤷‍♂️

    • chris c
      chris c Month ago +1

      Dark humor is notorious in operating rooms.

    • peaceout1010
      peaceout1010 Month ago

      Listen to the podcast Behind the Bastards. You need this skill to get through some of their episodes.

  • NDPesic Group
    NDPesic Group Month ago +11

    I hope you guys figured out that you are a perfect match to do a weekly podcast !!! The viewer numbers would be insane !!!

    • Pythagoras
      Pythagoras Month ago

      Do not question divinity my child,
      for it has all the answers
      pre-divined in its wake.
      Have faith.

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago

      Podcast for pudcast homoSodomites..?

  • Aaron Snyder
    Aaron Snyder Month ago +37

    I'm 29 and I grew up with the same scenarios lol 30 yr difference but I can fully relate. My generation was the last to really experience pre-social media life and I'm grateful I can say I lived it.

    • T.k. Kirkland2000
      T.k. Kirkland2000 25 days ago +1

      No . Cuz when ur 10/11 myspace was out .. early 80s was the last generation to experience pre/post social media

    • Mastakilla91
      Mastakilla91 Month ago

      Same. I played alot outside with my friends. The only electronics we knew were consoles and almost noone owned one. Best time of my life to date.

    • Aaron Snyder
      Aaron Snyder Month ago

      @Chango wild times lol

    • Aaron Snyder
      Aaron Snyder Month ago

      @Chango I was born in 93

    • Chango
      Chango Month ago +5

      I was born in 99, and the 7 year difference is huge but 95-02 kids seen and heard so much on unfiltered internet. it's insane how much of the internet we saw unfiltered

  • Ken Scheper
    Ken Scheper Month ago +10

    I don't think I've ever had to pause a video so many times to finish laughing

  • Juice !
    Juice ! Month ago +6

    Conan needs to release these as a full video. This is great.

  • Patriot4TheTree
    Patriot4TheTree Month ago +896

    I took my kids to see that last Toy Story movie and when the little girl rejected the doll who had been waiting her entire existence to be chosen, I erupted in laughter. I was the only person lol. Every parent and child in the theatre whipped their heads around.

    • Dave Rohrich
      Dave Rohrich 2 days ago

      I cackled with Laughter during Frozen 2 when Elsa lost her magic and functionally killed Olaf. Basically evaporated like a Thanos snap

    • Agent 39
      Agent 39 7 days ago

      Same thing happened to me but different movie. The first time they re-released the first 3 Star War movies in theaters, my close friend was a fan and he convinced me to go with him and his two sisters. When one of those little teddy bear creatures got killed in the forest, I was the only one who burst out in laughter lol. A bunch of people in the theater turned their heads and looked at me too.

    • hurtig heinz
      hurtig heinz 7 days ago

      In the nazi movie, The Pianist, there is a scene where SS are storming into a Jewish apartment, shaking them down and the jewish grandfather of the family gets yeeted out of his wheelchair from the balcony by an SS man. It's like the 3rd or 4th floor. Of course it's tragical, but it was also comical. I was the only one laughing.
      We were at the movies with our history class and my teacher thought I just wasn't mature enough for the movie.

    • Bandit 6
      Bandit 6 8 days ago

      @John Clark Yup. Mythbusters had an episode on that, I think.

    • John Clark
      John Clark 8 days ago +1

      @Bandit 6 especially when you consider there was room for him. She let his ass die, stone cold, literally.

  • John Chapman
    John Chapman Month ago +8

    Love how they get along. Other tall show hosts don’t get bill and he’s so honest it’s awkward hha

  • Number 3 Stunner
    Number 3 Stunner Month ago +4

    As a teen, we laughed hysterically about the Slingblade scene. I actually thought about it a few nights ago, coincidentally.

  • Mattybot 3000
    Mattybot 3000 Month ago +1

    I completely agree with Bill Burr. It's ok to laugh at people. Apathy will be the end of humanity.

  • Boutrous29
    Boutrous29 Month ago +7

    My chest hurts from laughing A+

  • Feast for Thought
    Feast for Thought 2 months ago +2510

    I didn't laugh that hard in a while.
    I know this won't happen but I wished these two had a weekly podcast lol

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      Coney Baloney and Kojackulation Blurred Burred Brain's Strained

    • Emöke
      Emöke 2 months ago


    • Leroy Rodgers
      Leroy Rodgers 2 months ago

      Conan go Burr.

    • Cassette Walkman
      Cassette Walkman 2 months ago

      I think we need a podcast with Bill and his Mother in Law!

    • mcpribs
      mcpribs 2 months ago

      I was just watching this with headphones on, cause kids, laughing hysterically, with tears streaming down my face, and my wife told me I kind of looked like a psycho. I said, “Yeah, cause I’m laughing at one.” Love these men.

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Month ago +5

    God I love when Conan’s says “this wont air” lolol

  • MrJamfy !
    MrJamfy ! Month ago +4

    My sense of humor is 100% identical to Bill's. I laugh at things that are terrible!

  • Miguel Juanez
    Miguel Juanez Month ago +50

    Sona's reactions do it for me 😂

    • TheologyoftheBody
      TheologyoftheBody 16 days ago

      @Michael Lewis Hail Science

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis 16 days ago

      @TheologyoftheBody Lol. OK, I'm glad you enjoyed a book that much.

    • TheologyoftheBody
      TheologyoftheBody 16 days ago

      @Michael Lewis well this is the internet, and I’m in the comment section, and I’m being very tolerant of the blasphemy. I was sincerely trying to help this person bc you *will* experience malevolence if you try to “imitate” or “mock” God.

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis 18 days ago +5

      @Ken Letter Just ugh..... Don't you people ever keep your opinions to yourself?

    • Ken Letter
      Ken Letter Month ago

      @Pythagoras I need to change my handl, but you *really* do. I'm not jokin man. DO NOT even mess with the thought of portraying/assimilating/mocking/denegrating that title. I will pray for you.

  • J P
    J P Month ago +2

    Hahahaha, I remember having a similar childhood.... I also remember the first time a chest thumper fell off the jungle gym and ruined it for all of us.

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan 2 months ago +3365

    Can we just have a 10 hour podcast of them doing this. Would help humanity greatly.

    • Batembu Calaza
      Batembu Calaza 13 days ago

      💯 🎯🎯🎯 that would be a jam...

    • Marko Sirkiä
      Marko Sirkiä 20 days ago


    • Hunter
      Hunter 26 days ago


    • Pythagoras
      Pythagoras Month ago

      if bob dylan wasn't enough?
      Hello I am god and i agree with Bob
      on all things in life and after it.

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      2million dollars is not even an acceptable down payment for the financial overrun of under-talent in a CONye "album"

  • KuroShiba
    KuroShiba Month ago +8

    When Bill said he laughed so hard watching Precious I died lol

  • J W
    J W Month ago +1

    Bill always makes me laugh, no matter how horrified I am. lolol

  • spiffnut420
    spiffnut420 Month ago +3

    Love him so much
    Thoroughly enjoyed this

  • ty(WaterGawd)
    ty(WaterGawd) Month ago +1

    Shout out Conan man. Really remember watching him during the day on comedy central when I was young young. Only late night host I really liked. And love bill too

  • A.D.D. & Me
    A.D.D. & Me Month ago +1

    epic!!! legend. We need more Bill Burrs in society!!!

  • Romydom
    Romydom Month ago +6

    I'm so glad my childhood was like theirs. Living in cool but weird times.

  • Claudian Reyn
    Claudian Reyn Month ago +5

    When you watch the news, the only thing you wish for is you were a superhero. 😆

  • Geoffrey Kidder
    Geoffrey Kidder Month ago +3

    I laughed pretty much the whole time

  • Charax X
    Charax X 2 months ago +6409

    This is the first time i have seen Bill Burr burst out laughing during an interview. Conan and Bill are such a funny duo

    • Wayno Soze
      Wayno Soze 25 days ago

      He bust out laughing when Patrice imitated a angry Italian donation to Katrina victims 😂😂

    • Douglas Knoll
      Douglas Knoll Month ago +1

      @ RubedRupin Ginger false god of SOD..!

    • Let's go Brandon
      Let's go Brandon Month ago


    • Jeff Noel
      Jeff Noel Month ago


    • complexity
      complexity 2 months ago

      @tingkagol bingo

  • Wer Ghost
    Wer Ghost Month ago +2

    He’s HILARIOUS 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • APMFilms
    APMFilms Month ago +1

    Bill Burr is a national treasure

  • Scott Manring
    Scott Manring Month ago +3

    Bill burr needs a channel of him reacting to these type of movies and shows hahaha

  • JustCharles
    JustCharles Month ago +3

    I get it bro sometimes it’s better and easier to laugh at pain. I’m not suffering if I’m laughing it off 😂

  • Emmanuel Anwanaodung
    Emmanuel Anwanaodung Month ago +178

    I have watched this many times and every single time I tear up laughing because I had the exact same experience with a girlfriend 😂😂😂

    • Rebecca  Dubois
      Rebecca Dubois 20 days ago

      She had 3 black eyes

    • Hater
      Hater Month ago +1

      @abderrahmane garani your god is the biggest joke

    • abderrahmane garani
      abderrahmane garani Month ago +17

      you mean you beat her up cuz of the last thing she said, be specific here lol, I am just joking brother, god bless you

  • Adam Dutton
    Adam Dutton Month ago

    Thing is - the social commentary that goes underneath this - and explains an awful lot of nonsense is so insightful. But it would be so easy just to walk away with “Bill Burr is bad man”

  • Tomás GO
    Tomás GO Month ago +2

    8:33 I was eating and, at the same time than Conan, I saw myself doing a palm face - Geezus Xs Bill: control yourself! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Harry Jamieson
    Harry Jamieson Month ago

    Bill Burr is a keen observer of the absurdity in the world. He's the best.

  • Tim Franco
    Tim Franco Month ago +2

    Bill just cracks me up!

  • Kevin Howard
    Kevin Howard Month ago +4

    My parents thought that raising a child was teaching them how to be an independent young adult.

  • Jonathan Ryals
    Jonathan Ryals Month ago +1

    I once laughed hysterically through an entire viewing of The Killing Fields.

  • Incurable Romantic
    Incurable Romantic Month ago

    Bill Burr has a way of making highly perceptive political points, dressed up as jokes that don't even sound political.

  • Machstem
    Machstem Month ago

    The back of my head hurts im laughing so hard. Bull burr is the best

  • Fourth Wall TV
    Fourth Wall TV Month ago +798

    Congratulation on to whoever did the lighting on this set, Bill and Conan have never looked more pasty.

    • W D
      W D 8 days ago

      Unavoidable with these two I think 😂

    • J B
      J B 9 days ago

      I felt that. I was on a video call at work the other day and had to adjust my desk light because of the glare coming off my head.

    • UncleBoobs
      UncleBoobs 18 days ago

      those are the coldest onset lights ive seen conan in lol. like 4000K+

    • Shihua Bai
      Shihua Bai 22 days ago

      I don't even know what pasty means, but that sounds really funny.

    • steve17bf2
      steve17bf2 23 days ago

      @J T It means very very white, white people

  • HeadierThanThou
    HeadierThanThou Month ago +3

    Laughing at the ludicrous is a necessary coping skill

  • Dead Parroting
    Dead Parroting Month ago +1

    I laugh at inapropriate s**t, too, but it can't always be helped! I laughed my ass off at Psycho II when Norman just whangs that frying pan on the old ladys head! I laugh at Silence of the Lambs! I totally get it.

  • Amy Aaron
    Amy Aaron Month ago

    When we went out as teenagers in the 70's my dad would give us each a dime for the payphone if necessary.
    We would invariably end up at someone's house where they ' didn't have a phone '! The freedom!!!!!

  • Ismael Montoya
    Ismael Montoya Month ago +2

    Bill Burr is a freaken national treasure

  • paul reid
    paul reid Month ago +2

    So true, you went outside with other friends, sometimes older kids beat you up. Then when you got bigger than them you evened it up. Old school growing up. No phones or selfies, but we had tree forts, mini bikes and swinging in the irrigation ditch.

  • Michael Gildersleeve
    Michael Gildersleeve Month ago +3

    I always thought his mind and spirit were in the right place.... I still do.

  • J## S#####r
    J## S#####r Month ago +2

    I now have a new video link to send to people to explain why Bill is my favorite comedian.

  • Steve Libby
    Steve Libby Month ago +2

    I think this is going good, Conan. I died.

  • Elemento Geek
    Elemento Geek 2 months ago +1150

    These two guys should have a podcast together. I wouldn’t miss an episode.

    • spank buda
      spank buda 2 months ago

      "The 2 Gingers"

    • CatmanKelowna
      CatmanKelowna 2 months ago +3

      @Bilal Bhatti pretty gross comment dude

    • Oleg Zhokh's Brachioradialis
      Oleg Zhokh's Brachioradialis  2 months ago

      Bill has actually done Conan Needs a friend twice before this.

    • AudioEuphoria
      AudioEuphoria 2 months ago

      Throw a little Doug Stanhope in and it'd be a perfect circle.

    • Yanni Mecwan
      Yanni Mecwan 2 months ago +4

      @Bilal Bhatti you know if bill burr heard you say this then he would have roasted you to ashes for such misogyny 🤬
      Bill burr has integrity & has been a major voice for the women's rights whether its choice of abortion, equality etc.
      Its funny that alt right extremists think that bill burr is on their side of misogyny, abortion, religion.

  • Pedro Enrique Barreto

    omg so needed this. so freaking funny and honest. lol

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    Our parents had no idea where we were and I don’t think they really cared as long as we were home by a certain time. My mother would wait up for us but my father was sound asleep and oblivious. My sister was different of course because he is a girl but my twin brother and I were in the woods getting drunk at 15.

  • Chris Hodges
    Chris Hodges Month ago

    Conan has the old man look of guilt for what he's seen and done. For him to talk about his teen kids because he married someone younger is more disingenuous than you could ever imagine.

  • Purfinex
    Purfinex Month ago

    That's the best childhood, going outside and just wandering around meeting other kids getting into shenanigans and learning from each other. Now you send your kids and you have to worry about pedos everywhere and trans/mentally ill people abusing them, or worse. Those freaks have always been there but now the world is over saturated because of trying to push them as apart of the alphabet. Its a different, worse, over sexualized, crazy world and the kids suffer the most.

  • StudioLau
    StudioLau Month ago +2

    Conan trying so hard to suppress his laugh

  • Dave Gunning
    Dave Gunning Month ago

    Conan is awesome too I couldnt believe I seen him in the game Death Stranding and I remember laughing when I seen Conan.

  • Joscpe
    Joscpe Month ago

    I remember when I was a little kid, went to the wrong tree fort and the older kids spray painted our heads and hair.
    Or the time my brother and I were at a playground and older kids held us against the bars and held lit lighters to our hair, threatening us...

  • TSC123
    TSC123 Month ago +1

    Bills youngest will be graduating from college in his mid 70’s. I kinda feel sorry for that…he might not even live that long… 4:55

  • Bombadil1977
    Bombadil1977 2 months ago +1003

    I love how good Bill is at saying the WORST THING EVER, then walking you through it so that you understand where he's coming from, and part of you even agrees.

    • Throw Acnt
      Throw Acnt 2 months ago +2

      @Britannia Howard No.

    • Britannia Howard
      Britannia Howard 2 months ago +2

      @Saxon I disagree--I think laughing about something like domestic violence is overall a shitty thing to do, but op nailed it when they said he really makes you understand where he’s coming from

    • Bombadil1977
      Bombadil1977 2 months ago

      @Shawn Keller Just tell that it doesn't exist. That's been a fun bit of gaslighting.

    • Tom Ferguson
      Tom Ferguson 2 months ago +5

      When him & his mom-in-law made the *same* joke about the abuse story I LOST it🤣

    • Max J. H.
      Max J. H. 2 months ago +1

      True. I always agree with him.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert Month ago +36

    I can relate with Bill completely. You have to find the humor or go crazy. It's my way of coping with this out of control world.. I love how he can take an otherwise bad situation and flip it to completely hilarious a rare talent.

  • Colin Stone
    Colin Stone Month ago

    Ha! Thanks, Bill. I needed that.

  • Mitchel Norton
    Mitchel Norton Month ago

    Me and my 2 buddies were watching Gladiator when he cut hand off, the dead guy he was chained to and using the severed hand and chain as a weapon. We just lost it.

  • Bert Saenz
    Bert Saenz 20 days ago +3

    Bill has such a dark and hilarious sense of humor that I relate with on every single point

  • Einezweioctopi
    Einezweioctopi Month ago +106

    This may be the most honest discussion I've ever seen Conan do; and maybe any show host, for that matter.

  • herman
    herman Month ago

    Bill Burr is awesome. So is Coco

  • NELS73
    NELS73 Month ago

    I remember being about 13 years old and one of the neighbor kids threw a dart and it's stuck in the back of my head

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee Month ago

    Conan is an old man now. wow, time flies

  • djf750
    djf750 Month ago

    And we would just go over to a friend's house unannounced to "play"
    Now they make "play dates" weeks in advance

  • Casandra Barnes
    Casandra Barnes 2 months ago +1351

    Bill and Conan together is everything. They genuely crack each other up.

    • W T
      W T 2 months ago

      Sona is neither smart enough nor clever enough to be on this panel with her own dedicated mic.

    • The Mitch Zone
      The Mitch Zone 2 months ago

      @Biden the Potato Was just about to comment this. Lol

    • Vincent Ruben
      Vincent Ruben 2 months ago +1

      @Dave D yeah exactly. Or French fries.

    • Hunter Wallace
      Hunter Wallace 2 months ago +2

      Together they make a full head of hair.

    • Dave D
      Dave D 2 months ago

      @Vincent Ruben Is that like sorbet?

  • Steven Howes
    Steven Howes Month ago

    @8:20 Conan says "It's be great if you were a movie critic" That would be so good. Tell it like it is! Expose every plot hole.

  • Hicksy
    Hicksy Month ago

    Burr could have done a special on he's Conan appearances alone