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Best friend ūü•ļ

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 ver√∂ffentlicht

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  • @santiagomadriaza6559

    We all want a friend like him ! Marcelo is one of the most lovely and likable players in football. He is a sunshine

  • @unsimilarirfan

    The trust that Marcelo has for Ronaldo is on a different level...ūü•ļūüíę

  • @Alexander_C

    "Don't cry when it's over, smile cause it happened"

  • @fifagaming1949

    We will miss the duo Ronaldo and Marceloūüė•

  • @rayanshahzad2204

    The fact that first time they both faced each other in Portugal vs Brazil they fought...then the rest is history ūüźźxūüíú..(coming from a Messi fan)

  • @100mssnipes5

    When you realise you'll never see them together againūü•ļ

  • @majed-alsultan

    He knew he is not gonna miss a penalty ‚̧

  • @attituderingtone2266

    I want a best friend like Marcelo ūüėćūüėć

  • @rohiton
    @rohiton  +55

    The best duo in the whole world. ūü§ć

  • @fifagaming1949

    First time they meet each other, they fight but then RONALDO join real madrid they become best friend ūüė•ūüė≠ we will miss this two legend

  • @pandinow4490

    The fact is that he always believed in Ronaldo and knew that he was going to make a goal and that‚Äôs why he does that with his arms and that is what is called a real friend who always believes in you ‚̧ԳŹ

  • @syedmeasumhassanzaidi8842

    The duo was awesome and unforgettable‚̧

  • @raykaiedits

    Everyone Deserves A Homie like Marcelo !

  • @gudlapukka2.098

    Legend says he is sill waiting for a hug

  • @Jasontodd857

    I'm sure Marcelo always there for him and motivate him even when CR7 is in a bad condition

  • @vijayrawat09

    I also like their suiiiiiiii celebration.

  • @outlas2344

    ronaldo and marcelo are like husband and wife supporting each other. stay healthy and keep moving forward, even though you are now in different teams and going your own way

  • @laithhamdanicsbr1218

    Football’s one of the most legendary friendships

  • @Freemix28

    Everyone needs a confident friend like him.

  • @user-rf9ef9rb8e

    Eu nunca tinha reparado nisso! Marcelo é brabo!