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Americans Try to Pronounce French Words

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • “That’s so many vowels together!” 😂🇺🇸🇫🇷
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  • Δ
    Δ 2 years ago +14102

    Everyone’s making fun of the guy who though grenouille was a place, but we can’t forget the French guy who though that hedgehog was a city.

    • MARIAH
      MARIAH 20 hours ago


    • Gris Chad
      Gris Chad 5 days ago

      @Guillaume Sora we know him.. as "sonic le herisson"

    • xe is inactive 🦀
      xe is inactive 🦀 13 days ago

      Like don't forget about that
      it was funny though 😭

    • Jayden Mae
      Jayden Mae Month ago

      plus adding -ouille to the end of a place's name is pretty common in english

    • Avizeh Baig
      Avizeh Baig Month ago

      *S Q U A R E F R I E N D*

  • Aflons
    Aflons Year ago +5786

    "I made it way more complicated than it needs to be"
    -Creator of French

    • Gisselle ST
      Gisselle ST Month ago

      @Svitac they are arrogant, sorry but they are. I have traveled extensively and the most arrogant people were the French and the nicest IMO the Germans.

    • Gisselle ST
      Gisselle ST Month ago


    • Alexouille La Fripouille
      Alexouille La Fripouille 2 months ago

      That was an easy one

    • Tsuki
      Tsuki 3 months ago

      @Dill Pickle true

    • Dill Pickle
      Dill Pickle 6 months ago

      passé composé in a nutshell

  • Hettie M-C
    Hettie M-C 2 years ago +11012

    Ah yes, the sequel to
    "Hedgehog? "
    "I'm pretty sure that's a city" :
    "it just feels like a place, i would love to have a house in grenouille"

    • M. Kostoglod
      M. Kostoglod 8 hours ago

      In the town of Cailly there is a street named Grenouville

    • xe is inactive 🦀
      xe is inactive 🦀 13 days ago


    • Rhea Martin
      Rhea Martin Month ago

      In his defense he perhaps may have heard of Grenoble, and wrongly made the connection lol

    • M* H*
      M* H* 11 months ago +1

      He's thinking of Grenoble.

    • Keilnoth
      Keilnoth 11 months ago

      We are all so predictable.
      Nous sommes tous si prévisibles.

  • Erick Lange
    Erick Lange 2 years ago +2081

    The lady with the ball cap is like Joey trying to learn how to introduce himself in French. She just makes a bunch of random "French sounds" and sees what sticks.

    • TangerineTux
      TangerineTux 6 months ago +6

      At least, the sounds are quite convincingly French. All that’s left is to arrange them properly. It is, non-ironically, a nice start!

    • Joe Zeinaty
      Joe Zeinaty 6 months ago +5

      0:42 JUAN!!!

    • Charlotte Paradis
      Charlotte Paradis Year ago +21

      EXACTEMENT. Je m’appelle Jean-Claude : ja Veda fa loufff.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +47

      Nailed it. Joey speaking French, exactly.

  • floralreads
    floralreads 3 years ago +2603

    "Oh I made it more complicated than it needed to be"
    The French language in one sentence.

    • Fragilus_1er
      Fragilus_1er 10 months ago +1

      @halide pas vraiment, l'anglais a une très mauvaise correspondance entre la manière d'écrire et la manière de lire. C'est pour ça que nous apprenons le français avec une méthode syllabique ou semi syllabique et eux avec la méthode globale. Leur grammaire de base est plus simple mais comme c'est une langue avec plusieurs origines, la prononciation est très difficile à prévoir.

    • Olimincraft
      Olimincraft 11 months ago

      Why the hell did that girl keep saying gwa at the end of the words

    • MinSuga's Wifeuuh
      MinSuga's Wifeuuh Year ago

      @Millie and Mars Tbh the confuses French as well. Sometimes we're not sure whether it's un ou une for a word, like COVID. It was "le" originally but because COVID is the illness, its feminine so it should be la. Nobody uses la.

    • MinSuga's Wifeuuh
      MinSuga's Wifeuuh Year ago

      @salami lid You should learn the IPA. It's an alphabets of sounds and it'll be easier for you to understand how to pronounce things if you can link them to a letter that makes a sound in your language. Example : [j] is the sound that makes the "y" in "you", and the sounds that makes the "ll" in famille (family).

    • Charlotte Paradis
      Charlotte Paradis Year ago

      French is my first language and this is 100% accurate.

  • SourDough
    SourDough 2 years ago +467

    As someone who is learning French and kind of speaks it, this gave me a lot of confidence. Can’t be worse than them lmao

    • SourDough
      SourDough Year ago

      @Mish375 S but yeah I totally understand

    • SourDough
      SourDough Year ago

      @Mish375 S I don’t think any one dialect is “right”, maybe it’s kind of beautiful to have a mix

    • Mish375 S
      Mish375 S Year ago +2

      Also trying to re-learn it to eventually become bilingual. Though here in Canada we sometimes get indundated with so many different dialects it can be confusing at first to know which one is right! 😄

    • SourDough
      SourDough 2 years ago +6

      @Inconnu 49 yeah I’m learning it to talk to my relatives in Quebec (I have like 18 great aunts/uncles there who have kids and grandkids). Most of them speak English but not all.

    • Inconnu 49
      Inconnu 49 2 years ago +13

      Keep practicing, its a great language and you will meet people who know it, so it can be a bridge language.

  • Delia
    Delia 3 years ago +17192

    Basically they're trying to speak in the most exaggerated French accent while still speaking in an American accent

    • Elyenid Acevedo
      Elyenid Acevedo 3 months ago

      What accent do you want them to put on. 💀

    • Lucas Latin American
      Lucas Latin American 9 months ago

      "Americans" are all people who live in the American continent, not just in the United States.

    • Irrelevance
      Irrelevance Year ago

      The girl with the pink fleece and back cap was doing it for he most. It sounded nothing like How the guy said

    • Imogen Kemp
      Imogen Kemp Year ago

      To be fair it took me 6 years to get an accurate French accent and I actively study it ahaha, they probably only hear French in English movies

    • Bailey
      Bailey Year ago +1

      @Buzz Buzz TV Watch the “French people trying to say English words” counterpart to this video.

  • Madelief
    Madelief 3 years ago +18011

    Why is nobody talking about the brunette who NAILS EVERYTHING
    (I told myself I would never do this, but we’re at 6,9K likes and that’s just too nice)

    • BE.E53
      BE.E53 6 months ago

      Also she looks nice and speaks with cool accent. ^^

    • wa7saka
      wa7saka 7 months ago

      @Ghoul idk I commented that 2 years ago

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 7 months ago

      @wa7saka You have to take 1 language for 3 years or 2 languages for 2 each in US high school to graduate. Given its usually 5 to choose its a 1 in 5 chance a person as taken french

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 7 months ago

      @sara French is one of the choices in N. American schools to take, along with ASL, spanish or german or another random one like korean or arabic. 1 in 5 chance one of these people took 3 years of it (doesn't mean they speak it, but would know some words)

    • Yuri Yuma
      Yuri Yuma 11 months ago

      @Giustino Colameo yeahh that’s what I thought because when I was playing along I got all the pronunciations correct but it’s only cause I got the hang of the accent in the french language

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett Year ago +442

    “And that’s not how you call someone in a restaurant?”
    I would love for someone to call a waiter “hey mold come over here” to get their reaction

    • P. Burns
      P. Burns 17 days ago

      Me: "Moule garçon! Venez ici!"
      French waiter: "I'm gonna spit in this guy's food."

    • Easilyiguana
      Easilyiguana 6 months ago +2

      Ok that made me laugh

    • gay flower
      gay flower Year ago +5

      lol i was thinking the same thing XD

    • Atharva Pangarkar
      Atharva Pangarkar Year ago +7

      This should have atleast 1k likes

  • Call me Sam.
    Call me Sam. Year ago +701

    I'm 100% french and tbh when I was 6 and learning how to read I read "Oiseau" (= bird) as Ohissaye-Ahu
    Quick french lesson :
    "Oi" reads as "Wah", as in voir (to see), croire (to believe), soir (evening)...
    "Eau" reads as "O", as in bateau (boat), seau (bucket), eau (water)...
    And when an S is between two vowels it reads as "Z", as in brisé (broken), mysogine, Asie (Asia)
    So "Oiseau" = "Wazo"

    • Sweetfly Rachel
      Sweetfly Rachel 10 hours ago

      Thanks! This was actually really helpful as a student trying to improve my French pronunciation

    • Crow Is Better Than Leon
      Crow Is Better Than Leon 10 days ago

      @M. Kostoglod I'm glad I can help with such basic words (ofc aside from sieg he-)
      And i LOVE Du Hast,but I didn't know you were refering to it

    • M. Kostoglod
      M. Kostoglod 10 days ago

      @Crow Is Better Than Leon Oh I'm learning German now and seeing such a mixture is sure fun.
      Btw I thought you'd get the du hast joke

    • Crow Is Better Than Leon
      Crow Is Better Than Leon 10 days ago

      @M. Kostoglod Why did you remind me of this cring childish reply a whole year later?

    • M. Kostoglod
      M. Kostoglod 10 days ago

      @Crow Is Better Than Leon DU

  • codedecode
    codedecode 2 years ago +1941

    me: "hey man, why don't visit me over here in Hedgehog, we'll party it up!"
    french guy: "can't right now, i'm stuck in Grenouille for business, but this place rocks too"

    • lol
      lol Year ago

      And hedgehog is a German city

    • Farhad Hakimov
      Farhad Hakimov Year ago +2

      I mean, why not, there probably are towns named like that. People name things after some other significant things. Perhaps, some patch of land had lots of hedgehogs or frogs, you don't know.

    • August
      August Year ago +3

      There probably is a town somewhere in America called Hedgehog lol

    • uzu alice
      uzu alice Year ago


    • Rafael
      Rafael Year ago +19

      @R R
      and of course it's a restauraunt

  • Shadowsea443
    Shadowsea443 Year ago +627

    To be fair, English and French are actually coming from two different lanaguage trees. English is more a part of the Germania tree (hence why German is easier to learn for native English speakers and vis versa) while French is derived from the Romantic tree (hence French and Spanish have a similar cadence and like easier to learn for those native speakers.) Even though Latin is heavily influenced in most European languages Engish is a bit different considering the historical rulers that have changed the language and added things to represent different influences..... for example there is a lot of French spelling in English that both makes sense and doesn't make sense in terms of pronunciation but the spelling being completely different from what you'd expect.
    The history of language is incredibly interesting for all cultures. You can learn a lot that way

    • ׂ
      ׂ 11 months ago

      @Carbon Crow but the deal with Spanish is what I'd call a more difficult grammar. Both French and Spanish have difficult grammar, but Spanish takes the crown.

    • Carbon Crow
      Carbon Crow 11 months ago

      @ׂ Agreed. However, I would definitely say Spanish is easier for an English speaker to learn that French. The way French pronunciation evolved makes it much harder for English speakers to notice similarities between words whereas with Spanish a third of the words sound practically the same.

    • Carbon Crow
      Carbon Crow 11 months ago

      It's way easier for an English speaker to learn Spanish than to learn German.
      Also, English has _a lot_ in common with both German AND French.

    • Fly Beep
      Fly Beep 11 months ago

      Romantic tree?? Lol I bet you mean Romance. And you're talking about the Romance subdivision of the indo-european root.

    • nowave7
      nowave7 11 months ago +1

      Kurocoon Contrary to popular belief, only a small fraction of words used in modern English actually comes from the Vikings/Norsemen themselves, though most of them are used on a daily basis. The greater impact on the vocabulary had undoubtedly Latin and French (probably even Greek). Having said that, I'd argue that the easiest European language to learn for native English speakers would be... Dutch! It's one of the two most closely related languages to English (the other being Frisian), the grammar is quite similar, ie. no declination, no proper gender (yes, there are two different definite articles, but only one the indefinite), relatively simple tenses, and quite an interesting vocabulary with a lot of similar words, and dare I say even pronunciation... Like others pointed out, German, although having the same roots as English, is grammatically quite complicated, even though the spelling rules are much simpler and more consistent than that of English, not being heavily influenced by a myriad of other languages.

  • Damon Dominique
    Damon Dominique 2 years ago +17547

    Language Gods: How many vowels and unpronounced letters do you want?
    French: Yes.

    • A A
      A A Year ago

      @Alf In English at least, it's because those letters USED to be pronounced. For example, "knight" was originally pronounced "kuh-nikt."

    • Jordan Foulger
      Jordan Foulger Year ago

      the English language is extremely Simple and then the frenches has like ten different sounding letters in each word I swear it’s so complicated as hell it sounds like a wooki from Star Wars doing mdma and gurning attempting to say something the sounds and way they pronounce stuff is absolutely mad and the funny thing is the only reason the English language has some weird as sounding words in it or words that don’t make sense in it is because we have some french words in are language I swear there words don’t sound like words they sound more like yawns or just an expression that isn’t a word like a moan or something but not words

    • Magst3r
      Magst3r Year ago

      @Eren M. give me an example

    • Brandan
      Brandan Year ago

      In Old English, all the letters used to be pronounced until the French influenced it

    • BookLover
      BookLover Year ago

      @darkzcapta bloodedge urufu gosuto true, but same with English t

  • Life Of Gy
    Life Of Gy 3 years ago +729

    Confirmed: French words are more difficult to pronounce by Americans than English words that are trying to be pronounced by the French

    • Jonathan Mong
      Jonathan Mong 15 days ago

      @mig There is no logic. English is grammatically quite simple but phonetically absurd

    • lola
      lola 5 months ago

      @mig merci :)

    • Mila Direy
      Mila Direy 9 months ago +1

      @Lucas Latin American Americans are people who are legal citizens of the United States of America. Latin American or Central\South American aren't citizenships. You're a citizen of your country not a continent. I'm latina, and latinos really should drop this argument, it just makes us look dumb.

    • Lucas Latin American
      Lucas Latin American 9 months ago

      "Americans" are all people who live in the American continent, not just in the United States.

    • Jarry Garry
      Jarry Garry Year ago

      English is global language.I live in South East Asia. Majority of us can understand English very well and at least can speak basic English.A lot of people in my country learn English at a very younger age like 6 or 7 years old.

  • Pumita Jacobi
    Pumita Jacobi 2 years ago +554


    • BMS
      BMS 24 days ago

      The perfect HUH

    • punsiella
      punsiella Year ago +2

      fr its so cute

  • Maple Tachibana
    Maple Tachibana Year ago +902

    2:40 that girl took up French I swear. No one can guess French/know the meaning of those words just by gut feeling.
    If she is doing it by her gut feeling then shit she smart asf.

    • Maple Tachibana
      Maple Tachibana 3 months ago

      @symphony137 exactly you just proved my point in the latter part of your comment. "Exposure" be it through official means or not.
      Edit: you kinda countered your own argument

    • symphony137
      symphony137 3 months ago

      Not necessarily. I speak three languages but not French and yet I know the basics of their pronunciation and how to mimic it. If you have a good grasp of languages and get exposed to them here and there for instance through tv, media or traveling, it's not really that unusual.

    • MEE6
      MEE6 6 months ago

      @sans sucre ajouté Yes i know

    • sans sucre ajouté
      sans sucre ajouté 6 months ago

      @MEE6 she's not french , im french and she has a accent

    • PinkPixel Productions
      PinkPixel Productions Year ago

      I watch some shows that are French, maybe she watches French shows and picks up on the pronunciation and stuff from them

  • Pierre Raton
    Pierre Raton 2 years ago +111

    I like the guy with the glasses. He’s genuinely made me laugh, in a positive way.

    • Jjeverson
      Jjeverson Year ago

      @superkittyninja i assume he meant the less annoying one

    • superkittyninja
      superkittyninja Year ago +18

      all the guys are wearing glasses 😭😭

    • Edie Wall
      Edie Wall Year ago +1

      Yes, more of him , doing this please!, Give him a free trip to Fance if we can follow him around

  • James Dickinson
    James Dickinson 2 years ago +74

    I learned a year of French about 10 years ago and still pronounced all of these correct! Thankfully MOST languages other than English are fairly consistent in pronunciation. French letter combination pronunciations and their silent letters are basically the same in every word they have 👏🏻

    • bourbon
      bourbon 2 months ago

      Last Irish spelling reform was around 700 years ago and look how they pronounce their words.

    • somebodyuknow2
      somebodyuknow2 Year ago +1

      A persistent myth… English is not the only screwed up writing system or the most screwed up one. The cause of it is that as languages evolve, if the writing system doesn’t change to reflect pronunciation it gradually grows more arcane.

  • Chloe Paul
    Chloe Paul 2 years ago +5599

    Me who’s taken French for three years: Gets extremely excited when seeing the word grenouille

    • milky_way_tea58
      milky_way_tea58 Year ago +1


    • Kirk Rotger
      Kirk Rotger Year ago

      I get sad about it because Le Grenouille was the last old school French restaurant in my city (actually the same place this was filmed) and it closed recently.

    • gay flower
      gay flower Year ago +1

      same except i've been studying it for like eight years because i've been going to a french immersion school

    • Gamma
      Gamma Year ago

      Gren oo wee?

    • sijeuni 시즈니
      sijeuni 시즈니 Year ago


  • Yasmine
    Yasmine 2 years ago +374

    Haha as a French, I laughed way too hard, but the brunette woman nailed it! The short round smiling man with the glasses is somewhat charming :)

    • fizzysh7
      fizzysh7 Year ago +1

      right?! He's so cute!!

    • James
      James 2 years ago +2

      @Danielle Miller French is offered as a foreign language in just about every high school here

    • Danielle Miller
      Danielle Miller 2 years ago +4

      @Julia J Not necessarily, there's plenty of native French speakers in New England, my family is just one of many families in that area.

    • Julia J
      Julia J 2 years ago +3

      @- untcuchable.mp4 She's probably from Louisiana where French is highly spoken there or she learned it in school.

    • eigen
      eigen 2 years ago +4


  • Mark Ohlsson
    Mark Ohlsson Year ago +17

    I'm french, and I can tell that even for us, native, "inébranlablement" can be a little bit tricky sometimes, at least if you're in a distracted mood. Dont get me wrong, it's not like it was very difficult or unpronunceable, but it's part of those long words where the tongue can easilly slip, so you better have a bit of your concentration to utter it or you might take two or three attempts to do it right.

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett Year ago +68

    “There’s like 6 letters in that word and you only made three noises”
    As a bilingual person, I’m not kidding, I ended up being light-headed from laughing because of how much that explains the whole language

    • Well I'm here
      Well I'm here Month ago

      SAME, as a French, THIS IS SO TRUE
      But we all agree it was to piss off the American
      Spanish can second that

  • Devil
    Devil 3 years ago +3

    J’adore c’est super bien quand je vois des étranger parler notre langue, je vois à quelle point c’est aussi difficile que d’apprendre en anglais

  • Roma_da_1901
    Roma_da_1901 Year ago +7

    I'm french, so i do realize how hard my language is compared to some languages I've learned or studied like Spanish, English, Italian or Russian. Good luck with our language guys 😂

  • Justin Schicker
    Justin Schicker 2 years ago +8276

    Coming to this after all the “French people trying to say English words” is some of the most enlightening shit

    • Mitchell Anderson
      Mitchell Anderson Year ago

      They’ve been vindicated

    • 10th letter
      10th letter Year ago +1

      @Steve Hangzo Most English speaking people don't do that lol they are usually impressed

    • High Definition
      High Definition Year ago

      I feel like they were more lenient with the Americans. They pronounced words with a really heavy accent and got them right while they didn't do the same for the French. There were some times I was like 'come on, that was close enough'

    • Liamupfah
      Liamupfah 2 years ago

      Yup lmao exactly where I just came from

    • KAMMO🕳
      KAMMO🕳 2 years ago


  • Habibax/nia Nadia
    Habibax/nia Nadia 2 years ago +21

    C'est a mourir de rire 😂😂😂mais après on pleure quand des français essayer de prononcé des mots anglais 😭

  • hi im me
    hi im me 3 years ago +255

    Yes, everyone loves to have a place in grenouille

    • gloweb
      gloweb 2 years ago

      Grenouille me an frog guys QWQ (im french)

  • Brandon Shaw
    Brandon Shaw Year ago +1

    I studied french in highschool I feel like once you get the hang of enunciation its actually pretty straightforward, of course there's always some rules that don't make sense and some exceptions like with all languages. Also as an English speaker there are certain sounds that I just have to put extra effort into making but I can pull it off. At least it's not like in Mandarin where if you change your intonation a little bit it changes the whole word.

  • dalefuquatube
    dalefuquatube 2 years ago +38

    I took French all through high school and then got a college degree in it, so I know it well. When I went to France I got compliments on it but would never pretend that I don't have an American accent. I think what's being missed here a bit is that if there are two languages notoriously famous for having COMPLETELY non phonetic spelling systems, it would have to be both English and French. (As opposed to Spanish)
    Children of both languages have to learn patterns of reading and all kind of exceptions because of the ridiculous alphabet combinations being put before them.
    Native children of course already can already produce the sounds of these spoken words in their own language, so that's how they can learn to read aloud correctly... eventually, by miracle of effort!
    So...granted there's a bit of clowning around here by the participants, but asking an English speaker to glance at a French word and make heads or tails of it is with minimal or no exposure to it results in the fun results of this video.

    • Lucas Latin American
      Lucas Latin American 9 months ago

      "Americans" are all people who live in the American continent, not just in the United States.

    • Jingxuan Liu
      Jingxuan Liu 2 years ago

      As a Chinese I’m way more comfortable with French pronunciation. After half a year of studying French, I was able to pronounce most words I saw. My English is pretty advanced now but whenever I see a new word in English I have to make my online dictionary pronounce it for me.

    • nathan oher
      nathan oher 2 years ago +1

      Flush Gorgon Agreed.
      Imagine a foreigner to each language seeing a native speaker write out these really difficult sentences and then hear the native speaker pronounce them in either of the languages:
      Could you thoroughly confirm that the water is at roughly the right level of purity for the next manufacturing process, please?
      Qu'est-ce qu'ils donnent à l'autre groupe, des rapports de recherche sur quoi que ce soit dans l'histoire ou quelque chose des sciences naturelles?
      (Apologize if there is a mistake in this one I'm not advanced in French)

    • Flush Gorgon
      Flush Gorgon 2 years ago +6

      Quite. Two languages thriving on exceptions.
      I think French is slightly easier to read out loud though, because its vowels are consistent, unlike in English. On the other hand, French seems impossible to write correctly.

  • O Stairs
    O Stairs 2 years ago +11

    As someone who learnt French for 5 years at school, I find this extremely funny.

  • Tasha Zalinski
    Tasha Zalinski 2 years ago +12214

    Brunette clearly speaks some French

    • Firetech
      Firetech 3 months ago

      @Elyenid Acevedo ouais, ils sont

    • Elyenid Acevedo
      Elyenid Acevedo 3 months ago

      @Tasha Zalinski Yeah some of us are taught Spanish I'm American and my first language is Spanish.

    • Elyenid Acevedo
      Elyenid Acevedo 3 months ago

      @Firetech You realize most Americans are European decent....right??

    • Cryaboutit
      Cryaboutit 11 months ago +1

      @Firetech down bad

  • Shaha33able
    Shaha33able 3 years ago +20

    The beautiful brunette is probably fluent in french, there s no way she can pronounce french words that well, her accent is damn too good, or else she took loads of french classes. She had me at saying inébranlablement, she nailed it like a native (I am one). Plus this is a word that french ppl never use in their daily lives, how could she pronounce it so perfeclty. Well, overall, she should become a teacher, its a sign of fate. On a last note, I read a comment where someone said she was showing off, this is utterly stupid, if she is good at french and gets asked questions why would she pretend being bad at it? People and ego issues are real.

  • Dracopol
    Dracopol 3 years ago +34

    French has a number of Germanic vowel-sounds because of its history. When the Roman Empire collapsed, different dialects of Vulgar Latin developed in different areas. In the northwestern area, Gaul, the Gallo-Romans were taken over by the Franks, a Germanic tribe. For a time Frankish was a prestige language, and so the ordinary people started to pronounce Latin words with Germanic vowels. Those vowels are now spelled œ (German ö), eu (also German ö but pronounced like Norwegian ø), and u (German ü). For example the Latin word pura (POO-rah) became in French pure (pronounced "püR").

    • Erik Eriks
      Erik Eriks 3 years ago +1

      @Dracopol oh ok

    • Dracopol
      Dracopol 3 years ago +3

      @Erik Eriks English doesn't have these 3 Germanic vowels at all. Nor does it have four nasal vowels found in the French phrase "un bon vin blanc." The sounds are difficult for English-speakers to learn. In fact the sounds aren't found in the other Romance-languages either. But Portuguese has two of the nasal vowels.

    • Şafak
      Şafak 3 years ago

      How can i learn these things more? Any website or book? Thanks a Lot!

    • Niels Freese
      Niels Freese 3 years ago

      gottfer true

    • Erik Eriks
      Erik Eriks 3 years ago +1

      I believe the English did the same thing but I might be wrong

  • QueenOf_iMK
    QueenOf_iMK Year ago +4

    Although I've only been learning French for about eight months, I could pronounce must of the words. Thank you to my French teacher 😁

  • Flor Peraza
    Flor Peraza 3 years ago +4

    I remember how my French teacher made me over and over pronounce words till I got it right. So thankful because when I went to France it was nice to communicate with locals 🤗

  • Kie
    Kie 3 months ago +2

    I'm Canadian and my grandparents are basically native french speakers and most of these Americans are doing better than I would have here

  • Luna Brights
    Luna Brights 2 years ago +5094

    That man did NOT just say that he'd love to live in a frog.

    • Fernando D
      Fernando D Year ago

      Would you not want to live in wartwood?

    • nocturnal pisces
      nocturnal pisces Year ago

      whats wrong with frogs mate

    • Ralph Körner
      Ralph Körner Year ago

      Well it does look/spelled quite similar to Grenoble, a famous French city.

    • R R
      R R Year ago +1

      To be fair, in the US (NYC specifically) there is a very famous French restaurant called La Grenouille

    • Mystel
      Mystel Year ago


  • aaron srok
    aaron srok 2 years ago +10

    I only took two french classes in highschool and watching this made me realize I paid more attention than I thought.

  • Rima Aouadi
    Rima Aouadi 2 years ago +7

    It's so funny how when you become fluent in French you kind of become able to tell what thing you should or shouldn't be pronouncing even if you don't know the word (: French is one of my favourite Languages but it really is so annoying ! I remember as a kid i cried for a half an hour when my mum told me that in Longtemps you don't pronounce the G, the T, the P and the S and both the N and M are nasal sounds and not actually prounounced (: i thought it would be impossible to read anything in it especially that my native language *arabic* is a language where you just read what is written, except for 5 words maximum

  • Charlie May Films
    Charlie May Films Year ago +1

    I know very very little French and I got a bit of these correct (I paused before) or close to correct. Sometimes I absolutely butcher things, but languages are patterns and it’s easy for me to get the pronunciation close enough it just makes sense to me.

  • † MimichatMH Catty †
    † MimichatMH Catty † 2 years ago +1

    C'est vraiment drôle à entendre 😂

  • gay flower
    gay flower Year ago +5

    i think that one woman who kept on pronouncing them right probably spoke a language really similar to french, maybe spanish or something idk
    as a person who also speaks french (though not completely fluently bc it's not my first language), i found this very funny

  • Eldrich 42
    Eldrich 42 2 years ago +8737

    French: L'oeil
    The lady: LOL

  • Denja
    Denja 2 years ago +1

    As an Irish person I found this entertaining as german and french are key languages here 🤣🤣

  • emwrsk
    emwrsk 3 years ago

    I’m American, and I tried to pronounce all the words the way I would think they’d be pronounced before I heard them, and it’s so different. My mouth did acrobatics to try and pronounce them. It’s almost like there’s something stuck it your through when you try and spit out the words. But it still sounds so cool when you get it right, it really is a beautiful language.

  • Cocohead Gamer
    Cocohead Gamer 5 months ago +1

    The girl with leather jacket literary knows how to speak French😌🖤💗

  • maeee
    maeee 2 years ago +3

    As a french person I find them so cute! I love their accents when they try to pronounce words (even when the just speak english...)

  • jehdstringer
    jehdstringer Year ago +9

    I'm happy that French is mandatory in England up to a certain age because it makes understanding pronunciation simple haha

    • Michel A. Ducas
      Michel A. Ducas Year ago +1

      It also Makes English easier to learn, as about 1/4 of the words in English originate from French.

  • katsuki bakugou
    katsuki bakugou 2 years ago +3661

    "There's 6 letters in that word and you made 3 noises" that pretty much sums up the entire french language

    • xxx
      xxx Year ago

      Even more so English

    • Tytsuw
      Tytsuw 2 years ago

      ahem Do mi no

    • Gurkimo
      Gurkimo 2 years ago +6

      Hpw terrible is americans school system if people in ur class pronounce Literally one of the most used words like quest cay ce. Then what do ya'll see in these lessons like really nothing

    • imjustsomeguy72
      imjustsomeguy72 2 years ago +3

      Considering the word only has 2 syllables in it, it also pretty much sums up some that guys ability to count :D

  • Benign Username
    Benign Username 2 years ago

    I thought I wouldn’t be able to pronounce these words, but after hearing them it was really easy. Spanish is my 2nd language so that helped.
    Still would never be able to learn french without someone speaking to me

  • Wisdom
    Wisdom 2 years ago +1

    Love this!!! It's hilarious!!! Great lesson

  • Ebenezer Kouakou
    Ebenezer Kouakou 10 months ago

    Because I'm a French native speaker I can't help laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • lelechim
    lelechim 3 years ago +123

    Lol I studied French for two semesters in college and now I can barely put a sentence together in French. I prefer Spanish because words sound like how they're written.

    • Erkan Berk
      Erkan Berk 2 years ago

      Spanish anyway is much more important as second language than french in the US

    • fizicarka
      fizicarka 3 years ago

      Grivois Guy I totally agree with you

    • Odezat
      Odezat 3 years ago

      As a french, it's funny to see all people saying '' it's hard to speak, '' '' it helps me to learn Spanish... '', i learned spanish and it's easier to learn Spanish than German for example, i have some problems with english, but i think i'm good,

    • Claudiu Ciaciru
      Claudiu Ciaciru 3 years ago

      Just so you guys know, Romanian sounds exactly as you write it. Sure, there are some groups of letters that are spelled differently, but they are pretty common so you'll get used to it relatively easy. The grammar is the most horrible thing in Romanian.

    • normal Garlic bread TM
      normal Garlic bread TM 3 years ago

      @mathis boudras fam I speak lunar language 😤😤😤😤💯

  • GB
    GB Year ago

    that one girl with the leather jacket - her
    french was actually pretty lovely! her accent was good! i was surprised when i heard her, i wasn’t expecting her to speak so well

  • R
    R 3 years ago +2826

    The lady in the leather jacket totally knows at least *some* french. Her pronunciation was decent and she seemed to know some of the words already.

    • John Cartwell
      John Cartwell 2 years ago


    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +1

      @Kirsty Diaz People who are going on about the spelling are people who learned French in school, according to foreign language teaching systems that have it all wrong. Learning a language involves two steps, neither of which is spelling: listen and repeat. You know how I know this? Because every single one of us has done it successfully at least once. We all had five years of successful language training leading to a high degree of fluency before we ever gave a single thought to how words were spelled.
      Every person reading this has learned a foreign language to a very high degree indeed.
      And if you want to do it again, that's clearly the best way to go about it.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +1

      @Who's Who But the pronunciation rules are all about how you leave logic behind and go down some other route. Of course, once you've learned the rules it's relatively easy, but the rules themselves are immensely complex. Don't tell me 'grenouille' is a logical spelliing.
      If you want simple rules, go to Spanish or to slightly lesser extent Italian. My Spanish is basic, but you could show me any word in Spanish and I could pronounce it right away. French is very much not in that category.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +1

      @Kirsty Diaz The only word she stumbled over, inébranlablement, is by no means a common word. That was the only time she was caught off guard. Some people are suggesting a native French speaker would have no problem. I invite them to watch a French TV news show to see how people pronouce perfectly simple French words, let alone more difficult ones.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +1

      @Sara I'm going for biiingual, American father, French mother. Her first language is EN but she can do FR convincingly although she may now speak FR rarely. Inébranlablement is not a common word and would make most French speakers hesitate, and they kept than in the edit. She may not even know what it means, but her upbringing allows her to figure out how it must be said.

  • Anjali Madanlal
    Anjali Madanlal 2 years ago +2

    Seeing this as a french person, this was so funny 😂

  • Run In The City
    Run In The City Year ago

    As a french, I can say that this is absolutely hilarious !

  • WakeupGrandOwl
    WakeupGrandOwl 2 years ago

    I barely known any French but hearing the way it's pronounced here and hearing the way I approach it, I somehow still managed to develop a French Canadian accent. 😅

  • faiiryy
    faiiryy Year ago +1

    As a French that was so funny😂😂

  • Muhammad Raiyan
    Muhammad Raiyan 3 years ago +4960

    The lady that pronounced everything properly is so pretty

    • Slurmophidal Fellatrosk
      Slurmophidal Fellatrosk Month ago

      @Random Videos Well, you did comment two years ago so that is to be expected 😂

    • Random Videos
      Random Videos Month ago

      @Slurmophidal Fellatrosk ? i think you @ the wrong person as I have no clue what your talking about and do not remember the content in the video. Not to be rude but im not bothered to find my comment and watch the video again as it is of no importance to me anymore. Have a nice day

    • Oof
      Oof 2 years ago

      Qff Qff Wbhjob Thank you so much for saying that! I was thinking the same way!!
      I hate it its so stupid that someone would think that complimenting someone's looks going make them feel happier then complimenting their personalitie, they were born this way so what are you complementing them for? They did nothing to get their faces (except if they like did a surgery).

  • Bubbles the Bandit
    Bubbles the Bandit 2 years ago +1

    As a Canadian who has learned some French this is hilarious

  • bangtan x
    bangtan x 10 months ago

    2:30 she comes up with the most creative ways to pronounce these words

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 3 years ago

    I’m learning German, a language where you pronounce *everything* that you see in a word, and I died inside from watching this video.

  • Effect Phoenix
    Effect Phoenix Year ago +1

    I laughed so hard when they tried to say Oeil xD
    You should have asked: Ecureuil, which means Squirrel

  • Fedner Faustin
    Fedner Faustin 3 years ago +2015

    Woman in black jacket knows French very well.

    • Tori Walker-Gulley
      Tori Walker-Gulley 2 years ago +1

      Je parle Françis et c’est mal

    • Mario Giovagnoli
      Mario Giovagnoli 2 years ago

      @fyodor’s fluffy white hat mar myg it depends on how your definition of common is. But I do use almost all of them. Maybe not "inébranlablement" ...

    • Dark Plume
      Dark Plume 3 years ago

      @Person Info j'ai pas compris

    • Person Info
      Person Info 3 years ago

      Je ne peux pas parle français bien :(

    • Justmelxx
      Justmelxx 3 years ago

      She looks french!

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 3 years ago +1

    That dark headed guy cracked me up! He was so funny! I had tears!

  • Kai
    Kai 3 years ago +1

    As an english and french speaker this is real funny

  • Art Tema9
    Art Tema9 Year ago

    Now I want to learn french, it's beautiful

  • Heiner Alexander Herrera
    Heiner Alexander Herrera 2 years ago +1

    My native language is Spanish, and that's exactly what I feel when I try to pronounce some words in English, GOD nothing seems to be pronounced the way I think. Though even that, French is tougher to pronounce.

  • Someguy Somewere
    Someguy Somewere Year ago

    Being french, this does bring a smile to my face

  • befrrr:•
    befrrr:• 3 years ago +4342

    *That brunette girl speaks French*
    *Im 100% sure*

    • Do
      Do Year ago

      Elle a juste du apprendre à parler français, donc pas besoin de nous compliquer la vie à deviner si elle est française ou non.

    • Edgar
      Edgar Year ago

      @Lizzie je pense qu'elle essaye de dissimuler qu'elle est française ! Et puis elle est mignonne comme une française 🤣

    • Lizzie
      Lizzie Year ago +1

      @Edgar Ce que je me disais aussi, ou juste qu'elle a un ou des parents francais ou de la famille.

    • Adrien
      Adrien Year ago

      @crash 208 abuse pas c’est des mots vraiment relous et elle s’en sort archi bien

    • Edgar
      Edgar Year ago +1

      @Lizzie she has yes. It's stronger when she says "chanter le yahourt". Even if she is not a native french, she has spent a lot of years there to take our accent.

  • Zoe
    Zoe 3 years ago

    This is hilarious 😂 u sud make much more american speak french. They are so funny!

  • A.D.
    A.D. Year ago

    1:00 I love how this person perfectly summarised it

  • Crab Ruler
    Crab Ruler 12 days ago

    "That would be too easy."
    As a student learning French, I have to share this sentiment.

  • Magician Rex Official
    Magician Rex Official 2 years ago

    I am laughing harder than I should lmao

  • Dean Ronson
    Dean Ronson Year ago

    Once you learn the rules of French or almost any other European language pronunciation, you can pretty much read any word because the rules are regularized. Writing those words accurately can sometimes be a little harder even for the natives because there are a lot of silent letters. Learning English pronunciation correctly is much harder for students of English because the rules are fluid and there is a lot of irregularity.

  • Arjuna
    Arjuna 2 years ago +4358

    Now do a: "Americans trying to speak English"

  • Chloe Renee Saldana
    Chloe Renee Saldana 3 years ago +1

    Guy with the glasses and denim jacket is my spirit guide omg i laughed too hard at him

  • BasicOryx
    BasicOryx 3 months ago

    As an english man who speaks french fluently. this was HELLA funny to watch XD

  • Audrey H
    Audrey H Year ago

    I didn’t know it was complicated to prononce, I was thinking only french, like me, have difficulties to prononce english. 😂 very funny video

  • Morgan Romanoff
    Morgan Romanoff 3 years ago +2

    C'était amusant en tant que britannique parlant couramment le français, je trouve ça drôle
    Translation:That was entertaining As a British girl who speaks French I find this very funny

    GUILLAUME Flo 2 years ago

    lol, they are still doing great !!! I won't be finding fault with their pronunciations and accents because as far as I am concerned I keep struggling to correctly pronounce.

  • Diana Brewer
    Diana Brewer 3 years ago +8207

    The woman who adds "wha" to the end of EVERY WORD...

    • DeanRichard
      DeanRichard 2 years ago

      Its because most Americans know its not the same phonetics as English but she doesn’t know how its different so she uses something that “sounds french” to us

    • Paul Denino
      Paul Denino 2 years ago

      @Lala LeeLah
      And that's why it's funny

    • I like apples
      I like apples 2 years ago

      @Harmxn yeah

    • Herotoulonnais
      Herotoulonnais 2 years ago

      She s pretty funny and thinks that french is Welsh ..

    • The Rino
      The Rino 3 years ago

      @Scaph_ Okay, you're not seeing the point.

  • Ripersyah
    Ripersyah 2 years ago +2

    🤣 So many vowels and consonants in just one word.. crazyy.. on my way to learn it 🏃🏻‍♂️

  • Jonathan McVay
    Jonathan McVay 9 months ago

    I took one year of French in high school- 1979. Very pleased that I got them all, even when I didn’t know the word.

  • JackTheGiantSparrow
    JackTheGiantSparrow 11 months ago +1

    0:57 I feel like she's going to fly every time she pronounces the word

  • Vicky D
    Vicky D 3 years ago +17

    Je me sens moins stupide avec mon accent francophone quand j'essaye de parler anglais suite à ce vidéo ! haha!

  • Hanae El kholti
    Hanae El kholti Year ago +1

    I had to learn both languages lol! Been fun watching this

  • Meyla Ang
    Meyla Ang 3 years ago +2633

    everyone: *tries pronouncing words*
    edit: thanks for 1k likes french person date me please i promise i’m not like the guy in the green shirt

  • The Outcast
    The Outcast 3 years ago +3

    You know, everyone in the world sounds the same and has the same reaction when pronouncing a different language word 😂
    That’s how you know we are all equal

  • ♡ esfjazzy ♡
    ♡ esfjazzy ♡ 3 years ago +1

    I live in Canada, so I speak both English, and French, and it’s just hilarious seeing these people fail 😂

  • Justin Banner
    Justin Banner Year ago

    They did way better than I could have

  • Jonelle Li
    Jonelle Li 2 years ago

    I'm Canadian and I have to learn French at school and watching this is hilarious

  • rakninja
    rakninja 2 years ago

    it truly is amazing how far spoken english has diverged from its french and german origins.

  • Toumi
    Toumi 3 years ago +1598

    plotwist : girl in black jacket is actually french :OOO

    • Julia J
      Julia J 2 years ago

      She's probably from Louisiana where French is highly spoken there or she learned it in school.

    • Scaph_
      Scaph_ 3 years ago

      it wouldn't surprise me if she's french

    • To Ade
      To Ade 3 years ago +1

      @sg English Canadian who learn French don't have a Quebecois accent.

    • Mariel ♪
      Mariel ♪ 3 years ago

      She's probably Canadian lol

    • Rida Bhinder
      Rida Bhinder 3 years ago

      SG * I think she Canadian and studied French all four years of high school

  • Wyzalt
    Wyzalt Year ago +4

    2:22 "moisture, mold, MILDEW"
    I'm a French native from the south where a century ago, lots of people were speaking Patois (a traditional language in this region of France) and Mildew is a word that was used in Patois to describe the Moisture on plant's leaves (used a lot in the viticulture (vine-growing) wich the south west of France is the biggest wine productor of France)

    • Wyzalt
      Wyzalt Year ago

      @Grievo bah ouais, je trouve ça bizarre que 2 mots de 2 langues différentes ai la même sonorité et le même sens alors que les origines des 2 langues sont complètement différentes. À aucun moment le Patois n'a influencé l'anglais ou inversement. Du moins d'après mes connaissances (qui ne sont pas extrêmement étendue en linguistique).

    • Grievo
      Grievo Year ago

      C'est le mildiou quoi

  • Rio
    Rio 3 years ago +2

    Ah, oui, J'ADOREE á
    prononcer mots en française comme un américain. Pari je pouvais prononcer cette toute phrase, définitivement.

  • Hermès
    Hermès Year ago +2

    3:09 j'étais pas prêt, c'est parfaitement prononcé 👏😂

  • Brenden Friers
    Brenden Friers 3 years ago +6

    As an American who is currently taking French you eventually get used to the pronunciation of the words but it takes time I got some of these wrong the first try or so

  • Kevin Arndt
    Kevin Arndt 4 months ago

    Obviously that one girl took french classes or studied in France. She nailed almost every pronunciation and knew what they meant.