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  • Published on Dec 11, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • In this video you will see kids / children scoring amazing goals, making hilarious fails and doing the most crazy skills in football.
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    SKILLER  10 months ago +322

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  • Samudra 1988
    Samudra 1988 9 months ago +98

    A lot of talent there, all they need is discipline, teamwork, and field vision

  • ER Jackson
    ER Jackson 2 years ago +76

    I loved the one where the kid promised his grandfather he would celebrate with him. It so touching.

  • Jose Bruno
    Jose Bruno 10 months ago +36

    Esses meninos são feras 😱👏👏

  • khosi water
    khosi water 7 months ago +14

    6;52 gabigol conhechecido em outros paises sera ou ele e br mas gostei desse menino deu ate um abraço na mae top

    PNR FROST 8 months ago +12

    Man I
    wish I could be like those kids there going places

  • Tom Bins
    Tom Bins 11 months ago +35

    Nice skills!!!👍🏻👍

  • Montse Montoro Zafra
    Montse Montoro Zafra 2 years ago +46

    Vaya esos niños son un crack jugando al fútbol

  • Ana Correa
    Ana Correa Year ago +19

    Que buenas jugadas!

  • Footballhiphop
    Footballhiphop 6 months ago +3

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  • TG alfie
    TG alfie Year ago +15

    These kids got skills🙀

  • Monicast
    Monicast 11 months ago +21

    0:28 legendary goal

  • Footica Soccer
    Footica Soccer 11 months ago +28

    Amazing skills!

  • Jeisa Marcondes
    Jeisa Marcondes 4 months ago +3

    Quando cresceren vam se tornar os melhores jogadores do mundo

  • Footballhiphop
    Footballhiphop 7 months ago +1

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  • TurboStart
    TurboStart Year ago +108

    I love how the kid rolls all over the ball 😂 1:28

  • Cinta Ifran
    Cinta Ifran 9 months ago +4

    ❤ genialidad 😮

  • muntasir
    muntasir 10 months ago +19

    2:39 mans a legend

  • Pat Curtis
    Pat Curtis Year ago +13

    The first keeper was unbelievable

  • Andrew Irvin
    Andrew Irvin 11 months ago +11

    I've never seen such talented people

  • Footballhiphop
    Footballhiphop 8 months ago +3

    Хороший канал всегда его смотрю, видео всегда свежее подборка прикольная, информация актуальная поэтому смотрю его всегда и жду выхода нового видео на канале. Спасибо.

  • Burstx_Xcy
    Burstx_Xcy Year ago +47

    0:22 huge respect for him giving a high five aftr the match

  • Valter Santana
    Valter Santana 23 days ago +1


  • SamTheFootballer
    SamTheFootballer Year ago +14

    I like how the kid rubs the ball at 3:10

  • Riley_2333
    Riley_2333 2 years ago +20

    Man- I wish I was good as these kids :,(

  • BENICIO 12.13
    BENICIO 12.13 Year ago +8

    Estos chicos la verdad son muy el fútbol

  • Epic Football
    Epic Football 6 months ago +2

    Hi Skiller, legendary goal, Also Gratitude for the updates. In spite of the fact that my channel is little, I see the impact is huge. I have got 10K views in 1 hour after following your advice. Also My subscribers are growing steady fast. Ideally this will assist my channel with moving forward...fingers crossed😍😍😍. Thanks a TON !!!

  • jade fernand
    jade fernand Year ago +32

    Can we all appreciate how clean that overhead kick at 0:27 is?

  • dmillan millan
    dmillan millan 5 months ago +5

    the kids are not kids but they are legendary players in football 🤯🤯🤯

  • Tiger Playz
    Tiger Playz Year ago +30

    I play soccer and these kids make my skills feel like nothing

    • Me llamo jeff
      Me llamo jeff Month ago

      If you call it soccer your skills are nothing

    • Fire_MeX
      Fire_MeX Year ago +1

      They're not even good lool

  • it's max rogers extra
    it's max rogers extra 11 months ago +2

    So many kids with good skill

  • Warning!
    Warning! 11 months ago +31

    Some brilliant skilled little kids 👏🏼

  • ini marmar
    ini marmar 8 months ago +6

    Fenomenal Footbal. Speed, Run, Everything

  • mozetzz
    mozetzz Year ago +120

    Today's kid are very talented 🔥🔥

    HDRXD 7 months ago +14


    • Ronaldo
      Ronaldo 10 days ago

      We got the same profile picture 😀

  • fear boy
    fear boy 2 years ago +38

    I played exactly like those kid and i lived football very much, but the school started showing his real face, i didnt have time to play football and i was really sad when i heared that cuz i need to learn for school, my mom telled the coach that we cant go anymore, i cried so much but there was nothing that i can do sadly, great memories!

    • TheRelaxingStart
      TheRelaxingStart Year ago

      Well I was in a school where there were no games literally no games but I shifted so went to another school and that school has big football ground and every sports and now I can play football

    • Martina Planinsek
      Martina Planinsek Year ago


    • Quitterie de Chancel
      Quitterie de Chancel Year ago

      Cool yes 👍

    • Nazaralnajafi
      Nazaralnajafi Year ago

      Me to I love football but in school they dont know how to play football they touch the ball with hands it’s All about my dumb friend now the football teacher don’t Let us play foot-ball

    • الله اكبر
      الله اكبر Year ago


  • Gaming channel
    Gaming channel 11 months ago +3

    These guys are so good I dream to be like that

  • Ero-sama Irianto
    Ero-sama Irianto Year ago +38

    That lil bro who follows his big bro falls ..just too wholesome

  • el pana Miguel
    el pana Miguel 9 months ago +1

    Some brilliant skilled litle kids

  • Mario Asmr S vlog videos
    Mario Asmr S vlog videos 11 months ago +24

    2:15 what a skiller that was way too epic

  • Jhonson sih
    Jhonson sih 4 months ago +1

    What a goal 🥅😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • mauriclash
    mauriclash Year ago +15

    6:19 el mejor fail del mundo

  • Paino_Boy_Ayush_
    Paino_Boy_Ayush_ Year ago +6

    Tank bro I practice and now I can play well 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

  • Magicmahdi124
    Magicmahdi124 9 months ago +4

    These kids are the future of football

  • Michali.
    Michali. 8 months ago +10

    That good feeling when you have the ball and the defenders are chasing you lol

  • Michael Sussman
    Michael Sussman Year ago +3

    That goalie is god

  • Kody Kelsey
    Kody Kelsey Year ago +38

    0:27 that skill is insane

    • Rinno Novaldianto
      Rinno Novaldianto Year ago +1

      It's called overhead kick

    • 2048 rex 18
      2048 rex 18 Year ago

      Hi we can play y la mano del gobierno en la play y la mano

    • 2048 rex 18
      2048 rex 18 Year ago +2


    • 2048 rex 18
      2048 rex 18 Year ago +1

      Happy Birthday que me your name que me your a la gente que te quiero muchísimo muchísimo y te quiero muchísimo muchísimo mucho muchísimo y te quiero muchísimo muchísimo mucho muchísimo y te

  • Felipe Palma
    Felipe Palma 11 months ago +3

    Wow the backflip was so awesome and epic

  • IcyMugz
    IcyMugz 10 months ago +8

    i could literally never image being a goalkeeper props

  • Daniel vlogs
    Daniel vlogs 4 months ago +3

    0:42 was so funny 😂 😂😂

  • Michael Hunt
    Michael Hunt 11 months ago +13

    Amazing goals and fails!!🤯💗💗👏

  • Matias Gonzalez
    Matias Gonzalez 5 months ago +3

    2:49 got me dying

  • Y0xng_ Sxcc3r
    Y0xng_ Sxcc3r Year ago +47

    3:47 got me dead laughing

  • Kia Cynthia
    Kia Cynthia 3 months ago +25

    wow, me encanta este video, realmente estoy aspirando a que mi hijo sea futbolista

    • Alejandro Hernandez
      Alejandro Hernandez 3 months ago +1

      @Rose Marco j

    • Smith Jordan
      Smith Jordan 3 months ago

      Comprender las diversas fases de la inversión en criptografía es muy importante porque lo ayudará a preparar y pronosticar futuros movimientos de precios.

    • Ismail Halil
      Ismail Halil 3 months ago +2

      @Kaspar Johann puede diversificar pero al mismo tiempo necesita un buen experto que lo guíe e invierta para evitar incurrir en pérdidas

    • Kaspar Johann
      Kaspar Johann 3 months ago +1

      Cuando se habla de diversificación criptográfica, las preguntas más frecuentes son si es posible diversificar

    • Johan Fedrick
      Johan Fedrick 3 months ago

      Hay una serie de fases de mercado distintas que ocurren entre el pináculo del mercado y el fondo.

  • CookiexCooper
    CookiexCooper 2 months ago +4

    3:32 what a keeper

    • Bibi Aysa
      Bibi Aysa Month ago +1

      গরব বাত কবো ি্ড়িোসড়্রাহববেমগািিবকগা

  • Jean Gabriel
    Jean Gabriel 7 months ago +3

    os cara e mestre

  • Eimal Abed
    Eimal Abed 9 months ago +1

    These are the best kids in the world at soccer

  • Roblox figure😐
    Roblox figure😐 3 months ago

    My lil cousin watching this and thinking of him doing that in his football club😅😂

  • Beefball80
    Beefball80 Year ago +10

    I tried an overhead kick once... failed miserably

  • Fatima Bandeira
    Fatima Bandeira 11 months ago +1

    Ei que meninos são mais inspirado sabe tanto jogar bola dá um show

  • Mrs s butt
    Mrs s butt Year ago +3

    These kids are soo good

  • Big 5 Tribe
    Big 5 Tribe 4 months ago +1

    They are so good😮😅

  • Diakhate Mami
    Diakhate Mami 11 months ago +2

    Incroyable football ⚽️

  • Cring69Q
    Cring69Q 11 days ago +3

    The kid who got it through the chair killed me. 💀

  • Samuel Uwadia
    Samuel Uwadia Year ago +42

    Great talent 😰😱

  • Riyanco Groeners
    Riyanco Groeners Year ago +2

    You guys got some awesome skills 😎💪💪🏆

  • Fabian Falcón Brindis

    Wish I could play like this 😂🥺⚽🇦🇷💔💙

  • The Islamic family abubakar

    That kid with good skills is trying to take my place Number ☝️

  • Javi Arias
    Javi Arias Year ago +23

    Qué golazo 🤓😎🤑🤑

  • MariO man
    MariO man 3 months ago +36

    6:20 got me! 😂

  • Perveen Sultana
    Perveen Sultana Year ago +16

    The future of football

  • Vanessa Souza
    Vanessa Souza 9 months ago

    O. Golaço. Do. Pia. MDS. Foda

  • Mario Arnaiz
    Mario Arnaiz Year ago +17

    6:48 lo mejor ♡♡♡

  • Football fan channel
    Football fan channel 9 months ago

    Those bycicle kicks though

  • Jose luis
    Jose luis Year ago +5

    I wished I played like these kids

  • Coach Sonic
    Coach Sonic 9 months ago

    Some people are just hilarious 😂

  • Parikshith Jake
    Parikshith Jake Year ago +18

    If I haven't seen this vid i couldn't play nice football 💯💯

  • Eric Northrop
    Eric Northrop Year ago +111

    That one kid maneuvering that ball through the legs of the two people as they were walking, without any interruption or fumble or trip or anything, smoooooth as hell. Wow.

  • Jagadeeshwar Reddy
    Jagadeeshwar Reddy 2 years ago +17

    These kids are going to go places🤩

  • Naima Ham
    Naima Ham 6 months ago +1

    Tes vidéos sont superbes🎉

  • The Ice Dragon Slayer
    The Ice Dragon Slayer Year ago +12

    I hope kids like them achieve to become proffesionsal

  • Manu5futsal
    Manu5futsal 6 months ago +1

    Muito bon

  • Chinnaraj Raj
    Chinnaraj Raj 2 years ago +28

    What a skill 😲

  • Yrrrroblox
    Yrrrroblox Month ago +4

    As a goalie I can a approve that the saves here were hard core

    FUTBOL EDİTS Year ago +1

    absolute Legend

  • Siraj Benbouzid
    Siraj Benbouzid 9 months ago

    مهارات رائع

  • OMG DOM Productionz
    OMG DOM Productionz Year ago +4

    Wish I could play like that young goalkeeper at school but most schools don't have grass pitches

    • Mel KA
      Mel KA 10 months ago

      mine does and its fake grass but it has astro turf aswell

    • VAMMY
      VAMMY 11 months ago

      My school had, but now they cut it out :(

  • Juliet Sobers
    Juliet Sobers 4 months ago

    That is amazing 😂😂😂🎉

  • Rocklion
    Rocklion 2 years ago +35

    Damn they got skills

    • Abood gh
      Abood gh 2 years ago +1

      @Aimee Kingdon Sharing subscriptions

    • Aimee Kingdon
      Aimee Kingdon 2 years ago +2

      Some of them😂

    • Abood gh
      Abood gh 2 years ago +1

      Sharing subscriptions /

  • Vecxo
    Vecxo 11 months ago +7

    0:45, those saves aren’t hard, modern goalkeeping (Michael Bolvin) just makes it looks hard when it’s easy.

  • Jonathan Garcia.
    Jonathan Garcia. 9 months ago

    These were 🔥🔥

  • O J
    O J 9 months ago +1

    Es bueno El soccer my friend

  • Iker Arellanes
    Iker Arellanes 11 months ago +3

    Lo que más me ha gustado lo que ha hecho el hijo de Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Finder
    Finder 5 months ago

    Czy tam nie było bramki jak piłka sie odbiła od poprzeczki?

  • Tiger Playz
    Tiger Playz Year ago +20

    3:10 this kid is insane

  • Hyper Legend
    Hyper Legend Year ago +9

    The clips in this are fire 🔥

  • Sydney’s life x
    Sydney’s life x 2 years ago +7

    Aaron is an apsolute master at 3:47

  • Naima Ham
    Naima Ham 6 months ago

    Il était trop fort le gardien

  • CliCkCloCk DeiSaPori

    Incredible boy!!!!!