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Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick
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  • Faraaz Ali
    Faraaz Ali Month ago +3521

    Every one is a gangster until the knight forks the king and queen

    • areasonablealt
      areasonablealt Month ago

      @ynor got em mixed up bro

    • gabe
      gabe Month ago


    • Mastereeli
      Mastereeli Month ago

      @KooTheObbiest indeed :D

    • KooTheObbiest
      KooTheObbiest Month ago

      ​@Mastereeli fps chess:

    • 5up
      5up Month ago

      Wait until rook activates its skewer card

  • 16 Keenan Atha Asaku Bashay

    Knight = early game
    Rook = endgame

    • 16 Keenan Atha Asaku Bashay
      16 Keenan Atha Asaku Bashay Month ago +12

      @Slugintub2 bishop is an all rounder for me. You can play it in early to open enemy pieces, or in the mid to the late as your executor

    • Slugintub2
      Slugintub2 Month ago +7

      Bishop= midgame

  • Stfkec 09
    Stfkec 09 Month ago +648

    I actually started playing to entertain my brain and get better focus
    Edit : Mom I'm famous

  • Hue Träshtendo
    Hue Träshtendo Month ago +93

    Everybody gangster until the Zugzwong

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago +308

    When a rook is in the corner with 0 activity and horse is forking like crazy.
    The horse: you sure a rook better?

    • Никита Мамаев
      Никита Мамаев Month ago +2

      Also pawn: queen cloning machine with fork ability x8

    • Giovanji
      Giovanji Month ago +3

      while in mid game they're both useful in endgame the rook is the strongest piece besides the queen

    • Mihail Shevchenko
      Mihail Shevchenko Month ago +6

      The knight is very powerful in the mid game, but i would rather have a rook for the end game. It can close off a whole file for the king or trap him in a single file while you use another piece to take pawns or give checks. The rook can also pin, while the knight cant.

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago +57

      a rook without open files and stuck is playing v badly. Usually in endgames rooks are stronger cause more files open..

  • MCsEpic
    MCsEpic Month ago +7

    As a german I can give a rough translation of what "Zugzwang" means. It is roughly "the need to move"

  • Slinky
    Slinky Month ago +24

    As a German it's so funny when people try to pronounce Zugzwang. It's always like "soogswong".

    • Slinky
      Slinky Month ago +1

      @Chessscape Zug is tsoog and Zwang is tsv+a from "drama"+ng

    • PhoenixCat
      PhoenixCat Month ago +2

      ​@Chessscape it's Zug-Zwang, second Z is pronounced like the first one

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      tell me how to pronounce it properly plllsssss 🤣

  • BeanHeart
    BeanHeart Month ago +65

    Every Chess Piece Stand
    Pawn : Structure Stand
    Knight : Fork Stand
    BiShop : Colour Stand
    Rook : 7th Rank Stand
    Queen : Power Stand
    King : Run Stand
    All : Opening Stand

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      @Alvin Sy the squares h7-g7-f7- up to a7

    • BeanHeart
      BeanHeart Month ago

      @Alvin Sy 7th rank is where rook op af if 7th rank white is 2nd rank black and if 7th rank black 2nd rank whiteo

    • Alvin Sy
      Alvin Sy Month ago

      What is 7th rank?

    • bimgus
      bimgus Month ago

      Chocolate Disco Stand for queen

    • AIZEN
      AIZEN Month ago +3

      Nigerundayo stand for king

  • Erick Chand
    Erick Chand Month ago +3

    Knight is the only piece whose check can't be blocked by an piece. The king has to move or to capture the knight. And I think knight should of 5 points instead of 3

  • Y Our
    Y Our Month ago +1

    Everybody gangsta until knight does the German fork

  • J.u.n.i.o.r_
    J.u.n.i.o.r_ Month ago +3

    Black can just promote pawn to queen because pawn can just move to g7 and the rook can't kill because of h6 if rook checks need to sacrifice the knight so u will lose so if the rook doesn't notice its better to move the pawn in a defensive way

    • Pataeto
      Pataeto Month ago

      how is the pawn supposed to move backwards??

  • Khalil Aqso
    Khalil Aqso Month ago +12

    Before i found this video, ive just won a rook vs knight battle in chess. Well, i was up a pawn so yea

  • Ruslan Mamedaliyev
    Ruslan Mamedaliyev Month ago

    all pieces r strong and effective if used correctly and all of them can be a pain in the

  • Gemm49
    Gemm49 Month ago +3

    every piece has its benefits.
    Pawns for large defense chains as big numbers.
    Rook for camping open files and end-games.
    Knight for forks and supporting mates.
    Bishop for pins and early mates.
    Queen for easy mates and basically what a Rook and Bishop can do.
    King for supporting any pieces and stays away from other King.

    • Daniel Yuan
      Daniel Yuan Month ago

      Pawns and Knights are good at controlling key squares due to their relative low value.
      Rooks and Bishops are good at open files and diagonals, respectively. Bishops are good at taking advantage of a weak color complex from the opponent. If they are on the right color.
      Queens are rook+bishop and a powerful attacker.
      King is very useful in the endgame and can easily collect pawns.

  • Little DeathMark
    Little DeathMark Month ago

    An active rook will always beat an active knight. An active knight can be stronger than a passive rook.

  • Daniel Yuan
    Daniel Yuan Month ago +1

    Initiate Zugzwang: Rd5. No matter what move he makes, we can capture his king. And we win easily :D

  • Number oen Albanian

    knight in early game for forks and rook in late for obvious reasons

  • Sane Cowboys fan
    Sane Cowboys fan Month ago +5

    Everybody gangsta till rd5 1/2-1/2

    BENJOHSHOP Month ago +1

    You can move the knight above the pawn to keep knight secure

  • Skepzie V2
    Skepzie V2 Month ago

    well actually the rook has the power of friendship…

  • HG Maureal
    HG Maureal Month ago +3

    I mean, there are a lot of reasons and that's one of them.

  • Cats
    Cats Month ago

    The way people find these tactics is crazy, I could never think of this in an actual game lol

  • Gameplay king
    Gameplay king Month ago +1

    Both have equal importance bcz in the start or middle game knight is the hell destroyer and rook can't move but at the end game knight can't do anything in front of rook.
    So every piece in the chess have their own importance according to timeeeee

  • WSJ
    WSJ Month ago +1

    Move knight on to 7th file or move a pawn at all and you lose rook if you capture

  • Big E
    Big E Month ago

    You have the perfect accent to say zugzwang

  • The RedArmyBruh
    The RedArmyBruh Month ago +3

    Also a room is able to cut the king off and castle. Also it’s able to checkmate

  • HubaUPC
    HubaUPC Month ago

    me an intellectual: "cuz it's worth 2 points less"

  • Τζενη Γεωργονικου

    Bro has checked mate by moving in 5 file

  • Чел
    Чел 27 days ago +1

    Knight = 3
    Rook = 5

  • Haziq Iman
    Haziq Iman Month ago

    I know that in most parts that the rook is powerful. And the rook and bishop has one thing in common, a sniper if the enemy is careless and also pinning. However, there's one thing that they cannot do that the knight can, fork and royal fork. Rook+bishop, rook+queen, rook+king, queen+king. Imagine its power being able to attack the two unit considered powerful, rook and bishop, by a knight. Especially if you are attacking queenside and suddenly kingside, or vice versa. Not to forget a royal fork. One of the examples, if the enemy does not know how to counter it, the fried liver attack. Forking king and rook protected my the bishop. And if you do it right, you can also take the queen with the same knight

  • Mehmethan Alihan Oz

    and rook can block a whole file

  • twistit
    twistit 28 days ago

    Hot take: Below 1000 elo the knight is the most powerful piece after the queen.

  • Leonardo Kotek Selistre Osorio

    What if after rook e7 the paws moved?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago

    but if the knight moves to a5, its stalemate if the rook takes, right?

  • the king of the galaxy

    wow this video is very interesting can you do same for knigth an bishop ?

  • Dinimom
    Dinimom Month ago

    Sugswang 🤣

  • DynoV3
    DynoV3 29 days ago

    when he said "Mission 1" and "Mission 2" all i could think of is the rocket daggers from go-on wings

  • Tanish .
    Tanish . Month ago

    When you say there is no way for moving pawn then the pawn H7 could move to H8 because if rook takes that pawn knight would kill him.

  • WelpeHD
    WelpeHD Month ago

    I Love when you say German words xD

  • RedDemon1776
    RedDemon1776 Month ago

    Black needed to move the pawn on the right then capture rook 8f he tried to take it

  • Yani Penaflor
    Yani Penaflor Month ago

    Black can still make the game a draw by moving the knight back and forth

  • Antigamer101
    Antigamer101 Month ago

    The rook is mostly good in endgames but most of the time the knight is better

  • Doggo       •100 years ago

    Knighs can fork every piece(except itself)
    Rooks can fork bishops pawns and knight
    Knighs cannot pin/skewer
    Rooks can pin/skewer

  • Swedish Ancap
    Swedish Ancap Month ago

    he sounds like bogdanoff when he says "activate, ze zugwang" XD

  • Linkevan
    Linkevan Month ago

    Or faster rook > knight because rook control more tiles and you can checkmate with rook+king when you can't with knight+king

  • Alvin Sy
    Alvin Sy Month ago

    Is that a draw game? When 2 pawns are together?

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      they are heading down the board so cannot move… yes king and these 2 pawns vs rook + king is winning for white

  • AptStal
    AptStal Month ago

    Wouldn't rook d5 work just as good as rook e7? Knight can't move otherwise check, and the pawns can't move since somethings in their way, the only move is to move the king which they cant

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      rook d5 creates a draw because black is stalemate

  • asep saipudin
    asep saipudin Month ago

    Is zugzwang a move where theres not a move that doesnt sabotahe u?

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      zugzwang is a move that leaves you with a forced bad move

  • dimi
    dimi Month ago

    What about pawn to G7?

  • Kommander013
    Kommander013 Month ago


  • Zorba Plays
    Zorba Plays Month ago

    If the night moves, H7 in the zugzwang , then if the rook takes, the pawn will take the rook and then they will be able to become a queen or smthn and hence knight wins

    • Zorba Plays
      Zorba Plays Month ago

      @B my bad

    • B
      B Month ago

      Blacks pawns are going down, not up in this puzzle

    • Zorba Plays
      Zorba Plays Month ago

      If the rook does not take the knight then you can push a pawn up, in which case the rook cannot take because it will be taken by the other pawn, and so you can then guarantee yourself a queen and secure an easy win

  • Mar Tin
    Mar Tin Month ago

    The knight can get a draw at worst

  • Debo
    Debo Day ago

    Bc two rooks are unstoppable and bc I love rooks

  • Demolisher gaming BG
    Demolisher gaming BG Month ago +1

    Umm why didn't he moved g6 pawn to g7 it would be safe to do so?

  • AbdullahLegend
    AbdullahLegend Month ago

    A Zugswong is when there is a forced bad move.

  • d mac
    d mac Month ago

    Why do chess Clip-Sharers make every move a blunder or brilliant/great move? Best moves sound are more accurate.

  • Ğë0ğŘåƤĤÿ ĤÃçЌęŘ™

    Do you want to know why the rook is better than a horse?
    Because rook = 5 points
    and horse = 3 points

  • Ajrein Laforteza
    Ajrein Laforteza Month ago

    Dude it was checkmate in that knight fork

  • Pro_Gamer
    Pro_Gamer Month ago

    What if knight e5 attacking rook?

  • Swopnil Tamang
    Swopnil Tamang Month ago +5

    Rip knight

  • Dalibor
    Dalibor Month ago +1

    Just me who sees rook b6 to b5 checkmate? If the black king goes down he gets attacked by the king or he gets attacked by the rook or am i drunk rn

    • ToxpoV
      ToxpoV Month ago

      the pawn just moves in front of it


    knight f3 was by no means the only move. If black moves either of the pawns, the rook is forced to either let let black promote or take the pawn, allowing the other pawn to take the rook and ALSO promote.

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      pawns cant be pushed

    • ToxpoV
      ToxpoV Month ago

      ah yes, black pushes pawn and captures its own knight

  • Zakaria Bazzet
    Zakaria Bazzet Month ago

    The pawn on the right could push

  • Gino Piratino
    Gino Piratino Month ago

    Also you can't do a checkmate with only a knight but you can do that with only a rook

  • AssassinTzy
    AssassinTzy Month ago

    That's because it's the rooooooooooooook!!!!

  • 2453 luis
    2453 luis 17 hours ago

    E5 would’ve been a good move

  • Burak Öğretim
    Burak Öğretim Month ago

    Cant the knight just go back where it started from d8 to b7

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      then rook d7 attacks the knight, now it forces the knight to go to the 5th rank and rook check wins the knight

  • Holden Gat
    Holden Gat Month ago

    following your logic i can just pull up that one game where the dude checkmated with en passant and say "pawn is better than queen, bishop, rook, knight, other pawns"

    • Holden Gat
      Holden Gat Month ago

      @Chessscape then you should mention this type of stuff, otherwise it gets confusing

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      in endgames, with files open and space, rooks are much stronger than knights. At the start of a chess game, the knight is doing well

  • Crosh
    Crosh Month ago

    Literally boxed like a fish

  • TimBo Tea-se
    TimBo Tea-se Month ago

    knight e6, rook takes. pawn h7. check. king h6. check. king g7. if rook takes pawn h7 it is lost. if it does not you promote to queen

  • Yoshi's Bizarre Adventure

    Why didn't black move the pawn when it was defended by the knight so black can get an queen

  • Kidou James
    Kidou James Month ago

    the knight can go 7H or 7F

  • Scuffed Carrot
    Scuffed Carrot Month ago

    Can someone tell me why on the 4th move the knight didn't go to b7 and just draw by repetition?

    • ToxpoV
      ToxpoV Month ago

      rook d7

    • ToxpoV
      ToxpoV Month ago

      you go rb7 and the knight has moves

  • yazentrke 2010
    yazentrke 2010 Month ago

    The teo blak pawns can promote to queens💀

  • _animegirl_official_

    But the knight is the only one who can get a queen out of a fork and if the board isn't close to being empty, he is useless while the knight is useful in both situations. The only other think the knight is useless is when he is the last one on the board because it can't checkmate with the king

    • _animegirl_official_
      _animegirl_official_ Month ago

      @Chessscape The only advantage that the rook has is (like you just said) controlling more space and being able to checkmate if it's the last piece. If you get to the end of the board and choose what piece you want. You either choose the knight or the queen. Only the rook if the game is basically over.

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      @_animegirl_official_ yes but it’s more complex. Its a question of space. If the board has lots of open files, the rook is stronger because it can control more squares

    • _animegirl_official_
      _animegirl_official_ Month ago

      @Chessscape Everything can. The knight is the only one which can get a queen out of a fork.

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      the rook can create forks as well

  • Phantom Zone
    Phantom Zone Month ago

    Knight is arguably stronger in a closed-center game.
    In an endgame, if you have a rook or a bishop that knight is as good as dead.

  • Alexandru Cel Mare
    Alexandru Cel Mare Month ago

    He can go e5 instead of g5 what do you mean only move

    TAN JUN WEI Moe Month ago

    the prawn can move

  • rg4g4grc
    rg4g4grc Month ago


  • Tom & jerry
    Tom & jerry Month ago

    I loss many games due to knight fork

  • Jian Andrei
    Jian Andrei Month ago

    But two pawns v a rook is winning

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      only if the 2 pawns are 2 squares from promotion

  • Saucegod_Yami
    Saucegod_Yami Month ago

    Just go for mate

  • NotReallyKnown
    NotReallyKnown Month ago

    Rook d5 is a draw i think its worth it cause black has more piece

    • NotReallyKnown
      NotReallyKnown Month ago

      @Chessscape nvm i didnt finish the video but knowing me i could have draw it by accident

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      white is winning by force here. Why do you want to draw? 😉

  • LegoLex
    LegoLex Month ago

    тем временем поле h7 🤔

  • Ranveer Khanna
    Ranveer Khanna Month ago

    Bro missed mate

  • How accurate games
    How accurate games Month ago

    Rook=5 knight=3

  • Jan Honza
    Jan Honza Month ago

    How was the Nf7 move forced, knight could have easily return to b7. I have no doubt that rook is stronger than knight, but this cherry-picked example is not the reason.

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      after Nb7, Rook d7 wins because you are forced to put the knight on the 5th rank and i play rook check winning the knight

  • Double C
    Double C Month ago

    Which way are the black pawns going

  • Kestler_on120fps
    Kestler_on120fps Month ago

    Can u pls create a vid on why rooks better than bishop?

    • Kestler_on120fps
      Kestler_on120fps Month ago +1

      @Chessscape yeah i used to blunder my queen in the first 20 moves lol but idk why in still 400 i beat my brother whos 900 i should be at least 1000 i guess i dont play much. But anyways thx

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      @Kestler_on120fps anytime. Let me know if you have more video ideas/things you struggle the most with in chess 😉

    • Kestler_on120fps
      Kestler_on120fps Month ago +1

      @Chessscape ty cant believe u replied

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago +1

      sure 👍🏻

  • Degomon
    Degomon Month ago

    isnt Rb5 mate?

  • Jaydel TV
    Jaydel TV Month ago

    Me:Bcs Rook Is Worth 5 Points While Knight 3
    Him:Watch This

  • Ultra Mega Giga-Chad

    bro wtf i literally just got 2 of these exact same videos one bellow other

  • Masterrico_143
    Masterrico_143 Month ago

    Bruh 2 Times there was more than one legal move

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      hard to analyse all possible moves in 1 min 😀

  • Zaijan Masong
    Zaijan Masong Month ago

    Knight can fork

  • snort_cubecaine
    snort_cubecaine Month ago

    Why are rooks worth 5 and bishops/knights are 3?

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      rooks are stronger also because they can checkmate

  • Lord CEZAR
    Lord CEZAR Month ago

    Is this even a question lol. Rook can mate the king supported by his own king. 2 knights and a king can't even force checkmate

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  Month ago

      you are taking a very specific position

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K Month ago

    I was wondering why the heck are there 2 white kings

  • Minh Tuyen Nguyen Thi

    You are not win yet 2 pawn vs a rook it is hard for the rook

  • iRedly
    iRedly  Month ago +1

    What happen if he moves to 7h

  • Shrugster
    Shrugster Month ago

    pawn to h7