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“ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!!” - Michigan Alum Rich Eisen Celebrates Wolverines' Ohio State Beatdown

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Michigan alum Rich Eisen gloats over his Wolverines finally getting their first win over their archrival Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time since 2011.
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  • joezim425
    joezim425 Year ago +959

    Rich is literally every Michigan fan right now. This is exactly how I have felt since the game was over.

    • Perturbed Sun
      Perturbed Sun Year ago +11

      100%, Sir.

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +7

      You got it. Gonna have to tune more frequently to R E till we see the Natty

    • Ethan Maraffino
      Ethan Maraffino Year ago +20

      I just nodded along the whole time. The last 3 days have been like Christmas morning.

    • Mark l Johnson
      Mark l Johnson Year ago +9


    • Tino
      Tino Year ago +7

      1 Bill Percent

  • The Big Brother
    The Big Brother Year ago +291

    I want to give every single Michigan fan a hug. This meant a lot. When you taste defeat for so long it makes winning so much sweeter. Even I was doubting us but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Carmelo El bori's way
      Carmelo El bori's way Year ago +1

      I remember when he took over the program Harbaugh is a champ at heart I never doubted him and I’m not a Michigan fan. Congratulations

    • Gregory West
      Gregory West Year ago

      @Carmelo El bori's way harbaugh is walking around today with his chest stuck out and his head held high lol,.go blue.

    • Still I Rise🙌🏾
      Still I Rise🙌🏾 Year ago


    • Don King
      Don King 6 months ago

      Better get them arms open for another round, my friend. GO BLUE!!!

    • André Monet Leverette Jr.
      André Monet Leverette Jr. 6 months ago +1

      And we did it again brother!

  • Travis Hartman
    Travis Hartman Year ago +259

    I’m a Badger fan, and Saturday was a rough day …but my consolation prize was watching Ohio State lose. Thank you Michigan, from the bottom of my heart.

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +6


    • Pony Boy219
      Pony Boy219 Year ago +8

      I'm a die hard michigan fan all respect to Iowa but I did not want to see the badgers again that would be tough to beat you guys twice you have a bright future with #0 at rb

    • Wuss Restbrook
      Wuss Restbrook Year ago +2

      You would think badger fans would love us since we always have fun at indy together 😉

    • Sheneedsme
      Sheneedsme Year ago +7

      Ohio State and ND must be the most hated teams in the US.

    • Travis Hartman
      Travis Hartman Year ago +9

      @Sheneedsme I hate Ohio State for 2 reasons: 1. Wisconsin always loses to them 2. Their fan base makes it a point to correct you if you don’t say THE Ohio State, which I find unbearably obnoxious

  • Tyler Lambes
    Tyler Lambes Year ago +448

    As an Ohio State fan, Rich is oddly one of the few reasons I’m okay with Michigan throttling us this weekend. GG Blue

    • Jkopp
      Jkopp Year ago +36

      I had this exact thought when we lost. That and I’m slightly okay with it just for rivalry purposes. They need to win SOMETIMES otherwise it just doesn’t feel as good when we do win.

    • Titansfan08
      Titansfan08 Year ago +4

      Same here

    • puddnjones
      puddnjones Year ago +13

      @Jkopp I thought that during the 80's and 90's

    • Alex Lyon
      Alex Lyon Year ago


    • S R
      S R Year ago +5

      That game will lead to changes for the better for you guys

  • Shonda
    Shonda Year ago +185

    As a Michigan fan I am still smiling. We gotta finish the job.

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      Wo Natty Natty

    • Darin Vee
      Darin Vee Year ago +1

      Nah, let's just have a repeat of the 1985 Iowa/Michigan game!

    • B Mor
      B Mor Year ago +1

      As in win the big ten right ? Idk if y’all winning the title

    • gucci stark
      gucci stark Year ago +1

      We gotta finish the job

    • ravi hudson
      ravi hudson Year ago

      Yes and no in the moment Yeah ..... for Me as long as we beat the Bucks i can sleep well

  • C L
    C L Year ago +594

    Not even a Michigan fan, but I’m happy for Rich and the fans 😂

    • lonewarrior2332
      lonewarrior2332 Year ago +3

      Only reason I'm here

    • Mike Currie
      Mike Currie Year ago +5

      The Ohio Michigan bar fights are epic . 2 guys toe to toe then sit down and drink beer. 👍

    • Érico Calixto
      Érico Calixto Year ago +2

      Me too!

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +1

      Thank you . You Rule!

    • Donald MacKerer
      Donald MacKerer Year ago +4

      I'm a native of Georgia but my dad and aunt were from Michigan. Both were big Wolverine fans. Around the Atlanta metro area there are a lot of Ohio State fans and they are mostly jerks. I'm so glad to see those arrogant fans get their comeuppance. I used to like to tease them about their record with the SEC and Clemson but now I get the rub it in with Michigan period that is so awesome. Hopefully they'll go and hiding and I won't have to look at those horrible Ohio State stickers. Ohio State so overrated. Go Maize and Blue go big blue!

  • Quivering Moist
    Quivering Moist Year ago +125

    49 states were rooting for Michigan in that game.

    • Shantorey Wilkins
      Shantorey Wilkins Year ago +2


    • The King
      The King Year ago +6

      No not really nobody cares about Michigan honestly this is just a fluke year honestly

    • RugerRelle92
      RugerRelle92 Year ago +18

      @The King 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • James Cox
      James Cox Year ago +10

      You're damn right they were, do you know why because it seems a lot of fanbases absolutely hate OSU fans. Go to any major football Facebook page or form and just ask a simple question what do you guys feel about OSU fans. And they will absolutely bring the hate they cannot stand them. Any of the team OSU was definitely rooting for Michigan. And damn does it feel good

    • McSomething15
      McSomething15 Year ago +12

      @The King then explain it being the most watched game this season.

  • Sage Roberts
    Sage Roberts Year ago +161

    As a Detroit lion/ Michigan wolverine fan…. We desperately needed that game for our sanity

    • Aaronstark19
      Aaronstark19 Year ago +3

      God we did, let’s get a win for Detroit too

    • Michael Bettisworth
      Michael Bettisworth Year ago +2

      Big facts 🙏🙏🙏

    • Peter Dragon
      Peter Dragon Year ago +3

      Poor Aiden gonna be a lion

    • ForestFam 24
      ForestFam 24 Year ago

      You poor bastard 😂😂😂 but honestly, I really hope detroit can make a turn around..talk about a city in need. Hutch would be a good start

    • Sage Roberts
      Sage Roberts Year ago

      @ForestFam 24 trust me man, I hope so too!!😂

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Year ago +128

    As an Ohio State fan I'm super bummed but you guys deserved that win. We were outplayed, outcoached, and frankly Michigan just wanted it more. Hats off to you guys. Can't wait for next year

    • Michael Bettisworth
      Michael Bettisworth Year ago +13

      As a die hard wolverines fan I really respect you saying that. A lot of buckeye fans could never say that even if they felt it.

    • situated4
      situated4 Year ago

      Day had the team very flat. Scary to watch.

    • Hakeem The Dream
      Hakeem The Dream Year ago

      Me neither

    • paydrough
      paydrough Year ago +3

      Kinda how we felt as Michigan fans and how the team was over the past 10 years. Thanks for being a good sport :)

    • Winthrop Allegaert
      Winthrop Allegaert Year ago +4

      Yes, I salute your incredibly classy post. And I agree, I can’t wait for next year. GO BLUE!

  • Brad Gross
    Brad Gross Year ago +60

    Im a passionate Ohio State fan, and even I can appreciate this. Rich is just, more eloquently than most, saying in his own words, what all of us who really feel, feel. The rivalry is EVERYTHING

    • PreacH
      PreacH Year ago +5

      Exactly!! For all of my animosity towards the Buckeyes, I honestly love them too, because what would college football be without UM v OSU? It’s 2020 and it SUCKS

    • MGoBlue 93
      MGoBlue 93 Year ago +2

      The HBO Michigan-OSU doc sums up this feeling well I think: "because beneath the bitterness that coats their epic feud, the teams grudgingly maintain a mutual and abiding respect. They are companion pieces in history, each side's legacy continually tied to the others"
      We need each other, and I'm glad we have each other. It's just more fun and meaningful that way. Glad we could hold up our end of the bargain this year

  • hoagland1943
    hoagland1943 Year ago +65

    As a very big OSU fan living in Columbus, well deserved Michigan. You earned the win.

    • Nike Runner
      Nike Runner Year ago +2

      You’re the only decent Ohio fan

    • hoagland1943
      hoagland1943 Year ago +1

      @Nike Runner It makes the rivalry all that more intense.

    • MGoBlue 93
      MGoBlue 93 Year ago +1

      @hoagland1943 agreed. It's more fun that way. But at the same time, I hate when people say stuff like that. When I went to Columbus for the 2016 game, I was treated with nothing but kindness and hospitality by the Buckeye fans. Wished me luck, hoped I had fun, and consoled me after the game. Will never forget how Ohio State fans treated me while I was in Columbus

  • Tim Fleming
    Tim Fleming Year ago +139

    As a long-time Buckeye fan, Michigan gave us an old fashion butt kicking. Congrats Blue.

    • RedScreech
      RedScreech Year ago +13

      Respect Tim! Go Blue.

    • liam murray
      liam murray Year ago +2

      Thanks man!

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +4

      Thank you god bless Woody

    • Terence Thomas
      Terence Thomas Year ago +5

      Thanks it’s not over. We dance again in the shoe real soon

    • MJ Lyons
      MJ Lyons Year ago +6

      Go Bucks! And I agree, Tim Fleming. We were outplayed and outcoached. Congratulations to the Wolverines.

  • Conor S.
    Conor S. Year ago +180

    For all Michigan fans, this was truly a magical day. Best football game of my life. The only thing I can think of that must compare is Bo's 1969 upset that started the ten year war. It really is great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Go Blue!

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +8


    • Zachary Sturgeon
      Zachary Sturgeon Year ago +4

      @andrew norris Except Bo never won a national championship, right?

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +2

      @Zachary Sturgeon 3 yards and a cloud of dust

    • PreacH
      PreacH Year ago +2

      @andrew norris Aiden Hutchinson proving it true!

    • B V
      B V Year ago +1


  • CP025129
    CP025129 Year ago +80

    As a Michigan grad, I have been impressed with the sportsmanship expressed by Buckeyes. We’ve been in a drought and needed a win soon just to keep this game a true rivalry.

    • According To Matthew
      According To Matthew Year ago +9

      That'll fade if Michigan starts to win consistently again.

    • Michael Bettisworth
      Michael Bettisworth Year ago +7

      I’m really impressed with the majority of bucks fans who tip their hat to Michigan for the victory. Go blue!!

    • Michael G
      Michael G Year ago +5

      I started accepting the loss in the third quarter, and it stung. BUT, a cold, gray day, snow falling, 107,000 insane fans, and an all out street fight! It was EVERYTHING that is great about college football!… Job well done, Michigan. I love the Buckeyes, but want to see U of M win every other game. It makes The Game so much better…

    • Ben
      Ben Year ago +3

      @Michael Bettisworth I said it in another video but as much as this loss hurt, it makes me happy to see M fans ecstatic about this win.

    • situated4
      situated4 Year ago +2

      We need you guys to be great locally and nationally for the conference.

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L Year ago +31

    As a BYU fan who had to deal with almost a decade of defeat at the hands of the utes…I can confirm that this is a glorious feeling

  • Richard Dean
    Richard Dean Year ago +65

    I was nearly in tears when Michigan won and I live in Wisconsin. I love me some Jim Harbaugh - I thought the 49ers treated him poorly and I bet this victory made up for a lot of heartache. Go Michigan!

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago +1

      Your the best Go BLUE

    • Anne Hajdu
      Anne Hajdu Year ago

      @andrew norris, *you're

    • Bill Doty
      Bill Doty Year ago +2

      I felt same way, grew up in Michigan, life long Wolverine fan, but have lived in Wisconsin now for long time. It’s great even being over here and wearing my Michigan shirt and running into Michigan fans here in Sheboygan, Go Blue Baby!

    • Bill Doty
      Bill Doty Year ago +2

      In the past I have to admit I was not a huge Rich fan, he has always been very good at what he does, but not one of my favorites. But I had never heard him talk about Michigan, so had no idea until recently that he was a big fan. Well now I am a big fan of his, great segment today, loved it. Go Blue Baby, we kicked the buckeyes, now we must pierce the hawkeyes

  • Alex Cika
    Alex Cika Year ago +25

    I am a Buckeye fan and I am so Happy For Rich , this was Michigans time that's the bottom line

  • Carolina Blood
    Carolina Blood Year ago +101

    I was looking forward to Rich Eisen's reaction to this!! Congrats, Michigan, and good luck going forward!

  • Jon A. Scholt
    Jon A. Scholt Year ago +144

    As a Michigan fan born in 84 and grew up in Ann Arbor I will always say my favorite football coach of all time is John Cooper

    • Max Peck
      Max Peck Year ago +8

      So funny how many young folks don't know about Coop, how bad those years were for Columbus Team. My first QB was also Harbaugh in the years I became aware of Michigan football (6-9 yrs old during his Michigan career). I was 20 for the natty. This was different because we've had to take our medicine for so long as Columbus Team and East Lansing Team grew into powers. This was sweet. I'll never forget it. Go Blue!

    • Anthony DiDonato
      Anthony DiDonato Year ago +3

      And my favorite is Harbaugh not bad being 1 &5

    • Mark Hibber
      Mark Hibber Year ago +2

      I wish that you saw the late 70s. Rick Leach from Flint. Four year starting QB. Played in the Orange bowl in 78. The whole second half with a dislocated shoulder

    • Jon A. Scholt
      Jon A. Scholt Year ago

      @Mark Hibber I wish I was alive for the Ten Year war. Luckily my dad, a graduate in 1970 who was there for the '69 OSU upset, has told me all about that era. But I feel happy to have grown up in the 90s as I was lucky enough to go to Pasadena when j was 13 years old during that glorious '97 campaign. We had such a great time at the Rose Bowl and the whole Bowl experience that the next year we went to Orlando for the Citrus Bowl vs Arkansas, which was a fantastic day for the A Train, Anthony Thomas, my all time favorite U of M back (Though Biakabutuka is just behind him and Wheatley right behind him). Though U of M had those 4 straight 4 loss seasons in the 90s beating up Ohio State every year made up for it.

    • Jaspal Rihal
      Jaspal Rihal Year ago


  • Dutch Oven der Linde

    This was easily the best Michigan game I've ever watched in my life. I am beyond thrilled that we finally beat those guys after ten years of misery! GO BLUE!'

  • Bruce Gillett
    Bruce Gillett Year ago +31

    Being there being part of that atmosphere was one of the greatest moments of my life. Forever and ever Go Blue

  • Max Peck
    Max Peck Year ago +57

    Pretty much sums it up. That's exactly how we all feel. The decade and a half of disappointment made it that much sweeter. I cried. That's why college football is so great. Go Blue!

    • Christopher Motyka
      Christopher Motyka Year ago

      Is this the Tiger great Milt Wilcox if it's true man you were just great. My first game was one you pitched. If my 54 year old brain is still functional 8 to 0 shutout.

    • Max Peck
      Max Peck Year ago

      @Christopher Motyka I am not THE Milt Wilcox, no.

  • Titansfan08
    Titansfan08 Year ago +67

    It’s weird as a Ohio st fan I’m upset we lost but I’m so happy for rich he was the first person I thought of after the game

  • Ben Mazzara
    Ben Mazzara Year ago +214

    Rich is at his best when he’s in absolute despair (e.g. the Jets) or in absolute joy, and his accent goes into overdrive.

  • Sharfrichter
    Sharfrichter Year ago +50

    I'm a life-long 'Bama fan (I go back to the Bear, not a new bandwagoner), so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I am very happy for all the Michigan fans and the program. I remember those old Bo/Woody games, it is great to have Michigan football be relevant again. Congrats to all you Blue and Maize (sorry if I get that wrong) fans

    • Nike Runner
      Nike Runner Year ago +2

      GO TIDE!
      ROLL BLUE!

    • Aaron Harris
      Aaron Harris Year ago

      If we win Saturday, hope to see you in the CFP! 💛💙〽️

    • Shaz Baggle
      Shaz Baggle Year ago +1

      You know Saban has been the coach for almost 15 years. Literally an entire generation of humans has been born in that time. They're not bandwagoners. They're just fans same as you.

  • goblue
    goblue Year ago +45

    Love the energy, it's been long over due for us Michigan fans . GO BLUE

  • Wes Anderson
    Wes Anderson Year ago +7

    As a life long Michigan die hard fan, I’ve been sharing lamentations and joys with Rich for years… this is the best. He’s so much better than me with words, able to describe exactly how we all feel!!!

  • SOlson2375
    SOlson2375 6 months ago +4

    I’m here a year later. I’m looking forward to Rich’s reaction to this year’s game

  • Wayne Lipscomb II
    Wayne Lipscomb II 6 months ago +4

    Listening again after another Wolverine victory over Ohio in 2022!!!😂😂😂

  • Mike SimpsonParanormal

    Great segment Rich as I watched the game as I counted down the last 10 seconds and the game ended I was crying tears of joy. Brandon my Son said why are you crying Dad I told him after 8 long years of losing and taking so much crap from Buckeye fans I was so emotional and just let it all out. I am from Michigan but I live in Columbus Ohio . So you can imagine how difficult it has been Go Blue beat Iowa and you rock 🎸 Rich Eisen thanks again.

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson Year ago +16

    I literally chortled out loud. I met Harbaugh as a tween at the mud bowl in the quad. I was with my dad. Harbaugh has a broken arm in a cast. I was in awe. Thanks for the smile. Go blue.

  • David Bo
    David Bo Year ago +14

    I'm glad Rich has the platform to express with enthusiasm how we all feel right now. By the way, he's 100% right that Iowa is a professional Michigan season killer and that scares me.

    • Aaron Schutte
      Aaron Schutte 7 months ago +1

      I have two pieces of good news for you!

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +17

    I’ve no dog in this but one of my best friends is a Michigan alum and he’s been grinning ever since. Happy for him and happy for you, Rich. Congrats, bud.

  • Life can be funny
    Life can be funny Year ago +47

    As a fan of the show , feels good for you that you finally got it. Congrats Wolverine fans.
    Hope Jim Harbaugh finally get his first proper championship.(Although it feel like the team already got it ) > Been a fan of him since Colts's captain comeback era.

  • flux capacitor 81
    flux capacitor 81 Year ago +12

    Big Ohio State fan. I was at the game. We lost to the better team. The loss hurts, but I feel the rivalry getting some life again. See you guys next year at home!

    • 96CAMARO Z28 SS 🇺🇸
      96CAMARO Z28 SS 🇺🇸 Year ago

      Ya get your vaxx's and booster I take it?

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      Great response

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      Merry Christmas to all NCAA FANS

    • flux capacitor 81
      flux capacitor 81 Year ago

      @96CAMARO Z28 SS 🇺🇸 Yeah. Wouldn’t want the game cancelled due to COVID.

    • Sheneedsme
      Sheneedsme Year ago +1

      Michigan’s best players are graduating and your young guys are coming back and I would think after the beat down this year those Buckeyes will be getting their revenge at the Shoe. After the game I told my wife I will be in a good mood for the next 364 days.

  • R S
    R S Year ago +12

    I'm from New Jersey but I've been a really big Michigan fan since I was a little kid in the 90s when I started playing hockey. Both the football and hockey team won the championship and I loved the helmets (I was a little kid)... any way I'm a loyal fan so I'm still a Michigan fan and that game was so fun and satisfying.

  • Shay Hicks
    Shay Hicks Year ago +12

    I’m a huge Colorado buffaloes fan. When we beat Nebraska in 2001 to win the big 12 north after not beating them in 10 years, I felt exactly like Rich does in this video.

    • Aaron J USA
      Aaron J USA Year ago +1

      @ Shay Hicks I hear you, I’m a lifelong LSU fan and when we beat Bama in 2019 after 8 long years it felt like a weight had been lifted! I’m happy for Michigan and all their fans, it’s a beautiful feeling

  • ajp79
    ajp79 Year ago +34

    Anyone else watched the Fox Highlights of the game over and over since Sat? First time in forever I could watch highlights from a Mich/Ohio St game with a smile! GO BLUE!!

    • M_J Bo
      M_J Bo Year ago +1

      All day

    • king pin32
      king pin32 Year ago +1


    • James Cox
      James Cox Year ago +4

      Bro I've been watching highlights fan reactions podcast and I even watched the entire game all over again 🤣😂
      I haven't stopped looking up videos about this game.

    • Ron M
      Ron M Year ago +2

      Watched the highlights, listened to analysis, and re-watched the game

    • Tony M
      Tony M Year ago +1

      Fox app has the replay of the game available

  • Scott Fergsuon
    Scott Fergsuon Year ago +16

    Eisen being happy, makes me happy. His enthusiasm as a fan, is contagious.

  • Pac Key
    Pac Key Year ago +39

    Happy for Rich. Great win for Michigan

  • Grant Boone
    Grant Boone Year ago +1

    As a college football fan, seeing a fan this happy after years of patience and frustration makes me so happy.

  • K
    K Year ago +17

    find someone who loves you like Rich loves Michigan

  • Animehayato
    Animehayato Year ago +3

    Let me say this and I'm an ohio state fan. I would not want another rival like michigan. I love them to death yet hate them to death at the same time. It's unlike any other feeling in the entire world to feel. It's a unite type of togetherness that brings out the absolute best in us. We need each other to elevate ourselves to absolute greatness. And now we need to prove who the best conference in the country is. Congrats michigan. Go bucks..

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Year ago +2

    As an Ohio State fan since the Tressel era, I've known nothing but the joys of watching OSU beat your Team Up North (and bragging to my Father). While the lose stings as a fan, I tip my hat to you the fans, alumni, players, etc. It truly felt like Michigan wanted it more and Ohio State was either looking past it, unprepared, out coached, all of the above and more. Good game to you. Welcome back to the rivalry

  • Curtiss Lindsey
    Curtiss Lindsey Year ago +3

    God I love his passion and joy! It is absolutely glorious!

  • EnemyOfYourStat
    EnemyOfYourStat 6 months ago +4

    I just rewatched this in anticipation for this years reaction video. I CAN’T wait Rich!! Go Blue.🤙🏼

  • Kenny Anderson Jr
    Kenny Anderson Jr Year ago +2

    Rich Eisen just became my favorite person in the entire world!! I loved this!!!

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams Year ago +11

    I'm an Ohio State fan, but Hey I'll be rooting for TTUN to Win Out...If it can't be Us then it better be them and They Better DO IT!

    • James Bowen
      James Bowen Year ago +1

      You're a great guy. Thank you for your support and classiness.

  • Alan Martin
    Alan Martin Year ago +11

    ardent Buckeye fan here, actually a little proud of Michigan for finally standing up to us. respect. represent the Big Ten well in the playoff.

    • jayngo26
      jayngo26 Year ago

      Well spoken and thank you for the kind words!

  • NDNorm
    NDNorm Year ago +80

    If that team can continue to bring that level of play & intensity, there's no reason they can't play w/any opponent they would come up against in the playoffs. As a fan of CFB in general, who won't have a team in the playoffs this year, I will find it so damn refreshing to (hopefully) see 2 new teams playing for the championship.

    • atrain132
      atrain132 Year ago +8

      We will see what happens. They don't call it the Alabama / SEC invitational for nothing.

    • Roy Boy
      Roy Boy Year ago +3

      That team? Michigan, say it with me.

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      That's why you love college football

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      @Roy Boy sounds real good when Bo says it

    • trevor taylor
      trevor taylor Year ago

      Could be three with Okie St. Michigan and Cincy

  • Joseph McBrayer
    Joseph McBrayer Year ago +6

    I’ve been awaiting this moment for a long time! Rich delivered the goods and did not disappoint!

  • Bob W
    Bob W Year ago +1

    Great monologue Rich! We are all feeling the relief,the shock and the joy of it all!

  • Derek Sarber
    Derek Sarber Year ago

    I've been waiting for this! Rich has a platform to speak for Michigan fans and seeing him able to speak... The excitement brings a huge smile to my face!! Now Michigan needs to win this Saturday!! LET'S GO BLUE!!

  • Phil Stamper
    Phil Stamper Year ago +18

    Congratulations Rich from a Buckeye fan, I tuned in just to see your happiness,I enjoy your show and I know you’ve been miserable for two decades almost so I wanted to see your reaction congratulations Rich go bucks

  • traplandmuzik
    traplandmuzik Year ago +4

    Buckeyes fan just coming in to give credit when due. Rich 👏 🙌 congrats!!!! You guys kicked our butts. Nuff said

  • Anthony Mansoor
    Anthony Mansoor Year ago +15

    Loved it Rich!! Loved the win and your reaction. Still beaming about it. Now go beat Iowa and GO BLUE!

  • QBAN2010
    QBAN2010 Year ago +1

    This is unadulterated joy that is seldom heard in sports talk! Thanks, Rich….enjoy every moment!

  • J P
    J P Year ago +36

    Rich’s smack talk is still somewhat polite. 😂😂😂😂

  • Da Hook
    Da Hook Year ago +2

    Happy 2 see Rich smiling & excited about the victory. Still only won 3 times since 2000. Got 2 come 2 The Shoe. Congrats to Michigan. Win the B1G Championship & The Natti. Make this victory mean something. Go Bucks !

  • Poison Nut
    Poison Nut Year ago +6

    Congrats! You always have given OSU credit over the years, so I can respect that for sure as a Buckeye fan!

  • David Albers
    David Albers Year ago +18

    Congratulations Mr. Eisen. I loved the reaction and the unbridled JOY!

  • Caleb Larsen
    Caleb Larsen Year ago +2

    Congrats to Michigan fans. As a BYU fan, I can relate with you guys this year.

  • Ouchman421
    Ouchman421 Year ago

    As an Auburn fan I know that feeling. You can lose all the other games the whole year but that one rivalry game has its own meaning. Great to hear him describe his feelings.

  • Zach e J
    Zach e J 6 months ago +1

    It was an amazing feeling, not just beating them, but pushing them around and scoring multiple touchdowns near the end of the game when they couldn't. They were finished before the game was over and it was just awesome to see.

  • Treetrunk Thompson
    Treetrunk Thompson Year ago +1

    I have supported Harbaugh since day one I'm super stoked for him the staff and those kids! GO BLUE!

  • Zach
    Zach Year ago

    I am new to his show and I have been rooting for Michigan this year. And to see him as passionate about them as this makes me so excited to see them possibly win a championship this year.

  • Hank
    Hank Year ago +8

    I'm so happy for Rich. Congrats my guy and congrats to Michigan

  • Kevin Collins
    Kevin Collins Year ago +9

    Hey Rich, Although I’m a spartan fan, I am really happy for you. Enjoy this huge win and best of luck in the Championship game!

  • Eric Meeuwsen
    Eric Meeuwsen Year ago +16

    I grew up going to Michigan Stadium ever since I can remember (mid 1970s) during the heart of the 10 year war admiring Bo and Bob Ufer. In the early 90s I was fortunate enough to be a student at the premiere university in this country and even somehow finally graduated from U-M. As a kid, and especially as a student, I've been a part of so many great University of Michigan experiences (was even in the same fraternity as the late great Bob Ufer) I honestly thought I had seen and felt all the glory possible. I am not the wordsmith Rich Eisen (who reminds me of Ufer a bit) is but this win over Ohio State and the overall atmosphere ranks up there with best i can remember. I haven't felt like this since I was a student. Anyway, well said Rich and a big salute to all my fellow Michigan Men and Michigan Women everywhere.

  • Anthony Phouthakhanty
    Anthony Phouthakhanty Year ago +16

    I'm a Michigan and Jets fan like Rich. I can't wait for the Jets to win a playoff game to see his reaction.

  • Anthony E
    Anthony E Year ago +5

    Buckeye here. Love your show and you've been a good sport every year after the game so I felt obligated to sit through this whole video and listen to your enjoyment. Well played.

  • Kevin The Traveling Country Boy

    Congrats Rich and congrats to Coach Harbaugh from a Tennessee fan living in Ohio that hates hearing the aOSU fan base yapping every year. You've made all of the rest of us very pleased.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G Year ago +4

    As a Michigan fan to my Ohio State friends, please don't be mad or aggravated by Rich, a true MI fan. Just smile and let him have his day. I'm sure Ryan Day will prop next year's MI-OS Game Clock in gold lights today counting down to next year where you'll probably throttle us for revenge. You've owned us for most of the past 20 years so be satisfied.😊

  • ryan herron
    ryan herron Year ago +2

    Rich This is so great I love your passion and your unapologetic joy it was such a great day. Gotta pay it off today.

  • DEFCON 2
    DEFCON 2 6 months ago +1

    I just had to come back hear a year later after another Michgan beat down of O-St. Rich says everything that I feel. He makes me feel warm inside. Go Blue...

  • Drew Chupp
    Drew Chupp Year ago +10

    As a ND fan congrats to Michigan and boy would I love a matchup with my Irish in the playoffs if it happens to shake out that way! Go Irish!☘️

    • Grizzlyman
      Grizzlyman Year ago +1

      How the he'll you guys lost to Cincinnati? That team doesn't belong in the top 10 let alone top 4

    • Mike Schmidt
      Mike Schmidt Year ago +2

      @Grizzlyman yeah, they're 23-1 over the last two seasons for no good reason, Clown.

    • John Galt
      John Galt Year ago

      When's your conference championship game?

    • samuel gainey
      samuel gainey Year ago +1

      I'm rooting for your Irish because if you played Cincinnati again, y'all beat the brakes off of them. Notre Dame is a totally different team since then. They got a physical front 7 and they can run the ball with play action.

    • jayngo26
      jayngo26 Year ago

      That would be an EPIC playoff! Talk about college football history! So much history and success with both schools!

  • Mike Rotonda
    Mike Rotonda Year ago +5

    We did it rich!! I was tearing after this game! This was the most complete game I have seen us play in YEARS!! we DOMINATED that game from start to finish!! We held that offense to 27 points.... We didn't punt.. Once.. Every time they scored, we answered with a TD drive!! I am so proud of these kids! I am so proud of Michigan!! We belong at the big boy table with the Adults!!! We belong in the conversation for the national title!!!! GO BLUE!!!

  • Colin Peart
    Colin Peart Year ago +57

    As soon as I saw the result, I was looking forward to seeing this. Fantastic

  • Softlock
    Softlock Year ago +18

    As a former OSUMB member, and obviously Ohio State fan, I was waiting for this moment, because after enjoying Rich for years being sad, i'm just as happy if not more happy to see him so excited and finally get some rejoice. It was especially hilarious him discussing the playoff complaining. I hope you enjoy it but lose to Iowa. :D I have tears from laughing with him.

    • andrew norris
      andrew norris Year ago

      You dont really mean that
      And we will blow up IOWA

    • Wuss Restbrook
      Wuss Restbrook Year ago +1

      @andrew norris iowa always upsets ppl off big wins but ok

    • JonnyBGood
      JonnyBGood Year ago

      Which Rich are you referring too! RR destroyed our program for practically 20 years!

    • Sai
      Sai Year ago

      @Wuss Restbrook LOL Iowa got absolutely DESTROYED

    • Sawyer Northrop
      Sawyer Northrop Year ago

      @Sai I'm a Michigan fan and I'm kinda disappointed

  • Loubandz313
    Loubandz313 Year ago

    In my 26 years of Michigan football I have never felt better in my life. Let’s go win it all!!!

  • CLA
    CLA Year ago +1

    I love Rich! Absolutely a true Michigan Man.

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount Year ago +11

    Damn right, take that Ohio State!

  • David Harris
    David Harris Year ago +3

    As a Buckeye fan, all I can say is congrats. You done whipped us. The Wolverines wanted it more. Enjoy this victory now because it'll be another 10 year or more before you win again. For now, I know the feeling after suffering the Cooper years. ENJOY!

  • Grim Grey
    Grim Grey Year ago +18

    "I drank your milkshake! I DRANK IT UP!" lmao! Love that reference. Well done Wolverines!

  • 14th Street Productions

    saw that victory and was so happy for you rich. you earned every single second of this! enjoy it!

  • Rational Thought
    Rational Thought Year ago +1

    I was also a Freshman at Michigan in 1986. I share that loyalty to Harbaugh, and other established Michigan Men. Glad it paid off.

  • LJ Wall
    LJ Wall Year ago +3

    I love this man, from one Wolverine to another

  • David Brown
    David Brown Year ago +1

    I have been a Michigan Wolverine fan for 40 years. After we beat Western Michigan, I new then, this was going to be the YEAR we finally get to where Michigan Football should have been for the last 10 years. To the top of the mountain. No doubt in my mind we can beat Alabama this year. Get us to the Championship game and bring it home for the WOLVERINES BABY! GO BLUE!

  • hawx_23
    hawx_23 Year ago

    Rich Eisen and that entire crew are a national treasure

  • Alhambra Project
    Alhambra Project Year ago

    That victory ✌ does feel better every day. It was our superbowl. One of greatest moments my life.

  • Roger Goetz
    Roger Goetz Year ago +6

    Rich, feels absolutely amazing right!?! It was an amazing game

  • Jim Meno
    Jim Meno Year ago +1

    This was the best 16 minutes of my week!!!! Great job Rich........

  • Allie Ryan
    Allie Ryan 6 months ago +2

    I’m ready for your reaction this year! Go blue! Again no one thought we had a chance and we destroyed them again!

  • Johnny Pilutti
    Johnny Pilutti Year ago +7

    Hi, an OSU fan here. I’ve finally come to terms with the loss, it wasn’t our year. UM was the better team and absolutely earned that win.

    • John Brubaker
      John Brubaker Year ago

      Impressive. Grace and sportsmanship make.sports truly great.

  • Bruce Gurski
    Bruce Gurski Year ago +1

    Love this story! Go Blue, well said literally this is exactly how I have felt since the game was over and it never ends to this day, lets win another, then another, then another to close it out! 1st thing first win this Saturday!.Go Blue!

  • NJ Mike
    NJ Mike Year ago

    I loved this season of college football, the playoff ratings are going to the moon!

  • Jacob Weisenfluh
    Jacob Weisenfluh Year ago +83

    That "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE" has been brewing within Rich for years

  • jamal harii
    jamal harii Year ago

    As a buckeye fan I like seeing the raw emotion,happy for y’all

  • Darin Whitehead
    Darin Whitehead Year ago +1

    I never knew Rich eisen was such a Michigan fan like me.... Born and raised just below the A2... I've seen all the great ones play there live.... Including JH... I live in Florida now but still represent every day!!!!. I am now going to try to listen to his podcast everyday lol and he's right every Michigan fan feels like this right now after that glorious win ...I pray they win it all !!!! Go Blue!... And as always.... It's great... To be..... A Michigan Wolverine!!!!

    • Otávio Ferreira
      Otávio Ferreira 6 months ago

      Rich can be a new yorker by birth, but he is as much a fan of Michigan as anyone who is born and raised there

  • Bryant Foster
    Bryant Foster Year ago +1

    I love Michigan I’m too happy to worry about the past or dog OSU. I’m just proud of the team. Thank you Jim Harbaugh your the right guy for Michigan I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said in the past about you 💙 You are a good coach you just needed time. Rome wasn’t built overnight