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Taking our Baby Girl Home for the FIRST TIME!

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Taking our Baby Girl Home for the FIRST TIME!
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    Meet our BABY PRINCESS! She's Finally Here
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    Taking our Baby Girl Home for the FIRST TIME!
    • Taking our Baby G...
    The Royalty Family
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  • The Royalty Family
    The Royalty Family  Month ago +16742

    Like HERE if this video made you Smile 😊

  • Royalty Gaming
    Royalty Gaming Month ago +14530

    Who Else Thinks Baby Blu Amal is Beautiful!!!

  • Vanessa Varela
    Vanessa Varela Month ago +75

    This is so touching and heart warming . I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see how Ferran and Milan react to their new princess ❤ sending you much love and blessings.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Month ago +50

    Love how He always appreciates her and remind her how beautiful she's always

  • Amir edits
    Amir edits Month ago +20

    Andrea is so lucky to have a husband like Ali he’s been supporting her every second of her 9 months and has been caring for her my mom had to go through it alone I’m glad their happy

  • Aziz Feer
    Aziz Feer Month ago +76

    Let’s take a moment and appreciate Ali for taking care of this beautiful baby❤❤

  • Valerie Oyadina
    Valerie Oyadina Month ago +1

    I’m so happy for you guys. Congrats on the new baby love you guys! ❤and can’t wait to get her home to see her siblings

  • Lorena Mahecha
    Lorena Mahecha Month ago +51

    Im six months pregnant, and also I am migrant currently living in Australia. I wish with my heart to have my mom here wheteaver my baby is coming. Im so excited to see Ita Mile's reaction. Of course, crying since the begining. Que bendición que pueden compartir esto como familia. Saludos!!!

  • Ayana Engle
    Ayana Engle Month ago +36

    aw, that letter was so kind of you Ali! I cant wait to see Ferran and Milans reaction to the new princess in the fam. Love you all and hope baby Blu Amal stays healthy, and of course adorable.

    • Wayne
      Wayne Month ago

      this is my dream I always wanted a baby sister I always wanted to be a big sister

    • sang vo ba
      sang vo ba Month ago


  • Madison B Scott
    Madison B Scott Month ago

    I literally just love you guys the support and care like you can feel the loving energy ❤

  • Leafy Animations
    Leafy Animations Month ago +70

    It's just insane how far they got. Congrats on the new baby love you guys! ❤

    • JDM Fanboy
      JDM Fanboy Month ago


    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago +1


    PLEU PLATE Month ago

    Congratulations to your family! Welcome to the world baby Blu!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +578

    She is so beautiful

    • CallMehSillyxLazy
      CallMehSillyxLazy 15 days ago

      I agree😊💖

    • Dominick Melina
      Dominick Melina Month ago

      She is beautiful I love you with all my heart I know I’m not family but still I love her with all my heart I’m glad that she made it through birth because some babies do not survive birth

    • Md Sayed
      Md Sayed Month ago


    • siva siva
      siva siva Month ago


    • Syeda Banu
      Syeda Banu Month ago

      I agree

  • essie.
    essie. Month ago +19

    such a beautiful lovely baby. Blu looks just like a Andrea :) thank you Andrea for holding this precious baby for 9 months. You're amazing. Stay Royalty 💗

  • mary ann Kim
    mary ann Kim Month ago +17

    I can’t wait to get her home to see her siblings

  • francisgames_202
    francisgames_202 Month ago +3

    Muy hermosa la bebé, DIOS la bendiga muchísimo y a su familia preciosa. La sangre de CRISTO Jesús los cubra , los proteja!!!.

  • Rachel Bakker-Smithy
    Rachel Bakker-Smithy Month ago +31

    Oh, my goodness. Blu Amal is beautiful, and the love Ali shows to Andrea is just so gorgeous!!!

    ESTHER Month ago

    So Beautiful 🥰🥰 Welcome to the world Baby Blu. Love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Cupcake girl 9097
    Cupcake girl 9097 Month ago +362

    Let's take a moment and appreciate Andrea for taking care of this beautiful baby ❣️

    • Zimram Mzandi
      Zimram Mzandi Month ago


    • Sushi Mello
      Sushi Mello Month ago +2

      @Jaliyah It‘s normal to take care of your baby to abandon it isn’t

    • Jaliyah
      Jaliyah Month ago +1

      @Sushi Mello Wtf some baby's get abandon when they are born🙄😪

    • AJUZIE G, D&D
      AJUZIE G, D&D Month ago +1


    • Alexandre Martins
      Alexandre Martins Month ago +1

      *Currently Taking a Moment while smiling with cuteness*

  • Godofredo Blanco
    Godofredo Blanco Month ago +1

    I can't wait to see the matching outfits of baby blu Amal and Andrea together❤🎉

  • siennashortsyt
    siennashortsyt Month ago +7

    5 hours.. (later) I was laughing So hard when Mile said that - 😂❤

  • Beckie Pine
    Beckie Pine Month ago

    I'm so excited to see her grow

  • Elena
    Elena Month ago +29

    Can we just be happy how like mothers are like “we need more baby clothes! ” but Andrea was like no no thats the first time I’ve seen a mother like that❤❤

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    It’s the first baby I’ve ever seen calm!!😊

  • Avery Wallace
    Avery Wallace Month ago +378

    Andreas mom finally has a granddaughter so cute 🥹❤️😢🥺

  • Ruth Alvarado
    Ruth Alvarado Month ago +5

    She’s so adorable

  • Daniel Franco
    Daniel Franco Month ago +3

    After like a year without watching y’all I came back and I am happy for y’all ❤

  • Angela Davies
    Angela Davies Month ago +1

    I'm so happy for you both and the kids. ❤️🥳🙈🙉🙊💚💛🧡❤️

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores Month ago +2

    Blue Amal looks so beautiful with the little purple bow. She matches the outfit like Andrea 💜💜💜

  • Daibryanna Pascascio

    Congrats on the new baby love you guys! ❤

  • Cynthia Padilla
    Cynthia Padilla Month ago +160

    Can we appreciate the fact that Royalty fam never fails to entertain us

    • Harper Plance
      Harper Plance Month ago

      guys people like this type in every vid of theres

    • Avery
      Avery Month ago


    • James Rainey
      James Rainey Month ago

      Wtf Same I was just scrolling and saw this pp 😐😐😐

    • Abdiwadud Elmi
      Abdiwadud Elmi Month ago

      What’s with the pfp😂

  • Nove Rani
    Nove Rani Month ago +2

    she's so cute and adorable 😭❤️❤️

  • Yuli Premista
    Yuli Premista Month ago

    Congratulations both of you guys..Ali and Andrea for your new baby Blu Amal.. she's so pretty baby💖🥀

  • The Jays
    The Jays Month ago +1

    Andrea was so strong for us and her family knowing Princessa passed away

  • Black Beauty Channel

    This is A Bunch of Joy in your home congratulations to you aww the baby is so adorable

  • Ruby.BTS123
    Ruby.BTS123 Month ago +200

    SHE IS SO ADORABLE!!! I love her new baby outfit with her name on it! I'm so happy for you, I wish you the best for you're beautiful baby blu. ❤️

  • roblox _leben
    roblox _leben Month ago +1

    Blu Amal is so Gorgeus 🥰 I love the name ❤️ I hope your family is gonna grow ❤❤ God bless you guys 🥰

  • Eren _Yeager
    Eren _Yeager Month ago +2

    Congratulations 👏👏 she is so adorable!!!

  • EyeDesire
    EyeDesire Month ago

    Such a sweet husband I’m glad you have someone like him hoping one day I’ll have this too godbless you guys hope to meet you someday

  • Bernadette Huntz
    Bernadette Huntz Month ago +18

    The love that you guys have for her shines through the screen and touches my heart. I felt like I was there. You guys are an amazing family❤❤❤


    What a happy and touching video. Happiness to parents and good health to the baby! !!

  • •𝐠𝐲𝐦𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐬𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐲•

    I literally cried the entire video ❤️. I have been here since 3k subscribers. I’ve watched your family grow so much 💕 Andrea and Ali came a very long way 🥹. Congrats Andrea. Welcome Blu Amal ❤️🥰

  • SirWilken
    SirWilken Month ago +4

    Andrea is adorable when she cries just like Blu Amal and welcome to the world of Earth little princess❤️

  • Kendra J Cervantes
    Kendra J Cervantes Month ago +8

    Congratulations guys!!! ❤ I would love to see her grow just like I did with Milan! ❤ BTW blu Amal has the same birthday as me!!! ❤ Mine: 01/10/2013 ❤ BLU’s : 01/10/2023 ❤

  • Mama Eve Mphepo
    Mama Eve Mphepo 5 days ago +1

    Blu Amal looks like Milan like you can even tell well I guess Andrea dream came true she finally has a daughter now ❤❤❤❤❤❤Omg it's so cute that Ali and Andrea is letting Ferran to bond with the little sister that's so sweet of you guys ❤❤❤ when Blu Amal is a little bit bigger you should go somewhere nice like you you went to the Bahamas this time go somewhere I love your videos they make me smile 😊😁 continue with the amazing video love from Evelyn 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    EDNA ACHIENG Month ago +2

    Congratulations 🎉 she so adorable 🥰🥰

  • Slay!
    Slay! Month ago

    I can’t wait to watch her grow like the rest!

  • L Rogers
    L Rogers Month ago +279

    I appreciate how kind Ali is after he knew what Andrea had to go through giving birth

    • George Preece_bmx
      George Preece_bmx Month ago +2


    • Ana Vasquez
      Ana Vasquez Month ago +5

      I think that doesn’t go unnoticed, always so sweet and im here for it 🙏🏽😩🥰

    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago +2


  • Kaleigh Beverly
    Kaleigh Beverly Month ago

    I got delusional, royalty, family. She looks so adorable. I want to see her like every single video. I love y’all issues as a new member in your family and make something a part of your journey. We love royalty family.🎉❤

  • Hunter Humphries
    Hunter Humphries Month ago +2

    Congratulations guys!!🎉

  • Mabelle Sacay
    Mabelle Sacay Month ago

    She's so adorable 🥰

  • Buzgau Alexandra Maria

    That’s too cute!😍😍

  • G Zaman
    G Zaman Month ago +12

    مبروك أندريا أنك تستحق مثل هذه الابنة اللطيفة باركها الله ولها حياة جيدة حقًا

  • Preppygworl:)
    Preppygworl:) Month ago +58

    Congratulations Andrea! Sending positive energy to your family😊

  • Cion Burton
    Cion Burton Month ago +1

    Congratulations 🎊 guys she's gorgeous 🥰

  • ㅟㅁ미Bts army 💜

    Congratulations Andrea baby blu looks so beautiful and healthy ❤❤ take care ❤❤

  • Dara Nguyen
    Dara Nguyen Month ago

    Omg! Boy boy girl! You’re just like my family! Congrats guys!😊❤

  • Aviahs life
    Aviahs life Month ago +2


  • Emma Barnett
    Emma Barnett Month ago +1

    Soo cute 😍 💕

  • Mohavic Delofficial
    Mohavic Delofficial Month ago +136

    Baby Amal is so cute I love her already I can’t wait for her to grow up with Milan and Ferran I hope she has a bright future. Andrea is such a strong women. I respect her and Ali too for your guys hard work 🙏❤️

    • Melissa Martinez
      Melissa Martinez Month ago

      God please take care of blu Thank you for bringing her to this world amen😊

    • Fono Fono
      Fono Fono Month ago +1

      Same 🙏🏽 AMEN

    • Pokè-Jax
      Pokè-Jax Month ago +1


    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago +1


    • Burger
      Burger Month ago +2


  • Angel t
    Angel t Month ago

    Congratulations Guys We hope you guys are all doing well and safe

  • Aesthetic kid 😇😇

    Omg! Baby blu is so beautiful and when her grandma picked her up and fed her, I started crying! We are so happy for you guys and Andrea great job! We love you guys!

  • The everything fan
    The everything fan 3 days ago

    When her eyes were open she looked super beautiful

  • Thought less
    Thought less Month ago +21

    I love how they find a way to put comedy in everything 😂

  • Jose Styles22
    Jose Styles22 Month ago

    So Cute ❤ ❤😊

  • patricia jamal
    patricia jamal Month ago +120

    I pray to God when it’s my time to have my babies I have a partner who supports and takes care of me like Ali takes care of Andrea. Definitely makes the experience easier and more enjoyable. Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sou Ing
    Sou Ing Month ago +2

    Congrats she's so precious and adorable.

  • xNea
    xNea Month ago

    Blu reminds me of me! I have two older brothers and I’m the youngest!and the only girl in the family! (Besides my mom) I can’t wait to see her grow up!

  • Foxy land
    Foxy land Month ago +1

    5:35 The fact when the baby sneezed so cute 🥰

  • AdventuresOfBella and Angel

    We definitely need an update from ferrans and milans reaction!

  • Badbunny
    Badbunny Month ago +1

    Congratulations 🎊

  • Abdiwadud Elmi
    Abdiwadud Elmi Month ago +63

    Congrats, I’ve never been more happy for you guys in my life. Welcome baby blu Amal 💙

  • Maritza Alvarez-Dillanes

    Congratulations for the Birth of your Beautiful baby. May God bless your beautiful family.

  • ⚽️rhys.dabeast⚽️

    I can’t wait to see Milan and ferran’s reaction🎉🎉🎉

  • Gracey Max
    Gracey Max 23 days ago +1

    There's nothing more precious than new life


    Your baby is so beautiful, congrats

  • ☻ Miss Mixii ☻
    ☻ Miss Mixii ☻ Month ago

    She’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you guys sending love and blessings ❤

  • Mehmet Öztürk
    Mehmet Öztürk Month ago +1124

    I was sure last year would end badly for me but I think Amazons LPA23X is spot on with what they do and how they do it. Can't say for how long it's going to work and for sure it is overyhped right now but even for half a year or something it would be smart to ride the wave and then jump away eventually but the thing is why this is smart right now is because it's so cheap, won't ever find a better entry than now

    • Zamuto
      Zamuto Month ago


    • Rich W
      Rich W Month ago


    • Rich W
      Rich W Month ago


    • Rich W
      Rich W Month ago

      You’re so beautiful and I’m so happy for you baby blu my blessing is a girl and healthy

    • Star the Persian cat
      Star the Persian cat Month ago


  • Arfa Mohsin
    Arfa Mohsin Month ago +2

    Omgg she is so precious!!, And of course this video made me smile,She is soo beautiful!!!

  • 🌈s w e e t b e l l🌻

    U guys are a blessed family with amazing healthy children

  • Gillian Aitchison
    Gillian Aitchison Month ago

    Cute 🥰

  • Obvigia👻
    Obvigia👻 Month ago

    CONGRATS ANDREA AND ALI! Welcome to this beautiful world baby BLU AMAL! I love her round face SOOOOO much!!
    Andrea is really lucky to have you ali! This family is precious. Remember to always believe in god and chase your dreams!

  • Fan girl 123💖😉

    Congrats 👏💐

  • ♡Grace♡
    ♡Grace♡ Month ago +139

    Honestly can't believe you have a daughter!! I remember when you did Milans gender reveal , the fact he's gonna be 3 this year is unreal!!! Blu is absolutely adorable! We love you Blu!

    • mandy smit
      mandy smit Month ago +1

      @Tropical Sundae yea

    • ♡Grace♡
      ♡Grace♡ Month ago +2

      @Tropical Sundae plus the normal spelling is Blue 🤷‍♀️ they just chose to spell it Blu

    • Tropical Sundae
      Tropical Sundae Month ago +2

      @♡Grace♡ Exactly people make such a big deal over it

    • ♡Grace♡
      ♡Grace♡ Month ago +5

      @KC it's called AUTOCORRECT

    • KC
      KC Month ago +3

      @Grace BLU

  • Renny O
    Renny O Month ago

    Oh my gosh congratulations!!❤

  • Peter Ghobrial
    Peter Ghobrial Month ago

    OMG!! I can't wait until Ferran and Milan see Blu Amal she is so cute 😘☺

  • ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴄᴏʀᴇ ᴍᴇ

    When this girl is grown up she’s gonna be a queen

  • Zeiah gaming
    Zeiah gaming Month ago


  • Tina Davis
    Tina Davis Month ago

    A Family blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

  • ilonka  Joubert
    ilonka Joubert Month ago +47

    Baby Blu Amal is gorguesss. So happy she came out healthy. Cant wait to see Ferran and Milan's reaction

  • LillyPlays💖
    LillyPlays💖 Month ago +4

    Congratulations on your baby girl! Shes so cute, she's just so beautiful! 😭❤

  • Alamin Alamin
    Alamin Alamin Month ago +1

    I cant with to see blu amal grow up with her amazing brothers and parents!!!!!!

  • Luners Biggest Fan
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    Not JokerX✓ Month ago +2

    She makes me smile 😊

  • Morenikeji Rose
    Morenikeji Rose Month ago

    what an amazing experience in having new born baby at your home, congratulations

  • Edits only
    Edits only Month ago +76

    🥰 she’s adorable 🥰 I wish she’s always happy and lucky! Welcome Blu Amal 🎉❤

  • areesya izarra
    areesya izarra Month ago

    Stay healthy royalty fam!
    Blu Amal is so cute and beautiful

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    Aww congratulations ❤️❤️

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    Janet Yusuf Month ago +1

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