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  • Russ S
    Russ S 2 months ago +173103

    The amount of relief this poor girl felt had to be incredible.
    You provide so much relief and comfort for these creatures. God bless you.

    • sudanema mimikiki
      sudanema mimikiki 2 months ago +880

      This same comment is on every single video like this...

    • WD
      WD 2 months ago +339

      ​@sudanema mimikiki I agree, what's the deal?

    • sudanema mimikiki
      sudanema mimikiki 2 months ago +271

      @WD clout chasing

    • ____
      ____ 2 months ago +221

      @sudanema mimikiki you know people can have the same ideas.

    • sudanema mimikiki
      sudanema mimikiki 2 months ago +173

      @____ with the same exact words typed on same type of videos as exact copies of each other?
      Talk about being an npc...

  • Stoney Doomer
    Stoney Doomer 19 days ago +5169

    Not everyone would have the stomach for this job. You’re doing a wonderful service.

    • Zebra
      Zebra 16 days ago +39

      I don't even have the stomach to watch this video, people who can do these jobs will always impress me

    • Adebayo Olumide
      Adebayo Olumide 16 days ago +6

      My stomach hurt

    • Don W
      Don W 15 days ago +14

      It's one of those jobs, no really wants to do but someone has to do it. We all can't be youtube heroes.

    • CatMan
      CatMan 14 days ago +1

      🤢🤮🤮🤮God bless em I could never😅😂

    • Claudio Fernandes
      Claudio Fernandes 14 days ago +1

      Muito bom,tratar o bixinho!

  • Debra Evans
    Debra Evans 17 days ago +1079

    Unbelievable how huge the void was. She must have been in awful pain. So glad u were able to help her

    • gustawek
      gustawek Day ago +3

      There are no nerves in hooves, so she did not feel pain.

    • Guciom
      Guciom Day ago +2

      @gustawek Might not been pain but it was clearly uncomfortable. Like if your big toe suddenly went numb.

  • -bugz-
    -bugz- Month ago +15851

    For a second, I forgot it was a hoof and thought it was a fruit of some sort-
    I'm glad she's feeling better

  • stashagarcia101
    stashagarcia101 13 days ago +125

    Poor baby. Am grateful you were able to remove this abscess from her

  • Deer 🦌
    Deer 🦌 17 days ago +114

    Not all heroes wear capes, u did a good job my man

  • Zachary Martire
    Zachary Martire Month ago +5092

    Very glad to see someone caring for this beautiful creature!

    • kl0wce
      kl0wce Month ago +7

      Was the red shit meat? If so goddamn but I'm just not sure

    • Roguefire
      Roguefire Month ago +2

      People don’t take care of me when they reject the truth I have to offer which would help them, but they care more about an animal that doesn’t put them to the test

    • Gravity [Faodail17]
      Gravity [Faodail17] Month ago +25

      @Roguefire let me guess, youre 14?

    • just a dead dude
      just a dead dude Month ago +11

      @Gravity [Faodail17] probably

    • Archit
      Archit Month ago +3

      ​@Gravity [Faodail17] hahaha

  • Sepsis kills
    Sepsis kills 16 days ago +39

    The poor cow must be happy to not have all that pressure it looked so painful I'm glad all drained and cleaned & wrapped up. One happy cow now thank you

  • Tania Peteh
    Tania Peteh 5 days ago +10

    So happy there’s people as yourself that look after these sweet creatures. Glad you found the problem and she will be feeling so much better by now. Awesome job💙

  • Datbish Boo
    Datbish Boo Month ago +31079

    The cow at the end of the video looks so relieved yet confused like”thank you but I have no idea what you’ve just done to me “💀(for those who seem very worried about how I’ve come to this conclusion, I will have you know that I AM a cow whisperer and you can be jelouse abt it all u want babes)

    • Supreme
      Supreme Month ago +125

      2.4k likes and no replies? well heres one

    • Sincerely,
      Sincerely, Month ago +155

      That picture was before the cow got treated lol

    • Mori Mori
      Mori Mori Month ago +248

      @Sincerely, people like to believe they have a magical connection to animals when all the animals see is what’s going on

    • Inrglctc
      Inrglctc Month ago +13


  • Tom Blake
    Tom Blake 19 days ago +122

    I decided to skip lunch today and was feeling pretty hungry. My hunger is now gone thanks to this video.

  • 小泉桐子
    小泉桐子 12 days ago +33


  • Acklord
    Acklord Month ago +4904

    For people wondering if this hurts the cow: Yes, but not as much as it looks. Plus, in the long run it helps the cow. It's not an unbearable pain as the hoof goes way deeper than that. So it's more like a small fleshwound. But this needs to be done otherwise that cavity would either get infected or continue to worsen.

    • GeocentricPlane
      GeocentricPlane Month ago +116

      I always wondered how people know the amount of pain the cows actually feel

    • Nora
      Nora Month ago +29

      ​@GeocentricPlane its quite obvious

    • crinkly love stick
      crinkly love stick Month ago +145

      ​@GeocentricPlane when youre with them every day and learn their individual personalities, it becomes obvious.

  • Bust it op3n23
    Bust it op3n23 16 days ago +47

    Animals are intelligent we all as beings on this planet have reactions to pain and this cow obviously was reacting and now she is fine we are all connected

  • Daisy Bernal Quecano
    Daisy Bernal Quecano 12 days ago +7

    Pobresita le dolerá terriblemente ,ojalá se cure pronto ya q ese tratamiento se ve perfecto❤

  • xVacunaVenomx
    xVacunaVenomx Month ago +3429

    Ouch! That looks like it would be so painful. Glad she's all fixed up!

    • Dyna Might
      Dyna Might Month ago +5

      Why they didn't wash it first??

    • Pridefulprince
      Pridefulprince Month ago +30

      ​@Dyna Might that's what the the stuff they put on their was for

    • Notanarco
      Notanarco Month ago +15

      You think it’s painful when they slit their throats and eat them

    • Danngo
      Danngo Month ago +65

      @Notanarco they taste great

    • Notanarco
      Notanarco Month ago +5

      @Danngo i know

  • Chichi Dusanek
    Chichi Dusanek 6 days ago +3

    poor baby.. bet it felt so good to finally have that taken care of!!

  • Truth Reigns Forever
    Truth Reigns Forever 5 hours ago

    So soothing seeing the cow being tended to. Surely she knows and appreciates and loves ya! ❤

  • Leia Allen
    Leia Allen Month ago +9033

    Poor baby! You do such an incredible, valuable service, I'm sure she would thank you herself if she could!

  • royal mcmorris
    royal mcmorris 6 days ago

    God bless you doing gods work for the animals that feed us

  • Ms. Melabee
    Ms. Melabee 19 days ago

    Poor girl thank goodness you were able to help!!!

  • Alga Pontiana
    Alga Pontiana Month ago +24698

    I was a vet tech for 5 years have helped with trimmings like this before. The fact the cow isn't bellowing from her hoove being touched just shows how well handled they have been and probably how much relief you gave her from getting that out

    • 緑S
      緑S Month ago +910

      exactly, she understands this is a safe thing for her. and that after this she gets to go back out and feel better. that wouldn't be the case without them being previously cared for in this way.

    • X3NO!
      X3NO! Month ago +174

      @緑S or they just put the cow to sleep …

    • Curt O
      Curt O Month ago +48

      @X3NO! probably did lol

  • Latte On Paws! (/-\)
    Latte On Paws! (/-\) 6 minutes ago

    How much relief she must have felt.. thank you for helping these poor weak animals, you are amazing

  • Sukanya Dutta
    Sukanya Dutta 17 days ago +1

    Good job God bless you

  • Anna Burns
    Anna Burns Month ago +1718

    She has no way of relieving this pain herself. She needed you. This is what it means to be cared for.

    • Reception Crasher
      Reception Crasher Month ago +10

      No shit Sherlock, great detective work. As if he already didn't explain that in the video 😂

    • Dr. Pyssinshytz
      Dr. Pyssinshytz Month ago +17

      just remember this is how most of your meat and dairy is produced. the small American farm is now almost nonexistent.

    • Raymond Fryar
      Raymond Fryar Month ago


    • Doom
      Doom Month ago +15

      @Reception Crasher everything okay at home?

      LUNA-LAZULI Month ago +11

      @Doom he’s just mad that nobody in his life helps him burst

  • Resolutionary Being
    Resolutionary Being 2 days ago

    Thanks for helping to relieve her pain. Love to you.

  • Diana
    Diana 6 days ago

    Bless you for doing this kind of work for these cows. Great job!!!

  • Kitty
    Kitty Month ago +3283

    Bless her for being so strong through this. Thank you for your kind touch.

    • Prospect Spectator
      Prospect Spectator Month ago +3

      bruh it’s a cow

    • spooky
      spooky Month ago +33

      @Prospect Spectator we know?? you do realize cows can feel emotions and are sentient beings right

    • Toast Malone
      Toast Malone Month ago +5

      ​@spooky i love my cows medium rare

    • Sarah
      Sarah Month ago +3

      ​@momo mc. thotty wtf? They feel pain.

    • Vergil
      Vergil Month ago +1

      ​@momo mc. thottyOkay but we do lmao. Well, you don't.

  • Logotha Ironsides
    Logotha Ironsides 14 days ago

    Ooh poor darling moo. I hope she recovered fully.

  • Nothing Better 2 Do Then Reply 2 You..

    Oh, Poor girl!
    So happy to see someone care and be able to do this, kudos to you!👏

  • Beelzebubz
    Beelzebubz 2 months ago +7494

    Even with the best care, things like this can be easily missed. Especially if it started internally, animals are really good at toughing through things unless it gets to be too much. Hope she feels better

    • Edward
      Edward Month ago +20

      Then it’s not the best care 🤨

    • Lord Jordan
      Lord Jordan Month ago +399

      @Edward people aren’t psychics, animals can’t always tell us what hurts and how to help, and we make mistakes. Especially when something is internal, it’s very difficult to find and fix. How about you try that job before you start judging them doing there best to take care of these animals.

    • Edward
      Edward Month ago +7

      @Lord Jordan very difficult or impossible? No excuses lil bro

    • Lord Jordan
      Lord Jordan Month ago +206

      @Edward we’re human we make mistakes, unless you’d like to tell me that you’ve never made a single mistake

  • Billie Marie Pashia
    Billie Marie Pashia 14 days ago

    Thank God you got to her so she was given relief.
    Poor baby.

  • girlmastergeneral
    girlmastergeneral 17 days ago

    What a great farmer

  • Amaya Young
    Amaya Young Month ago +5728

    The amount of pain that this poor cow probably felt. I am so glad that you were able to help her

    • Tom Brown
      Tom Brown Month ago +14

      The trimming procedure should not be painful for the cow, provided that the correct amount of hoof is removed (not cutting into their delicate quick), and the hooves are each leveled appropriately for comfortable walking. Although the process isn't painful, trimming will certainly not be their favorite activity

    • flowwy
      flowwy Month ago +119

      ​@Tom Brown i'm pretty sure they were talking about the pressure and the cavity

    • Shicago
      Shicago Month ago +29

      Umm yeah she's probably a new york steak now

    • Tschaiga
      Tschaiga Month ago +18

      @Shicago yummy

    • Link Link
      Link Link Month ago +5

      but she's gonna be killed anyway tho.

  • Charlie Bone
    Charlie Bone 7 days ago

    Poor thing. I hope she is OK now 😊

  • 24934637
    24934637 7 days ago

    OMG, poor thing! Glad that she got sorted out!

  • Laura Hess
    Laura Hess Month ago +3474

    That poor cow must have been really suffering. Thank you for helping her! 💜

    • Penguinox
      Penguinox Month ago +27

      Helping her stay caged up in a small cell just a little longer ❤❤

    • Jeff Hagerman
      Jeff Hagerman Month ago +20

      OK, if you want to call acres of pasture being "caged up".
      Just strolling around, eating all day, hanging out with all of your bovine buds?
      Who is actually the caged one? Us or them?

    • LinkEX
      LinkEX Month ago +9

      @Jeff Hagerman Is there any verifyable information on the cows are held?
      Sadly, awful conditions are the default, so Penguinox's concern is justified.
      As the author of the video said, the fact that such an awful pus-filled wound could arise can't always be avoided even under good condition. But at the very least, it's not an indicator for good conditions.

    • Jeff Hagerman
      Jeff Hagerman Month ago +13

      "Sadly, awful conditions are the default."
      Now I'm afraid that you are commenting on a topic about which you know nothing.
      The video refers to the now-much-happier animal as "she". This is a holstein milk cow. They are not held in little cages. They are pampered, well cared for, and often given names by the farmer and family. Each animal receives personal attention twice (and sometimes thrice) per day when they are milked. A dairy cow produces 5-7 gallons of milk per day. Unhappy cows produce less. So, the happier they are the greater the milk production and income to the farmer. (Many dairy cows enjoy classical music).
      Steers raised for meat are a totally different subject (and don't ask me about turkeys).

  • Jiaun Mew
    Jiaun Mew 6 days ago +2

    Oh my poor cow. Hope she heal soon. Thanks for being there helping so many hoof to get better. 🥰

  • Snowball9245
    Snowball9245 8 days ago

    Wow. Poor cow. 😢 I am so glad you helped her. ❤

  • Peanut Butta Chelly
    Peanut Butta Chelly Month ago +3253

    Bless her lil heart 🥺 I can’t imagine the amount of pain it was to be walking on that. She’s so lucky to have a professional like you to help her.

    • Soufian Spaans
      Soufian Spaans Month ago +12

      You know shes going on the grill in a few months tho

    • Egg Chandwhich
      Egg Chandwhich Month ago +14

      ​@Soufian Spaans at least theres no mud in my Burger

    • Soufian Spaans
      Soufian Spaans Month ago +2

      @Egg Chandwhich hahahahaha

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown 9 days ago

    Awwww that poor mama cow… you’re the best for fixing her right up

  • Millicent Williams
    Millicent Williams 8 days ago

    Thank you for helping her.

  • Robert Tyndall
    Robert Tyndall Month ago +5779

    People keep a check on your animals, remember they can't tell you that they are in pain, you have to pay attention, close attention

    • Letthembelightpeaceonelove
      Letthembelightpeaceonelove Month ago +46

      Dairy farmers keep too many slaves for that.

    • Cameron Nalley
      Cameron Nalley Month ago +16

      @Letthembelightpeaceoneloveexcuse me?

    • Queue Be
      Queue Be Month ago +2

      @Letthembelightpeaceonelove lol

    • Jezero
      Jezero Month ago +10

      I feel like your name and your comment don't match up. It's a nice notion though...unfortunately, that's all it is.

    • g z
      g z Month ago +3

      @Jezero what does his name have to do with his comment? thats your opinion

  • eulunda hart
    eulunda hart 17 days ago +1

    Good, good on you for helping that sweet girl❤❤❤

  • Dina Bond
    Dina Bond 10 days ago +7

    Poor baby, she must be feeling so much better now

  • Ronj
    Ronj Month ago +2786

    Poor little one. She can't tell you how much that hurt.

    • Stryker Waller
      Stryker Waller Month ago +77

      And just the same, she won’t be able to say thank you to him once her hoof has healed. But these animals, they are not completely dumb. The number of times I’ve watched my cows or donkeys and have really seen something going on behind those eyes, I can’t count anymore. They are thankful for us, because domestic cows like them have been cared for, loved, slaughtered, and eaten by us for thousands of years. Gorgeous animals of God’s creation that we must respect and care for properly, as our Shepherd respects and cares for us

    • Tommuli Haudankaivaja
      Tommuli Haudankaivaja Month ago +6

      ​@Stryker WallerDon't get the mighty lord involved in this.

    • Nick M
      Nick M Month ago +8

      ​@Stryker Waller are you sure they can't say thank you? My cat can't talk, but he sure says thank you to me after i fill his food bowl. 🥰

    • Wublic Indecency
      Wublic Indecency Month ago +1

      No no she can't!

  • Ashley Marie Mommy
    Ashley Marie Mommy 13 days ago

    *Omg poor baby. I’m so glad y’all take good care of her!*

  • Rocio Amador
    Rocio Amador 16 days ago

    En las personas con diabetes pasa algo parecido 😢
    El cuidado de las uñas y pies es importante!
    Gracias por tú profesionalismo!

  • SaltStorm007
    SaltStorm007 Month ago +5957

    When it looks like ‘cottage cheese’ you KNOW it’s painful💯So glad you took care of her!! Hope you and the fam have a blessed one🙏

    • Thigh G
      Thigh G Month ago +39

      Mmmhm forbidden cottage cheese 🤤

    • AceCrickey
      AceCrickey Month ago +3

      It probably wasn’t get bad as it was so deep it was protected by the outer horn. Removing the horn actually caused the problem

    • sans
      sans Month ago +6

      I saw forbidden chocolate milk....

    • JonginsLaceGlove
      JonginsLaceGlove Month ago +49

      @AceCrickey this isn’t correct actually. Damaged (bruised, punctured, etc) horn can cause abscesses and the horn covering it builds up pressure, hurting the cow. Removing the old, loose horn allows the fresh horn to grow in, but all of the loose has to be removed so that nothing gets trapped, or that no more pockets are formed.

    • João Marcelo
      João Marcelo Month ago +5

      Thank you, i'll never eat cottage cheese again

  • Cynthia B
    Cynthia B 16 days ago

    Oh, good lord... That had to have HURT! I hope she's mended up well!

  • Dungeon Pastor
    Dungeon Pastor 26 days ago +2931

    We had a calf with a cavity like that. We didn't realize in time to save her. Poor girl. Good on you, mate. 😢

    • Fermi Surface
      Fermi Surface 19 days ago +8

      Bro it doesn't kill them. Something else must have been wrong with your cow.

    • Dungeon Pastor
      Dungeon Pastor 19 days ago +110

      @Fermi Surface Sorry, I should have clarified. It turned infected and spread. By the time we realized it, it was too late to remove it and have her leg be usable. Rather than have a permanently crippled cow, we put her down.

    • Just Saying
      Just Saying 19 days ago +8

      ​@Dungeon Pastor Glad not your cow. Youd rather me die than get me a prosthetic.

    • key
      key 19 days ago +38

      Ignore the trolls. You do what you gotta do, someone’s going down is best for the animal.

  • Alfredo Lambino
    Alfredo Lambino 12 days ago

    Thank you for healing him

  • Leonardo Colon
    Leonardo Colon 9 days ago

    Can you imagine the relief that poor beast must have felt? Good on you!

  • Sammi El
    Sammi El Month ago +2135

    God I know that had to cause a lot of pain. So glad u could help.

    • Student (debil)
      Student (debil) Month ago +9

      How'd you know? You have hooves?

    • Toy Yoda Tacoma
      Toy Yoda Tacoma Month ago +2

      I dont care about the pain, it looks super satisfying

    • ElmoPreparesToCommitArson
      ElmoPreparesToCommitArson Month ago +22

      @Student (debil) have you ever had a headache or too much gas in your digestive system? It would be like that in your foot.

  • Michelle Huffman
    Michelle Huffman 7 days ago

    Poor girl! I'm sure she has to be feeling, so much better now!

  • alfred buagas
    alfred buagas 14 days ago

    thank you for your concern for a cow ♥️🙏

  • Aishali Pal
    Aishali Pal Month ago +5892

    The poor cow must have felt so much pain and I feel shiver down my spine imaging how she must have felt standing up or walking around while putting her body persure on that leg . Thanks for treating her I hope it heals soon❤

    • Catch 20
      Catch 20 Month ago +35

      Did it give you chills up and down your little brittle spine😂

    • Tsukuyomi
      Tsukuyomi Month ago +9

      Did the cow tell that to you?

      𝑆𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐿𝑂𝐶𝐾 Month ago +5

      The cow didn't scream or react quickly. How did you know she was in pain?

    • vicente toro
      vicente toro Month ago +57

      @Tsukuyomi Do animals need to speak for us to notice? smh

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 18 days ago

    I hope now that she has no pains and she gets better soon

  • Jeremiah Ingram
    Jeremiah Ingram 13 days ago

    I hope she gets better soon

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc Month ago +4547

    I’m incredibly surprised at how quiet and calm she is while you’re trimming and handling her hoof. I wouldn’t have expected that.

    • John Knight III
      John Knight III Month ago +389

      Imagine having to stand on that all the time then finally not having pressure on it. She is probably in less pain while it is being worked on then she has been in awhile

    • AJ MS
      AJ MS Month ago +99

      Hoof is nail. It doesnt hurt

    • Star Child
      Star Child Month ago +265

      ​@AJ MSIt hurts once you rich the flesh like he did.

    • Gold Gain
      Gold Gain Month ago +101

      Anesthesia is a hell of a drug!

    • Annie Rondon
      Annie Rondon Month ago +133

      @Star Child I think it would probably hurt the whole time it was being touched. If you have an ingrown toenail or infection around it. It can hurt to even touch the toe.

  • ੴ
     5 days ago

    God bless you mate❤

  • Clipperson Penilla
    Clipperson Penilla 16 days ago

    Healthy Cow is a happy Cow!

  • Trevor Ray
    Trevor Ray Month ago +4558

    It's so lovely to know there are people out there helping animals who can't do anything about their pain... Just lovely work.

  • Cristina Ontivero
    Cristina Ontivero 15 days ago

    Poor darling I hope she is OK❤❤❤❤

  • Catherine Donnelly
    Catherine Donnelly 19 days ago

    Awww poor baby 😰 So glad someone helps !!!

  • S. Archuleta
    S. Archuleta Month ago +4405

    I can’t imagine the HORRENDOUS PAIN she felt for all that time!! Poor poor girl!❤️‍🩹💔😩 Thank goodness she had you to help her heal!!🙏🥰

    • Chuck- e cheese
      Chuck- e cheese Month ago +6


    • Hannes Bolman
      Hannes Bolman Month ago +9

      Are you vegetarian?

    • Succmedry
      Succmedry Month ago +12

      Gotta make sure she's all fine till she's butchered 😂

    • Jacob
      Jacob Month ago

      True, They should have just butchered it

      OBSCURIA Month ago +11

      ​@Hannes Bolman if they are do you find that offensive? 🤣

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes Day ago

    thank you for helping all of the cows that you do you help with there hooves god bless you sir.

  • linda vav
    linda vav 18 days ago

    Poor baby! ❤. Thanks doc!

  • Caster Troy
    Caster Troy Month ago +3231

    Man ur job is so important and needed. Thank God for people like you. I know It’s ur job. I’m sure the cows are grateful 😊

    • Ramsey Bolton
      Ramsey Bolton Month ago +7

      It looked real grateful to be trapped in a harvesting pod

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago +4

      ​@Ramsey Bolton its way better than being made into food after a few years of living

    • Solution B
      Solution B Month ago

      Bro who cares. They are food bruh

    • Chilly Thicc
      Chilly Thicc Month ago +13

      @Solution B doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with basic dignity dude. I'm not a vegan or anything, but being humane is paramount in harvesting food. Respect the fact that the animal is giving it's life so that you can continue to live and enjoy yours and be thankful. It's not like it's some mystical thing. You know what it's like to be afraid or be in pain, animals experience that too.

    • Noe Sarmiento
      Noe Sarmiento Month ago +1

      ​ You only have the privilege of saying this in the modern age, we hunted and farmed food for millennia. Go Forage berries in a forest if you wanna keep thinking that way

  • Umesh
    Umesh 8 days ago

    Thanks you so much brother ...
    It really relieves me

  • Xumixu
    Xumixu 6 days ago

    Poor thing :( I hope she feels better

  • Fine Art On Fire _
    Fine Art On Fire _ Month ago +4767

    I bet that smelled FOUL!!!!! But I’m sure you helped her sooooo much!

    PATRICIA DAVIS 2 days ago


  • Rebecca Huertas
    Rebecca Huertas 18 days ago

    Awesome how you take such good care of them ❤❤

  • Dead Aspiration
    Dead Aspiration Month ago +1151

    I grew up on a Dairy Farm, and too many times our cows would have damaged hooves. Mainly from them trying to get where they shouldn't and hurting themselves. Always glad to have hoove trimmers to help!

    • Gaming With Kev
      Gaming With Kev Month ago

      Doesn't this hurt them?

    • NoturFather 1
      NoturFather 1 Month ago +15

      ​@Gaming With Kev briefly, but the injury gets worse without being attended to. Animals seem to understand and tolerate the pain from treatment.

    • jim
      jim Month ago +7

      ​@Gaming With Kevit does, but a little bit of short term pain is far better than a potential infection and worsening injury

  • Danny Archer
    Danny Archer 16 days ago

    Poor boy! Hope he feels better. Bless your work.

  • James Truett
    James Truett 17 days ago

    Thank you for doing it for that Earthling.

  • Wouter-Jan Kok
    Wouter-Jan Kok 19 days ago

    You just made yourself a great cow friend! Well done.

  • KC Heating & Air Conditioning

    Omg that must've felt so much better after!❤❤

  • ~Whitewolf
    ~Whitewolf Month ago +3647

    Oh this poor baby! That’s been bad for awhile! I’m glad you helped her. I hope she’s feeling better now 💖

      WACK CHEN Month ago +17


    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi Month ago +7

      She probably feelin like ribeye

    • Jazzy Je5ter
      Jazzy Je5ter Month ago +3

      @Obi Wan Kenobi lol no they wouldn’t care for the cow like this if that was the case

    • Ejkzi Jo
      Ejkzi Jo Month ago +3

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    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi Month ago +6

      @Jazzy Je5ter no they do still care for the cow bc they don’t want it dying prematurely but I know that this cow won’t become a tasty steak I was just making a joke

  • Timotee
    Timotee 16 days ago +6

    Kudos man. Your reward is in heaven

  • Tom
    Tom 12 hours ago

    I don’t why, but I cried watching this. I wish for all the animals in the world to not feel pain. 😌

  • Major The Beagle
    Major The Beagle Month ago +1655

    Why do I always get videos like this while I'm eating 😭 Glad she's okay

    • MIMIKA*** ***MIMIKA
      MIMIKA*** ***MIMIKA Month ago +14

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    • John
      John Month ago +10

      Just think of it as a chunky milkshake

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      MamIN Month ago +100

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      Viktor Reznov Month ago +7

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    jamms theman 9 days ago

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  • Darkness
    Darkness 2 days ago

    Thank you man, in a few year she will be a good steak. Thanks to your kindness, god bless you, some people have no idea how much farmers and vets put in their effort.

  • Jeremiah Osborne
    Jeremiah Osborne Month ago +3463

    I once had a case of glaucoma so bad that the doctor stuck a needle in my eye, and I literally heard the air shoot out. The pressure relief was immediate, and the pain was gone. I can't even describe the kind of pain I was going through, and the immediate relief that I felt. This poor girl was probably in tremendous pain with every step, if not throbbing with every heartbeat. You can never understand the amount of gratitude that you have for another human being whenever they relieve your pain like that.

    • DreamStar
      DreamStar Month ago +42

      That is really incredible ngl

    • Jeremiah Osborne
      Jeremiah Osborne Month ago +102

      @DreamStar The doctor had to do it two more times after that. We are quite an interesting discussion that day about ambient air temperature and pressure and temperature and pressure of air once you stick it inside of an eyeball. Turns out that when you're operating room is a sweet 65°, but my head is a sweltering 100°, the air that you put in replace the jelly that you took out it starts to expand. Just like when the container pops when you're microwaving your leftovers, my eye pressure was 68. The highest normal is 21.

    • wfk3rd
      wfk3rd Month ago +18

      @Jeremiah Osborne Good God man!

    • Jeremiah Osborne
      Jeremiah Osborne Month ago +28

      @wfk3rd different eye, different doctor. I've a total of five surgeries on both of my eyes. The very first surgery, I ended up in the emergency room. Of the wrong hospital. It was insane. By the time I got to the right hospital, I was throwing up, and they hit me with morphine. I thought my body melted into the bed. It didn't help the pain at all, and I told him to never do that to me again. At least now I know I will never be able to be a heroin addict!

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      Camryn Monae Month ago +3

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    Eric Pierce Month ago +474

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    • Circu-mcIsIon Is ChiId Abus3
      Circu-mcIsIon Is ChiId Abus3 Month ago +2

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    • Casey Atchley
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    • Flip
      Flip 21 day ago +8

      Until she gets killed by a human ❤️😣

    • yungBlood
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      Rønin_Hashira 21 day ago

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    • Infiniti Empress
      Infiniti Empress 21 day ago

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    TALES OF ANIME 16 days ago

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  • Reuz
    Reuz Month ago +2602

    Whenever I need reassurance that humans actually care about something I always come to HGP. Thank you sir for all you do for these animals and for those you weren't even aware you were making feel better.

    • Drealjforte
      Drealjforte Month ago +20

      Funny how people always make it seem like humans are not the most caring of species….what animal would do this for another animal?

    • Angel Navarro
      Angel Navarro Month ago +16

      ​@Drealjforte to be fair we're also the most fucked up

    • Blue Fire
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      @Angel Navarro ur not wrong, unfortunately

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    Ale Escobedo 18 days ago

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    • sliman Elbarouni
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      Tired Tracie Month ago +3

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