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Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Mendel and Ian of ABORTED


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  • Nick Kersey
    Nick Kersey 5 years ago

    Question: So what PA speakers are preferred to play through say if the venue doesn't have a PA hypothetically? Aka what PA speakers do you play in if your at home or recommend to a small venue playing metal band?

    • Joseph Foreman
      Joseph Foreman 5 years ago

      Nick Kersey at this level, any venue they play will have the proper setup, but on a local band type thing with a setup like this, they usually have their own setup if venues around dont have at very least a vocal PA

  • Linkacide
    Linkacide Year ago

    I know this band is pretty polished but they have dirt in the gears. Which I think they are going for, if they are saying this. That’s something to give a double take over

  • HateCreation
    HateCreation 4 years ago

    what tuning are they playing in the last two albums? and terrorvision included?

    • Ian Jekelis
      Ian Jekelis 4 years ago +7

      We alternate between B standard and Drop A!

  • John Branch
    John Branch 6 years ago +5

    he s playing a jackson performer... man... ;D nice

    • Crimson Ghost
      Crimson Ghost 4 years ago +2

      The performer line was made a lot better than the current lower end Jacksons.

  • Ettienne Groenewald
    Ettienne Groenewald 6 years ago

    kemper will kill off the guitar amp market in good time. then there will eventually nothing to clone anymore. kemper is awesome but also nbe the death of tube amps eventually. there will come a day when marshall, engl, mesa, peavey etc will all have to close down due to lack of amp sales because of kemper.

    • Mick
      Mick 3 years ago

      I don't think so. Modelers will kill the real amps market. Kemper still needs real amps to profile them.

    • Matthew Atta
      Matthew Atta 5 years ago +1

      Ettienne Groenewald nah, I think the only thing that can truly kill tube amps would be if a company can create a unique standalone digital amp (something like Bias but on a much more advanced and customizable scale). Ultimately, Kemper and Axe FX are great recreations of tube amps that exist, not things that hold weight on their own. They may be the new standard for home recording and touring. But most studios and professional musician will continue to keep the tube amp market alive.

    • George Ioannou
      George Ioannou 6 years ago +4

      Imo, real amps will end up like vinyl. they will become completely obsolete but a hell of a lot of people will still swear by them.

  • Narednik Lobanja
    Narednik Lobanja 6 years ago +2

    Is the second guy the new guitarist of Aborted?

    • TheMightyX2Y
      TheMightyX2Y 6 years ago +1

      +FutharkClem "We are very happy to announce Danny's permanent replacement in Ian Jekelis (ex-God dethroned, ex-abysmal dawn). Ian has been a long time friend of Ken and has been playing shows with us since October as well as contributing to our upcoming album" - yesterday Aborted made this statement from Facebook

  • Lovecraft's cat name1
    Lovecraft's cat name1 6 years ago

    0:20 why is the guitar player from Aborted playing a riff from Periphery?

  • Brutalful
    Brutalful Year ago

    What they're saying is "nothing to it."

  • Roberto Amores
    Roberto Amores 5 years ago

    share the profile please