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Modifying the 7950X CPU for better thermals... VOIDED WARRANTY!

  • Published on Oct 18, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Jx42
    Jx42  +14

    Looking at that huge ass heatspreader i'm definitly gonna delid it when i get mine next week. I think it's the best cpu to do that with. Derbauer got 20C. Lapping just seems to be more work than delidding for less temperature gain.

  • NoXQc
    NoXQc  +8

    I know you’re not going to see this but I tried the Kingping extreme, Arctic MX5 and now Kryonaute extreme on my 7950x and nothing can drop it even 1c and all cinebench are within the same results at 38100 -/+ 50

  • xerith22
    xerith22  +565

    I would suggest anyone flat lapping for the first time to use the same flat surface (start to finish) and super cleaning between swaping grit numbers. It will take longer but it will come out near perfect

  • ryan
    ryan  +9

    I bet that heatspreader dust is great for the lungs

  • David Brennan

    I think if you had measured the cpu before and after grinding and lapping with a micrometer or vernier caliper, you could turn down the standoff height the same amount to compensate using a lathe and you could have used any cooler on the chip with the proper pressure (You would have to keep the shorter standoffs with the chip after modifying it)

  • NoiseBomb
    NoiseBomb  +675

    Pro Tipp Jay: Use a mirror instead of tempered glass. A mirror is much flatter than any normal plain of glass since you would see any curvature of the glass in the reflection of the mirror as a distortion. Thanks to that mirrors are almost universally the flattest object in everyone's household.

  • pleappleappleap

    If you want it really shiny, just wet sand with progressively 1000, 3000, 8000 grit.

  • T. N.
    T. N.  +133

    Jay, the next time use a figure-8 motion to help eliminate the pressure difference. Also, count the number of passes, turn the CPU 90- degrees and continue turning until you do a full 360. Again, this helps in eliminating pressure differences.

  • rdiznfriends

    jay you've been making some great videos recently. feels like old times

  • Cameron S.

    It's honestly amazing how much of a difference sub-millimeter tolerances make. I'm so happy I don't deal with anything that precise.

  • manicdan
    manicdan  +47

    Thank you so much for shaving it down, THIS is the kind of test I wanted to see after the debauer-delid

  • MlnscBoo

    Jay figuring out you can reuse original hardware is the gem of info in this video. So flippin cool

  • CHR0N1KS
    CHR0N1KS  +26

    Would be interesting if you go to the lowest lapping possible before you delied it. :)

  • Jux Zeil
    Jux Zeil  +27

    Next time you replace the belt grinder you should get one that has the vertical disc plate grinder and rest plate. Makes that job a whole lot easier. 👍

  • Eric Eschenbach
    Eric Eschenbach 14 days ago +1

    Thanks for another great video, Jay. Just wanted to share this. I have a 7600x (liquid cooled, Gigabyte B650 board) and can achieve 5.45 ghz all core @ 75~80 deg C using PBO negative curve offset and +200 on boost. Power settings are "eco mode" (88 watts max). 5.5~5.6 ghz single core. These are amazing cpus if you understand settings and have good cooling. I'll be lapping this week as long as the standoffs allow it.

  • SweetMooch

    If you wanted to measure the gap between the cooler and the CPU I suggest using plasti-gauge.

  • Johnny Depp NFTs

    Thanks for the video. That was a really detailed comparison with lapped vs non lapped performance with a 360 aio. Im interested to see if direct die improves it any further

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 21 hour ago

    Jay, it would be really great to see a comparison of the Ryzen 7900 vs. the 7900x at 65w ECO mode. Which one performs better in productivity work?

  • BurningGlory

    It would be interesting to do with with a proper mill. Something that could guarentee precision and levelness.

  • Julian Klappenbach

    I just had a thought: for tightening those screws down on the CPU, would a torque wrench with extremely small resolution be helpful?