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Building the World of the Wheel of Time | Prime Video

  • Published on Dec 31, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome back to our miniseries featuring X-Ray's look into the making of the Wheel of Time! Join us as we get the exclusive, behind-the-scene peeks that X-Ray does best; here, we'll see the creation process for sets we've seen throughout season 1 of the Wheel of Time.
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    About The Wheel of Time:
    Set in an epic fantasy world, The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There, she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young villagers, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn... the one who will either save or destroy humanity.
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    Building the World of the Wheel of Time | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 256

  • Kate F
    Kate F 4 months ago +10

    The love and attention to detail sure does come through! Super excited for the world to continue to expand.

  • The Path of Eudaimonia
    The Path of Eudaimonia 4 months ago +30

    It was not a horrible show, but the show suffered from bad (and odd) choices for changing the story and from subpar writing at times. Possibly also because the director had to work with 8 episodes instead of 10. I hope Amazon will provide the episodes necessary to make this series go from OK to great. We need more air time, higher quality writing and editing, and choices that make sense and actually improve the story on screen. Instead of taking away from it.
    I still have hope, even though I was disappointed with the season we got, especially after a "meh" season finale. It pains me to see so much potential wasted. It could have been so much better!
    Hopefully, the next seasons will improve. Fingers crossed, though I must admit that I've lost most of my excitement and interest for the TV-series in general. And that makes me quite sad.

    • Александр Гаврин
      Александр Гаврин 4 months ago

      I think I hope to see a director's cut for season 1. I heard that the first episode was 1.5 hours long. Maybe Amazon will hear us and show the full version before season 2. It would be fair to the fans. And yes, the setup is bad. LOR changes are criminal))

    • Mark
      Mark 4 months ago

      @J. Alfredo Martínez-Tapia They changed the lore. Too many fake deaths. It's a fan fiction, not an adaptation anymore. Rafe imagining that it's all good and butterflies.

    • J. Alfredo Martínez-Tapia
      J. Alfredo Martínez-Tapia 4 months ago +6

      While I agree completely, you have to give them a break, they had to rewrite the entirety of the last two episodes because Mat's actor bailed on the project and the pandemic made it impossible to return to most of the previous sets that weren't built in Prague, and many of the Trolloc stuntmen weren't available for the same reason.
      That said, the editing, pacing and CGI was atrocious, and I still don't get what they're trying to do with Loial and Nynaeve's "deaths", I'm a new reader (just read TEOTW) but it's heavily implied that the one power cannot bring people back from death.

    • Pyr0nus
      Pyr0nus 4 months ago +3

      While I do agree with most of what you said, I'm still just very stoked it got picked up and put on the big screen with such a massive budget. Objectively not a very good show, just decent. Subjectively I'm still over the moon and cant wait to see further seasons!

  • ryamano
    ryamano 4 months ago +60

    Some of these shots look better than the ones we saw in the show. Weird choice of cameras in the show.

    • unknown sender
      unknown sender 3 months ago

      By by u I I i I

    • Sherwin Celeste
      Sherwin Celeste 4 months ago +10

      @ryamano According to IMDB, Outlander used an Arri camera for filming. Idk if this cheap look are all about camera but season 2 of the witcher switches to arri camera and it looked much better than season 1

    • ryamano
      ryamano 4 months ago

      @Sherwin Celeste isn't Outlander also a Sony production? They seem to do fine with their cameras.

    • Sherwin Celeste
      Sherwin Celeste 4 months ago +8

      They probably use a low grade sony camera as this is a sony production. While most gorgeous looking tv shows uses Arri camera.

    • MP Lovecraft
      MP Lovecraft 4 months ago +8

      It looks amazing here, but the show did not look good at all. I don't know what they did, but it's crazy...

  • DanaLou_Who
    DanaLou_Who 4 months ago +3

    I love all of the behind the scenes material! Thanks!💙

  • Hamish Alexander
    Hamish Alexander 4 months ago +44

    okay you build huge nice sets, why you dont make it look so good on the screen... camera or something is a weak link, i like the show but something is off

    • bryce Heyward
      bryce Heyward 3 months ago

      @Ewalsh I got a call q o

    • Александр Гаврин
      Александр Гаврин 4 months ago

      Installation is bad. apparently done in a hurry. Either the picture is artistic, or the frames are with high frequency and clarity. These shots were not processed to look like an artistic picture, they were simply taken from the set and pasted. Why the editing is so bad, I don't understand. I heard that the first episode was supposed to be 1.5 hours long. As a result, cut down to 50 minutes. Maybe that's why such a rush to assemble and glue. many frames and scenes simply disappeared from the series. It would be nice to see the director's cut.

    • MP Lovecraft
      MP Lovecraft 4 months ago +10

      It looks great here in these shots, but in the series it looks cheap and fake. Quite odd.

    • Ewalsh
      Ewalsh 4 months ago +5

      It’s the colour grading

  • Carlos Salazar
    Carlos Salazar 4 months ago +7

    5:07 is literally Perrin in Book 4

    CAROL BRISCOE 4 months ago +14

    Wish there was a way at the end of the series for the 5 to return to 2 Rivers, like the Hobbits returned to their Shire!

    • Selvi's Samayal
      Selvi's Samayal 4 months ago +1

      @dassadec no ( as said by isildur)

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago +13

      Keep walking in the Light, precious Child

  • dnavenom
    dnavenom 4 months ago +2

    You keep missing the point. Good sets, props and nice VFX (yours were not that good actually - episode 7/8) don't tell a story. You need to tell a story. Good props can compliment a good story, but they can't make it. Who cares how many villages were made if there nothing behind it? You got Brandon Sanderson there. One of the best fantasy authors today. Use him! He would never write and episode 8 like that...Actually the whole season needs more Sanderson there, but 8 was a real disaster!
    Hands down for the Polish crew they are amazing! Real Craftsmanship, incredible work!

  • Daniël van Deutekom | God First

    AMAZON, GIVE US 10 EPISODES PER SEASON. This series suffers from 8 episodes

    • dnavenom
      dnavenom 4 months ago +2

      If you can't tell a good story in 8 hours, you wont manage in 10 either. That's an absurd excuse for a weak writer crew.

    • Potent Potables
      Potent Potables 4 months ago +3

      @dassadec I love when keyboard warriors comment spam me and ask for evidence when they provide none of their own. Read the books, because you clearly haven't if all you have to say is "the power structures are the same".

  • Matt Ethington
    Matt Ethington 4 months ago +5

    Congrats on attempting to "build" the world, but the story and characters you have built only occasionally crosses the path of the source material you claim to love. Spending your budget on the background while transforming (not adapting) the story in the foreground into your political exposition piece will only push more fans away as time goes on.

  • Midway 1942
    Midway 1942 4 months ago +9

    So I’m confused is “magic” in the world Wheel Of Time some kinda form of ancient technology. That only certain humans can access ?

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +2

      @Potent Potables Dougal responded to you ONCE and you accused him/her of commmt spamming. The person who responded to you before that was Dominic, a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT commenter. Why did you need someone to tell you that?

    • Potent Potables
      Potent Potables 4 months ago

      @Day When people post more than one comment in the same thread that could have been done in one, especially when you can edit older comments, is comment spamming. Why did you need someone to tell you that?

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +1

      @Potent Potables how is someone simply replying to a public comment you left on a public platform "comment spamming" you?

    • FaeraGaelwyn
      FaeraGaelwyn 4 months ago +2

      @Dougal Humberstone It's actually been pretty clear that he is trying to rewrite the binary core of the One Power. Use of the power has also been inconsistent in the show as well as breaking basic fundamentals of how it works.

    • Potent Potables
      Potent Potables 4 months ago +4

      @Dougal Humberstone Rafe is focused on identity politics not the story.

  • MB
    MB 4 months ago +43

    Focus on better writing and editing. Everything else is on point.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +2

      @Jacob but the poorest bits of writing had nothing to do with Barney's characters absense though. For example, they set up the Nynaeve-tracking subplot in episode 3 while he was still on the cast. Sticking to established in-world reasons for her to track Lan and Mo (Two Rivers skills, channeling-related bonds, literally anything) would have worked whether Barney was there or not. Instead they went with "Warder of 20 years needs to be taught his Aes Sedai's non-magic 'tell' by a Wisdom who figured it out after a barely 5 min conversation with said Aes Sedai". That's terrible writing on multiple counts, not because it has Nynaeve teaching Lan something (she teaches him a LOT throughout the series) but because it has her teaching him something it should be impossible for her to know if he doesn't (since it's clearly something he can access without magic). Barney's departure didn't do that, poor writing did. It's going to make it difficult to establish what the warder bond ACTUALLY gives to warders and what warder training actually sets them up for, which is VERY relevant later. They are adapting the whole series and not just book 1 so it's VERY glaring that they just didn't even consider how ridiculous that was. And that's the smallest nitpick I can find. I think it's fair to have sympathy for the production challenged Barney leaving caused, or even COVID caused, but using those to justify the nonsensical writing and story decisions being made is sycophantic at best.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago


    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago +1

      @Jacob me too. Was I a little disappointed with how it stuck the landing, sure. But I get it, could've been Winter Dragon

    • Jacob
      Jacob 4 months ago

      @dassadec I won’t disagree with that but I thought that given everything that the production went through I was generally okay with most of the episodes.

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago +1

      @Jacob the last two episodes clearly suffered hard

  • _Japa_
    _Japa_ 4 months ago +25

    I win again Lews Therin!

  • Vegeta Bulls
    Vegeta Bulls 4 months ago +46

    Seeing the effort and love that the designers, builders, and actors poured into this show makes me truly sad. To go to this much effort with the visual elements only to phone in the script writing and lose the heart of Robert Jordan's life's work seems such a shame.

    • Ian Gonzalvo
      Ian Gonzalvo 4 months ago +10

      They made Rand into the blandest character ever. So many plot holes. This isnt WoT, it isnt even a turning of the wheel.

  • Oskar Palus
    Oskar Palus 4 months ago +28

    less "building" more adapting please.

  • shatter
    shatter 4 months ago

    Are you sure the thumbnail of this video isn't Lester from GTA 5

  • Eugene Pabst
    Eugene Pabst 3 months ago

    I can't watch this crap.
    If you can't make the story Robert Jordan wrote, write your own.
    It's absurd, I'm so glad to be back in the Wheel of Time world but Perrin was irrevocably broken in the first episode. I hope someone will come along before to long and do the story right. This aint it🙄

  • Alicia Sorenson
    Alicia Sorenson 4 months ago +28

    Really loved this show as a book reader, but I think it could benefit from better writing and editing. Love all the bonus content!!

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago

      @bluelight whoa, I didn't even know Brandon didn't read the last two scripts (I avoided a lot of content around the last episode bc I didn't want to be made even more upset and didn't want to upset others who were still raw so this is news!). Why would they not let their consulting producer CONSULT on the PRODUCTION? This is a circus.
      I think Sara did well to get off Twitter. A lot of trolls were using her as a punching bag bc she is more accessible than most of the people that worked on the show and she was marketed to the fanbase as kind of the Watcher of the Seals as far as show-book internal consistency were concerned. I saw that she spent more time defending herself from them than just enjoying the final product and I think she barely even enjoyed it anyway based on all her comments about crying for a year to accept changes and not having much sway beyond typing dockets and standing around on set in case someone had a question. I feel bad for her, she was wasted as a resource and now has to take the brunt of the heat.
      I agree that complaining about 8 episodes does nothing when the show was aware that was what the were getting and should have planned and paced accordingly. A lot of the wrong things were emphasized which cheapened the payoffs of more important things. I really hope they listen to Brandon and Sara next season, this is tragic.

    • bluelight
      bluelight 4 months ago

      @Day They really need to start listening to Brandon more, at least when it comes to the lore and magic, which as of now are all over the place. He didn't see the script for the last 2 episodes and it shows.
      I noticed Sarah didn't comment at all for ep7/8, it's been a few weeks since her last tweet.
      I never thought Wot could be adapted for a tv show cause of its massive content, and i was fine with cuts and changes as long it remained true to the core of the story. But for as much as they wanted 2 more episodes, in the end they knew they would only get 8 and should have managed time better. This season should have been the introduction to the EF5, and yet between the DR mystery and made up scenes they got so little development. Even just a small thing like aging them up wasn't handled well. They wanted to avoid the YA feeling and yet i felt there was more teenage relationship drama than the first book.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago

      @bluelight I'm really interested in seeing how they course correct, it will be nothing short of a miracle. Hopefully they are humble enough to realise they need better writers and need start listening to Sarah (their lore consultant) and Brandon Sanderson (who also consulted on the seasons and apparently told them about a number of the issues that they had but was soundly ignored after a point due to the very strong vision of the showrunner). They have all the necessary resources, they just need to be humble enough to use them. The source material has everything they need, even ways to justify good changes that streamline the admittedly longwinded story. They don't need to retool the basics, they just need to trust The Wheel of Time to be a good enough basis for The Wheel of Time.

    • bluelight
      bluelight 4 months ago +1

      @Day I love the cast so much, i enjoy all the bts stuff, and honestly they are the only reason why i'd be sad if the show got cancelled right now. For as much as i tried to stay positive until ep 7, they have taken so many weird decisions that i fear will only lead to more problems going on. I really really hope they get back on track in season 2, though they have already filmed half the episodes....

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +4

      @bluelight there is no logical explanation for a LOT of decisions in this season to be honest. It's a pity because the cast and crew were clearly committed to delivering quality of the highest order but the story they were given did them a disservice. Fingers crossed for season 2

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 4 months ago +38

    I am conflicted as a WOT fan there is immediately too many changes

  • ev3goddess y.o. Chandler

  • Potent Potables
    Potent Potables 4 months ago +17

    They misspelled "BREAKING".

  • Light Beam
    Light Beam 4 months ago +3

    Please work harder on season 2 this show can be fire

  • manga gnome
    manga gnome 4 months ago +3

    Will there e a season 2?

    • manga gnome
      manga gnome 4 months ago

      @bluelight I plan on reading the prequel after book five.

    • bluelight
      bluelight 4 months ago

      @manga gnome Season 1 was pretty much book 1 and the very start of 2 (though honestly not a faithful adaptation, lots of changes). From what they said they are going to mix book 2 and 3 for season 2, so they'll probably do multiple books a season.
      If you have got the prequel too, better avoid reading it until at least after book 5 (or just wait until you finish the whole serie). It could spoil some things.

    • manga gnome
      manga gnome 4 months ago

      @Day so, since there are 15 books, are they doing a book a season? Or is it just taking bits and pieces from the series as a whole?

    • manga gnome
      manga gnome 4 months ago

      @dassadec I really enjoyed the show. I just had to see what the series was like. Brandon Sanderson got me into fantasy again. Hearing that Brandon finished the wheel of time after robert jordan passed away was another thing that got me intrigued to check it out.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +1

      Yep. And season 3 has been rumored to be greenlit, just not publicly confirmed yet.

  • Александр Гаврин

    Installation is bad. apparently done in a hurry. Either the picture is artistic, or the frames are with high frequency and clarity. These shots were not processed to look like an artistic picture, they were simply taken from the set and pasted. Why the editing is so bad, I don't understand. I heard that the first episode was supposed to be 1.5 hours long. As a result, cut down to 50 minutes. Maybe that's why such a rush to assemble and glue. many frames and scenes simply disappeared from the series. It would be nice to see the director's cut.

  • Reese
    Reese 4 months ago +88

    Robert Jordan called out this “adaptation” back in 1990.
    “You just don’t tell them as well as Thom,” Rand cut him off hastily, and Perrin hopped in. “You keep adding in things, trying to make it better and they never do.”
    “And you get it all mixed up too”, Rand added. “Best leave it to Thom.”
    -Eye of the World, 1990

    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago

      That's not how time works in real life or in Wheel of Time, stop spamming this nonsense on every video. Doubt you've even read the books.

    • Tanner H
      Tanner H 4 months ago +3

      omg LOL perfect xD so funny....and you win btw. lmfao

    • Reese
      Reese 4 months ago +4

      @Day “it’s a different turning of the wheel” *eye roll* but yeah I forgot about that line from Thom, that fits too.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +10

      Wow this is brilliant! I've seen the quote Thom gave about how in the future the story would be told framing other people as the main hero with Rand forgotten entirely and that's the one I kept thinking of watching the first 80% of the season (or all of it really). This one is hilarious too though

    • Hanz Gilbert
      Hanz Gilbert 4 months ago +6

      Thank you. This is so true.

  • Scipiojoe
    Scipiojoe 4 months ago +12

    It was terrible could've been great

  • JC CJ
    JC CJ 4 months ago +6

    I genuinely loved the show cannot wait for season 2!!!!

  • RandomlyRJ
    RandomlyRJ 4 months ago +10

    Laila was so happy to be there!!!! Too bad she couldn't stay longer. Would've been so fun for her to check the other sets.

  • John Haley
    John Haley 4 months ago

    So, very disappointed with this series. Not a fan of this fan fiction adaptation. I truly wanted this to be good. You can wrap crap up on glorious bunting and bows, but it is still crap. Save the hours of viewing this garbage and read the books instead

  • Asa Shahni
    Asa Shahni 4 months ago +8

    That's nice, too bad it sucked ^^

  • bridge4
    bridge4 4 months ago +10

    5:07 - lol. Madeleine Madden is funny

  • Jeffrey Koronin
    Jeffrey Koronin 4 months ago +4

    This isn't just a bad adaptation, it's a bad show. Made the girls mary sues, the writing was suspect and the plot just meanders along until one of the worst episodes of TV I've seen in a while, the finale. Who running and directing this show? Legend of the seeker was better than this.

  • Dmitry Rokityanskiy
    Dmitry Rokityanskiy 4 months ago +1

    "Ruining the World of the Wheel of Time via BAD and Hasty Writing, Despite some Great (and some Awful) Visuals"

  • kauru11
    kauru11 4 months ago

    Rawwwr respect went +++++ huhu what a dream job being in the construction and design T^T

  • eddy67
    eddy67 4 months ago +5

    Wheel of Females and Where Men Do Nothing: by Rape Chudkins

  • Guyy
    Guyy 4 months ago +30

    “Destroying the world of The Wheel of Time”

  • Risee
    Risee 4 months ago +18

    I really wish we would have gotten the longer pilot and 10 episodes like Rafe wanted. It would have done a world of good for the show. Can’t wait for season 2 though!

  • Aleksandr Sabatarov
    Aleksandr Sabatarov 4 months ago +4

    This is a terrible showrunner. Please replace it. Budgets are allocated for unimportant parts that have minimal screen time, but really important things are done carelessly. Lots of plot holes and lack of logic in the narration and action of the characters. You can make a great TV show out of this story. Don't let it ruin it completely.

  • john nelson
    john nelson 4 months ago +4

    pity you did,nt get all of it right.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 4 months ago +51

    This wasn't an adaptation of an amazing series, rather the anihilation of an amazing series. Short of being touched by the Dark One, I don't think it could have been tainted and corrupted more, 👏👏👏, well done.

    • Kappa
      Kappa 4 months ago +6

      I have won again Lews Therin!

    • William Egan
      William Egan 4 months ago +14

      @OgiveTinker The best way for fans to communicate their dissatisfaction with a show is to openly talk about it. It’s the people who seem to love the show that get so ultra-defensive that they have to put down those - and yes, there are a lot of us, just go check IMDb - who are being blunt and honest about the show’s many (many, many, many) faults.

    • John Blue
      John Blue 4 months ago +16

      @OgiveTinker ahh yes the hivmind crowd where critical opinion must not exist. If you like show fine, but if your a fan of source material your allowed to be critical of show.

    • John Blue
      John Blue 4 months ago +17

      @OgiveTinker a YT video that only gets 5K views at most is sad for this type of show lol. Fact is show was very average at best.

    • OgiveTinker
      OgiveTinker 4 months ago +9

      Thanks for continuing to contribute to the making of further seasons by clicking on the videos and commenting. The algorithm appreciates you naysayers.

  • Shumway Says
    Shumway Says 4 months ago +18

    Sets are unreal. Wtf with Loial? Worst giant in the history of film.

    • So Wierd
      So Wierd 4 months ago

      @Day a blonde black giant

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago


  • Jeffery Mills
    Jeffery Mills 4 months ago +4

    My question: How much more expensive is building these sets than using green screen? Could that budget be more beneficial used elsewhere? Does real sets affect acting that much?

    • Ellis Min
      Ellis Min 4 months ago +1

      @Day how are they going to reuse the village they literally burnt down? And why is important to have the gate for example, that is shown like a minute at best, and will only be shown for an other minute or so in the future too? And why build the city, when it is easily attainable with regular sets and a bit of cgi? Not to mention that 1) cgi can create extraordinary, otherworldly beautiful/atmospheric shots you just can't do in real life. 2) there is a way to reuse cgi elements too.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +2

      @Ellis Min don't know why my comment got deleted... Anyway, there's a comment earljer that contradicts the idea that they were built "just for the sake of building them" though. The sets (as that commenter pointed out) are reusable. CGI is not, it has to be tailored to each shot and scene every time it is used which is a waste of money for things that can be done practically. The sets will be relevant in upcoming seasons (Perrin's TR arc, the girls in the White Tower/Tar Valon), Fal Dara in S2 and hopefully in later seasons as a "borderlands" analogue. I don't understand why you think they were built "just for the sake of building them" when that's already been pointed out not to be the case. As for them looking cheap-that's VERY subjective so I won't argue with you on that.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +1

      @Jeffery Mills you can check out some of the channels that cover WOT news, I definitely don't have time to rewatch those videos to provide a specific timestamp. We know that during COVID extras were pared down though and that's the summary of why they didn't have real humans playing the Trollocs in costume and had to default to the wonky CGI. Anyway, I was pointing it out to show you that "real" sets and props can really ramp up the emersion versus CG alternatives, which was what your original question was directed out (why build when you can spend that money on more CG?). I think people grossly underestimate how expensive GOOD CG is compared to GOOD practical.

    • Jeffery Mills
      Jeffery Mills 4 months ago

      @Day I hope that COVID was the reason. I haven't heard that verified so if you can point me to info that would be swell. I was mainly referring to CGI sets vs building complete and detailed sets. I think realistic CGI sets are much easier to pull off than living creatures. That's why I was wondering if using more CGI for sets would allow them to allocate more time/resources to improving the visuals that didn't look as good. But if COVID was the reason then ignore what I said.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +1

      @Jeffery Mills I think you have answered your own question. The practical Trollocs looked MUCH better than the CG equivalents and the reason they had to use to CG was because COVID prevented them from being able to use the practical. So clearly practical is superior to CG and CG should be used as a last port of call or to fill in details (like Shadar Logoth which was about 50:50 and only CGd where necessary). The Trollocs looked wonkier because we knew what they looked like when they were "real"

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young 4 months ago +21

    So much effort for such a mess with shoddy fanfic level storytelling.

  • Void Caller
    Void Caller 2 months ago

    Thanks Judkins for destroying a series that could have been up there with LOTR. It won't make it to a second season now because of your " adaptation"

  • Blue Eyed
    Blue Eyed 4 months ago +10

    Such a waste.

  • Kameleonic
    Kameleonic 4 months ago

    You're going to need to build a better world as this current one = very forgettable.

  • Duy Lam
    Duy Lam 3 months ago


  • Jeff Erickson
    Jeff Erickson 4 months ago +4

    Not every show if for everybody. If you genuinely loved how GOT ended then you will probably love this adaptation.

    • Muhammad Mujtaba
      Muhammad Mujtaba 4 months ago

      Don't compare this lackluster to Game of thrones. They didn't have source material for final season.

  • Russia's Suffering In Ukraine

    That's so impressive !

  • nick lott
    nick lott 4 months ago

    Fire rafe

  • Christian S
    Christian S 4 months ago +3

    So I guess unlike hobbiton, we can't actually spend the night in a room at the Winespring Inn. They should rebuild as a tourist destination.

  • Phantom Aviator
    Phantom Aviator 4 months ago


  • Divine Chareka
    Divine Chareka 4 months ago +30

    the correct title is 'amazon showing off tha bag' lol. anyways, this show was certainly my favorite in 2021 and I can not wait for season 2

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +2

      @BurntCheerio people like John Blue don't understand simple concepts like personal taste, unfortunately.

    • Divine Chareka
      Divine Chareka 4 months ago +4

      @BurntCheerio yeah it's more like it 😊

    • BurntCheerio
      BurntCheerio 4 months ago +5

      @John Blue No, I think they just enjoy shows based on their personal preferences lmaooo

    • John Blue
      John Blue 4 months ago +1

      You must love poorly executed shows than.

  • Shaman Carmichael
    Shaman Carmichael 4 months ago +10

    Sets and costumes are my favorite parts in film and TV, to me they help bring the story to life. The Wheel of Time are in my top 5 of all time for those. Can't wait for more in Season 2!

  • MJ Daniel
    MJ Daniel 4 months ago +8

    Needs more budget and time to do the story justice, longer episodes or more episodes, overall I really liked season 1

    • RandomlyRJ
      RandomlyRJ 4 months ago

      @Day You okay, bruh? This really got to you, huh?

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago

      @RandomlyRJ you still harboring on something we have already established. I don't care that you were wrong, I already knew you were grasping at straws. That has nothing to do with me and what I said initially, which you completely ignored in the name of making a fuss. Have a good evening.

    • RandomlyRJ
      RandomlyRJ 4 months ago

      @Day Okay, and I already explained myself. So what is the problem? I feel like you're just making a big deal out of nothing. I made an assumption, I was wrong, okay. Move on.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago

      @RandomlyRJ which comes back to my original point. I didn't. And there was no reason to accuse me of that just to avoid a good faith discussion.

    • RandomlyRJ
      RandomlyRJ 4 months ago

      @Day I just said if you didn't compare it to the books then you can go on your merry way because I assumed that you did, that's why I said what I said. I don't know what's hard to understand about that.

  • Siansonea Orande
    Siansonea Orande 4 months ago +15

    The Two Rivers was awesome, but so far Tar Valon is my favorite. Loved seeing the Hall of the Tower.

  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa
    deeeeeeezzzzaaaa 4 months ago

    I thought that was Colt from 90 day fiance on tbe thumbnail 😂

  • elizaheathen
    elizaheathen 4 months ago +55

    so much potential for this show
    butchered by horrendous writing and cheap-looking VFX

    • Vigilantx
      Vigilantx 4 months ago +5

      @dassadec All of them, the overarching theme is that you need balance, between the sexes, between light and dark, for the world to work right. They instantly undercut this by omitting most of the good male characters and benevolent male power structures.

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago

      @Vigilantx Lmao did you not read the books

    • William Egan
      William Egan 4 months ago +6

      Amen! Horrendous writing, cheap VFX, AND writers who more interested with their own ideas and agendas vs. remaining true to the books and Mr. Jordan. Hubris!

    • Vigilantx
      Vigilantx 4 months ago +5

      Yep, and misandry

  • Jihadi John
    Jihadi John 4 months ago +37

    Rafe Judkins really destroyed the characters

  • Olivia perez
    Olivia perez 3 months ago


  • the mystics
    the mystics 4 months ago +2

    No Words ,I am speechless...........

  • William Egan
    William Egan 4 months ago +46

    Rafe Judkins ‘building the World of the Wheel of Time?’ 😫 That’s genuinely funny, considering in Season 1 he was doing his darnedest to absolutely destroy it and trample all over Jordan’s story and legacy.

    • Ron Bamberg
      Ron Bamberg 4 months ago

      @William Egan Good luck. If you don't understand that the question was serious, then I guess you don't. I hope you can find some joy.

    • William Egan
      William Egan 4 months ago +2

      @Ron Bamberg Ah, now that’s a defensive response if I’ve ever seen one! Reply to a question by asking the same question back instead of answering honestly. My conclusion is that what you said originally WAS an attack, despite your protestations otherwise.
      I don’t spend time dwelling on what’s bad (and somehow laughably causing ‘harm’ to myself). I am just giving my honest opinion, one that,even on the basis of comments here, is shared by the vast majority.

    • Ron Bamberg
      Ron Bamberg 4 months ago

      @William Egan What was the point of yours? I'm hopeful that you can come to the conclusion that spending time focusing on things that upset you is causing you harm.

    • William Egan
      William Egan 4 months ago +2

      @Ron Bamberg That’s great. What was the point of your comment, then?

    • Ron Bamberg
      Ron Bamberg 4 months ago

      @William Egan No. Despite what Mitch said, it was not an attack.

  • Naeblis1
    Naeblis1 4 months ago +25

    Video should be named shitting on the wheel of time book series.

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +2

      @dassadec I hope you maintain that energy when trolls frequent threads where fans are celebrating the show (spoiler warning, I've seen you elsewhere doing the exact opposite. So not only are you a hypocrite but you're also intellectually dishonest : you KNOW that I was not proposing an echo chamber. There is more than enough commentary on both sides freely available that it is very sinister to watch people shut down discourse that disagrees with them only to run to that very discourse elsewhere and do what they just denounced.)

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago +1

      @Day echo chambers benefit noone. Plus I'm allowed to state my opinion on his opinion especially when no matter what the discussion is were talking about WoT and even if I'm arguing I get to talk about WoT

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +7

      @dassadec this is silly. They didn't go onto a comment complimenting the show and rain on their parade. They made their own standalone statement and you couldn't just let people have different tastes? I think this is just as bad as the people that deliberately seek out positive comments to whine about the show--ie YOU are the whiner in this situation.

  • M Callahan
    M Callahan 4 months ago +40

    I don't believe that Robert Jordan would be a fan of this show.

    • LordMaskin
      LordMaskin 4 months ago

      @dassadec can we sacrifce Rafe and get Robert back.

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago

      Irrelevant, he's dead.

  • Ricardo Papp Moretti
    Ricardo Papp Moretti 4 months ago +1


  • Bluefov70
    Bluefov70 4 months ago +15

    Can season 2 be alot better? How about back to some lore and back away from the wokeness. The actors r saving this series

    • Charlotte Stewart
      Charlotte Stewart 4 months ago +3

      "wokeness" what are u even talking about? what are you referring to right now

  • Sameer Chengapa
    Sameer Chengapa 4 months ago +17


    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago

      Please don't listen to these whiners, the show is great, please make more.

  • Alaa Just
    Alaa Just 4 months ago +4

    The most think I love it is the soundtrack 💖💖💖💖

  • Trust the universe
    Trust the universe 4 months ago +8

    Loved the show, can’t wait for season 2

  • G man
    G man 4 months ago +1

    1:23 hot shirtless guy. And you didn’t think we’d notice. I’d like more behind the scenes if he’s in it. Still shirtless.

  • Eren Keskin
    Eren Keskin 4 months ago +7

    This is amazing man , this is amazing

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams 4 months ago +26

    Rafe is a darkfriend

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +5

      I think Rafe is more like Elaida. Good intentions but too much of his own vision for what the world should be, consequences be damned. At the end of the day, those on the side of the Light can still find themselves serving the Dark due to their desire to serve themselves.

    • Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain
      Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain 4 months ago +6

      Yes. And not even a competent one

    • Reese
      Reese 4 months ago +8

      Rafe is da’tsang

  • Ireland  Lynn
    Ireland Lynn 4 months ago +1

    LOVE the show!!! Can’t wait for more!!

  • R G
    R G 4 months ago +34

    Fire Rafe Judkins!!!! And the all the writiers.

    • Blacksnake
      Blacksnake 4 months ago

      The butcher

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago

      Too bad for you RJs dead. U can't fire him. The books remain unchanged

    • Jon Al'Thor
      Jon Al'Thor 4 months ago +4

      Firing them is not enough, Rafe created "The Wheel of Trash".

    • Hanz Gilbert
      Hanz Gilbert 4 months ago +5

      The butcher

  • İsmet Tugbey
    İsmet Tugbey 4 months ago +6

    Thanks Amazon.

  • Aethelia
    Aethelia 4 months ago

    Season 1 of WoT is better than anything GoT ever put out. Ignore the complainers here, they'll never be satisfied because they were determined to hate the show the moment it was announced.

  • ichundichundduunder
    ichundichundduunder 4 months ago +11

    This show is hot garbage

    • dassadec
      dassadec 4 months ago

      Not everyone has taste, sadly.

  • Politicando
    Politicando 4 months ago +16

    DESTROYING the World of the Wheel of Time | Prime Video

  • Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain
    Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain 4 months ago +10

    Fire Rafe

  • Cynthia Tavares
    Cynthia Tavares 4 months ago +1

    I loved the series, you are doing an extraordinary job. Now, why did the show have so few special effects scenes compared to the book?

  • Ivo de Ruiter
    Ivo de Ruiter 4 months ago +1

    So cool!

  • Le Visionnaire
    Le Visionnaire 4 months ago +5

    This is the best show of all times.

    • Ryan S.
      Ryan S. 4 months ago +3

      read the books

    • Reese
      Reese 4 months ago +7

      Nice try Rafe.

    • David T
      David T 4 months ago +9

      I genuinely laughed out loud at this. Thanks.

    • Deenadayalan Govender
      Deenadayalan Govender 4 months ago +12

      We must be watching a different show 😂 I thought it was horrendous.

  • Malina Ivey
    Malina Ivey 4 months ago +1

    Enjoying the show overall as a long time book reader. Giving them more time and money would only help since obviously people are watching! Please give Rafe 10 episode seasons and more time for editing!!! 🙏

    • Robert Perrotto
      Robert Perrotto 4 months ago +1

      how can you enjoy this as a book reader when they changed everything? This is not the wheel of time, this is fanfiction inspired by the wheel of time - seriously, they literally stole Rands accomplishment and gave it to 5 women, Turned Lews Therin into an arrogant idiot, and continually break their own narrative. Case in point - Morraine kept telling them that if anyone but the dragon goes to the Eye, they will die - She also does not know which of them is the DR, yet takes Rand's word when he says its him, and then tells Rand in the blight that she has no idea what to expect at the eye because darkfriends stole or destroyed all the knowledge from Tar Valon - so how does she know any but the dragon would die if they went there?

  • El Dami Fers
    El Dami Fers 4 months ago +4

    So much work and yet toxic people complaine for silly reasons. Wish they would have got a CW adaptation, so they could cry for good reason (all my respect for the work over CW)

    • El Dami Fers
      El Dami Fers 4 months ago

      @Day Not what I wrote. Read again

    • Robert Perrotto
      Robert Perrotto 4 months ago +4

      To be clear - I didn't care about the casting, nor did I expect a 1 - 1 adaptation, I expected the characters to be true to what Jordan wrote. What was the point of fridging Perrins wife and making him such a complete idiot if he loved Egwene and having a pointless triangle and friction between Him and Rand? Why did they not explore Elyas and Perrins wolf brother arc, but include a vomit inducing story arc regarding Steppin?
      Why did they omit the warnings the Aiel gave the Ogiers and Tinkers regarding the eye, and change it to Siuan having a "dream" - They had Loial to tell the tale to Morraine, and Perrin and Egwene were with the Tinkers to relay that tale, and then the Boys could tell morraine about their dreams - giving 3 independent sources of the threat to the eye?
      Why go through the trouble of Thom telling Matt that Aiel are no threat unveiled, and then have Tigraine disregard a fundemental aspect of Ji'e'toh and forget to veil while doing superhero moves and poses while in labor killing 5 men?
      Why have Morraine continually tell everyone that they would die if they went to the Eye if they were not the Dragon, has no idea which IS the dragon, believe Rand when he says it's him, and then tell Rand in the blight she has no idea what to expect at the eye because darkfriends removed or destroyed all the knowledge? Did she lie? if so, that means the oath rod is pointless. If she didn't lie, that means she is a darkfriend because she has the knowledge.
      Why did they give Rands great moment to 5 women? Why did those 5 women let all the male soldiers die? Why did they change Lord Agelmar from being one of the 5 great captains, who fully supported the Aes Sedai and the white tower, into an arrogant idiot? How can 5 women, most not trained, and none an Aes Sedai, be so powerful to destroy an entire Trolloc horde, yet 7 fully trained Aes Sedai with their warders lose to about 50 warriors trying free Logain?
      Why did they omit elyas and Perrins wolf brother arc, but include and take an episode and half to tell Steppins fanfiction arc?
      Why did they take a very brief aspect of New Spring, and give it significant screen time, and portray Morraine and Siuan as lifelong lovers? And it is the ONLY New Spring reference.
      Why make every single male character either ignorant, arrogant, stupid, incapable of problem solving, or just downright misogynistic, To include two male protagonists fighting over egwenes cooch, one of whom should be mourning their fridged wife?
      Their episode 1 cold opening makes everything the fault of men, instead of the women, who refused to aid Lews Therin? They were losing the war of power, badly, and the Women's plan was impossible to accomplish as the Ter 'angreal was in the darkspawns and Forsakens hands?
      Why are the trying so hard to avoid that the one power is binary? That particular fact is why this conflict exists in the first place.
      And these are but a few logical inconsistencies in the show.

    • Olalala
      Olalala 4 months ago +4

      lol this show looks like cw

    • Day
      Day 4 months ago +11

      Wait... So people having fair gripes with the show's execution means they are toxic?

  • Robin Lee Braun
    Robin Lee Braun 4 months ago

    The books get boring after the fourth or fifth one.