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That One Time Michael Jordan Got Bullied By His Own Friend in The Middle of a Game

  • Published on Nov 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 3 670

  • Sean Gilbertson
    Sean Gilbertson Year ago +3821

    You do better work than any sports documentarian alive, including anyone at ESPN.

  • shazzbutter
    shazzbutter Year ago +342

    All great men have at least one moment when they reach beyond time and space to create their masterwork. That entire game was Rex's moment. It was his game. His paint, the court his canvas. The subject: domination. His flow was unstoppable.

    • Kirk Ford
      Kirk Ford Year ago +13

      I've felt that flow before and it's 100% intoxicating.

    • Mixed pleasure
      Mixed pleasure Year ago +1

      Yep every NBA player will have that one game where they played way way over their standard and this was Chapmans game

    • Obi
      Obi Year ago +2

      @Kirk Ford ngl just had it a week ago, tried to control it again day by day everytime I play, but I can’t get it back anymore lol

    • Phuq Cue
      Phuq Cue Year ago

      @Mixed pleasure it’s not a coincidence that a lot of those players played and UK, Tony Delk. He had similar career.

    • Robert Coca
      Robert Coca Year ago

      Scary how in a one & done game rex Chapman dangerous ..in game 7 he dangerous

  • MyScabula
    MyScabula Year ago +1883

    Rex was essentially the white jr smith, he’d either score 7 points or randomly hit like 50 threes

    • LSA chronicles
      LSA chronicles Year ago +130

      Naw not really. He was pretty disciplined, and actually played defense. Jimmy just hyping the video. The reason he left Miami was simply because there wasn't enough money to pay him what he wanted. The following season Miami would sign Dan Majerle, Juwan Howard (who was a legit star at the time), and PJ Brown. Juwan was initially signed to a 100m contract. Then the NBA pulled a Chris Paul on us, and axed the trade on some salary cap technicalities. Yeah this was the CP3 thing before the CP3 thing.
      Anyway, Rex had earned his bag, and Miami just couldn't afford to pay him more. So he walked in FA. It worked out though, because Miami drafted a scrappy guard by the name of Voshon Leonard who would blossom into a 2 way player and become very serviceable for us. Pat would also bring in Jamal Mashburn which was nice, but didn't stop us from wondering what if???
      Imagine a trio of Howard, Hardaway, and Mourning. 😰🤷‍♂️

    • Dre locs
      Dre locs Year ago +7


    • Tom Mak
      Tom Mak Year ago +17

      Yes, but Without the bonehead moments. Rex always showed great bball judgment

    • ko 3
      ko 3 Year ago

      Daniel G Nobody think like that except for kids. Lol

    • ko 3
      ko 3 Year ago

      Daniel G Yeah you right, I have a good memory too.

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera Year ago +315

    I am ashamed to say that as a child of the 90s, I had never heard of this guy. That being said, Rex Chapman went where few men had ever gone before - he humbled MJ, scoring on him multiple times and rendered his perimeter defense ineffective. He made him look mortal! That feat alone commands respect!

    • Simke_fn
      Simke_fn Year ago +31

      The more I think of it, it was because Jordan was a friend of his. When someone gives you a knife (in the back), you are not terrified, but rather dissapointed. When you have emotions with someone, and reliance on someone, it's comes off as a shock. Jordan does not look scared. This was just one night. He also looks tired. Who has it more tough? The guy who is setting records and maintaining the reputation of the most formidable, the best ever, to do it, night after night, for years, defeating foe after foe, and confirming his place, or the guy who turns his back on his friend and happens to catch the king when he is vulnerable. I see many comments saying : "Mad respect for outplaying the GOAT!". It's like one of those neighborhood stories, when some great players come to a hood court and somehow, some underdog local team wins a match against them! I did a few of those back in the day. You instantly become neighborhood superheroes. But only in our own neighborhood and in our own minds. What Jordan did, however, is testified by history.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera Year ago +11

      @Simke_fn I'm inclined to agree with you sir. Very sound insight!

    • Simke_fn
      Simke_fn Year ago +3

      @Juan Rivera I didn't mean to sound too one-dimensional, about this game you still can't say : irrelevant, and shrug it off. If You've ever been an underdog, you have to cheer for Rex, at least at this, and for this one game. You've been waiting for the king to slip off. That one guy, or opportunity, or night, where someone who is almost undestructible seems vulnerable, off, or whatever, and an underdog comes on top, still shows you that it is not the size of the dog, but the fight in him. It could be inspiring for all underdogs everywhere, and celebrated. You can't NOT cheer on it, at least partly :)
      Many other underdogs made it to the NBA and made a name themselves after A LOT of hard work, and enduring, and adapting. Talent can mean something, and Jordan sure had a lot of it, but the fact WAS, and still is, he worked more than anyone else. Like Kobe, like so many others. Relentless with their work ethic. I see more and more workers surviving all the age groups and getting to the nba. There will be no more cult personalities in the nba. I think Lebron is really the last one. No more one-man team idol perceptions. It seems like organizations are becoming more increasingly important than stars in this age, good relationships, And players who are more stable mentally and take care of their bodies, are more likely to succeed. These are different times.

    • ANJR
      ANJR Year ago

      @Simke_fn well said, exactly what I was thinking

    • Squad
      Squad Year ago +7

      And people say players these days can’t score on mj 🤦‍♂️

  • De Stressfrlyf
    De Stressfrlyf Year ago +928

    "Mike absolutely walked him like a dog repeatedly for the next three seasons, including a three-game playoff sweep. . . ."
    I guess MJ did take it personal

    • Honey Badger
      Honey Badger Year ago +31

      MJ be like “I’m gonna ruin this man’s whole career” 😂

    • kraken Wave
      kraken Wave Year ago +39

      “But let’s not mention that part” 🙄😂

    • foreal69
      foreal69 Year ago +3

      he should have cause mj was getting trashed

    • De Stressfrlyf
      De Stressfrlyf Year ago +9

      It's called "One hit wonder"

    • Dirk Wiegmann
      Dirk Wiegmann Year ago +1


  • Bill Orazi
    Bill Orazi Year ago +86

    Yep, I was at that game! He was unstoppable , hit every 3 point shot non stop.. I was lucky enough to run into Steffi Graph and Andre Agassi and got their autographs.. Memories

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross Year ago +1

      And the queen of shiba. Don't forget!!!!

    • Snyder
      Snyder 11 months ago +2

      Where's the autographs now?

    • William Palmer
      William Palmer 11 months ago +2

      Every dog has a day and I mean just 1 day

    • isuperbenny
      isuperbenny 9 days ago

      i almost didnt belive it because i was there but when u said agassi i know youre telling the truth because he was there and he was the mannnn at that moment in time!! thats crazy!! we share a moment as strangers..

  • Josh Otusanya
    Josh Otusanya Year ago +6959

    I'm a simple man. I see a Jimmy video, I click.

    • Rafi Werdiger
      Rafi Werdiger Year ago +205

      How do u know
      I follow Josh Otusanya
      *Mwah Hah Hah*

    • LA
      LA Year ago +49

      I guess we're all simple men then

    • Ninja Seth
      Ninja Seth Year ago +17

      Bro I literally just watched one of your shorts lmao

    • admihara
      admihara Year ago +12

      Mwah hah ha

    • Xavi
      Xavi Year ago +4

      we all do that.

  • Bes Pushkule
    Bes Pushkule Year ago +42

    Bro, I remember being like 10, watching the Lakers vs Suns, and Rex lit up the Lakers like Steph would to teams today. Young Shaq and KoBe had nooo answers for him. Dude was dropping insane 3 bombs after bombs. I legit fell in love with the game. I thought only MJ was capable of pulling off some magic like that.

    • DyLemma
      DyLemma 10 months ago +1

      and people are delusional thinking players would stop steph today LOL it's a joke

  • Craig Markham
    Craig Markham Year ago +55

    Great streak shooting player and in game dunker . Such a pity he fell into the prescription drug addiction and lost 50m in the process . I wish him all the best to getting back on track .

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner Year ago +4

      He is doing well, a great follow on Twitter.

    • SchrockStar
      SchrockStar Year ago +7

      @Michael Turner the drug addiction explains his Twitter persona

  • Jake The Snake
    Jake The Snake 5 months ago +40

    Imaginé being that guy bowing, and then you see this video all these years later and you’re just like “FUCK YEAH SOMEONE NOTICED!” Lol that would be dope

  • Ebonyleopard
    Ebonyleopard 10 months ago +18

    Shannon Sharpe pulled this out of no where on Undisputed today. What a memory .

    • christopher worley
      christopher worley 10 months ago

      It's been making its rounds on social media for like 3 or 4 days...

  • EyesToSeeFE
    EyesToSeeFE Year ago +11

    I love the smirk on Chapman's face when he said he got lucky

  • LA
    LA Year ago +4224

    I think Jimmy has told the whole life story of MJ by now lol

  • JP theGR8
    JP theGR8 Year ago +47

    “Only a man without a conscience takes that shot”. - Love it.

  • Jaybird
    Jaybird Year ago +4

    Jxmy makes me go through so many emotions! I love it.
    Rex was a very good player and definitely got a one-up on Mike that night for sure.

  • Roadtrippin' with Takacs
    Roadtrippin' with Takacs 5 months ago +2

    As a Heat fan from the start, I remember watching this game. 😀 Rex was always a wild card on that team, and it made for some interesting basketball.

  • urbaniv
    urbaniv Year ago +2

    Man, my only touch points to basketball are your videos. You're such an amazing story teller. Awesome. Keep it up

  • ironeddymaiden6
    ironeddymaiden6 Year ago

    I've never seen an NBA game in its entirety. But this kinda thing is why I love basketball on Clip-Share. A game full of little stories that live on for decades.

  • SadBoys 1996
    SadBoys 1996 Year ago +3167

    Rex Chapman: *sees Jordan trying to guard him*
    Rex Chapman: And I took that personally

    • Trimegaplays
      Trimegaplays Year ago +65

      Jordan got his own medicine on him!

    • TheFilthyCasual2
      TheFilthyCasual2 Year ago +22

      My my my how the turntables

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name Year ago +9

      10:46 All this time he spends watching basketball and he actually thinks he said that LMAO
      Michael Jordan would not have nodded nicely and backed off at the same time. They were just talking...

    • Nirdeep
      Nirdeep Year ago +19

      @First name Last name y'all fanboys get on your hands and knees for mj, kobe and lbj lol

  • RIEL
    RIEL Year ago +19

    I had the pleasure of seeing Rex Chapman as a Suns in the late 90s. I tell you it was fun small ball 3-point team with Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, Dennis Scott, Welsey Person, and Steve Nash.

    • The Real Answer
      The Real Answer Year ago +2

      Suns were lowkey TOUGH on NBA Jam. People slept on em!!

    • Ray Gamble
      Ray Gamble 11 months ago

      NBA jam that was the tv show 👍

  • theloniouskey
    theloniouskey Year ago +4

    Yeah, I remember this game. Rex Chapman placed like a maniac. Some of those 10 loses the Bulls got during 72-10 was when a player on the other team played lights out.
    The Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf game was also during that season.

    • heyward boyce
      heyward boyce Year ago +2

      So cool. Takes literally the best game of their career to beat MJ

  • We are not alike
    We are not alike 7 months ago

    When people (Athletes especially) manage for a few times in their life get into the zone or flow state, something special often occurs. Awesome breakdown.

  • Nivlem Hero
    Nivlem Hero Year ago

    I remember this one game. T-Rex Chapman just won't stop shooting those threes against the 96 Bulls. He was like shooting forever. And MJ couldn't just care less, the camera was on focus to his reaction.

  • jeff0117
    jeff0117 Year ago +5

    Great vid!!! Rex is a name i dont hear often in the same sentence as NBA. But you sure did a great job putting him in a well deserved spotlight. You are meant for this stuff man. Keep it up.

  • noah lima
    noah lima Year ago +1417

    “Absolutely walked him like a dog” got me idk why 😂

    • Mello
      Mello Year ago +8


    • blxnkzy
      blxnkzy Year ago +2

      i read this exactly as he said it on sum weird shit lmfao

    • Average oxygen enjoyer
      Average oxygen enjoyer Year ago +27

      And funny thing is "every dog has his day"

    • AJANI G
      AJANI G Year ago +1

      lmfaoo Bro that shi so funny

  • westonp80
    westonp80 Year ago +1

    Don't have much time to watch NBA any more, but awesome to see these nostalgic vids. Cheers Jimmy!

  • Estancia Isabel Wines

    After the bump out of bounds, Rex said, "Hey Mike, you might be the greatest of all time, but you're NOT the greatest tonight." Always loved Rex's style.

  • Frakadeemus
    Frakadeemus Year ago

    As a kid collecting NBA cards, I collected some…unorthodox players; Moses Malone, Joe Dumars….and Rex Chapman. I was always intrigued by his style of play but by the time he played this game I was firmly in the Shaq camp. It brought me joy just now watching this breakdown of this unshakable players moment of greatness. Well done that man

  • Sean Grant #stormpinball

    Absolutely great video (as always). I always picture Rex wearing a Charlotte jersey. Forgot how dynamic a player he was, thanks for the reminder!

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street Year ago +2

    Shout outs to Jimmy for putting us (who aren't the most informed) on all these legends we had no idea existed. What I wonder though is if a player is able to perform like that for even just a single night... Doesn't that mean they have the potential to play that way (more or less) every single time? I mean... I guess when they DO learn to harness their true ability, you just end up with an MJ. It all makes sense.

    • DogeLife
      DogeLife Year ago

      Mj could turn it on when needed, most guys just try to get there at all...

  • Shezza's Videos
    Shezza's Videos Year ago +1832

    Gosh these old MJ videos are so interesting

    • zeeee
      zeeee Year ago +1

      Pause bro. .

    • Universal Timeline
      Universal Timeline Year ago +7

      Why am I able to translate to Dutch ?

    • LA
      LA Year ago +10

      These MJ vids aren't getting old though I still love watching them

    • Amazing024
      Amazing024 Year ago


    • GoldLion90
      GoldLion90 Year ago +24

      @zeeee bro cmon that wasn’t even sus u made it sus

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs Year ago +1

    At first it looked like Rex was trash talking MJ. Then it looked like it ended in an understanding, like Rex didn't mean to foul MJ that aggressively (because unintentional hard fouls happen). If you watch carefully, you can even see that Rex was pushed into MJ. Towards the end of Rex and MJ's conversation, you can see Alonzo Mourning patting MJ's butt, while MJ appears to be nodding in understanding towards Chapman. They may seem like they're yelling because they're breathing heavy since they're physically exerting themselves, all while having to talk loud enough over the fans so that they can hear each other.

  • Jim Camp
    Jim Camp Year ago

    The shot that defined the game was the layup he went past the basket and made a no look shot that went in. Every time Jordan played RC he really took care of business. Winning one game in a career, almost charity really.

  • Fred Galloway
    Fred Galloway 10 months ago +11

    I’m here because Skip said nobody has ever done this to Jordan😂

  • Mike Aguilera
    Mike Aguilera Year ago +2

    Much respect to Rex Chapmen for keeping it classy and humorous at the same time

  • Jeffrey Reynolds
    Jeffrey Reynolds Year ago

    It’s not called bullied, it’s more like giving respect and avoiding having an issue with a friend. Mike’s very competitive and Rex did his thing that night. Over all the career stats don’t lie in regards to who got the best of who.

  • LakeShow Highlights
    LakeShow Highlights Year ago +3147

    the first shot 😳 he did a Curry before Curry ever did it what in the world

  • Sibongiseni Dumakude

    jimmy giving a quick summary of Rex's games with Jordan after this 39 piece has me dead!!

  • Joshiesmooth
    Joshiesmooth Year ago +2

    The fact that this video was even made speaks more to MJ’s dominance than it does anything else

  • puddles puddles
    puddles puddles Year ago

    Rex seems like such a chill nice guy. Would love to get a beer with him and hear him regale stories of his playing days. Seems really approchable.

  • ryan c
    ryan c Year ago +23

    For a three-year period between 1994 and 1997, the league reduced its 3-point line distance from 23-feet and nine inches to 22-feet . and this game was in 1996. Michael Jordan didnt need help scoring, the other shooting guards did.

    • Kris Klekosky
      Kris Klekosky Year ago

      @Albert Ross Almost 2 feet shorter. 21 inches shorter.

    • Mike Kull
      Mike Kull Year ago +6

      Rex was shooting his 2 feet behind the line every shot anyway

  • svtkilr
    svtkilr Year ago

    Watched this Live as a Bulls fan I always liked Chapman he was a baller for sure! Damn I thank god for the opportunity to watch Jordan play since a Rookie! Lebron whoooooo!!!!!!! MJ23 🐐

  • nKosi Ama Kosi
    nKosi Ama Kosi Year ago +297

    I remember watching Rex play in the 90’s. He was one of those players that you’d never know what kind of night he was going to have. He could have one of those 8 point nights or explode for 40 out of nowhere. A rare ticking time bomb on offense.

    • Neil Walling
      Neil Walling Year ago +25

      Rex was a straight baller and can’t describe him any better than you did. He went off semi often..just enough to keep you honest.

    • Peter Andrei Resurrected
      Peter Andrei Resurrected Year ago +6

      Kuzma but better?

    • Davila N
      Davila N Year ago +3

      Sound like khris middleton

    • detective niggachu
      detective niggachu Year ago +3

      sounds like inconsistency

    • Neil Walling
      Neil Walling Year ago +5

      @detective niggachu he wasn’t a top level player. But when he feeling it, look out type of player

  • A Pinkhasov
    A Pinkhasov Year ago +47

    Crazy when you think that this an entire video dedicated to how this guy played one good game against the greatest of all time

    • Ryan Meredith
      Ryan Meredith Year ago +2

      Uh he never played lebron

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross Year ago +5

      What a lame comment about lebron. Don't take away from how well Rex played especially in this game here. What an outing. You casuals and kids JUST DONT KNOW

    • Ryan Meredith
      Ryan Meredith Year ago

      @Albert Ross what

    • Yadiel Perez
      Yadiel Perez Year ago +2

      If jordan litterly one of the best defenders of all time crashed you think winny ass lebron faz jal

    • Ryan Meredith
      Ryan Meredith Year ago +2

      @Yadiel Perez lebron is a better defender than jordan

  • Charles Chapman
    Charles Chapman Year ago +1

    I remember watching that game live....it was a Fri night. BTW, Rex received the espy for that long, falling out of bounds 3 for the tie at the buzzer in the playoffs.

  • HypebeastHooper
    HypebeastHooper 3 months ago

    "Absolutely walked him like a dog" had me dead 💀

  • dlanska
    dlanska Year ago

    This was a fun video. Very nicely put together, quite interesting, and well narrated. Nicely done.

  • Jim Oz
    Jim Oz Year ago +1

    First dunk comp I watched was when Rex did the behind the back catch and reverse. I had that nailed on my 8’ ring. I still remember all the dunks from that comp.

  • Intellectual
    Intellectual Year ago +720

    We need to start appreciating Jimmy’s statistical and graphical knowledge

    • Avinash A
      Avinash A Year ago +5

      what knowledge💀💀 lol

    • Gabriel Cruz
      Gabriel Cruz Year ago +6

      You think you just knows off the top of his head ? 💀 props for the work he puts in the find the stats but come on dude

    • Kevin Galvan
      Kevin Galvan Year ago +20

      Idk what the first two bozos are talking about but I agree. I’m taking my capstone data analysis / visualization course and being able to express statistical insights in a clear and concise fashion is a difficult skill to hone

    • Luke
      Luke Year ago +2

      Yeah it takes a true brain surgeon to look at statistics. You know there's a site that has every stat recorded for every game played ever?

  • Mathis H.
    Mathis H. Year ago +2

    5:41 he's turning around before the shot falls.
    He wasn't pushing Mike out of bounds he was pushed by mourning into Jordan.
    Great video, what a player.

  • Mile High Vision BBall

    Rex was a special player. The fact that he was that good of a 3-point shooter and could fly too. I think he won a Dunk contest as well.

  • fuegojr
    fuegojr Year ago

    i still can remember rex hitting that one legged three point shot for the suns. i would love to see that whole game again. he went off that game. i dont remember details but i do remember him going off

  • Cody Racine
    Cody Racine Year ago

    They should show this to rookies and young players who get in a shooting slump to show just how much a mentality can affect a player/game. Like how you can see a player in warm ups just absolutely drain every shot outside the arc and then once the whistle blows they can't get one to drop..it's all in your head dude!

  • meg
    meg Year ago +2

    For those who don't know: .333 from 3 is the respected percentage for a swingman. Kobe, MJ, McGrady, etc all shot around that percentage. And in an era where you didn't just get open shots all day cause of zone and lazy defense, that .333 is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Arisho riko
      Arisho riko 10 months ago +2

      You go watch the era where "you didn't just get open shots all day" again brotha. The three point line was free all the damn time in compared to today 🤣 Even with the "top 5 shooter" larry bird was getting sagged of that time 😂😂😂

  • X-ray of my Hand
    X-ray of my Hand Year ago +119

    I love the way you give a story behind an event in the NBA whether it is a performance, argument or a moment in time where us younger hoopers wouldn't even know of.
    It's well researched, well edited, and always entertaining

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago +1

    Rex had a great game. As he said in the interview herein, he did not talk more trash than to tell him, "I can't let you dunk", so Michael didn't back down, he doesn't even look pissed at all. Hyped my man.

  • Ezra Degreat
    Ezra Degreat Year ago +1

    Great video. I remember his time on the Phoenix Suns when he was well out of his prime but still effective

  • CactusJack22
    CactusJack22 Year ago +5

    Damn, he really humbled the shit out of MJ on this night, Mike couldn’t even say nothing back at 7:57

    • Mako
      Mako Month ago

      MJ wasn’t humbled and hasn’t been humbled. MJ averaged 30+ points against Rex. Thats almost Rexs career high. AND THATS ONLY AGAINST REX

  • DANTANA 773
    DANTANA 773 Year ago

    Rex Chapman was a hell of a Basketball player. And this one of those games he was on Fire/ In his Bag.. I remember it like it was yesterday. He had a 39 point Game in the 1993/ 1994 season when he was playing for the Washington bullets food for thought

  • davian johnson
    davian johnson 10 months ago +2

    Look at 5:40 and all I see where steph got it from wow what a shot in that era and confidence

  • Pedro Mendoza
    Pedro Mendoza Year ago +322

    Mad respect for Chapman having the best game of his life when it mattered... Not many can say that for a brief moment of time they've outplayed the goat in his prime.

    • Yale Michael
      Yale Michael Year ago +1


    • Jr Mendoza
      Jr Mendoza Year ago +4

      Not hating but really Clip-Share? Not gna waste my time about a player who had a good game 1 time against the goat.. the goat brings it every game , top of he’s game n opponent that’s the real conversation.. the preparation and mentality for that is insane.. 1 game!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • GDMHification
      GDMHification Year ago +4

      Chris Jackson gave it to 23 too... but where is Jimmy's video on that? Mahmoud Abdul bro the Rauf ... In the dunk contest too .. this Rex thing is a surprise though... More than once 23 had no ANSWER for skilled quick guards.
      Follow Jesus either way

    • KY.G
      KY.G Year ago +6

      @King6d9 Torched?!!! One game does not put things into perspective, that’s like me beating an NBA player one night and they beat me in every other game before and after. Come on now pipe it down!

    • Percy Pryce
      Percy Pryce Year ago +6

      when it mattered? you think the playoff series against jordan would've mattered more than a regular season game.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman Year ago

    Not even watching that much basketball, but man your videos are even interesting and entertaining to people outside the game. great stuff...

    SDAWG Year ago

    For people that don't know Rex....please get caught up on your basketball history! I always loved watching Rex ball when he was in his groove!!

  • Brandon Hampton
    Brandon Hampton 10 months ago +6

    I’m here because Shannon Sharpe said Rex Chapmen talked trashed to MJ lol

  • Eccl311
    Eccl311 Year ago

    Great story 😊 keep them coming us Chicago and Jordan fans love it

  • Tom Mak
    Tom Mak Year ago

    1) your research skill is awesome. I only managed to hear about that Chapman interview about 6 months sans wonder the footage was like. You actually went to get the footage with great analysis of the story! Great job and no wonder your subscriptions are getting higher!
    2) did you notice how chapman got pushed into Jordan by his teammate? Was they PJ Brown? Anyway, I think he just reluctantly got into it with Mike but he didn’t back down! Ups to him!
    3) Have always loved Chapman since his Suns days with JKidd. Mad hops and wild shots! Truly unique player!
    Thanks for another superb video!

  • Please Just Win
    Please Just Win Year ago +873

    Can you imagine what Twitter would have looked like after this game 😂

    • Michael Ward
      Michael Ward Year ago +5


    • Myles M Walker Jr
      Myles M Walker Jr Year ago +79

      It would have broken it

    • Narrow
      Narrow Year ago +119

      "Michael Jordan is Overrated" is what woulda been trending if Twitter was invented back then 😂🤣

    • Sheyar James
      Sheyar James Year ago +121

      @Narrow Imagine Skip and Shannon at that time, Shannon would go: SKIUUUP!!, YOUR SO CALLED "GOAT" GOT BULLIED BY A ROLE PLAYER!

    • Andrew Phipps
      Andrew Phipps Year ago +17

      @Sheyar James i can only imagine the excuses skip would come up with 🤣

  • Hill Dogg
    Hill Dogg Year ago +22

    I remember watching King Rex in high school. The only high school kid that ever amazed my father.

  • deccatron
    deccatron Year ago

    That was a great game, watched it live. Was pissed when Rex didn't resign with the Heat.

  • DogeLife
    DogeLife Year ago

    Every now and then MJ wanted to know what it felt like to be on the other team.

  • Guychit
    Guychit Year ago +2

    My hometown guy! I've been a fan since a kid. I remember being little, and not understanding why he was leaving Kentucky to play in the pros

  • Clutcher Corrupts
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    Shannon got skip on this one😂😂

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    since jimmy forgot to say it
    i gotcha y’all
    jimmy: hope you all enjoyed and as always until next time.

  • Anthony V
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    In 1998 I went to Gary Paytons all star charity game in Seattle.... great game, good fun... at half time they put a blind fold on Rex put him at half court and spun him 10 times. A lucky fan was to give him 3 instructions to get Rex close then score... the fan said" your Rex just shoot the ball"... nothing but net... the crowd and players all lost their mind...

  • goodfellabeats
    goodfellabeats Year ago

    I remember this game as a kid. I was a Heat and this was fun to watch.

  • Mahjid Tarantino
    Mahjid Tarantino Year ago

    Rex Chapman was nice asf! Dude had sooo much pressure in Kentucky and was always clutch. Let alone all the bodies he caught. Rex had game and hops frfr!

  • Ola Swagga
    Ola Swagga Year ago

    Jordan had quite a few games like this especially after the first 3peat. The 90s was not just about jordan. Alot of great players gave mj & bulls tough nights. Mj just never gave up.or forget. Chapman had a career game.


    He legitimately outplayed Michael Jordan for one game. And then looked danger right in the eyes and told him, “you can’t guard me” in front of the whole arena and actually scored a career high while hitting 9 threes… WHAT A STORY FOR THE GRANDCHILDREN, THAT GOTTA BE WORTH A RING!!!

    • Mako
      Mako Month ago

      And u forgot to mention that he lost every game to MJ after that..

  • Josiah Hickman
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    Bro imagine having the luxury of telling Micheal Jordan switch off and his coach actually making him do it 😭

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    INSANE video about a guy Ive literally never heard about in the entirety of my life. Keep up the great work, greetings from germany

  • Maurri$co
    Maurri$co Year ago

    Props to Rex but this story even proves Jordan's greatness. Sure if you search through the archives, you'll find many times when Jordan and the bulls got their butts absolutely torched. But who could do this on a night in and night out basis? Nobody. The bulls in the 90's were about as perfect as you could get.

  • M C
    M C Year ago

    He got pushed towards MJ, really hard and that’s what he was telling him. I was there listening to them.

  • Rockwell Junya
    Rockwell Junya Year ago +19

    There's another game when Rex was in Phoenix. Jordan was killin' and trash talking crazy to Rex the whole game. Rex wasn't saying anything to him. At one point in the second half Jordan must've said the magic word. Rex was furious and stormed at Mike. He then started lightin' Mike up again. I've been looking for that game for years. It's somewhere between the 97-98 seasons.

  • Johny Buckets
    Johny Buckets Year ago +1

    Shout to Rex. A Kentucky basketball legend and one of the real ones. The first University of Kentucky basketball player I can remember watching when I was 4 or 5. Him and Skywalker.

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    I'm not gonna lie, that Lil nugget about the 50 min mixtape legitimizes everything Jimmy saying, no 🧢

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      Why would Jimmy lie to us?

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      Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else. Gets me frustrated. Just admit that you love the videos I make, my dear fra

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      @Kosher. Wise Words

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      @AxxL unwise words

    • Nasim Journiette
      Nasim Journiette Year ago

      @GoldLion90 I haven't heard of anything truer than that. Except for when Jimmy is talking about Rex Chapman of course.

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    DJ PHAM Year ago

    Good stuff! I miss that era of basketball

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    This is like the equivalent of hitting the Powerball. Will only happen once in your life and better call yourself very very lucky

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    As a life time Kentucky fan I appreciate you making this mini docu

  • Michael Hocevar
    Michael Hocevar 11 months ago

    I always knew what Rex was CAPABLE of doing on the court....ESPECIALLY when he got in the ZONE...I was & still am a HUGE Wildcat fan....but I'm also from Chicago, & those were my BULLS, my favorite team, my hometown team, & Mike was MY guy...so when Rex had THAT game vs MY bulls it made me ill...lol, but it was ONLY loss #6 & I knew they were going to get over it & win another RING...but when I thought Rex had TALKED shit to Mike, I was PISSED, mad that a player from my Kentucky Wilcats would show such DISRESPECT to MJ...I'm glad that I saw this clip & it was all explained by Rex...SUCKS that because of everyone jumping to conclusions (me included), I NEVER fully got to APPRECIATE the great player Rex was....

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    I love that Jimmy is getting his money with the ad breaks. Man deserves the money. Puts in the work and educates his audience. Congrats my man ✊🏽✊🏽

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    MJ looked like a literal clown the entire game this is so funny what a legend

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    I’m not even a casual fan but the algorithm recommended these videos and man these are really really well made, excellent research, production and storytelling

  • 👑MoeJaxon252
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    I will never forget that shot by Rex in Phoenix. Rex was a Unique player

  • Playa from the Himalayas

    These old school videos more interesting than any modern day NBA game.

  • BigSy1977
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    One key aspect you missed in the video is that Miami only had 8 guys dressed for that game, We (yes i said we) made a trade for Hardaway and were short handed. Local reports were the bulls were already plannin a victory celebration for after the game on the beach. Supposedly this got back to the heat and the rest is history! Rex went ape, im glad i got to witness it for myself!

    • MarcTheBarber
      MarcTheBarber Year ago +29

      Thats wild asf imagine living that

    • LSA chronicles
      LSA chronicles Year ago +7

      Yes sir. This way, that a way, Hardaway! R.I.P. Dr. Jack.
      Oh and the next season we would go on to be on of the best teams in the league. First 60 win season!

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      Pretty cool

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      What do you think about the name Bimbo Coles.

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    He'd fit in perfectly in today's game lol

  • MrKankuamo
    MrKankuamo Year ago

    Rex Chapman wasn't an average player. I remember him playing along Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson for the Suns. They were a small fast team, and they were fun to watch.

  • Bthrillz84
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    Every pack of cards I opened as a kid had a daw-gon Rex Chapman card in it 🤣🤣🤣🤣😤-(Kanye Face)

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